Sunday, 21 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 3

When he pulled out I crouched down to catch my breath and the third guy said that as he’d fucked me yesterday he wanted me to suck him and have him cum over me this time. I said that I didn’t want my uniform covered with cum and Fiona suggested I just take it off. I didn’t have a choice in this and was pulled up and quickly had my blouse, bra and skirt pulled off and tossed on top of a bush. I stood trying to cover myself with my hands but was told we were running out of time and told to kneel down again. The guy presented his cock to me and I took it in my mouth and sucked the head while stroking the shaft. I could feel cum dripping from my pussy and felt very exposed but wasn’t allowed to change position. When the guy got close to cumming, he pulled out of my mouth, took his cock in his hand and stroked himself until he started to squirt cum over my face, breasts and thighs (he said he had been aiming for my crotch). Before I could do anything, Fiona reached down and smeared the cum over the entire front of my body and pushed a hand between my legs to work some of it in to my pussy with her fingers. I was allowed to stand up and told to get dressed, but the only thing I was allowed to use to wipe myself down was my (still damp) panties. I did the best I could with them and cleaned most of the cum off my face, front and thighs. They felt very wet when I pulled them on and before I slipped my skirt on Tracey grabbed my crotch and rubbed it, telling me I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about all the cum in my pussy.

We headed back to class and I made sure I wasn’t sitting on my skirt so I wouldn’t leave a damp patch and as the lesson ended Tracey told me I was having lunch with them. I expected this to involve me having to do things with yet more people, but it just involved their group of friends sitting and teasing me while Tracey, Fiona and Jo described the various things they had seen me do and asking me questions (which I tried not to answer). Afternoon break was similar but I was made to sit with my legs spread and panties bared while a few of the group took turns feeling my panties and seeing that they were still damp with cum. At the end of school I tried to sneak away but Tracey, Jo and Fiona surrounded me and said I shouldn’t have to go home alone. I asked them to leave me alone but they said they’d take care of me and I was led to Jo’s house as her parents weren’t going to be back until later on.

I sat quietly for a little while until there was a knock on the door and Tracey said ‘They’re here’. She went down to let in some of her friends and brought them up to Jo’s bedroom, then pointed at me and told them to enjoy themselves. I’d known this was probably coming but tried to tell them no anyway. My pleas were pointless and I felt a number of hands pulling at my clothes and quickly stripping them from me. One of the guys climbed on me straight away and pushed his cock in to my pussy. The others told him not to be greedy but he told them to wait their turn and he pumped away inside me. He moved quickly, thrusting in and out over and over again until he came and then pulled out and wiped his cock over my face. Tracey told him I would suck him clean so he forced his cock in to my mouth and I licked around it until he pulled out and told the others that they could now use me. I was made to kneel on all fours and had someone fuck me from behind while I sucked someone. The guy came in my pussy before the one I was sucking came and as cum started to leak out of me Jo told me not to get it on her bed. I wasn’t sure how to stop it and was told to lie on my back with a pillow under my ass and let the guy finish fucking my mouth. He started to cum in my mouth but pulled back a bit too far and his cock sprung free, so he sprayed the rest over my chest and a bit on Jo’s bed. She moaned at him for having done this but Fiona said it would be fine and I would lick it clean. Jo pointed out that I would just drip more cum on the bed but Fiona already had an answer for this and picked up one of Jo’s hairbrushes. I watched as she spread my lips, ran the handle back and forth over my lips and then pushed it in to me.

I hadn’t had anything like that in me before and was fairly sensitive from the two fuckings I’d just had and I whimpered a bit. Tracey called me a slut and told me to lick the bedcovers clean and I did the best I could but it obviously just ended up making a larger damp patch. Jo said she would have to change them anyway now and reached over to pull the brush out of me. Cum leaked out and dribbled down my legs but was quickly halted when she pushed the handle back in to me and started fucking me with it. I buried my face in the bedcovers and tried to stifle a moan but they just teased me more about being such a slut and Tracey reached between my legs to my clit and stroked it. I moaned properly this time and the guys said I was really getting in to it and wanted to see me cum. I only protested briefly before burying my face in the bedcovers again and concentrating on the feeling of the brush pumping in to me, Tracey’s fingers on my clit and the cum oozing out of my pussy. My body shuddered a bit as I came and I rolled over on to my side still panting while everyone laughed at me. Initially I didn’t care too much, but as my orgasm faded I curled up. As I was still so inexperienced I didn’t realise how good a view of my pussy this gave them and the last guy said it was his turn, lay down behind me and rubbed his cock against my pussy. Even with my legs shut, I was so wet that he easily pushed in to me and I moaned at him to stop but he repeatedly thrust in to me while reaching around me and squeezing my breasts. Tracey, Fiona and Jo all chanted ‘cum in her, cum in her’ and when the time came, he pushed as deep in to me as he could and emptied himself in to me. He remained buried in me for a while ‘to give my pussy time to soak up the cum’, but some still leaked out of me when he pulled out and Jo wiped the damp patch over my face and told me to suck it.

I was then made to remove the duvet cover and take it down to the kitchen to be washed, with me remaining naked throughout. They threatened to dump me outside the house and keep my clothes, but the guys said they wanted to have a bit more fun with me so we returned to Jo’s room and she put some towels on the bed for protection. To start things off I had to kneel on the floor and two of the guys stood with one either side of me. I was told to suck them both, switching back and forth between them and then to stroke one while sucking the other. Tracey crouched down behind me and reached around to play with my clit while describing to everyone how wet my pussy was. It was decided that one of the guys should cum in my mouth and the other one over me so a coin was tossed to see who got to have me drink their cum. They took longer to cum this time and I was getting very uncomfortable, but once the first one had cum over my face (this was a dream so he managed to produce a lot of cum even though it was his second orgasm), I concentrated on the first one and got him to shoot his cum in to my mouth and then swallowed it.

I was then put up on the bed and everyone took part in fondling and fingering me. Sometimes this was fairly gentle, but a few people had a go at energetically fingering me, first with two and then three fingers. As every part of my body was being played with, it started to feel good and when my nipples perked up again Tracey teased me about the fact I seemed to enjoy being fingered and fucked with a brush so much. This led to the brush being used on me again and it certainly felt good, but the last two guys wanted the challenge of fucking me to an orgasm. I told them I didn’t have the energy to do anything more, but (s expected) this didn’t stop them and one of them lifted my legs up and pumped away inside me. Fiona and one of the guys fondled my breasts to help things along but said that nobody was allowed to touch my clit as this would be cheating (and too easy). After the fingering and brush, I was quite close to cumming already, but the guy fucking me didn’t hold out quite long enough. The other guy told him not to worry and just cum so he could finish me off and I didn’t care as he pumped his cum in to my pussy and just wanted the last one inside me so I could cum again.

This time I was told to ride him and once I’d mounted his cock I bounced up and down, pushing myself hard against his body with each stroke. He told everyone how good it felt and that he was getting close to cumming already – before I realised what I was saying I told him to wait just a bit and as ashamed as I felt about what I’d said, I was too close to cumming to stop and reached up to caress my breasts. Fiona said something about having turned me in to a real slut but I wasn’t paying attention as my orgasm throbbed out through my lower body. I let out a long ‘aahhhh’ as I thrust myself even harder against the guy’s cock and when I started to slow down he grabbed my hips and told me to keep going. With my lust satisfied, I was thinking a bit more clearly again and started to worry about having him cum in me (again), but he continued to guide my movements and I then pulled me down hard against him. I asked him if he had cum in me and he just nodded – when I lifted myself up I felt his cum drip out immediately and was told to suck him clean. His cock had already started to soften as I did this but I licked around it and cleaned up the mix of cum and my juices before being allowed up and then being told to stand with my arms by my side.

The guys were allowed a final chance to fondle my breasts and look at the cum leaking out of my pussy, but they weren’t anywhere near as interested by this point. When I was finally allowed to get dressed I asked if I could at least wash first but all I was allowed to do was use my panties to wipe my face, chest and thighs clean. When I went to put my panties on, Fiona grabbed them off me, wrapped them around one of her fingers and pushed them halfway inside me, far enough that they were secure, but leaving a fair bit of material dangling from my pussy. As I put the rest of my clothes on, Fiona said I could walk home with a mix of all the cum I’d got that day soaking in to my from my panties and she warned me not to take them out until I was in my own bedroom. Just before I left the guys were given a final chance to fondle me and I was pushed out the front door.

As I’d done the previous day, I showered as soon as I got home and went to bed early. Again I dreamt of the day’s events and woke up in the middle of the night with my hand between my legs. This time I was much closer to cumming and pressed my fingers against my clit while remembering how it had felt each time I’d cum. I could feel the now familiar sensation building between my legs and kept pressing on my clit as I pictured each cock sliding in to me. I had my first self-made orgasm with the thought of load after load of cum being pumped into me. I lay in bed, panting and trying to come to terms with how aroused I was by everything that had been done to me. I slept fitfully for the rest of the night and woke up a number of times with images of cocks and cum filling my head.

The next day was a Friday and while I was nervous about what was going to happen at school, I was thankful that it would soon be the weekend. I wore tights to try and keep myself better covered and I went in the back gate and made it to class without anyone accosting me (although a few of the guys made some comments and some of my ‘friends’ steered clear of me). When Fiona and Tracey arrived they sat either side of me and said they had a surprise for me at breaktime. Given what had already happened, it wasn’t really much of a surprise and I meekly followed them out of class. We left the school grounds and up the hill to some woods where there were two guys from another school waiting for us. Fiona warned them we didn’t have much time as we had to get back so they said they would hurry. I had my tights and panties pulled down and was pushed over a log lying on the ground. I wasn’t wet enough for the first guy to get in to me easily so Tracey spread my pussy lips and spat over them. Fiona joined in doing this until I could feel the saliva dripping down and off my clit and the guy then rubbed his cock around in it and pushed in to me. Each time he thrust in to me I remembered how I had masturbated the previous night and wondered if I was going to end up cumming. There was no danger of that with the first guy as he finished in me really quickly and pulled out straight away. Fiona led him round so I could suck him clean while the second guy fucked me and he didn’t last much longer. As I sucked him clean I felt the cum running down my legs and Fiona promised them that I wouldn’t be allowed to clean it up. True to her word, she pulled up my panties and then my tights, leaving the cum on my legs and then giving my crotch a rub and pushing the material between my lips to help get it wet.

We had to dash back to school and I wished I had been able to cum but didn’t say anything and as I sat through the next class I had to make sure not to sit on my skirt as I felt the damp patch on my panties growing. The more I felt it, the more turned on I got and by the time lunchtime arrived I was actually debating trying to dash off to the toilets and play with myself. I didn’t get the opportunity to do this though as I was followed to the bathroom and after a couple of minutes they banged on the door and told me to come out. We ate lunch quickly and I was taken around to the back of the school again where one of my male ‘friends’ was waiting and I was told that while he had taken part in the changing room episode, I had only sucked him and he really wanted a chance to fuck me and make me cum. I knew it was pointless asking the girls to stop this, but tried asking him and he just said that as I’d fucked everyone else, he wanted a go. Tracey stood and kept a look out while Jo and Fiona ordered me to strip for him. I slowly undressed but this wasn’t good enough and Fiona pulled at my blouse, ripping the top two buttons off of it. I quickly undid the rest and slipped my skirt down so I was standing there in just my bra, panties and tights. The guy told me to stop so he could finish undressing me and as soon as his hands made contact with my body he started kneading and caressing me.

My bra was pulled off and he sucked hungrily on my nipples. They quickly started to stiffen (which Jo drew everyone’s attention to) and he seemed genuinely pleased that I was enjoying it. I let out a little moan as he pushed his hand in to my panties and as his fingers explored around and in my pussy my breathing quickened. I knew that my excitement was probably due to having been fucked earlier and having thought about this through the last lesson and this brought me back to my senses a bit. He pulled my tights down and I tried to hold on to my panties but he easily pulled them free of my grip and Fiona suggested he use the bench to fuck me on. I had to waddle over there as my tights and panties were still around my ankles but I was told to shed them before getting on to the bench. I bent forwards over it but the guy told me to lie down on my back as he wanted to see my face as he fucked me. For some reason, this seemed a lot more embarrassing to me, but I did as I was told and lay down. Fiona and Jo each took one of my legs and pulled them wide apart and the guy knelt down between my legs, spread my lips and examined my pussy.

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