Monday, 6 July 2015

First Photoshoot

In the middle of July I went along for the first photoshoot as payment for receiving the originals of the (hardcore) naked photoshoot that we had done following the more tasteful naked pregnancy photos. I wasn’t really sure what to expect – but I knew that it was likely to be tamer than the things I had been fantasising about happening so I was prepared to do pretty much anything they wanted. Mike shaved me that morning before we set off and then teased me on and off up until the point I left. For safety, Mike came with me and Lisa tagged along (we had tried to get her to agree to take part but she said she just wanted to watch).

I was to be the model for a class on adult photography and when we arrived I discovered that there were 12 people in the class. The photographer introduced me to everyone and talked us through how he runs sessions – no touching, they can ask me to do things but I get to decide whether I do them or not… I set out a few of the toys that we had brought with us (so we knew they were clean and safe) and was asked to start off by putting on some of the outfits that were at the side of the room. These were mostly flimsy nightwear, small panties and thongs, stockings and the like and I posed in each outfit, letting the guys shoot me from whatever angle they wanted. As they became more confident, they asked me to pose in more interesting positions – spreading my legs, standing over one of them, cupping my breasts and pulling the crotch of my thong to the side.

I was enjoying myself immensely – I had a chance to utilise my exhibitionist side and have a whole group of people really pay attention to my every move. My pussy felt really wet and was already tingling and I spread myself and started to gently stroke my clit. The photographer seemed to realise how much I was enjoying and he slowed things down by getting me to strip off and pose in a number of positions. I enjoyed playing with my breasts for them and was asked to lift each nipple to my mouth and suck it. Only then was I finally allowed to move on to the toys, but to my frustration this involved another break while the photographer taught them about the different lighting requirements for close-up and macro work. When I was allowed to get back to playing with myself I had to start off with just fingers and a number of different positions. Some of the class got very close up shots and I had to hold still with my fingers buried in my pussy or with my lips spread wide. It’s usually Mike, Jen or Sue who photograph me like that and the more the (relative) strangers did it, the more I felt my pussy tingle. I couldn’t resist any more and asked if they could try some ‘action’ shots. The photographer agreed and let me start to play with myself properly. I plunged my fingers in to myself and even let them see one of my favourite positions for masturbating (on my back with two fingers on my clit and the other hand reaching around under a leg with my fingers in my pussy). I really needed to cum and I didn’t want to waste any time getting my toys so just pushed a finger in to my ass a little way and pumped in and out of both of my holes while frigging my clit. I heard almost continual snapping and tried to ignore the cameras pointed at my cunt and face so I could give them a natural looking orgasm (natural for me anyway). I had a really good orgasm – my cunt throbbed, my clit pulsed and I swore loudly – and lots.

As my orgasm faded, I relaxed back on to the rug and smiled up at my audience. Someone wanted a close up of my post-orgasmic pussy so I reached down to spread my lips for him and felt a breeze on my very wet pussy as he moved in to position. If we’d been with Jen’s Uni friends, this would have been the point that someone would have eaten me and I felt somewhat disappointed (but not surprised) when he finished taking pictures and moved away. I was still breathing heavily and told everyone that I needed some water and a few minutes to recover before I’d be ready to go again. They seemed quite intent on getting shots of me in my post-orgasm state though so I had to pose (in much tamer positions) as I sipped my water. I asked the photographer if he wanted any shots of me being fucked and indicated towards Mike and Lisa. I was told that it was entirely up to me (and Mike I guess, although I’m quite confident I can get him hard pretty much whenever I want and I already knew that he was willing to participate).

I went over to them and told Mike it was his turn. I offered Lisa the chance to join in and said that she could sit over my face so I could eat her and we could set the rule that nobody was allowed to photograph her face but she still wasn’t willing to participate. I knew that she was naked under her little dress and Mike told me that she was enjoying my display, but that we should leave her for now and work on her for the second shoot. He joined me back with the students and I introduced him as my husband. Once everyone was ready, we got straight in to things and he fingered me while sucking on my nipples and then went down on me while I sat in a chair. I then had to lie on my side and he used a thumb in each of my holes, letting the guys take some more close-ups of this. He freed his cock from his jeans and I knelt in front of him, took him in my mouth and slowly sucked him. I posed for a few shots with his cock in my mouth, my tongue licking his glans and me sucking the shaft before moving on to wrapping my breasts around his cock and tit-fucking him. It was getting towards the end of the lesson so we moved things along and fucked properly with people getting shots of me sitting in the chair with Mike’s cock in me at various depths, him taking me from behind and me riding him. We gave the group the option of where they wanted Mike to cum – inside me (so they could get a creampie shot), over my body or over my face. The group was split, but face won out and after he fucked me a bit more (and played with my clit so I came again), Mike pulled out and I sucked and stroked his cock until he was close, then let him pull back a bit, aimed his cock squarely at my face and pumped away until a number of jets of hot cum squirted out and splattered over my face.

The students got a few more shots of me as I knelt there with cum dripping down on to my breasts and legs (Mike had cum a fair amount as he had saved it up for a day in order to put on a good show). I was then given a towel to clean off my face (I left the drops on my breasts and legs) and I went to get dressed (still in full view of everyone). Once Mike and I were dressed, we (and Lisa) had a look through some of the shots that people had taken while the photographer made suggestions about how to improve lighting, camera settings and composition. I asked if people could send us copies of the pictures they’d got and gave out my email (or at least one of them) to eight of them. Three of these eight asked if I fancied getting a drink and as it was still only mid-afternoon we headed off for a coffee and sat outside in a park in a place relatively secluded from others so they could askme some questions about modelling. They were quickly made aware of the fact that I’d never done that before, but I readily admitted that I was an exhibitionist and enjoyed letting other people see me naked, playing with myself and cumming. Mike took things a step further by telling them about the sex shows I do and how everyone who wants to gets to fuck me during them.

This certainly captured the guys’ interest and one of them asked me if I’d wanted everyone at the lesson to fuck me. I traced a finger up and down my thigh as I pretended to consider this and said that the thought of having that many guys concentrating on making me cum was incredibly arousing. I lifted one of my legs and let my skirt slide up higher and then opened my legs a little to expose my pussy (while there wasn’t anyone else really close to us, I still had to be careful). I gently caressed my thigh, enjoying the expressions on their faces as they watched me and Mike leant over to suggest something. It wasn’t too far from what I’d been thinking so I agreed and suggested that we could all go somewhere more private. Everyone thought this was a good idea and I suggested that if we split the bill, we could get a cheap hotel room for a few hours (technically for the night, but I didn’t imagine they would last more than a few hours) and they could make up for me missing out on the whole class fucking me. The realisation of what they were being offered set in and they asked each other if they were all okay with this (I think more about seeing each other in a naked/semi-naked state rather than the fucking me part). I was worried that I might lose them so slid my fingers down to my pussy and gently stroked up and down my lips and told them I loved the idea of feeling each of their cocks sliding in to me and fucking me as hard as they wanted. One of them asked if they could cum over me and I said they would have to use protection but even with this caveat I’d done a good enough job of teasing them and they all agreed.

We stopped off at a chemist and I picked up a couple of packs of condoms and other supplied (having no idea how virile or otherwise they were I didn’t know how many they could get through) and we went and found a reasonably priced hotel. Mike, Lisa and I checked in to a room (my bay of toys for the photoshoot made it a bit more convincing as it looked like we had at least a little luggage) and we headed up to the room. Mike tried to convince Lisa to join in but she didn’t want any of the other guys to do things with her. She did agree to let Mike play with her and make her cum in front of them and from this position it was easy to get her to agree to let me do things with her too. Her one rule was that there wouldn’t be any photos of her and we agreed to that. I went to meet the guys, told them the room number and they came up one at a time. I sat cross legged on the bed looking forward to a bonus session that I hadn’t been expecting and the guys nervously stood round and asked how I wanted to do things. We told them about no more photos being allowed, but that as compensation they would get to see Lisa naked (but weren’t allowed to touch her). I reached out and stroked their crotches, commenting on how they all seemed to be already hard and how I couldn’t wait to meet their cocks. I got the guys to fish them out and I rolled condoms on to each of them in turn and then stroked one while using a hand on one of the others, then moved around to suck the one I’d been stroking and stroke the one who had been left out. I moved between them a number of times this way and Mike got Lisa to unbutton my dress and slide it off of me, then undo my bra and reach around to fondle my breasts.

After getting my nipples nice and hard (or hard for me anyway), she moved back to let the guys have a turn and three sets of hands roamed over my body, massaging and stroking my breasts and quickly finding their way to my thighs, ass and pussy. I got one of the guys to kneel on the bed beside me and I stuffed a pillow under my head so I could easily suck him. Mike handed one of the other guys a pillow to go under my ass and with this in place I felt someone spread my legs and push in to me. It felt wonderful and I reached for the third cock so I could stroke it and pulled him towards me so I could rub it against one of my nips as well. The guys moved round so they went from cunt to mouth (and enjoyed knowing I was sucking my own juices). I indicated to Mike that I wanted a vibe to play with (not easy to do with a cock in your mouth) but he eventually figured out what my waving at the bag meant and he handed me a remote controlled egg. Trying to indicate what I wanted without speaking was somewhat wasted as I had to get the cock out of my mouth to tell them that I was going to cum for them, but that unless they knew they could cum a second time I didn’t want any of them to cum just yet.

I couldn’t see as they were further up on the bed, but Mike had Lisa in a semi-naked state and was playing with her. One of the guys asked her if she minded sucking his cock knowing that he’d just fucked me and Mike told them that they could see something else if they wanted. They were asked to move back and my pussy felt empty as the guy inside me pulled out but I was pleased to see Lisa appear over my head and crawl down my body so we could 69. Naturally the guys wanted to photograph this but weren’t allowed to so they just had to watch. I spread Lisa’s pussy and lapped at her clit for a while before fingering her and we rolled over so I was on top and she could more readily spread me for them to look at. I was close enough by this point that I told Lisa to make me cum (but told the guys not to worry and that I’d let them carry on fucking me). Lisa swirled her tongue around my clit and I did my best to get her off but I was too far ahead so I just put on a show of moaning (while still licking her).

Lisa climbed off of me and we kissed messily, tasting ourselves off of each other’s faces and she returned to the top of the bed with Mike while I told the guys to continue what they’d been doing earlier. I let them have another round (pussy, mouth, hand) and asked if they’d be up for taking my ass. This went down well and I asked if they would be prepared to DP me. They hesitated a bit but two of them said they would and I told the other he could use my mouth if he wanted. One of the guys lay on the bed and I lowered myself on to his cock and Mike handed one of the others a tube of lube (one of the ‘supplies’ I’d bought at the chemist as the thought of three guys fucking me naturally led me to thinking of taking all of them at once). Things didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped as the one underneath me wasn’t too keen on having the third guy in my mouth just above his face and I missed having the Uni gang around (bi guys don’t have these hang-ups about other guys’ cocks!). I was happy enough letting the two guys DP me and they eagerly pumped away inside me. I leant forwards to let my breasts dangle in the face of the guy underneath me and he happily sucked away at my nipples. Mike was slowly fucking Lisa as this went on and I tried to reach over to play with her breasts or clit but they were a bit too far away. Mike promised I’d get to have another go with her and lessened the attention he was paying to her clit.

The guys inside me were really enjoying themselves and the one in my ass said he was about to cum. I told him to go ahead and he did, remained still for a few moments and then pulled out. I told the third guy he could take my ass if he wanted but only if he did it while the other guy was fucking me and he asked if he could still fuck my pussy if he waited until the other guy had finished. I told him that was fine and concentrated on humping the guy I was riding. He gripped my ass firmly, kneaded my cheeks and slapped them a few times. I told him I wanted his cum in me and ground against him as I squeezed my cunt around his cock as hard as I could. He asked me if I liked having my ass played with and when I said I did he pushed a finger a little way in. As nobody was playing with my clit I hadn’t expected to cum again and while I wasn’t really close, I was enjoying myself a lot. The guy in me didn’t last much longer though and he thrust in to me a few more times, moaned and then pulled me hard against his cock and remained still.

I carried on gently grinding against him but then pulled myself off of him, knelt on all fours and told the third guy that as he wouldn’t join in, he had to play with my clit as he fucked me so I could cum. By this point he would have probably done anything I said and he thrust into me and reached around to play with not just my clit but my breasts as well. I pushed back against him to give him some encouragement and watched as Mike announced that he was about to cum in Lisa. I was quite surprised at this as he very rarely cums in a girl unless he had made her cum (sometimes more than once) but it made more sense when he spread Lisa’s lips to demonstrate that he had managed to deposit a little cum in her and then got her to shift round so her pussy was in front of my face. I didn’t need any prompting and immediately reached out to spread her lips and thrust my tongue in to her. I guessed she wasn’t too far from cumming and could feel my own orgasm building so I swirled my tongue around inside her, sucked on her clit and even speared her ass a few times. Mike sat beside Lisa and caressed her breasts while telling her to cum for everyone and I’d like to think that she would have cum whether she was trying to or not.  She did indeed cum and I thrust back harder against the guy fucking me and came while I was still kitty kissing Lisa. It felt quite intense but I kept thrusting back against him until he came and when he pulled out I climbed over Lisa and told her to kitty kiss me.

We remained in that position for about five minutes, gently lapping away at and occasionally spreading each other. When I climbed off of Lisa I asked if any of the guys were up for another round and they said they would be, but needed a bit more time to recover so I spent a while on my knees sucking them and encouraging them to get ready for round two. They each wanted me to tit-fuck them and I was happy to oblige and gave them a bonus by holding a vibe against their balls (with varying levels of pressure depending on what they seemed to like). As a final encouragement, I pulled out a double ended dildo from my bay of toys and slipped one end into me. I then crawled up onto the bed with Lisa, rubbed the other end over her pussy and worked it slowly in (she was fairly wet but I went slowly so the guys had time to appreciate what they were witnessing). Lisa and I humped against each other for a while and I begged the guys to all fuck me again, telling them I wanted to feel each of them bury their cock deep in my cunt and to know I was making them cum again. By this point they were happy to oblige so I pulled away from Lisa and lay on my back with my ass at the foot of the bed. I got Lisa to crouch over my face and lapped at her clit while pumping the dildo in to her pussy. The guys really seemed to enjoy this view as two of them managed to cum in me in the time it took me to make Lisa cum (I wasn’t trying to make her cum too quickly). I lay back and let the third guy finish off in me while I used a vibe on my clit and Lisa suckled on my nipples. I kept myself close to cumming and told the guy to give me warning so we managed to cum pretty much together and as they gathered their things up Lisa knelt between my legs and kitty kissed me.

Mike, Lisa and I left first and we left it to the guys to drop the keys off. I’m pretty sure the receptionist must have thought that I (or we) were prostitutes, but they had agreed to send me copied of the pictures before I’d offered myself to them so no payment changed hands and it was just a bonus fuck session. When we got home we had to explain to Jen why we’d been gone for so long and as a reward for having left her by herself she got an extra night off from looking after MJ.

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