Sunday, 30 August 2015

Jen’s Childhood Crush

Another ‘dream’ episode, but this time it's one of Jen's. She had this a little over a week ago and it took me a few days to convince her to let me post it as it contains some embarrassing information…

Last week Jen woke up feeling very horny (her sex drive has now mostly returned post-pregnancy – unfortunately not to the enhanced level it was at while she was pregnant, but at least it’s not too far from where it was beforehand). She insisted on having Mike and I fuck her (at the same time) and kept demanding that she wanted to cum hard. Naturally we obliged her and licked, fucked, fingered and fondled her to an orgasm that she mewed heavily through and then after just a couple of minutes she asked if we could move in to the shower or garden and go again. Mike and I knew full well that this meant Jen wanted to pee and we ended up using the shower (with the water turned off). After toying with Jen for a while we finished her off with Mike fucking her from behind while I knelt under her and lapped at her clit. She warned me she wasn’t going to hold back and I told her I was expecting that and as she came she pushed as hard as she could and sprayed me, along with Mike and her legs with her pee. I gently lapped at her pussy while Mike continued to fuck her and after he’d cum Jen let me fasten my mouth to her pussy and suck at her, tasting the mix of her pee, her juices and Mike’s cum. She mewed a lot more as I did this and I’m sure we could have got her off a third time but we had to get ready for work so couldn’t devote any more time to having fun.

Jen wouldn’t tell us the full details of her dream over breakfast and as we had spent so long playing, we didn’t have the time to force it out of her. When we got home that night though (and MJ was asleep), we tickled her until she started to wet herself (which isn’t a great hardship for Jen) and then teased her until she was desperate to cum and finally got her to reveal the full dream to us.

When Jen was significantly younger (we’re talking year 2000 here) she had a huge crush on Daphne and Celeste. Anyone not familiar with them just need to know that they were a pair of terrible teeny-bop singers who released a few terrible songs. Jen is well aware that their music is awful, but for some reason she really fancied them and regularly fantasised about them while masturbating (Jen was aware that she was gay from a fairly young age even though she didn’t really act on it). There were many other people who she fantasises about while masturbating – friends from school, other singers and stars, her boyfriend (this didn’t work as well for her), but for a period of time her go to people were this duo (you can see why she is embarrassed about me telling you this). She used to have a number of posters of them and would put one on the ceiling above her bed and others on the walls around it so she could either lie on her back and finger herself or hump a pillow and gaze at her idols.

In her dream, Jen was at a Daphne and Celeste concert, dancing relatively near the stage but not right up front. The duo were dancing up on stage and Daphne was completely naked (not even wearing shoes). Jen was close enough to take in every detail of Daphne’s body, from her breasts as they bounced around in time with her jumping and dancing to her pussy which was completely shaved (with a little bit of razor burn – the dream was that detailed!). Celeste was still fully clothed and was clearly aware that Daphne was naked, but it seemed to be a part of the show as everyone else was happily dancing along and nobody seemed to be overly shocked or surprised. Jen kept dancing and intently watching Daphne’s body. Daphne did a few star jumps, allowing Jen to clearly see her pussy, her inner lips just peeking between the outer labia. Jen couldn’t take any more and dropped a hand to her crotch and started to massage herself through her skirt while dancing. Daphne turned around and bent forwards to give the audience a good view of her ass and pussy and Jen (who had pulled up the front of her skirt by this point and was rubbing herself through her panties) plunged her hand directly into her panties and pushed her fingers between her pussy lips.

Jen panties somehow disappeared, but she wasn’t bothered by this as it just made it easier to masturbate. Nobody around her paid any attention to what she was doing and Jen edged slightly closer to the stage to get a better look at Daphne’s bald pussy. Daphne lay down on the stage and spread her legs, giving Jen a clear view and letting her feast in the sight of the cunt she had masturbated to so many times. Jen’s own pussy felt incredibly wet and by this point she was pushing her fingers in to herself and frigging her clit with her other hand (her skirt was magically staying out of the way and she thinks it to might have disappeared by this point in the dream). Daphne lifted her legs in to the air and pushed them apart, then reached down and spread her lips. Celeste sat down next to her on the stage and they were both still singing (Bad Boys – which wasn’t one of their songs). Jen watched as in front of the whole crowd Daphne let out a fountain of pee that went straight up in the air and splashed down on to her body. Jen could feel her own orgasm building and her fingers were flying in and over her clit and Celeste started to lean over towards the stream of pee. Jen was sure that she was about to either drink it or push her face on to Daphne’s pussy and lick her, but she didn’t find out as just as she was about to cum, the dream ended and she woke up.

This was the point where she woke Mike and I up and told us to make her cum and it was really clear to us just how horny she was (her pussy was very wet from the moment we started and had clearly been juicing up during the dream). There is little that Mike likes more than a juicy cunt first thing in the morning though so this wasn’t a problem and just made it easier to play with her.

The pee part of the dream wasn’t something Jen had considered around the time she was obsessed with Daphne and Celeste as she was only around 11 when she masturbated nightly to them. Her pee fetish only started a few years later when she began masturbating outside in the woods and peeing, then leaving her pee and pussy juice soaked panties for people to find.

Even now (over a week since she had the dream), Jen says she can still picture every detail of Daphne’s breasts and fold of skin on her shaved pussy and the dream is still working to get Jen very aroused (which Mike and I have taken advantage of a number of times). Naturally we have extended the dream and explored what would have happened if Jen hadn’t woken up, with Celeste pushing her face into the stream of Daphne’s pee and then licking her or using her microphone to fuck her. Celeste usually remains clothed even in our enhancements to the dream, but we’ve done a few where Daphne tears Celeste’s clothes off and they dance naked together while singing before fucking each other on stage. Jen’s favourite enhancement by far is the one where Celeste notices Jan masturbating in the crowd and calls her up on stage to help Daphne out and Jen kissed fondles, 69s and pees over Daphne, not caring one bit that she has thousands of people watching her (of course I love that too as the thought of being able to do something like that is one of the most arousing things I can think of). I’m actually finishing this entry off at work (it’s lunch time) and I know in a couple of minutes I’m going to have to either go and get something out of the cupboard or find another room somewhere and masturbate. The image of fucking on stage in front of a whole stadium of people has my pussy actually tingling so I intend to find the most open place I can to play with myself (although preferably where I won’t actually be caught and fired) – I have one room in mind where I can sit facing a large window that overlooks the campus. The room is a couple of floors up and has tinted windows so I won’t be directly visible and I can lock the door to give me enough notice to cover myself up if someone tried to come in. I fully intend (providing I’m not interrupted) to pull a table up to the window, sit with my legs spread wide and finger and frig myself until I’ve cum twice. I really wish I could strip naked to do this, but it’s not that safe a location (although that adds to the excitement).

…and one final thing, just in case people hadn’t picked up on it – it wasn’t the fact that Jen was so turned on by watching someone pee or the fact that she was openly masturbating at a (dream) concert that she was embarrassed about, it was the fact that she was so obsessed with Daphne and Celeste J


  1. Ooh stick you!
    They have a new record out but they haven't improved much!

    1. Yep - Jen maintains that she hadn't heard of this before her dream (so it wasn't due to being reminded of her younger masturbatory idols). Jen can still picture the naked Daphne from the dream (and we'e used this a few more times to help get her horny)