Thursday, 27 August 2015

Moving House / Rewarding the Removal Men – Part 2

Now that the guys had seen us virtually naked and playing with each other, we upped the game somewhat during the unpacking stage. I displayed myself to the guys even more, bending over or sitting on boxes right beside them. To her credit, Lisa let them see more of her as well and on a number of occasions we made out or briefly fingered one another (she initiated this just as much as I did). We went in to the lorry with the guys a few times and bent over boxes to more fully reveal ourselves and I gave the guys a good look at me fingering and licking Lisa on one of these occasions. Once most of the things were in the house, Lisa and I (discreetly) told Mike that we were going to go have a bit more fun. We told the guys that Mike thought we were heading off to buy some snacks and I led Lisa up in to back of the van. I quickly pushed her up against the wall and knelt to lick her, then stood up, pulled her top up, turned her around to press her against the inside wall of the van and fingered her from behind. I made her suck my fingers clean and then turned her around to kiss her and asked if she was ready to let the guys see her cum. She asked if she had any choice and I just replied ‘no’, pulled her top off and quickly followed with mine (and my bra) and started grinding against her thigh. Once we were happily humping against each other I told the guys to throw down some of the blankets they use as padding and after kneeling to give Lisa another lick, I pulled her over to the blankets, pushed her on to them and climbed over her in a 69.

I humped against her face as I ate her (she licked me back) and I imagined having all three of the guys fucking us. We switched round to scissoring and one of the guys told us to take our skirts off but I had another idea and pulled the hold-ups from that morning (that Lisa hasn’t wanted to wear as she thought they looked too suggestive) out of my bag. We quickly slipped them on and resumed playing with each other. One of the guys thought they looked good but the others still just wanted us to strip so I pulled at Lisa’s skirt until it came off and tossed it over to where our tops were and then added my skirt to the pile. Lisa followed my lead and spread her legs wide and then her pussy to let the guys watch as we fingered ourselves and then each other. I asked if any of the guys would let us suck them (I had checked this with Lisa beforehand) and the older guy was keen on this, but once again, not in front of his colleagues. I told him that it was a shame as we would have both sucked him at the same time if he’d been willing to have an audience and I think he was tempted, but the thought of guys watching him seemed to be a step too far.

I went back to eating Lisa and this time went in for the kill. I fingered her pussy and lapped at her clit non-stop, occasionally reaching a hand up to fondle her breasts, but only half-heartedly as I was also concentrating on balancing on all fours with my legs spread a fair way so my cunt was fully exposed. Lisa didn’t stand a chance and came with the guys all intently watching her, at which point I climbed up over her face, humped against her mouth and asked if anyone would help me cum. The older guy offered his services, providing I didn’t mind it being just him and the others told him that he would owe them as they left the lorry and shut the back door. He pulled his cock out and I tossed another condom over to him. As he rolled it on I complimented him on how long he had lasted earlier and said I hoped he could go just as long this time. I walked over to him on my knees and took His cock in my mouth and then changed my mind and called Lisa over. Between us we licked up and down his shaft and kissed around the head, sometimes just kissing either side of it and sometimes engulfing it between our lips.

I briefly rubbed his cock between my breasts and then got Lisa to do the same – her breasts aren’t as large as mine (she’s just a B cup) so she isn’t able to do this quite as well as I can, but she now at least understands that (most) guys don’t really mind about the difference (I know there are many guys that really love large breasts but I believe that most guys are happy with *any* breasts being wrapped around their cock). We both allowed him to fondle our breasts until I told him I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted his cock inside me. I stood up and bent forwards, supporting myself on the side of the van and got Lisa to kneel beside me and play with my clit while the guy fucked me from behind. While this felt good, I really wanted him to see me properly so after a couple of minutes we switched places and he lay on the blankets so I could ride him. In this position he could not only watch as his cock plunged in to me, but could also see the pleasure on my face and reach up to play with my breasts. I got Lisa to kneel over his face (after setting the ground rules that he wasn’t allowed to eat her) and I reached forwards to play with her pussy and spread her lips for him to see but she then allowed him to touch her (fingers only) and toy with her. Lisa and I leant forwards to kiss and I whispered to her that Mike would love hearing about this and that we should switch places so she could take a turn riding him. I was somewhat torn over this – I certainly like the idea of people enjoying themselves and wanted Lisa to cum, but I also wanted the guy to keep fucking me – fortunately it was a moot point as Lisa didn’t want to go that far with him so his cock remained mine…

We switched position again and I took his place on the blanket so he could fuck me while holding one leg in the air. I got Lisa to sit over my face again so I could let him watch me lap at her pussy and Lisa reached down to stroke my clit. I moaned loudly into her pussy to let them know how good this felt (it was apparently quite muffled, but seemed loud to me) and I didn’t try to hold back and just enjoyed the sensations until I came. I pushed Lisa up so I could tell her to ease off my clit but told the guy to keep going. I went back to lapping at Lisa’s pussy and then when we next changed position I asked the guy if he thought he could keep going for another while. He said he was really enjoying himself, but liked the idea of making (or at least helping) me cum a second time. As a reward for being considerate, I told him that we would make Lisa cum again too. She wasn’t quite as keen on this but accepted the challenge and lay on the blankets so I could kneel between her legs and eat her as the guy fucked me. I let him watch me finger her (I moved my head aside) and spread her lips wide apart. As Lisa was being so compliant I pushed it a bit further, spread her ass cheeks and pressed a finger against her ass. She flinched when I did this and tried to put her hand in the way but I was holding her in place with my other hand on her mons and a thumb in her pussy so she couldn’t move too far. I told her to relax and just enjoy as I worked my finger just in to her ass and double fucked her as the guy watched. At first Lisa covered her face but when I started flicking my tongue over her clit (still with digits in her pussy and ass) she started to push back against me and lowered her hands to her breasts.

The guy said what we were doing was incredibly arousing and I asked if he could hold back just a bit longer as I wasn’t quite ready to cum yet. He reached around to my clit and frigged me while pushing deep inside and humping up and down against me. Between licks I told Lisa to cum and to let us see what a horny little girl she was. This was an unnecessary statement though as I knew full well how much she enjoyed what I was doing to her and she was making small humping motions against my mouth and fingers. She came and moaned a little, holding my head against her pussy as she did so. I kitty kissed her quite roughly (firm licking, just avoiding her clit) and thrust back against the guy in me. He asked if I was close and I told him I was nearly there and to just play with my clit a bit more. He asked if we could finish with me on top and I quickly took him up on his offer. As soon as I was back on his cock I got Lisa to play with my clit and let him fondle my breasts. Lisa wanted revenge for me having embarrassed her and reached around behind me to fondle my ass – it didn’t quite work out the way she planned though as I happily told the guy how her finger was probing me and how much I wanted to cum around his cock. He told me he was getting close and I just concentrated on everything that was happening (and possibly imagined his friends were beside us and cumming over me). As I came I rode up and down on his cock with long strokes and called out to him to cum whenever he wanted. I kept sliding up and down as much of his cock as I dared (it isn’t good if it pops out and gets squished) until he told me he was close, grabbed my hips and thrust in to me. I laid it on a bit thick and told him how good his cock felt in my hot cunt and how I wanted him to fill me with his cum and kept this up until he stopped moving.

I slowly lifted myself off of his cock until he slipped out of me watched as it slapped down on to his midriff. I climbed off so I was kneeling on the other side of him to Lisa and asked if he had ever fingered two girls at the same time. He said he hadn’t and I asked Lisa if she would let him correct this. She checked I just meant fingering (she was learning) and when I said yes, she said she didn’t mind. We both shifted position so we were kneeling beside his groin, facing towards his head and I pulled his hand to my pussy and told him to get two fingers into me. He did the same to Lisa and we let him pump away in us briefly, then I switched sides with Lisa and knelt on all fours, presenting my ass to him. Lisa did the same and he knelt up and fingered us both again while I told him how much I loved having Lisa’s juices pushed up in to my pussy. Unfortunately we’d left Mike alone for too long (and I also wanted to unpack) so it was time to get dressed. Neither Lisa nor I put any clothes back on until the doors of the van had been opened and the other two removal guys (who had been sitting in the cab listening in) reappeared to see us naked. They helped us down out of the truck and we thanked them for all of their help and let them go on their way.

Mike had got some of the bed done but really needed help holding bits (of the bed) while he screwed them together. Lisa helped out while I called Jen to say we were done and by the time she arrived, we had the bed and MJs cot assembled and took a break. Lisa and I told Mike and Jen how the ‘other’ part of our day had gone and while Mike was pleased with what Lisa had got up to, he was too tired to pounce on her to reward her (not that she minded as she was more than satisfied with her number of orgasms that day). We spent the rest of the day unpacking and assembling the bed for Mike’s room (this was a new one that was the same size as Jen’s) and once MJ was put to bed for the night, we sat out in the garden and had a well-deserved glass of wine (a half glass for Jen). Lisa and I still had our black opaque hold-ups on and Mike started stroking and caressing our thighs (he can’t resist anything to do with legs). Jen complained about him concentrating on us and he was more than happy to include her. He soon had his head buried between our legs, moving between us and we all allowed him to just enjoy himself as his tongue ventured once again between the familiar folds of our pussies.

As nice as this felt, this was to be the first orgasms we would have in our new house (technically it was Mike’s, Jen’s and mine as Lisa wasn’t on the mortgage, but we wanted to share this time with her). We discussed how things should be done and Mike said he was happy to let us girls have the first orgasms, providing he was the one to make us all cum. Jen suggested that the order of our orgasm should be the order that we met Mike – I thought this was a wonderful idea, not because it meant I got to cum first, but because we were still a bit sensitive around Lisa, wanting her to feel that we didn’t see her as having any less of a claim on Mike, but still appreciating that I was the one who was actually married to him and Jen was the mother of his child. Mike kept moving between us, slowly bringing us closer to orgasm and I suggested that even though it was a little too cold to be naked, it was a special set of orgasms so we should really do it properly. The others agreed and we all stripped off (including Mike). He did a few more rounds of our pussies until we were all quite close and then changed things slightly for the final round. I lay on my back as Mike ate me with the Lisa and Jen kissing and sucking on my nipples. Jen went next and I took her place in nipple duty and we finished off with Lisa. Needless to say, Mike was incredibly hard by this point (even with the cold) and we let him slide in to each one of us. I got him first and his cock briefly felt cold inside me (which was quite nice) – conversely he said my pussy felt incredibly hot.

We had the traditional post-house-move takeaway that night. We didn’t want to waste all of the ‘firsts’ in the new house too quickly so we didn’t answer the door naked (although Lisa and I were only wearing flimsy robes which didn’t technically reveal anything but didn’t entirely cover us either). MJ woke up over dinner and took a while to settle so we were a little reticent to use Jen’s room that night for playing, but when it was bedtime, the four of us crowded in to Jen’s bed and played with each other as our first proper fuck. It may not sound possible, but it was a really romantic session and all of us did things with each other, saying how much we loved the other person. It’s difficult to say exactly who made whom cum but we think that Lisa was the one who actually got me off, Mike came in me (so I finally got an actual load of cum inside me), I got Jen off and Jen made Lisa cum (this is based on who was doing the ‘primary stimulation’ during the final build-up of someone’s orgasm). It was a bit of a squeeze but felt right that we should all spend the first night together. Sleep wasn’t an issue as we were all so tired and in the morning we started playing but Jen had to duck out as MJ woke up (we made up for this later by giving her the first orgasm in the kitchen).

We still had our old house for almost a week and went back a few times to ensure we had cleared everything out. On a few occasions I took the opportunity to say goodbye to the place properly and I either rubbed one out myself or fucked whoever I was visiting with (it was only Mike, Jen and Lisa). On the night before we had to hand the keys back, we all went round, set some candles out in the living room, made up one of our duvet beds in the middle of the floor and had a final session together. We very nearly ordered take-away from one of our regular places in the hope of getting one of the delivery guys who we had given ’tips’ to, but decided to keep things just between ourselves. MJ happily slept in her travel cot on the other side of the room while we fucked and even though it wasn’t our original intention (we had planned on another four-way like the first night in our new house) we ended up having a fairly epic session where we each made each other cum. In Mike’s case, he got to eat and fuck us to orgasm while we girls just licked and fingered each other to one orgasm. This meant that each of us (girls) got to cum four times while Mike with his limited capacity only came twice (in Lisa and Me). At least it would have meant four times but he then challenged us to cum once more by masturbating – and I rarely turn down a challenge. Lisa didn’t think she could cum again and she tried, but said she felt too sensitive and was allowed to back out. Mike did kitty kiss her (in the hope it would arouse her sufficiently) but even though she said it felt good, she still didn’t want to cum again. Jen (who we’ve trained quite a bit more) did manage to cum and I delayed my orgasm until after hers so I got the final orgasm in the house.

As a final present for whoever ended up moving in, we left an A4 envelope in the loft with some full colour printouts of pictures of us (naked of course). There was actually a fairly good selection with some close up and full body shots of Lisa, Jen, Sue and me, by ourselves, in various combinations and with toys, fingers, tongues and Mike’s cock in or on us. Sue had been quite willing to let us include her in the mix of pictures, Lisa had been a bit more reticent but gave in without too much badgering (mostly as Mike told her how he loved the idea that someone would find the pictures and end up cumming to images of her over and over again). We marked the envelope as ‘Private and personal’ and hid it just inside the loft hatch so it would be likely to be found if anyone went up there. We considered hiding it under a loose floorboard but decided it was more likely to be discovered in the loft – we did take a couple of pictures out and slide them under the loose board with the thought that they might stay there for years before anyone found them (so I might get to have two lots of occupants of the house see me). On the way home we tried to figure out how many times we had cum in the old house and while it was clear I’d cum more than anyone else (with Jen next, then Mike and Lisa last due to her being a recent addition) we couldn’t come up with a reliable figure (although it was probably thousands of times in the years we’d been there as I generally cum at least twice a day and more at weekends).

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