Friday, 31 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 5

Vicky looked around for her nightdress, but she hadn’t brought one so Mike told her to climb under the covers and remain still. Jen sat up and Mike handed MJ back to her and they told the person who knocked to come in. Anna peeked her head around the door and asked if she was interrupting but was called in to the room. As Anna closed the door behind her, Jen shifted her position on the bed and pulled her legs up so she was with her legs spread wide and ankles crossed. Mike indicated to the lump under the blanket and told Anna that I had drunk a bit too much the previous night and had a bit of a hangover so I wasn’t feeling too sociable. Anna asked if I was okay and Vicky gave a little moan and waved, keeping her hand under the blanket. Mike reached under the blanket to give ‘me’ a soothing stroke and caressed Vicky’s ass, back and breasts as he did so. Fortunately Anna had come to see MJ again and mostly concentrated on her. She did ask me a couple of questions and Mike climbed under the covers to get an answer from me. He quickly slid in to Vicky who hissed at him to ask what he was doing but he was just teasing her, pulled out and resurfaced, telling Anna that I had told him to leave me alone as my head hurt. Mike asked Anna to hand him his phone, indicating that he couldn’t get out of bed (as a way letting her know he was naked) and she stayed for a few more minutes chatting before heading down for breakfast and telling me she hoped I felt better.

When Anna left, Vicky appeared from under the covers (feeling rather hot) and said that she worried she was going to be discovered. Mike teased her and said they could have just got Anna to join in and Jen indicated how she had been sitting the whole time with her legs spread wide and her pussy clearly on display (which was still pink and wet from Vicky eating her). Vicky took the hint and asked Jen if she wanted her to finish what she had started to MJ was given back to Mike, Jen put a pillow under her ass and Vicky went down on her again. As Jen got more aroused, Mike helped out by describing how Anna was now masturbating while picturing Jen’s pussy (we don’t think Anna really has any gay or bi tendencies, but the fantasy is fun) and Vicky played along saying that she wanted a go at Anna too or that she would happily let Anna eat her. Mike pointed out that it was unfair of Vicky to not let Jen eat her as well and Vicky said she’d already cum twice but this didn’t make any difference so they moved around to a 69 position. Mike watched in appreciation and wished someone else was taking care of MJ so he could join in, but had to content himself with just being an observer. Jen came a fair bit before Vicky did but Vicky kitty kissed Jen (Mike told her to do this but I’m sure she would have anyway) and as Vicky came Mike suggested she imagine that little Anna was lying in front of her with her legs spread, begging Vicky to show her what it felt like to do things with another girl. Jen said that she felt the difference in the way Vicky lapped at her pussy, but Vicky eased off as her own orgasm faded and then rolled off of Jen and lay panting on the bed beside her. A quick count made her realise she had cum eight times in about as many hours and she said she would need a holiday to get over this one. She decided she should get back to her room before anyone else came in and as she gathered up her clothes she realised that they had been lying on the floor where Anna could have seen them. Mike thought she had realised this earlier when she had remembered she didn’t have a nightdress but to help calm Vicky down, he pulled on his trousers and wandered down to her room to fetch a nightdress for her so she didn’t have to walk back to her room in her clothes from the previous night.

Meanwhile, I had woken Oscar the way he had requested and given his cock a very wet and messy suck, then planted myself on it an fucked him. I really wanted to go nuts and ride him as hard and loud as possible. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the idea of having everyone think Vicky was the one being so loud and lewd and was also feeling sufficiently horny that I liked the idea of being discovered and having everyone know what I was doing but I held myself back (a bit). Oscar asked if he could fuck my ass again and while I really wanted his cum in my cunt or over my body I wanted to reward him for the pleasure he’d given me (and for letting Mike play with Vicky). After a bit of experimentation, we did it with me standing with one foot on the floor and one up on a chair, facing a mirror, with Oscar behind me (obviously) and Vicky’s nice hairbrush buried in my cunt. Oscar moved this in me for a while but it ended up being better if I let him help hold me up while I fucked and frigged my pussy and he fucked my ass. I loved watching my reflection in the mirror as I plunged the brush into myself, Oscar pumped away behind me and he roughly fondled my breasts. I told him I could cum at any point and gave him the option of us cumming together or me cumming and bending over so he could take me harder. He liked both of these options but wanted to keep watching us in the mirror so I held back and kept myself close to cumming until he said he was close. He squeezed my breasts even harder (a bit too hard really but not so much that I couldn’t take it) and I played with my pussy as he panted he was about to cum. I think he came a little before me, but only just and he was still moving as my orgasm started so we were close enough. I eased off on my clit but kept moving the brush in my cunt until my orgasm passed and we both relaxed.

Oscar pulled out of me and we lay down on the bed. I wiped his cock with his underwear and told him I couldn’t wait to see him again and that I wanted him to save up his cum for me. We played with each other for a while until there was a knock on the door but this was quickly followed by Mike whispering that it was him. Oscar pulled the covers over himself but I remained naked on top the covers and told Mike to come in. He stuck his head round the door and said Vicky needed a nightdress to walk back to the room and I told Mike I would bring one down, but I hadn’t quite finished yet. Mike left us as I told Oscar I wanted a final fuck – he wasn’t sure he was up for this quite yet but once I’d put on another masturbation show for him (coupled with letting him play with my breasts and me sucking him) he was more than ready and I mounted him again. Apart from a brief period with him on top, I rode him for the whole session and he pumped away inside me. I knew that he wasn’t likely to cum very much but kept encouraging him to do so anyway. I described how I would play with Vicky in front of him at our next meeting and let him fuck us both at the same time again which helped speed along his orgasm (both he and I had been playing with my clit so I was ready to cum) and I felt the satisfying hard thrusts in to me as he shot whatever cum he had left in to me.

It was a little late by this point so I didn’t stay around for too long and in my post-orgasmic state I decided to take one more chance. I gathered up my clothes (along with one of Vicky’s nightdresses) and waited as Oscar headed out in to the hallway with a towel on (to shower). He told me the coast was clear and I walked back to my room naked. I walked in and handed the nightdress to Vicky but dared her to just carry it back to her room. She was rather unsure about this but we convinced her to do it and I went with her (still naked) and walked back to my room. I didn’t make it back uninterrupted and almost bumped in to Jeff as he came out of his room. I didn’t flinch and chatted to him, saying I’d just popped down to Vicky’s room to lend her a brush. He was blatantly checking out my body and I wondered if he could see that my thighs and pussy were damp with cum. I felt my nipples stiffen a little as I enjoyed his gaze (probably not noticeably so) and I wondered if I would be able to seduce him. I knew it probably wouldn’t be a good idea as everyone would almost certainly find out but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that while I wasn’t going to try to actually sleep with him, I would play for a couple of minutes. I asked if he had some toothpaste we could borrow as we’d run out and followed him in to his room. As we were leaving that day, he had already packed up most of his stuff so I sat on his bed with my legs spread and ankles crossed (probably not in too dissimilar a way from how Jen displayed herself to Anna) and chatted to him as he dug through his bag. He handed me the toothpaste and I thanked him but thought I could get away with one last display. I gently tossed the toothpaste from hand to hand while looking for somewhere suitable and then ‘accidentally’ missed catching it and threw it towards a chest of drawers. At first I hadn’t thought I’d thrown hard enough as it almost stopped on top, but then it tipped over and slipped down the back of the drawers. While apologising for being so clumsy I bent over and reached down the back of the drawers, exposing my ass and pussy to Jeff. I could reach in the position I was in, but went a step further and lifted one leg up so I was giving him and open invitation to my pussy and fumbled around for a few seconds before producing the toothpaste and telling him I should probably get back. As I left I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t tried to push things further (or that Jeff hadn’t made a move) – his body had clearly enjoyed the view as he had been hiding his crotch from the time I’d been sitting on the bed and as I got ready for the day I wondered what it would have been like to fuck him (and then what our friends would have said when they found out).

We had one final chance to play before we left – some people had set off already and Vicky stole a final few licks of Jen while Mike briefly fucked her (Vicky). They didn’t have long enough for anyone to cum but promised to continue things at the wedding. I had a little more luck with Oscar and we managed a final quickie with me bent over his bed. As people were making quite a bit of noise packing up he could pound in to me hard and fast and I used a vibe on my clit (so he could concentrate on cumming). He came before I did, but remained inside me (unfortunately staying still) until I came around him. It didn’t feel like he pumped any cum in to me but after a while but a little leaked out when we were downstairs (only a few drops) and as we said our goodbyes I told him I wanted the biggest load he could make next time. I enjoyed the drive back home immensely and for a lot of it I went without wearing my skirt (even when I did my share of the driving). I know a few truck drivers notice my semi-nakedness and on one stretch of the road, Mike and Jen suggested we could stop off at a service station, park with the trucks and let any of the drivers who wanted to fuck me, use me to relieve themselves. I gently toyed with myself as I worked this idea through in my head and I nearly came a number of times but managed to hold back and just tease myself.

It was reasonably late by the time we got home and the fantasy of having multiple random guys fucking me had left me incredibly horny so while Jen settled MJ down and Mike took the bags in, I used the gearstick to fuck myself with (while playing with my clit). I managed to cum quite easily (the knob on top of the stick has quite a nice texture). This wasn’t enough for me though and I made Mike fuck me over the bonnet of the car – I really wanted to cum hard and ended up stripping off my top as well then pressed my breasts against the warm metal as we fucked. We were relatively well shielded by the car but there was still a small risk of being caught and with each stroke Mike’s cock made in to my cunt I pictured a different random trucker fucking me until by the time I came I was pretty much being fucked by twenty of them at the same time (I’m not sure how that would actually work IRL!). I wanted to pee as I came, but Mike didn’t want his trousers getting wet so I waited until he came and pulled out and I gently toyed with my clit and slowly wet myself. This doesn’t feel as intense as peeing while cumming, but gives a very pleasant tingle just after orgasm. I could feel the warm liquid running down my legs and slowly eased off playing with myself as my bladder emptied.

Mike told me to lie on the bonnet of the car on my back and once I was in place he pulled my legs apart. I told him I didn’t need to cum again and he said he hadn’t asked if I *needed* to cum, pushed his face against my pussy and proceeded to eat me. I knew better than to argue (plus it felt quite good as I had been feeling incredibly horny) so I massaged my breasts and neck as I looked up at the sky. After a gentle start he ate me quite hard and as I came I was panting a mixture of ‘no, stop, more, harder, too much…’. He ate me right through my orgasm and then pulled me down the bonnet a bit (I had to help with this as my skin stuck to the metal). He told me after I’d been with Oscar that he should reassert his rights and mark his property. I told him he could do whatever he wanted and I was told to kneel on the floor in front of the car. I watched him fish his cock out and after giving it a little suck (not enough to make him properly hard) he stepped back and asked where he should mark me. I spread my legs, pushed my breasts out and told him all of me belonged to him (and Jen) so he said he would mark all of me and a jet of pee arced out from his cock and splashed over my legs. He quickly aimed it so all of my body (including face) was covered in his pee and I rubbed and stroked it in. As he finished, he stepped towards me and I took him in my mouth again and sucked him until he was hard. He then put his cock away and went to fetch me a towel (so I wouldn’t drip on the carpet) and I felt the liquid cooling on my skin in the evening air.

As I calmed down I became a little nervous that someone would wander past but it was too late to do anything about it so I just waited for Mike to return, towelled myself down and then decided to make a naked dash for the front door, leaving Mike to bring my clothes. All in all I was quite pleased with the way things had gone – not just over the holiday (which I had been expecting to be fun), but also the return journey. As I showered and presented myself to Mike for him to give my pussy a freshen-up shave I wondered how much we would be able to get up to at the wedding….

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