Saturday, 27 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 5

This will be the last part of fantasy I'll post for now and will go back to normal postings (I've got about three  more fantasy posts written up but I'll save them for when I'm short on time to write).
Fiona told me to beg someone else to fuck me but I refused. This was a mistake as she produced a hairbrush and told the guys how I loved masturbating with them. I tried to say that this wasn’t the case and she was the one who had done it to me. The guys liked the idea of watching that even more and told Fiona to fuck me with it, which she did. After pumping it in me for a while she withdrew it and ran the handle back and forth against my clit so I could feel each of the small bumps as it rubbed against me. I let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ and Fiona told me to beg someone to fuck her or she would keep fucking me with the brush until I came so much I would pass out. I knew I could probably cope with her fucking me with the brush, but using it on my clit felt way too intense and I had to do something to get her to stop so I squeaked out a tiny ‘please fuck me’. Of course, this wasn’t considered loud enough so I had to repeat it a few times until I was clearly asking for someone to fuck me. Someone obliged and thrust in to me. Fiona told him to play with my clit and he did, causing me to gasp repeatedly with the intensity of the feelings. He came fairly quickly though and was replaced by another guy who got me to kneel on all fours and took me from behind. Once again Fiona told him to play with my clit and as he did this, others reached under me to my swinging breasts and played with my nipples. I was rapidly losing the battle and began to thrust back against him as my second orgasm built. Fiona seemed quite excited that I was cumming again and she told the guy to keep going and slapped me on the ass. He fucked me through my orgasm and I half collapsed on to the bed, but he firmly held on to my hips and kept my ass in the air until he told me he was nearly there and then started to pump his cum in to me. I now had so much in me, it leaked out around his cock and dripped down my legs, but he kept going and when he pulled out another load oozed out of me.

The guys liked the position I was in and I was handed from one to another as three more of them took turns fucking me. My legs were drenched with cum and my nipples were tender from being continually fondled and groped for so long. Even Fiona and Tracey seemed to realise I needed a break and they told the last few guys to wait while I caught my breath and had a drink. I wasn’t given long, but it was enough to recover slightly and I was then pushed on to my back and mounted by another guy who said he’d waited long enough and rapidly pumped in to my pussy and came. Two guys sucked on my nipples as the next guy fucked me and by the time everyone had taken a turn Fiona pointed out that I now had thirteen guys; worth of cum in me. As everyone had had a chance to play with my breasts, Fiona said we may as well go straight on to the second round and I had cocks thrust in to my mouth and rubbed over my body. One of the people who had fucked me early on pushed back in to my pussy and pumped away but this time when he came, he pulled out and shot his load over my body. The guy fucking my mouth sort of did the same, cumming over my face but pushing back in to my mouth to finish off and Tracey took my hands and guided them to some of the cocks rubbing against me and told me to stroke them. Between each cock I had in my mouth I was told to ask for more and this time I did as I was told. Fiona rubbed the cum over my body and face and I was told to ask the guys who fucked me to let me suck them clean. Only eleven of the guys did things with me this time as it was too soon after the last two had cum to cum again, but I was made to give them a good suck and they wiped their cocks over my face and breasts.

As I lay panting and covered in cum, Fiona asked if they wanted to see me cum one last time. I was exhausted and said I couldn’t, but they were very insistent and between the handle of the hairbrush in me and their fingers on my clit and nips I couldn’t hold back. It was a very sharp orgasm that almost hurt – not that this stopped them – and by the time they finished I was having trouble staying awake. Tracey knelt down beside me and thanked me for taking care of her boyfriend. She pointed out that he would probably need some ‘help’ again and if I was seeing him that it would be unfair to leave everyone else out so I had to tell them that I wanted them to all fuck me again sometime and that they could use me whenever I wanted. I barely knew what I was saying and just repeated everything Tracey told me to say before drifting off in to a deep sleep.

I woke up an hour or so later and found that the guys had all left and there was no sign of Tracey or Fiona. I couldn’t find my clothes so grabbed one of Tracey’s t-shirts from a drawer, pulled it on and slowly wandered out of the room to where I could hear voices. I made my way towards the back garden and listened to Fiona telling someone what I had been doing that morning. I heard Jo’s voice and was about to turn and look for my clothes so I could escape when Tracey walked in from the garden and saw me standing there. She called the others and I was summoned out in to the garden where the whole group of Tracey’s friends were sitting around in their bikinis. They said I was overdressed and I had the t-shirt pulled off (with Tracey saying I had to get it cleaned and returned to her) and I was made to stand in the middle of the group so they could admire the mess the guys had made of me. A few of the girls had a closer look at my pussy and complimented Tracey on the job she’d done. Most of the cum had leaked out of me by this point but the occasional bit still dripped from my pussy and I was made to repeatedly finger myself and then suck my fingers clean.

I was allowed to have something to eat and drink ‘to keep my energy levels up’ and I asked what else was going to happen. The next hour was mostly verbal abuse with the girls telling me how much of a slut I was and how the ones who hadn’t slept with their boyfriend’s yet were going to let them use me the way Tracey’s boyfriend had. Tracey played back a recording of me begging the team to fuck me again and I was told to masturbate for everyone to get me ready for my next set of visitors. I really didn’t want to, but was warned that I knew what would happen if I refused to do what I was told so I lay back and started to touch myself. This was nowhere near enough of a show for everyone though and I was handed a banana and told to fuck myself with it. As I’d never used anything to masturbate with I wasn’t really sure what to do but Jo took hold of it and pushed it in to my pussy (I still had more than enough cum in me to act as lube). I yelped as it felt cold but everyone just laughed and told me to fuck myself with it. I gingerly started moving the banana in and out as they all watched until Sarah said ‘wow, she really doesn’t know how to masturbate’ and told me to rub my clit as well. Even with the small amount of experience I had, I knew that this would feel a lot better but I was trying to find a way to not cum in front of Tracey and Fiona’s girlfriends. Jo grabbed my other hand though and rubbed my fingers back and forth over my clit and Fiona warned me that I’d better put on a good show ‘or else’. I stupidly asked what else there was that they could do to me and Fiona replied by saying she still had a few good ideas, but it would spoil the surprise if she told me. I decided to play it safe and told her I would do as I was told, lay back on the grass and gently stroked my clit while using the banana as a dildo. This got a round of applause and Fiona invited people to come closer and feel how the cum had dried to a sticky mess on my body. The girls all giggled as they gently touched me and a few of them stroked my nipples which had already stiffened up again.

A few of them looked closely at my pussy and Fiona spread my lips to give them a better view. My fingers picked up speed and I applied a bit more pressure to my clit. They picked up on the change in my breathing and all laughed about the fact I was going to cum for them, but just a little bit before my orgasm hit me, Fiona grabbed the hand holding the banana and placed her hand over the hand I was frigging myself with and said that maybe I should wait until the others arrived so more people could watch. She pulled the banana out of me and I whined. Jo said to Fiona that she was being mean and there was no reason I couldn’t do it again later for everyone. This seemed like a good compromise to her and she released my hands and told me I could do whatever I wanted – by this point I was too close to cumming to want to stop and pushed the banana straight back in to my pussy and resumed fucking and frigging myself. I knew that they were teasing me for not being able to control myself, but no longer cared and worked the banana deeper in to my pussy until it felt really good. I stroked my clit the way I’d done in bed and as I started to cum, images of the guys who’d fucked me that morning flashed through my head. I murmured ‘fuck me’ over and over until my orgasm started to fade and I relaxed back on to the grass. When I opened my eyes, everyone was silently watching me and breathing deeply and I immediately went a deep shade of red and tried to cover myself (rather pointlessly).

As a reward, I was given some wine to drink – although ‘drink’ wasn’t really the correct term as I had to remain lying down and it was poured in to my mouth. Mostly anyway – a fair bit went over my face and they poured some over my breasts and rubbed it over them. At this point I felt very satisfied and knew I was beginning to accept what was happening. The doorbell rang and Tracey dashed up to answer it, returning with a group of boys from our class. I once again tried to cover myself up but Fiona whispered in my ear and told me what she wanted me to do. I didn’t argue this time, knelt up as instructed and told the guys that I wanted them to fuck me. I started to pull at the trousers of the nearest guy who made a comment about me seeming much keener than before but stopped talking as I freed his cock and took it in my mouth. Jo told them that they had trained me and I was now their willing sex slave. I didn’t say anything and carried on sucking until the guy said he was getting close to cumming and he was told to go ahead and he could always fuck me later on if he wanted. He grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as he shot his cum in to my mouth. It tasted quite bitter so I didn’t swallow it and when he pulled his cock out I let it just drip out of my mouth and down over my breasts.

I told the other guys I wanted them to cum in me and knelt on all fours, allowing one of them to take me from behind while another pushed his cock in to my mouth. I thrust back against the cock in my pussy and tried my best to swirl my tongue around the head of the cock I was sucking and was pleased when a couple of the other guys knelt beside me and reached under to play with my breasts. I could feel my body responding already and pushed back even harder. When the cock in my mouth started pumping cum into me I kept my mouth wrapped around his cock and drank it, then concentrated on the cock in my pussy. Unfortunately he came before I did, but I still had more guys to take care of and Tracey instructed me to lie up on the bench to make it easy for people to get at me and for others to watch me. I was pulled to the edge of the bench so my head was hanging down and had a new cock thrust in to my mouth. Another guy pushed in to my pussy but I couldn’t see who it was due to the position I was in. My hands were then guided to guys standing on either side of me and I was told to stroke them and rub their cocks against my breasts. I tried to hump against the cock fucking me, but couldn’t move much in this position. Fortunately Sarah decided she wanted to help out and reached over to stroke my clit (and catch a feel of the cock fucking me). I moaned around the cock I was sucking and was told that it felt amazing. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came again and concentrated on everything happening to me to try to heighten my orgasm.  The guy in my mouth pulled out and came over my face, saying I looked much sexier when I was covered in cum and a minute or so later the guy in my pussy said he was getting close. Sarah told him to cum over me and when he pulled out, she took hold of his cock and stroked him until thick jets of cum sprayed up over my body.

I still hadn’t cum, but also still had a cock in each hand and asked the guys to fuck me. They were more than happy to oblige and once one of them was inside me, I had a free hand to play with my clit. I was very close by this point but was told to wait until the last guy was inside me until I came. I didn’t really listen and tried to get myself off but Tracey grabbed my hand and told me more firmly to wait. I was told I was just a horny little slut and as punishment, I wasn’t allowed to cum (although of course both of the guys were allowed to finish off inside me). I was then pulled down on to the grass and Tracey said it was time for the next stage where people got to play with me but was givena chance to have a drink first as it was quite a hot day.

I wasn’t sure what she meant as I’d been ‘played with’ quite a bit already, but a couple of the girls had brought hairbrushes to use on me and one had swiped her older sister’s vibe. I had brush after brush plunged in to my pussy and was made to suck some of the handles clean. I’d calmed down a bit while having a drink, but was slowly building up towards cumming when Fiona said she had a much better way of punishing me and told everyone not to let me cum for a little while. She had decided that she didn’t want her boyfriend fucking me anymore so he’d had to sit around and watch as the other guys enjoyed themselves with me, but Fiona dragged him in to Tracey’s summerhouse and emerged a couple of minutes later, cupping her pussy with her hand. A few of the girls said that they knew what she had been up to, but Fiona told them to just wait and she stood over my face and then crouched down. I watched as she moved her hand away and I had a close up view of her (also shaved) pussy. Cum slowly dripped out of her on to my face and Fiona told the girls to use the vibe on me. They pressed it against my clit and I’d never felt anything like that before – it might have been due to me being close to cumming for a while, but it was such a wonderful sensation that I couldn’t help from pressing back against it and arching my back. I felt a finger enter my pussy and then a second one and I let out a long moan. I started panting and as I came I thrust my head back and moaned much louder. As I did this, Fiona reached down and spread her lips, allowing her boyfriend’s cum to leak out much more readily, with a good amount of it dripping in to my open mouth. I really didn’t care as I was having one of the best orgasms of my (short) sexual life and swallowed everything Fiona gave me. As was becoming the norm, only when I finished cumming did I realise what I’d just let people watch me do.

As I regained my composure, I blushed and people commented on how I was now a little lesbian slut. The shaming hadn’t stopped though as when I said I needed to go in and pee, I was told I wasn’t allowed any privacy and that I had to go and crouch at the side of the garden to do it. (You can all probably guess who wanted me to develop this part of the fantasy!). I found the idea of peeing in front of my school ‘friends’ to be just as embarrassing as everything else they had done to me up until that point but I really needed to do and moved as far away from them as possible before crouching down. I still had cum running down my body and out of my pussy and was just about to start when Jo said I shouldn’t have to crouch at the side of the garden. I knew that she probably wasn’t about to be nice to me and let me go indoors so wasn’t overly surprised when I was told to lie down at the edge of the lawn and spread my legs. I pleaded with them tonto make me do this, but one of the guys sat beside me and pressed on my bladder while someone else said that I must really need to pee after everything I’d drunk. Someone sat on the other side of me and spread my lips and the teasing continued until I couldn’t hold back any longer. At first I just let out a little squirt (which got a round of laughter, but then it started properly and a long arc of pee sprayed out for everyone to see. I couldn’t stop and kept going until my bladder was empty and the jet petered out, but was told to empty myself properly so squeezed a few more, smaller, arcs of pee out before people had a closer look at my exposed pussy.


  1. If 13 of your readers were up for it, would you be up for turning this fantasy into reality?!

    1. If I knew they were free of diseases then I would love to have that happen - ideally in front of my Uni friends (who - other than Lis and Vicky - don't know what I'm like). I'm going to imagine that happening during my session tonight :)