Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pre-Wedding Present – Part 2

After performing the usual preparations for bed, Lucy wandered downstairs wearing a dressing gown and sat on the sofa while Mike finished preparing their ‘bed’. He was already naked (which you might think was a bit presumptuous, but even if he wasn’t going to be allowed to do anything with her he would have slept naked) and his cock was already hard. Lucy stood up and let the dressing down slide off of her body revealing her outfit. All she had on was a vest top and matching panties, but they (pretty much) matched ones that Pavlina wears in one of her early photoshoots (when she was still ultra-cute). Mike recognised the outfit immediately and walked over to Lucy on his knees, cuddled her legs and kissed up and down each leg. She spread her legs and let him briefly nuzzle her pussy (through her panties of course) and then sat down and told him the rules for the night. It was pretty much the same as before – he could kiss her through her panties (but not to orgasm) or he could rub against her until she came.

Mike wanted to do a bit of both (give him an inch…) and Lucy said she would allow him to nuzzle her briefly before rubbing against her. Mike crawled down between her legs and made the most of the time he had – kissing her thighs, around the edge of the material of her panties and up and down the crotch. She let him be the one to pull the panties down and have a few kisses of her mons before allowing him to nestle his cock against her pussy and start rubbing back and forth. Partway through, she pulled her top up to let him play with her breasts and ask she got closer to cumming she got him to kneel between her legs and she pressed the shaft of his cock against her pussy as he stroked back and forth. She said he could cum like this if he wanted (providing he gave her warning so she could make sure he didn’t cum over her pussy) or if he waited she might let him kiss her pussy through her panties again. As much as Mike wanted to cum and see his cum shoot out and splatter over Lucy’s front, he loved the idea of getting whatever cunnilingus action he could even more so he held back and just admired the view as Lucy came in front of him. He leant forwards and kissed her, pressing his cock firmly against her pussy and she said she wanted him to kitty kiss her.

Mike produced the pair of silk panties they had used last time (they had been washed) and Lucy said she thought he would have preferred her to wear her Pavlina outfit. Mike told her that while he loved her looking that way, he wanted to do things with Lucy (but added that he would happily play with Pavlina another time). She quickly slipped the silk panties on (kitty kissing is most effective just after an orgasm) and Mike buried his face in the material and gave her a thorough kissing. Lucy complimented him on this and allowed him to keep going until she was pushing her pussy back against his face and was obviously very aroused again. Mike had been able to taste her through the panties for quite a while and told her he loved the way she tasted and couldn’t wait to be allowed to slide his tongue in to her but Lucy told him that he’d waited so far and would just have to keep waiting.

She told him that he’d had long enough enjoying himself and asked raised her ass to let him to pull her panties off. He peeled them off (they were soaked with her juices and his saliva) and she allowed him to kiss around her thighs, but not anywhere too near her pussy. At his request she spread her lips and let him gently blow on her pussy (which she liked) and she said she wanted to feel his cock against her once more. He started to climb up her body but she said she wanted him behind her so he gave each of her breasts a few kissed, pressed his cock against her pussy as he kissed her and then moved off her sideways so she could roll on to her side. Mike lay behind her and pushed his cock between her legs, feeling the soft skin of her lips on the head as it slid past and Lucy took it in her hand and nestled the shaft along the length of her lips. Mike pulled her back against him and kissed her neck and shoulders while telling her that she felt wonderful and he caressed one of her breasts while sliding back and forth against her pussy. He asked her if he was allowed to cum and she said he could, but not just yet and he told her that she should know him well enough to know he would wait until she had cum.

She made him move slowly got him to pull back slightly so she could press the head of his cock against her clit. She craned her head round to kiss him and he warned her that he hadn’t cum that day so he might produce a fair bit. Lucy said that might be interesting and they kissed a while longer with her rubbing his glans against her clit. Both Mike and Lucy were breathing fairly heavily by this point and Lucy pressed back against him and then moved her hips forward a little. She kept pressing on the head of his cock and rubbed it between her lips, which Mike told her felt wonderful. She pressed a bit harder and pushed him down towards her vagina and Mike slowed his movements more. Lucy pushed back against him and he warned her he was almost in her and she told him ‘if you don’t want to, you don’t have to’. He asked if she meant he was allowed inside her and she pushed back against him again until his head was inside and his response was just ‘oh fuck’.

They both remained silent (other than heavy breathing and the occasional gentle moan) as Mike slowly slipped in further with each stroke. Once he was completely inside her, he hugged her to him and told her that her pussy felt amazing. Lucy told him that his cock didn’t feel too bad either and he told her that he would have let her experience it years ago if she had let him. Lucy said she had wanted to go slowly and then told him to keep going slowly. Mike asked if she wanted him to hold back or if he was allowed to cum in her and she said that as long as he kept his promise for her to cum first, he could cum in her. He didn’t stop moving but asked her if it was safe and Lucy said ‘probably’. He whispered in her ear and asked what she meant and she said that Lis thought it would almost certainly be okay (Lis monitored her own and Lucy’s cycles) but had told Lucy that if she happened to get pregnant it would be an early wedding present.

This made what was happening an even bigger deal for Mike (and presumably Lucy, but she was the one who had initiated it). Not only was he finally inside Lucy, but he was allowed to cum in her and might be about to get her pregnant. While we had discussed this a number of times, it had always been something ‘in the future’ and he asked Lucy how safe she thought it was. She paused and asked him if he didn’t want to take the risk but he pushed deep in to her again and said he would happily fill her with his cum even if she was certain to conceive. Lucy moved against him and said that she was glad, but that it was almost certainly completely safe and Mike said that this was probably better as he didn’t want to get her pregnant on their first time and then not be allowed to do anything with her in future. Lucy teased him and said she might not let him do anything to her again anyway so he said he would have to ensure she enjoyed things so she would let him.

Things went quiet again as they moved against each other. They kissed and Mike caressed Lucy’s breasts and he slid a hand down over her stomach and asked if he could play with her clit. She told him to go ahead and he found it amongst her slippery lips. Lucy asked him how close he was and he told her that he could probably cum in her in a matter of seconds (which was a bit of an exaggeration but he was certainly very close and actively concentrating on holding back). They were still moving against each other relatively slowly (compared to actually fucking) but Lucy was pushing back more firmly with each stroke and she told him that she was going to cum soon. Mike told her to go ahead but to try and give him a little warning as he wanted to try and cum in her at the same time. They kissed some more and Lucy was breathing really heavily by this point and she told him that she was just about to cum. They pushed against each other a little longer and Mike kept stroking her clit until she let out a long low moan. Mike kept pushing in to her and as Lucy’s breathing became quicker he felt his cum start to shoot out and told her he was cumming in her. He said that it felt like Lucy pressed back even harder and he used short strokes to pump in to her and emptied what felt like load after load of cum in to her. He felt Lucy relax and moved in her a few more times and let out a final few squirts before pushing in to her as deep as he could and kissing her.

Mike lay behind Lucy with his cock still buried in her and they were quiet for a while but then he asked her how it had felt. Lucy said that he’d done a fairly good job and she might let him do it again and they discussed why she had decided to let him do this now and not wait until her ‘safest’ period. Lucy said that she hadn’t decided if she was going to actually have sex with him this time or not, but it had felt right. Lis had told her she was only a couple of days outside that but Lis had given this to her as a one off chance and they would take whatever happened (however unlikely) as even if she were to get pregnant, it wasn’t as if it would show for the wedding later than month. Mike pointed out that with the amount he’d cum in her she might be pregnant with sextuplets so she might have a bump in a matter of weeks (we know it doesn’t work like that).

Lucy asked Mike how it had been for him and he told her that she felt incredible and felt like he had cum an awful lot in he and he also told her he was really glad that she had trusted him enough to let him play with her and finally have sex with her. From Lucy’s point of view she said that she thought she was quite lucky as it had been so much better than any of the other accounts she had heard of people losing their (heterosexual) virginity. Mike told her he was happy to oblige and gently moved in her. She pushed back against him and he asked if she wanted another round (for which he would have needed a bit of a rest to prepare) but she said that she’s had quite an intense orgasm and didn’t think she could cum again. Mike offered to kitty kiss her but she acted offended and told him off for assuming that just because she had let him empty his cum into her virgin, fertile(ish – she added that part herself)) pussy that he couldn’t assume she would also let him go down on her. He asked if she was joking and she told him that she had to save something to tease him with (and while Mike is usually the one who does the teasing it was obvious that Lucy was the one in charge here – not that he minded). She said that she might let him lick her through her panties again another time, but for now she wanted him to remain buried inside her. He told her that he could probably put up with that and they pushed against each other again. Lucy said that she could feel his cum starting to leak out of her on to her ass and he just warned her that there was probably a lot more to come.

Mike remained inside her until she fell asleep (despite having just cum he didn’t have any problems remaining hard as he just had to remember it was Lucy’s pussy that was gripping his cock). The following morning Mike wanted to eat, finger or fuck Lucy awake but wasn’t sure if she wanted to repeat their session from the previous night. He lay admiring her and spent a while caressing her body (but avoiding her pussy) until she stirred and said that it felt nice. He kissed her nipples until they were nice and stiff and whispered to her to ask what she wanted to do. She told him he could fuck her one more time if he wanted and he acted hurt she was only allowing him one go. She told him he could make her cum more than once if he *really* wanted to and Mike said that was good enough for him. She didn’t want to let him finger her yet, but allowed him to stroke her pussy for a little while and then rub against her as they kissed. Her pussy was still fairly wet, presumably with his cum so when he slipped in to her he didn’t meet much resistance. She asked what he could feel and he did his best to describe how hot, wet and tight she felt and how parts of her pussy felt smooth and parts were bumpy. He was on top this time and they experimented with different positions to see what she enjoyed. He didn’t do anything too adventurous with her so they still had things to explore in future, but she really enjoyed wrapping her legs around him as he fucked her. Mike enjoyed this position too as he could stroke her legs and he told her it would be even better if she had her opaque stockings on and Lucy teased him about being bored with her already and wanting her to dress up for him.

She tried being on top and enjoyed grinding against him as well as being able to play with her clit (or letting him do this). As she rode him she grabbed her Pavlina top and slipped it on. Mike told her she looked incredibly sexy in it but that he really did want just her (for now) so Lucy removed it and told him that he was sometimes quite good at knowing what to say (trust me, that isn’t always the case!). Lucy had her first orgasm riding him while he played with her clit and breasts and she then lay on top of him so they could kiss while he kept moving in her. She wasn’t sure she could cum again but let him put the Pavlina panties on her (the silk ones were a mess) and let him kiss her through them for a while. At his request she sat over his face and let him nuzzle and lick her crotch and she then turned around to be in a 69 position and leant forwards, took his cock in her mouth and sucked him a bit more than she had the time before. Mike complained that it wasn’t fair she was allowed to do that when he couldn’t eat her but she just said ‘tough’ and told him to get her ready to have sex again so she could have more of his cum. He returned to semi-69ing with her but licked her much more forcefully and tried to push the crotch of her panties at least a little way in to her pussy with his tongue.

She didn’t put up with this for too long before telling him she thought she could take him being inside her again and she stood up and slipped the panties off. Mike wanted her to lower herself on to his cock, but she wasn’t confident enough to do this so he helped out and guided himself in to her. They thrust against each other for a while and Mike asked her if she wanted to try it from behind (which she did). Once Lucy was on all fours, he slid into her from behind and Lucy said she thought it felt quite similar to spooning. Mike reached around to play with her clit (to add to the similarity). Mike used long steady strokes in her while gently stroking her clit but after a while Lucy wanted him to move harder so she could feel what it was like. He happily obliged and pumped in to her hard, slapping against her ass with each stroke. As Much as Mike would have enjoyed cumming in her like this he went back to using slower strokes to get her closer to cumming and when she was close they switched back to having Lucy on her back with her legs wrapped around him. As before, she really loved this position and thinks that she got quite close to cumming even though her clit wasn’t being stimulated – not quite close enough though and Mike had to reach down and help out with his fingers. They didn’t cum together this time but as soon as Lucy’s orgasm started to fade Mike concentrated on using long strokes and Lucy practiced using her legs to help pull him in to her. He warned her he was very close and they kissed deeply as he emptied his morning load in to her.

They lay there for a while with Mike still inside Lucy, kissing and talking. Lucy said she was happy to have his cum inside her and he said he was happy to have been able to give it to her. He wanted to remain inside her until we came downstairs but Lis and I took longer at our morning session (and I think we started later) so by the time we all appeared he was lying on his back and Lucy was curled up against him. Lis asked Lucy ‘Well?’ and Lucy nodded at her. Jen asked what they were talking about and Lis told them that Lucy had finally decided to let Mike play with her. I asked Lucy if that’s what had happened but Jen pushed MJ in to my arms, knelt in front of Lucy and pushed her tongue in to Lucy’s pussy. She pulled back and said that it certainly tasted like Mike had cum in her and I gave Lis a slap for not having told me what was going to happen.

Over breakfast Lis and Lucy explained to Jen and me how Lucy had decided it was probably time but wasn’t sure if she was going to go through with it before the wedding, how she was probably in her safe period and how Lis had given her the opportunity to do it and see what happened. I didn’t really need to ask Mike if he had enjoyed himself as he looked incredibly happy and even Lucy looked different as if she was more at ease with him (or us). After breakfast we let Jen shower with Lucy to discuss the session with Mike and she later reported that Lucy has indeed enjoyed herself and (providing he continued to behave himself) fully intended to let Mike continue to practice fertilising her eggs.

He tried to score with Lucy again after lunchtime but she said that two lots of cum was enough for her first time. Lis was quite happy to play along with him though so I went up to Jen’s room and joined them. We each had a turn on the bottom, eating one while fucking the other but there was no competition as to who Mike was going to end up cumming in (with whatever cum he had left). Once we’d all cum I went down to get a drink and Mike held Lis against him and thanked her for Lucy’s early wedding present. As an additional thanks, he told her that he was quite willing to try and give her ‘something new’ the next time we saw them (in just a couple of weeks for their wedding) as Lis would be in a relatively fertile period. She liked the idea of getting married knowing she might be pregnant, but said she would have to see if Lucy agreed (as they still hadn’t decided who would try – or if they had, they weren’t telling us at this point). Mike told her the offer would stand and that he would be happy to give equal treatment to Lucy if it made them feel better (he’s so generous!).

Just before they left, Lucy let Mike have one kiss of her pussy (directly) but with the conditions of no spreading of her lips and no using his tongue. He took this and gave her a long kiss under her skirt, once again promising her that where he was allowed to eat her that he would keep her in bed for as long as she could take it and explore every part of her pussy with his tongue.

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