Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sisterly Love – Part 3

While Mike was gone Sue and I took turns eating Jen while she ate the other one of us. It was very enjoyable and Jen really got in to it (especially given the fact that she had barely done anything since giving birth, but I appreciate it was only a couple of weeks since then). For Jen’s orgasm we decided to give Jen a double licking so Jen lay on her side with Sue in a semi-69 position eating Jen and me licking Jen from behind. Jen enjoyed this immensely, especially as she also got to play with Sue’s wet thighs and could feel the dampness from both Sue and me as we pressed our bodies against Jen’s skin. We made Sue that Jen came and then carried on licking her for quite a while afterwards (only kitty kissing, not trying to make her cum a second time) and then finally released her to let her lie back on the grass and relax. Sue and I popped in to the house to quickly shower and returned with some warm water to wash Jen down with so she could bring MJ out to her.

As Sue was heading home the next day (and I was heading to York) we decided to get a take-away. As usual, this was also an excuse to have some fun but we decided to do things a little differently. We placed an order at one of our usual places and while we waited I fetched Jen’s vibrating underwear. Sue was instructed to put them on and got to try them out for a few minutes with Mike and me pushing the vibes more firmly against her pussy and nipples and rubbing them around to help stimulate her. As the expected delivery time approached, we got Sue to sit on a chair, tied her arms behind it and her legs to the sides of the legs of the chair so she was sitting with her legs spread a reasonable way. We turned the vibe (in her panties) down so she wasn’t in danger of cumming too soon, but was kept nicely aroused and I quickly slipped on a nightdress (answering the door naked wouldn’t be playing the game properly).

When I opened the door I recognise the guy instantly as he had been the target (quite enthusiastically) of our pizza dares a few times. He seemed pleased with the way I was dressed and didn’t hesitate when I invited him in so I could get the money to pay him. I led him in to the dining room where Sue was squirming around on the chair and told him to put the pizza down beside her. He examined Sue closely while I fetched the money and I pointed out the remote control for the vibe and suggested he try using it. He pushed the button a few times and we all heard as the vibe increased power. Sue squirmed around more so I reached down to her crotch and pushed the vibe against her pussy. The guy asked if he could play with her and I nearly said yes, but then remembered about Josie so told him that she had a girlfriend now and that she wasn’t allowed to do things with other people. I did pull the crotch of her panties aside to let him have a look at her pink, wet pussy and slipped a couple of fingers in to her. Once Sue’s panties were straightened up (and the vibrating part was once more nestled against her clit) I pointed out to the guy that he could always use me to relieve himself if he wanted (there was an obvious bulge in his trousers). I handed him a condom and positioned myself in front of Sue as he applied it and played with my clit. I leant forwards to kiss Sue and felt him slide in to me. At my instruction he rubbed my clit and of his own volition he pushed my nightdress up to fondle my breasts. I pulled one side of Sue’s bra down so I could suck on her nipple and as the guy moved inside me I decided to change things a bit.

I rested my head on Sue’s chest and reached around behind her to untie her hands. They weren’t tied very tightly but it was still rather tricky do undo the knot without being able to see it (and while being fucked), but once her hands were freed I told her to reach under me for my clit and to frig me. This allowed the guy to concentrate on fucking me but I told him to slow down a few times as I wanted to cum before he did. Sue wasn’t neglected throughout this as I used a hand to rub the panties vibe against her pussy and clit. Sue came a fair bit before I did but we carried on kissing as the guy fucked me and I leant my head on Sue’s shoulder and moaned loudly as I came with his cock pumping away inside me and Sue’s fingers on my clit. As it was so obvious I was cumming, the guy didn’t need to be told that he could now finish off and he sped up his movements and came in me fairly quickly. I pushed back hard against his cock and he said that it felt really deep. I imagined his cum filling my cunt and dripping down my legs, but as he was wearing a condom I had to satisfy myself with imagining it. When the guy pulled out of me I took hold of his cock and rubbed it over Sue’s exposed nipple before letting him remove the condom and fetching him a towel to clean up with. Sue and I both stripped off (with Sue revealing an even pinker pussy than before) and showed the guy out, at which point Mike, Jen and MJ came downstairs to join us. While I got dinner ‘prepared’, Mike kitty kissed Sue’s pussy and told her he would finish taking care of her later on.

Mike slept with Sue that night but got her to describe in explicit detail what she and I had got up to the previous night, how it had felt, what she had wanted and what she would have done if things had carried on. He ate her to one orgasm and then kitty kissed, fingered and teased her until she was ready to fuck – all the while concentrating on what she had done with me. He then took her in her favourite position, on her front with him lying on top of her back. After spending a while buried in her cunt he told her he wanted her ass and Sue told him to go ahead. He slid one of our nice silicone coated vibes in to her cunt (set to a low setting as she had ‘suffered’ through a long period of being buzzed earlier), added lube to his cock and then slid in to her ass before once again resting the weight of his body on her back. He moved quite slowly inside her ass, but also reached down to move the vibe in her cunt and play with her clit. Sue spent a long time fairly close to cumming (not right on the edge but close) and she kept whining and telling him that she wanted to cum. He got her to promise to do something special for him the next day and then told her how it felt like he was going to cum so much that he would pump her full of cum. Sue didn’t care and just wanted to cum herself but Mike teased her a little more. He misjudged it slightly and ended up cumming before she did – at first he came just a little, but realised that he was past the point where he could constructively stop so he gently pumped away in her ass as he described how the cum was pumping through his cock in to her body. He stroked Sue’s clit as she pumped the vibe in her cunt and kept his cock buried in her ass until she came. He actually stayed in her until he went soft and they kissed (with Sue twisting her neck round) until he pulled out.

The next morning, Mike ate Sue awake and fucked her, but held back from cumming himself. This was so he could send her back to Josie with a pussy full of cum and as they lay spooning he debated fixing some clingfilm over her pussy to keep all of his cum inside her but decided that it would be best to just let it leak out during her journey home and Josie could lick her thighs and pussy clean later that night. They then discussed Josie for quite a while and the fun things that she and Sue got up to (some of them not even related to sex!) and then moved on to discussing Lisa.

After breakfast and showering, Mike shaved both Sue’s and my pussies – in Sue’s case for her return to Josie and in my case, in preparation for the sex party. Not unexpectedly he gave both our pussies a thorough ‘test’ with his tongue to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs and we then headed out in to the garden to enjoy the good weather again. Mike toyed with Sue and me, fingering, licking and spooning with us both. He also kitty kissed Jen for a while but she didn’t want to do anything more. When we moved in for MJ’s morning feed, Mike took Sue and I upstairs and I commented on how having Sue visit seemed to have rekindled his desire to fuck. He told me that he couldn’t resist having both of us and just as we’d done in the garden we both knelt up so he could switch between us. He then knelt and licked us both and got Sue to lie on top of me so he could lick us both at once (with long licks from the bottom of my cunt, up over my clit, over Sue’s ass and over her pussy and clit).

Sue then crawled over me in a 69 position and as I watched Mike fuck her I felt her fingers probing my pussy and playing with my clit. I reached up and spread her lips so I could get an even better view of Mike’s cock sliding in and out and gently stroked her clit with a fingertip. When we switch round so Mike could fuck me, we pretty much repeated the same thing, I played with Sue’s pussy a bit more (now it wasn’t filled with cock) and Sue spread and stroked me. That is until I felt her tongue on my clit. It wasn’t just a little brush either, but a series of proper licks. I could tell that she was licking Mike’s cock as well, but my clit was getting more than collateral licking and Mike asked me if it felt good. I didn’t see any point in lying about it and said that it did, but that I was surprised Sue was doing it. Mike told me about the promise she had made him the previous night and I scolded him for extracting promises from horny women (I’ve fallen foul to this technique enough times). It was actually beginning to feel really good but before I came, we switched round again so Mike was inside Sue. Sue didn’t lick me in this position but Mike pointed out that the gauntlet had been thrown down so I pulled Sue’s pussy towards my face, stuck out my tongue and made contact with her clit. I swirled the tip of my tongue around her clit and licked her more than I did Mike’s cock. Sue was quite appreciative of this and was panting by the time it was my turn to be fucked.

Sue kneaded my ass this time as Mike fucked me but as I got close to cumming she pulled my pussy to her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth across my clit. I got quite close before she pulled away and let Mike finish me off and after this he remained inside me (mostly keeping still). When Mike pulled out of me I felt him slide his cock back and forth against my pussy and Sue sucked him clean – at which point he slid back in to me and then said it was Sue’s turn to cum. We switched round and I knew what was expected of me so I watched and helped out with fingers at first, but as Sue said she was getting close to cumming I pulled her to me flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit and only pulled away a little before she actually came. Sue was quite loud as she came and I pulled my face away a bit more to let Mike move more energetically in her until he came.

Mike pulled out and I spread Sue’s lips to get a better view of his cum leaking out of her. I told Sue to kneel up over my face and now that she had cum I decided that I could make contact with her so pulled her down against my mouth and stuck my tongue in to her. This put Mike in something of a predicament as he wanted his cum to remain in Sue so he could share it with Josie, but also wanted to keep watching me lick her. I didn’t actually keep her on my mouth for long and when I indicated she should sit up she said that it wasn’t fair as I wouldn’t have allowed her to do that to me. I just told her that she would have to try next time and see what response she got.

When we went downstairs Mike told Jen what we had been doing to each other. I thought she would have been more annoyed that she had missed it, but she just made us promise to let her watch next time and added that it might help get her in the mood to join in again. That was more than enough motivation for me and we promised Jen that she would get just as good a show as Mike had just had. We enjoyed the rest of the morning together, took MJ for a walk, had lunch and then Sue gathered her things to head back home (I was already packed for my trip). Mike couldn’t let Sue leave without topping up the levels of his cum in her and he gave me a good licking to help prepare me for the sex party (although I wasn’t allowed to cum).

Sue and I said out goodbyes and headed off for the station. We had a coffee before out trains left and we decided to keep all the details about what we’d been up to from Josie (although I told Sue that I fully expected her to break and tell Josie everything).  My train was a little before her one and we had a big goodbye kiss. Unfortunately as it was summer, neither of us had long coats on so we couldn’t perform the usual goodbye fondle as we kissed, but made up for this by having a much longer kiss than usual. Sue told me to enjoy the party for her as well and I reminded her to continue encouraging Josie to join us there one day. While on the train to York Sue and I texted and discussed how we thought Josie would cope with being the fuck-toy for everyone at the party and then having to walk back to the hotel caked in juices and cum. Sue enjoyed the little game but didn’t think Josie was anywhere near ready for this – although promised to continue trying to convince her.


  1. This was all very exciting. How do you feel now it's done and I presume you've experienced it again?

    1. It was incredibly arousing and we haven't felt awkward about it as we have moved slowly to this point (and your presumption is correct, beyond).