Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 4

Always willing to please (and pretty much as soon as we got back to the cottage) I said I was heading upstairs with Jen to help out with MJ, but disappeared in to Vicky and Oscar’s room with them (after a quick visit to our room to get supplies). Vicky and I had a play first, undressing each other, caressing and kissing, fingering and licking and then sharing a double dildo. We let Oscar fondle us both as we did this and lay still for a while with our cunts pressed together so he could rub and lick our clits. We then took turns sucking him while the other one of us humped their cunt against the one sucking him (still sharing the dildo) but as I wanted him to fuck me, we only did this for a little while and then scissored properly. Vicky came a bit before I did but she used the dildo to finish me off while frigging and kissing me so I didn’t mind (although it would have been nice cum while rubbing against her pussy). Oscar was rock hard and while I prepared for round two Vicky and I both kissed and licked his cock to keep him interested. I rubbed some of Vicky’s juices over his cock so he could fuck them in to me (we would usually switch the dildo around during the session to achieve this, but forgot) and as Oscar fucked me I ate Vicky. After having been teased by Mike for so long the previous night, she enjoyed my more direct approach and I ate her with her on her back, me kneeling between her legs and Oscar fucking me from behind and then switched to me on my back with Vicky over my face. In this position Oscar could get really deep inside me and Vicky leant forwards to play with my clit so I rewarded her by rimming and spearing her ass quite firmly. It was clear that she would cum before I did so I told her to stay in position so I could kitty kiss her. I concentrated more on her clit (but didn’t completely ignore her pussy) to make her cum and as promised I kitty kissed her while she and Oscar carried on pleasuring me. Just before I came she got Oscar to pull out and rub his cock along the length of my pussy while she sucked the head and when I got close to cumming a second time they did the same thing. I whined at them that I wanted to cum and this time they fucked and frigged me the whole way through my orgasm. Vicky has a final suck of Oscar before sitting up over my face and enjoying my kitty kissing while she watched Oscar pump away inside me. In this position I couldn’t give him any encouragement, but the view of my tongue sliding back and forth over Vicky’s pussy seemed to be more than enough for him and I felt him push hard in to me a few times and slow his movements.

When he pulled out I pulled my ass up and asked Vicky to slobber in to my pussy and enjoyed the feeling as she messily lapped at me. My face was covered with her juices by this point and when she climbed off of me I smeared them over my body and then took hold of Oscar’s cock and rubbed it over my breasts and neck. I carefully got up while covering my pussy and then uncovered it to let his cum (and Vicky’s saliva) leak out of me. I asked her to help and she gathered up some of the liquid from my thighs to rub over my ass and back while I did the same to my front, told them I was now marked as being theirs for the rest of the holiday (which was unfortunately only another day) and promised Oscar another fuck later that night if he could get it up. I sent Vicky to fetch a light summer dress and slipped it on with just a bra underneath it. I was now covered in sweat from the walk and their juices and loved the way my body felt. I ended up getting a semi-wash in the garden as we started fooling around with the hose (I’m sure groups of 30-somethings rarely behave this way outside a group of school or Uni friends at a reunion). I ended up with my dress soaked and sticking to my skin and it felt a little cold so when one of the (single) guys suggested I could just take it off and go naked again I was all for this. Unfortunately as none of the other girls were even topless (it wasn’t quite nice enough to sunbathe) I thought they would have thought I was being too revealing. The side effect of my dress being soaked was that at least a couple of people noticed I didn’t have any panties on underneath it – I didn’t reveal to them if this had changed when I put on a dry dress (it didn’t).

Later on that night, we sat around a fire in the back garden again and I leant against Mike. I snuggled my head in to the position where he knows I want my neck stroked and he shifted round slightly to allow his hand better access to my neck. We had Oscar and Vicky beside us and I angled my legs slightly towards them so I could spread them slightly and enjoy the contrast of the cool air on my pussy and the warmth of the fire on my legs. As Mike stroked my neck I talked less and hoped people would think I was just dozing off, but if anyone had been paying close attention they would have seen I wasn’t properly asleep as I shifted the position of my legs from time to time, sometimes squeezing my thighs together and spreading them a little at other times. Mike could tell from my breathing that the stroking was having the desired effect and whispered to me to relax and enjoy myself and that he’d keep going for as long as it took (he knows that it usually takes quite a while for me to cum this way). While this is a wonderful way to have a discreet orgasm (amongst those present, only Vicky and Oscar knew I can cum just from having my neck stroked), the downside was that I had to remain relatively still and couldn’t write around in the way I would if this was being done to me on a bed or in private. This, coupled with the fact that the sensation builds so slowly, meant that I felt like I was going mad as my body edged ever closer to cumming. I was sure that I was squirming around enough that everyone knew what we were up to, but this actually helped and I concentrated on the fact I was about to cum while surrounded by my ‘normal’ friends. My fantasy switched back and forth between the naughtiness of doing this without them knowing and imagining pulling my skirt completely up and spreading my legs so they could all watch closely as I came (and then fuck me). I let out a long, low sigh as I came, followed by a series of deep breaths and let my body melt back against Mike and the ground. My pussy felt incredibly wet and I wanted to tell Vicky I would require her tongue to clean me up before letting Oscar get me messy again, but I also didn’t want to move and spoil the way I felt.

When I sat up people asked if I’d had a nice nap (so we don’t think anyone figured out what had happened) and I discreetly told Vicky about my demands and how, afterwards, I was going to fuck Oscar so hard he might break. Vicky said that I must surely have cum enough times already but I just gave her a look and she acknowledged her comment was stupid. A little later I managed to get a few minutes inside with her and we each had a good lick of each other’s pussies. Instead of waiting until everyone had gone to bed, Vicky and I managed to slip in to each other’s rooms early on and while we could still hear people moving around in the rest of the cottage, Mike went down on Vicky and made her cum probably about the same time as I rode Oscar and then got him to fuck me hard from behind (without him cumming). I then spent a while gently sucking him and when he said he was ready to fuck I told him there was one more thing I wanted to try with him. We quickly pulled on our clothes, grabbed a blanket and I led him quietly downstairs and out the back door. I would have loved to fuck him beside the dying embers of the fire, but that was visible from the house so we went out an in to a field and lay down under the stars. To add to the risk, I removed my clothes and walked over to some trees and hung them up so they were well out of the way and I wouldn’t be able to quickly grab them. Oscar wasn’t quite as brave but did at least strip off completely and as the session progressed, he got more in to it. We fucked on all fours, each took turns on top, up against a tree and against the gate by the road. I came while leaning forwards against a stone wall with Oscar fondling one of my breasts while frigging and fucking me. I then turned around and he fucked me while holding one of my legs up as I told him over and over to fuck my cunt and give me his cum.

Very soon after he came he wanted to head back to the cottage in case we got caught but I convinced him to stay outside (mostly by taking his cock in my mouth and sucking it clean). I played with my pussy and offered to masturbate for him – he took me up on this offer and played with my breasts while I took care of my pussy. He spent a little while watching what I was doing (as much as he could see by the moonlight anyway) so I went all out for him and fondled both my ass and cunt (getting him to take care of my clit). He wanted a turn fingering me and I told him he could do whatever he wanted so we tried pretty much every combination of us using one of two sets of fingers each and toyed with my clit and both holes. I told him I was going to pee as I came so he moved around to my side and reached a hand under one of my legs so he could rub a fingers around my ass while I fingered and frigged myself. As I came, I pushed as hard as I could and felt the wonderful sensation of a strong jet of pee leaving me as my pussy throbbed with an orgasm. I immediately asked for his cock and as I sucked him I pointed out that he seemed to be hard again and wondered if he could cope with another session. Even though he was hard, he didn’t think he could cum again but made an effort and we fucked doggy style. My pussy was also quite sensitive and we had to abandon the attempt (but not every fuck has to end with an orgasm). As we got dressed (well, as Oscar got dressed, I just fetched my clothes and remained naked) he said he needed to pee. I helped fish his cock out of his trousers and held on to it, telling him to go ahead – he was rather surprised by this but I pointed out he’d just seen me do it and if he didn’t hurry up I’d get him hard again so he couldn’t pee. He thought it was odd, but agreed to my request and I felt his cock flex in my hand as he contracted his muscles and then felt something similar to a gentle vibration as he emptied his bladder on to the ground in front of him. Once he finished, I gave it a few shakes and let him tuck it back in to his trousers before we headed back. I managed to sneak in and get up to his room with him without anyone seeing me and as a further dare I decided not to fetch my nightdress and just dumped my clothes on his floor and climbed in to bed with him. Sadly his cock didn’t have enough life left in it for us to spoon but he promised me a morning fuck if I woke him up the ‘usual way’.

Mike had spent another evening eating and playing with Vicky, but unlike the previous night, this time he was going for quantity of orgasms. After having made her cum he teased her for a little bit to get her ready for more and then ate her to another two orgasms (having her cum, kitty kissing her and then eating her again, pretty much without coming up for air). While she was still sensitive, he added some tingle gel to his cock and slid in to her and they gently fucked while she recovered and then fucked harder. He got her to use a vibe on her clit and as she came, he told her he was cumming in her. Vicky pushed back against him (like me, she quite enjoys having cum in her – although she prefers to keep it inside a bit more than I do) but as Mike kept fucking her she soon realised that something was wrong and he admitted that he might have been ‘mistaken’ about cumming. She knows him well enough that this meant he would want to make her cum again and asked for a reprieve so he went back to kitty kissing her. After a suitable amount of time she started to let out little moans whenever he concentrated on her clit and they changed position so she was standing beside the bed, bent forwards over it. Mike threw a pillow on the floor and knelt on it, spread Vicky’s cheeks and ate her from behind. He flicked his tongue over her ass a few times and she told him I’d done this to her earlier.

Not to be outdone, Mike pushed a thumb a little way in to Vicky’s ass and fucked her with it while he lapped at her pussy and she told him he could fuck her ass if he wanted (she said this was only fair as Oscar had done this with me). Mike thanked her and told her that he loved her ass, but he loved her pussy even more and wanted to bury his cock in it again. Before he did this, he showed a bit more oral love for her pussy (and a little for her ass), applied some more tingle gel to his cock, wiped some over her clit and nipples, worked a little in to her cunt with his fingers and then added some to her ass with his thumb. With Vicky still leaning over the bed, he stood behind her and fucked her with long strokes – having to be careful to not get too carried away and slap his crotch against her ass too hard for fear of waking up MJ. He used a bit more tingle gel and fucked her ass with his thumb, working it in almost the whole way and Vicky ended up moaning in to the bedcovers as her orgasm built. He threatened to hold back again and just make Vicky cum but she swore at him quite a bit (mostly playfully) so after a while he reached around to play with her clit and asked her to clench her pussy around his cock. They tried to cum together, but Vicky’s pussy was too sensitive (not helped by the tingle gel smeared over all her sensitive places) so she came before Mike, but he kept going until he came, at which point he pushed as deep as he could in to her. Vicky’s pussy was still tingling so Mike kitty kissed her one last time to try and clean some of the gel out and off of her. He didn’t taste much of his cum (but he probably didn’t produce much) and after a couple of minutes he moved up behind her, slipped back in to her and made a few thrusts as he pretended he wanted to go again. Vicky was having none of that and said she couldn’t take any more but Mike let on that he felt very sensitive too and just wanted to spoon with her. She was fine with that and they fell asleep with him inside her.

On the Monday morning Mike went down on Vicky to wake her up and after making her cum, they fucked while Jen sat beside them feeding MJ. Mike didn’t tease Vicky this time as they could hear that other people were already awake and he didn’t want to waste what might be his last chance of the holiday to fuck her. They finished off without interruption and Vicky rode him while he fucked her quite vigorously. Jen was sitting naked on top of the covers and MJ had finished feeding by this point so when Vicky asked Jen if she could have a proper taste of her milk, Jen handed MJ to Mike and let Vicky have a suck on her nipples. Jen seemed to enjoy this quite a bit so Mike whispered to Vicky to stroke Jen’s pussy as well (Jen could hear him – he wasn’t trying to be subtle) and when Vicky pushed her hand between Jen’s legs, Jen spread them and mewed her appreciation. Mike told Vicky she was lucky and that Jen must really like her. Vicky said that she should probably make the most of the situation and kissed her way down over Jen’s stomach (Jen didn’t like this too much as she was still quite self-conscious of her post-birth body) but was quickly distracted when Vicky got to her pussy. Vicky pulled at Jen’s hips and Jen slid down so she was lying flat on the bed, allowing Vicky to eat her properly. Jen was really getting in to it when there was a knock on the door.

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