Monday, 1 June 2015

Sisterly Love – Part 2

Sue kissed my neck and whispered that it always felt better when someone else did things to her and I agreed. I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted her and we humped against each other for a while as we kissed. Sue asked if I thought Mike and Jen would be upset when they found out they had missed watching us but I said I thought they were happy enough with MJ and wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Given it was just us, we did a fairly good job of teasing each other but not cumming – for a while anyway. Once we reached the point of needing to cum we didn’t hold back any more and I lay on top of Sue, kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe as we fingered each other. Sue cane a little before I did and I felt her slow her movements as she came, but she picked up speed again and soon had a good rhythm going which helped me cum quite quickly. We kissed deeply for a little while and then offered each other our fingers so we could taste ourselves and then each other.

I rolled off of Sue and we lay beside each other giggling. We ended up discussing how different things would have been if we had discovered this sooner (although neither of us had lesbian/bi tendencies when we were younger). I spooned up behind Sue and reached around to caress her breasts as we discussed what Mike would have done if instead of Sue gingerly coming in to watch him fuck me and then letting us see her play with herself, she had joined us and buried her face in my cunt while he fucked me. While we are guessing, we are quite sure we could have made him cum almost instantly (or as close as physically possible). Sue said that if we’d started sooner then all the times she had stood outside my door listening to me talk with Mike on the phone and playing with herself could have been so much more comfortable as she could have just sat on my bed and masturbated while listening in to both sides of the conversation instead of just hearing what I was saying and imagining doing those things to Mike.

By this point one of my hands had migrated down between Sue’s legs and I was stroking up and down her lips. I whispered in her ear that I was glad she was a part of our lives and that we all wanted her to stay with us (we had discussed a number of times how things might change if she dated someone who didn’t understand or want to share her, although things were going well with Josie so that wasn’t currently an issue). Sue told me that she wanted my fingers to stay where they were. I gently bit her shoulder and told her she was just a horny little girl and she smooshed her ass back against my crotch and said I was hardly one to talk. I pointed out that she was the one who wanted me to keep fingering her, but to be fair I didn’t try to stop and worked my fingers between her lips to get a bit more pressure on her clit. Sue tried to roll over but I told her to stay where she was so I could take care of her. She twisted her hear round so we could kiss and as we did this I fondled one of her breasts with one hand and frigged her with the other one (occasionally dipping in to her pussy to gather more juices to lubricate my fingers). As Sue came I pulled her tighter against me and told her that I loved her. She humped her ass against my crotch and told me the same thing and once she came I let her turn around so we could kiss properly. I commented on the fact that Sue was now covered in a light sheen on sweat (which in her defence, it was a fairly humid evening). Sue said that this was mostly my fault so I kissed and licked my way down to her breasts, around her side and ass, down one leg and back up the other. I nibbled on her inner thighs, gently flicked my tongue over her pussy and gave her mons a much more thorough cleaning before kissing and licking my way back up her body, revisiting her breasts and planting a big kiss on her lips.

I asked Sue if she felt any cleaner, knowing full well that the answer was no as I could feel my body rubbing against hers and we were now both quite sweaty. Sue ran her hands over my back and ass and said that she thought I was the problem and as her fingers disappeared between my ass cheeks and reached my pussy she said that I needed to be cleaned up. I rolled off of her (again), lay with my arms spread and said ‘clean me off little sister’ (yes, I actually said that). Sue ran her hands over my body, nuzzled my neck for a bit and then worked her way down and over my breasts. I felt her tongue swirl around and flick over my nipples, tickle my belly button, trace up and down my thighs and then swirl over my pussy (only the outside). She flicked my clit a few times and sucked on my mons in a similar way to what I’d done to her and then kissed her way back up to my neck. She then went back to nuzzling my neck, fully aware of what this does to me and when I started squirming around under her she pushed her hand back between my legs and started to finger me. As I got closer, Sue sucked on my nipples again and used a couple of fingers in me with her thumb on my clit and as I came she sat between my legs with two fingers pumping in to me and her other hand working my clit. As my orgasm faded, Sue lay on top of me and we kissed a little more before spooning (with Sue behind me this time). As she fondled my breasts I asked her to tell me about one of the times she had listened in and masturbated and she described one of the times over the summer when she was 16 (in the first year I knew Mike).

She was already quite familiar with my conversations with him, having overheard by accident one evening on the way to the bathroom. Following that night, she had listened in at my door a number of times, spending a bit longer there each time as she got braver and realised that I didn’t tend to have a break while playing with myself. She would imagine what Mike was saying to me and picture herself with him, doing the things I was describing. At first she used to scurry back to her room and play with herself but then started touching herself (gingerly) as she listened in and things finally progressed to her reaching in to her PJs and fingering herself and then on to occasionally stripping off and masturbating naked (or semi-naked) and cumming while eavesdropping on us. I once again told Sue how hot Mike would have found that if he’d only known and she slipped her fingers back between my lips and told me that she wished she had joined us sooner. Sue teased me a bit more, but we didn’t do anything else that night.

On the Thursday morning I woke up feeling horny (as usual, but I’m sure this was at least partly to do with our illicit session the previous night). I wasn’t going to eat Sue awake, but did caress her body, kiss around her breasts and nipples and gently stroke her pussy. Sue came round gently, stretched her body, spread her legs and said what I was doing felt nice. I crawled under the covers and kissed around her mons while stroking her pussy and occasionally feeding myself her juices from her fingers. Once she was sufficiently aroused I told her to roll over on to her front, crawled up over her body and kissed around her shoulders while reaching down between us and thrusting my fingers into her cunt. We ‘fucked’ like this with me thrusting my body against her in time with the movement of my fingers and I promised her that we could use the strap on later if she wanted. Sue liked the sound of that as I would be able to fuck her properly but said what I was going was more than good enough for the time being. When Mike takes her in this position he reaches around and plays wither clit but I needed my other hand to balance so Sue frigged herself. This didn’t seem to detract from her enjoyment though and our combined efforts led to her upper half becoming more flushed (this is much more pronounced on Sue’s chest, but I could even see her back getting flushed as she got closer to cumming). Naturally I teased her about this and how she was such a little cum-slut but she mostly ignored me and just moaned in to the pillow. Once her orgasm subsided, we shared her juices from my fingers and Sue asked if I wanted to cum.

She knew full well that this was  pointless question and I told her that I always wanted to cum but that I could either take care of myself or that I was sure we could convince Mike to help me out later on – unless she wanted to do things to me. Just as her question had been stupid, this was an equally stupid response as Sue is almost always very fair in returning sexual gratification and she said that as I’d emulated her favourite position (as best I could without toys anyway) that she would do something I really liked. I wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to do but lay on my back as instructed and she straddled my body. She crawled up towards my face and I wondered if she was going to get me to eat her. We had mostly avoided this (or at least avoided doing it properly) and I was wondering how much I should lick her and whether I would carry on until she came but my assumption was wrong and Sue wasn’t trying to push things further then we had agreed. She spread her lips, planted her pussy on my neck and slowly rocked back and forth. We both knew that this wasn’t going to make me cum (it takes absolutely ages for me to cum with just my neck being stroked) but it still felt really nice.

Sue spent a while gently rubbing back and forth and I gently played with my pussy, but I held back so I didn’t distract myself from the nice sensations coming from my neck. She then moved down between my legs and spread my lips, commented on how wet I was and blew a gentle stream of air over my pussy and clit. I told her to stop teasing me and felt her tongue slide between my lips and swirl over my clit. I couldn’t resist letting out a moan as she did this and when her fingers replaced her tongue she immediately started to finger and frig me. I caressed my neck, rubbing her juices over it and then felt her fingers press against my ass. I told Sue that she was even worse than I was, but didn’t really object and just enjoyed the increased sensation as she fingered both my cunt and ass and frigged my clit. It didn’t take much longer for me to cum and I let out a series of low moans as my orgasm throbbed through me. Sue slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass and then my cunt and crouched down to give me one last lick (I whimpered as she did this as it felt good) and she crawled up to kiss me good morning. We remained snuggled up together until Mike and Jen wandered by with MJ on the way down to breakfast. They commented on how cosy we looked and that they could smell the fact that we had been playing but we decided not to tell them the full details of what we’d done straight away.

Thursday was relatively quiet during the day and I tried to convince Sue to come to York with me for the end of term sex party. Sue quite liked the idea of joining me and getting to fuck everyone at the party, but knew that this would be far more than Josie would be prepared to allow her to do. I had also invited Lisa along but (unsurprisingly) she had declined (meaning I knew we had more work to do to bring her out of her shell). The day wasn’t entirely without excitement though as Mike did proposition us that afternoon and while MJ was asleep, we all headed out in to the back garden and Mike took turns eating Sue and me. Jen sunbathed naked while watching us and after eating us both, Mike moved on to fucking us. Before he did this, Sue was sent indoors to fetch two pairs of thigh-high black opaque stockings and some little pleated skirts so we could give him the anime experience. Mike took us in multiple positions, starting with us both kneeling on all fours so he could move between us, then with me on top of Sue so the two of us could kiss as he fucked me and then we rolled over so he could be in Sue. We finished off with what is probably still his favourite (and we quite enjoy it too – it wasn’t all for his pleasure) with him on his back, Sue riding his cock and me over his face. Sue and I fondled each other’s breasts and I reached down to play with her clit. Sue came first but remained on Mike’s cock so he could keep pumping in to her while fucking me and once he had got me off he sped up his movements in Sue until he came.

We all lazed around on the grass and I sucked Mike’s cock clean while Sue kissed my juices from his face. He tried to get us to eat each other but we declined and I thought he had given up but when I returned from getting a drink Mike said that Jen had agreed to let us do things with her if Sue and I put on a little show. He assured us that they weren’t trying to get us to eat each other and we were told that Sue just wanted to see us pee. This didn’t seem too bad, but naturally Jen wanted to see a bit more than us ‘just peeing’ and we had to use each other as a target. Sue said she didn’t mind – especially if it gave her a chance to do things with Jen and I was up for pretty much anything that would help get Jen turned on so I agreed too. Jen told us what she wanted and once we had stripped off, we followed her instructions. I knelt in front on Sue, rubbed my neck against her pussy and toyed with my own pussy as Sue let go and peed over my neck (and obviously everything below my neck). Once Sue’s bladder was empty we had to switch places and I did the same to her, but as Sue doesn’t have a neck fetish (or a fetish about having her neck stroked) she was told to kiss my mons as I peed over her. I looked over at Jen as I did this and she seemed to be enjoying the show (Mike was stroking her pussy and rubbing his cock against her thigh). Once I’d finished we were beaconed over to Jen and she got Sue and I to crouch over her face (Sue first) to lick our pussies clean. Unfortunately, MJ woke up while Jen was licking me but Mike volunteered to go take care of her so Jen could enjoy herself (or we could enjoy Jen).

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