Monday, 3 August 2015

Lis and Lucy’s Wedding – Part 1

Near the end of August Lis and Lucy finally got married. While we didn’t technically qualify for the positions (on account of being already married and not being sweet, innocent virgins) but as their best friends, Jen and I were the bridesmaids (me for Lis, Jen for Lucy). We both went down a couple of days before the wedding, leaving MJ with Mike. Lucy was a bit nervous about this – not that she didn’t think he could look after her, just that she hadn’t been apart from her for any period of time since the birth. It turned out to be fine as even though Lis and Lucy were quite well organised, there was still the prerequisite number of last minute mini-emergencies that Jen and I had to help resolve so Jen didn’t really have time to miss MJ (except at night). Jen and I would curl up in bed together and MJ would Skype with us (admittedly Mike had to hold the laptop and she didn’t really say much, but she seemed to be amused by seeing us on the screen).

Mike turned up the night before and once he had said hello to Lisa, he took over Jen’s responsibilities with Lucy so Jen could be excused for a couple of hours to go cuddle with MJ. Just as I was doing, he ferried messages back and forth between Lis and Lucy and on one trip to Lis (who was getting quite nervous) he generously offered to help relieve her of her tension. I reminded him that Lis and Lucy had agreed that they weren’t going to play with us (or each other) until they were married and Mike made out that Lucy had already let him fuck her to distract her from her nerves. Lis knew full well he was lying but played along and said if he’d had Lucy then he could fuck her as well but that she was well in to her fertile period so he had to be sure he didn’t mind the risk of her getting pregnant. She later said that she realised the futility of this as she said it as Mike was more than willing to impregnate her and he told her that he now really *did* want to fuck her (but they didn’t do anything).

Mike had a tiny bit more luck with Lucy in that he got to give her a back massage. He told her to remove her top but Lucy said as he’d seen her naked enough times as she trusted him, she may as well fully disrobe. Mike remained clothed but she felt his cock pressing against her ass cheeks through his trousers. He didn’t even offer to do her front, but he did her legs and rubbed her ass a few times. His greatest temptation was when Lucy asked him if he would mind shaving her pussy (I was going to do Lis). He jumped at the chance but Lucy then got him to check with Jen to make sure she didn’t want to do it. Jen said that as it was just shaving and not a final play before getting married, that Mike could do it so he spent a while soaking her crotch with a hot flannel, lathering her up and very carefully (and thoroughly) shaving  every last hair from her pussy. He desperately wanted to run his tongue over her lips to finally taste her (directly) – and to check for any stray hairs, but this wasn’t the time for them to be exploring new ground.

I took care of Lis in a similar way (Mike and I developed this method together) and I too wanted to play with Lis, but I contented myself with a single kiss on her mons. Jen had recharged on MJ by this point and returned him to Mike so she could spend more time with Jen and Mike took over from me with Lis so I could make a visit to a few of the other guests. First on my list was Abrahii who was more than happy to help me relieve the tension I’d build up while shaving Lis. She had a beautiful outfit on, but as soon as we got to her room it rapidly came off and we had a quick, but intense reunion. She had grown a small patch of hair on her mons which I gently tugged at as I ate her and we played a game of ‘identify the cum’ where I had to guess who the last person she had slept with was. It wasn’t really that difficult as it was Richard so I guessed correctly and as my prize she told me that she would allow me to sleep with him. I told her I fully intended to fuck him anyway (along with James, his boyfriend) and then buried my face in Abrahii’s pussy and ate her until she came in order to prove my point.

I went straight from Abrahii’s room to see Vicky and Oscar. They knew that I wouldn’t have much time but were quite happy to give me a quick threesome and just as I’d promised her on the mini-holiday, I went down on Vicky and gave her a thorough eating. At first Oscar just fondled my ass and pussy as I did this but I soon felt his cock rubbing around the area and I eagerly pushed back against him. Even as he slid in to me I was looking forward to receiving his cum and hoped that he hadn’t cum for a while so I could get a good load from him. He asked to try fucking us both (we had promised him a chance to do that) so I moved up and kissed Vicky, letting her lick her own juices from my mouth. Once in position, Oscar pushed back into me and fucked me briefly, then pushed in to Vicky and did the same to her. He switched back and forth between us like this a number of times while Vicky and I kissed deeply. I couldn’t help wondering how things would have turned out if she had remained with Lis but was grateful things had gone the way they had as it meant everyone seemed to be happy (at least now anyway). Oscar wanted to move on to the next stage so I lifted myself up slightly and repositioned myself so my pussy was pressing against Vicky’s. We humped against each other briefly to spread our juices around the area and Oscar then took up position behind me again and pushed his cock between my ass cheeks and between our cunts. It took a couple of attempts to get it right, but once he was properly nestled between us he pumped back and forth and we felt his cock sliding against our clits. I doubt we (or I at least) could have cum like that, but it still felt really nice and Oscar said it felt amazing (he said he could have easily cum if I hadn’t made him promise that his cum was mine).

Vicky reached up and played with my breasts and I told her I was going to make her cum so hard that everyone in the hotel would hear her moaning. She liked the sound of that (as awkward as it would make the next couple of days) and when Oscar said he was getting close to cumming, we let him withdraw his cock from between us and I flipped round to 69 with Vicky. I once again buried my face in her wet cunt and spread her ass cheeks so I could occasionally lap around her little rosebud. Vicky’s tongue felt wonderful as it probed my pussy and flicked over my clit. I told her not to make me cum yet and beaconed to Oscar to move towards us. I wanted him inside Vicky but we couldn’t manage this in the position we were in so I had to briefly climb off of Vicky, get her to scoot to the edge of the bed, place a pillow under her ass (for good measure) and then climb over her again. Oscar could now slide in to her but I couldn’t lick her as easily so we changed position once more and rolled over so Vicky was on top. This worked much better and he fucked her while I worked on her clit. I told Oscar to stay still inside her as she came and try to feel her orgasm but he didn’t feel too much. I could certainly feel her moaning in to my pussy and attacked her clit even more (causing her to yelp so I backed off a bit) and when Oscar pulled out I lapped at his cock and told him it was time to cum in me.

Vicky and I rolled over once more and Oscar climbed up on the bed. I felt him slide in to me and Vicky carried on lapping at my clit as I kitty kissed her. Oscar said he was fairly close and asked if I wanted him to hold back but I told him as long as he could remain inside me he could cum whenever he wanted. I didn’t actually expect him to cum before be as I was getting quite close myself but he told us he was about to cum in me and I pushed back against him. I felt him let out a few ‘aaahhh’s as he came and then told him to stay all the way inside me as Vicky’s tongue finished me off. I pulled away from Vicky’s pussy to voice my pleasure as I came and told them how wonderful their cock and tongue felt on my cunt. I told Oscar to push in to me harder and work his cum deeper in to me and then spread Vicky’s lips and pushed my lips and tongue in to her pussy for a final few licks. When Oscar pulled out of me I quickly rolled off of Vicky and covered my pussy to try and keep his cum in me. I stood with my thighs pressed together as I got dressed (and sat on the bed to pull my skirt on) so the cum didn’t really start to leak out until I was almost ready to leave. I smeared some of the larger streaks over my thighs and legs but left some of the drips in place, gave Oscar’s cock a final suck, Oscar and Vicky a final kiss each and then Vicky’s pussy a final big lick. I headed straight back to Lis’ room and was pleased she was there (they had been out seeing people). I kissed Mike to let him taste Vicky from me and then wiped my face clean before pulling my skirt up to let both Lis and Mike see the cum dripping from my pussy. Mike rubbed a finger over my pussy and then offered it to me to suck clean (which I did) and I told him he could go and let people continue to adore MJ as I was now back to continue doting on Lis.

We went and mixed with some of the other guests, being careful to keep Lis and Lucy apart (bad luck on the night before the wedding and all that). I took MJ for a little while to allow Mike to go off and say hello to Mel and Julia (who we hadn’t seen for quite a while) and he gave them a much more thorough greeting than he’d given most people. Naturally Lisa was included in this (partially so she didn’t feel left out, partially as Mike really wanted to get her naked and play with her and partially to get her doing things with other people again). Lisa seemed happy enough to play along and up in Mel and Julia’s room, they all quickly got naked and the four of them writhed around on the bed, licking, fingering and fucking each other. Mike ate and fucked each of the girls but didn’t cum (he was saving that for later with Lisa). Lisa really got into it and at one point was buried between the other girls with Mel’s cunt on her mouth and Julia’s tongue and fingers in her cunt while Mike fucked Jules. I don’t really like the way Mel tastes and even Mike (who could happily spent his life with his tongue buried in pussy) isn’t that keen on her taste (not that this stops him from eating her), but Lisa doesn’t seem to mind it quite so much.

I found it quite strange having my group of Uni friends (Lis’ friends) as well as Jen and Lucy’s friends as they are such different people (with the exception of Lis and Vicky, the rest of my friends are fairly straight laced – as far as I know anyway). There were of course many other people there who I didn’t know but we had all promised Lucy that we would behave ourselves and keep any antics within her group of friends (which was a pity as she had a cousin who I liked the look of and would have gladly fucked him if he’d been interested). Mike introduced Lisa to a number of my Uni friends (I say ‘my’ but they are his friends too). They already knew about her so it wasn’t a shock to them but Lisa really enjoyed being introduced as his girlfriend and I think it made up for us not having introduced her to our parents in this way. Lis and Lucy wanted to go to bed relatively early so they were rested for the wedding (it wasn’t too early, but many of the guests stayed up a fair bit later). Lucy was getting quite nervous about standing up in front of everyone to read her vows and asked (via Jen) if Lis minded if she shared a bed with Jen that night. She promised not to do anything and Lis said it was fine as long as she was allowed to share a bed with me. Lucy said this was okay but made us swear not to do anything more than cuddle (it’s as if she thinks we don’t have any self-control) and we gave our word that we would only cuddle (and kiss).

Once in Lis’ room, I stripped her off, washed her down and brushed her hair (I let her brush her own teeth!). Once I was also ready, we climbed in to bed and I held her close to me, telling her that Lucy was a lucky girl (and that she was too). Our hands ran over each other’s bodies and I made her promise (again) that we would still all play together. Lis cupped my ass and just whispered ‘always’ and we rubbed against each other a little (not enough to count as masturbation). I gave Lis a mini-massage and managed to keep my hands away from her pussy, but afterwards I got her to lie on her back and spread her lips so I could gaze at her and get a good smell of her scent. I could have very happily masturbated (or even more happily fucked Lis) but we had promised to behave and knew we were getting close to the point where we might do more than we intended to so we just cuddled up against each other again.

Jen and Lucy were slightly better behaved – although they did have a little breast play so I didn’t feel guilty about my mini-hump with Lis. Mike’s night was much more interesting, even though he was looking after MJ. Lisa was obviously spending the night with him but he wanted to make sure she really enjoyed herself so had also asked Abrahii if she would join them. Lisa had done things with Abrahii a number of times at Uni (as had she with Mel and Julia) so this wasn’t anything new to her and Mike promised Lisa that she would be the one who would get his cum. He fucked Abrahii for a while as she ate Lisa and the girls then switched places. Mike got Abrahii to lick Lisa while he fucked her and he then moved round to fuck Abrahii while Lisa licked her. He had a go at both of their cunts and then let them both lick and suck him at the same time (Lisa instigated this as she knows he likes it) and he gave Lisa the choice as to how they should finish off. She couldn’t decide at first so he gave her a few suggestions and she went with her riding him while he ate Abrahii. Of course Abrahii was generous enough to help out and played with Lisa’s clit as well as kissing her. Abrahii came first and Lisa was quite close so Abrahii gave up her right to have Mike kitty kiss her and let Lisa lie on top of him and kiss him while he pumped hard in to her. Lisa kept telling him to fuck her harder and Abrahii slapped her ass a few times and then took hold of one of her ass cheeks and gripped it firmly enough to keep up with her movements, then slipped the tip of a finger in to Lisa’s ass. Lisa came hard and kissed Mike deeply as he kept pounding in to her. He told her he was close and she told him to keep going. He thrust in to her hard and fast until he came, at which point he pulled her crotch hard against his and pushed as deep in to her as he could. He whispered in to her ear that he was cumming (as if she didn’t know) and held her there for a few minutes.

When Mike pulled out of Lisa, Abrahii had a quick lick of Lisa’s pussy but Mike said he wanted to kitty kiss her. To make up for Mike not having done this to Abrahii, Lisa got Abrahii to climb over her face and gently lapped at her pussy while Mike did the same to her. They did this for a fair amount of time and Abrahii said she could probably cum again. Mike asked Lisa if she was up for giving her friend one more orgasm before going to sleep and when Lisa said she was, Mike crawled up over her body, had a few licks of Abrahii’s pussy and ass from behind and then knelt astride Lisa’s body, pushed his cock in to Abrahii and started to fuck her. Abrahii immediately pushed back against him and he fucked her with long, deep strokes while Lisa lapped at her clit. Between them it didn’t take long to get Abrahii in to a fairly frenzied state (Mike kept telling Lisa to take it slowly and not over-stimulate Abrahii). They didn’t tease her for too long though as Mike knew he was our backup to help resolve any issues the following day so he had also been instructed to get an early night. Abrahii wasn’t too loud (trying to avoid waking MJ) but certainly moaned a lot more than Lisa did and as she had started the anal play with Lisa, Mike felt it was only fair to slide his thumb in to her ass and pump it in to her as she came.

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