Sunday, 30 August 2015

Jen’s Childhood Crush

Another ‘dream’ episode, but this time it's one of Jen's. She had this a little over a week ago and it took me a few days to convince her to let me post it as it contains some embarrassing information…

Last week Jen woke up feeling very horny (her sex drive has now mostly returned post-pregnancy – unfortunately not to the enhanced level it was at while she was pregnant, but at least it’s not too far from where it was beforehand). She insisted on having Mike and I fuck her (at the same time) and kept demanding that she wanted to cum hard. Naturally we obliged her and licked, fucked, fingered and fondled her to an orgasm that she mewed heavily through and then after just a couple of minutes she asked if we could move in to the shower or garden and go again. Mike and I knew full well that this meant Jen wanted to pee and we ended up using the shower (with the water turned off). After toying with Jen for a while we finished her off with Mike fucking her from behind while I knelt under her and lapped at her clit. She warned me she wasn’t going to hold back and I told her I was expecting that and as she came she pushed as hard as she could and sprayed me, along with Mike and her legs with her pee. I gently lapped at her pussy while Mike continued to fuck her and after he’d cum Jen let me fasten my mouth to her pussy and suck at her, tasting the mix of her pee, her juices and Mike’s cum. She mewed a lot more as I did this and I’m sure we could have got her off a third time but we had to get ready for work so couldn’t devote any more time to having fun.

Jen wouldn’t tell us the full details of her dream over breakfast and as we had spent so long playing, we didn’t have the time to force it out of her. When we got home that night though (and MJ was asleep), we tickled her until she started to wet herself (which isn’t a great hardship for Jen) and then teased her until she was desperate to cum and finally got her to reveal the full dream to us.

When Jen was significantly younger (we’re talking year 2000 here) she had a huge crush on Daphne and Celeste. Anyone not familiar with them just need to know that they were a pair of terrible teeny-bop singers who released a few terrible songs. Jen is well aware that their music is awful, but for some reason she really fancied them and regularly fantasised about them while masturbating (Jen was aware that she was gay from a fairly young age even though she didn’t really act on it). There were many other people who she fantasises about while masturbating – friends from school, other singers and stars, her boyfriend (this didn’t work as well for her), but for a period of time her go to people were this duo (you can see why she is embarrassed about me telling you this). She used to have a number of posters of them and would put one on the ceiling above her bed and others on the walls around it so she could either lie on her back and finger herself or hump a pillow and gaze at her idols.

In her dream, Jen was at a Daphne and Celeste concert, dancing relatively near the stage but not right up front. The duo were dancing up on stage and Daphne was completely naked (not even wearing shoes). Jen was close enough to take in every detail of Daphne’s body, from her breasts as they bounced around in time with her jumping and dancing to her pussy which was completely shaved (with a little bit of razor burn – the dream was that detailed!). Celeste was still fully clothed and was clearly aware that Daphne was naked, but it seemed to be a part of the show as everyone else was happily dancing along and nobody seemed to be overly shocked or surprised. Jen kept dancing and intently watching Daphne’s body. Daphne did a few star jumps, allowing Jen to clearly see her pussy, her inner lips just peeking between the outer labia. Jen couldn’t take any more and dropped a hand to her crotch and started to massage herself through her skirt while dancing. Daphne turned around and bent forwards to give the audience a good view of her ass and pussy and Jen (who had pulled up the front of her skirt by this point and was rubbing herself through her panties) plunged her hand directly into her panties and pushed her fingers between her pussy lips.

Jen panties somehow disappeared, but she wasn’t bothered by this as it just made it easier to masturbate. Nobody around her paid any attention to what she was doing and Jen edged slightly closer to the stage to get a better look at Daphne’s bald pussy. Daphne lay down on the stage and spread her legs, giving Jen a clear view and letting her feast in the sight of the cunt she had masturbated to so many times. Jen’s own pussy felt incredibly wet and by this point she was pushing her fingers in to herself and frigging her clit with her other hand (her skirt was magically staying out of the way and she thinks it to might have disappeared by this point in the dream). Daphne lifted her legs in to the air and pushed them apart, then reached down and spread her lips. Celeste sat down next to her on the stage and they were both still singing (Bad Boys – which wasn’t one of their songs). Jen watched as in front of the whole crowd Daphne let out a fountain of pee that went straight up in the air and splashed down on to her body. Jen could feel her own orgasm building and her fingers were flying in and over her clit and Celeste started to lean over towards the stream of pee. Jen was sure that she was about to either drink it or push her face on to Daphne’s pussy and lick her, but she didn’t find out as just as she was about to cum, the dream ended and she woke up.

This was the point where she woke Mike and I up and told us to make her cum and it was really clear to us just how horny she was (her pussy was very wet from the moment we started and had clearly been juicing up during the dream). There is little that Mike likes more than a juicy cunt first thing in the morning though so this wasn’t a problem and just made it easier to play with her.

The pee part of the dream wasn’t something Jen had considered around the time she was obsessed with Daphne and Celeste as she was only around 11 when she masturbated nightly to them. Her pee fetish only started a few years later when she began masturbating outside in the woods and peeing, then leaving her pee and pussy juice soaked panties for people to find.

Even now (over a week since she had the dream), Jen says she can still picture every detail of Daphne’s breasts and fold of skin on her shaved pussy and the dream is still working to get Jen very aroused (which Mike and I have taken advantage of a number of times). Naturally we have extended the dream and explored what would have happened if Jen hadn’t woken up, with Celeste pushing her face into the stream of Daphne’s pee and then licking her or using her microphone to fuck her. Celeste usually remains clothed even in our enhancements to the dream, but we’ve done a few where Daphne tears Celeste’s clothes off and they dance naked together while singing before fucking each other on stage. Jen’s favourite enhancement by far is the one where Celeste notices Jan masturbating in the crowd and calls her up on stage to help Daphne out and Jen kissed fondles, 69s and pees over Daphne, not caring one bit that she has thousands of people watching her (of course I love that too as the thought of being able to do something like that is one of the most arousing things I can think of). I’m actually finishing this entry off at work (it’s lunch time) and I know in a couple of minutes I’m going to have to either go and get something out of the cupboard or find another room somewhere and masturbate. The image of fucking on stage in front of a whole stadium of people has my pussy actually tingling so I intend to find the most open place I can to play with myself (although preferably where I won’t actually be caught and fired) – I have one room in mind where I can sit facing a large window that overlooks the campus. The room is a couple of floors up and has tinted windows so I won’t be directly visible and I can lock the door to give me enough notice to cover myself up if someone tried to come in. I fully intend (providing I’m not interrupted) to pull a table up to the window, sit with my legs spread wide and finger and frig myself until I’ve cum twice. I really wish I could strip naked to do this, but it’s not that safe a location (although that adds to the excitement).

…and one final thing, just in case people hadn’t picked up on it – it wasn’t the fact that Jen was so turned on by watching someone pee or the fact that she was openly masturbating at a (dream) concert that she was embarrassed about, it was the fact that she was so obsessed with Daphne and Celeste J

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Moving House / Rewarding the Removal Men – Part 2

Now that the guys had seen us virtually naked and playing with each other, we upped the game somewhat during the unpacking stage. I displayed myself to the guys even more, bending over or sitting on boxes right beside them. To her credit, Lisa let them see more of her as well and on a number of occasions we made out or briefly fingered one another (she initiated this just as much as I did). We went in to the lorry with the guys a few times and bent over boxes to more fully reveal ourselves and I gave the guys a good look at me fingering and licking Lisa on one of these occasions. Once most of the things were in the house, Lisa and I (discreetly) told Mike that we were going to go have a bit more fun. We told the guys that Mike thought we were heading off to buy some snacks and I led Lisa up in to back of the van. I quickly pushed her up against the wall and knelt to lick her, then stood up, pulled her top up, turned her around to press her against the inside wall of the van and fingered her from behind. I made her suck my fingers clean and then turned her around to kiss her and asked if she was ready to let the guys see her cum. She asked if she had any choice and I just replied ‘no’, pulled her top off and quickly followed with mine (and my bra) and started grinding against her thigh. Once we were happily humping against each other I told the guys to throw down some of the blankets they use as padding and after kneeling to give Lisa another lick, I pulled her over to the blankets, pushed her on to them and climbed over her in a 69.

I humped against her face as I ate her (she licked me back) and I imagined having all three of the guys fucking us. We switched round to scissoring and one of the guys told us to take our skirts off but I had another idea and pulled the hold-ups from that morning (that Lisa hasn’t wanted to wear as she thought they looked too suggestive) out of my bag. We quickly slipped them on and resumed playing with each other. One of the guys thought they looked good but the others still just wanted us to strip so I pulled at Lisa’s skirt until it came off and tossed it over to where our tops were and then added my skirt to the pile. Lisa followed my lead and spread her legs wide and then her pussy to let the guys watch as we fingered ourselves and then each other. I asked if any of the guys would let us suck them (I had checked this with Lisa beforehand) and the older guy was keen on this, but once again, not in front of his colleagues. I told him that it was a shame as we would have both sucked him at the same time if he’d been willing to have an audience and I think he was tempted, but the thought of guys watching him seemed to be a step too far.

I went back to eating Lisa and this time went in for the kill. I fingered her pussy and lapped at her clit non-stop, occasionally reaching a hand up to fondle her breasts, but only half-heartedly as I was also concentrating on balancing on all fours with my legs spread a fair way so my cunt was fully exposed. Lisa didn’t stand a chance and came with the guys all intently watching her, at which point I climbed up over her face, humped against her mouth and asked if anyone would help me cum. The older guy offered his services, providing I didn’t mind it being just him and the others told him that he would owe them as they left the lorry and shut the back door. He pulled his cock out and I tossed another condom over to him. As he rolled it on I complimented him on how long he had lasted earlier and said I hoped he could go just as long this time. I walked over to him on my knees and took His cock in my mouth and then changed my mind and called Lisa over. Between us we licked up and down his shaft and kissed around the head, sometimes just kissing either side of it and sometimes engulfing it between our lips.

I briefly rubbed his cock between my breasts and then got Lisa to do the same – her breasts aren’t as large as mine (she’s just a B cup) so she isn’t able to do this quite as well as I can, but she now at least understands that (most) guys don’t really mind about the difference (I know there are many guys that really love large breasts but I believe that most guys are happy with *any* breasts being wrapped around their cock). We both allowed him to fondle our breasts until I told him I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted his cock inside me. I stood up and bent forwards, supporting myself on the side of the van and got Lisa to kneel beside me and play with my clit while the guy fucked me from behind. While this felt good, I really wanted him to see me properly so after a couple of minutes we switched places and he lay on the blankets so I could ride him. In this position he could not only watch as his cock plunged in to me, but could also see the pleasure on my face and reach up to play with my breasts. I got Lisa to kneel over his face (after setting the ground rules that he wasn’t allowed to eat her) and I reached forwards to play with her pussy and spread her lips for him to see but she then allowed him to touch her (fingers only) and toy with her. Lisa and I leant forwards to kiss and I whispered to her that Mike would love hearing about this and that we should switch places so she could take a turn riding him. I was somewhat torn over this – I certainly like the idea of people enjoying themselves and wanted Lisa to cum, but I also wanted the guy to keep fucking me – fortunately it was a moot point as Lisa didn’t want to go that far with him so his cock remained mine…

We switched position again and I took his place on the blanket so he could fuck me while holding one leg in the air. I got Lisa to sit over my face again so I could let him watch me lap at her pussy and Lisa reached down to stroke my clit. I moaned loudly into her pussy to let them know how good this felt (it was apparently quite muffled, but seemed loud to me) and I didn’t try to hold back and just enjoyed the sensations until I came. I pushed Lisa up so I could tell her to ease off my clit but told the guy to keep going. I went back to lapping at Lisa’s pussy and then when we next changed position I asked the guy if he thought he could keep going for another while. He said he was really enjoying himself, but liked the idea of making (or at least helping) me cum a second time. As a reward for being considerate, I told him that we would make Lisa cum again too. She wasn’t quite as keen on this but accepted the challenge and lay on the blankets so I could kneel between her legs and eat her as the guy fucked me. I let him watch me finger her (I moved my head aside) and spread her lips wide apart. As Lisa was being so compliant I pushed it a bit further, spread her ass cheeks and pressed a finger against her ass. She flinched when I did this and tried to put her hand in the way but I was holding her in place with my other hand on her mons and a thumb in her pussy so she couldn’t move too far. I told her to relax and just enjoy as I worked my finger just in to her ass and double fucked her as the guy watched. At first Lisa covered her face but when I started flicking my tongue over her clit (still with digits in her pussy and ass) she started to push back against me and lowered her hands to her breasts.

The guy said what we were doing was incredibly arousing and I asked if he could hold back just a bit longer as I wasn’t quite ready to cum yet. He reached around to my clit and frigged me while pushing deep inside and humping up and down against me. Between licks I told Lisa to cum and to let us see what a horny little girl she was. This was an unnecessary statement though as I knew full well how much she enjoyed what I was doing to her and she was making small humping motions against my mouth and fingers. She came and moaned a little, holding my head against her pussy as she did so. I kitty kissed her quite roughly (firm licking, just avoiding her clit) and thrust back against the guy in me. He asked if I was close and I told him I was nearly there and to just play with my clit a bit more. He asked if we could finish with me on top and I quickly took him up on his offer. As soon as I was back on his cock I got Lisa to play with my clit and let him fondle my breasts. Lisa wanted revenge for me having embarrassed her and reached around behind me to fondle my ass – it didn’t quite work out the way she planned though as I happily told the guy how her finger was probing me and how much I wanted to cum around his cock. He told me he was getting close and I just concentrated on everything that was happening (and possibly imagined his friends were beside us and cumming over me). As I came I rode up and down on his cock with long strokes and called out to him to cum whenever he wanted. I kept sliding up and down as much of his cock as I dared (it isn’t good if it pops out and gets squished) until he told me he was close, grabbed my hips and thrust in to me. I laid it on a bit thick and told him how good his cock felt in my hot cunt and how I wanted him to fill me with his cum and kept this up until he stopped moving.

I slowly lifted myself off of his cock until he slipped out of me watched as it slapped down on to his midriff. I climbed off so I was kneeling on the other side of him to Lisa and asked if he had ever fingered two girls at the same time. He said he hadn’t and I asked Lisa if she would let him correct this. She checked I just meant fingering (she was learning) and when I said yes, she said she didn’t mind. We both shifted position so we were kneeling beside his groin, facing towards his head and I pulled his hand to my pussy and told him to get two fingers into me. He did the same to Lisa and we let him pump away in us briefly, then I switched sides with Lisa and knelt on all fours, presenting my ass to him. Lisa did the same and he knelt up and fingered us both again while I told him how much I loved having Lisa’s juices pushed up in to my pussy. Unfortunately we’d left Mike alone for too long (and I also wanted to unpack) so it was time to get dressed. Neither Lisa nor I put any clothes back on until the doors of the van had been opened and the other two removal guys (who had been sitting in the cab listening in) reappeared to see us naked. They helped us down out of the truck and we thanked them for all of their help and let them go on their way.

Mike had got some of the bed done but really needed help holding bits (of the bed) while he screwed them together. Lisa helped out while I called Jen to say we were done and by the time she arrived, we had the bed and MJs cot assembled and took a break. Lisa and I told Mike and Jen how the ‘other’ part of our day had gone and while Mike was pleased with what Lisa had got up to, he was too tired to pounce on her to reward her (not that she minded as she was more than satisfied with her number of orgasms that day). We spent the rest of the day unpacking and assembling the bed for Mike’s room (this was a new one that was the same size as Jen’s) and once MJ was put to bed for the night, we sat out in the garden and had a well-deserved glass of wine (a half glass for Jen). Lisa and I still had our black opaque hold-ups on and Mike started stroking and caressing our thighs (he can’t resist anything to do with legs). Jen complained about him concentrating on us and he was more than happy to include her. He soon had his head buried between our legs, moving between us and we all allowed him to just enjoy himself as his tongue ventured once again between the familiar folds of our pussies.

As nice as this felt, this was to be the first orgasms we would have in our new house (technically it was Mike’s, Jen’s and mine as Lisa wasn’t on the mortgage, but we wanted to share this time with her). We discussed how things should be done and Mike said he was happy to let us girls have the first orgasms, providing he was the one to make us all cum. Jen suggested that the order of our orgasm should be the order that we met Mike – I thought this was a wonderful idea, not because it meant I got to cum first, but because we were still a bit sensitive around Lisa, wanting her to feel that we didn’t see her as having any less of a claim on Mike, but still appreciating that I was the one who was actually married to him and Jen was the mother of his child. Mike kept moving between us, slowly bringing us closer to orgasm and I suggested that even though it was a little too cold to be naked, it was a special set of orgasms so we should really do it properly. The others agreed and we all stripped off (including Mike). He did a few more rounds of our pussies until we were all quite close and then changed things slightly for the final round. I lay on my back as Mike ate me with the Lisa and Jen kissing and sucking on my nipples. Jen went next and I took her place in nipple duty and we finished off with Lisa. Needless to say, Mike was incredibly hard by this point (even with the cold) and we let him slide in to each one of us. I got him first and his cock briefly felt cold inside me (which was quite nice) – conversely he said my pussy felt incredibly hot.

We had the traditional post-house-move takeaway that night. We didn’t want to waste all of the ‘firsts’ in the new house too quickly so we didn’t answer the door naked (although Lisa and I were only wearing flimsy robes which didn’t technically reveal anything but didn’t entirely cover us either). MJ woke up over dinner and took a while to settle so we were a little reticent to use Jen’s room that night for playing, but when it was bedtime, the four of us crowded in to Jen’s bed and played with each other as our first proper fuck. It may not sound possible, but it was a really romantic session and all of us did things with each other, saying how much we loved the other person. It’s difficult to say exactly who made whom cum but we think that Lisa was the one who actually got me off, Mike came in me (so I finally got an actual load of cum inside me), I got Jen off and Jen made Lisa cum (this is based on who was doing the ‘primary stimulation’ during the final build-up of someone’s orgasm). It was a bit of a squeeze but felt right that we should all spend the first night together. Sleep wasn’t an issue as we were all so tired and in the morning we started playing but Jen had to duck out as MJ woke up (we made up for this later by giving her the first orgasm in the kitchen).

We still had our old house for almost a week and went back a few times to ensure we had cleared everything out. On a few occasions I took the opportunity to say goodbye to the place properly and I either rubbed one out myself or fucked whoever I was visiting with (it was only Mike, Jen and Lisa). On the night before we had to hand the keys back, we all went round, set some candles out in the living room, made up one of our duvet beds in the middle of the floor and had a final session together. We very nearly ordered take-away from one of our regular places in the hope of getting one of the delivery guys who we had given ’tips’ to, but decided to keep things just between ourselves. MJ happily slept in her travel cot on the other side of the room while we fucked and even though it wasn’t our original intention (we had planned on another four-way like the first night in our new house) we ended up having a fairly epic session where we each made each other cum. In Mike’s case, he got to eat and fuck us to orgasm while we girls just licked and fingered each other to one orgasm. This meant that each of us (girls) got to cum four times while Mike with his limited capacity only came twice (in Lisa and Me). At least it would have meant four times but he then challenged us to cum once more by masturbating – and I rarely turn down a challenge. Lisa didn’t think she could cum again and she tried, but said she felt too sensitive and was allowed to back out. Mike did kitty kiss her (in the hope it would arouse her sufficiently) but even though she said it felt good, she still didn’t want to cum again. Jen (who we’ve trained quite a bit more) did manage to cum and I delayed my orgasm until after hers so I got the final orgasm in the house.

As a final present for whoever ended up moving in, we left an A4 envelope in the loft with some full colour printouts of pictures of us (naked of course). There was actually a fairly good selection with some close up and full body shots of Lisa, Jen, Sue and me, by ourselves, in various combinations and with toys, fingers, tongues and Mike’s cock in or on us. Sue had been quite willing to let us include her in the mix of pictures, Lisa had been a bit more reticent but gave in without too much badgering (mostly as Mike told her how he loved the idea that someone would find the pictures and end up cumming to images of her over and over again). We marked the envelope as ‘Private and personal’ and hid it just inside the loft hatch so it would be likely to be found if anyone went up there. We considered hiding it under a loose floorboard but decided it was more likely to be discovered in the loft – we did take a couple of pictures out and slide them under the loose board with the thought that they might stay there for years before anyone found them (so I might get to have two lots of occupants of the house see me). On the way home we tried to figure out how many times we had cum in the old house and while it was clear I’d cum more than anyone else (with Jen next, then Mike and Lisa last due to her being a recent addition) we couldn’t come up with a reliable figure (although it was probably thousands of times in the years we’d been there as I generally cum at least twice a day and more at weekends).

Monday, 24 August 2015

Moving House / Rewarding the Removal Men – Part 1

The week after Richard and James visited us, we finally moved in to our new house. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but was the first place that was actually ours and that we could do whatever we wanted to (and had to pay to fix whatever we broke in the process). We’d had a modest but specific set of requirements – we needed three bedrooms (especially now Lisa was around), a secluded garden (for ‘games’), proximity to other places where we (mainly I) could enjoy myself outside, a reasonable commute to our work places and of course in the area of a good school for MJ (once she had grown a bit).

Even though we’d only been renting our place for a little while, we had a lot of good memories there and Jen was especially sad to be leaving her room (which Mike had put a lot of effort into decorating for her) and I was sad to have to tear our sex-toy cupboard apart (not the actual cupboard, but all the little bits we’d installed to hold the various items). Mike had promised Jen that he would decorate her new bedroom however she wanted (after we’d done the nursery of course) and promised me that we would have a far superior toy cupboard (he said he had a good idea for this but wouldn’t tell us what it was).

We had been fairly organised so the final packing wasn’t too bad and on the day of the move, Jen took MJ off out with one of her new-Mum friends so that she was kept away from the upheaval. Lisa was still with us and on the Friday morning after breakfast she went up to dress and returned in a pair of jeans. When questioned about her attire she said it was practical for lugging things around so Mike handed her over to me (in a deliberately patronising way) and I (in an equally deliberately patronising way) explained to her that this was a good opportunity. We were going to have a team of guys wandering around and plenty of excuses for us to be ahead of them on stairs, bending over or ‘accidentally’ exposing ourselves in numerous ways. Lisa asked me if I ever thought about anything other than sex and I pointed out that I can think about more than one thing at a time (okay, if I’m doing complex things I might pause the sex thoughts…). I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged at them until she sighed and let me pull them down her legs. I pointed out that she was not only wearing jeans but had panties on under them and was all set for cutting them off of her but Mike said he liked that particular pair so they were spared. Of course they still had to come off and Lisa ended up standing in the middle of the living room, naked from the waist down. As a punishment for having chosen such inappropriate attire, I got to eat her and got her close to cumming but then backed off and left her alone. Mike then helped me strip her naked (just her top and bra) and she had to help us get things ready in this state.

As I’m not too mean (and there wasn’t much to do) I remained naked as well and put the clothes that Lisa and I would wear out in the kitchen. Only when the delivery guys arrived were we allowed to dash in there and get dressed – at which point it was too late for Lisa to complain about the shortness of her skirt. She also thought it was going a bit far for us to wear thigh-high opaque black stockings (for the zettai ryokai look) and I told her she could leave them off if she wanted and just show off her legs. As she went without them, I did the same so we were dressed similarly (with the exception of me having ‘forgot’ to put a bra out for Lisa – her breasts are smaller than mine, but not small enough that she can get away without a bra and it not being obvious).

I sat with my legs crossed so the side of my ass was visible and while the guys moved our belongings out to the van, I took every opportunity to ensure they could see either up my skirt or down my (rather low cut) top. I wasn’t in the least bit subtle and once we were sure we had their attention (I had got Lisa to display herself in the same way), we moved things up a notch and I would stroke up Lisa’s leg and rub my hand over her ass or get her to do the same to me. We let one of the guys walk in on us kissing and I slowly slid a hand under Lisa’s skirt, cupped her ass and slid my fingers between her legs. I asked the removal guy if he minded and he told us to enjoy ourselves as much as we wanted so I pushed a couple of fingers in to Lisa and nibbled on her earlobe to tell her to stroke me. Lisa pushed her hand straight under the front of my skirt and rubbed me, asking if I liked it so (as I tend to do) I escalated things and pushed the front of her top up to reveal one of her breasts. Lisa yelped when I did and pulled back slightly this but I leant in, kissed her neck and told her that she was doing well and to keep playing along. Lisa pulled away and pushed both hands up under my top, working the material up over my breasts. I kissed her again and whispered that this was more like it and I felt her reach around behind me to unsnap by bra. We had a fondle of each other’s breasts for a minute or so before I said that we should really stop holding the removal guy up. I pulled Lisa’s top down, sorted out my bra and straightened myself up and told the guy I hoped he hadn’t minded us interrupting him. He said we could interrupt him like that whenever we wanted so I told him we might just do that.

A couple of minutes later I caught up with Lisa and told her I had really enjoyed what we’d done and she said she was surprised at first but that it had felt quite nice. I once again slipped a hand under her skirt and toyed with her clit and promised her we would carry on where we’d left off. Lisa asked if she had to fuck any of the guys and I told her she could do so if she (and they) wanted, but I was more than happy to play with any of them who wanted us, but that it would be nice if the guys could see us doing things together. She was perfectly happy to let me show her off (which was just as well seeing as we’d already started down that path). Over the next hour or so we just bent over multiple times to let the guys see up our skirts and when they stopped for a break (we made them cups of tea), I sat up on the little wall outside our house with one leg drawn up so my pussy was fully visible. I really enjoyed this as I was right out in the open beside the road – although I was admittedly shielded by the van. The guys seemed to enjoy the view and I overheard a ‘told you’ from the guy Lisa and I had let watch us play so assumed he had told them everything. Between then and lunchtime, I made sure that the other two guys each got to see me slide a hand up under Lisa’s skirt and obviously finger her and she in turn retaliated.

Mike was glad that we were enjoying ourselves but wanted to get in to the new house. I had originally been planning on just showing myself off to the guys (and maybe playing with myself a little for them as I’d done with Lisa) but as things were going so well I wanted to see if we could push things further. I didn’t want to do anything with the guys in the new house as it should be us who had the first fuck in each room (a tradition we had developed which was going to be even more interesting now that we had four of us so there would be six combinations in each room – or eleven if you include three and foursomes, or even fifteen if we all also masturbate ourselves and really cover every possible combination) so if anything was going to happen, it would have to be in our old house (or on the truck). When it got to lunchtime, Mike headed out to get some sandwiches for us and we made sure that the guys knew he was leaving. At this point, Lisa and I went and sat with the removal men so they could clearly see up our skirts and started to gently stroke each other’s thighs. We told the guys that we were going to go into the kitchen and fool around properly so if they didn’t want to be offended, they should stay out of that room. As we left the room I told them that we would leave the door open though and if they wanted to watch…

As soon as we were in the kitchen I told Lisa that she just had to play along and didn’t have to do anything with the guys (unless she wanted to) and we started kissing and fondling each other. It was less than a minute after we’d got there when the guys appeared in the doorway. I pretended not to notice (Lisa had her back to them) but I whispered to her that they were watching us as I slid mu hands up under her skirt and lifted it to expose her ass to them. I proceeded to knead this and dipped between her cheeks to fondle her pussy. She quietly asked me how much I wanted to show them and I just replied ‘everything’, at which she reached up under my top and unsnapped my bra again before pushing my top up, freeing my breasts and licking around the nipples. As she leant down to do this, I took the opportunity to pull her top up and reached around and under her to caress her breasts and she in turn pushed a hand between my legs and stroked my pussy. I told her I needed to cum (loudly enough for the guys to hear – although it was clear that we knew they were watching us). I climbed up on to the counter, sitting so I was facing the guys, pulled mu skirt up and spread my legs wide. I just told Lisa ‘eat’ and watched as she lowered her mouth to my pussy and started to lick me. I knew the guys would have a wonderful view up her skirt and regretted not having encouraged her to put the black hold-ups on as I think this would have made the view even sexier.

I let Lisa lick me for a couple of minutes while I removed my top and bra and played with my breasts (lifting each nipple to my mouth and licking them). I tried not to overdo the ‘sexy’ noises, but was genuinely really enjoying myself – partially due to the fact I was partaking of my favourite pastime of exhibiting myself but also because Lisa was getting significantly better at knowing how I liked to be eaten. I could have happily let her make me cum like that, but didn’t want to draw things out too long so told her that it was her turn for a while. I climbed down and kissed her passionately, tasting myself from her face and then pulled her top off and tossed it over to where mine was. She climbed up on the counter where I’d been sitting and seemed a bit nervous as I pushed her legs apart but I quietly told her to just enjoy herself and started rubbing my fingers over and into her pussy. I soon lowered my mouth to her (quite wet) little cunt and eagerly ate her. As I did this I reached between my own legs and played with myself, almost feeling the guys’ staring at my ass and cunt as my fingers plunged repeatedly between my lips. Lisa wasn’t playing with her breasts the way I had been, but she did moan a bit (I’d also learned what she liked and was doing my best to make her cum). I pulled my mouth away from between her legs to tell the guys that my cunt could really do with something to fill it and asked if any of them fancied helping me.

I had hoped it would be the guy who we had let watch us who would volunteer but it was the older one (not too old, probably in his forties).He said he didn’t want to do anything in front of his friends and even though I would have much preferred to fuck with an audience watching I told him we could pop upstairs if he wanted privacy. We took the clothes we’d tossed aside with us and as we dashed upstairs I called back to the other guys that they might get to see more later on. As most things were packed and the beds had been dismantled, we had to make do with what was available and we quickly pushed a couple of boxes together to make a platform for Lisa to lie on so I could bend forward and eat her. I provided the guy with a condom (most of our supplies were packed but I always carry a few in my purse) and bent forward to resume my work between Lisa’s legs. I felt the guy finger me and caress my ass and then felt his cock press against my pussy. I pushed back against him and he slid a fair way in on the first stroke (I was quite wet) and he was soon moving in me properly. I told him to play with my clit and he reached around me to do this, his rough fingers sliding back and forth over it and his other hand massaging my breasts. I went all out on Lisa and licked both her cunt and ass (the guy probably couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but it was obvious that Lisa was enjoying herself). He alternated between pumping in and out of me and pushing all the way in and making very small strokes while grinding against me. Lisa came first and I kitty kissed her while pressing back against the cock inside me. I told him I was getting close and he frigged me faster. A little before I came I told him to fuck me faster and came with him plunging in and out of my pussy. He said that he was close and I told him not to worry and keep going for as long as he wanted. He actually fucked me for about another five minutes and if I’d known he was going to take that long I would have tried to cum again (and to make Lisa cum again for him). He gave me warning he was going to cum and I told him to go ahead, at which point he pushed deep in to me and said it felt really good. He made a few more short, hard thrusts and I told him I wanted as much of his cum in me as possible.

When he pulled out I quickly turned around and took hold of his cock. It was still slippery with my juices and I gently stroked him as I pulled the condom off and then stroked him using his own cum as lube. I thanked him for the fuck and said that I felt quite satisfied, but if I spent the rest of the day watching the guys lug things around that I might get horny again. I remained topless as I went to wash my hands and put myself back together before heading downstairs. The guy had already gone to join his friends (and undoubtedly boast) and I congratulated Lisa on her display. She said it felt very liberating to be able to do things like that in front of strangers (although she was still quite embarrassed – at least until her desire overwhelmed the embarrassment). She did act a little shy when we went back downstairs but Mike’s ‘coincidental’ arrival (which had nothing to do with me texting him and letting him know we’d finished) meant that people soon got back to work and finished loading everything up.

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Triple – Part 4

Lisa pulled away from James to say she had cum quite hard and really didn’t think she could cum again so quickly but we convinced her to at least try. For a while I just caressed her body, running my hands over her back, ass, legs and up her stomach to her breasts (but avoiding her clit). Mike and Richard pumped in to her with different rhythms while I did this, sometimes alternating their strokes and sometimes pushing in together. Lisa said she felt really full whenever they were both all the way inside her and I got a couple of close-up shots of this as well as ones of her sucking James. I managed to get her to lift her body a little so I could slide my head just enough between her and Mike to suck on her nipples and told her that next time we would have to ensure we had another person present so we could suck on both her nips at the same time.

I rubbed a little tingle gel over Lisa’s nips and clit and then added some to Mike and Richard’s cocks for them to pump in to her. Once this took effect I started to stroke her clit again very lightly and within a few minutes she nodded when I asked if we could get another orgasm out of her. I (possibly somewhat patronisingly) told her she was a good girl and that we all wanted to see her cum. James said he was quite close and Mike and Richard both thought they could cum fairly quickly once Lisa was ready so I increased the pressure on her clit and fondled her breasts with my other hand. All through this stage I described to her the view I had of the cocks sliding in and out of her various holes, the expression of lust on her face and how I imagined she would look with cum leaking from every part of her body. She later said that she felt very self-conscious with us all concentrating on her like this, but at the same time she was becoming more and more distracted by her building orgasm. We could all tell she was getting close by the way she was pushing back against Mike and Richard so the guys all had a number of quicker pumps in to her to ensure they were ready. We wanted to make sure that Lisa’s second orgasm was as good as her first and wasn’t cut short by any of the guys becoming too sensitive so we told her to wait until she started to cum before going to town on James’ cock. He, in turn had to tell us as soon as Lisa sped up her licking and this was to be the sign for Mike and Richard to fuck her as much as needed to cum in her. We didn’t need James to tell us in the end as Lisa started moaning a little before she came and then bobbed her head back on James’ cock. Mike and Richard followed the cue and immediately sped up their movements with Richard telling Mike he loved feeling their cocks almost rubbing together.

I was a little worried this might delay Mike’s orgasm as while he clearly isn’t homophobic, he still isn’t that keen on doing things with guys, but the thought of his new love having three helpings of cum pumped in to her at the same time was enough to override this and he thrust in to her and told her he was cumming. James came next and Richard just a little after (Lisa had probably finished cumming just before any of the guys came but she said it felt like she was still cumming a bit when Mike and James came). I quickly got a few more shots while all of the guys had their cocks fully buried in her. When James pulled out of Lisa’s mouth we found out that she had already swallowed his cum which spoiled my planned shot of her leaking cum from all three holes. Once she was free from all three cocks she rolled over onto her back and Mike kissed her while running his hands over her body. Richard and James took turns kitty kissing her (probably to get some of Mike’s cum). Mike thanked her profusely and told her how incredibly sexy she had looked as she came.

We went down and showed Jen the pictures and video and Lisa blushed quite a bit as we teased her. I told our guests that I wanted them one more time before they left and I would tease them as much as necessary to make sure they would be ready for a fuck. Mike had to help pay back the guys for their services and showered with James (as I said, he’s not homophobic). He washed James’ body down and briefly stroked his cock and James did the same to him. I showered with Richard and would have let him use the shower to help make me cum if hadn’t been for the fact that Lisa and Jen still needed to shower. Once we were out, he was kind enough to use some toys on me while playing with my breasts and by the time Lisa and Jen emerged from the shower I was lying in a contended post-orgasmic haze. Jen didn’t want to cum so I pulled Lisa over me and lapped away at her pussy. I was fully aware how many times she’d cum already that day so pushed her quite close to cumming but then stopped and said that it was time to get dressed. She told me that it was obvious I was just teasing her to get her ready for more and I didn’t deny this and just told her she could masturbate for us whenever she wanted to cum or she would have to wait for us to pounce on her.

We took MJ for a walk and I wandered along with my dress unbuttoned (from the bottom) slightly more than was decent but we didn’t make any real effort to display ourselves to anyone outside our group. Once we got home it was time for our final session and we stood Lisa in the middle of the room and stripped her naked and I challenged the guys to fuck her where she stood. As James had already taken her ass, it was Richard’s turn for this and with a bit of effort they managed to work their cocks in to her (while holding her up and lifting one of her legs up). Mike briefly switched places with Richard just so we could say that all three guys had had their cocks in her mouth ass and cunt that day (it doesn’t count as a triple though unless the guy cums). I then took Lisa’s place and we cleaned Richard’s cock off so he and James could switch round (Richard had already fucked my ass twice). I rode Richard on the sofa with James in my ass while Mike went down on Lisa beside us. Both Richard and I leant over to kiss Lisa a number of times and I fondled her breasts quite a bit (Richard was the wrong way round to do this effectively). Lisa came before anyone else but Mike kitty kissed her while Richard, James and I carried on fucking. James reached round to play with my clit and Richard happily licked and sucked on my nipples, leading to me cumming before either of them, but this didn’t stop them from moving in me and I told them to use me however they wanted until they were satisfied.

James pumped in to my ass harder and came relatively quickly and Richard said he wanted me over the sofa so once James pulled out, I was bent over the arm of the sofa with my ass in the air and Richard pounded away in my cunt. I had expected him to just use me as I’d requested but Mike told Lisa that it would be a shame if I didn’t get to cum again so she moved over to stand beside me and reached under me to play with my clit. I wasn’t really ready to cum again, but that hasn’t stopped Mike (or Jen) from playing with me in the past and this time was no different. Mike handed Lisa a vibe to use on my clit and she rubbed it back and forth while Richard carried on fucking me. He came in me and thrust in to me for a little while longer (Mike loves it when he cums but can still move without it feeling too intense). I had expected Lisa to be the one to finish me off but when Richard pulled out, he knelt behind me, took the vibe from Lisa and held it against my clit while he lapped at my pussy. Lisa caressed my ass and breasts as Richard ate me and I told them I could feel my orgasm coming. I was licked, fondled and vibrated harder (he pushed the vibe harder against my clit) and I cried out as a sharp shot through me. The orgasm itself didn’t feel that good but as it faded I enjoyed having Richard lick me while Lisa fondled me (they did at least move the vibe away from my clit).

I was told to stay lying over the arm of the sofa for a while and let anyone who wanted to grope me do so. Richard sat and let me suck his cock clean and I lamented the fact that I only had three guys to service me as it would have been really nice to have cock after cock inside me and then cum over me. I told the guys about my plan to try and fuck some truckers and they warned me to be careful but we assured them that we were making sure I would be safe. While people randomly fondled me I elaborated on the fantasy and we changed it from what we intended to try (where I would fuck random drivers one at a time to it being a group unprotected fuck where I end up drenched in cum. I really liked the sound of this and if it hadn’t been for the fact I’d just cum I could have happily masturbated while imagining this (although from experience I know that if anyone had been set on making me cum again that they would have been able to).

We all walked the guys to the station and said our goodbyes – Mike prompted the guys to say goodbye to Lisa and me in our traditional way and now the days were colder, we were wearing suitable jackets to allow hands to slide under our skirts and fondle our pussies. I made sure the guys knew that they had to find some suitable freshers to indoctrinate into our group. Mike particularly wanted a cute little 18 year old to keep Lisa (and Amber) company between visits but Lisa knew full well that he wanted this so he might get a chance to fuck her. Mike teased her and agreed that he probably was too old to be dating girls that age so they should probably just break up but I was pleased to see Lisa respond by saying that she knew he wasn’t about to dump her.

That night I slept with Jen and cuddled up to her but we didn’t do anything. Mike gave Lisa another eating and her daily fuck and the following night he and I switched partners. Mike spooned with Jen and after gently caressing her breasts for quite a while as they chatted she started to grind against him. He told her that he knew her libido hadn’t returned and he didn’t need to cum again but carried on tweaking and stroking her nips. Jen ended up mewing quietly and told Mike she didn’t mind if he wanted to play with her so he asked if she just wanted to spoon or have the full treatment. She opted to go full so he kissed her on the lips and then kissed his way down her body to go down on her, kitty kissed her and then moved back up to fuck her. He caressed her legs a lot as they kissed and he asked her to put on some long socks for him, which she did, and he then kissed around her thighs and pussy for a while before they actually fucked. Jen asked him what would happen if she ended up getting pregnant again (she wasn’t on birth control as she was breast feeding) and he told her that I would probably be mad as I’m meant to have our second child, but this didn’t stop him from cumming in her.

While Mike and Jen were fucking (or sometime around then), Lisa and I 69ed and compared what having three cocks inside us at once had felt like. Lisa was still a little confused as to why Mike liked seeing her being fucked so much and I explained that (as far as I know) he really enjoys seeing people he cares about enjoying themselves. Lisa asked why he didn’t want any other guys fucking Jen and I said that was a bit different as he was the only guy who had done things with Jen and he liked the idea of keeping her to himself (plus Jen still considers herself a lesbian and only does things with Mike as she loves him and the fact he is a guy is irrelevant). I pointed out that he loves seeing Jen fucked by other women (and it’s not just because he likes watching girl-girl action as he sees more than enough of that for it not to be special). I also pointed out that he would really like to keep Lis and Lucy to himself (as far as them doing things with guys – but that I had a suspicion that Lis at least may end up letting other guys play with her). I reminded Lisa that she was now a part of our family and climbed over her to 69 with her once more (I was still a little sore after the weekend so there was no anal play for a good while after James and Richard left). She protested that she couldn’t cum again but was told that wasn’t good enough and I humped my pussy against her face as I buried my tongue between her lips. She has at least learned when to give up and started to lick me back and I made sure that once we had cum that we kitty kissed for quite a while and then kissed (in the traditional way) while our faces were still covered in each other’s juices.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Triple – Part 3

While the fingering was probably more appreciated by the guys, the frigging was far more effective on Lisa and she started to squirm around on my knee and let out a little squeak. I hadn’t been intended on making her cum, but I thought it would be a good lesson on how taking advantage of situations as they arose was an important part of exhibitionism. I dipped my finger back in to her pussy to gather a little extra lube and rubbed her clit a bit faster. Lisa whispered ‘I can’t…’ and let out another little squeak and gripped my shoulder as I told the guys to watch closely as she came. With  few more visits between her lips for lube, I frigged her to orgasm and then eased off, trying to do the equivalent of kitty kissing her with my finger. She said it felt too intense so I pulled my fingers away and sucked them clean. I was still fairly exposed and could feel my own pussy was very wet from the thrill of our display. I really wanted to masturbate (or have someone masturbate me) but I wasn’t sitting at the right angle to be able to do it discreetly enough.

I suggested we head out the back of the pub and could show the guys some more and they eagerly followed us. We went a little way down a path, through a fence and stood at the edge of a field. We weren’t really hidden that well, but we couldn’t be seen from the path and had a good view out over the field so would be able to see anyone coming (I may have done things there before on a number of occasions after having visited the pub). I pulled my skirt up and stroked myself, then asked the guys if Lisa could kneel on one of their jackets to eat me. A jacket was quickly presented and Lisa knelt in front of me and immediately buried her mouth in my crotch. I was a little surprised she was so willing to show off to strangers but didn’t care as I was enjoying myself. I soon had the front of my dress unbuttoned and pulled my breasts free of my bra and offered them to the guys. I found out that they were both married and fortunately they were well behaved (at least as far as not being willing to do anything with me – I’m not entirely sure their wives would have been happy with them watching us). I do try as a rule not to do things with married people (without their partner’s permission anyway) so it was good that they didn’t take me up on my offer as I would have quite probably let them fuck me (and hopefully Lisa if she had played along that far). I do wonder though if they would have been less restrained if only one of them had been present so there wouldn’t have been a witness to their infidelity….

Lisa lapped at my pussy and I massaged my breasts (my nipples aren’t that sensitive so this was mostly for show, but it still felt nice) and as my orgasm built I thrust my breasts out, looked up to the sky and just savoured the feeling of cumming outside with an audience. I moaned quietly (in case people were walking along the path just behind us) and once my orgasm finished I pulled Lisa up before she had a chance to wipe her face and kissed her deeply, then licked my juices from her face. I was feeling particularly horny that day (probably due to having been looking forward to my weekend with three guys for so long) and let my hands roam over Lisa’s body and under her dress. I asked her if she could cum again and if she had said yes I had fully intended to strip off and ravish her on the grass, ignoring the fact that we’d get grass stains. She was satisfied for the time being though so I had to settle for just pulling the top of her dress down and freeing her breasts from her bra so I could suck on them. I knelt and gave her pussy a few licks, and almost asked the guys if they were sure they didn’t want to do anything more with us but as Lisa had done a really good job so far I didn’t want to push her any more.

We said our goodbyes to the guys and headed back to the pub to let everyone (in our group) know what had happened. I teased Richard about being jealous of our ability to pick up random guys so easily (but did give credit to Lisa as I’m quite sure the job was made easier by having a teenager as my wing-girl). They asked how I could cum so many times in a day and I reminded them about my birthday a few years before when the gang had spent the whole day making me cum a record number of times (for me anyway). We reminisced about Jen’s time at Uni and how we’d had such a great crowd of people there. Naturally James and Richard wanted to defend their friends (the current group members), but other than Susan they admitted that none of the new group could match people like Mel, Julia and me (I count as an honorary member of the gang seeing as I was instrumental in getting the sex-play started). Lisa said that given what she’d just done she felt that her contribution to debauchery should be counted and we challenged her to match either Julia or Susan in a contest to see who could either fuck or cum the most. Lisa backed down but we promised to continue her training until she could beat either of them (she was somewhat sceptical of this but we pointed out that Susan was a relatively demure girl before we converted her into a raging nymphomaniac.

Back at home we had a nice dinner and chatted for a while. Once we put MJ down (and we were sure she was asleep) I wanted to finish my epic triple-triple and got Lisa to help me get the guys nice and ready. Even James (who is nominally gay, but clearly at least a bit bi), couldn’t resist two girls licking his cock and we soon had him nice and hard. I let Lisa ride each of the guys for a while and I licked her as she did this and she and I each took a turn riding Mike while James and Richard each had a go of licking us (and Mike). Unfortunately we hadn’t planned things properly so to complete the rotation, we ended up in the same orientation that we had used the previous night with Mike in my mouth, James in my pussy and Richard in my ass (we should have flipped two of the guys’ positions when we started the triple-triple). It wasn’t the end of the world though and I soon completely forgot about it as Lisa buried her face between my legs and each of the guys had a few licks of me to ensure I was ready (I was more than ready though). We all knew that they weren’t likely to produce much cum but they played along and told me they were going to fill me until I burst.

We pretty much copied what we’d done the previous night – I lowed myself on to James’ cock, Richard slid in to my ass and Mike in to my mouth. Lisa played with my clit and breasts and fondled James; and Richard’s balls as they fucked me and Jen took a few pictures and some video of the event. To finish my special day properly Mike got Lisa to make sure I came once in the middle of the session and the guys then fucked me hard for a bit while I recovered (not easy to do with three cocks pumping in to you) but that they held back so I could cum again around the time they came. Despite Richard being in my ass (which is obviously tighter than my pussy), James came first (but in his defence he said he really loved the feeling of Richard’s cock rubbing against his from my ass. As a penalty, he had to stay buried in my pussy and endure the stimulation while Richard and Mike finished off in me. To help Mike out he got Lisa to kneel beside him so he could kiss and finger her and Jen got a wonderful shot that showed Mike’s cock in my mouth, Richard’s face just below it and Mike’s fingers in Lisa. Mike only squirted a tiny amount of cum in to my mouth when he came but it was enough to count (it would have counted even if he hadn’t ejaculated, as long as he came).

I felt really good – not so much from the orgasms I’d had during that session, more from having completed a new challenge as it’s quite rare now to have a ‘first’ as we’ve done most of the things that we can (legally) do. I watched as Lisa sucked Mike and James’ cocks clean of my juices and then we all looked through the shots that Jen had taken of the session. My ass felt a little sore (I’m not adverse to anal, but don’t do it that often – and certainly not three times a day – or more accurately four times in just over a day. I really didn’t care though and happily lay there enjoying the feeling as my orgasm faded and Mike kitty kissed me.

I thanked the guys for use of their cocks and Lisa for her participation and she was teased more about it being her turn next. We tried to convince Jen to let us do things to her so that she could cum but all she would allow was for Mike, Lisa and me to kitty kiss her and she made us stop before we got her too turned on (which I really don’t get). At bedtime, Mike took Lisa upstairs and left me with Richard and James. I was actually able to get erections out of them both (with liberal use of mouth and hands and letting Richard play with my breasts) but not enough to get them back inside me (they were hard enough but too sensitive). Lisa had a slightly better time as Mike was determined to keep the promise he’d made to her to both eat and fuck her every day she was with us (over the holiday – not in a ‘going to die’ sense!). Once they were in bed he asked her to put on some long white socks, went down on her (which is always a good way for him to get excited) and after having made her cum and kitty kissed her for a while he slipped in to her. He told her he wasn’t sure if he would actually be able to cum but that he intended to try and Lisa told him that she appreciated the gesture but wouldn’t hold it against him if he couldn’t. Mike is sufficiently obstinate (and he finds Lisa more than sufficiently hot) that after fucking for a while it was obvious he not only wanted to cum in her, but would be able to. They considered stopping briefly for Lisa to slip on a short skirt but didn’t and Mike ended up taking her doggy style while caressing her legs and thighs and frigging her clit. Lisa moaned a fair bit as they fucked (which Mike enjoys) and they worked to try and cum together. This is much easier with just two people and they were quite close. Mike’s orgasm felt very sharp (to the point of being painful) but he had known it might as it was his fourth cum of the day. He remained inside Lisa and spooned with her and she told him he didn’t have to cum in her but he pulled her to him and told her that he fully intended to keep his promise for the holiday and at least the eating part of his promise (he also has to tend to Lisa and me so can’t cum in Lisa every day), for whenever they were together (barring either of them having a serious illness). Lisa liked the sound of this (the promise, not the illness) and got him to describe how long he intended to give her daily orgasms for.

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Lisa awake and once again only semi-fucked her so he could save his cum for the main event later on. He asked her if she was ready to play properly and she told him she was if it was something he really wanted her to do. They had another brief discussion about Mike wanting her to enjoy herself and Lisa admitted that while she was a little nervous, it was obvious how much I had enjoyed myself the previous day so she was intrigued to see what we could all do to her. My morning session with the guys was similar – we played but none of us came (I did get them to spit-roast me again which felt nice, but I mostly just played with them so they would be ready for Lisa). When Mike and Lisa came downstairs, I went down on Lisa just so she would be nice and ready – she told me that Mike had already done this to her and I just told her that I had assumed he would have, but it didn’t stop me from doing it as well. We had a break for breakfast and were joined by Jen and MJ. Once MJ had finished breast feeding we tried to convince her to let us show Richard and James how we also fed from her and I was going to suck on Jen’s breasts with Lisa while Mike ate Jen. Unfortunately Jen wasn’t aroused enough to want to do this but did allow Lisa to rub her nipples against hers (Jen’s) and then let the guys taste her milk from Lisa.

Richard seemed quite keen on Lisa’s nipples and spent quite a while licking, kissing and sucking on them. Lisa leaned against the dining table as Richard’s fingers pushed between her lips and it didn’t take much to get James to slide a hand up Lisa’s legs and used a finger to probe her ass. Mike took a few pictures of Lisa standing there as the guys fingered her but we quickly moved up to the bedroom and each of the guys took turns eating her, fingering her and having her suck them. I wasn’t technically part of the session but I joined in as well and after paying attention to her pussy I got her to briefly eat me (as payment for the fact she was about to steal three cocks from me). When it was time to fuck her, the guys asked her to decide who she wanted in which hole and Lisa said she didn’t mind too much so we had a brief discussion. We debated whether it would be dirtier to have Richard and James cum in her ass and cunt, injecting their cum deep in to her body or whether having her swallow one of their loads would be better. I toyed with Lisa’s pussy as we discussed this and fed her own juices to her before working my fingers in to her ass. She whimpered a little as I did this and I reminded her to relax. We liked the idea of James and Richard being the ones to fill her ass and cunt but as Mike had already cum in my mouth twice during the four-ways with me, he wanted to fill one of Lisa’s holes and let someone else cum in her mouth.

Lisa actually preferred this idea and asked if Mike could be the one to cum in her pussy. He agreed to this and we would have let James take her ass if we hadn’t already done things this way round with me so James was nominate to use Lisa’s mouth, leaving her ass for Richard. I actually thought this would be better as it would mean Lisa could control how much stimulation James got (so he wouldn’t cum too quickly) and as Richard is a bit bigger, she would feel more (he isn’t a lot bigger, but her ass hasn’t been used that many times and from experience things seem a lot larger in there even when there’s only a small difference in size). Before we started the threesome, I wanted the guys to try and double-stuff her so she mounted Richard and once I applied some lube to James’ cock, he moved around behind Lisa and we tried to work his cock in to her pussy along with Richard’s. This wasn’t as effective as it had been with Mike and Richard fucking me in this manner and while we’re fairly certain we could have got James in to her if we’d persevered, we didn’t want to hurt Lisa so we gave up on this idea. I wiped James’ cocks clean (lube in the mouth isn’t good) and let him slide in to Lisa’s pussy briefly while Lisa took turns sucking Mike and Richard and it was then finally Lisa’s turn for her session.

Mike lay on the bed and Lisa mounted his cock. I lubed up Richard and then pushed a couple of my fingers in to Lisa’s ass to apply some directly to her. Richard worked his way in to her a little at a time and once she was ready, James knelt on the bed and presented his cock for Lisa to suck. As they fucked her, I took some photos and a few videos, but most of the time I helped out by playing with Lisa’s breasts, squeezing (and occasionally lightly slapping) her ass and reaching between her and Mike to frig her clit. She really should have been expecting our announcement that she had to cum twice during the session, but she nevertheless seemed quite surprised and unsure as to whether she could. The guys slowly fucked her ass, cunt and mouth while I frigged and fondled her and I watched the expression on her face as she got closer and closer to cumming. I really wanted to draw things out, but as the guys would then have to hold out longer I didn’t think this was wise so I didn’t tease Lisa too much and carried on stimulating her straight through (if a little gently at times) until she came. She moaned around James’ cock and panted a little but the guys kept moving inside her. I withdrew my hands and gently kissed her back and shoulders while telling her that she just had to cum one more time and she would have three guys unload in to her body.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Triple – Part 2

I had woken up relatively early and as the house was quiet, I’d been able to listen to Lisa moaning as Mike ate her (she wasn’t being too loud so I couldn’t hear too well, but enough to know what was going on). I had gently toyed with my clit as I listened in and imagined how my body would feel by the time the guys were through with me. I was expecting that my ass might feel a little sore, but I expected the pain to be well worth it for the reward. By the time Mike and Lisa appeared, I had already woken up James and Richard and sucked and fucked them for a while to ensure they were ready for round one.

As both Richard and James had already cum in my ass the previous day, Mike got to take it this time. Richard really wanted to be in my cunt so he could feel his cock against Mike’s and that obviously left James for my mouth. Lisa watched closely as we got started and as I sucked James, Richard fondled and licked his balls. Mike got Lisa to reach under me and play with my clit and I felt Richard fondling my breasts and flicking my nipples a number of times (Abrahii likes this). At Mike’s request, Lisa also reached down to Richard’s balls and stroked them (which he loved) and Mike teased Lisa about her looking forward to taking my place. Mike was able to get fairly close to cumming quite easily and he slowed his movements slightly to wait for me and the others to catch up to him. I didn’t overstimulate James and waited until Richard said he wasn’t far from cumming before I really sucked James properly and with a bit of effort we worked on timing our orgasms to cum together. It still didn’t work out perfectly but was much more synchronised with Richard cummig in me just a little before I came, Mike cumming in my ass as I came and James in my mouth just after (which was my fault for not having paid enough attention to him early enough on).

I kissed Richard and let him taste some of his boyfriend’s cum from my mouth and Lisa took James’ cock in her mouth and gently sucked him. When I lifted myself off of Richard, Lisa then took him in her mouth and sucked him clean of my juices. I let Richard’s cum leak out of my pussy and rubbed it over my thighs and spat the rest of James’ cum out so I could massage it over my breasts. I felt that this counted as a very good start to the day and suggested we should get a nicer breakfast to celebrate so while our guests went up to shower, Mike went to see how Jen was doing. Richard and James popped in to see Jen breast feed MJ before they showered and Mike gently toyed with Jen’s pussy to show her off (we aren’t allowed to try and make her cum while breast feeding though). Jen wasn’t really in the mood to cum, but was willing to let Lisa go down on her (once MJ had finished eating) so that the guys could watch (although James wasn’t as interested in this as he is far less bi than Richard). As Lisa worked on Jen, I knelt behind her and fingered her, spreading her lips wide and then spreading her ass cheeks to let the guys see their second plaything for the weekend. I didn’t make Lisa cum (in order to make the next stage easier) and once Jen had cum, Richard and James went to shower while Mike and I took turns teasing Lisa and keeping her horny.

Mike, Jen and Lisa showered and got dressed while I just pulled on a coat. Just before we left Mike tugged at the zip of Lisa’s dress and told her that while she looked good in it, she looked even better without it. He worked the top down to expose her breasts and massaged them, then unzipped his trousers and slipped his cock between her legs, rubbing it against her pussy. She told him it wasn’t fair to tease her as he couldn’t fuck her (given he had to fuck me three times that day, his cum was reserved for me). He told her that she could at least get a sample of what my day was being like and slid in to her before getting her to bend forwards. Mike indicated to the guys that they should join in and I thought this was a wonderful idea as it would help prepare them for round two. I knelt and helped fish our James’ and then Richard’s cocks and guided them over to where Lisa was leaning against the wall. I had wanted her to try sucking them both at once, but with the position she was in she needed one hand to hold herself up and couldn’t easily get them both in her mouth at the same time so I took care of one of the guys while she sucked the other and we then switched back and forth. At first I used my mouth but then slid my coat off and let the one I was attending to fuck me so Lisa could then lick him clean of my juices (and probably some of Richard’s cum).

Mike briefly pulled out of Lisa to slide her dress over her ass, down her legs and let it fall to the floor. Lisa stepped out of it and Jen retrieved it (and draped it over the bannister) while I reached around under Lisa to play with her clit. I’ve known Mike for long enough that I knew what he was doing (and I’ve had it done to me enough times by both him and Jen) so I toyed with Lisa until she was close to cumming and then stopped. Mike pulled out and stuffed his cock back in to his trousers and I removed my hand from her clit and sucked my fingers clean. I told the guys they had been teased enough and it was time to eat and Lisa whined a little at not being allowed to cum. She whined even more when Jen wouldn’t give her dress back and when Mike handed her a coat she said she wasn’t brave enough to sit and eat while just wearing it. It was four against one though (not including Jen as she was pushing the buggy) and we easily managed to get the coat on to Lisa and drag her outside. Once the front door was shut we all took turns fondling her until she agreed to do the coat up and come with us and while she was a bit skittish at first (holding the coat down and ensuring nothing was visible), she relaxed a bit during the walk.

We headed to one of our usual local cafes and got a table (unfortunately not in my favourite spot by the window, but in a good enough place). Once we had ordered our food, Lisa was dared to copy me and sit exposing her pussy. We weren’t overtly displaying ourselves, but the challenge was to at least let people in our group see our cunts and then for us to (subtly) touch ourselves. I’m much more experienced at this than Lisa is and quite happily sat with one leg folded under the other, a hand resting on my thigh and stroked up and down my slit. I briefly managed to finger myself, getting two fingers in to my pussy, but this requires a much larger movement so I switched to gently stroking my clit. Lisa didn’t do too badly and I promised her we would have her trained up as a full blown exhibitionist within no time. Jen won the game though as she was able to open the front of her dress to breast feed MJ. On the way back to the house Lisa even let Mike unbutton the bottom button on her coat which meant that it could almost open enough to reveal her pussy and on a couple of occasions (after checking there was nobody behind us) he slipped his hand under her coat and massaged her ass as we walked. When it was safe, I walked between Richard and James and got them to each take an ass cheek and massage it and once we were in our front garden I undid my coat and Mike undid Lisa’s so the guys could play with us a bit more while Mike and Jen got the buggy in to the house.

While Lisa had calmed down quite a bit from when we’d set off, she was still horny enough to want to cum so when I suggested that we take care of her first before I got round two of my triple play she agreed eagerly. Jen remained downstairs with MJ while I pulled Lisa upstairs and pushed her on to the bed. I climbed over her, pushed my pussy to her mouth and buried my mouth in hers. Mike told the guys that they could get warmed up and Richard climbed up on the bed behind me, pulled his cock out and slid in to my cunt. He fucked me as Lisa licked me and Mike then asked Lisa to suck him clean (which she did). Mike was next and once he had fucked me and Lisa had cleaned him, James had a turn doing the same. It was now time to test Lisa some more and I rolled over, pulling her with me so she was on top and Mike moved round behind her and slipped in to her. He briefly fucked her and then let James take his place. Admittedly I was rather distracted by what Lisa’s tongue was doing to me, but I didn’t feel her tense up or slow her licking and  after James had pumped away inside her for a while Richard took his turn inside her. I didn’t want the guys to get too excited as I intended to cum with Lisa so would need a little while to recover before we fucked so once Richard finished his turn, Lisa and I just ate each other. I came a little before she did but by this point we had already trained her in kitty kissing and she kept licking me while I finished eating her. Partially in preparation for her foursome and partially just to help her enjoy herself, I used a finger and toyed with her ass as her orgasm built and she came. I kept my finger buried in her as I kitty kissed her and received a delicious whimper when I finally pulled it out.

Now that the girls had been satisfied (temporarily anyway in my case), it was time to give the guys some more attention and we got them to sit on the bed beside each other while Lisa and I moved between them, sucking them in turn. Both Richard and James wanted a turn on the floor so Lisa and I took turns sitting in their place on the bed so they could lick the two cocks and whoever’s pussy was in place. Mike was willing (or tolerant) enough to let the guys suck him but he still didn’t want to suck them directly. He did repeat something he’d done before though and with Richard and James on the bed with Lisa and I sitting on their cocks, he licked our clits (and a bit of their shafts) as we rode them. To keep things even, Lisa and I switched round so we had ridden both of the guys with Mike licking us and I decided that I was sufficiently ready to make a start on my second triple of the day.

This time I straddled Mike and impaled myself on his cock, took Richard in my mouth and offered my ass to James. We let James work his cock all the way in to me before we started to move in earnest and once again it felt wonderful. As we fucked I imagined anime scenes where all the guys produced bucket loads of cum so it came squirting out of each of my holes as they emptied themselves in to me and I lifted my upper body slightly so my breasts swung back and forth and my nipples dragged back and forth against Mike’s chest. Mike got Lisa to kneel beside us and play with my nips and then got her to rub some tingle gel on to them as well as onto my clit. I told him I didn’t really need this as the situation (coupled with my imagining how it would end in anime) was more than enough to push me towards cumming. Lisa was quite happy to help push me though and I felt her fingers frigging my clit and her other hand massaging my breasts as the cocks plunged over and over into my body. I could see Mike watching me suck Richard and looking down my body at James in my ass and he really enjoyed seeing me in this state. Mike tried to reach Lisa’s pussy to play with her but there were too many bodies in one place for him to manage so he concentrated on using long strokes to fuck me and watched the expression on my face as my pleasure built. This time I came quite a bit before any of the guys did but I didn’t mind and just enjoyed the sensation of them all moving in me (I did get Lisa to stop frigging my clit, but let her continue to play with my breasts). Unsurprisingly James came first and remained still in my ass while Richard fucked my mouth and shot his load into me. Mike wasn’t too far behind him and used much faster strokes in my cunt to finish off (which James said he could really feel) and once again when I extricated myself from my three pleasure givers, Lisa took care of the cocks that had been in my mouth and cunt and sucked them clean.

Over lunch, I once again toyed with the guys’ cocks but this time Lisa helped out a bit. We couldn’t do too much with them as they all said they felt quite sensitive but all I really wanted to do was to make sure they would be ready to perform again later on that day. Lisa and I each got a licking from all the guys (as well as each other and Jen) and after teasing her for a while we ganged up on Lisa and ‘forced’ another orgasm out of her with Mike and Richard fucking and licking her cunt while Jen and I played with her breasts and kissed her (and I may have sat over Lisa’s face for a part of the session) while James looked after MJ (who seemed quite taken with him, as he was with her).

We went for a walk in the afternoon and stopped off at a pub for a drink (with Jen still on non-alcoholic stuff). Lisa and I were challenged to expose ourselves again, but this time we had to do it so other people could see. We both had dresses on without panties underneath (Lisa was happy enough dressing like that as she knew it turned Mike on) and she was understandably nervous over the challenge but agreed to follow my lead. We had to be fairly careful as there were families around but we found a couple of guys who were chatting in a corner and we moved over near them and sat on some stools. I got Lisa to go first so she sat facing them more and I instructed her on how to position her legs to give them a view up her skirt without letting anyone else see (I know she could have figured this out for herself but I’m quite experienced in these games). For a while we sat chatting and ignored the guys but when Lisa said she thought they were looking I used my phone to check my make-up and determine if they actually were. I leant forwards and slid my hand along Lisa’s thigh – not high enough to be anywhere near her pussy, just to draw attention to the area and whispered to her to spread her legs a little more. Lisa told me that we definitely had their attention now so we stood up and walked over to the guys and I asked them if they had enjoyed the view. One of them in particular was quite defensive and said that they hadn’t done anything wrong and that my friend (Lisa) had been displaying herself.

I told him it that we weren’t accusing them of anything and sat down on a chair beside him as I continued and asked if they wanted to see any more. The guys glanced at each other and said ‘sure’ so I slowly spread my legs and pulled my skirt up just enough to expose my pussy. I told them I was sure they would be happier seeing my cute little friend and spread my legs wider as I indicated to Lisa to sit on my knee. I had to shift myself back on the chair a little for this to work (but I pulled my skirt up again so I was still exposed – a lot more now that my legs were spread). Once Lisa was sufficiently balanced, I ran a hand up her thigh again and gently pulled her legs apart – this time however I kept going and slid my fingers right up to her pussy. I felt her jump as I made contact but I slowly stroked my fingers up and down her slit as I chatted to the guys and then withdrew my hand and dropped it to my own pussy. I stroked myself a few times but pushed deeper between my lips and then offered them to Lisa who briefly paused, looked around and then bent her head forwards to suck them clean. I said we could show them more and slid my hand back up under Lisa’s skirt, but this time pushed a couple of fingers in to her and slowly fucked her with them. A couple of times I had to slow my movements when we thought other people were getting a bit too close (Lisa and I had our backs to the rest of the room so we were relatively well hidden) but whenever I couldn’t play with her properly I just used a single finger and made small circles on her clit.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Triple – Part 1

A few weeks after Lis and Lucy’s wedding (middle of September), Richard and James kept their promise and came to visit. I had been looking forward to this because as much as I love Mike’s cock, more cocks are always better (the same can be said about pussies, but I had two of those to play with as Lisa was still staying with us). The house was in a bit of a state as we were in the process of packing up to move to our own place but our guests didn’t mind.

Mike had been hoping that Abrahii would have come along as well, but she had got herself a holiday job to start saving up for when she graduated (she wanted to stay in the UK) so wasn’t able to make it. He was still looking forward to Richard and James’ visit though as we had plans for Lisa and had been working on her to convince her to let the guys play with her. For non-regular readers – Lisa had done things with a number of her Uni friends as a part of the ‘gang’ before she started dating Mike, but once they started dating she decided that she didn’t want to do things with any other guys (although did still sleep with Amber – another one of the first years and sometimes other girls). Mike had told her a number of times that as he got to do things with other girls, he was more than happy for her to enjoy herself with other guys (and of course, girls). Lisa said that she thought this felt like she was cheating on him and he told her he didn’t want her to do anything she *really* didn’t want to, but she agreed to play along while he was present, which was more than good enough for the time being (and if she really wanted to keep herself just for him then it would mean more men for me in future!).

As the guys were on holiday they could travel up any time they wanted so arrived in the early afternoon and were met by Lisa, Jen and MJ. Not wishing to propagate the stereotype about gay guys, I won’t go in to how much they gushed over MJ (and had brought her some cute little clothes), but they were still cooing over her when I arrived home from work. The guys were well aware of the purpose of their visit and as soon as I got in the door I knelt in front of them, unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks. I asked if they had done as I’d requested and refrained from cumming and was delighted to hear that they hadn’t cum that day or the previous one. I thanked them profusely and promised them that I would more than make up for this and that I’d drain them so dry that by the time they left it would take them a week before they’d be able to produce any more cum.

I didn’t want to make them cum just yet as I had something specific in mind (which everyone knew about) so I was still on my knees, moving back and forth between their cocks, sucking and rubbing them against my face, neck and breasts when Mike arrived home. He greeted them while standing behind me and then got me to kneel on all fours so he could reach under my skirt (which is all I was wearing by this point). He withdrew his fingers and showed everyone how wet I was and I said this was due to the anticipation of my special session. I had initially intended to wait until after we’d had dinner, but had been thinking about it all day and felt way too horny to wait any longer so asked if people minded moving the fun forwards.

Jen and Lisa told us to go ahead and Jen said we could use her bed (as it was more comfortable than doing things on the floor in the living room). I slipped out of my skirt and left it on the floor as I led Richard and James upstairs with Mike, Lisa, Jen and MJ following behind. As the guys undressed I lay on the bed, spread my legs and fingered both my holes in preparation. I asked who wanted to go where and they said they didn’t mind so following the rule that ass is last, I sucked each of the guys and let them each have a go in my cunt to get things started (actually a little more than just ‘started’). I then sucked the guys in pairs (Mike had agreed to this beforehand) and we then moved on to me sucking all three of them at once. We had thought about the best way to do this and come up with one of the guys lying on the bed with the other two standing beside him, touching cocks. I couldn’t get all three in my mouth at once (it was difficult enough with two at the same time), but I could sort of suck on the heads and run my tongue back and forth across them all. I then got them to rub their cocks over whatever part of my body they wanted, sometimes sucking one of them while one of them fucked me. At one point I had Mike rubbing his cock against my neck while Rickard and James rubbed theirs against my nipples and I asked Lisa to kneel between my legs and kitty kiss me. I only wanted her to do things gently as I could have very easily cum in this position but wanted to hold back a bit longer and enjoy the tension. Mike briefly moved around behind her and slipped in to her cunt, but only to coat his cock in her juices and he then returned to rubbing it against my neck.

It didn’t take too much of this to push me to the point of wanting to cum and I asked the guys to move on to the next step. Mike knew what I wanted and told one of the guys to lie down, (Richard did this) and as soon as he was in position, I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. Mike climbed up on the bed behind me and with a bit of effort (and a little lube), worked his cock in to my cunt along with Richard's and they both moved inside me. I haven't done this too many times (due to Mike not being too keen on having his cock rubbing against another guy's cock and other than when with Jen's friends, it's not easy finding other guys willing to do it either) and it felt amazing. After a couple of minutes Mike pulled out and let James take his place and James seemed to enjoy it even more than I was. We reminded him that we still had the main event to go so to hold back and he had a little reprieve while we changed position and I climbed on top of Mike so he could share me with James.

I was quite close to cumming but knew that James was too so we changed position again and sat over James, let Richard slide his cock in to my ass and took Mike in my mouth. James had no objection to Mike's balls dangling in his face and had to be reminded that Mike doesn't like having them fondled and the three guys humped in to my three holes as I ground my clit against James' body. Mike asked Lisa to help out by fondling my breasts and she knelt beside me to do this. She also reached down to play with my clit a little but I told her I didn't need too much help there as I could already feel my orgasm building. I wanted all the guys to cum in me at the same time I came, but had to put up with cumming a little bit before they did, then hear James say he was cumming and feel his moements slow in me just a little while later. I squeezed my ass around Richard and sucked on Mike as hard as I could, aware that my saliva was dripping down my chin. Richard said he was close and Mike told me to lick the front of his cock. He angled it up slightly to make it easier for me and I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly against the frenulum. I felt Richard push in to my ass and he moaned as he came and I licked Mike as fast as I could until he let out a little moan and said he was about to cum. I took the head of his cock between my lips and sucked until I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth. I didn't swallow and as soon as Mike pulled out I opened my mouth to show James the cum and made a kissing face at him. He nodded so I leant towards him and we kissed, sharing Mike's cum between us. James was quite eager to taste it and he pushed his tongue in to my mouth.I felt Richard pull out of my ass and I pulled away from James, letting the remainder of the cum dribble out of my mouth. I pulled myself off of James' cock and felt his cum start to leak out of my pussy and knelt up to let everyone see the state I was in. I profusely thanked the guys and told them I would reward them for their participation and on the way downstairs I especially thanked Mike for pushing his comfort levels for me.

The guys commented on the large pictures in Jen’s room of Jen’s, Lisa’s, Sue’s and my pussies and Mike’s cock (we had taken down the pictures of Lis’ and Lucy’s pussies in order to keep the secret of their monthly visits). I told the guys I would be more than happy to model with them and suck or fuck them on camera if they ever wanted their own set of photos. This led to describing my hardcore photo session and I asked if they wanted to come along to the next one to fuck and provide more cum shots for the students to photograph. They said they would think about it but I was quite sure they weren’t that interested so didn’t push too hard.

I remained naked throughout dinner and had a play with Richard’s and James’ cocks with dessert (smearing cream on the head of their cocks and sucking them clean). Mike didn’t want Lisa to feel left out and after dinner she was treated to an extended session of him licking cream from her pussy as we all sat around chatting (Mike didn’t chat much). Richard and James have seen her naked and cum many times before at Uni, so this wasn’t anything new for her and she relaxed and enjoyed the attention of Mike’s tongue. He only made her cum once but switched to kitty kissing her immediately afterwards and got her quite worked up again. Meanwhile, I toyed with Richard and James a bit more to ensure they would be ready to perform again when we went to bed and used my mouth, hands and pussy to tease them and keep them hard. Of course I wasn’t too greedy and allowed them to have a play with each other and also joined each of them in kissing around the cock of the third person.

When it was finally time to retire, we got the duvets out for Richard, James and me to sleep downstairs (Mike’s bed isn’t really big enough for three and Jen’s room is for MJ). Mike told me to enjoy myself (which I was fairly certain was going to happen) and as I brushed my teeth he stood behind me, caressed me and played with my clit (just to ensure I would be ready for the guys). I collected a bag of toys from Jen’s room that I had prepared and sauntered down to the makeshift bed, telling the guys I had a good evening in store for them. We started off just fooling around (kissing and stroking) and moved on to me sucking them again (individually and together). They each had a play with my pussy but Richard seemed quite a bit more enthusiastic about this (he gets more practice with Abrahii than James does) and once I’d had my first orgasm of the session I told the guys it was their turn to have some fun.

There were of course limits on how much fun I wanted them to have at this point but being guys (and limited in the number of times they can cum – which really must suck) they understood. I got them to both kneel on all fours, applied some tingle gel to two of our anal vibes and worked them in to the guy’s asses. I pushed on the base of the vibe to angle the vibes so they would apply pressure to their prostates and got a very favourable response. I spent a while doing them both together like this and then concentrated on them one at a time – keeping the vibe against their prostate (as best I could) and either stroking or sucking on their cocks as they dangled beneath them (although dangled isn’t really the right word as that implies some softness – and they both felt incredibly hard). It wasn’t what I had planned, but I ended up on all fours and let them take turns fucking me doggy style with the vibes still in their asses. James wanted to take my ass but I still wanted to be able to play with his cock so he had to wait a while. I let them spit roast me with each of them having a turn in my mouth and pussy and I gave their cocks another few licks before moving on to the final threesome.

I mounted Richard and James finally got to slide in to my ass – he is a little smaller than Richard and generally cums quite a bit quicker so I wasn’t sure how well things would go but I had paid a bit more attention to Richard during the warm up and as we fucked I got James to reach around between Richard and me to play with my clit. I let the guys experiment with me to see how well they could feel their cocks rubbing against each other’s (although they already had a fair bit of experience of DP with Abrahii, Susan – as well as Julia, when she visited) and despite being worried about James cumming too quickly, it was actually me that got carried away and came. I sheepishly apologised and asked if they would hold back until I came again – James said he was quite close and wasn’t sure how long he could hold out for, but was willing to give it a try and we cheated a bit by using a vibe on my clit. Fortunately I’d only had a mini-orgasm (I had tried to hold back but hadn’t quite stopped myself from cumming) so I recovered relatively quickly but James said he was really getting close by this point as he really loved the feeling of the vibe in his ass. I got him to tell me about the hardest questions in his exams to distract him and I concentrated on the feeling of the cocks and vibe that were stimulating me. When Richard started moving in me again James couldn’t hold back any longer and it wasn’t fair to deny him his pleasure so I told him to go ahead and cum. I felt him pump in to my ass a few times before he moaned and I told him to stay inside me for as long as he could. It apparently felt quite intense but James managed to remain in me as Richard continued to fuck me and once he came, I pressed my crotch down against the vibe and pictured the two cocks inside me, each oozing cum in to my body. This helped immensely and I had to concentrate on keeping still (so I didn’t overstimulate the guys by moving) as my orgasm throbbed through my pussy. Once I’d finished cumming, I pulled the vibe out from between Richard and me and I kissed him while we waited for the guys’ cocks to soften. When James slipped out of my ass I pulled myself off of Richard and told them that I now felt really empty, but that I knew they would take care of this the next day. James and I licked Richard’s cock clean and then wiped James’ cock (I rarely do ass to mouth, even though I’ll quite happily rim and spear people) and we settled down together. They guys were spent and dozed off quite quickly but I lay awake thinking about what we had planned…

Mike’s night with Lisa had been less energetic but this was to accommodate our plans for the Saturday. After they had said goodnight to Jen and MJ, Lisa lay on the bed with her legs spread and Mike had eaten her for about 30 minutes before letting her cum. He was incredibly hard by this point and spooned with her while ensuring she was still willing to play along. Lisa told him she would, but only because she loved him and he told her that was the exact reason why he wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible. He semi-fucked her, but not to the point of either of them cumming and they fell asleep with him inside her. On the Saturday morning he ate her awake and spooned with her for a little while again but couldn’t do this for too long as he was needed for my plan. Now I’ve done the ‘triple’ a number of times – having someone fuck (and cum in) my mouth, cunt and ass all in one day, but this particular weekend (having three guys mostly to myself) I wanted to try for the ‘triple triple’ – having three threesomes in a day with each guy cumming in each of my holes. Richard and James had agreed to try this, but as they were more than used to our games they had added in a few conditions of their own.