Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 2

Mike left us to finish kitty kissing and headed in to Jen’s room. Jen was sitting up feeding MJ while Lisa and Sue were lying next to each other, kissing and fingering with a selection of dildos on the bed beside them. They had intended on using these, but were more than happy to have the real thing so for a while took turns with one of them lying on the bed with the other crouching over their face (the other way round from a 69 position) so Mike could fuck the one on top while her clit was being licked. He then went down on Lisa (while she was still licking Sue) and got her off, then gently fucked her while she finished off things with Sue. Once Jen finished with MJ, Mike briefly spooned with her (letting Sue look after the baby) so he could say he had been inside all of us.

They chatted for a while and Jen told Mike about Lisa’s view that Sue and I taste alike so they decided to have a taste test later on and Mike wanted to integrate this with his plan for the day, which was to gang up on me and ensure I came a large number of times (he’d decided on this earlier when he realised I hadn’t been pushed in my sexual capacity for a while). He did genuinely want to run another taste competition, but also made sure that Sue and Jen knew I would lose whether I chose the right person or not and would therefore have to pay the penalties. Seeing as he’d already helped to make me cum (twice) that day, he sent Lisa in to start on number 3 (and to get a fresh taste of me to see if she really thought I tasted like Sue). Jen took MJ downstairs for breakfast and Mike was finally alone with his Oneechan.

Sue was more than happy to let him pounce on her and let him eat her a bit more before telling him she wanted him inside her. He crawled up her body and once buried in her he told her that he hadn’t actually cum yet that day and that he had been saving it for her. They called each other by cutesy Japanese names (which they often do when fucking or over Skype) and Mike asked if Sue would quickly dress up for him. Sue whined a bit at having to stop fucking, but played along and quickly grabbed a selection of clothes from her bag and socks from Jen’s drawer. It wasn’t quite the schoolgirl look, but was more than close enough and she pushed Mike on to his back, climbed over him and guided his cock in to her pussy. Sue humped back and forth against him and told him that as he had been inside four girls that morning, she expected him to produce four times as much cum as usual (if only it worked like that). Mike reminded Sue that it wasn’t that long ago that she said she didn’t like having his cum leaking out of her (at least not when we were outside). Sue said that this was different and she wanted his cum inside her, but then admitted that she had been mistaken and now liked feeling it drip down her thighs while surrounded by unsuspecting people. Mike promised her that if she called him Oniichan as he came that he would do his best to fill her completely with cum (again, if only…) and they settled down to fucking in earnest. They took turns on top and Mike got Sue to wrap her sock-clad legs around him as they fucked. There was brief interludes when he ate her again (both with her sitting over his face and with her on her back) and they 69ed as Sue also wanted to suck him, but there was no doubt that they would each get to cum while actually fucking. Mike told Sue he would fuck her from behind (her favourite position) later on, but for now he wanted to kiss her as she came and Sue agreed to this. They weren’t trying to cum together, but made sure that there wasn’t too far apart – as usual Sue got to cum first and as she came Mike got her to promise that she would put on a good show with me. She then continued to hump against him, thrusting back against him and repeatedly asking her Oniichan to fill her with his cum. Sue used her legs to pull him tight against her and he caressed her legs (really only one of them) and told her that he wished she lived closer to us so they could see each other more frequently. Sue didn’t get her four lots of cum out of him, but he thinks she got a decent amount and once he finished cumming he pushed deep in to her and remained buried there while they kissed.

While all this had been going on, Lisa had made her way into Mike’s room and had joined forces with Josie to eek another orgasm out of my body. I tried to reciprocate and do the same to Lisa but was held down and tickled until I almost wet myself and begged them to stop. Mike was still fucking Lisa at this point so after briefly looking in on them, we headed downstairs and started breakfast. Josie was a little nervous of standing in the kitchen naked as we had quite a large window, but having been in the house for a week, I knew that we were sufficiently shielded from the neighbours (which was also the case out in the garden). When Mike and Sue finally joined us and we had all finished breakfast, Jen told everyone of the plan to hold a taste test. Mike pointed out that Sue’s pussy was somewhat tainted with his cum and that she would need to be cleaned out beforehand. It was immediately suggested that I should be the one to eat Sue out and at this point I still didn’t know I was the target for the day so I refused, saying that other people would have to play along with things that we (Sue and I) wanted before we would do anything for them. As a compromise, I agreed to lie on the floor in the living room (on our nice sheepskin rug, which was purchased specifically for playing around on) and Sue knelt over my face. Most of Mike’s cum had already leaked out of her so I had to kiss and lick her thighs clean but Jen then knelt behind Sue, spread her pussy lips and told me to lick up inside her. Sue pushed her pussy down on to my mouth and as I slid my tongue between her lips I felt my legs being pulled apart and two hands sliding up my thighs and start playing with my pussy.

I was told that if I made Sue cum before I did that we would rearrange Lis and Lucy’s next visit so I could go to go to the start of term sex party in York (which would mean Mike wouldn’t be able to cum in Lis as it wouldn’t be during her safe period). I knew how big a sacrifice Mike would consider this to be but while discussing this, I had felt Mike and Josie take turns licking me and realised that I needed to decide quickly. I still wasn’t sure about actually eating Sue to an orgasm but by the time I decided it was worth trying (and I did try) I had left it too late. Mike used a couple of fingers in my pussy and rubbed another against my ass while Josie strummed her fingers back and forth across my clit. She used her own saliva as lubrication and spat on to my pussy a number of times. As I said, I did actually try to make Sue cum (although didn’t admit this at the time) and lapped quite rapidly at her clit as well as achieving the original aim of eating Mike’s cum out of her. I knew that I’d lost the battle and contented myself with just enjoying my orgasm. Sue pushed her pussy against my face as I came and I moaned in to her until my orgasm faded and the fingers in and on me slowed their movements.

Once I was released we went and showered and Jen ensured that Sue was properly hosed out to remove any lingering traces of Mike’s cum. While we washed, we worked out the rules of the taste test and settled on having a number of different rounds where each of the people playing would be fed juices from two of the girls and had to guess which way round they were fed the juices. As there were six of us, one person would be responsible for feeding and five of us would be blindfolded at a time. Every few rounds we would have a knockout round and the loser would have to pay a penalty which would be decided at the time by the rest of us. This all sounded quite fair (and would have been if they weren’t intending to cheat) so we headed back downstairs and set out the items we would need. We hadn’t fully unpacked our cupboard of toys, but Jen had fished out a number of blindfolds (she enjoys being tied up and teased), a selection of dildos for gathering juices and a cloth and water to wipe the dildos clean between tastes.

We started off with Lisa, Sue, Jen, Josie and Mike being blindfolded and I ran a dildo over Jen’s and Lisa’s pussies, inserted them and then let Mike taste the juices from each dildo. He guessed correctly and I restocked the dildos with juices and let Josie have a turn. She got it wrong and we moved on with Jen and Lisa correctly identifying their own taste and Sue getting it wrong. Lisa then took my place and we repeated this with Josie and my juices. Josie was in charge for the next round and we had to distinguish between Sue and my juices. I apparently got this wrong (as did Lisa) so it was decided that this would go to a knockout round and we were once again given the chance to decide between the tastes. The dildos were worked up in to Sue and me for a minute or so to ensure they were thoroughly covered with our juices and they were offered to Lisa and me to taste. Lisa got it right and I got it wrong (or was told I did) so was told I had to pay the first forfeit.

I had to keep my blindfold on and was led in to the kitchen. Mike went upstairs and fetched our stick-on dildo and I was told I needed to familiarise myself with our washing machine. Mike pulled it a little way out, tossed a towel in to it, stuck the dildo on top and set the machine on a fast spin. It was somewhat difficult to get me up there while blindfolded so we cheated and removed this until I was on top of the machine with the dildo in me (but it was placed back over my eyes at this point). I could feel the dildo pulsing away in me as the machine bumped and bounced around under me – unfortunately the machine was better than the one in our old house so didn’t move around enough to really stimulate me, but I had five people who were willing to tease me so the odds of me not getting enough stimulation were low. I felt fingers, tongues and dildos rub and lick my clit while other people sucked on my nipples and caressed my thighs. It was actually quite a nice orgasm and the fact that I didn’t really know who was doing what to me made it all the better.

We went back and played another round but this time Mike used his cock to gather juices (so the people who were providing the juices weren’t included as they would obviously know if he had just been inside them). As this had all been sparked off from Josie’s comment about Sue and I tasting the same, we were the first to provide our juices and Mike pushed in to me first and offered his cock to a blindfolded Josie, we wiped him clean and he pushed in to Sue and let Josie taste her from his cock and she then had to guess. This was repeated for Lisa and Jen and Sue and I then had a turn (using fingers to gather our juices). Mike was last and we then revealed the results with Mike, Jen, me and Lisa getting it right and Sue and Josie not being able to tell the difference between Sue and me. This seemed to explain why Josie might think we tasted similarly so to allow her to further test this, Sue and I both sat on the sofa and offered ourselves up for Josie to carry out a more thorough comparison. Naturally she wasn’t the only one who sampled us and after being fed some of our own juices we were told to taste each other directly so we could make a fair comparison as well.

It was decided by everyone (including Josie) that we didn’t really taste much alike at all but as they had all been licking us for a while that they should compare to see which of us could cum first. Mike and Jen got to take Sue while Josie and Lisa took care of me. As I know I have a greater orgasmic capacity than Sue (just from practice), I wasn’t too suspicious that I was clearly getting closer to cumming faster than Sue was (although in hindsight it should have been obvious that something was up as both Mike and Jen are very experienced in stimulating Sue). Lisa was the one with her mouth on my pussy when I actually came and as I had lost (by not being able to hold back), it was decided that I would once again have to pay a forfeit. To her credit, Josie asked if it was fair to keep making me cum but was told that this was nothing compared to how I used to be pushed (and I confirmed this, so I’ve been told that what happened to me from here on out was at least partially my fault).


  1. Do you find the taboo nature of hooking up with Sue makes things more intense for you? I know when my cousin and I use to hook up the taboo nature of it all added to the intensity of the situation.

    1. Yes massively so - both for Mike & Jen (&others) as well as for Sue and me. I'm up for hearing more about your tale if you're willing to share...

    2. Started when we were young and curious. Didn't happen often but continued through high school. Was only oral and other things for the longest time. We dated other people and never talked about it with them or really even with each other. Everytime it would just sort of happen. Wasn't till college when she came to visit me and after a party that we built up the courage to go all the way.