Monday, 24 August 2015

Moving House / Rewarding the Removal Men – Part 1

The week after Richard and James visited us, we finally moved in to our new house. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but was the first place that was actually ours and that we could do whatever we wanted to (and had to pay to fix whatever we broke in the process). We’d had a modest but specific set of requirements – we needed three bedrooms (especially now Lisa was around), a secluded garden (for ‘games’), proximity to other places where we (mainly I) could enjoy myself outside, a reasonable commute to our work places and of course in the area of a good school for MJ (once she had grown a bit).

Even though we’d only been renting our place for a little while, we had a lot of good memories there and Jen was especially sad to be leaving her room (which Mike had put a lot of effort into decorating for her) and I was sad to have to tear our sex-toy cupboard apart (not the actual cupboard, but all the little bits we’d installed to hold the various items). Mike had promised Jen that he would decorate her new bedroom however she wanted (after we’d done the nursery of course) and promised me that we would have a far superior toy cupboard (he said he had a good idea for this but wouldn’t tell us what it was).

We had been fairly organised so the final packing wasn’t too bad and on the day of the move, Jen took MJ off out with one of her new-Mum friends so that she was kept away from the upheaval. Lisa was still with us and on the Friday morning after breakfast she went up to dress and returned in a pair of jeans. When questioned about her attire she said it was practical for lugging things around so Mike handed her over to me (in a deliberately patronising way) and I (in an equally deliberately patronising way) explained to her that this was a good opportunity. We were going to have a team of guys wandering around and plenty of excuses for us to be ahead of them on stairs, bending over or ‘accidentally’ exposing ourselves in numerous ways. Lisa asked me if I ever thought about anything other than sex and I pointed out that I can think about more than one thing at a time (okay, if I’m doing complex things I might pause the sex thoughts…). I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged at them until she sighed and let me pull them down her legs. I pointed out that she was not only wearing jeans but had panties on under them and was all set for cutting them off of her but Mike said he liked that particular pair so they were spared. Of course they still had to come off and Lisa ended up standing in the middle of the living room, naked from the waist down. As a punishment for having chosen such inappropriate attire, I got to eat her and got her close to cumming but then backed off and left her alone. Mike then helped me strip her naked (just her top and bra) and she had to help us get things ready in this state.

As I’m not too mean (and there wasn’t much to do) I remained naked as well and put the clothes that Lisa and I would wear out in the kitchen. Only when the delivery guys arrived were we allowed to dash in there and get dressed – at which point it was too late for Lisa to complain about the shortness of her skirt. She also thought it was going a bit far for us to wear thigh-high opaque black stockings (for the zettai ryokai look) and I told her she could leave them off if she wanted and just show off her legs. As she went without them, I did the same so we were dressed similarly (with the exception of me having ‘forgot’ to put a bra out for Lisa – her breasts are smaller than mine, but not small enough that she can get away without a bra and it not being obvious).

I sat with my legs crossed so the side of my ass was visible and while the guys moved our belongings out to the van, I took every opportunity to ensure they could see either up my skirt or down my (rather low cut) top. I wasn’t in the least bit subtle and once we were sure we had their attention (I had got Lisa to display herself in the same way), we moved things up a notch and I would stroke up Lisa’s leg and rub my hand over her ass or get her to do the same to me. We let one of the guys walk in on us kissing and I slowly slid a hand under Lisa’s skirt, cupped her ass and slid my fingers between her legs. I asked the removal guy if he minded and he told us to enjoy ourselves as much as we wanted so I pushed a couple of fingers in to Lisa and nibbled on her earlobe to tell her to stroke me. Lisa pushed her hand straight under the front of my skirt and rubbed me, asking if I liked it so (as I tend to do) I escalated things and pushed the front of her top up to reveal one of her breasts. Lisa yelped when I did and pulled back slightly this but I leant in, kissed her neck and told her that she was doing well and to keep playing along. Lisa pulled away and pushed both hands up under my top, working the material up over my breasts. I kissed her again and whispered that this was more like it and I felt her reach around behind me to unsnap by bra. We had a fondle of each other’s breasts for a minute or so before I said that we should really stop holding the removal guy up. I pulled Lisa’s top down, sorted out my bra and straightened myself up and told the guy I hoped he hadn’t minded us interrupting him. He said we could interrupt him like that whenever we wanted so I told him we might just do that.

A couple of minutes later I caught up with Lisa and told her I had really enjoyed what we’d done and she said she was surprised at first but that it had felt quite nice. I once again slipped a hand under her skirt and toyed with her clit and promised her we would carry on where we’d left off. Lisa asked if she had to fuck any of the guys and I told her she could do so if she (and they) wanted, but I was more than happy to play with any of them who wanted us, but that it would be nice if the guys could see us doing things together. She was perfectly happy to let me show her off (which was just as well seeing as we’d already started down that path). Over the next hour or so we just bent over multiple times to let the guys see up our skirts and when they stopped for a break (we made them cups of tea), I sat up on the little wall outside our house with one leg drawn up so my pussy was fully visible. I really enjoyed this as I was right out in the open beside the road – although I was admittedly shielded by the van. The guys seemed to enjoy the view and I overheard a ‘told you’ from the guy Lisa and I had let watch us play so assumed he had told them everything. Between then and lunchtime, I made sure that the other two guys each got to see me slide a hand up under Lisa’s skirt and obviously finger her and she in turn retaliated.

Mike was glad that we were enjoying ourselves but wanted to get in to the new house. I had originally been planning on just showing myself off to the guys (and maybe playing with myself a little for them as I’d done with Lisa) but as things were going so well I wanted to see if we could push things further. I didn’t want to do anything with the guys in the new house as it should be us who had the first fuck in each room (a tradition we had developed which was going to be even more interesting now that we had four of us so there would be six combinations in each room – or eleven if you include three and foursomes, or even fifteen if we all also masturbate ourselves and really cover every possible combination) so if anything was going to happen, it would have to be in our old house (or on the truck). When it got to lunchtime, Mike headed out to get some sandwiches for us and we made sure that the guys knew he was leaving. At this point, Lisa and I went and sat with the removal men so they could clearly see up our skirts and started to gently stroke each other’s thighs. We told the guys that we were going to go into the kitchen and fool around properly so if they didn’t want to be offended, they should stay out of that room. As we left the room I told them that we would leave the door open though and if they wanted to watch…

As soon as we were in the kitchen I told Lisa that she just had to play along and didn’t have to do anything with the guys (unless she wanted to) and we started kissing and fondling each other. It was less than a minute after we’d got there when the guys appeared in the doorway. I pretended not to notice (Lisa had her back to them) but I whispered to her that they were watching us as I slid mu hands up under her skirt and lifted it to expose her ass to them. I proceeded to knead this and dipped between her cheeks to fondle her pussy. She quietly asked me how much I wanted to show them and I just replied ‘everything’, at which she reached up under my top and unsnapped my bra again before pushing my top up, freeing my breasts and licking around the nipples. As she leant down to do this, I took the opportunity to pull her top up and reached around and under her to caress her breasts and she in turn pushed a hand between my legs and stroked my pussy. I told her I needed to cum (loudly enough for the guys to hear – although it was clear that we knew they were watching us). I climbed up on to the counter, sitting so I was facing the guys, pulled mu skirt up and spread my legs wide. I just told Lisa ‘eat’ and watched as she lowered her mouth to my pussy and started to lick me. I knew the guys would have a wonderful view up her skirt and regretted not having encouraged her to put the black hold-ups on as I think this would have made the view even sexier.

I let Lisa lick me for a couple of minutes while I removed my top and bra and played with my breasts (lifting each nipple to my mouth and licking them). I tried not to overdo the ‘sexy’ noises, but was genuinely really enjoying myself – partially due to the fact I was partaking of my favourite pastime of exhibiting myself but also because Lisa was getting significantly better at knowing how I liked to be eaten. I could have happily let her make me cum like that, but didn’t want to draw things out too long so told her that it was her turn for a while. I climbed down and kissed her passionately, tasting myself from her face and then pulled her top off and tossed it over to where mine was. She climbed up on the counter where I’d been sitting and seemed a bit nervous as I pushed her legs apart but I quietly told her to just enjoy herself and started rubbing my fingers over and into her pussy. I soon lowered my mouth to her (quite wet) little cunt and eagerly ate her. As I did this I reached between my own legs and played with myself, almost feeling the guys’ staring at my ass and cunt as my fingers plunged repeatedly between my lips. Lisa wasn’t playing with her breasts the way I had been, but she did moan a bit (I’d also learned what she liked and was doing my best to make her cum). I pulled my mouth away from between her legs to tell the guys that my cunt could really do with something to fill it and asked if any of them fancied helping me.

I had hoped it would be the guy who we had let watch us who would volunteer but it was the older one (not too old, probably in his forties).He said he didn’t want to do anything in front of his friends and even though I would have much preferred to fuck with an audience watching I told him we could pop upstairs if he wanted privacy. We took the clothes we’d tossed aside with us and as we dashed upstairs I called back to the other guys that they might get to see more later on. As most things were packed and the beds had been dismantled, we had to make do with what was available and we quickly pushed a couple of boxes together to make a platform for Lisa to lie on so I could bend forward and eat her. I provided the guy with a condom (most of our supplies were packed but I always carry a few in my purse) and bent forward to resume my work between Lisa’s legs. I felt the guy finger me and caress my ass and then felt his cock press against my pussy. I pushed back against him and he slid a fair way in on the first stroke (I was quite wet) and he was soon moving in me properly. I told him to play with my clit and he reached around me to do this, his rough fingers sliding back and forth over it and his other hand massaging my breasts. I went all out on Lisa and licked both her cunt and ass (the guy probably couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but it was obvious that Lisa was enjoying herself). He alternated between pumping in and out of me and pushing all the way in and making very small strokes while grinding against me. Lisa came first and I kitty kissed her while pressing back against the cock inside me. I told him I was getting close and he frigged me faster. A little before I came I told him to fuck me faster and came with him plunging in and out of my pussy. He said that he was close and I told him not to worry and keep going for as long as he wanted. He actually fucked me for about another five minutes and if I’d known he was going to take that long I would have tried to cum again (and to make Lisa cum again for him). He gave me warning he was going to cum and I told him to go ahead, at which point he pushed deep in to me and said it felt really good. He made a few more short, hard thrusts and I told him I wanted as much of his cum in me as possible.

When he pulled out I quickly turned around and took hold of his cock. It was still slippery with my juices and I gently stroked him as I pulled the condom off and then stroked him using his own cum as lube. I thanked him for the fuck and said that I felt quite satisfied, but if I spent the rest of the day watching the guys lug things around that I might get horny again. I remained topless as I went to wash my hands and put myself back together before heading downstairs. The guy had already gone to join his friends (and undoubtedly boast) and I congratulated Lisa on her display. She said it felt very liberating to be able to do things like that in front of strangers (although she was still quite embarrassed – at least until her desire overwhelmed the embarrassment). She did act a little shy when we went back downstairs but Mike’s ‘coincidental’ arrival (which had nothing to do with me texting him and letting him know we’d finished) meant that people soon got back to work and finished loading everything up.

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