Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 10

I was given a little while to recover but wasn’t surprised when I was told that we needed to finish the session so everyone had done everything to me. As a minor concession I was told that instead of having to fuck both Jen and Lisa that they would DP me. I told them I didn’t care and they could make me cum however they wanted. As I was being obedient I was untied at this point and given the task of licking each pussy and (giving Mike’s cock a suck) before having to help Jen and Lisa put the strap-ons on. I was told to beg for it so knelt in front of them and told them how much I wanted them to fill my holes and pump their cocks in to both my ass and cunt. Jen had our good strap-on so it was decided that she should take my cunt and lay on the bed for me to mount her. I leant forwards and spread my cheeks, asked Lisa to fuck me and felt her squirt some lube over and into my ass and then felt the head of the dildo press against and slide in to me. This was a relatively gentle session and Jen kissed me lots while Lisa caressed my ass. Sue, Josie and Mike occasionally reached between Jen and me to fondle my clit and I was repeatedly told that I’d done well and just needed to produce one more orgasm (after this one) and I would be finished. Near the end of the session the three of us had to squirm our way down towards the foot of the bed as Mike wanted to slide in to Lisa and fuck her as she fucked me. In addition to that, Sue was told to climb over Jen’s face to be licked and I was given the task of concentrating on Sue’s ass. Sue and I have done a little ass play before (even before this weekend) so this wasn’t new, but I was too far gone for it to have made any difference anyway and set about rimming and spearing her. Sue moaned a fair bit and said this felt wonderful and between us Jen and I pushed her almost to the point of orgasm, but I ended up cumming first.

Lisa pulled out of my ass and I rolled off of Jen’s ‘cock’ to allow everyone to take turns kitty kissing me. Although I felt incredibly tired and drained, by body felt like it was buzzing and I felt very contented. They reminded me I had one more orgasm to go but I felt much more able to take it than I had before (but I was sensible enough not to let on as I knew they would probably suggest another round if I said anything). As Sue was the only one who hadn’t eaten me (in this final session), they wanted to finish with that (yes, it was just another thinly veiled attempt to get her to eat me to orgasm). I made myself comfortable and told her to do whatever she wanted to me, aware that there was a strong possibility that she might go all the way but not really caring if she did (in my defence, by that point they could have probably brought a goat in to fuck me and I wouldn’t have cared). Sue slowly transitioned from kitty kissing to eating me (it’s much nicer this way rather than just suddenly switching) and once again the others sat around me and helped out by caressing my breasts, kissing and licking my nipples, stroking my thighs and ass and kissing me. Mike knelt behind Sue and slid in to her so he could fuck her as she ate me and told me that she must really enjoy eating my pussy as she felt really wet. My hands were directed to Jen and Josie’s pussies – not to finger them but to just stroke and fondle them and as my orgasm started to build Mike moved up behind me, got me to lie with my head in his lap and his cock against my cheek and he stroked my neck. The group stimulation felt really good and I knew what they wanted so I told Mike I wanted to taste Sue from his cock and turned my head to lick and kiss it.

Sue also played along and asked me if I liked the way she tasted and between gasps I told her she was hardly one to talk and seemed to be enjoying my pussy far more than she should. While we (mostly Jen and Mike) were the ones to really train Sue in cunnilingus, she’s had more than enough experience over the years since Jen ‘turned’ her and she fairly expertly drew out my pleasure, edging me closer to cumming, but not letting me get there. I apparently (I don’t remember doing so) asked her how she had got so good at this and she said she’d had good teachers. I was right on the edge of cumming and kept trying to hump against her mouth but the others helped to hold me still(ish). I figured that Sue intended to give me an amazing orgasm as our first fully oral one and wished that it could have been a mutual one, regretting that we hadn’t done things properly with each other earlier. I was denied my wish though and after a little more teasing Sue pulled back and told Mike to finish me off. They released my legs so I could now hump against the air (which wasn’t very effective) but whenever I tried to touch myself my hands were pulled away from my crotch and I was told I had to let them finish me off. Ike carried on gently stroking my neck, both my nipples were being kissed and my thighs and ass were fondled (mostly avoiding my pussy but with the occasional fleeting stroke across it) and I ended up just muttering ‘fuh, fuh, fuh’ as my orgasm slowly inched closer. It was a strange blended orgasm, combining the deep one I usually have when I cum from my neck being stroked with a pulsing in my crotch and clit. I really wanted something to rub against and humped the air frantically but to no avail. I begged for someone to rub, finger, fuck or frig me but it wasn’t until my orgasm was fading that Jen moved down between my legs and started to lick me. I told her it was too late but she carried on anyway and I felt another orgasm quickly build. I tried to hide this as I feared Jen would pull away in order to tease me but it was apparently very obvious. Jen didn’t stop and kept licking until I came again – it was nowhere as strong, but felt a lot more satisfying than the previous one and as it faded I just kept saying ‘kitty kiss’. Jen did as I asked for a while and Mike then took over, kissing and nuzzling my pussy for about ten minutes before pulling away from me as I dozed off to sleep.

The rest of them went downstairs and discussed what they had just done to me. Josie was incredibly impressed at my capacity to cum and even Sue was amazed at how far I had been pushed (while she knows about everything I’ve got up to we think this was one of the most extreme displays she has seen). Sue was mercilessly teased about having done so much with me but she took it well and said that if they’d prefer, she would never play with me again (they didn’t like that idea). It was getting fairly late by that point so they all headed up for bed with Josie and Jen coming in to bed with me and Mike, Lisa and Sue taking Jen’s room. I woke up as Josie and Jen curled up against me and Jen slid a hand down between my legs and pretended she was about to fuck me but when I moaned I was too tired to do any more she told me not to worry. Josie was also too tired (and had cum and been played with more times than usual) so the three of us just went to sleep, although Jen did warn me that I would be expected to perform again in the morning.

In Jen’s room, things weren’t as tame. Mike was desperate to cum and wanted to do so inside Sue. Lisa had accepted the fact that Sue was going to be the focus of his attention but he didn’t ignore her and ate her while Sue rode him and then Sue ate her while he fucked Sue from behind. Mike got Lisa and Sue to lie at the edge of the bed so he could lick them both and then convinced them to don long socks again to indulge his fetish. He and Sue focussed on Lisa with Mike working her pussy and Sue playing with Josie’s nipples and kissing her. Mike asked Sue which hole she wanted and she said she didn’t care so as I had eaten Sue’s ass earlier on, it was decided that Sue should pass this on to Lisa. Mike lay on his back, Sue mounted his cock and Lisa sat over Mike’s face. Sue apparently didn’t hold back and worked as hard on Lisa’s ass as Mike did on her cunt. Sue and Mike ground against each other as they got Lisa off and worked hard enough on her that she had to muffle her moans as she came to avoid waking the baby. Lisa let them kitty kiss her for a few minutes (during which time Sue rode Mike a bit more energetically) and then climbed off of Mike’s face and thanked them for her orgasm (manners are always important – even when you’re talking to people who have just had their tongues buried in your cunt and ass). Lisa had also cum more than enough times for the day so was happy to let Mike and Sue just play with each other (she did offer to help out if they wanted but was even more generous and told them that they could go downstairs and fuck so they wouldn’t have to hold back). We think that this was Lisa acknowledging how much Sue meant to Mike but realising that she wasn’t about to steal him away from her so she didn’t need to worry so much (or just that she was too tired to care at that point).

Mike and Sue took Lisa up on her offer, told her they would be back in a while and slipped out into the hallway and down the stairs. Sue led Mike by his cock for some of the way and he warned her that he had held back for long enough and hoped he would be able to pump her full of cum. Sue still had the long socks on and asked him if she should pop back up to get a little skirt but he said he was more than happy with her the way she was. Near the bottom of the stairs Sue got him to sit down and she planted herself on his cock and then lifter herself off, turned around, knelt and took him in her mouth. She gave him a good sucking for a couple of minutes, working on both the head and shaft of his cock and then took him between her breasts and rubbed up and down while asking if he wanted to cum over her face and body to mark her as his. Mike told her he would love to do that but he really wanted to fill her cunt with his cum first, to which Sue replied ‘good ‘cos I want you to fuck me’. She didn’t get her wish straight away though as Mike swapped places with her and lapped at her pussy for a couple of minutes, getting her fairly close to cumming but then giving her time to calm down by leading her out in to the garden (still naked obviously) and gently teasing her up against the tree.

They didn’t stay out for too long as it was a bit chilly (they could have probably kept warm if they had been fucking properly but not with the low level fondling they were doing) and Mike led Sue back in to the living room, lit a couple of candles and they sat on the sheepskin rug. They spent a while kissing and fondling but neither of them could resist getting Mike inside Sue and as he told her how good her cunt felt. Sue wrapped her legs around him and they gently fucked (showing more restraint than I would have expected either of them to have by that point) and as Mike slowly slid in and out of Sue with long even strokes he teased her about having done so much with me that day. Sue played up to this and described how my pussy had felt on her tongue, how she had loved having me eat her and how she loved being able to make me cum. They rolled over so Sue could ride him again and Mike caressed her legs and thighs as she alternated between sliding up and down on his cock and grinding her clit against him. Sue leant forwards and kissed him, then put her head on his shoulder and let him move inside her while telling him how she wanted me to eat her to multiple orgasms. Mike told her if anyone was going to do that, it would be him and Sue told him he could do this whenever he wanted – as long as he finished fucking her first. At this point Mike was torn as he really wanted to pull out and go down on her, at least briefly, but also wanted to remain buried in her and fuck her.

They compromised and Mike had a brief lick of her pussy when he pulled out to change positions but quickly moved around behind her and slipped back in to her. He held her tight against him as they humped against each other and he alternated between fondling her breasts and stroking her clit while kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulders. They changed position again, but this time they just rolled over so Sue was on her stomach with Mike on top of her. He reached around to play with her clit again and went back to using long strokes. This is Sue’s favourite position and she really enjoyed it but told him she didn’t want to cum like that and wanted to face him. Mike liked the idea of being able to kiss his imotou as she came so after a few more thrusts he pulled out of her, pulled on her ass so she lifted it in the air, buried his face in her pussy and licked her and then gave her the choice of being on top.

Sue wanted him on top for a little bit so she could wrap her legs around him again and this time they moved against each other much more forcefully. She started telling him about eating me again but he told her to shut up as he wanted to fuck just her and not the idea of her doing anything. Sue teased him and asked if that meant he really liked her, to which he replied telling her that she knew full well how much he ‘liked’ her. They kept fucking and kissing deeply until Sue said she was getting close (although from their description she had been ‘close’ for quite a while). They rolled over again and Mike took hold of Sue’s ass and pumped in to her with long hard strokes, his body slapping against hers with each thrust. Sue panted in his ear as her orgasm edged closer and Mike told her he wanted to fuck her the whole way through and then cum in her. Just before she came he told her that he wanted her to always be with us and that she should never forget how much he loved her. Sue professed her love as she started to cum and Mike concentrated on holding back as his cock repeatedly plunged as far in to her cunt as he could get it. Sue’s panting was shallower than before and she kept making little ‘nng’ and ‘aah’ noises and as Mike felt her body start to relax he let go and felt his own orgasm rise. He pushed deep in to Sue and used much shorter strokes as he came and Sue told him to give her all his cum. He used a couple of longer strokes which felt incredibly intense on his cock but Sue seemed to like them. He then pushed in all the way again and remained still, although could feel his cock twitching and they kissed deeply again.

They rolled over and Sue wrapped her legs around Mike again so he could caress them (and her socks) as they kissed. He remained buried inside her and moved a little bit to try and stay hard but after a few minutes he felt his cock start to wilt. He was still inside her and just about hard enough to move a little but Sue said she wanted to see how much he had cum so he pulled out. Before she moved Sue asked him to kneel beside her and sucked on his cock to clean off their combined cum. That was the idea anyway but she kept going and started swirling her tongue around the head until she felt life returning to it. Mike asked Sue if she could cum again and she said she was willing to try so he straddled her, pulled her legs up and apart and started lapping at her pussy. In this position, he could keep most of his cum inside her but still lick her clit. Sue wrapped her hand around Mike’s shaft so he could pump in and out of her mouth without going too deep and causing her to choke, although most of the time he remained relatively still and allowed Sue to showcase her cock-sucking skills. Mike switched back and forth between Sue’s pussy (mostly her clit) and her thighs and socks and it took a little while but they managed to get another orgasm out of each other. Sue asked Mike where he wanted to cum and he told her he didn’t mind and she could decide so she opted to let him use her mouth but said she would spit it out over her body afterwards. Mike warned her that he might not cum much after the load he’d just emptied in to her pussy but Sue didn’t mind. Mike spread her lips and let his saliva dribble in to her pussy a few times to add to the liquid already inside her but by this point she was getting close to cumming and he’d teased her enough. She didn’t get to cum straight away, although this was of her own choosing as she wanted to try and get Mike to cum at the same time so he backed off a bit and let Sue concentrate on sucking him until he was close. He misjudged this a bit and had to try to hold back but didn’t manage and came in Sue’s mouth while her orgasm was still building. She held him in place and gently sucked until she came and as promised, once Mike climbed off of her, she sat up (while holding a hand over her pussy to stop it from leaking) and let Mike’s cum dribble out of her mouth and down across her breasts.

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