Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 1

In the middle of August, we went for a mini-holiday to a cottage in Wales to meet up with some of our York friends and introduce them to MJ. As it was just over a week before their wedding, Lis and Lucy didn’t come along, but we had a good few other members of the gang present. Amongst other, Vicky and Oscar were there and we had already made arrangements for me to partake of Oscar’s velvety cum. While it wasn’t certain, he had also agreed nominally to let Vicky have a play with Mike (and if Jen was up for it, Oscar was more than happy to let Vicky have a play with her, providing he could watch of course).

We arrived on the Thursday night and sat around a fire in the back garden drinking and chatting. Jen was tired and didn’t want MJ breathing in any smoke so she went to bed early, letting people briefly see and hold MJ but promising them more time with her the next day. I discreetly told Vicky that I didn’t have any panties on and sat almost opposite her and Oscar so I could try and let him see up my skirt. I managed to sit with my legs spread wide enough that I could feel the heat of the fire on my pussy and I watched Vicky to get a clue about how much was visible. On a bathroom break she advised that I might want to close my legs just a touch but she reached down to my pussy and said it felt nice and warm. I ‘forced’ her to give me her panties and challenged her to let Mike see her pussy – she made a reasonable effort at this but her actual pussy remained in the shadows between her legs. It was more than enough to get Mike excited though – especially as he hadn’t cum in me for the previous 24 hours as a part of the arrangement for leaving me clean for Oscar. He knew that Vicky was meant to be in a similar cum-free state, but still didn’t know if he was going to get to fuck her so I potentially had the scenario of fucking Oscar and Vicky followed by having to satisfy my very horny husband. While this possibility appealed to me (a lot), I was hoping that Oscar was going to let him at Vicky as I knew he missed being able to play with her. Only when it was finally bedtime did Vicky give me a hug and say that we could swap if we still wanted.

There wasn’t even any point pretending that we didn’t want to and we headed off to our separate bedrooms and made trips to the bathroom as everyone got ready to sleep. It would have been safer to wait for everyone to be tucked up in bed, but safe isn’t as exciting so I made the trip to Oscar and Vicky’s room wearing a fairly revealing nightdress and bumped in to a few people on the way. I had brief chats with them and ignored where their gaze went (or pretended to ignore it, I actually watched closely and enjoyed knowing they were examining my body). I slipped in to Vicky’s room and told Oscar that I would let him do anything he wanted to me in Vicky’s place if he was still up for the swap. Before he let her go, he wanted to see me and Vicky play with each other so we stripped off and had a brief kissing, fondling and licking session with each other and then jointly with him.

I sucked on Oscar’s cock as I waved goodbye to Vicky and as soon as she was out of the room I told him I wanted him to 69 with me. I gave him lots of encouragement as we did this (as well as a few directions) and told him that if he could cum a second time I’d let him cum in my mouth after we’d fucked, but said I wanted his first load in my cunt. Before we fucked I let him finish his ‘training’ (which he didn’t know about) and make me cum with his mouth and I planted my still throbbing cunt on to his cock and started to ride him. Fortunately I know he can last quite a while so I wasn’t worried about him cumming too quickly and we kissed as I humped against him and slid up and down on his cock. I told him how Vicky had tasted as wonderful as she always did and how I’d eat her again multiple times over the weekend. Oscar said he wanted to watch and I promised him a close-up view of us playing with each other and the opportunity to fuck us both while we were licking each other as well. We exchanged quite a lot of dirty talk and he joined in with (one of) my fantasies where we get everyone involved. Oscar was quite keen on fucking a number of our female friends but especially wanted to have a threesome with Lis. We used a few different positions and fucked for what seemed like ages. He loves the way it feels when I contract myself around him and he pushed deep into me as I told him over and over how I wanted his wonderful cum deep in my cunt and how I would walk back to my room with it leaking out of me and running down my legs. He was getting close by this point and we spooned for a while to allow me to catch up and finished off with him on top of me, holding my legs up as he pumped away inside me. I spread my lips and Oscar rubbed my clit until I was just about to cum and he then thrust in to me hard. I came a little before he did but encouraged him to keep going (not that he needed encouragement) and I watched his face as he came and tried to feel his cum filling me.

Unfortunately (for him) he didn’t think he could cum again too soon so he didn’t get his blow job, but I let him wipe his cock over my face, neck and breasts to smear them with his cum. I told him to get a good rest and to spoon with Vicky when she returned so I could taste her from him in the morning. I slipped on my nightie (for all that it covered) and stood still for a moment to allow the cum to dribble down my thighs a little. On the way back I saw Holly and her new(ish) boyfriend and gave them both a goodnight hug, pressing my breasts against him more and my damp thighs against her. When I got back to our room I found Mike and Vicky still fucking so just sat and watched while gently stroking my pussy and enjoying the feel of the cum.

Mike had been ecstatic when Vicky had appeared at his door and she was quickly pulled inside and pressed up against the wall. They had to be quiet as Jen was settling MJ down after a feed but Mike just lifted Vicky’s nightdress, knelt down and buried his face in her pussy. She made some very appreciative sounds but even so they quickly moved over to the bed to give him better access to her and he licked around every part of her pussy he could reach (inside and out) as well as over her ass a number of times. Vicky pulled her nightdress off and played with her nipples as she got closer to cumming and later said she had a hard time keeping quiet as her orgasm built and then hit her. As they kissed she told him that she had missed his tongue and he told her she was welcome to visit anytime she wanted and could get whatever combination of his, Jen’s and my tongues that she wanted. He rubbed his cock against her and told her there was another thing she could have and Vicky said that once she had recovered she wanted to feel him inside her. Mike spent a little while switching between kitty kissing her and playing with her nipples until Vicky told him to fuck her. As usual, they used a number of positions, but a fair amount of the session was Mike taking her from behind with a combination of long, slow strokes and fast hard ones. He told Vicky he couldn’t wait to cum in her and it was around this point that I made an appearance. Mike briefly watched me as I played with my pussy but went back to concentrating on Vicky and soon had her breathing heavily and saying she was going to cum again. He asked me if I thought he should cum in her and I pointed out that I was full of Oscar’s cum, it would only be fair. He thrust in to her and told her to wait for him but she came a little before he did. It was quite clear when Mike came as he moaned, pushed in to her and stopped moving.

When he pulled out I watched as his cum started to dribble out of Vicky and decided as a service to Oscar to kneel behind her and lick her clean. I then had a better idea and asked Mike if he minded looking after Jen and MJ by himself. He was fine with this (providing Vicky promised to come back in the morning) and once Vicky pulled her nightie back on, the two of us headed back to her room. Despite having said he was tired earlier, Oscar was happy to see us and ‘allowed’ us to both lick his cock back to life. I rode him again for a little while as Vicky licked us both and I liked the idea of finishing him off with my mouth and letting him cum over me, but as he’d just cum I knew he wasn’t likely to produce too much so I let him cum in me again while Vicky and I 69ed. Unfortunately she didn’t want to cum again (I did offer) so while she kitty kissed me I just spread her pussy and let Oscar watch as I kitty kissed her back and gently probed her with my tongue.

The next morning I briefly went down on Vicky before sending her over to Mike and I then spooned with Oscar. We stayed like this for a while and he played with my breasts and clit until I came and I finished him off with my mouth, but got him to pull out at the last minute and cum over my face and chest. I rubbed his cum in to my skin (and a little into my pussy) before slipping on my nightdress and heading back to my room. Mike was still fucking Vicky and to make things fair, I helped out by fondling, kissing and licking her. Once they had both cum, Mike spent a while kitty kissing Vicky while I sat over her face and let her lap at my pussy and I dared her to follow my lead throughout the day. Vicky was spotted leaving our room, but had the easy excuse of having popped in to see MJ and so a minute or so after she left Anna knocked and came in. I was still in my nightdress and Mike was half under the covers with Jen – both of them being naked. Anna could see that Jen was topless and said she could come back later but Jen said it was fine and that she would be breast feeding throughout the day anyway. We chatted for a while and I considered wearing my skimpy nightdress down to breakfast, but decided it was a bit too revealing for the daytime (around my Uni friends anyway) so put on something (slightly) more substantial.

After breakfast we went for a wander and then back to the cottage in the afternoon to sunbathe (some people went out for a more substantial walk). A number of us went topless to sunbathe and the conversation got round to Jen’s pregnancy photos. We ‘let’ everyone hassle us in to showing them (just on my phone). We had selected a few of the more traditional ones specifically for this and let everyone present have a look through them. I discreetly watched the reactions of the guys as they pinched and zoomed on various parts of Jen’s body and a few people were surprised that she had done completely naked shots but Jen reminded them that I was also doing naked modelling for the art classes. I hadn’t kept this a secret so it wasn’t a big revelation but a couple of the guys asked how it felt to have a group of people staring at my naked body. I told them I didn’t mind it (which wasn’t at all true, as I actually love it) and said that I had sunbathed naked on holiday a number of times (and had also done so in the garden back at Uni). Vicky dared me to go naked in the garden and I said I wouldn’t mind as long as nobody would be offended. A few of our female friends were surprised that I would be willing to strip off completely but nobody objected. I didn’t want to seem too keen so said I’d only do it if someone else would and challenged some of the guys to join me. I would have loved it if they had but none of them were brave enough so I challenged Vicky (seeing as she was the one who had dared me and like a few of us only had her bikini bottoms on anyway). Vicky seemed to look at Oscar for approval but then said that she would only do it if Jo would go topless and I added in that Anna should join her so all the girls’ breasts were exposed. We’ve all sunbathed topless on group holidays together anyway (a long time ago) and they eventually gave in to the peer pressure.

As Jo and Anna removed their tops, I pulled my bikini bottom down and Vicky said she’d changed her mind. As I was already exposed I didn’t bother covering back up and applied some sun-cream to my front to make sure I didn’t burn. I then turned over, lay on my front and asked if anyone could cream up my ass. I had expected one of the guys to do this (and possibly for their partner to object) but Vicky said that she would do it to make up for not having stripped off herself. I felt her squirt a large blob of cream on to my ass and give my cheeks a good massage. A couple of times her hands moved between my legs and her fingers brushed over my pussy, but we don’t think anyone realised this as nobody commented on it. I then lay on my back with my legs slightly spread and sunbathed for a while, not overtly putting my pussy on display, but not hiding it either.

After a while, I saw Oscar head in to the house and I made an excuse about wanting a drink of water and followed him in. I accosted him as soon as he came out of the bathroom and told him I wanted him to cum in me, but that we would have to make it as quick as possible. Like Mike, Oscar prefers to take his time, but he was up for a quickie, especially when I told him how I wanted to sunbathe again while feeling his cum slowly oozing out of my cunt in full view of everyone. I gave his cock a quick, (but very enthusiastic and wet) suck until he was nice and hard and then bent forwards, using the stairs to hold me up and told him to give me his cum. He grabbed my hips and pushed in to me and I thrust back against him, trying to keep time with his movements. He asked what would happen if someone caught us (seeing as we were in a fairly exposed position) and I told them I’d be happy to just let them watch. I don’t think Oscar really believed that I would actually do that and as much as I would have enjoyed it, I’m not entirely sure myself if I would have carried on in front of my Uni friends like that. Fortunately we weren’t interrupted though and after a couple of minutes of him pounding away inside me and fondling my breast he told me he was going to cum. I pushed back against him harder and told him to fill me and he tried to play with my clit but I said we didn’t have time for that – and then added that I liked the idea of feeling horny and unsatisfied while lying outside with everyone.

Oscar started to cum and remained buried in me as deep as he could, moving back and forth just a little. When he pulled out I covered my pussy with my hand and held my lips together, knelt and gave the head of his cock a quick suck and thanked him for his cum. He asked if I was really going to let it leak out of me in front of everyone and I slipped a finger between my lips (while still holding them shut), rubbed it back and forth and then smeared the resultant goo over one of my nipples. We chatted a while longer and I gently played with my clit – not enough to make me cum (although this was becoming a more attractive proposition) but enough to keep me feeling very aroused. We heard someone else come in to the house and Oscar quietly went upstairs while I headed for the kitchen to see who it was. I met Jo who had come in for some water and asked her to pour me a glass as well. We chatted for a while and I leant back against the counter so I could stand with my legs together (one crossed over the other) to stop the cum leaking out of my pussy too quickly. I could still feel my pussy getting incredibly wet – although this was helped by me having a semi-naked Jo in front of me and I recalled a number of the early fantasies I Mike and I dreamt up involving her.

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