Thursday, 18 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 2

Someone else was just getting ready to take his place and fuck me when the door opened and the teacher walked in – everyone froze and the guy I was sucking quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth as the rest of the group scattered. The teacher shouted at everyone to get ready and get out to the pitch, dragged me up by my arm and led me through the door to his office. I thought I had been saved but he kept yelling at me, saying how dare I do things like that in his changing room. I stammered out a ‘but I didn’t…’ and he started shouting about the state I was in and asking how many of the guys I’d just done things with. I only got as far as saying ‘the last class…’ when he interrupted and asked how many and I said ‘I don’t know, all of them’. He went quiet and I tried to stammer out an explanation of what happened but he just said ‘Fine. If you want to be a little slut then be one’. He stood up and walked over to where I was standing, pushed a couple of fingers in to my pussy and said he didn’t care. He pushed his fingers up deep inside me and wiggled them around, then pulled them out, turned me around and stood behind me and reached around from behind to me play with my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other. I tried to say ‘stop’, but he was significantly more experienced than the boys had been and I was still a bit aroused from my last fucking.

I was pushed forwards over his desk and then felt his cock press up against my pussy. He said I should find out what fucking a real man felt like and he pushed his way in to me. He was larger than any of the boys who had been inside me and while I was now relatively experienced (in terms of the number of cocks I’d fucked), he was right about me not knowing how a proper fuck felt. As the boys had all been around 16, none of them had lasted very long – the teacher on the other hand put Mike to shame and pumped away inside me. I felt another orgasm coming and just moaned as is built. I was turned over on to my back and told to hold my legs up against my chest and he thrust in to me again and pushed deep in to my pussy. Once again I couldn't stop myself from thrusting back against him and he told me that as I liked cock so much that he’d teach me what to do with one. He lifted my legs up to his chest and fucked me until I came, then pulled out of me and sat down on his chair.

I was told to get down from the desk and kneel in front of him and then given detailed instructions on how to suck and stroke his cock. My body felt numb from shame and pleasure by this point and I blindly followed his instructions, using my hands to stroke, my tongue to lick and my mouth to suck on each part of his cock and balls. As I did this I realised that I was sucking on a mixture of the cum of every guy who’d fucked me and I gagged number of times but was told to keep going. I kept expecting to feel his cum added to the mix in my mouth but he held back admirably and after about twenty minutes of sucking him he said it was time to finish off. I was pulled up and pushed against the wall, had my right leg lifted in the air and felt him guide his cock back in to my pussy. Instead of being lubricated with cum, it was now coated with my saliva and he once again easily pushed the whole way in to me and pumped away. I told him I didn't want to get pregnant and he just said that I had so much cum in me already that it wouldn't make any difference. He pulled me up so I was sitting on his cock and carried me back over to the desk, lay me on my back and pumped away inside me even harder. The sensations were too intense for me to say anything more and I just made noises and panted as he said he was getting close and then buried his cock the whole way in me and made little movements as he came. I moaned ‘nooo’, but it was too late and I felt his cum started to leak out of me around his cock. He thrust in to me a few more times, forcing more cum out but when he pulled out a large amount still leaked out and down between my ass cheeks.

I was pulled up from the desk and told to suck his cock clean. My legs could barely hold me up so I knelt and did as instructed and was then pulled up again and he used my face to wipe up the puddle of cum on the desk. I could still feel his cum dripping out of my pussy as he led me out of his office back in to the boys changing room. I was told to sit in the corner on a pile of old towels and wait. I curled up and tried to make sense of everything that had happened and how my body had responded to it. I only had a couple of minutes respite though as the teacher came back in, followed by the 6th form class and he told the guys to enjoy me as much as they wanted. I couldn't believe that I was being given to another class of people but had no time to think about it as they quickly swarmed over to me and started fondling my body. The guy who had been about to fuck me when the teacher first interrupted them claimed dibs and quickly pulled his shorts down and freed his cock. I tried to close my legs but just as before, a couple of the guys grabbed them and pulled them apart and the guy knelt down and pushed in to me. Another guy pulled his shorts off and knelt over my chest, held his cock in front of me and pulled my head up to take it. He pumped my head back and forth and told me to suck him as the other guy rapidly fucked me. It took hardly any time before he came in my pussy and I felt him wipe his cock over my mons and stomach. The guy fucking my mouth pulled out, took his cock in his hand and rapidly stroked himself before shooting his cum over my face and then pushing his cock back in to my mouth.

Someone else had already pushed in to my pussy before the guy I was sucking climbed off of me, but this one also played with my clit as well as fucking me. I started moaning and trying to say I couldn't take any more but he kept going and everyone crowded around to watch as I was fucked to another orgasm. This was too much for one of the guys watching and he pulled out his cock and wanked himself off, cumming over my chest and the guy fucking me said he was about to cum and emptied his load in to me before I could tell him not to (but as the teacher had pointed out, it wouldn't have made any difference by this point).

I was then rolled over on to my front and my ass was pulled up so I was kneeling on all fours. I was fucked in this position by two guys, one after the other while two others knelt in front of me and got me to suck them in turn. Both guys fucking me came in my pussy, and of the two I was sucking, one came in my mouth and the other over my face and in my hair. I was then rolled over on to my back again and the group fondled my breasts and fingered me for a while. One of the lads wiped his hand around my pussy, covering it with the cum and my juices and then rubbed this over my face and made me lick his hand clean. As I was being so obedient, someone suggested I should show them how turned on I was and no matter how many times I told them I wasn’t aroused I was made to sit up on a bench with my legs spread and play with myself. As I’ve said before, I’d never masturbated to orgasm at this point in my life and I couldn’t manage to do it in front of a group of guys. To make up for this I was made to lift my nipples to my mouth and suck each one clean and guys took turns rubbing their cocks over the nipple not in my mouth, coating it with pre cum before I was told to switch to sucking that one clean.

The guys then ‘took pity’ on me for not being able to make myself cum and I was pushed down on to the bench and fucked by three guys in turn with the first guy cumming in me, the second one cumming over my stomach and chest and the third one playing with my clit while another guy rubbed his cock over my nipples until I came. They then emptied their loads in and over me and they all stood back to admire their handiwork. I was lying on the side of the bench with one leg up and the other down with my foot on the floor. My whole body was trembling and I could feel cum dripping off almost every part of my body. The end of lesson bell went and the guys started to get dressed and leave the room but four who hadn’t played with me yet stayed behind and said I needed to help them out. I was too weak to argue and let each of them use my mouth and pussy. In the middle of this session, Fiona and Tracey appeared in the doorway and said they couldn’t believe that I was still there. They stood and watched as they guys finished fucking me with one of them cumming in my mouth and making me swallow it, one cumming over my breasts and face and the final two emptying their loads deep in to my pussy. The guys quickly got dressed and left my lying there with the fresh cum dripping off and out of me and Fiona knelt on the floor beside me, spread my lips and asked me if I’d been fucked enough time to keep me satisfied and to stop flirting with her boyfriend. She called Tracey down and they examined my pussy as a few large blobs of cum slid out of me and she gather them up in her hand and smeared them over my thighs and mons (although my pubic hair was so matted by this point that it didn’t make much difference).

They then said they would help me get dressed and supported my weight as we walked back to the girls’ changing room. I didn’t even notice that my costume had been left in the boys’ changing room and walked between them naked. They sat me down on the bench beside my things, wiped my face clean(ish) of cum, helped to brush some of the cum out of my hair and then told me to get dressed. I said that I needed to shower and was told I didn’t have time as I’d already missed one lesson and would get in real trouble if I missed another. I knew that after what had happened this was the least of my worries, but I wasn’t thinking clearly and followed their instructions, feeling my bra and panties sticking to my skin as I pulled them on. My blouse was even worse and damp patches showed through it but the worst was still to come as once I had pulled my skirt on, Fiona said that as how everyone knew what I’d been up to and how much of a slut I was, I didn’t deserve to be covered up. She lifted my skirt and pushed the material of my panties between my lips, took a pair of nail scissors from her bag and cut a hole in the crotch of my panties – not a large one, but sufficient for her to push a couple of fingers in to me and then feed me the sticky mess that coated her fingers.

I was then taken to lunch and as I ate I could see everyone pointing at me and hear whispered comments about what I’d apparently done. I spent the whole time blushing deeply and squirming around on my seat as I felt more cum sliding out of my pussy and soaking my panties, thighs and skirt.  In classes all afternoon, the guys made quiet comments to me about how good I’d been and how they couldn’t wait to do things with me again. Still being quite naive, this hadn’t even occurred to me and I had assumed that everything had ended. I went home that night, dashed up to my room to remove my cum-stained clothes and then spent about 30 minutes in the shower, scrubbing myself clean and trying to rinse my pussy out. I had to throw out my torn panties and wash my clothes myself so Mum didn’t see the stains and I went to bed early that night with the events of the day repeatedly playing through my mind. I woke up in the middle of the night with the images of cocks pumping away in my mouth and pussy and discovered that my hand was between my legs and I had a couple of fingers inside my pussy. I quickly pulled it out and thought that I must have missed some of the cum that had been pumped in to me as my fingers were soaked, but a quick sniff made me realise that I was wet with my own juices and I felt ashamed that I’d gotten turned on while dreaming about being fucked by everyone.

I very nearly stayed home the next day but forced myself to go in and as soon as I arrived I saw a number of guys from the other class in my year (who had all participated the day before). Some of them came over to me and asked if they could have fun with me again and I tried to pull away but I was herded towards some sheds at the side of the school and they said that Fiona had told them I would do anything they wanted. I told them that the bell was about to go but one of them pulled his cock out and I was pushed down on to my knees. He told me to hurry up and suck him and once he had his cock in my mouth I started working on him the way I’d learned just the day before. It didn’t take long for him to cum and as it filled my mouth I realised I couldn’t let it leak out or it would cover my uniform so I swallowed everything and then coughed as he pulled his cock out. They hadn’t expected me to swallow so readily and commented on how I must really love cum. As the first guy had only taken a short while, the others said they wanted a go too, but to ‘reward’ me for having swallowed, they decided that I should get to enjoy things as well. I was told to stand up, someone lifted the back of my skirt, pulled my panties down and bent me forwards. Two others held my arms (so I didn’t fall over) and I tried to protest but knew it was pointless. The guy behind me tried to push in to my pussy but I wasn’t wet enough so he added some saliva to help out and worked his way in to me. I begged him to at least not cum inside me, but as the bell went for us to get to our tutor groups he sped up his thrusts in to me and told everyone he was cumming. He quickly pulled out, stuffed his cock back in to his trousers and they ran off to class as I tried to pull my panties up and wipe up his cum as it dribbled out of my pussy.

As I sat through class I could feel my panties getting wetter as more cum leaked out and as soon as the bell rang I dashed to the bathroom to try and dry them off. As I sat in a stall, dabbing at the crotch (and my crotch), there was a knock on the door and I asked who it was. Fiona told me to let her in and when I unlocked the door, she entered the cubicle and pulled me out. Tracey was also there, along with Jo (another friend from their group) and Fiona told me I must have been desperate if I’d needed a fuck before school even started. I told her it wasn’t my fault and she said that it would keep happening until I stopped showing my breasts off to all the guys. I said I wasn’t doing anything but she grabbed them and said they were too big and told me to go with them. I was allowed to grab my bag but wasn’t allowed to put my panties back on (I was still holding them) so I stuffed them in my bag so people wouldn’t know I wasn’t wearing them. Fiona led me round to the back of the school where three 6th formers were waiting and she started to unbutton my blouse. I tried to stop her but she said if she wasn’t allowed to unbutton it then they would just tear it open so I slowly lowered my hands and felt the cool air on my chest as she undid the remaining buttons and pulled the front open. Two of the guys started fondling my breasts and Fiona told me to undo my bra to let them get at me properly. I reached around and undid the clasp and they instantly pushed it up to reveal my breasts and then returned to caressing them. This quickly moved on to them concentrating on my nipples and starting to suck them, at which point mu nips started to stiffen and I was once again teased for getting off on what was being done to me.

I told them I wasn’t, but Tracey pulled my skirt up and showed them I didn’t have any panties on and when I tried to say that this was their fault, one of the guys pushed a couple of fingers in to me and I gasped. My pussy was still fairly slick with the cum from earlier so he easily fingered me and Tracey told him to feed me my juices, which he did. He then pulled his cock out and pushed in to me, telling me he was going to make me even wetter. He pumped in to me with hard thrusts as I stood against the wall and kissed me as he came. I felt his cum leak out as soon as he withdrew and held my skirt up to stop it from getting stained, but this was taken as an invitation for the next guy and he told me to face the wall so he could fuck me from behind. I was pushed against the cold wall and felt him rub his cock over my pussy and push in to me. He reached around to play with my clit as he fucked me and as I became more aroused I started to respond, pushing back against him. Fiona pointed this out to Jo and I tried to say I wasn’t enjoying it but between the cock and his fingers I could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer. He used long strokes in me and reached around with his other hand to cup one of my breasts, gently squeezing it and rubbing the nipple. I didn’t make any noise as I came, but the expression on my face gave me away and the other two lads applauded. I was still gasping from my orgasm when the guy fucking me whispered in my ear that he was going to cum and without thinking I thrust back hard against him as he emptied his cum in me.


  1. Judging by the number of typos, you obviously loved writing that story!

    1. There aren't *that* many! In my defence, the keyboard on my laptop is becoming significantly less reliable, but I'll admit that I did play with myself a fair bit while writing up this fantasy :) It's quite possible that years of typing with pussy juice covered fingers may be the reason for the state the keyboard is in, but seeing as nobody wants to donate money towards a new laptop, we can't afford one right now.