Friday, 3 July 2015

Lis and Lucy July 2014 Visit – Part 2

When we got back to the house, Mike talked Lucy in to going to bed with him. He invited Lisa along so she didn’t feel left out but she told him that he should go and enjoy himself with her. Mike thought that she was just being really generous, but I thought that while she was relatively fine with him doing things with Lucy (and Lis), she didn’t really want to see him playing with someone else he desired so much. Either way, they headed up to Jen’s room and Mike eagerly asked Lucy what he was allowed to do with her. He was obviously hoping that she was finally going to allow him to either eat her or fuck her (or at the very least be inside her) but she told him she still wasn’t ready to go any further than they’d done before.

She gave him the same options as at her last visit – Mike could hump against her until she came (with him also being allowed to cum, just not over her pussy) or he could eat her though her panties, without either of them cumming.  He was allowed to generally fool around with her for a while before deciding on the main course and they started kissing and slowly undressing each other. Mike spent a while on Lucy’s breasts before moving down to remove her skirt. He kissed around her thighs for a while before he pulled her panties down and admired the forbidden pussy. She let him briefly kiss around it before he moved up and nestled his cock against it and started sliding back and forth. Lucy told him she loved the way this felt but he told her he wasn’t going to make her cum and was just getting her nice and wet before he started to lick her. She whined at him a bit and he said he would be happy to either make her cum like this and then lick her or lick her to an orgasm and Lucy said he was being mean, but he pointed out that these were her rules. Lucy isn’t quite as stubborn (or obstinate) as Mike, but she didn’t want to lose either and told him she was fine with having him just lick her for a while. They ground their crotches together for a while longer, Mike had another turn sucking on her nipples and then said it was time for her to put panties on so he could lick her.

Lucy picked up the panties she had been wearing but Mike asked if she would wear some of Jen’s and pulled out a nice pair of light pink silk panties. Lucy agreed to wear them (fully aware that Mike wanted her to use them as they were very thin so would offer little or no resistance) but Mike then pushed things further and suggested that Lucy could wear one of Jen’s g-strings (Jen doesn’t wear them often, but has a much wider selection of panties than I do). He wasn’t too surprised when Lucy refused the g-string and happily helped her to slide the silk panties on, pulled them up firmly, smoothed them over her ass and pressed his cock against them as he gave her a final kiss before crawling down between her legs (giving each of her nips a final lick on the way past). Lucy spread her legs wide and Mike nuzzled up against her crotch, not licking her and just inhaling her scent. He then kissed and stroked around her thighs again, steadily working his way towards the panties and finally kissing around her pussy and then directly on to it (still through the panties).

Lucy was audibly enjoying what Mike was doing and he kissed and licked her for ages. He went to spread her lips and remembered that last time when he’d done that she stopped him so he asked her to do it instead and to his delight she reached down, slid her fingers slightly under the leg bands and spread herself. Mike lapped away at her more, pushing the crotch of the panties slightly in to her, but trying not to do this too much so she wouldn’t stop him and straighten the panties out. He could easily taste her juices through the thin material and with a bit of imagination could make out the shape and texture of her pussy with his tongue. He worked quite a bit on her clit and Lucy was breathing quite heavily. She readily admitted that it would be quite easy for her to cum with him doing this, but still said she wanted to wait just a little longer before crossing that line with him. Mike honoured her wishes, but teased her a lot, getting her fairly close a couple of times before easing off and returning to kissing her thighs. Lucy knew he was still trying to break her (so I guess he was only semi-honouring her wishes) but was obviously enjoying herself and admitted that she was wavering and considering letting him finish her off. As you would expect, Mike told her he would be more than happy to make her cum as many times as she wanted but not if Lucy would regret it. She nearly gave in but in the end decided to wait. As a sort of compromise, Mike got her reasonably close to cumming and then peeled her panties off (wet silk moulds to the skin quite well) and watched closely as Lucy masturbated herself. Mike gently held her legs open and it took hardly any time for her to cum so he didn’t get the chance to ask her to feed him her juices from her fingers but she let him lick around her outer lips afterward (still not her inner ones though) to clean up her juices.

Mike lay on top of her so they could kiss and they then positioned themselves so the head of his cock was nestled slightly between her lips at the entrance to her pussy. Mike described how it felt so soft and hot and Lucy told him he would be allowed inside her soon (they were well past the point of it being ‘whether’ they would progress to ’when’). He rubbed against her a little but had to be careful not to slip in to her and broke away when he’d had as much as he could take. Just as during the time before, Lucy said that as he had licked her, she should do the same to him and took hold of his cock. She gave the head a little kiss, but then also stuck her tongue out and had a few licks, claiming she was cleaning off her juices. She asked if he liked what she was doing (stupid question) and then took a bit more of the head in her mouth. She sucked on it briefly and then broke away to ask Mike if he thought he would cum if she carried on. He was very turned on from having licked her and said it felt wonderful, but that it would take a little more pressure and speed to make him cum so she returned to gently sucking the head and gave it a few more licks. Mike loved being teased like this and thinks he probably could have cum if he’d tried but Lucy stopped after a couple of minutes and said he could cum over her if he wanted, but that would mean they couldn’t go any further during her next visit.

Mike pushed her down on to the bed and pressed his cock against her pussy, telling her it was rude to tease people (as if he has any right to say that). He held her hands apart and against the bed as they kissed and he told her he should just slide into her and fill her with cum. The kissing became quite passionate and Lucy half wrapped her legs around him, pulling him harder against her but his obstinacy came in to play and he told her he had chosen the option of licking her where he wasn’t allowed to cum. They rolled over so she was on top and she slid back and forth against his cock. He told Lucy she could grind against him until she came but she wasn’t ready for another orgasm yet. This didn’t stop her humping against his cock for a while longer though and he kneaded her ass, kissed her and described how he imagined sliding in to her cunt would feel and how he wanted to feel her cumming around his cock and then how he would empty his cum in to her.

Lucy started moaning a little and Mike whispered to her and said she could cum again if she wanted and he wouldn’t tell anyone. She told him he was terrible, but she kept grinding against him until she was on the verge of cumming and then asked him to move to make her cum. Mike held on to her ass cheeks, reached his fingers down between them to spread her pussy and rubbed his cock back and forth against her clit. Lucy moaned in to his ear and said he could cum if he wanted and he was very tempted, but told her he would save his cum so he could pump more in to Lis later on that night. She kissed him deeply as she came and their tongues mashed against each other. By the time Lucy finished cumming, Mike was having to concentrate quite hard to hold back but  when Lucy pressed down against him and told him to slow down he got control of himself again and let her start slowly moving against him.

As they got dressed Lucy told him she was very impressed with his self-control and Mike indicated to his very hard cock and said it hadn’t been easy. Lucy knelt in front of him and took the head in her mouth once more, gave him a quick suck and said he would get more next time if he wanted it. They headed down to see the rest of us and Mike quietly told Lisa that he hadn’t cum and had just played with Lucy. I think this made her feel a bit better – although I can see that it could well have gone the other way as she could have realised that Lucy was someone Mike wanted to please without getting any direct pleasure for himself (or at least wanted to please without cumming himself – as he clearly got quite a lot of direct pleasure from their session).

We stayed in that night (as we now did most nights – apparently having a baby means you have to make changes to your life!) and just lazed around chatting. Jen gave MJ a feed and put her down to sleep and when she joined us in the living room, Lis asked her what it was like to breast feed (as she was thinking about doing it if she was the one to get pregnant). Jen I suggested that Lis and Lucy could have a taste of her breast milk (the rest of us had all already sampled it) and when Jen told them it was okay, they took up position on either side of her on the sofa, Jen schooched down a little and they lowered their heads to Jen’s breasts. As she had fed MJ just a little while before, there wasn’t too much of a let-down reflex, but Jen still gasped a little with the pain. Lis and Lucy suckled at Jen’s nipples until the milk started to flow (it’s a somewhat different movement that you would use when trying to stimulate them). Mike quietly told Lisa to get down between Jen’s legs but when she tried to pull them apart, Jen said she wasn’t in the mood to cum. We reminded her of the one minute rule (before she gave birth – and was still super-horny – she agreed that we could have a minute to do things to her and when that minute was up, she could get us to stop) and she spread her legs to let Lisa in. Lisa made good use of her time and when I pointed out that the minute was up Jen pushed her crotch against Lisa’s face, held Lis and Lucy against her breasts and said that they could continue.

Although we were tempted to join in, Mike and I just sat and watched until Jen let out a series of mewing sounds and her body stiffened. Lis and Lucy pulled away to reveal breasts shining with milk and saliva but Lisa stayed between Jen’s legs and kitty kissed her for a little longer. Mike and I swapped places with Lis and Lucy so we could lick her breasts clean and when Lisa finally finished, Jen described how even just feeding MJ sometimes felt quite good – obviously not as good as the ‘feeding’ she had just given Lis and Lucy, but sufficient for her to feel some desire building. (Some women are able to cum just from breastfeeding but Jen isn’t able to do that, for which she is quite grateful – although Mike and I would love to be able to make her cum by just sucking on her nipples.)

That night, I slept with Lucy and teased her about Mike having made her cum twice while Mike and Lisa had a good session with Lis. Lisa knew he wanted to pump his cum in to Lis and told him beforehand that she was fine with this. As Lisa was being so accommodating, Mike asked for one more favour and got her to fetch her school skirt and some long socks – with Lisa wearing long white ones and Lis long blue ones. After the initial foreplay (involving a lot of kissing and stroking of thighs), Lisa rode Mike while Lis sat over his face and he ate her. Lis played with Lisa’s clit and once both the girls had cum, Mike spent a while moving between them, kitty kissing them both. He then fucked Lis while Lisa sat over Lis’ face so Lis could eat her and Mike could rim her. He and Lis got Lisa off for a second time quite quickly and then Mike continued to fuck Lis, with her wrapping her legs around him and telling him to fill her with his cum. Mike promised Lis that after playing with Lucy earlier and what he’s just done with her and Lisa that he was quite sure he would cum a lot. Lisa wanted to help out so after Lis had a brief time riding Mike, they spooned, allowing Lis to lap at Lisa’s clit. Lis came hard – partially due to the cock and tongue that were stimulating her, but probably also due to Mike whispering to her about taking his cum and getting pregnant. He remained buried in Lis and sent Lisa up to tell Jen that he would be there shortly but Jen said she was happy to look after MJ herself and that he could enjoy being with Lis (and Lisa of course). Lisa curled up in front of Lis and snuggled back against her and Lis quietly thanked Lisa for letting her play with her boyfriend.

The next morning, Mike ate Lisa awake and got her to sit over Lis’ face while he did the same to Lis (Lis was actually already awake by this point, but she still got her wake-up licking). Lisa then left Mike with Lis and went up to see Jen and MJ while Mike pumped another load of cum in to Lis. With Lisa gone, they talked about Lis getting pregnant a lot more and Mike pushed as deep as he could and told her to imagine his cum filling her womb and swimming towards her eggs (Lis finds this really arousing, but she is a biologist and they are often quite strange people!). Once Mike’s erection went down, he spent a while kissing and caressing Lis’ legs (with and without the socks on). They discussed what Lis would look like with a baby inside her and how much larger her breasts would get. Lis would still like her breasts to be larger, but over the years we have convinced her that they are incredibly sexy that way they are and she is no longer embarrassed about them, but thinks larger ones will suit her. She worried a bit about losing her impish little figure, but knew that Lucy though that Jen looked just as sexy while heavily pregnant, so wasn’t as worried about that.

Mike was spooning with Lis when the rest of us came downstairs and as it was fairly nice weather, we ate breakfast naked out in the garden. The best part of this was that we didn’t have to worry about making a mess and we made good use of this to feed each other cereal, yoghurt, fruit, jam and chocolate sauce (the last one wasn’t part of breakfast and was just for fun). All of the girls were fucked with a banana which Mike then sucked clean and Jen took MJ in while the rest of us fooled around a bit more in a big sticky mess. The remaining girls lined up and let Mike have a turn in each of us (or in Lucy’s case, rubbing against her pussy) and we then paired off with Lis and me 69ing and Lucy and Lisa fingering each other. Mike slipped in to Lis, Lisa and me during this, but didn’t try to cum (as he’s just a man it was too soon since his last orgasm) while the rest of us made the most of the situation. Lis and I went at it quite intensely and then moved over to help Lucy out with Lisa. We told Lisa to make Lucy cum first and once she had done this, the four of us ganged up on Lisa. I pushed a finger in to her ass, Lucy ate her and Lis worked on her nipples while Mike kissed her. As you’d expect, she didn’t stand much of a chance and came very quickly from this point (not that she was trying to hold back). Mike suggested that we initiate her properly and I pointed out that she had done things with the gang at Uni (and by ‘done things’ I mean pushed beyond just cumming once in quick succession) but Mike said that ‘we’ hadn’t done that to her. Lucy, Lis, I and then Mike took turns eating her as she squirmed about on the grass and Lucy, Lis and I sat over her face, humping against her. We then fingered her pussy and ass while frigging her clit until she said she couldn’t take any more – at which point we carried on anyway until she came.

We hosed each other down while Lisa recovered and then all had a little turn of kitty kissing her – she enjoyed this a lot more than her forced second orgasm and soon forgave us. She wasn’t quite as forgiving when Mike pressed down on her bladder (only gently) and told her to pee herself in front of our visitors. Lisa moaned about this (a lot), but she’s done it enough times in front of Jen, Mike and me that she gave in and emptied her bladder over the grass. Mike threatened to pee over her and said that we could all join in but we were only teasing her and didn’t follow through on this.

Unfortunately Lis and Lucy had an earlier flight than usual so we headed in and helped them clean off properly in the shower (me with Lis and Lisa with Lucy) and Mike showered while Lis and Lucy packed their things. Mike was allowed one last go with Lis before she left and he got Lisa to help him out. As Lis had a fairly short sundress on, she wasn’t being brave enough to go without panties so Mike just pulled the crotch to the side and left it to Lisa to take care of holding the material out of the way while she licked Lis’ clit and Mike fucked Lis from behind. He untied the back of the dress so he could reach up and fondle Lis’ breasts and pumped away inside her. I gave Lucy a push and got her to stand in front of Lis and kiss her, lift her own skirt and press her crotch against the back of Lisa’s head. Lucy wasn’t wearing panties and I reached around her to spread her lips and masturbated her with Lisa’s hair, telling Lisa that it was only fair that she should be marked as one of us.

Lis came first and we got Lisa to turn around and eat Lucy. We then changed position so Lucy was lying on the sofa with Lisa bent over the arm and as Mike finished fucking Lis, Lis leant forwards and kneaded Lisa’s ass while fingering her. I decided to help out and reached between Lisa’s legs to play with her clit and warned her that she would have to get used to satisfying all of us, although there were obvious benefits as it meant she got four experienced girls to satisfy her (as well as Mike). Speaking of whom, he pushed as deep in to Lis as he could when he came and then quickly pulled her panties over her pussy when he pulled out. Lucy came sometime around this point but we got Lisa to kitty kiss her while we finished getting Lisa off. Mike offered Lucy his cock to suck the head clean but she said he’d got to do enough with her for one visit and would have to wait for the next one. Having said that, she did fondle it for a bit, but only using her hands.

Mike and Lisa remained at home with MJ, allowing Jen to come to the airport with me to see our guests off. They complimented Jen on how cute MJ was (which Jen knew) and how they couldn’t wait to see what she would be like in a month’s time. We promised to take good care of her until their next visit, saw them on to the plane and then headed back home to see how Lisa had enjoyed her first monthly session with our best friends.

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