Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 3

Back in the bed, we spent while longer kissing and fondling and I began to see some signs of life in Oscar’s cock. I asked if he thought he could spoon with me and went down on him to help get him hard enough. He told me he couldn’t cum again and I decided to take this as a challenge. As much as I wanted to feel him in me as we went to sleep, I decided to go for the triple after all and used everything I knew to suck him off. He still wasn’t sure he could cum but admitted that what I was doing felt really good and to help things along I told him that my sister had been a good teacher. He already knew about Sue doing things with us, but still enjoyed hearing me tell him the details (between licking and sucking him). As it became clear I was going to get another orgasm out of him I concentrated more on his cock and balls, licking, stroking sucking and fondling them. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock as I stroked his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, gently squeezing them (more of a firm cup than an actual squeeze). He came in my mouth, although he only produced a tiny amount of cum it was enough to count and before he could go soft I moved up on the bed, turned around and pushed myself down on to his cock. This was too intense a feeling for him, but once he was inside me I didn’t move anymore and he was happy to stay there. Unfortunately he went soft fairly quickly but didn’t actually slip out of me for a while so I half got what I wanted.

We slept fairly late in the morning and the sleep seemed to do Oscar good as he woke up with an erection and started rubbing against my ass. I reminded him that I wanted his cum this time but I spread my lips and let him push in to my cunt so we could fuck for a while. This progressed to me riding him while he played with my clit and then me leaning forwards and grinding myself against him while dangling my breasts in his face for him to play with. We changed position and I lay on my side with Oscar straddling one of my legs and holding the other one up as he fucked me. This allowed him to get quite deep inside me and play with my clit at the same time. I really enjoyed this and told him to keep going, which he did, but wanted to finish off in a different position so he could watch me cum. I liked the idea of that even more and wasn’t sure if he was doing it for his own enjoyment or to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies (and didn’t care). He guided me on to my back, pushed my knees up to my chest and climbed over me so he could push in to me from above. He said he wanted to watch my face as I came (which is a bit intimate, but I was feeling very aroused). He pushed in to me hard, getting quite deep and making contact with my clit with each thrust. I concentrated on him watching me cum and this helped spur me along but I was still with it enough to remind him not to cum in me. He promised to wait until I’d finished and I told him I’d hold him to that just as my orgasm started its final build and hit me. I didn’t try to make any ‘sexy’ expressions as I came and just let him watch the natural result of cumming.

As I relaxed he started pumping in me faster and I told him to enjoy my cunt up until the last moment and to pull out and cum over my front. He did as asked and I held my legs up and apart so he could get deep inside me and watched as he pulled out, took his cock in his hand and sprayed my front with cum. It mostly landed on my stomach and lower chest, but he shook some over my pussy and one squirt made it up to my neck. I got him to push back into me and he moved a little but then had to pull out as it was too intense. He quickly asked if he could get a photo of the mess he’d made and I told him he could as long as we could get one of Vicky. He agreed to this so I remained in position while he took a couple of shots and then reached down to spread my pussy and let him take a couple more. I then smeared his cum all over the front of my body, savouring the silky texture and finishing by plunging my fingers in to my cunt to both get some of his cum in there and to allow me to rub some of my juices over my body. We lay on the bed chatting until Vicky turned up and after a quick chat I slipped my nightdress on and headed back to my room. I reappeared a minute later though and whispered something to Vicky who sighed and nodded then spread her legs to let Oscar watch as I pushed my toothbrush in to her pussy, moved it around to ensure there was a good coating and said that we were now even.

Mike’s night with Vicky had been a bit less energetic than the one Oscar and I had (at least initially anyway). Jen was too tired to participate and Mike didn’t want to cum again (or rather he wanted to save it for a bigger cum later). He had spent a while inside her and they had fucked gently, but most of the session was spent with him eating her (he spent over an hour between her legs). Always the gentleman (or at least occasionally), he gave her the option of cumming as many times as she could or having him tease her and cumming just once. Vicky opted for the latter, but after about 30 minutes was begging him to let her cum. Of course she had to be quiet while doing this as MJ was asleep nearby (and Jen was dozing, but she didn’t mind watching Vicky squirm). He 69ed with Vicky for a while as she quite enjoys sucking cock (and is quite good at it, although not quite as good as Sue) but he didn’t want to stop teasing her pussy. He went back to concentrating on eating her for the final part of the session, by which point Vicky was desperate to cum. He waited until he had been teasing her for over an hour before telling her it was time, at which point he spread her lips, plunged his tongue in to her cunt and lapped at her continuously, only occasionally touching her clit. Vicky was so horny by this point that this was more than sufficient to drive her towards her orgasm and Mike said her pussy felt incredibly wet (his chin and cheeks were covered with her juices). As she started to cum, she held his head against her pussy so he couldn’t pull away (which would have been incredibly cruel) and he flicked his tongue over her clit a bit more, but continued to eat her out as well. This seemed to make her orgasm last quite a while and she was gasping with broken breathing by the end of it.

Mike kitty kissed her for another 10 minutes and was actually quite relieved that he had finished the energetic licking as his mouth and tongue were very tired. He then crawled up over Vicky to kiss her and she pretended to be grossed out by the juices covering his face, but then kissed him deeply and tasted herself. Mike also gave Jen a kiss (Vicky’s orgasm had brought her round) and went to kiss her breasts but remembered that MJ had to feed from them so he just wiped some of Vicky’s juices over Jen’s pussy and returned to Vicky. After a bit more kissing, they spooned and Mike told Vicky that after their cunnilingus session he could now easily cum in her but he wanted to give her a proper fuck in the morning. Vicky said her pussy was still tingling and they moved against each other for a while but she ended up falling asleep. Mike remained buried in her for quite a while longer, slowly moving and he got to the point where he almost came (and really wanted to) but just about held himself back.

Later on in the night he half-woke to find himself rubbing up against Vicky and enjoyed the sensation so carried on. It was only when he slid in to her he realised he was facing the other way and it was Jen who was pushing against his cock. He desperately wanted to make the most of Jen wanting to cum and started fondling her clit and breasts as they slowly fucked but unfortunately MJ started to stir for her night time feed. They tried to quickly finish things off and to make Jen cum before MJ woke properly, but the baby won out. Mike gently stroked Jen’s thighs as she fed MJ but when Jen returned to bed she said she was tired. Mike asked her for one minute and Jen consented, lay on her back and spread her legs. He got stuck in to her pussy and mostly concentrated on her clit – he didn’t get her to cum in the allocated minute, but got her sufficiently interested that she allowed him to continue and it took hardly any more time for her to cum. In order to allow Jen to sleep, he pushed back in to Vicky (who obviously woke up) and he gently fucked her back to sleep, telling her he wanted to make sure he had a big load for in the morning.

As promised, he fucked Vicky in the morning (after eating her awake of course). As they fucked he told her about his night time session with Jen and how he had used Jen’s juices to lubricate their mini-fuck. Vicky told him that Jen could act as their lube supply anytime she wanted to and told Jen she hoped to get another chance to play with her. Mike got Jen to hand him some items and applied some tingle gel to Vicky’s nipples (another thing a girl should never travel without!) and then used a vibe on them to tease them to extra firmness. As MJ was still dozing, Jen joined in a little and while she didn’t want to cum herself, she was happy enough to play with Vicky’s nipples, sucking and gently tweaking them. Jen also toyed with Vicky’s clit, using both her fingers and another vibe and Vicky came around Mike’s cock. As much as he wanted to cum, he held back and waited for Vicky to recover, still moving inside her while Jen played with her nipples. MJ woke up around this point and wanted feeding so Mike had to take care of Vicky by himself for her second orgasm but she had been teased enough beforehand that she was more than ready and eagerly thrust against him as Jen sat beside them breast feeding. They spooned for a while and Vicky then rode Mike, first facing him and them facing away from him but they finished off with him on top as he wanted to shoot his cum deep in to her cunt and not have it dribble out immediately. Mike pulled out and went down on Vicky one final time before he came in her and then resumed fucking her. They humped against each other until she came and Mike came soon after, telling her he wanted to fill her with so much cum that no matter how many times she changed her shorts she would still have a wet patch (as I’ve said before so many times – if only he could actually cum that much!).

Mike watched as his cum leaked out of Vicky and he rubbed a little of it around her mons but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Vicky jumped up and hurriedly put on her nightdress and then quickly knelt down at the side of the bed where Jen was feeding MJ. Mike climbed under the covers and we told whoever it was to come in and Anna entered the room again. She asked if she could visit MJ (she was another one of my friends who was getting broody) and we called her over. It was around this point that Jen remembered she was naked and sitting on top of the covers and with Vicky kneeling on the floor, her face was relatively close to Jen’s pussy. Anna didn’t say anything about this though and they just admired MJ who had pretty much finished feeding. Mike thinks that Anna knew he was naked under the covers but I think it was just his wishful thinking that she would think about him that way (even after her apparent interest in the pictures of his cock). He decided to play a little and wiped some milk off of Jen’s nipple and sucked his finger clean. Anna was somewhat taken aback by this but he told her that it tasted wonderful and offered her some. She refused and he teased her about this and said that he betted Vicky would be adventurous enough. At this point, none of our friends know about Vicky being bi (not technically true, we think a few of them may have suspected something) so he was quite surprised when she leant forwards and knelt up to kiss Jen’s left nipple. It was only a brief peck and Mike said that she would have to suckle properly to get the real taste but she wasn’t prepared to do that (in front of Anna anyway). They tried to get Anna to participate again and she went as far as licking a tiny bit of milk off of Mike’s finger but said she couldn’t really taste anything.

After a couple of minutes Vicky ended up excusing herself and went back to her room to find me. We later found out that her calves were covered with Mike’s cum which had been dripping out of her the whole time and she was worried that the bottom of her nightdress would get wet (visibly so). This meant that when I popped back to her room with my toothbrush and stuck it in her, I ended up coating it more with Mike’s cum that her juices (although Oscar didn’t know that). Fortunately I hadn’t stripped off on the way back from Oscar so I entered our bedroom clothed (or at least with my revealing nightdress on) so it probably wasn’t too suspicious.

I sunbathed naked again that day and enjoyed having the people who’d been out walking the previous day seeing me this way. We all went for a walk in the afternoon with some of the stopping off at a pub while others (including me) went for a longer walk. Now hiking in a short (albeit flippy) skirt isn’t usually the best idea (I did have warm trousers in my backpack in case the weather changed) but it felt really nice whenever the breeze caught my skirt or I was walking uphill in front of someone. At no point (I think) did it flip up enough that anyone could see I was completely naked under it, but I’m sure a number of the guys got to see a reasonable way up my thighs and possibly a bit of my ass. On the way back I dawdled a bit and chatted with Vicky and Oscar and for a little while walked with Vicky’s hand under the back of my skirt fondling my ass. I stopped and pretended to fix my laces a couple of times and got Vicky to lift the back of my skirt completely and finger me (with Oscar watching) and then enjoyed watching him walking along with an erection. Unfortunately she had jeans on so the best I could do was shove my hand down the front of them and briefly fondle her, but I promised to be more thorough later on.

We chatted about Lis for a while, but not in the exciting way that Oscar likes hearing about. Vicky (along with Oscar) had been invited to Lis and Lucy’s wedding (and were attending). While it’s a bit odd to invite an ex to your wedding, our friends didn’t know that Vicky had dated Lis for a while so it would have been odd if she hadn’t been invited (or attended). Vicky said that she felt bad that she had kept her relationship with Lis a secret and had been considering asking Lis if she wanted to tell anyone. Obviously the wedding would hardly be the place to do this and Vicky wasn’t at all sure if Lis would even want people to know now. I asked Vicky what had changed that she was now willing to come out as bi and she wasn’t sure but said that she might not advertise it to her parents, but didn’t mind us lot (her Uni friends) knowing as they obviously accepted Lis and me. I wondered if Vicky missed being with Lis and was a little jealous that she was getting married (but couldn’t ask that with Oscar around) and said that while it was obviously up to her, I would wait until at least a couple of months after the wedding before broaching the subject with Lis (if she still wanted to). To lighten things up, we moved back to the usual types of conversations involving Lis and I helped them picture a threesome with Oscar fucking Lis while she 69ed with Vicky. I didn’t tell them anything about Mike and Lucy as Lucy still wanted to keep that quiet, along with their monthly sex-visits so people would still think she was a ‘nice and proper’ girl.

Once we’d caught up and we were sitting having a drink and a rest, I positioned myself to tease Oscar by giving him a clear view up my skirt to my exposed pussy. I rummaged for things in my bag a number of times, allowing me to spread my legs further or put one knee up to balance it on and give him an even better view and when it was time to set off he had to hide the bulge in his trousers. I flashed my ass at him a few more times during the walk and he told me that I’d better be ready to make up for the teasing when we got back.

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