Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sweaty Sex

Near the end of July (after Mike’s paternity and my pretend maternity leave had finished), we had a period of quite humid weather. This made it rather uncomfortable for sleeping but gave Mike, Lisa and I (and Jen to a lesser extent as her sex drive had increased slightly) the chance to have some good sweaty sex.

I know that some people don’t like the idea of going at it so hard or in sufficient heat that they end up actually dripping with sweat, but I love having the chance to do this (this with the people I’m closest to) as it makes it much easier to slide back and forth and hump against each other. Even just the chance to share our sweat as we kiss and lick each other seems very intimate and I think of it as a way of sharing our fluids before we’ve cum.

Sweat generation is massively increased in a threesome on a humid night and Mike and I introduced Lisa to this with an extended session of kissing, fondling, fingering, stroking, eating, sucking and fucking. All three of us were drenched in sweat (and smeared with our pussy juices) and we kissed and licked this off of each other throughout the session. Mike used a double ended dildo in us and pumped it back and forth between our cunts before pointing out that we were well enough lubed to use two of them. Both Lisa and I desperately wanted to cum and allowed him to get a second dildo for us to share between our asses, insert it in to us and then help us push together so we had them both buried in us as we humped our asses together. Mike played with our breasts as they swung beneath us and rubbed our clits, but (naturally) didn’t let us cum. It wasn’t until a good while later (by which point we were probably in danger of dehydration) that we allowed ourselves to cum and for this Mike lay on the (rather damp) bed, Lisa rode him and I sat over his face. Lisa and I fondled and kissed each other, with sweat still dripping off our bodies and we briefly considered trying to all cum at the same time, but were too tired to go to the effort so just enjoyed ourselves.

I came first and as I calmed down I realised just how slippery Mike’s face (any my crotch and thighs) felt. I leant forwards and kissed Lisa as I increased the speed I was frigging her at and told her to cum for us both. She was panting away already so it didn’t take long to pull her orgasm out of her and she came with a series of ‘oh fucks’. As soon as she finished cumming, Mike pushed her off of him and on to her back, spread her legs and pumped away inside her hard. He was dripping sweat on to her body and I decided to make use of my wet pussy by straddling her face and humping against it. Mike told us he was about to cum and I instructed him to cum over Lisa so we could add his cum to the mess that was coating our bodies. Like most men, Mike prefers cumming inside, but he gets to do that more than enough so he thrust in to Lisa just before he was about to cum and then pulled out. The first jet of cum left his cock before he even got his hand around it but he quickly did so and stroked himself as another few jets splattered over Lisa’s front. I reached down to smear it over her body but before I could rub it over her pussy, Mike pulled out and buried his face between Lisa’s legs, mixing her juices in with mine. When he pulled back I lay on Lisa in a 69 position and rubbed against her, then used my hand to got a fresh coating of juices from her pussy and wiped them on our bodies, did the same with my pussy and rubbed against her some more.

We all desperately needed a drink following our session and went down to the kitchen and stood out in the garden as we drank. It was a little cooler outside, but still very humid. When we returned to bed, we tried spooning and curling up against each other in various positions but it was too hot to do this for any length of time (although it felt nice rubbing our cum and sweat soaked bodies together). In the end I went in to sleep with Jen as it was just too hot for three people to share a bed (for sleep) and she commented on how sticky my body felt. We had to change the sheets on Mike’s bed the following morning but the good thing about Jen being a stay at home mum was that she could get them cleaned and dried for reuse that night.

Her efforts didn’t go unrewarded and we all made sure that we spent a lot of the evening gently teasing Jen to get her in the mood for doing things later that night. We made no secret of this and Jen was quite amenable to our advances (to the extent that she wanted to cum earlier than we wanted her to cum). We made her wait until bedtime though and Mike went to Jen’s room to look after MJ while Lisa and I fucked Jen. It wasn’t quite as energetic a session as we’d had the previous night (it was only around 5 weeks after she gave birth), but we got every bit as sweaty as the night before. Lisa and I ate Jen’s pussy and ass together and we all lay in a circle eating and then fingering each other. I wanted Jen to really enjoy herself so suggested we make use of the warm air and headed out to the garden. We rolled around on the grass, still fingering, stroking and licking each other and I whispered to Jen that she could get a lot wetter if she wanted to. Jen humped back against me and said she had been counting on that and we asked Lisa how far she was prepared to go. She said that she would do whatever we did (a potentially dangerous thing to day, but she knows our limits and even then she trusted us).

Most of the time when Jen wants to mix pee and sex, she wants it to happen when she (or someone else) is cumming, but sometimes she likes it to be a part of the session and as we were already all sweaty and sticky, this seemed like a good time to humour that particular fetish of hers. I left Jen lying on the grass and pulled Lisa up with me. We stood over Jen and kissed each other and I told Lisa I needed just a few seconds of pee from her. I reached down and spread her lips and told her to go and Jen moaned as the short shower splashed over her body. I spread my own lips and added a bit more then told Lisa it was now time to massage our present in to Jen. Lisa thought I meant using our hands, but soon realised that we were just returning to grinding and humping against each other. As we rolled around more, each of us occasionally let out a short squirt, sometimes on to someone’s thigh, sometimes on to their body and sometimes onto their face. Jen was in absolute heaven and already getting quite close to cumming so we eased off on her pussy and concentrated more on her body while she carried on fingering and licking us). As Lisa got closer to cumming, Jen told her she wanted Lisa to empty her bladder as she came and pulled Lisa over her in a 69. Lisa asked if Jen meant that and Jen answered with a muffled ‘mmmmhhh’ as she buried her tongue in Lisa’s cunt. I sat between Jen’s legs and pushed my pussy up against hers and giving her another small squirt of pee for us to hump in to each other. I got Lisa to lean down and lick us both (mostly making contact with our montes (I didn’t know that was the plural of mons). Lisa said she was about to cum and I reminded her to pee as hard as she could – she started saying that Jen was still eating her but I interrupted and said it didn’t matter and she came. I told her again to pee but she was already doing it and she panted and swore quietly as she came.

I humped harder against Jen’s pussy and let out a harder squirt of pee, aiming up slightly so it splashed on Lisa’s chin and breasts (I was aiming for her face but it’s not as easy for girls to aim – especially in the dark). As Lisa’s orgasm faded I pulled away from Jen and told Lisa to eat her and I stood up, crouched over Lisa’s ass and let out a few more longer streams of pee. This (mostly) ran down over Lisa’s ass and Jen ran her hands over Lisa’s cheeks while still licking her. Jen was getting close to cumming by this point so I told Lisa to let me have a turn, let Jen mount me and we pretty much repeated what had just happened, but with Jen peeing on my face as she came. Jen kept eating me and I told her I was getting close so we should turn over (so she was under me) but Lisa said she would take Jen’s place. I asked her if she was sure (and told her to decide quickly as I wanted to cum) and she said she was so Jen quickly climbed off of me, Lisa lay on her back and I straddled her. I assured her that I probably didn’t have much left but she pulled my pussy to her mouth and ate me so I stopped worrying and just followed Jen’s instructions, holding back for as long as I could and letting go when I was right on the cusp of cumming. While I didn’t get Jen’s love of pee when she first told me about it, I now at least understand the love of peeing as I cum, and the ‘dirty’ factor of doing it over someone is an added turn-on. I’d been right that I didn’t have much left in me, but it was enough to squirt through the first number of waves of my orgasm and I enjoyed having Lisa lick me until it was completely finished.

I climbed off of her and got her to kneel up so we could share a three way kiss. I slipped a hand down between Jen’s and Lisa’s thighs and they copied me so we were all being fingered by two people. Jen congratulated Lisa on really joining in and she said that she thought that she should really learn what we like so we hugged her and told her she would fit right in and we would allow her to stay.

Jen dared us to go to bed in our current state and said it would be worth her having to wash the bedding again the next day. I told her that we would if she did and she said that she didn’t think Mike would mind her curling up next to him like that. I whispered to Lisa and we crouched down, each took one of Jen’s nipples in our mouths and started suckling on them. Jen whined a bit at the pain of the let-down reflex but let us continue and I told Lisa to let any milk she got leak down Jen’s body. I moved around to the side of Jen (but kept suckling her) and told Lisa to frig Jen’s clit while I used two fingers in her cunt and two in her ass. Jen balanced herself on us and was soon mewing away. The actual volume of milk we got probably wasn’t much, but I could feel it on the hand I was using to finger her and Jen let out a little cry (like a strangled mew) as she came before she sat down on the grass. I wiped my fingers (just the ones from her pussy) over her breasts and told her that *now* she could go to bed. We actually waited a few minutes for her to catch her breath before we headed in and when she climbed in to her bed, Mike pulled her to him to spoon and quickly realised that her front was soaked. She told him it was a present from Lisa and me and said he could fall asleep inside her. Mike moved in her for a while and wanted to make her cum but she said she didn’t have another orgasm in her. She told him to just cum in her but he didn’t want to unless she was also going to cum and ended up gently spooning with her while caressing her wet, sticky front.

Mike took care of the night time feed (Jen had expressed earlier) and once MJ was back in bed he briefly went down on Jen so he could spoon with her again. Unfortunately for him she still didn’t want to cum again, nor did she in the morning so while she fed MJ (having washed her breasts) he came and ate Lisa while fucking me. Once he came in me he got me to kneel over Lisa and leak his cum on to her body and face and we challenged her to remain unwashed (and naked) throughout the day. She actually made it until just before lunchtime which wasn’t a bad effort, but as ‘punishment’ for not completing her challenge, Mike and I each made her cum twice that evening before we went to bed (the punishment was also part of her training to be able to cum more times).

Jen had to wash both sets of bedding the next say, but still thought it was worth it. I had loved seeing her enjoy herself so much and Mike gave Lisa an extra-long bonus fuck that night (which 

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