Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Triple – Part 2

I had woken up relatively early and as the house was quiet, I’d been able to listen to Lisa moaning as Mike ate her (she wasn’t being too loud so I couldn’t hear too well, but enough to know what was going on). I had gently toyed with my clit as I listened in and imagined how my body would feel by the time the guys were through with me. I was expecting that my ass might feel a little sore, but I expected the pain to be well worth it for the reward. By the time Mike and Lisa appeared, I had already woken up James and Richard and sucked and fucked them for a while to ensure they were ready for round one.

As both Richard and James had already cum in my ass the previous day, Mike got to take it this time. Richard really wanted to be in my cunt so he could feel his cock against Mike’s and that obviously left James for my mouth. Lisa watched closely as we got started and as I sucked James, Richard fondled and licked his balls. Mike got Lisa to reach under me and play with my clit and I felt Richard fondling my breasts and flicking my nipples a number of times (Abrahii likes this). At Mike’s request, Lisa also reached down to Richard’s balls and stroked them (which he loved) and Mike teased Lisa about her looking forward to taking my place. Mike was able to get fairly close to cumming quite easily and he slowed his movements slightly to wait for me and the others to catch up to him. I didn’t overstimulate James and waited until Richard said he wasn’t far from cumming before I really sucked James properly and with a bit of effort we worked on timing our orgasms to cum together. It still didn’t work out perfectly but was much more synchronised with Richard cummig in me just a little before I came, Mike cumming in my ass as I came and James in my mouth just after (which was my fault for not having paid enough attention to him early enough on).

I kissed Richard and let him taste some of his boyfriend’s cum from my mouth and Lisa took James’ cock in her mouth and gently sucked him. When I lifted myself off of Richard, Lisa then took him in her mouth and sucked him clean of my juices. I let Richard’s cum leak out of my pussy and rubbed it over my thighs and spat the rest of James’ cum out so I could massage it over my breasts. I felt that this counted as a very good start to the day and suggested we should get a nicer breakfast to celebrate so while our guests went up to shower, Mike went to see how Jen was doing. Richard and James popped in to see Jen breast feed MJ before they showered and Mike gently toyed with Jen’s pussy to show her off (we aren’t allowed to try and make her cum while breast feeding though). Jen wasn’t really in the mood to cum, but was willing to let Lisa go down on her (once MJ had finished eating) so that the guys could watch (although James wasn’t as interested in this as he is far less bi than Richard). As Lisa worked on Jen, I knelt behind her and fingered her, spreading her lips wide and then spreading her ass cheeks to let the guys see their second plaything for the weekend. I didn’t make Lisa cum (in order to make the next stage easier) and once Jen had cum, Richard and James went to shower while Mike and I took turns teasing Lisa and keeping her horny.

Mike, Jen and Lisa showered and got dressed while I just pulled on a coat. Just before we left Mike tugged at the zip of Lisa’s dress and told her that while she looked good in it, she looked even better without it. He worked the top down to expose her breasts and massaged them, then unzipped his trousers and slipped his cock between her legs, rubbing it against her pussy. She told him it wasn’t fair to tease her as he couldn’t fuck her (given he had to fuck me three times that day, his cum was reserved for me). He told her that she could at least get a sample of what my day was being like and slid in to her before getting her to bend forwards. Mike indicated to the guys that they should join in and I thought this was a wonderful idea as it would help prepare them for round two. I knelt and helped fish our James’ and then Richard’s cocks and guided them over to where Lisa was leaning against the wall. I had wanted her to try sucking them both at once, but with the position she was in she needed one hand to hold herself up and couldn’t easily get them both in her mouth at the same time so I took care of one of the guys while she sucked the other and we then switched back and forth. At first I used my mouth but then slid my coat off and let the one I was attending to fuck me so Lisa could then lick him clean of my juices (and probably some of Richard’s cum).

Mike briefly pulled out of Lisa to slide her dress over her ass, down her legs and let it fall to the floor. Lisa stepped out of it and Jen retrieved it (and draped it over the bannister) while I reached around under Lisa to play with her clit. I’ve known Mike for long enough that I knew what he was doing (and I’ve had it done to me enough times by both him and Jen) so I toyed with Lisa until she was close to cumming and then stopped. Mike pulled out and stuffed his cock back in to his trousers and I removed my hand from her clit and sucked my fingers clean. I told the guys they had been teased enough and it was time to eat and Lisa whined a little at not being allowed to cum. She whined even more when Jen wouldn’t give her dress back and when Mike handed her a coat she said she wasn’t brave enough to sit and eat while just wearing it. It was four against one though (not including Jen as she was pushing the buggy) and we easily managed to get the coat on to Lisa and drag her outside. Once the front door was shut we all took turns fondling her until she agreed to do the coat up and come with us and while she was a bit skittish at first (holding the coat down and ensuring nothing was visible), she relaxed a bit during the walk.

We headed to one of our usual local cafes and got a table (unfortunately not in my favourite spot by the window, but in a good enough place). Once we had ordered our food, Lisa was dared to copy me and sit exposing her pussy. We weren’t overtly displaying ourselves, but the challenge was to at least let people in our group see our cunts and then for us to (subtly) touch ourselves. I’m much more experienced at this than Lisa is and quite happily sat with one leg folded under the other, a hand resting on my thigh and stroked up and down my slit. I briefly managed to finger myself, getting two fingers in to my pussy, but this requires a much larger movement so I switched to gently stroking my clit. Lisa didn’t do too badly and I promised her we would have her trained up as a full blown exhibitionist within no time. Jen won the game though as she was able to open the front of her dress to breast feed MJ. On the way back to the house Lisa even let Mike unbutton the bottom button on her coat which meant that it could almost open enough to reveal her pussy and on a couple of occasions (after checking there was nobody behind us) he slipped his hand under her coat and massaged her ass as we walked. When it was safe, I walked between Richard and James and got them to each take an ass cheek and massage it and once we were in our front garden I undid my coat and Mike undid Lisa’s so the guys could play with us a bit more while Mike and Jen got the buggy in to the house.

While Lisa had calmed down quite a bit from when we’d set off, she was still horny enough to want to cum so when I suggested that we take care of her first before I got round two of my triple play she agreed eagerly. Jen remained downstairs with MJ while I pulled Lisa upstairs and pushed her on to the bed. I climbed over her, pushed my pussy to her mouth and buried my mouth in hers. Mike told the guys that they could get warmed up and Richard climbed up on the bed behind me, pulled his cock out and slid in to my cunt. He fucked me as Lisa licked me and Mike then asked Lisa to suck him clean (which she did). Mike was next and once he had fucked me and Lisa had cleaned him, James had a turn doing the same. It was now time to test Lisa some more and I rolled over, pulling her with me so she was on top and Mike moved round behind her and slipped in to her. He briefly fucked her and then let James take his place. Admittedly I was rather distracted by what Lisa’s tongue was doing to me, but I didn’t feel her tense up or slow her licking and  after James had pumped away inside her for a while Richard took his turn inside her. I didn’t want the guys to get too excited as I intended to cum with Lisa so would need a little while to recover before we fucked so once Richard finished his turn, Lisa and I just ate each other. I came a little before she did but by this point we had already trained her in kitty kissing and she kept licking me while I finished eating her. Partially in preparation for her foursome and partially just to help her enjoy herself, I used a finger and toyed with her ass as her orgasm built and she came. I kept my finger buried in her as I kitty kissed her and received a delicious whimper when I finally pulled it out.

Now that the girls had been satisfied (temporarily anyway in my case), it was time to give the guys some more attention and we got them to sit on the bed beside each other while Lisa and I moved between them, sucking them in turn. Both Richard and James wanted a turn on the floor so Lisa and I took turns sitting in their place on the bed so they could lick the two cocks and whoever’s pussy was in place. Mike was willing (or tolerant) enough to let the guys suck him but he still didn’t want to suck them directly. He did repeat something he’d done before though and with Richard and James on the bed with Lisa and I sitting on their cocks, he licked our clits (and a bit of their shafts) as we rode them. To keep things even, Lisa and I switched round so we had ridden both of the guys with Mike licking us and I decided that I was sufficiently ready to make a start on my second triple of the day.

This time I straddled Mike and impaled myself on his cock, took Richard in my mouth and offered my ass to James. We let James work his cock all the way in to me before we started to move in earnest and once again it felt wonderful. As we fucked I imagined anime scenes where all the guys produced bucket loads of cum so it came squirting out of each of my holes as they emptied themselves in to me and I lifted my upper body slightly so my breasts swung back and forth and my nipples dragged back and forth against Mike’s chest. Mike got Lisa to kneel beside us and play with my nips and then got her to rub some tingle gel on to them as well as onto my clit. I told him I didn’t really need this as the situation (coupled with my imagining how it would end in anime) was more than enough to push me towards cumming. Lisa was quite happy to help push me though and I felt her fingers frigging my clit and her other hand massaging my breasts as the cocks plunged over and over into my body. I could see Mike watching me suck Richard and looking down my body at James in my ass and he really enjoyed seeing me in this state. Mike tried to reach Lisa’s pussy to play with her but there were too many bodies in one place for him to manage so he concentrated on using long strokes to fuck me and watched the expression on my face as my pleasure built. This time I came quite a bit before any of the guys did but I didn’t mind and just enjoyed the sensation of them all moving in me (I did get Lisa to stop frigging my clit, but let her continue to play with my breasts). Unsurprisingly James came first and remained still in my ass while Richard fucked my mouth and shot his load into me. Mike wasn’t too far behind him and used much faster strokes in my cunt to finish off (which James said he could really feel) and once again when I extricated myself from my three pleasure givers, Lisa took care of the cocks that had been in my mouth and cunt and sucked them clean.

Over lunch, I once again toyed with the guys’ cocks but this time Lisa helped out a bit. We couldn’t do too much with them as they all said they felt quite sensitive but all I really wanted to do was to make sure they would be ready to perform again later on that day. Lisa and I each got a licking from all the guys (as well as each other and Jen) and after teasing her for a while we ganged up on Lisa and ‘forced’ another orgasm out of her with Mike and Richard fucking and licking her cunt while Jen and I played with her breasts and kissed her (and I may have sat over Lisa’s face for a part of the session) while James looked after MJ (who seemed quite taken with him, as he was with her).

We went for a walk in the afternoon and stopped off at a pub for a drink (with Jen still on non-alcoholic stuff). Lisa and I were challenged to expose ourselves again, but this time we had to do it so other people could see. We both had dresses on without panties underneath (Lisa was happy enough dressing like that as she knew it turned Mike on) and she was understandably nervous over the challenge but agreed to follow my lead. We had to be fairly careful as there were families around but we found a couple of guys who were chatting in a corner and we moved over near them and sat on some stools. I got Lisa to go first so she sat facing them more and I instructed her on how to position her legs to give them a view up her skirt without letting anyone else see (I know she could have figured this out for herself but I’m quite experienced in these games). For a while we sat chatting and ignored the guys but when Lisa said she thought they were looking I used my phone to check my make-up and determine if they actually were. I leant forwards and slid my hand along Lisa’s thigh – not high enough to be anywhere near her pussy, just to draw attention to the area and whispered to her to spread her legs a little more. Lisa told me that we definitely had their attention now so we stood up and walked over to the guys and I asked them if they had enjoyed the view. One of them in particular was quite defensive and said that they hadn’t done anything wrong and that my friend (Lisa) had been displaying herself.

I told him it that we weren’t accusing them of anything and sat down on a chair beside him as I continued and asked if they wanted to see any more. The guys glanced at each other and said ‘sure’ so I slowly spread my legs and pulled my skirt up just enough to expose my pussy. I told them I was sure they would be happier seeing my cute little friend and spread my legs wider as I indicated to Lisa to sit on my knee. I had to shift myself back on the chair a little for this to work (but I pulled my skirt up again so I was still exposed – a lot more now that my legs were spread). Once Lisa was sufficiently balanced, I ran a hand up her thigh again and gently pulled her legs apart – this time however I kept going and slid my fingers right up to her pussy. I felt her jump as I made contact but I slowly stroked my fingers up and down her slit as I chatted to the guys and then withdrew my hand and dropped it to my own pussy. I stroked myself a few times but pushed deeper between my lips and then offered them to Lisa who briefly paused, looked around and then bent her head forwards to suck them clean. I said we could show them more and slid my hand back up under Lisa’s skirt, but this time pushed a couple of fingers in to her and slowly fucked her with them. A couple of times I had to slow my movements when we thought other people were getting a bit too close (Lisa and I had our backs to the rest of the room so we were relatively well hidden) but whenever I couldn’t play with her properly I just used a single finger and made small circles on her clit.


  1. Is it a turn on for you to see other guys do things with Mike?

    1. At the risk of alienating some of my audience I'd have to say that I don't usually find watching two guys do things doing things together as arousing as a guy and a girl or two girls. I'm certainly not adverse to it and will happily watch (and help) James and Richard (or Ashraf and whoever he wants that particular day), I just think the female form is more attractive...

      In the case of Mike and another guy, because I know it isn't something he is really in to, I don't always get in to it. I really like the fact that he is willing to experiment though and he's certainly more willing to lick me while another guy is inside me, eat me after they have cum in me or let me suck him and another guy at the same time. I think if I knew he was really enjoying it (as much as he does when eating pussy - although I don't think he could really enjoy anything else that much) then it would do a lot more for me.