Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 1

The week after we moved house, Sue came to visit, bringing Josie with her. Mike was really glad to see Sue again (although Lisa wasn’t as keen and I had to take her aside and assure her – again – that while Mike really loves Sue, it isn’t the same way he loves us – although admittedly it isn’t far off). Lisa knew what Sue and I had got up to during Sue’s last visit (as did Josie) and there was an expectation that we were going to put a show on for everyone and let them watch us play with each other (and it turned out that everyone expected the amount we would actually ‘play’ was quite different). Sue and I both knew that we would be expected to perform and had discussed between ourselves on how far we would go for them. We hadn’t actually decided on our limit and whether it was time to push things further (by which we meant eating each other to orgasm), but the one thing we did know was that we intended to make the others do things to earn the right to watch us play.

They knew that we wouldn’t be showing them anything on the Friday night and as Sue and Josie had arrived fairly late so we just chatted for a bit before heading off to bed. Jen had decided that as Sue was visiting us, she might be able to muster some enthusiasm to fool around so for the first night she and Lisa took Sue with them while Mike and I kept hold of Josie and slept in Mike’s room (it was nice now having two beds that could take three people). Sue was a little bummed that she wouldn’t get a chance to fuck Mike that night, but she knew that Lisa was a little jealous of her so understood (plus she was more than happy to let Jen play with her and get to know Lisa a lot better). Mike did ambush Sue and have a quick fondle and lick before she disappeared in to Jen’s room and Lisa was given instructions to enjoy Sue as much as possible (and to ensure that Jen enjoyed herself as well).

By this point we had put the large prints back up on the wall with Mike’s cock near the middle, Jen’s and my pussies either side of him and Lis’, Lisa’s, Sue’s and Lucy’s pussies below. Jen pointed out that this was a fitting first night as Lisa and Sue’s pussies lived next to each other and Sue admired the collection we had gathered. She was very pleased to be included in the gallery of our closest friends (or lovers) but given how long she had been involved with Mike and me (and then Jen) it would have been inconceivable to not have her there (plus, Mike, Jen and I love her dearly).

As usual, they had to be relatively quiet as MJ was asleep in her cot beside Jen’s bed but fortunately she is a good sleeper (or at least our sex games don’t seem to be the things that wake her up). Sue got stuck straight in to Lisa while allowing Jen access to her pussy and when Jen complained that she wasn’t getting any attention the three girls decided that the fairest thing to do was to daisy chain. They started off with Sue still eating Lisa, Lisa taking Jen and Jen taking Sue but switched around midway (just for variety). Lisa got to cum first with Sue not far behind her and Jen a little later and as they snuggled up together Lisa told Sue that she could definitely tell that she was my sister. Sue assumed that Lisa was referring to her enthusiasm for sex (which she partially meant) but she actually was talking about the way Sue tasted. Jen thought this was odd as she doesn’t think we taste anything alike but we have learned that different people seem to taste pussies quite differently – I still rarely like the taste of Mel’s pussy but (some) people quite like the way she tastes.

Jen promised Lisa a session with both Sue and me and Sue complained that she would be exhausted by the end of the weekend (she already knew that she would have to participate in sister sessions for Jen and Mike) but Jen just told her that she knew what she was getting in to whenever she came to visit us (which I think is fair). Jen and Sue teased Lisa a bit and told her that as the newcomer, she had to make sure that she took good care of Mike, but that they fully intended to keep taking care of her as well. Jen asked Sue if she felt like sharing a dildo and Sue thought this was a wonderful idea. Mike hadn’t constructed our new toy cupboard yet so Jen had to find a suitable double ended dildo in the box of toys but quickly found what she was looking for and returned to the bed with one long and one short dildo. Before they started using them, Sue moved back down between Jen’s legs and closely examined her pussy, commenting on how she was amazed that only three months before, MJ had come out of it. While the birth had obviously stretched Jen’s pussy to some extent, Mike had assured her that he couldn’t really feel any difference. Sue asked Jen if she could try multiple fingers in her and fairly easily worked four in but on trying to get her thumb in as well, Jen said it felt a little uncomfortable so Sue stopped.

Jen whispered something to Sue and after thinking about it Sue told Jen she could go on the bottom. Jen lay in the middle of the bed and inserted the long dildo in to her pussy. Jen bent the dildo upwards, offering it to Sue who straddled Jen and lowered her pussy until it was just above the dildo. Jen got Lisa to help out and rub the end of the dildo back and forth between Sue’s lips and then hold it steady while Sue spread her lips and lowered herself on to it, with it sinking a little deeper each time Sue rode up and down on it. Once it was a good way inside her, Sue leant forwards to kiss Jen and they pushed back and forth against each other and then asked Lisa to help slide the dildo between them (you need help to do this as it is bent round 180 degrees – fortunately Lisa has assisted Jen and I in similar positions, as well as been on the receiving end – or one of the ends – of the dildo, so she knew what to do). After a couple of minutes of this, Lisa was called up to the other end of the bed and told to sit over Jen’s face. She initially did this facing the wrong way round (facing Sue) but was quickly corrected. Once she had turned around, Sue pushed her forwards so Lisa’s ass was accessible and as Jen lapped at Lisa’s pussy, Sue lowered her mouth to Lisa’s ass and began to firmly lick at it.

Lisa is quite used to us doing this to her, but still found it a little odd for someone she hardly knew to do it and flinched a number of time when Sue speared her. Even so, she didn’t try to pull away and whenever she was asked how it felt, she openly told them that what they were doing felt wonderful. Jen reached up to play with Lisa’s breasts and they carried on licking, kissing and sucking on Lisa’s holes (and fondling her breasts) until she came. Lisa actually squealed a little as she came (but muffled it in the duvet so as to not wake the baby) and after Jen had kitty kissed her for a little while, she was given a slap on the ass to tell her to dismount. She was quite flushed and seemed embarrassed that she had enjoyed herself so much but didn’t have long to herself as she was told she needed to help Lisa and Jen cum. They shared one more kiss, letting Sue taste Lisa’s juices from Jen’s face and Sue then changed position so she was scissoring with Jen (or would have been if the dildo hadn’t been so long). Lisa was given the task of pumping the dildo back and forth between them and playing with their clits. Sue and Jen switched to the shorter dildo after a while but got Lisa to first rub it against her own pussy (to add her juices) before they allowed her to insert it into their waiting cunts. They could now push together properly and feel each other’s lips on their own and had the additional bonus of Lisa being able to lick both of their clits at the same time. Jen really wanted to scissor hard with Sue and feel her cunt and clit smushing against Sue’s, but this tends to make too much noise so they had to content themselves with humping and letting Lisa stimulate them. This was more than enough to get them off though and Jen held back until Sue said she was getting close so she could watch her ‘little’ (they are the same age) sister-in-law cum and use that to propel her own orgasm.

Jen asked Lisa to try and kitty kiss them but as the only parts of their pussies Lisa could reach with her tongue were their clits, this didn’t work too well. They resigned themselves to just cuddling and Jen spooned up behind Sue, reaching around to cup one of her breasts and nuzzling on her neck while Sue spooned against Lisa and reached down to cup Lisa’s pussy, gently stroking a finger between her lips. Sue told Lisa that she was glad that she (Lisa) made her (Sue’s) Oniichan happy and that she wanted her to stay with him for a long time, with the provision that she (Sue) was allowed to have him from time to time. Sue pressed her fingers more firmly between Lisa’s lips and added that she (Sue) would make it worth her (Lisa’s) while and that Lisa would also be allowed to share Josie too. Lisa said that as Mike was currently fucking Josie then it only seemed fair that she should be allowed to play with her as well and (according to Sue and Jen) they seemed to come to a happy understanding over how things would work.

Mike (with my help) was indeed fucking Josie (maybe not at the exact moment that Lisa mentioned it, but around then). Mike had gone down on her and then let me have a turn playing with her pussy while she sucked him and we then double teamed her with Mike fucking her while I licked her clit. Josie really likes this (although to be fair, I can’t think of any bi girls I know who don’t like it as it feels wonderful). I wasn’t too surprised to find out after we had made Josie cum that Mike hadn’t cum and he moved down to kitty kiss her while she played with me (using her fingers, a vibe and her tongue). Mike then spooned with her as we chatted and discussed what we thought Jen would be doing to Sue at that point and how we really wanted her and Josie to join us at one of the sex parties. Josie was quite happy to play along with the fantasy of having multiple people (of both genders) playing with her, allowing us to continue this as Mike fucked her and I made out with her until she came again. This time Mike came as well and she pushed back hard against him as he came and then let him remain inside her while we chatted some more. Mike told Josie that he intended to fuck her girlfriend in the morning and Josie shot back that she was going to fuck his girlfriend (kind of ignoring that she had just fucked his wife who was still beside them both).

On the Saturday morning, Mike woke first and went to pee but made me promise to remain where I was until he got back. On his return he insisted on going down on both Josie and me. He switched back and forth between us, which was quite frustrating as he didn’t spend long enough on either one of us at a time to get off (this was his plan) and when he asked Josie to lie on top of me (facing up), she eagerly did it so he could lick up and down out pussies at the same time (sort of anyway – it was certainly better as he could easily stimulate us both at the same time). He kept this up for a couple of minutes before setting us on each other and by this point both Josie and I wanted to cum so badly that we just flipped round in to a 69 and buried our faces in each other’s pussies. Mike got us to roll on to our sides (which we did without interrupting our mutual licking) and he spooned in each of us a few times. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what he was up to and while he was enjoying switching between our pussies, he wasn’t trying to cum and just enjoying the energy that we were giving off. I could feel my orgasm building and guessed that this was either because Mike was better at knowing how I enjoyed being eaten so had pushed me closer before handing Josie and I over to each other, or just because I am almost eternally horny and used to cumming. The reason why didn’t really matter and I told Josie that I was getting close and Mike added that she should eat me as hard as she could. It certainly felt like she pulled me harder against her face and she lapped at my pussy firmly, using the long strokes with the flat of her tongue that I was becoming quite used to. I moaned into Josie’s pussy and heard Mike telling her to keep going and not ease off at all. I broke contact with Josie to tell them (quite loudly) that it felt too strong but Mike pulled Josie’s body back towards my face and told me I hadn’t been pushed like this for a while and to take it. I buried my face in Josie’s cunt once more and moaned and whimpered my way through my orgasm and the very intense post-orgasmic licking. Mike told Josie to try and make me cum again before she did and I took this as a challenge and focused my licking more on Josie’s clit.

Mike was playing dirty though and started whispering to me about how they were all going to watch Sue and me fuck later on, how she would eat me over and over and how I would enjoy sliding my tongue deep in to her cunt and pulling out every last drop of her juices. Mike knows that now Sue and I do most things, that this final step is something I find really arousing as one of the few last ‘naughty’ things we can do. Between his incessant teasing and Josie’s licking I felt another orgasm building and once again broke contact with her pussy to announce this. Mike pushed my face back against her and told Josie to lick me until he said to stop. This orgasm was much stronger and I moaned a lot louder (and swore a fair bit) into Josie’s pussy. I could feel her humping back against my face by this point and as she (thankfully) eased off her licking, she started to cum. I got a little revenge and worked on her pussy a bit too long before easing off and kitty kissing her but I didn’t push it too far as we don’t want to scare her off.

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