Friday, 21 August 2015

The Triple – Part 4

Lisa pulled away from James to say she had cum quite hard and really didn’t think she could cum again so quickly but we convinced her to at least try. For a while I just caressed her body, running my hands over her back, ass, legs and up her stomach to her breasts (but avoiding her clit). Mike and Richard pumped in to her with different rhythms while I did this, sometimes alternating their strokes and sometimes pushing in together. Lisa said she felt really full whenever they were both all the way inside her and I got a couple of close-up shots of this as well as ones of her sucking James. I managed to get her to lift her body a little so I could slide my head just enough between her and Mike to suck on her nipples and told her that next time we would have to ensure we had another person present so we could suck on both her nips at the same time.

I rubbed a little tingle gel over Lisa’s nips and clit and then added some to Mike and Richard’s cocks for them to pump in to her. Once this took effect I started to stroke her clit again very lightly and within a few minutes she nodded when I asked if we could get another orgasm out of her. I (possibly somewhat patronisingly) told her she was a good girl and that we all wanted to see her cum. James said he was quite close and Mike and Richard both thought they could cum fairly quickly once Lisa was ready so I increased the pressure on her clit and fondled her breasts with my other hand. All through this stage I described to her the view I had of the cocks sliding in and out of her various holes, the expression of lust on her face and how I imagined she would look with cum leaking from every part of her body. She later said that she felt very self-conscious with us all concentrating on her like this, but at the same time she was becoming more and more distracted by her building orgasm. We could all tell she was getting close by the way she was pushing back against Mike and Richard so the guys all had a number of quicker pumps in to her to ensure they were ready. We wanted to make sure that Lisa’s second orgasm was as good as her first and wasn’t cut short by any of the guys becoming too sensitive so we told her to wait until she started to cum before going to town on James’ cock. He, in turn had to tell us as soon as Lisa sped up her licking and this was to be the sign for Mike and Richard to fuck her as much as needed to cum in her. We didn’t need James to tell us in the end as Lisa started moaning a little before she came and then bobbed her head back on James’ cock. Mike and Richard followed the cue and immediately sped up their movements with Richard telling Mike he loved feeling their cocks almost rubbing together.

I was a little worried this might delay Mike’s orgasm as while he clearly isn’t homophobic, he still isn’t that keen on doing things with guys, but the thought of his new love having three helpings of cum pumped in to her at the same time was enough to override this and he thrust in to her and told her he was cumming. James came next and Richard just a little after (Lisa had probably finished cumming just before any of the guys came but she said it felt like she was still cumming a bit when Mike and James came). I quickly got a few more shots while all of the guys had their cocks fully buried in her. When James pulled out of Lisa’s mouth we found out that she had already swallowed his cum which spoiled my planned shot of her leaking cum from all three holes. Once she was free from all three cocks she rolled over onto her back and Mike kissed her while running his hands over her body. Richard and James took turns kitty kissing her (probably to get some of Mike’s cum). Mike thanked her profusely and told her how incredibly sexy she had looked as she came.

We went down and showed Jen the pictures and video and Lisa blushed quite a bit as we teased her. I told our guests that I wanted them one more time before they left and I would tease them as much as necessary to make sure they would be ready for a fuck. Mike had to help pay back the guys for their services and showered with James (as I said, he’s not homophobic). He washed James’ body down and briefly stroked his cock and James did the same to him. I showered with Richard and would have let him use the shower to help make me cum if hadn’t been for the fact that Lisa and Jen still needed to shower. Once we were out, he was kind enough to use some toys on me while playing with my breasts and by the time Lisa and Jen emerged from the shower I was lying in a contended post-orgasmic haze. Jen didn’t want to cum so I pulled Lisa over me and lapped away at her pussy. I was fully aware how many times she’d cum already that day so pushed her quite close to cumming but then stopped and said that it was time to get dressed. She told me that it was obvious I was just teasing her to get her ready for more and I didn’t deny this and just told her she could masturbate for us whenever she wanted to cum or she would have to wait for us to pounce on her.

We took MJ for a walk and I wandered along with my dress unbuttoned (from the bottom) slightly more than was decent but we didn’t make any real effort to display ourselves to anyone outside our group. Once we got home it was time for our final session and we stood Lisa in the middle of the room and stripped her naked and I challenged the guys to fuck her where she stood. As James had already taken her ass, it was Richard’s turn for this and with a bit of effort they managed to work their cocks in to her (while holding her up and lifting one of her legs up). Mike briefly switched places with Richard just so we could say that all three guys had had their cocks in her mouth ass and cunt that day (it doesn’t count as a triple though unless the guy cums). I then took Lisa’s place and we cleaned Richard’s cock off so he and James could switch round (Richard had already fucked my ass twice). I rode Richard on the sofa with James in my ass while Mike went down on Lisa beside us. Both Richard and I leant over to kiss Lisa a number of times and I fondled her breasts quite a bit (Richard was the wrong way round to do this effectively). Lisa came before anyone else but Mike kitty kissed her while Richard, James and I carried on fucking. James reached round to play with my clit and Richard happily licked and sucked on my nipples, leading to me cumming before either of them, but this didn’t stop them from moving in me and I told them to use me however they wanted until they were satisfied.

James pumped in to my ass harder and came relatively quickly and Richard said he wanted me over the sofa so once James pulled out, I was bent over the arm of the sofa with my ass in the air and Richard pounded away in my cunt. I had expected him to just use me as I’d requested but Mike told Lisa that it would be a shame if I didn’t get to cum again so she moved over to stand beside me and reached under me to play with my clit. I wasn’t really ready to cum again, but that hasn’t stopped Mike (or Jen) from playing with me in the past and this time was no different. Mike handed Lisa a vibe to use on my clit and she rubbed it back and forth while Richard carried on fucking me. He came in me and thrust in to me for a little while longer (Mike loves it when he cums but can still move without it feeling too intense). I had expected Lisa to be the one to finish me off but when Richard pulled out, he knelt behind me, took the vibe from Lisa and held it against my clit while he lapped at my pussy. Lisa caressed my ass and breasts as Richard ate me and I told them I could feel my orgasm coming. I was licked, fondled and vibrated harder (he pushed the vibe harder against my clit) and I cried out as a sharp shot through me. The orgasm itself didn’t feel that good but as it faded I enjoyed having Richard lick me while Lisa fondled me (they did at least move the vibe away from my clit).

I was told to stay lying over the arm of the sofa for a while and let anyone who wanted to grope me do so. Richard sat and let me suck his cock clean and I lamented the fact that I only had three guys to service me as it would have been really nice to have cock after cock inside me and then cum over me. I told the guys about my plan to try and fuck some truckers and they warned me to be careful but we assured them that we were making sure I would be safe. While people randomly fondled me I elaborated on the fantasy and we changed it from what we intended to try (where I would fuck random drivers one at a time to it being a group unprotected fuck where I end up drenched in cum. I really liked the sound of this and if it hadn’t been for the fact I’d just cum I could have happily masturbated while imagining this (although from experience I know that if anyone had been set on making me cum again that they would have been able to).

We all walked the guys to the station and said our goodbyes – Mike prompted the guys to say goodbye to Lisa and me in our traditional way and now the days were colder, we were wearing suitable jackets to allow hands to slide under our skirts and fondle our pussies. I made sure the guys knew that they had to find some suitable freshers to indoctrinate into our group. Mike particularly wanted a cute little 18 year old to keep Lisa (and Amber) company between visits but Lisa knew full well that he wanted this so he might get a chance to fuck her. Mike teased her and agreed that he probably was too old to be dating girls that age so they should probably just break up but I was pleased to see Lisa respond by saying that she knew he wasn’t about to dump her.

That night I slept with Jen and cuddled up to her but we didn’t do anything. Mike gave Lisa another eating and her daily fuck and the following night he and I switched partners. Mike spooned with Jen and after gently caressing her breasts for quite a while as they chatted she started to grind against him. He told her that he knew her libido hadn’t returned and he didn’t need to cum again but carried on tweaking and stroking her nips. Jen ended up mewing quietly and told Mike she didn’t mind if he wanted to play with her so he asked if she just wanted to spoon or have the full treatment. She opted to go full so he kissed her on the lips and then kissed his way down her body to go down on her, kitty kissed her and then moved back up to fuck her. He caressed her legs a lot as they kissed and he asked her to put on some long socks for him, which she did, and he then kissed around her thighs and pussy for a while before they actually fucked. Jen asked him what would happen if she ended up getting pregnant again (she wasn’t on birth control as she was breast feeding) and he told her that I would probably be mad as I’m meant to have our second child, but this didn’t stop him from cumming in her.

While Mike and Jen were fucking (or sometime around then), Lisa and I 69ed and compared what having three cocks inside us at once had felt like. Lisa was still a little confused as to why Mike liked seeing her being fucked so much and I explained that (as far as I know) he really enjoys seeing people he cares about enjoying themselves. Lisa asked why he didn’t want any other guys fucking Jen and I said that was a bit different as he was the only guy who had done things with Jen and he liked the idea of keeping her to himself (plus Jen still considers herself a lesbian and only does things with Mike as she loves him and the fact he is a guy is irrelevant). I pointed out that he loves seeing Jen fucked by other women (and it’s not just because he likes watching girl-girl action as he sees more than enough of that for it not to be special). I also pointed out that he would really like to keep Lis and Lucy to himself (as far as them doing things with guys – but that I had a suspicion that Lis at least may end up letting other guys play with her). I reminded Lisa that she was now a part of our family and climbed over her to 69 with her once more (I was still a little sore after the weekend so there was no anal play for a good while after James and Richard left). She protested that she couldn’t cum again but was told that wasn’t good enough and I humped my pussy against her face as I buried my tongue between her lips. She has at least learned when to give up and started to lick me back and I made sure that once we had cum that we kitty kissed for quite a while and then kissed (in the traditional way) while our faces were still covered in each other’s juices.

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