Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lis and Lucy’s Wedding – Part 3

Lis and Lucy headed off later that morning but a few of us stayed around in the hotel for a while. I had a chat with Anna to make sure (and apologise if necessary) that we hadn’t pushed things too far with her. We ended up having quite a frank discussion around how I felt about Lisa and Mike and by the end of it I think she believed that I really didn’t mind Lisa being in his life (and made it quite clear that she was in my life too). Anna said that her bf had commented on Lisa’s appearance when she had come to collect MJ, as well as my naked sunbathing while on holiday and I told Anna that I didn’t mind people seeing me naked and any time she wanted to strip off, that she was more than welcome to join us (I didn’t specify exactly ‘how’ I wanted her to join us, which if I was given the choice would involve a lot more than just her being naked).

Just before we left I managed to catch Ashraf and asked him if he wanted a quickie for old times’ sake. He was happy to oblige but as we had all already checked out of our rooms, we needed to find somewhere suitable to play. We considered trying to do things in a lift, but we wouldn’t have got a long enough uninterrupted period to do anything worthwhile so looked around for somewhere more suitable. Our next option was out on a fire escape and while this was fine for a bit of fondling (and sucking), it was too exposed to play properly (the aim is to take a bit of a chance but not to get arrested!). In the end, we settled on fucking in a little wooded area by the car park with me up against a tree. I started off with my clothes just pulled up or aside but as we got into things I wanted to be properly exposed so stripped off fully (just leaving my shoes on). We mostly alternated between fucking and me kneeling in front of Ashraf to suck him and rub his cock over my neck. He fingered me for a while and we went back to fucking to finish things off. Ashraf knows what I like well enough that he played with my clit, ass and breasts and I quietly moaned at him to let him know how close I was getting. He was closer to cumming that I was and while it would have been nice for him to be inside me when I came, I told him to go ahead and cum while I frigged myself to try and catch up. He thrust in to me hard as he came and once he pulled out I told him he had to watch me cum. I lifted a foot up on to a log and played with my pussy – as his cum started to drip out of me I used it as additional lube and smeared it around my pussy, over my breasts and then over my neck. Ashraf stood with his cock in his hand watching me and I told him if he could cum again that he was more than welcome to fuck me again (sadly he couldn’t). He did watch closely as I came though, which was almost as good and I then fell to my knees (possibly a bit theatrically) and licked his semi-hard cock clean of our juices.

Ashraf had to go and get a damp towel for me to clean off my knees and legs (just of the dirt, I left the cum) and once I had got dressed again I went and helped load the rest of our belongings in to the car. We said our goodbyes to the people who were still present and just before we set off I changed my skirt to a wrap-around one so I could easily undo it and ride semi-naked in the car. We stopped off at a service station about half way home and while Mike sat with Lisa, Jen and MJ, I wandered over to a couple of lorry drivers and asked them if they thought people in their profession would be interested in any company when they parked up to sleep. As we chatted, I lifted one foot on to the bench beside me and turned to face the guy closest to me. I spread my legs enough to let him see up to my pussy and told him I really liked the idea of having a stranger fuck me. The other guy asked if I was showing myself to them for a reason and I wondered if I’d sat at the wrong side of the table but when I said I was just wondering if they wanted a feel, the guy I was beside placed his hand on my knee and when I opened my legs a little more, he slid it up under my skirt. I maintained eye contact with him, gently licked my lips and whispered ‘go on’. His fingers found my pussy and he ran them over my lips so I scooched a bit closer and lent towards him. His fingers pushed between my lips and I felt him wiggle them around slightly inside of me. Unfortunately the café was too busy to do any more than this and it wouldn’t have been fair to make MJ wait for me to have fun (plus we wanted to get home) so I thanked the guy, told him he could think of me while jacking off later and told him I would think of him while playing with myself. I actually did this and while Mike drove for a while I sat with my skirt undone and toyed with my pussy while fantasising about the guy having lifted me up on the table, fingered me some more and then turned me over to fuck me while I sucked the other guy off. As the fantast developed I imagined that they tore my clothes off and as I was fucked, my body rolled back and forth over their plates of food. I had a nice orgasm as we drove along the motorway and lay back in my chair in a wonderful warm glow.

The food part of the fantasy had really got to me and after we got home, I headed off to the shops while Mike unpacked and Lisa and Jen settled MJ down for the night. I returned with a good selection of things and Lisa didn’t believe I was really going to do what I’d said. I told her she was right that ‘I’ wasn’t going to do it as she would be joining me and Mike told her he loved the idea of seeing her getting so dirty and that he was sure she would enjoy it. Lisa agreed to give it a try, but reserved the right to stop (she still hasn’t got the hang of how things work with us!) and we headed in to the kitchen to get things started.

Between us, we prepared a good selection of food and as soon as we were ready, we served it up on to a number of paper plates and took them out to the back garden. Lisa looked visibly nervous but Mike fondled her for a short while until she was more aroused and I sat and massaged some of the food in to my breasts, loving the warmth and the texture. Once I was sufficiently messy, it was Lisa’s turn and she took some mashed potato and rubbed it first in to her breasts and then (with prompting) between her legs (not in to her pussy though). Mike and I licked some of this off of her and we then got her to sit on a plate of beans and rubbed them around her thighs and over her ass. We rolled around on the food, adding fried eggs, vegetables, gravy and sausages to the mix (the sausages felt really nice to hump against). Once Mike and I had taken bites out of some of the food we had been fucking, Lisa did the same and the three of us had a mini-dinner off of each other.

Of course, no dinner would be complete without dessert and I had catered for this with ice cream, chocolate and strawberry sauce and single cream. Before we moved on, we wiped each other down to (mostly) remove the food from our bodies. The first touches of the ice cream felt freezing (duh!) but as it slowly melted, we could more easily rub it over each other’s bodies and we quickly added the sauces and cream until we were one big sticky (and slippery) mess. Breasts, pussies and Mike’s cock were thoroughly licked many times and we could have quite easily cum but as Jen wasn’t taking part (she was tired and one of us needed to be able to head inside quickly if MJ woke up), we had decided to just tease and then Mike would play with Lisa in bed and I would either fuck Jen or take care of myself in her bed.

As Jen watched us repeatedly cover each other in dessert and be licked clean, she slipped her skirt off and started to play with herself. She moved closer to us and said that we all needed to be cleaned off and I reminded her that we weren’t meant to be cumming while outside, just fooling around (although if Jen had really wanted to cum we would have let her). She said that she would behave and Mike warned Lisa what was coming (although she already knew). Jen let us finish licking each other before letting out a stream of pee that she aimed up and down our bodies. To help get her more aroused, we rubbed the liquid in to each other and once Jen was done, I quickly stood up and copied her, covering Mike and Lisa with my own pee. Mike was firmly fingering Lisa as I did this and when I had emptied my bladder I told him I expected the same treatment while Lisa peed. He actually went one better and went down on me as Lisa stood over him and peed over his back and then up over his head, my stomach and my chest. The three of us kissed and massaged each other for a couple more minutes while Mike concentrated on losing his erection to a sufficient degree that he could take his turn and as soon as he was soft enough, he stood up and squirted a small amount of liquid over Lisa and me.

Jen decided that as I can cum (effectively) an unlimited number of times in a day that it wouldn’t do any harm for me to cum – and as we were trying to train Lisa up to increase her orgasmic capacity she had to join me. Mike poured the rest of the ice cream (which was mostly melted anyway) over Lisa and me, along with the remainder of the cream. Jen joined it by squirting the chocolate and strawberry sauces over us and we were given the simple command ‘cum’. I was more than ready for this and as I pulled Lisa’s crotch to my face I felt her manoeuvre round and spread my legs to give her access. Our pussies and thighs were covered with ice cream, cream and sauce but we didn’t worry about the mess as our faces were already covered. I slurped at Lisa’s cunt and could soon taste her juices again through the various flavourings. Mike knelt over my head and I thought he was going to slide into Lisa’s pussy and was about to remind him to clean his cock off first (too much sugar in there isn’t good) but watched as he positioned his cock against her ass. He hasn’t done anal with her too many times and he told her he wanted to fuck her ass (guys – never try to do this without warning). Lisa told him to be gentle and I lapped at her cunt as I watched Mike’s cock slowly slide in to her ass. I told her to relax and Mike was soon sliding back and forth inside her. As Lisa settled down I could feel her relax and when I increased the speed I licked her, she did the same to me. I could soon feel her moaning into my cunt as she ate me and briefly broke contact with her to tell Mike I thought she was getting close. Jen said to make it good and I rapidly flicked Lisa’s clit as Mike continued to fuck her ass. Lisa came and Jen told us to keep going – so we did. Lisa tried to pull away but with two of us holding her in place she didn’t really stand a chance and she was licked and fucked the whole way through her orgasm and until she was begging to be released. Not wishing to be too cruel to her (yet – we were still breaking her in), we finally released her and as Lisa lay panting on the grass, Mike buried his face between my legs and finished me off. It wasn’t entirely unexpected when he kept eating me and I endured it for as long as possible before trying to wriggle out of his grip. He’s quite experienced at keeping hold of me in this position though and his tongue kept lashing at my clit as the sensations went from pleasurable to incredibly intense. I was moaning louder than I should have been (given we were outside) but couldn’t help myself and when Mike finally released me my pussy was throbbing so much  it felt like my it was burning.

Jen took some photos of us lying on the grass and caked in food to send to Lis and Lucy (with the cation that we hoped they were enjoying themselves on their honeymoon as much as we were at home). The three of us were then quickly brought down to earth when Jen turned the hose on us (with the excuse of cleaning off most of the mess before we walked through the house to shower). By the time she finished, we had goosebumps and even Mike’s nipples were quite firm (although his cock shrank considerably). The three of us tried to shower together to warm up, but there wasn’t sufficient room so Mike sat out and watched as Lisa and I soaped each other up (not in a sexy way, we were just washing each other). Lisa stayed in to help Mike remove what was left of the mess from our games and after saying our goodnights, Lisa and he headed off to his room while I joined Jen in her room.

Fortunately, Jen was still aroused from having watched us play so I got to make her cum. At first I was still a bit too sensitive from what had been done to me earlier, but as Jen started her sexy mewing (quietly so as not to wake MJ), I felt more aroused and ‘allowed’ her to reciprocate and play with me (on the promise she would be gentle as my pussy still felt a little fragile). I actually ended up having quite a good orgasm – it’s not that it was incredibly strong or deep, it just felt ‘different’ (in a very good way).

While Jen and I were playing, Mike and Lisa were doing the same. She sucked him for a while before letting him eat her and he then talked her in to letting him use one of the double ended dildos in her pussy and ass. This didn’t last for long though as she wanted him to be inside her properly and Mike wanted to feel her cunt around his cock. He let Lisa take charge and she pushed him on to his back, lowered herself on to his cock and humped back and forth, grinding her clit against his body. They kissed for a while as Mike kneaded her ass and then rolled over so he was on top and could pump in to her (while still kissing). Lisa told him she had really missed him and he told her they had a month of being together before she had to go back to Uni (they had decided it wasn’t sensible for Lisa to change Uni to be closer to us). Mike promised Lisa he would eat and fuck her every day while they were together. Lisa pointed out that there might be a week he didn’t want to do that but Mike assured her he would happily go down on her and bury his cock in her during her period (he does this to Jen and me so there is no reason he wouldn’t do it with her). Lisa told him he really was dirty and he just told her that he loved her enough to want to make her feel good as often as possible. It’s not that he was playing her, but he knows that she really likes hearing this and they rolled back over so Lisa was on top again and Mike fucked her hard and fast, pounding his cock into her until she told him she was about to cum. Mike whispered to her and asked her to tell him she loved him and as she came she did this. Mike pumped away inside her until he came while telling her he loved her too and as their movements slowed they kissed deeply again. Mike noticed that Lisa was crying and asked what was wrong and she told him she had really hated being away from him and was just glad to be back. Despite having just cum, he slowly moved inside her to try and keep himself hard and it worked well enough that he could then spoon with her and hold her tight while telling her she was now a part of the family.


I often wonder what people (in particular my Uni friends) would think if they knew of the full extent of our extended family – in which I include Lis and Lucy as well as Lisa, (and yes, I would love to have a couple of additional guys in it as well to keep me happy). I know there are a number of other people we play with but even people like little Sara aren’t quite as close to us so they don’t quite count as ‘family’.) Anna was sufficiently confused about how I could tolerate Mike doing things with Lisa that I’m quite sure she wouldn’t understand if she knew what we got up to with other people, let alone that we were planning to let Mike give either Lis or Lucy a baby.


  1. Do you think you will ever expand your little family with another guy joining you all? If so, would you let him impregnate you or only Mike?

    1. I wouldn't mind having another guy in our really close group,but as I'd probably be the only one who would do things with him I'm not sure it will happen. I may feel differently if I met someone suitable but I can't imagine having anyone other than Mike as the father of my child.

      This is probably a more complex question that I'll need to think how to answer properly...