Monday, 15 June 2015

Locker Room (Dream) – Part 1

Another ‘dream’ episode… I had this dream about a week ago and desperately wanted to write it up as I was it made me feel so incredibly horny that I had to pounce on Mike and Jen when I woke up.

The dream started off with me back in a swimming lesson at school. Given the ‘friends’ who were also there it was probably when I was 15-16 (although there were some people from 6th form in the dream – when I would have been 17-18 – but we didn’t do swimming in 6th form). For the sake of telling the story, we’ll assume I was at the end of 6th form so everyone would be 18. Now even though I was completely innocent back then, my breasts did develop at a young age and I was probably the best-endowed girl in my class (and possibly my year). Girls and boys were taught swimming separately, but we shared a pool and the boys would usually stare at the girls. We did have a few very pretty girls in my year, and as is often the case, some of them knew how pretty they were and flaunted it. While I didn’t date anyone at school (or at all until I was 19 and met Mike), there were of course some guys I secretly fancied, but they always had girlfriends (and I wasn’t brave or confident enough to have let them know I liked them anyway even if they’d been single).

Back to the dream – I noticed one of the guys I liked gazing at my breasts and liked the fact that he had noticed me. I didn’t do anything about it but did occasionally glance over at him and enjoyed the attention. When we got back in to the locker room I saw a few of the pretty girls whispering to each other and pointing over at me but I didn’t pay attention and went to the showers to clean off the chlorine from the pool. Back in school, many of us girls didn’t shower after swimming and those that did usually kept our costumes on and then changed in to our clothes while using a towel to keep our bodies hidden so in my dream I still had my costume on as I showered. I washed my hair and when I opened my eyes the ‘pretty girls’ were standing around me with their hands on their hips, all staring at me. Fiona asked me why I had been flirting with her boyfriend (the guy I’d noticed staring at my breasts) and I stammered a response about not having done anything and that I was sorry. That wasn’t good enough for her though and they pushed me back against the wall and told me I had better stay away from him. I once again apologised and said I hadn’t meant to do anything but Fiona told me that just because I had large boobs, it didn’t mean the guys would like me and she squeezed one of my breasts through my costume.

At that point in my life I hadn’t really masturbated (certainly not to orgasm anyway) and this was the first time anyone else had ever touched me there so I let out a surprised yelp. Fiona kept squeezing my breast and told me again to stay away from her boyfriend. One of the other girls (Tracey I think) grabbed my other breast and added her own voice to the warning. They kept firmly squeezing my breasts and Tracey leant over and whispered something to Fiona, who smiled and said it was a good idea. They each took a hand and led me out of the showers and then towards the locker room door to the corridor. I asked where we were going but Fiona pulled on my hair and said if I liked flirting then I would get a chance to do it properly. Still having no idea where we were going, they led me out in to the corridor and pushed open the door to the boys locker room.

I was pushed in and Fiona told the guys they could examine by breasts as much as they wanted. At first nobody moved, but then a couple of guys moved over towards me. I felt the straps of my swimsuit being tugged and my arms were pushed down by my sides so the top part could be pulled down, exposing my breasts. I tried to pull away from Fiona and Tracey but they held me in place and as I looked down, my breasts were exposed and then sprung free as the swimsuit was pulled down.  I was mortified at having myself exposed to my classmates and struggled some more but couldn’t free myself and was marched through the crowd of guys and told to lie down on the bench. The guys reached for my breasts and I felt multiple hands touch, stroke and squeeze them. The touches became bolder as the guys realised they could play with my breasts properly and they started massaging them and stroking my nipples with a number of them commenting on how large my nips were. A number of the guys took turns kissing and sucking my nips and even though I was still struggling (and still mortified at what was happening), they started to get stiff and this was quickly noticed.

Fiona and Tracey teased me and said I was enjoying what was happening and when I said I wasn’t they pulled at my nips and said if I wasn’t enjoying it, they wouldn’t be getting hard. They then said that if I was enjoying it so much I should help the guys out and pulled my arm so my hand brushed against one of the guy’s crotches (there was an obvious bulge in his shorts). My hand was pushed more firmly against him and rubbed up and down and my other hand was pushed towards another guy’s crotch. This guy had showered so only had a towel around his waist and as my hand slid under the towel I felt the warmth of his cock. I was told to wrap my hand around it and I did and then Tracey moved my arm up and down to make me stroke him. This was the first time I’d touched a cock so it felt strange to me and I was told to grip a bit tighter and move my hand faster. As I stroked it, the folds of the towel fell away and I stared at the cock in my hand. It only took a few more strokes before the guy thrust his cock towards me and started cumming, with thick streams of his cum squirting out of his cock and splattering over my arm and stomach. I instinctively tried to pull away but was told to wipe his cock clean on my breasts and as the head brushed back and forth across my nipple, smearing cum over it I felt a shudder go through my body.

We heard the bell go for the start of break time but nobody moved to let me go and one of the more experienced guys push forwards, pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my face. Tracey pinched my nose and told me to open my mouth and as soon as I did so the guy pushed his cock between my lips and I was told to suck him. I had no idea what to do, but it’s not difficult to make guys of that age cum and in less than a minute I felt his hot, salty cum filling my mouth. I spat his cock out and the last couple of squirts landed on my face. Tracey wiped some of it up with her fingers and pushed them in to my mouth, telling me to suck them clean, then wiped up some more and told one of the guys to pull the crotch of my swimsuit to the side. I may have been naive at that age when it came to sex, but I knew about the risks of getting pregnant and screamed at her to stop – my protestations did nothing though and she wiped her fingers up and down my pussy, smearing the cum over it. She commented on how wet I was and how I must be a little whore and I was made to suck the mix of cum and my juices from her fingers.

Now my pussy was exposed, the guys started stroking me there as well and someone thrust a finger up inside me. I’d never felt anything like that before and as my pussy was repeatedly invaded my nipples we continually fondled and various people stroked my clit (mostly incidentally to the general groping). I had another cock thrust in to my mouth and the guy fingering me added a second finger. He started pumping in and out of me with a steadier rhythm and I couldn’t help myself from pushing my hips back against the thrusting fingers. The second guy came and I kept his cock in my mouth – when he pulled out I moaned as the sensations in my crotch built and to save myself from choking on the cum I ended up swallowing it. Tracey told everyone that I was going to cum and I tried to say I wasn’t, but I couldn’t deny that something was happening to me. I felt a huge pressure building inside me and then explode through my body and heard Tracey saying she couldn’t believe I’d cum for them. I was breathing heavily and my body felt numb. I squeaked out something along the lines of never having felt anything like that and was teased by everyone for having had my first orgasm in front of everyone.

The guy who’d made me cum pulled his fingers out and was told to get me to suck them clean (which I did) and Tracey told someone else to cum on me. Another cock pushed in to my mouth and I instinctively started to suck it while another guy started to finger me. Someone else rubbed their cock against one of my nipples and when the guy in my mouth got close to cumming he pulled out and moved round to stand between my legs. Fiona told Tracey to reach down and spread my lips and she stroked the guy’s cock while aiming it straight at my pussy. I once again told them not to cum on me but the fingering had felt good and my objections were much weaker than the first time. The guy rubbing against my nipple came and his cum squirted across both my breasts and this briefly distracted me until guy standing between my legs said he was about to cum. I started to object again but it was too late as his cum immediately started to erupt from his cock, splattering over my pussy and running down over my ass. As soon as he finished, Tracey ran her fingers over my pussy and pushed them in to me, repeating this over and over to push as much of the guy’s cum in to me as she could.

I was torn between the fear of getting pregnant and the wonderful feelings her fingers were giving me and as my hips bucked against her fingers I said ‘no.. I’m going to…’. Fiona asked what I was going to do and said if I was going to cum again that someone should help me out. She moved out of the way and told the guys to enjoy me and one immediately took position between my legs and started rubbing his cock over my pussy (I know that a 16 year old would be unlikely to let another guy’s cum touch his cock, but it was a dream). Once again I was torn between wanting him to stop and enjoying the sensations and when he pushed his cock in to me I yelped but automatically pushed back. He started fucking me and I kept saying no but also thrust back against him. I was told to stroke someone else and took his cock in my hand, stroking in time with the cock thrusting in to me. Someone else took up position on the other side of me and Tracey rubbed the cum already on my body over my breasts and face. The guy fucking me moaned and pushed deep in to me and I let out a half-hearted moan but this was partially due to him stopping. As he pulled out I felt his cum ooze out of me and the guy standing to my left came over me. Someone else quickly replaced the guy between my legs and pushed straight in to me and I thrust my hips against him. Tracey rubbed the new load of cum in to my breasts and tweaked my nipples while another cock was pushed in to my mouth. I repeatedly thrust back against the guy fucking me and could feel a second orgasm building (now I knew what they felt like). Tracey massaged both my breasts and I started to cum – the guy pumped away inside me even faster as my orgasm pulsed through me and as  my body went limp I felt him thrust in to me and stay still as he came but I no longer cared. He pulled out and I felt yet more cum leak out of me, but another cock quickly plugged the hole and the guy in my mouth started to cum. This time I swallowed his cum straight away and as he pulled out I tried to keep sucking him.

My swimsuit was pulled off me completely and for the rest of the break, the guys carried on fucking my mouth and pussy and cumming in and over me. I think I came one more time but constantly thought about how I was letting thirty guys do things with me (our P.E. lessons always had two classes at once and we had roughly 30 people in a class so about 30 of these would have been guys). Only when the bell for the next lesson rang did everyone panic and quickly get dressed but I was too tired to even move and just lay there on the bench with cum dripping off and out of my body. The guys all left the room but Fiona told me to stay where I was and the 6th form guys lining up outside the door got a surprise when she and Tracey appeared wearing just their swimsuits. She told them that she had left a present for them and to enjoy it and then skipped off to the girls changing room.

The guys didn’t know what she was talking about until they were told to go get ready and they walked in to see me sitting up on the bench with cum coating my face and matting my hair, dripping down from my breasts and steadily oozing out of my pussy. I tried to say something but was still exhausted (and reeling from my first set of orgasms). These guys didn’t need anyone to tell them what to do though and a few of them walked over to me and started caressing me. I was pushed back down on to the bench and watched as one of them freed his cock and pushed it in to me. I was so wet with cum that there was no resistance and he went in the whole way on the first stroke. I was still incredibly sensitive from earlier but I’d had just about long enough to recover and couldn’t resist moaning as he fucked me.

The other guys crowded around and commented on how horny I was and I soon had another cock rubbing against my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking him and wondered if they were all going to take turns with me the way the last lot had. Even though I was ashamed about what was happening, I could feel my pussy reacting and wondered if I would get to cum again. Without me thinking about it my hips started thrusting back against the guy and a couple of the others took my legs and held them up and apart so everyone could better see me being fucked. The guy thrusting in to me sped up his movements and it was obvious he was about to cum. I tried to cry out to tell him not to cum in me but the guy I was sucking kept pushing his cock in to my mouth. I felt the guy fucking me push hard in to my pussy and then make a few more deep thrusts and knew I had another load of cum being emptied in to me. I was still torn between crying and enjoying the sensations coursing through my body and as the guy pulled out I pushed towards him to try and keep him inside me. As I was still being held in place, this didn’t work and as he withdrew I felt empty and then felt his cum start to leak out and drip down over my ass.

(This was the point I woke up from the initial dream and was so aroused that I pounced on Jen and then Mike, getting them each to fuck me. Over breakfast I detailed the dream to them and I then fantasised and had some semi-lucid dreams about how it would continue over the next few nights so from here on the dream was more ‘directed’.)

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