Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 4

It was obvious to everyone that I was more than wet enough to fuck and the guy briefly rubbed his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me. As he fucked me, the guy kept saying he wanted to see me cum and from the way I was feeling, I knew he was likely to get what he wanted. Even though it was obvious I was turned on, Jo and Fiona didn’t want to take any chances and decided to help my orgasm along, each reaching up and fondling one of my breasts. I involuntarily arched my body up against their hands, to which Jo just said that I really was just a horny little cumslut and deserved to be fucked all day. At this point, that actually sounded quite appealing and I was thrusting my hips back against the invading cock. Jo slid her hand down my leg and used her fingers to spread my pussy lips, telling the guy to get as deep in to me as he could and fill me with cum. My orgasm was rapidly building when Tracey said that some people were coming – I tried to close my legs and push the guy out of me but Jo took hold of the leg she’d been holding again and forced them open. The guy slowed his movements in me, but stayed inside me until he saw that the people Tracey had been talking about were his friends who had been hunting for me in order to use me.

The guy started pumping away inside me again and Jo slid her hand back to my pussy, but this time she placed two fingers around my clit and rapidly rubbed up and down. I started to cum almost immediately and couldn’t stop myself from moaning as I did so. I didn’t care that I had an audience until my orgasm started to fade and I felt the guy pumping away rapidly inside me. It was clear that he was about to cum and I tried to tell him to pull out, but I was still short of breath from cumming. He kept pumping in me as he came and some of his cum squirted out around his cock. Fiona was still fondling one of my breasts and I looked over at the people who had just turned up. One of them already had his cock out and was stroking it so it was clear I wasn’t going to get any help from them and indeed as soon as the guy inside me pulled out, the other guy pushed in to me and said he wanted to see if I still felt as good as he remembered.

My pussy was still feeling quite sensitive and having a new cock thrusting energetically in to me felt very intense. This was made worse by Jo putting her fingers back on my clit and rubbing me again. I moaned loudly that it was too intense and even Fiona said it wasn’t fair as I’d just cum but Jo gave her a big grin and asked if she wanted to find out if I could cum again. I repeatedly gasped no but Fiona thought this was a good idea and Jo carried on anyway. The second guy came in me and Jo used some of his cum to smear over my pussy and as the third guy fucked me I felt another orgasm start to build. The bell rang and the guys who had cum left, but the one fucking me said he would finish off and Fiona suggested to the last guy that he didn’t have time to fuck me, but if he way quick he could at least get a blow job out of me. My mouth was already wide open as I was getting close to cumming and he thrust his cock in to it. As I wrapped my lips around it I started to cum and he seemed to enjoy the sensation of me moaning around his cock. Jo frigged me the whole way through my orgasm and as my hips thrust against my third cock of lunch break he moaned and emptied himself in to me. The guy fucking my mouth sped up his movements and I felt multiple squirts of cum shoot in to my mouth. I gagged on it and when he pulled out I sat up to cough and Fiona told me to spit the cum out. I did this and she caught it in her hand but immediately rubbed it in to my pussy and then up over my stomach and over my breasts.

The second bell went and Fiona finished off my pushing me back down on to the bench, giving my tender pussy an energetic fingering and then tossing my clothes on to my body and telling me not to be late for class. I searched for my panties to use to wipe myself off with and Fiona asked ‘Are you looking for these?’ as she twirled my panties around one of her fingers. I begged her to give them back but she wandered off to class and I saw her throw them in to a bin. I tried to put my bra on over my sticky breasts and then pulled my blouse on. I pulled my tights up and slipped on my skirt but my pussy as so wet with cum that it felt like it was dripping out through my tights. I dashed back to class, crept in and sat at the back, feeling cum leak out of me throughout the lesson. I’d been careful not to sit on my skirt to stop it from getting wet but it was only when I stood up I realised how much liquid had leaked out as my whole ass was soaked and there was a puddle of cum on the chair.

I didn’t bother cleaning it up and quickly left the room as I had a free period next so just dashed out of the room and ran until I got home. I was home before anyone else so peeled off my blouse and skirt and climbed in to bed just wearing my bra and panties, curled up into a ball and quickly fell asleep. Mum woke me up when she got in and asked if I was okay and I told her I was just tired. Once she had left I climbed out of bed and peeled my tights off me. I desperately needed another shower, but felt so tired I couldn’t be bothered and just climbed back into bed. For the third night in a row, my dreams were about me being repeatedly fucked and I woke up horny and touching myself a few times, but I didn’t masturbate. I woke up late on the Saturday morning to the sound of Mum calling up and saying my friends were here to see me. I was still groggy and didn’t realise what was happening until I heard a number of people coming upstairs and Fiona and Tracey barged in to my room.

I pulled the covers up around me but between them they easily wrestled them off of me and said they had a fun day planned for us. When they saw my body was still stained with cum they teased me and said I must have stayed like that as I love the feeling of cum on me so much. Fiona pushed a hand between my legs to see how sticky my pussy was and when she withdrew her fingers they were coated in slime. She wiped her fingers on one of my nipples but then went back to playing with my pussy as Tracey looked through my wardrobe and picked out a selection of clothes for me. I tried to push Fiona away but she warned me to be quiet or my Mum would hear (she had figured out I didn’t want anyone outside of school to know what had been happening). I started squirming around on the bed as her fingers played with my clit and she called Tracey over to watch. I was told to spread my legs and they discussed how the view would soon be so much better. I didn’t understand what they meant but Tracey added a finger to my pussy and as they both fingered me I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came and I put the pillow over my face to muffle any sounds I might make. I don’t know if it was due to not having relieved myself during the night, but my orgasm was incredibly powerful and I ended up grabbing Fiona’s arm and pushing her fingers all the way inside my pussy. I bit in to the pillow as my whole body shook and when my orgasm faded, they pulled the pillow away and told me they couldn’t believe I’d cum that hard with just their fingers and asked if I was actually a lesbian. All I managed to squeak out was ‘I couldn’t help it’ and eventually Tracey threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed. I told her I needed to shower but she said there wasn’t any need and that they would take care of me so I slowly pulled on the outfit she had selected and we headed downstairs.

I was very nervous about what they were going to say to my Mum but they just told her we were going shopping and would probably spend the whole day out. Mum asked if I wanted anything to eat first (and offered Fiona and Tracey some food) and they said it would probably be a good idea to eat to make sure we had enough energy for the day ahead. I was teased further over breakfast and every time Mum turned her back or left the room, Fiona slid her foot up my leg and pushed it against my crotch. I was acutely aware of the cum covering my body and the sticky mess between my legs and wanted to get away as quickly as possible so I wolfed down breakfast and said to Mum that we had to go. She told me to have a good time and gave me a goodbye kiss, at which point I wondered if she would be able to taste any of the cum from the day before that was on my face.

Once we were outside, Tracey took one of my arms and Fiona took the other. We briskly walked to Tracey’s house and Fiona told me that I was going to enjoy myself today. I apologised again for even looking at her boyfriend and she said it wasn’t about that anymore – they had just seen how much I had been enjoying myself and wanted to ‘help’ me some more. Naturally I tried to correct them but they pointed out how they had made me cum less than an hour ago and then as we walked the rest of the way they tried to count up the number of times they had seen me cum, let alone what had happened in the changing rooms when they hadn’t been there. I was thoroughly ashamed by the time we arrived at Tracey’s house, but all the reminders of the number of times I’d been fucked and had cum was having an effect on my pussy and I could feel a light tingling of arousal.

When we got indoors, we went straight up to Tracey’s room and I was relieved to see that there weren’t any guys waiting to fuck me. There were some items wrapped in a towel on the bed and Tracey told Fiona to prepare me while she got some stuff. I stood there as Fiona pulled my skirt and panties down and then got me to remove my shoes. She told me that they had decided that even when my legs were spread, my pubic hair hid too much and that people wanted to see ‘the real me’. Even though I’d never shaved my pussy, I knew what she was getting at and told her I didn’t want to get cut. She told me they would be careful and to trust them (which of course, I didn’t) and pushed me down on to the towel. Fiona pulled my legs apart and told me to sit still, picked up a small pair of scissors and started snipping away at my pubes. I was quite nervous about having a pair of scissors so close to my pussy, but was distracted by Tracey returning with a bowl of hot water and telling Fiona to cut the hair as short as she could as we didn’t have much time left. I nearly asked what was going to happen, but decided I might be better off not knowing and just concentrated on remaining still as Fiona finished snipping and Tracey put a hot flannel on my pussy, lathered me up and then knelt down between my legs to shave me. I tensed up a little each time the razor touched me, but it soon became clear that Tracey was quite skilled at this and I asked if she did it to herself as well. This led to more teasing about me wanting to know what her pussy looked like and I tried to explain that this wasn’t what I’d meant, but they wouldn’t listen. Fiona helped to stretch bits of skin as Tracey shaved me and they both ran their fingers over the whole area to check for any hairs they had missed before giving me a final wipe and telling me to go shower and get ready.

It felt good to get cleaned up and as Iran my hands over my newly shaved pussy I had a quick explore to see how it felt. This was cut short by me being summoned out of the shower and I was quickly towelled down and they even dried my hair for me and then tied it back in a pigtail. While I knew that I was there for *something* to be done to me, I began to relax until Tracey said that it was about time and that they should finish getting ready. Unable to contain my curiosity any longer, I asked what was about to happen and was just told to wait and see. I had to lie down on the bed and started getting nervous when I had a blindfold put over my eyes and even more so when someone grabbed my hands and tied them to the bed. I felt my legs being pulled apart and something tied to my ankles to keep them spread and was then left alone in the room. I tried pulling on my restraints but couldn’t get free and a couple of minutes later I heard the doorbell ring and a number of voices, followed by people coming upstairs. I heard them enter Tracey’s room and there were general murmurs of appreciation as well as specific comments about my breasts and pussy. These were quickly followed by multiple hands roaming over my body and I tried pulling at my restraints again, but still to no avail.

Fingers started probing my pussy and I felt my lips being spread and people were told to examine me and get a good image of what I looked like ‘before’. I was quite sure what was going to happen to get me to the ‘after’ state and asked to be spared, but Tracey pulled of my blindfold and introduced her to her (older) boyfriend and his football team. They were all rather well built and I felt a slight thrill go through my body at the thought of having them fuck me, but I quickly repressed it out of embarrassment. She leant over and whispered to me that she wasn’t ready to let him fuck her yet and that I would be doing her a big favour by letting him release some of his lust on me – and that she had invited the rest of the team just for good measure. I watched as she undid his trousers, pulled out his already hard cock, gave it a few strokes and told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted.

He started off my pushing his cock in to my mouth and as he did this a couple of other people fingered me some more (saying they wanted to do this before I got too messy). Tracey’s boyfriend pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while using one hand to play with my nipples. I couldn’t help but think about what was about to happen and wondered how many times I would cum in front of everyone. I felt myself blush and this was noticed, but the guys seemed to take it as a sign of me being turned on and said that it looked like I was ready to move on to the next stage. My pussy had already started to get quite a bit wetter and as Tracey’s boyfriend climbed on top of me, she undid the ropes holding my arms and legs but before I could do anything, two guys took a leg each and made sure I kept them spread wide apart. I felt the cock press in to my pussy and after a handful of strokes he was buried all the way inside me. He said I felt tight and Fiona laughed, saying after all the cock I’d taken that I really shouldn’t be. He pumped away inside me and it felt nice but I could tell I wasn’t going to cum and I wondered if I could make it through the whole team without cumming. He sucked on my nipples, pulling each breast in turn up in the air as he did so and a couple of the guys took turns reaching down to the other breasts to roughly fondle it. I still wasn’t getting that close to cumming, but things were definitely feeling better and I wasn’t so sure I could hold back for the whole session, but things soon interrupted when he said he was about to cum and everyone chanted at him to cum in me. I tried to protest with a quick ‘No, not in me’, but was ignored and he thrust in to me a few more times while sighing.

When he pulled out my lips were spread again and Tracey reached a couple of fingers up in to me to help the cum to dribble out. She smeared this over my pussy and clit and was going to rub it over my breasts and make me suck her fingers clean but the other guys said they wanted my upper half left free of cum so they could kiss me. This meant I was at least spared having to suck his cock clean but as the next guy thrust in to me Fiona said she had an idea for round two. The thought of doubling the number of times I was about to be fucked shocked me, but the cock pumping away in my pussy distracted me from this and I moaned a little. Fiona pointed this out to everyone and said that I would probably cum for them all soon. I managed to hold out until the second guy came in me, but this was apparently as long as I was going to be allowed as once he pulled out Fiona told the guys to finger me and make me cum. None of them wanted to do this so Fiona and Tracey took it upon themselves, spreading my lips and using the double dose of boy-cum oozing out of me to lubricate my clit. They rapidly frigged me and I let out a series of low moans as my orgasm approached and tried to pull my legs together around their hands as I came. The guys held them open though and someone said it looked like my pussy was pulsing and wanting something to fill it. The final pulses of my orgasm were still going on when the next guy thrust his cock in to me and I moaned louder as I still felt quite sensitive. Fiona told him to go hard and fast and try to make me cum again and he did as she asked. It felt too intense to get me off, but meant I moaned quite a lot and by the time he came and pulled out of me I was panting and covered in sweat.


  1. Wow. I steep away for a bit and come back and you've gotten up to much. Just finished the sisterly love series, still have more to read. And the baby is here, cool. Sounds like her sex drive is shot for the short term though. Oh well, it'll come back. Though with my wife out never came back quote as strong, which has been a point of contention. Used to be once a day, now once every two weeks is about it, which is what lead me to find this blog...

    1. Yes we've been busy with lots of things. Jen sex drive has pretty much returned to where it was before she got pregnant but it doesn't compare to when she was pregnant (and even more insatiable than me).