Monday, 13 July 2015

Pre-Wedding Present – Part 1

At the start of August (2014 – I’m still around a year behind) it was Lis and Lucy’s final monthly visit to us before their wedding. As you would expect, they were both very excited (and slightly stressed) but they had still wanted to come up and see us – partially for the usual sex, but also to see MJ.

Unfortunately Jen wasn’t in that frisky a mood so while she was happy to see her friends, she didn’t really want to play with them. Lisa had also gone home for a couple of weeks as her parents didn’t want her spending the entire holiday away from them. They still didn’t know about Mike and thought that she was helping out as a nanny for a ‘friend’ that she had met at Uni. We still fully intended to tell them but it had turned out that the option of her transferring Uni to be with us wasn’t viable for the start of the new academic year as she had left it too late and she had decided she didn’t want her parents trying to stop her from seeing Mike over the holiday period so until things had been finalised for a mid-term transfer we were waiting to break the news to them. From a logical point of view it also made sense to wait a little as they hadn’t been dating for long and while Mike was sure he really cared about her, she was quite young and we didn’t want her to change her life and then decide she didn’t want to be with us.

The upside of this was that this only left Mike and me to satisfy our visitors, fortunately either one of us would have happily done as much to either (or both) of them as they would allow us to do), so they knew that the sex part of the visit wouldn’t be dropped. They arrived fairly late and MJ was already asleep, but she was still passed around and cuddled lots before being put back to bed. I took Lucy up to Mike’s room and after chatting about the wedding a bit longer I told her I was looking forward to having her cheat on her wife with me. Lucy told me with a straight face that they had decided to stop playing with us once they were married and I almost believed her (and got quite worried) but she couldn’t keep the pretence up for quite long enough. I told her she needed to be punished for scaring me like that and she told me that she liked the sound of that so I rolled her over on to her back and slapped her ass a few times. I worked a finger down between Lucy’s ass cheeks and curled it in to her pussy as I told her that both she and Lis belonged to us and then leant down to whisper in her ear that we also belonged to them as well. We joked about how we could still be visiting each other when we were old and wrinkled and Mike would have to use Viagra to keep us all satisfied. I turned Lucy over and pushed a couple of fingers in to her, leant close and told her that she had to take good care of my little Lis. Lucy told me she intended to do just that and as a reward I moved down between her legs, spread her lips and started to lick her.

I didn’t stick to only using my tongue for long though and pulled out some toys I had stashed for use. I covered Lucy’s eyes with a blindfold and tied her arms to the bed (she had read 50 Shades a few weeks before and while she doesn’t like pain in the way Jen does, she and Lis had been experimenting more with restraints). I applied a bit of tingle gel to her nipples and clit and then coated my nice vibe with the gel and worked it in to her pussy. I also coated a small anal vibe and pushed that in to her ass and then kissed up and down her thighs while the gel started to take effect.

I left her clit and nipples alone and gently stroked her body (not too much as Lucy is also ticklish and that isn’t what I was going for) while kissing her. I got her to describe what she could feel and how she thought her ‘normal’ Uni friends (not the ones we usually hung out with) or her work colleagues would think of her if they could see her like this. I teased her about how all the guys would be desperate to fuck her and how I expected she would be able to get at least half of the girls to want to ‘experiment’ with her. I added a bit more gel to her nips and used a vibrating egg on them and whispered to her that I could always go and fetch something from Jen’s section of our cupboard of toys to spank her with. Lucy said I could do that to her the next day so I stayed with her but I did slap her clit a bit (not hard like in porn but gently in a way I knew from Lis that she liked). Lucy moaned quite a bit as I teased her and in order to ensure she didn’t end up waking MJ (not that this was an excuse) I sat over her face. She immediately started eating me and I told her that Lis was a lucky girl to have someone so talented with her tongue. As it was fairly late, I felt that she had suffered enough and leant forwards to lick her clit. As I was down there I also gently moved the vibes in and out of her and felt her body arch under me and then moan in to my cunt. I eased off on her clit but left the vibes in her and sat up again so she could continue to eat me while I used the egg on her nipples.

I watched as Lucy twisted her hips and opened and closed her legs and wondered how strong the sensations were, but told her that the vibes wouldn’t come out until she had made me cum. To be fair, she was making a good effort and I may not have helped by occasionally moving my pussy a little away from her mouth. I only teased her a little though and planted myself back on her face and let her lick and suck me. I used the egg on my own nipples and watched in the mirror as my own orgasm built and told Lucy that Mike would love to see the position she was in. She couldn’t really answer but it felt like she nodded in agreement. We had been watching a number of squirting videos in the week before (partially due to us missing Jen’s extra wet pregnancy pussy) and I pictured myself ejaculating torrents of my juices over Lucy’s face and down her throat as I came. I really liked this image and it helped speed my orgasm along with me humping against Lucy’s face as I came.

I lay down beside her and removed her blindfold and then untied her arms so she could pull the vibes out of pussy and ass. She slapped me with the vibe from her pussy so I took it from her and licked it like a lollypop, tossed it aside and curled up against Lucy, telling her I’d missed her. We talked more about the wedding and what it was like being back at work, having to leave MJ each morning and before we fell asleep I made Lucy promise that they would keep visiting us forever.

Mike and Lis were sleeping downstairs and their session followed what had become the usual path for them – he went down on her and fucked her while they discussed him getting her pregnant. He got three orgasms out of her – the first by eating her and the second by pretending to cum in her as she came and then the third when she found out and wanted him to actually cum in her. He used the excuse of more orgasms opening up her womb so it would be more receptive to his cum. Lis didn’t buy this but she still let him make her cum that third time and they spooned with Mike inside her as they fell asleep. In the morning he ate her awake and got her to put on a schoolgirl outfit to fuck him. Lis doesn’t mind wearing this as she knows how cute he thinks she is (and he’s right). She rode him for a while and he asked her if he could save his cum for later, promising to fill her again before she left. Lis agreed to this on the condition he ate her for over 10 minutes (which wasn’t really a hardship for him) and once he had fucked her to orgasm, he got her to kneel over him in a 69 position and he spent the required amount of time kissing and licking her pussy and stroking her thighs and socks. Lis wasn’t idle during this time and gave his cock a good sucking. He enjoyed this a lot, but she didn’t move energetically enough that he was in any danger of cumming. Lis didn’t hold out as well though and Mike kept licking her until she came a second time that morning.

I was woken by Lucy playing with me and she said she wanted revenge for the previous night. As a hint, if you want to tie someone up, it generally isn’t best to lead with ‘wanting revenge’ but I trust Lucy (and don’t think she would do anything more than I could take) so I let her continue. She tied me up and put a blindfold on me, then rummaged around for a couple of minutes before removing my blindfold. She was standing beside the bed in a police uniform –admittedly it may not have been entirely standard issue as her skirt was very short and very tight, her shirt was tied in a knot and open to her bra and the handcuffs she had were padded. I was more interested in the way she was holding her truncheon (night stick) though and watched as she ran it over my body. She tapped my nipples with it, rubbed it between her legs and made me suck it clean and then said it was time for me to be punished. I played along and said I’d been bad and asked her to teach me a lesson. She smeared tingle gel over the end of the truncheon, wiped her hands clean on my nipples and pushed the stick in to me. It felt quite cold but I didn’t have time to worry about this as Lucy started fucking me with it immediately. She was quite forceful and I asked if she did this to Lis but she told me to shut up and take my punishment. The fucking itself probably wouldn’t have made me cum, but once she had determined how deep I could take it, she wrapped her hand around the shaft and pumped it in to me even faster, with her hand slapping against my pussy (and clit) each time. This felt much better and after a few minutes she could see I was getting close and pulled the truncheon out.

I had to suck the end clean again and then turn myself over (not easy when tied to the bed). Lucy slapped my ass a number of times with the truncheon and then got me to turn over on to my back again so she could finish me off. She did the same as before and fucked me with hard, rapid thrusts while her hand slapped against my clit and this time kept going until I came. She then told me that I shouldn’t be the one enjoying myself, climbed up on to the bed with me and lowered herself on to the handle of the truncheon while keeping the other end in my pussy. I watched as Lucy fucked herself with the handle and rubbed her clit with her other hand. I told her I would help out but she said I’d be given something to do later and she carried on until she came. She quickly pulled herself off the handle and climbed over me in a 69 position and told me to eat her – not hard, but a bit more than kitty kissing. With a few words of guidance from her, I figured out what she meant and lapped away at her as she gently pumped the truncheon into me. It was the first time I’d had to lick Lucy without being able to use my hands but I’ve done this with Jen a number of times so I was used to just licking what I was presented with and was pleasantly surprised when she moved down a few times and got me to lick her ass (as this meant she was being open enough with me to just do whatever she enjoyed).

When she finally released me I told her that I liked the more adventurous Lucy (as long as the sweet, innocent one didn’t disappear) and Lucy told me how she and Lis had been getting a few ideas from porn and trying things out. They didn’t like everything and Lis only liked being spanked gently – not that Lucy wanted to get in to hardcore bondage, but she was looking forward to Jen finishing breast feeding so she could try being a bit more forceful with someone. I was quite eager to witness Lis being punished in the way I had been as I couldn’t quite picture this and Lucy promised they would put on a show for us sometime. I found out they had also tried a French maid routine, but that didn’t really work for them and Lis had dressed up as a nurse which Lucy found quite cute but the one she enjoyed the most was the police scenario. I got her to wear the uniform down to breakfast so Mike and Jen could see it and she gave them a description of what she’d done to me (and what she did to Lis) while wearing it.

We went out for a lot of the day so MJ could enjoy the little bit of sunshine we get here (she slept through most of the day but spent a while lying on a blanket in a park while we ate lunch. Now we knew about Lis and Lucy’s new sense of adventure (admittedly we’d known about the police uniform for a while) we decided that a trip to our favourite sex shop was in order. Understandable Jen didn’t want to take MJ there and Mike offered to take her for a walk but Jen said she was happy to wander round the shops looking at baby clothes so Mike, Lis, Lucy and I arranged to meet Jen for coffee and headed off.

Alistair was behind the counter and was pleased to see us. He immediately tried to talk me in to doing another show and I told him I would consider it if we could go have a look through the various outfits he had. We weren’t the only people in the shop – there was one guy by himself and another with his girlfriend (or wife – or I guess it could have been a random female friend, but this didn’t stop us from convincing Lis to show us her in a nurses uniform. Unfortunately the only one they had was a cheap PVC one (I don’t understand why sex clothes are made of this – other than making them easy to wash down), but she allowed the three of us to strip her naked and help her in to the uniform. It would have probably looked better if we’d had some white stockings and the plastic look didn’t really work for me, even when we undid the zip on the front to show a lot of her chest and she pulled the skirt up to reveal a fair amount of her ass.

They had an anime outfit that Mike was keen for someone to try on. Lis was willing to do this but Mike said he wanted to see Lucy wear it. I didn’t think she would actually do it but to my surprise, she coyly slipped her top off and put the costume on and then removed her skirt from underneath it. We told her that this wasn’t really in the spirit of the game and she allowed us to remove her panties and then her bra before she put the wig on (long silvery-blue hair). It only seemed fair that I should put something on and as Lis and Lucy had gone down the ‘cute’ route, I selected a black bodice that I’d tried before. Mike was keen to get some photos to show Jen but wanted the outfits to be compete so while I stripped off and was helped in to my outfit (it needed to be laced up at the back), he dashed off to a department store and bought two sets of black hold-up stockings and some long white socks. I was securely trussed up by the time he returned and had sorted out the top of the bodice so it was supporting my breasts, pushing them up and out so my nipples were mostly on show. I wasn’t wearing anything else so my pussy was completely exposed and I sat down to let Mike slide the stockings on to me and he then did the same with Lucy and put the socks on Lis.

We posed for a few shots and then asked the guy and another new guy which outfit he thought looked best (the couple had left). He said we all looked good but liked my outfit. I assumed that this was probably because I was showing off more than the others and quickly lifted the fronts of their skirts to reveal their pussies. This didn’t last for long as they both shrieked and pulled their skirts down and neither of them were willing to let me play with them in front of the customers, but did agree to join me in bending over and letting them see our asses and pussies nicely lined up. Mike got a photo of this too but Lucy wouldn’t let the guys take a photo and once they realised they had seen all they were going to see, they wandered off (although glanced our way a number of times). Lis and I stripped off again to get changed back in to our own clothes and with a bit of pestering we convinced Lucy to do the same. She and I both kept our stockings on and while they didn’t entirely go with Lis’ dress, she kept the long white socks on (as you can guess, Mike was the one who was keenest on us keeping these on). We met up with Jen and went for coffee (still decaf for her as she was breast feeding). Jen sat with MJ happily suckling on one of her nipples (and then on the other one) and we let her look through the photos Mike had taken. She was impressed that Lucy had revealed herself that much and slid a hand under Lucy’s dress to check that she hadn’t put her panties back on. Lis and I may have let a few more people see that we didn’t have anything on under our skirts throughout the afternoon – always accidentally of course – but Lucy said she’d done enough and kept herself covered (not that this stopped us from stealing the occasional grope and fondle of her nether regions).

Back at home, Mike was allowed to have a play with her thighs, kissing the area between her stockings and her pussy, but still not her actual pussy. He asked if he would be allowed to repeat the silk panties licking later that night and Lucy said he would have to wait and see, but he was quite hopeful that given she had allowed him to do that at her last visit he would get at least that far (and maybe to even lick her directly). Jen was still fine leaving Lis and Lucy to Mike and me so at bedtime she headed up to her room with MJ and as Lis had slept downstairs the previous night, we thought it was fair that she should get to spend the night in the real bed so I went with her up to Mike’s room, leaving him and Lucy to share the duvets on the floor downstairs.


  1. Up to your usual standard Andi. Hope you are still enjoying my adventures, I have posted a new one today, enjoy! Let me know what you think.

    1. Some excellent new entries there - both Mike and Jen used them to masturbate while I read them out (and they took care of me afterwards).

  2. Mmmm gets me horny to think of it!