Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 2

As much as I would like to be able to write about how we complimented each other on their bodies or breasts and then fondled and made out, we ended up just heading back out to the garden together. As I walked, I felt more of Oscar’s cum dribbled out of my cunt and some slide down my thighs, but it was a fairly warm day and everyone was quite sweaty anyway so I assumed it wouldn’t be too visible. I did at least get Jo to apply some suncream to my back and then got to do the same to her and even managed to gently rub my pussy against her ass as I did this, leaving a wet patch on her bikini bottoms. I quickly told Mike about the state of my pussy and then returned to sunbathing, enjoying the warmth on my exposed cunt and enjoying the feeling of the rest of Oscar’s cum leaking out of me even more. I fantasised about my friends as I lay there and found it increasingly difficult to keep my breathing steady as I pictured us all doing things to each other (or at least them all doing things to me – and me reciprocating). I lay on my front for a while with an arm under my body and a finger pressed up against my clit. I didn’t technically frig myself, but did keep pressure on my clit as I imagined the girls asking me to eat them and the guys taking turns fucking me. I’m pretty sure if I’d been left alone I could have cum without anyone realising but people kept talking to me and while I can cum quietly, I wasn’t sure I could cum while holding a conversation with someone who was present (over the phone is a different matter).

After Jen had finished feeding MJ (in full view of everyone), she took her in for a nap and asked Vicky if she wanted to see MJ sleeping. As soon as MJ was asleep, Jen started sucking on Vicky’s nipples and pressed her fingers between Vicky’s legs. Vicky didn’t mind this at all but was surprised as we had warned her that Jen’s sex drive was somewhat lower than usual. Between kisses, Jen explained that having so many bare breasts around had got to her and the added sensation of breast feeding in front of everyone had given her enough stimulation to want to cum. Jen lapped at Vicky’s breasts and told her she had missed them. Vicky asked if Jen would let Oscar watch them play and Jen said she was fine with that, just not this time as she wanted to really enjoy herself. Vicky had a quick go at Jen’s breasts and managed to extract a little milk but quickly moved down between Jen’s legs and buried her tongue in Jen’s pussy. Mike entered the room at this point and Vicky jumped up but went down on Jen against once she saw it was him.

Mike commented on the view and moved up behind Vicky to rub his cock against her ass (through their swimsuits). He asked Jen if she minded sharing Vicky and Jen told him that as long as she left Vicky’s breasts for her, he could join in. Mike quickly freed his cock and knelt behind Vicky to peel her swimsuit bottoms off but Jen then changed her mind and said she wanted a quick taste of Vicky before he did anything more with her. The two of them 69ed for a bit and Jen said she could still faintly taste Mike’s cum in her from their morning session. Vicky climbed off of Jen and resumed her earlier position on all fours between Jen’s legs, allowing Mike to eat her from behind and then to slide in to her. As he fucked Vicky, he told her and Jen how I was outside with Oscar’s cum leaking out of me and dared Vicky to copy me. She still wasn’t prepared to strip off but was more than happy for him to fuck her again and she eagerly ate Jen’s pussy as Mike pumped away inside her. Jen let out a series of muffled ‘mews’ as her orgasm built and she kneaded her own breasts as she came. Mike loved seeing her do this and really wanted to cum in Vicky, but waited until Jen had finished and Vicky could kneel over Jen with her breasts dangling in Jen’s face so she could suck on the nipples. Mike played with Vicky’s clit until she was close and as she started to cum he pumped in her hard and fast (but trying not to make too loud a slapping sound so as not to wake MJ) and gave her his cum once more. He then briefly kitty kissed Jen, waited for his erection to fade and left them so it didn’t look too suspicious if he returned with Vicky.

When she got dressed, Vicky found the problem with just having bikini bottoms on – as Mike’s cum leaked out of her, it left an obvious damp spot. She returned to her room and changed in to a pair of shorts to disguise this. I didn’t notice this for a while when she returned as I was still lying on my front, pressing my clit and trying to cum while hiding my growing arousal. Eventually it got too much for me to put up with (I’ve endured much more teasing, but I wanted to enjoy myself) so I went back in to the cottage, crept in to Valerie’s room and hunted around to see if she had brought anything I could use to enjoy myself with. (Very long time readers might recall that we found a dildo in her room many years ago on holiday and it became one of our favourite types as it was silicone coated and felt wonderful). Unfortunately she either hadn’t brought one this time or it was better hidden, but I was too turned on to let this discourage me and went old school using one of her hairbrushes. The risk of being caught added to my excitement and I quickly got back to being as aroused as I had been outside and then very quickly came. I worked the handle of the brush around in my pussy a while longer before rubbing it over my nipples and carefully placing it back where I’d found it. Before I went downstairs I couldn’t resist popping in to Jo’s room and running her toothbrush back and forth between my lips a few times (I assumed that the pink toothbrush was her one and not her fiancée’s).

Later on that night I showed off Jen’s pregnancy pics to some of the people who had gone out for a walk. Afterwards, I ‘accidentally’ opened a set that had me posing naked with Jen and had to submit to letting people see them – these were still the tasteful pictures, not the hardcore ones so it seemed fair that the ones who had gone for a walk should get a chance to see me naked as well as Jen. Even later in the evening (after we’d had a few drinks) I furtively asked Anna if she wanted to see one of the pictures that Mike was in. She actually giggled at this and we both headed in to the cottage. I got her to swear to secrecy (which she was fine with as she didn’t think her boyfriend would approve) and showed her a few of the pictures where Mike posed with Jen and then me and then both of us. In the first pictures his cock was soft, but in the latter ones he was hard (especially in one where I had my hand wrapped around it). It looked like Anna liked the picture and I almost made a comment about letting her sample Mike if she wanted but I remembered how things had gone when I last made a comment like that and ended up apologising for it (Mike had made a semi-pass at Anna which she had told me about and I’d told her I wouldn’t have minded as long as I could join them). Anna said she had over-reacted and hadn’t really minded, she had just been surprised. I played off this and told her that it was really her own fault for being too cute and that she must be used to being propositioned. Anna made a comment about Mike’s cock being a reasonable size (he isn’t huge, but a decent size) and I found out that her boyfriend’s cock was quite a bit smaller. We talked a little about techniques and I confided in her about how Mike loves giving oral sex (even though she was a little drunk, I didn’t think we were at the point of telling her he liked eating my cunt) and Anna said she loved having that done to her. I pointed out that Jen and I were also quite good at this and she took it much better, but still said she wasn’t gay. I told her that she didn’t know what she was missing and as we got up to head back outside I pointed out how it was even better with both Mike and Jen at the same time. Anna said she doubted her boyfriend would approve of that and I assured her that if she ever wanted to do things with another girl that he would let her. I almost pointed out that I’d be more than happy to be ‘another girl’ but thought I’d pushed things far enough so behaved myself and kept quiet.

At bedtime I once again made the journey to Vicky and Oscar’s room in my skimpy nightdress. I didn’t bump in to anyone, but if I had I was going to make the point that I’d been naked earlier so it didn’t make any difference what I wore. I asked Oscar if he’d be up for an all-night swap and I told him I’d do anything he wanted in return. He went for this and Vicky headed off to Mike and Jen’s room while I shed my nightdress and climbed in beside him. I wasted no time and started stroking his cock while I described how I had felt outside with his cum dripping out of me and how I had almost been able to cum. Oscar told me that I had looked a little flushed while I’d been masturbating and asked if I thought anyone knew what I was up to – I told him I didn’t care if they did and described how I had gone and used one of Valerie’s hairbrushes to fuck myself with. By this point he was fully hard and I gave his cock a good suck while fondling his balls and then gave him a boob-job for a few minutes. I asked him if he wanted to eat me or fuck me and he asked what I wanted so I climbed up over his face, planted my pussy on his mouth and told him to start there and we’d see how things progressed. As I’m not (too) selfish, I ended up turning around so I could 69 with him and I spent a long time flicking the head of his cock with my tongue, similarly to the way Lis licks me. He really enjoyed that so I kept doing it, with the provision that he wasn’t allowed to cum. We (roughly) remained in this position until I came, by which time Oscar was ready to burst so I allowed him a few minutes to calm down (and for me to recover) before we moved on to fucking.

As the cottage we were in had relatively low-down windows I told Oscar I wanted to try something and we opened the window, placed a blanket across the sill (for protection) and I leant out a little way – not so I was in any danger of falling, just so we could fuck ‘outside’. Oscar caressed my ass and rubbed his cock around my pussy before sliding in to me. He reached around to fondle my breasts as we fucked and then leant in close and asked if he could take my ass. I teased him about this but soon told him yes and he pulled out of my cunt. Unfortunately he didn’t have any lube with him so I pulled my nightdress back on and dashed back to my room where Mike and Vicky were 69ing on the bed. I told them that we’d already done that and I was about to have my ass fucked, grabbed the lube and dashed back to Oscar. I pulled my nightdress of while still in the hallway and walked in to his room naked, knelt in front of him, lubed up his cock and then took up my position at the window again. He stood behind me, pressed the head of his cock against my ass and I pushed back gently as he eased in to me. We rocked gently back and forth until he was fully buried in my ass and he then started moving while reaching around again to play with my breasts. His hands had some lube on them but so did mine and we wiped this over my breasts until they were covered and he eagerly massaged them as we fucked. He also fondled my clit a little but I told him that as he’d already eaten me, he could just enjoy himself if he wanted – and could then either eat me again or finger me later on. I squeezed my ass around his cock a number of times and told him I felt it was a waste letting him cum in my ass so I expected a good load from him the following morning.

The night was quite clear and I could see a long way in the moonlight. As Oscar’s cock pushed in to my ass over and over again I concentrated on the sensation and wished we had Vicky (or another willing participant) with us who could kneel and eat my pussy. He didn’t last as long as usual – either due to really enjoying my ass or the licking I’d already given him. When he said he was getting close I told him to just enjoy himself and not to hold back unless he wanted to. He didn’t want to, although he kept up a fairly steady pace until just before he came and only then did he speed up and hold my hips firmly as he thrust in to me. I gently squeezed myself around him in time with his thrusts and then felt him push all the way inside me and remain mostly still while letting out a low moan. I carried on squeezing, trying to milk out as much cum as possible and he leant forwards, resting his body against my back. When he pulled out my ass felt very empty and I grabbed his underwear to wipe his cock clean and then took him in my mouth and very gently sucked him. Between sucks I told him if he could cum again then he could do it in my mouth and go for the triple (ass, cunt and mouth in one day) but he didn’t think he could produce any more cum.

His orgasm seemed to have taken a fair bit out of him so I let him have some time to recover, but I sat up on the windowsill, spread my legs and masturbated myself for anyone watching to see. Oscar asked how I could always be so horny and I just shrugged and said ‘practice’. I told him that as he wasn’t up to fucking me that he could finger me or use something on me. He wasn’t sure what would work best so we had a look through the things he and Vicky had with them – for some reason she didn’t have any toys (a girl should never travel without a good vibe) – but we selected a few other items and I sat back up on the windowsill with one leg along the sill and the other on the floor so my pussy was spread wide. We started off easy with one of Vick’s brushes (as she has long hair, she had a few of these with her) and once Oscar had got the hang of using this on me I let him have a go with Vicky’s hairspray. It was only a small can – just a little wider than his cock – so with a small amount of lube it easily slipped in to me and he briefly fucked me with it, but it was too smooth so didn’t really do anything for me. We moved on to using Oscar’s deodorant – as this bottle was shaped it felt much better and as he fucked me with it I lifted my nipples to my mouth and licked them (he liked watching this and I like putting on a show). I’d saved what I thought (correctly) would be the best for last and we finished off with another of Vicky’s hairbrushes, but this one had a fatter handle that was slightly squishy (with a solid core) and was ridged – presumably for grip, but with the wonderful side effect of feeling amazing in my cunt. As Oscar fucked me with this, I used the back of Vicky’s electric toothbrush on my clit. At first Oscar though Vicky wouldn’t like me doing that but I pointed out that we happily stuck our tongues in to each other’s cunts. I had a really good orgasm with the breeze on my skin, the world (or anyone in the garden) able to see me, the brush in my cunt, my nipple in (partially) my mouth and the buzzing toothbrush on my clit. I got Oscar to keep fucking me until my orgasm had passed and then got a little bit of kitty kissing off of him. Just before I got down from the windowsill I made a show of licking my juices from the back of the toothbrush to clean it for Vicky, but then spread my lips and pushed the whole head inside me (with it turned off – I didn’t want to brush my insides). I let Oscar decide whether we should tell Vicky what I’d done but I promised him that she would still use it even if she knew.

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