Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 3

Jen asked Josie if she wanted to see me being fisted and Josie said that she didn’t want me to be hurt but Jen assured her that we’d done it before and I was meant to be paying a penalty. I once again assured Josie it was fine and waited while Mike went upstairs to fetch some lube. While he was gone I tried to relax my muscles and prepare myself (I hadn’t even used our giant horse dildo in a while so knew Jen’s fist would stretch me a bit). He called us up when he was ready and the rest of us went up to Jen’s room. He had two towels set out on the bed and said that it would be fitting for the first fisting in the new place to be a double one. Sue (correctly) assumed that he was suggesting that she should be the second receiver and initially wasn’t overly enthusiastic, but allowed Mike to convince her to participate. By this point Jen had already applied a fair bit of lube to my pussy and was working four fingers in to me but as soon as Sue climbed up on the bed beside me, Jen eagerly switched to preparing Sue. Mike asked Josie if she wanted to participate, to which she replied with a definitive no, but she seemed quite intrigued and stood with Mike (and MJ) to observe.

Jen started off just using her right hand, working it a fair way in to Sue and then moving back to me. She wasn’t actually fisting us at this point, just working four fingers in as deep as she could get, but she was still clearly enjoying herself and telling us that she would soon be buried the whole way up inside our cunts. Mike said that this should really be recorded and gave Josie the choice of doing the honours or holding on to MJ so he could take care of the camera. Josie said she would hold the baby so after handing her over, Mike quickly grabbed the camera and told Jen to start doing things properly. Jen tried to push her hands in to both of us at once – I felt my pussy stretch as the widest part of her hand entered me and Sue let out a whimper and said she felt really full. Jen’s hand popped in to me and I felt my insides filled but she kept her hand mostly still while she concentrated on getting her other hand in to Sue. She then pumped back and forth, pulling a little way out each time (but not enough to really stretch us). Both Sue and I have been fisted by Jen a few times before so we trust her (which helps a lot) and when done properly, it feels really good. Jen spent a little while lapping at each of our clits and then pumped her hands in us, sometimes in time and sometimes randomly. I really like having her fuck me really quickly with her hand (as long as she only uses small movements) while Sue prefers Jen moving her hand back and forth as far as she can (without it hurting).

Mike got some close up shots of Jen’s wrist buried in us and some full body shots of us individually and together. He then knelt behind Jen (who was crouching on the floor by the bed) and lifted her hips, guided his cock towards her pussy and got her to push back against him. As Jen moved her hands inside us he whispered to her how he loved watching her fuck her girls. We often refer to Sue and I as ‘Jen’s girls’ (or Mike’s girls, depending on who we’re trying to help cum at the time) and Jen loved hearing this. Mike reached down and played with Jen’s clit as he moved inside her and then put the camera down so he could also use his other hand to play with her nipples. Jen sucked on our clits more and kept thrusting her hands back and forth as well as twisting them around inside us. Mike pulled out of Jen and climbed up on the bed, offering his cock to Sue and then to me to suck clean of Jen’s juices. He spent a little while toying with Sue’s nipples and reached over to stroke my neck (which felt nice, but couldn’t compete with what Jen’s hand was doing in terms of the sensation). We were warned that Jen would keep her hands in us until we had both cum and Sue stupidly begged Mike to make me cum first. Naturally that meant that he concentrated on her and sucked on her nipples while stroking her clit, but this left Jen to concentrate on sucking my clit. I could see Sue’s upper body begin to get very flushed (a sure sign she was close to cumming) but Mike eased off on her clit and whispered to her that I’d cum first. I didn’t know this at this time and it looked to me like he was still frigging her properly – I should have realised that it was taking her longer than usual to cum but was too distracted with my own orgasm that was rapidly building. Jen started pulling her hand out a bit more with each stroke so my cunt stretched around it more. Being so close to cumming meant that it actually felt really nice and I moaned quite a bit and swore in ways that we really didn’t want MJ to hear. As my orgasm throbbed through my pussy Mike pushed his cock in to my mouth and told me to suck him. I was fairly sure he wasn’t likely to cum in me (not when Sue and Josie were around) but pictured him emptying a huge load into my throat and then over my upper body.

My orgasm seemed to last for ages (although it wasn’t actually any longer than usual) and I was sure I could feel my pussy twitching around Jen’s hand afterwards as she moved her attention to Sue. Mike quickly scrambled around behind Jen to get a fresh coating of her juices on his cock and then got Sue to suck him through her orgasm. She wasn’t as vocal as I’d been but she thrust her body around on the bed a fair bit and took a good length of Mike’s cock in her mouth. Jen slowed her movements as Sue’s orgasm faded but kept her hands inside us. We both felt very sensitive and were somewhat trapped, Mike took advantage of this and kitty kissed our clits (it was more than usual kitty kissing and coupled with Jen’s hands inside us felt very intense). He wasn’t selfish and ended up taking MJ from Josie so that she could have a little play with us. Jen guided Josie to sit over Sue’s and then my face to receive a licking but Josie didn’t want to cum again so didn’t stay over us for too long. She did spend a few minutes toying with us though, starting with Sue but then being a lot more forceful with me. Mike told her to make me cum again and I said I couldn’t but was told to stop being a pussy. Josie ended up lying over me in an almost 69 position (with her crotch above my face but not close enough for me to lick). Despite her earlier reservations about not wanting to push me too far, Josie quickly joined in the games and lapped at my clit while I squirmed around under her. Mike handed her an anal vibe and she used some of the lube that had leaked out of my pussy to coat it and pushed it in to my ass. I didn’t bother trying to resist as I knew it would only lead to me being punished (and being made to cum more) but I couldn’t help myself from whimpering and moaning at the intensity of the feelings. Sue rolled over on to her side (with Jen’s fist still inside her) and reached between Josie and me to fondle my breasts. Jen said she could easily feel the vibe buzzing against her hand from my ass and I tried to say that I could feel everything and it felt like I was going to break. Jen knew full well that I hadn’t been given anywhere near long enough to recover from my previous orgasm but Josie followed their instructions and kept licking and frigging my clit while moving the vibe in my ass. Sue tweaked and rolled my nipples (gently so it felt nice) and Jen started moving her hand in me again.

It felt like my whole insides were being stirred up but gradually I felt the familiar tension building and told them that it was working and I was getting there. They redoubled their efforts and I felt the anal vibe slide almost the whole way in to me, Jen and Josie took turns flicking my clit with their tongues and Mike said if he hadn’t been holding MJ that he would have alternated between fucking Josie and using his cock to feed me her juices. I had tried to pull Josie’s crotch to my face a few times but she had resisted, this time I pulled much harder and almost shouted at her that I wanted to eat her cunt. Sue told Josie to let me have a go and when she relaxed I pulled her straight down on to my face and buried my tongue in her pussy. I knew I wasn’t likely to make her cum before I did, but I gave it everything I could. I didn’t hear it at the time but Josie commented on how hard I was eating her and how I wasn’t stopping – I was distracted as my second fisting orgasm built and seared through my crotch. It was very intense (not pleasurably so) and I semi-screamed into Josie’s pussy. Josie immediately eased off but Jen took over and kitty kissed my clit. I could feel every movement of her hand in me, every vibration of the vibe in my ass, every tweak of my nipples and (especially) every kiss on my clit (which sent mini-pulses through my cunt).

I slowed my licking of Josie but was told to finish what I’d started. I didn’t really have the energy to do this but agreed make her cum if they would stop stimulating me. I felt the vibe slide out of my ass but before Jen could remove her fist Mike asked her to release Sue so she could hold MJ. Jen slowly pulled her fist out of Sue’s pussy and Sue whimpered in an incredibly sexy way. I knew I would be feeling the same thing in just a few moments but was also aware that I was probably feeling much more sensitive than Sue was. After a brief inspection of Sue’s pussy, MJ was handed to Sue and Mike crouched down to get some shots of Jen pulling her hand out of me. As expected, it felt quite intense as the widest part was pulled out and I whined (not the sexy whimper that Sue had managed). I felt very empty but it was also a relief and I could relax – only briefly though as I was reminded I needed to make Josie cum. I resumed my eating and it wasn’t too long before she came, but I didn’t get to push her as she pulled away as soon as her orgasm ended. While I’d been tending to her, Mike had knelt behind Jen once more and slipped into her, fucking her while she kissed Josie. As soon as Josie climbed off of me, Jen said it was her turn. I told her I needed a break but she said as she had made me cum it was only fair I reciprocate (this is one of our rules, although we rarely have to invoke it). I gave in and got to work and felt her mouth make contact with my pussy. Fortunately she just gently kitty kissed me but after a couple of minutes she pulled away and I felt my legs being pulled apart and Mike’s cock slide in to me (I was still soaked with lube from the fisting). He made a number of comments about me feeling really loose and I tried to tell him that he didn’t have to fuck me but he opted to just move faster inside me for a bit. He didn’t try to make me cum and ended up moving around behind Jen to slide in to her again and between his cock and my tongue we got Jen to her mewing stage quite quickly. Mike suggested that Sue could help to finish Jen off so MJ was handed to Josie and Mike moved out of the way. Sue knelt down, stuck her face between Jen’s ass cheeks and lapped at her ass. Jen loves having both Sue and I eat her like this (or the other way around) and mewed much more as we took her to the point of cumming and then kitty kissed her. Even in my tired and somewhat delicate state, it was nice to see (or hear) Jen enjoying herself so much so I carried on kitty kissing her for quite a while.

When Jen finally climbed off of me, I found out that while Sue had been eating Jen’s ass, Mike had been kneeling behind her and slowly fucking her. Jen asked him which of us felt tighter and Sue moved around to lie beside me and we allowed him to have a few turns in each of us (my pussy had calmed down a fair bit by this point). He said that Sue felt slightly tighter than me, but not by a great deal (and admitted that neither of us felt much looser than usual – pussies are wonderfully elastic things providing you don’t abuse them too much). We were then allowed to have a little rest while Jen fed MJ and Sue and I then headed to the bathroom to clean up so we could go out. We weren’t too surprised when Mike suggested that we clean each other out (and as we both had to shower anyway it made sense) so we took turns standing in the shower and spreading ourselves while the other one of us knelt and used their fingers and the shower to clean out all of the remaining lube. Jen wanted us to clean each other ‘properly’ and we both knew what she meant by this so once we had hosed each other clean, we each spent a couple of minutes with our tongues buried in the other person’s pussy. It felt quite nice but I knew there was no way I was going to cum again (Sue wasn’t trying that hard) and while I gave her an equally thorough licking, I don’t think she got too close either.


  1. Part 4 PLEASE!!! And when can we get pics of you and Sue??

    1. Part 4 posted - sorry,no pics.I made that mistake when I first started posting...

  2. Why were pictures a misstake? Also is that you in your avatar?

    1. I was warned by multiple people (online) not to post pics if I was being so open about my exploits as it would make it much easier for someone to track me/us down or forward them to our friends. I loved knowing that people were watching me display myself (and that I could let more people see me than I'd ever be able to in person) but I do have a job that I can't really afford to lose (unless people here want to pay my salary of course, then I can do whatever you want :)

      Yes, my avatar pic is one of the ones I posted back at the beginning (from one of our early strawberries and cream adventures)