Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lis and Lucy’s Wedding – Part 2

They gave Abrahii the option of spending the night with them but she didn’t fancy the prospect of being woken up multiple times by MJ so she thanked them for her orgasms and took her leave. Although she didn’t say anything, Lisa was probably happier with Abrahii leaving as it meant she got to have Mike to herself and as he’d just fucked Abrahii (but not cum) he was able to spoon with Lisa. Even though he knew most of what she’d been up to since she went home, they chatted for a while and he gently fucked her. He offered to make her cum again but she said she was just happy having him hold her (and being inside her) as they fell asleep. He promised to eat her awake in the morning and she told him she would hold him to that.

The morning didn’t go quite as planned though. Mike did go down on Lisa (she was awake before he started, but that wasn’t the issue) and they had moved on to quietly fucking when there was a knock at the door. Mike hadn’t expected this but guessed it was someone coming to see MJ before the madness of the day began and once he had disentangled himself from Lisa and pulled the covers over himself and sent Lisa to answer the door. Anna looked a little surprised to see a naked Lisa and Mike in bed (although it would have been a lot worse if Abrahii had stayed over) and she said she would come back but was told to come and admire MJ. Lisa knew that Anna had seen Jen naked at the mini-holiday so when Mike whispered to Lisa to not cover herself up she did as he asked and left her breasts exposed. MJ was still asleep. He whispered a bit more to Lisa while Anna looked down at the sleeping MJ and when she started to stir, he told Lisa to go fetch her while indicating it might not be such a good idea for him to do this. Lisa pointed out that she was also naked and Mike said (out loud) that Anna had seen Jen naked and wouldn’t mind. Lisa slid out of bed and picked up MJ, carried her back and slid under the covers. Anna sat on the bed and played with MJ as she came round (with a bit of crying – MJ, not Anna) and Mike was very aware of the bulge of his cock under the thin sheet. He is sure that Anna must have seen it and known, but she didn’t say anything. Mike wanted to show off Lisa a bit more and asked her to fetch MJ’s bottle and whispered to her to stay above the covers when she returned to bed. Lisa handed MJ to Mike as she went to make the bottle and Mike offered MJ to Anna, who had to slide up the bed to sit beside him. This meant that by default Lisa had to sit on the bed when the bottle was done and knowing how Jen had shown herself off to Anna, she sort of replicated this by sitting up with her legs spread and ankles crossed in front of her. Mike loved seeing her display herself like this and it was more than enough to keep his erection up.

They let Anna feed MJ and Mike maintains (with a little collaboration from Lisa) that Anna repeatedly glanced over at the bulge his cock was making in the sheets. Anna eventually asked where Jen and I were and Mike told her that we had got up early to tend to Lis and Lucy. This was actually true (and was our original plan before we were asked to sleep with them) as by this point the four of us were already up and were showing together (me with Lis and Jen with Lucy) as the start of the preparations for the day. Mike asked Anna if she would look after MJ for a little while to let Mike and Lisa ‘get ready’. They think Anna knew what he meant but she was more than happy to look after the baby for a while and Mike got Anna’s room number and said he would come and collect her in a little while. As soon as Anna and MJ left, Mike pounced on Lisa, told her she had done a wonderful job displaying herself and said he was sure Anna had appreciated the view. Lisa thought Anna was more interested in Mike’s cock and Mike promised Lisa if he ever got a chance with Anna that Lisa would be involved (this wasn’t his promise to make – he knows if he ever got a chance with her that I would want to be the first to join in). Mike gave Lisa another licking and they then finished off the fuck that Anna had interrupted. Mike (sensibly) concentrated on telling Lisa how much he had missed her and how he was glad she was coming home with us and after making Lisa cum, he fucked her with her legs wrapped around him and she kept telling him she loved him. They then made use of the shower together and Mike played the jet of water over Lisa’s pussy. Unfortunately it wasn’t a pulse spray, but the pressure was high enough that it felt nice (not nice enough to cum – I know, I also tried). Mike then asked Lisa to go and fetch MJ for him (she was going to be looking after her for part of the day) and he looked out one of my flimsy nightgowns. It technically covered her, but Lisa was still a little nervous about wearing it as it was relatively see-through in the right light. She went along with it anyway and headed up to Anna’s room, passing a few people on the way (some from the wedding and some random people), knocked on Anna’s door and went in when it was answered. Anna’s boyfriend seemed to appreciate the view that Lisa provided and while (she says) she didn’t put on the sort of display that I would have in that situation, she couldn’t keep herself fully covered as the robe simply wouldn’t allow it. (Lisa is over 10 years younger than Anna and me so we assume that her boyfriend hadn’t seen a girl that age in such a state of undress for a while). Lisa retrieved MJ (with Anna offering to help look after her later on) and returned to Mike’s room, at which point he took the baby to allow Lisa to get dressed.

Meanwhile(ish), Lucy, Jen, Lis and I were having as relaxing a morning as we could. Having showered, we had breakfast (still without letting Lis and Lucy meet) and returned to their rooms to give them massages. Other than rubbing a bit of baby oil over their pussies, we were both well behaved, with Jen indulging in only a little breast play with Lucy. Once the serious preparations began, we mostly had to do what the stylists said and we flitted back and forth between the rooms relaying messages and watched as our friends were transformed from cute and sexy to glamorous and elegant (not that they aren’t usually like that, but I assume you know what I mean). When it was time to head off, we got them in to their separate cars and only at the point when it was time to proceed down the aisle did they get to see each other. It was a simple ceremony with them reading their own vows (despite her nerves, Lucy was fine) and they left arm in arm as wife and wife.

The rest of the day followed the usual pattern – photos (and more photos), dinner, dancing… I managed to steal a little time with Richard and James in the evening, went to their room and sucked them both off at the same time. I’m quite confident I could have made them both cum like this but it would have been a waste of cum so we finished off with me on the bed on all fours, Richard fucking me and James in my mouth. I really wanted them to DP me, but we would have had to strip off to do this (or get our clothes really creased) so we postponed it and I just let them shoot their loads in to each end of my body. As I was meant to be behaving, I rubbed Richard’s cum around my pussy and thighs as it dripped out of me (so I could keep it on me but have it hidden by my skirt). We agreed that they would come and visit us before the start of term so we could do things properly and then headed back to see everyone else.

Lis and Lucy were staying over at the hotel that night before heading off for their honeymoon so they got a big send off to their bedroom (obviously so they could finally consummate their relationship after being so well behaved and chaste up until that point!). As I didn’t have a Lis to sleep with, I opted to spend the night with Oscar and Vicky again. Initially I had planned to just spend it with Oscar and let Vicky go to Mike and Lisa, but Jen wanted to be with them (or Mike at least) so Vicky remained with us. We were all pretty tired so didn’t do too much that night but I did get Oscar to cum in me and I went down on Vicky. We had a better session in the morning and once I had eaten Vicky awake (which had the dual benefit of providing pleasure for her and getting Oscar ready to fuck), we sent her off to see Mike, Jen and Lisa while Oscar and I played properly. I gave his cock a good sucking and fondled his balls before fucking him and he pounded in to me hard with my head banging against the headboard (it was padded). I wished he had enough cum to fill me and then cover me but as I had to choose one or the other I opted to have him cum in me (okay, maybe he didn’t really produce enough to actually ‘fill’ me…). I then got him to kneel over my chest and rubbed his cock over my face and neck, using the cum that leaked out of me as additional lubrication. We then showered together and after teasing him by masturbating with a shampoo bottle (it was a small hotel one) and a bit more oral work, I got him hard enough to fuck me again. While water isn’t really the best lube, I was still wet enough (and still had some of his cum in me) so we fucked with me up against the wall and the hot water running over our bodies. Oscar asked how dirty I wanted to be and I told him I was fairly sure I would do anything he could suggest. He took the bottle I’d been masturbating with and pushed it against my ass. He looked at me for approval and I just kissed him and pressed back against it. I felt it slide a little way in to my ass and told him to keep fucking me. He pressed hard against me and said he loved feeling my breasts smooshed against his chest. He pushed the bottle a little deeper in to my ass and pumped in to me harder, saying he was getting close. I told him to cum and that he could then watch me play with myself if he wanted and he came in me while biting my shoulder.

I kept my promise and masturbated for him – fingers in my cunt and the bottle in my ass. After a couple of minutes, he took over and I came while lying on the bathroom floor. He wanted a few pictures of me in that position which I allowed, with the usual provision that we could get some of Vicky – and the added provision that I wanted some of his cock (once he could get hard again). I left my clothes in Oscar’s room and just wrapped a towel around myself to get back to my room (it would have been obvious I was doing the walk of shame if anyone had seen me wearing what I’d had on the previous day and I was still trying to follow Vicky’s wishes). I returned to find Anna in our room once again with Vicky still there….

Mike had gone down on Lisa that night and Lisa had briefly played with Jen, but Jen was too tired to do things properly. Lisa and Mike spooned as they fell asleep and were woken up a few times during the night by MJ. The first couple of times, they spooned again but by the third time they were too tired. MJ woke them again in the morning and as Jen fed her, Mike went down on Lisa. As soon as Jen finished breast feeding, he got Lisa to go down on Jen and they were in the middle of doing this when Vicky knocked at the door. Assuming it was Anna again, Mike got Lisa to lie on the bed and spooned with her (covering their lower halves with the sheets) and Jen went to answer the door (naked). She let Vicky in and Mike told Lisa that it was time for her to play with someone else. They kicked the sheets off to let Vicky watch as they fucked and once Vicky had briefly cuddled MJ she wanted someone to finish what I had started. Mike took MJ and left Vicky and Lisa to play with Jen. They sucked at her breasts, lapped at her cunt and kissed her. Vicky has a fair bit of experience with Jen so between them they had no problem getting Jen to cum and Vicky got a good taste of Jen’s milk as she sucked on Jen’s breasts.

It was now time for Vicky to be played with and Mike had a quick lick of her pussy before ceding it to Lisa and telling her he really wanted to see her bury her face between Vicky’s legs. Lisa knew all about our history with Vicky but as she had only actually met her a couple of days before she found it a little odd to be eating her (this didn’t stop her, she just found it odd). Mike ate Lisa from behind as Lisa lapped at Vicky and had just started to fuck her when there was another knock at the door. Vicky quickly scrambled up from the bed and pulled on her nightdress while Mike crawled under the covers and told Lisa to stay exposed (Jen was lying on top of the covers already with MJ). Vicky answered the door and let Anna in. Anna said her hello’s, sat beside Jen and gently stroked MJ. Jen knew that her breasts were still shiny with the mixture of her milk and (mostly Vicky’s) saliva and could still feel her pussy tingling from her orgasm. While Anna and Vicky doted on MJ, Mike wrapped an arm around Lisa and caressed her inner thigh – not actually touching her pussy, but coming quite close.

I arrived back a short while after this point and seeing as Lisa and Jen were blatantly naked I deposited my towel in the bathroom and wandered over to sit beside Anna. I leant across her to play with MJ, letting one of my breasts brush against her arm. I felt Anna stiffen but she didn’t pull away and I asked MJ if she wanted me to hold MJ while she showered. Anna said that she would leave us to get ready and I jokingly said to her that she was welcome to stay and shower with Jen or Lisa. Mike told me not to embarrass Anna and Anna said it was fine (but that she didn’t want to shower with us) so I told her that she must want to shower with Mike. She pointed out that her boyfriend probably wouldn’t approve of that (which on a good day you could consider not being a ‘no’ – even though it clearly was). On her way out I gave her a hug and told her we were just teasing her.

Once Anna left, Mike pulled Vicky back up on to the bed and told her he wanted to finish things off. I watched them play as I got ready and leant a hand a couple of times, but mostly let them get on with it themselves. Mike and Lisa double teamed Vicky in a number of ways – taking her ass and cunt at the same time, Mike fucking Vicky while she ate Lisa, Mike fucking Vicky while Lisa ate her… Jen joined in for a little bit – mostly just playing with Vicky’s breasts and nipples. I reminded them that we had to get down for breakfast and Vicky assured me she couldn’t last much longer (Mike would have happily teased her – or made her cum multiple times) but they rearranged themselves in to a suitable position to finish things with Vicky eating Lisa and Mike fucking Vicky. Vicky came first (they had worked on her a lot more) and Mike held back until Lisa was on the verge of cumming so they could pretend he was shooting his cum through Vicky’s body into Lisa’s pulsing pussy.

Vicky didn’t want to walk back to her room while leaking cum and Jen said she would be happy to lick Vicky clean but Mike asked Lisa if she would do the honours. Ever eager to please him, Lisa knelt and lapped at Vicky’s pussy until they thought most of Mike’s cum was taken care of and Vicky then slipped on her nightdress and scampered back to her room to get ready. We saw her and Oscar down at breakfast but were already sitting with bride and bride. They were teased in the customary way about what they’d gotten up to after they had disappeared to bed the night before and were looking forward to heading off on their honeymoon. Sadly, it meant that they would miss their monthly visit but even Mike was understanding about this (although did quietly tell Lucy that he hoped he’d get to fuck her multiple times during their subsequent visit to make up for it).

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