Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Triple – Part 3

While the fingering was probably more appreciated by the guys, the frigging was far more effective on Lisa and she started to squirm around on my knee and let out a little squeak. I hadn’t been intended on making her cum, but I thought it would be a good lesson on how taking advantage of situations as they arose was an important part of exhibitionism. I dipped my finger back in to her pussy to gather a little extra lube and rubbed her clit a bit faster. Lisa whispered ‘I can’t…’ and let out another little squeak and gripped my shoulder as I told the guys to watch closely as she came. With  few more visits between her lips for lube, I frigged her to orgasm and then eased off, trying to do the equivalent of kitty kissing her with my finger. She said it felt too intense so I pulled my fingers away and sucked them clean. I was still fairly exposed and could feel my own pussy was very wet from the thrill of our display. I really wanted to masturbate (or have someone masturbate me) but I wasn’t sitting at the right angle to be able to do it discreetly enough.

I suggested we head out the back of the pub and could show the guys some more and they eagerly followed us. We went a little way down a path, through a fence and stood at the edge of a field. We weren’t really hidden that well, but we couldn’t be seen from the path and had a good view out over the field so would be able to see anyone coming (I may have done things there before on a number of occasions after having visited the pub). I pulled my skirt up and stroked myself, then asked the guys if Lisa could kneel on one of their jackets to eat me. A jacket was quickly presented and Lisa knelt in front of me and immediately buried her mouth in my crotch. I was a little surprised she was so willing to show off to strangers but didn’t care as I was enjoying myself. I soon had the front of my dress unbuttoned and pulled my breasts free of my bra and offered them to the guys. I found out that they were both married and fortunately they were well behaved (at least as far as not being willing to do anything with me – I’m not entirely sure their wives would have been happy with them watching us). I do try as a rule not to do things with married people (without their partner’s permission anyway) so it was good that they didn’t take me up on my offer as I would have quite probably let them fuck me (and hopefully Lisa if she had played along that far). I do wonder though if they would have been less restrained if only one of them had been present so there wouldn’t have been a witness to their infidelity….

Lisa lapped at my pussy and I massaged my breasts (my nipples aren’t that sensitive so this was mostly for show, but it still felt nice) and as my orgasm built I thrust my breasts out, looked up to the sky and just savoured the feeling of cumming outside with an audience. I moaned quietly (in case people were walking along the path just behind us) and once my orgasm finished I pulled Lisa up before she had a chance to wipe her face and kissed her deeply, then licked my juices from her face. I was feeling particularly horny that day (probably due to having been looking forward to my weekend with three guys for so long) and let my hands roam over Lisa’s body and under her dress. I asked her if she could cum again and if she had said yes I had fully intended to strip off and ravish her on the grass, ignoring the fact that we’d get grass stains. She was satisfied for the time being though so I had to settle for just pulling the top of her dress down and freeing her breasts from her bra so I could suck on them. I knelt and gave her pussy a few licks, and almost asked the guys if they were sure they didn’t want to do anything more with us but as Lisa had done a really good job so far I didn’t want to push her any more.

We said our goodbyes to the guys and headed back to the pub to let everyone (in our group) know what had happened. I teased Richard about being jealous of our ability to pick up random guys so easily (but did give credit to Lisa as I’m quite sure the job was made easier by having a teenager as my wing-girl). They asked how I could cum so many times in a day and I reminded them about my birthday a few years before when the gang had spent the whole day making me cum a record number of times (for me anyway). We reminisced about Jen’s time at Uni and how we’d had such a great crowd of people there. Naturally James and Richard wanted to defend their friends (the current group members), but other than Susan they admitted that none of the new group could match people like Mel, Julia and me (I count as an honorary member of the gang seeing as I was instrumental in getting the sex-play started). Lisa said that given what she’d just done she felt that her contribution to debauchery should be counted and we challenged her to match either Julia or Susan in a contest to see who could either fuck or cum the most. Lisa backed down but we promised to continue her training until she could beat either of them (she was somewhat sceptical of this but we pointed out that Susan was a relatively demure girl before we converted her into a raging nymphomaniac.

Back at home we had a nice dinner and chatted for a while. Once we put MJ down (and we were sure she was asleep) I wanted to finish my epic triple-triple and got Lisa to help me get the guys nice and ready. Even James (who is nominally gay, but clearly at least a bit bi), couldn’t resist two girls licking his cock and we soon had him nice and hard. I let Lisa ride each of the guys for a while and I licked her as she did this and she and I each took a turn riding Mike while James and Richard each had a go of licking us (and Mike). Unfortunately we hadn’t planned things properly so to complete the rotation, we ended up in the same orientation that we had used the previous night with Mike in my mouth, James in my pussy and Richard in my ass (we should have flipped two of the guys’ positions when we started the triple-triple). It wasn’t the end of the world though and I soon completely forgot about it as Lisa buried her face between my legs and each of the guys had a few licks of me to ensure I was ready (I was more than ready though). We all knew that they weren’t likely to produce much cum but they played along and told me they were going to fill me until I burst.

We pretty much copied what we’d done the previous night – I lowed myself on to James’ cock, Richard slid in to my ass and Mike in to my mouth. Lisa played with my clit and breasts and fondled James; and Richard’s balls as they fucked me and Jen took a few pictures and some video of the event. To finish my special day properly Mike got Lisa to make sure I came once in the middle of the session and the guys then fucked me hard for a bit while I recovered (not easy to do with three cocks pumping in to you) but that they held back so I could cum again around the time they came. Despite Richard being in my ass (which is obviously tighter than my pussy), James came first (but in his defence he said he really loved the feeling of Richard’s cock rubbing against his from my ass. As a penalty, he had to stay buried in my pussy and endure the stimulation while Richard and Mike finished off in me. To help Mike out he got Lisa to kneel beside him so he could kiss and finger her and Jen got a wonderful shot that showed Mike’s cock in my mouth, Richard’s face just below it and Mike’s fingers in Lisa. Mike only squirted a tiny amount of cum in to my mouth when he came but it was enough to count (it would have counted even if he hadn’t ejaculated, as long as he came).

I felt really good – not so much from the orgasms I’d had during that session, more from having completed a new challenge as it’s quite rare now to have a ‘first’ as we’ve done most of the things that we can (legally) do. I watched as Lisa sucked Mike and James’ cocks clean of my juices and then we all looked through the shots that Jen had taken of the session. My ass felt a little sore (I’m not adverse to anal, but don’t do it that often – and certainly not three times a day – or more accurately four times in just over a day. I really didn’t care though and happily lay there enjoying the feeling as my orgasm faded and Mike kitty kissed me.

I thanked the guys for use of their cocks and Lisa for her participation and she was teased more about it being her turn next. We tried to convince Jen to let us do things to her so that she could cum but all she would allow was for Mike, Lisa and me to kitty kiss her and she made us stop before we got her too turned on (which I really don’t get). At bedtime, Mike took Lisa upstairs and left me with Richard and James. I was actually able to get erections out of them both (with liberal use of mouth and hands and letting Richard play with my breasts) but not enough to get them back inside me (they were hard enough but too sensitive). Lisa had a slightly better time as Mike was determined to keep the promise he’d made to her to both eat and fuck her every day she was with us (over the holiday – not in a ‘going to die’ sense!). Once they were in bed he asked her to put on some long white socks, went down on her (which is always a good way for him to get excited) and after having made her cum and kitty kissed her for a while he slipped in to her. He told her he wasn’t sure if he would actually be able to cum but that he intended to try and Lisa told him that she appreciated the gesture but wouldn’t hold it against him if he couldn’t. Mike is sufficiently obstinate (and he finds Lisa more than sufficiently hot) that after fucking for a while it was obvious he not only wanted to cum in her, but would be able to. They considered stopping briefly for Lisa to slip on a short skirt but didn’t and Mike ended up taking her doggy style while caressing her legs and thighs and frigging her clit. Lisa moaned a fair bit as they fucked (which Mike enjoys) and they worked to try and cum together. This is much easier with just two people and they were quite close. Mike’s orgasm felt very sharp (to the point of being painful) but he had known it might as it was his fourth cum of the day. He remained inside Lisa and spooned with her and she told him he didn’t have to cum in her but he pulled her to him and told her that he fully intended to keep his promise for the holiday and at least the eating part of his promise (he also has to tend to Lisa and me so can’t cum in Lisa every day), for whenever they were together (barring either of them having a serious illness). Lisa liked the sound of this (the promise, not the illness) and got him to describe how long he intended to give her daily orgasms for.

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Lisa awake and once again only semi-fucked her so he could save his cum for the main event later on. He asked her if she was ready to play properly and she told him she was if it was something he really wanted her to do. They had another brief discussion about Mike wanting her to enjoy herself and Lisa admitted that while she was a little nervous, it was obvious how much I had enjoyed myself the previous day so she was intrigued to see what we could all do to her. My morning session with the guys was similar – we played but none of us came (I did get them to spit-roast me again which felt nice, but I mostly just played with them so they would be ready for Lisa). When Mike and Lisa came downstairs, I went down on Lisa just so she would be nice and ready – she told me that Mike had already done this to her and I just told her that I had assumed he would have, but it didn’t stop me from doing it as well. We had a break for breakfast and were joined by Jen and MJ. Once MJ had finished breast feeding we tried to convince her to let us show Richard and James how we also fed from her and I was going to suck on Jen’s breasts with Lisa while Mike ate Jen. Unfortunately Jen wasn’t aroused enough to want to do this but did allow Lisa to rub her nipples against hers (Jen’s) and then let the guys taste her milk from Lisa.

Richard seemed quite keen on Lisa’s nipples and spent quite a while licking, kissing and sucking on them. Lisa leaned against the dining table as Richard’s fingers pushed between her lips and it didn’t take much to get James to slide a hand up Lisa’s legs and used a finger to probe her ass. Mike took a few pictures of Lisa standing there as the guys fingered her but we quickly moved up to the bedroom and each of the guys took turns eating her, fingering her and having her suck them. I wasn’t technically part of the session but I joined in as well and after paying attention to her pussy I got her to briefly eat me (as payment for the fact she was about to steal three cocks from me). When it was time to fuck her, the guys asked her to decide who she wanted in which hole and Lisa said she didn’t mind too much so we had a brief discussion. We debated whether it would be dirtier to have Richard and James cum in her ass and cunt, injecting their cum deep in to her body or whether having her swallow one of their loads would be better. I toyed with Lisa’s pussy as we discussed this and fed her own juices to her before working my fingers in to her ass. She whimpered a little as I did this and I reminded her to relax. We liked the idea of James and Richard being the ones to fill her ass and cunt but as Mike had already cum in my mouth twice during the four-ways with me, he wanted to fill one of Lisa’s holes and let someone else cum in her mouth.

Lisa actually preferred this idea and asked if Mike could be the one to cum in her pussy. He agreed to this and we would have let James take her ass if we hadn’t already done things this way round with me so James was nominate to use Lisa’s mouth, leaving her ass for Richard. I actually thought this would be better as it would mean Lisa could control how much stimulation James got (so he wouldn’t cum too quickly) and as Richard is a bit bigger, she would feel more (he isn’t a lot bigger, but her ass hasn’t been used that many times and from experience things seem a lot larger in there even when there’s only a small difference in size). Before we started the threesome, I wanted the guys to try and double-stuff her so she mounted Richard and once I applied some lube to James’ cock, he moved around behind Lisa and we tried to work his cock in to her pussy along with Richard’s. This wasn’t as effective as it had been with Mike and Richard fucking me in this manner and while we’re fairly certain we could have got James in to her if we’d persevered, we didn’t want to hurt Lisa so we gave up on this idea. I wiped James’ cocks clean (lube in the mouth isn’t good) and let him slide in to Lisa’s pussy briefly while Lisa took turns sucking Mike and Richard and it was then finally Lisa’s turn for her session.

Mike lay on the bed and Lisa mounted his cock. I lubed up Richard and then pushed a couple of my fingers in to Lisa’s ass to apply some directly to her. Richard worked his way in to her a little at a time and once she was ready, James knelt on the bed and presented his cock for Lisa to suck. As they fucked her, I took some photos and a few videos, but most of the time I helped out by playing with Lisa’s breasts, squeezing (and occasionally lightly slapping) her ass and reaching between her and Mike to frig her clit. She really should have been expecting our announcement that she had to cum twice during the session, but she nevertheless seemed quite surprised and unsure as to whether she could. The guys slowly fucked her ass, cunt and mouth while I frigged and fondled her and I watched the expression on her face as she got closer and closer to cumming. I really wanted to draw things out, but as the guys would then have to hold out longer I didn’t think this was wise so I didn’t tease Lisa too much and carried on stimulating her straight through (if a little gently at times) until she came. She moaned around James’ cock and panted a little but the guys kept moving inside her. I withdrew my hands and gently kissed her back and shoulders while telling her that she just had to cum one more time and she would have three guys unload in to her body.

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