Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Triple – Part 1

A few weeks after Lis and Lucy’s wedding (middle of September), Richard and James kept their promise and came to visit. I had been looking forward to this because as much as I love Mike’s cock, more cocks are always better (the same can be said about pussies, but I had two of those to play with as Lisa was still staying with us). The house was in a bit of a state as we were in the process of packing up to move to our own place but our guests didn’t mind.

Mike had been hoping that Abrahii would have come along as well, but she had got herself a holiday job to start saving up for when she graduated (she wanted to stay in the UK) so wasn’t able to make it. He was still looking forward to Richard and James’ visit though as we had plans for Lisa and had been working on her to convince her to let the guys play with her. For non-regular readers – Lisa had done things with a number of her Uni friends as a part of the ‘gang’ before she started dating Mike, but once they started dating she decided that she didn’t want to do things with any other guys (although did still sleep with Amber – another one of the first years and sometimes other girls). Mike had told her a number of times that as he got to do things with other girls, he was more than happy for her to enjoy herself with other guys (and of course, girls). Lisa said that she thought this felt like she was cheating on him and he told her he didn’t want her to do anything she *really* didn’t want to, but she agreed to play along while he was present, which was more than good enough for the time being (and if she really wanted to keep herself just for him then it would mean more men for me in future!).

As the guys were on holiday they could travel up any time they wanted so arrived in the early afternoon and were met by Lisa, Jen and MJ. Not wishing to propagate the stereotype about gay guys, I won’t go in to how much they gushed over MJ (and had brought her some cute little clothes), but they were still cooing over her when I arrived home from work. The guys were well aware of the purpose of their visit and as soon as I got in the door I knelt in front of them, unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks. I asked if they had done as I’d requested and refrained from cumming and was delighted to hear that they hadn’t cum that day or the previous one. I thanked them profusely and promised them that I would more than make up for this and that I’d drain them so dry that by the time they left it would take them a week before they’d be able to produce any more cum.

I didn’t want to make them cum just yet as I had something specific in mind (which everyone knew about) so I was still on my knees, moving back and forth between their cocks, sucking and rubbing them against my face, neck and breasts when Mike arrived home. He greeted them while standing behind me and then got me to kneel on all fours so he could reach under my skirt (which is all I was wearing by this point). He withdrew his fingers and showed everyone how wet I was and I said this was due to the anticipation of my special session. I had initially intended to wait until after we’d had dinner, but had been thinking about it all day and felt way too horny to wait any longer so asked if people minded moving the fun forwards.

Jen and Lisa told us to go ahead and Jen said we could use her bed (as it was more comfortable than doing things on the floor in the living room). I slipped out of my skirt and left it on the floor as I led Richard and James upstairs with Mike, Lisa, Jen and MJ following behind. As the guys undressed I lay on the bed, spread my legs and fingered both my holes in preparation. I asked who wanted to go where and they said they didn’t mind so following the rule that ass is last, I sucked each of the guys and let them each have a go in my cunt to get things started (actually a little more than just ‘started’). I then sucked the guys in pairs (Mike had agreed to this beforehand) and we then moved on to me sucking all three of them at once. We had thought about the best way to do this and come up with one of the guys lying on the bed with the other two standing beside him, touching cocks. I couldn’t get all three in my mouth at once (it was difficult enough with two at the same time), but I could sort of suck on the heads and run my tongue back and forth across them all. I then got them to rub their cocks over whatever part of my body they wanted, sometimes sucking one of them while one of them fucked me. At one point I had Mike rubbing his cock against my neck while Rickard and James rubbed theirs against my nipples and I asked Lisa to kneel between my legs and kitty kiss me. I only wanted her to do things gently as I could have very easily cum in this position but wanted to hold back a bit longer and enjoy the tension. Mike briefly moved around behind her and slipped in to her cunt, but only to coat his cock in her juices and he then returned to rubbing it against my neck.

It didn’t take too much of this to push me to the point of wanting to cum and I asked the guys to move on to the next step. Mike knew what I wanted and told one of the guys to lie down, (Richard did this) and as soon as he was in position, I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. Mike climbed up on the bed behind me and with a bit of effort (and a little lube), worked his cock in to my cunt along with Richard's and they both moved inside me. I haven't done this too many times (due to Mike not being too keen on having his cock rubbing against another guy's cock and other than when with Jen's friends, it's not easy finding other guys willing to do it either) and it felt amazing. After a couple of minutes Mike pulled out and let James take his place and James seemed to enjoy it even more than I was. We reminded him that we still had the main event to go so to hold back and he had a little reprieve while we changed position and I climbed on top of Mike so he could share me with James.

I was quite close to cumming but knew that James was too so we changed position again and sat over James, let Richard slide his cock in to my ass and took Mike in my mouth. James had no objection to Mike's balls dangling in his face and had to be reminded that Mike doesn't like having them fondled and the three guys humped in to my three holes as I ground my clit against James' body. Mike asked Lisa to help out by fondling my breasts and she knelt beside me to do this. She also reached down to play with my clit a little but I told her I didn't need too much help there as I could already feel my orgasm building. I wanted all the guys to cum in me at the same time I came, but had to put up with cumming a little bit before they did, then hear James say he was cumming and feel his moements slow in me just a little while later. I squeezed my ass around Richard and sucked on Mike as hard as I could, aware that my saliva was dripping down my chin. Richard said he was close and Mike told me to lick the front of his cock. He angled it up slightly to make it easier for me and I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly against the frenulum. I felt Richard push in to my ass and he moaned as he came and I licked Mike as fast as I could until he let out a little moan and said he was about to cum. I took the head of his cock between my lips and sucked until I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth. I didn't swallow and as soon as Mike pulled out I opened my mouth to show James the cum and made a kissing face at him. He nodded so I leant towards him and we kissed, sharing Mike's cum between us. James was quite eager to taste it and he pushed his tongue in to my mouth.I felt Richard pull out of my ass and I pulled away from James, letting the remainder of the cum dribble out of my mouth. I pulled myself off of James' cock and felt his cum start to leak out of my pussy and knelt up to let everyone see the state I was in. I profusely thanked the guys and told them I would reward them for their participation and on the way downstairs I especially thanked Mike for pushing his comfort levels for me.

The guys commented on the large pictures in Jen’s room of Jen’s, Lisa’s, Sue’s and my pussies and Mike’s cock (we had taken down the pictures of Lis’ and Lucy’s pussies in order to keep the secret of their monthly visits). I told the guys I would be more than happy to model with them and suck or fuck them on camera if they ever wanted their own set of photos. This led to describing my hardcore photo session and I asked if they wanted to come along to the next one to fuck and provide more cum shots for the students to photograph. They said they would think about it but I was quite sure they weren’t that interested so didn’t push too hard.

I remained naked throughout dinner and had a play with Richard’s and James’ cocks with dessert (smearing cream on the head of their cocks and sucking them clean). Mike didn’t want Lisa to feel left out and after dinner she was treated to an extended session of him licking cream from her pussy as we all sat around chatting (Mike didn’t chat much). Richard and James have seen her naked and cum many times before at Uni, so this wasn’t anything new for her and she relaxed and enjoyed the attention of Mike’s tongue. He only made her cum once but switched to kitty kissing her immediately afterwards and got her quite worked up again. Meanwhile, I toyed with Richard and James a bit more to ensure they would be ready to perform again when we went to bed and used my mouth, hands and pussy to tease them and keep them hard. Of course I wasn’t too greedy and allowed them to have a play with each other and also joined each of them in kissing around the cock of the third person.

When it was finally time to retire, we got the duvets out for Richard, James and me to sleep downstairs (Mike’s bed isn’t really big enough for three and Jen’s room is for MJ). Mike told me to enjoy myself (which I was fairly certain was going to happen) and as I brushed my teeth he stood behind me, caressed me and played with my clit (just to ensure I would be ready for the guys). I collected a bag of toys from Jen’s room that I had prepared and sauntered down to the makeshift bed, telling the guys I had a good evening in store for them. We started off just fooling around (kissing and stroking) and moved on to me sucking them again (individually and together). They each had a play with my pussy but Richard seemed quite a bit more enthusiastic about this (he gets more practice with Abrahii than James does) and once I’d had my first orgasm of the session I told the guys it was their turn to have some fun.

There were of course limits on how much fun I wanted them to have at this point but being guys (and limited in the number of times they can cum – which really must suck) they understood. I got them to both kneel on all fours, applied some tingle gel to two of our anal vibes and worked them in to the guy’s asses. I pushed on the base of the vibe to angle the vibes so they would apply pressure to their prostates and got a very favourable response. I spent a while doing them both together like this and then concentrated on them one at a time – keeping the vibe against their prostate (as best I could) and either stroking or sucking on their cocks as they dangled beneath them (although dangled isn’t really the right word as that implies some softness – and they both felt incredibly hard). It wasn’t what I had planned, but I ended up on all fours and let them take turns fucking me doggy style with the vibes still in their asses. James wanted to take my ass but I still wanted to be able to play with his cock so he had to wait a while. I let them spit roast me with each of them having a turn in my mouth and pussy and I gave their cocks another few licks before moving on to the final threesome.

I mounted Richard and James finally got to slide in to my ass – he is a little smaller than Richard and generally cums quite a bit quicker so I wasn’t sure how well things would go but I had paid a bit more attention to Richard during the warm up and as we fucked I got James to reach around between Richard and me to play with my clit. I let the guys experiment with me to see how well they could feel their cocks rubbing against each other’s (although they already had a fair bit of experience of DP with Abrahii, Susan – as well as Julia, when she visited) and despite being worried about James cumming too quickly, it was actually me that got carried away and came. I sheepishly apologised and asked if they would hold back until I came again – James said he was quite close and wasn’t sure how long he could hold out for, but was willing to give it a try and we cheated a bit by using a vibe on my clit. Fortunately I’d only had a mini-orgasm (I had tried to hold back but hadn’t quite stopped myself from cumming) so I recovered relatively quickly but James said he was really getting close by this point as he really loved the feeling of the vibe in his ass. I got him to tell me about the hardest questions in his exams to distract him and I concentrated on the feeling of the cocks and vibe that were stimulating me. When Richard started moving in me again James couldn’t hold back any longer and it wasn’t fair to deny him his pleasure so I told him to go ahead and cum. I felt him pump in to my ass a few times before he moaned and I told him to stay inside me for as long as he could. It apparently felt quite intense but James managed to remain in me as Richard continued to fuck me and once he came, I pressed my crotch down against the vibe and pictured the two cocks inside me, each oozing cum in to my body. This helped immensely and I had to concentrate on keeping still (so I didn’t overstimulate the guys by moving) as my orgasm throbbed through my pussy. Once I’d finished cumming, I pulled the vibe out from between Richard and me and I kissed him while we waited for the guys’ cocks to soften. When James slipped out of my ass I pulled myself off of Richard and told them that I now felt really empty, but that I knew they would take care of this the next day. James and I licked Richard’s cock clean and then wiped James’ cock (I rarely do ass to mouth, even though I’ll quite happily rim and spear people) and we settled down together. They guys were spent and dozed off quite quickly but I lay awake thinking about what we had planned…

Mike’s night with Lisa had been less energetic but this was to accommodate our plans for the Saturday. After they had said goodnight to Jen and MJ, Lisa lay on the bed with her legs spread and Mike had eaten her for about 30 minutes before letting her cum. He was incredibly hard by this point and spooned with her while ensuring she was still willing to play along. Lisa told him she would, but only because she loved him and he told her that was the exact reason why he wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible. He semi-fucked her, but not to the point of either of them cumming and they fell asleep with him inside her. On the Saturday morning he ate her awake and spooned with her for a little while again but couldn’t do this for too long as he was needed for my plan. Now I’ve done the ‘triple’ a number of times – having someone fuck (and cum in) my mouth, cunt and ass all in one day, but this particular weekend (having three guys mostly to myself) I wanted to try for the ‘triple triple’ – having three threesomes in a day with each guy cumming in each of my holes. Richard and James had agreed to try this, but as they were more than used to our games they had added in a few conditions of their own.

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