Friday, 11 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 4

We had a light lunch before heading out and Mike got Jen to describe what it felt like when Sue and I were both eating her. Mike assured Josie that Sue would happily eat her ass whenever she wanted (we knew they had done this already) and Josie admitted that it felt nice, but said she didn’t expect anyone to do that for her on a regular basis. Sue promised Josie that she would spend as long as she wanted doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted (which is pretty much what Mike, Jen and I have promised each other – assuming the rest of the things we have to do to live leave us sufficient time). Mike also told Josie that in return for her letting him fuck his imotou that he would happily make her cum in whatever way she wanted, even if it involved eating her ass. Josie told him that this was a sweet thing to say (sarcasm anyone?) and that she would let him know when he could be of use to her. Mike pointed out that she might get some bonus fun without asking for it and to demonstrate this, he cornered her in the kitchen, pushed his head under her skirt and lapped at her pussy. Josie played along quite well and ended up lifting a leg up over his shoulder to give him better access. Stupidly, she had put panties on and after a while of pulling the crotch to the side to eat her, he ended up asking for some scissors and cut through the crotch so her pussy was fully exposed. He didn’t make her cum but just before he released her, he got her to turn around and once again ducked his head under her skirt, pulled the material of her panties up and out of the way and firmly rimmed her ass while fingering her pussy and stroking her clit. He got her much closer to cumming this time but stopped and pulled away.

Josie complained about her panties and Mike told her we would buy her a new pair but if she put any more on that they would get cut in the same way. She is quite used to Sue rarely wearing panties (and has made use of this fact at work) so went to remove them but we told her that she should keep them on and feel the material flapping back and forth under her skirt. Josie said that would feel strange (which was the point – it would constantly remind her that her pussy was exposed) but Jen suggested that as Josie was doing something odd (for her) that I should have to do something as well. I pointed out the obvious – that I was already naked under my skirt – and Jen said that we needed to find something better for me to do. After a few minutes of suggestions (some of which were wildly infeasible) they settled on a plan. We headed upstairs and retrieved one of our long double ended dildos and I was told I was going to wear it for the duration of our trip. I was bent forwards over the bed, had one end inserted in to my ass, felt it being bent round and had the other end pushed up deep in to my pussy. This was fine as long as I stood still but it fell out too easily whenever I moved so I was (ironically given how this started) handed a pair of panties to use to try and hold the dildo in place. The loop of the dildo came down quite a way below my crotch and the panties weren’t of much use (they just slipped down my thighs). In the end we resorted to using some bondage tape (it sticks to itself quite well but not too firmly to skin) and the dildo was attached to my upper thigh. This pulled it to the side and it felt a little odd, but it now stayed in place and definitely had the desired effect of reminding me that I wasn’t dressed ‘normally’. The one downside was that the skirt I had on wasn’t really long enough to safely cover the bottom of the dildo so I had to change in to something slightly longer. It felt funny when walking as every time I moved my left leg the dildo would slide in and out of my pussy – only a tiny distance, but just enough that I could feel it move.

We headed out and Josie said she felt very self-conscious as she could feel the material of her panties flapping back and forth between her legs. I grew to quite enjoy the feeling of the dildo sliding into me and figured out how to move to maximise the movement (it was still only moving a small amount in me but just felt a little better). We discussed how it was a pity we hadn’t tried this with Jen when she was in her hyper-horny pregnancy phase and wondered if she would have been able to cum. As nice as it felt, I doubted that even she would have cum from the low level stimulation, but we agreed that it would have probably been more than enough to get her really wet and I imagined what it would feel like to be as wet as Jen used to get and have my juices literally running down the dildo and then down my leg, completely soaking it. Jen pointed out that I could easily produce enough liquid to soak my legs but I just retorted with peeing being her thing and then added that if she asked really nicely I might do it for her later on.

Everyone took turns teasing me as we wandered around and we made use of dressing rooms in a couple of shops. The first time was mostly for Josie’s sake – she still wasn’t ready to cum again but was willing to allow us to play with her. Jen, Sue, Lisa and I all had brief turns fondling and licking Josie and I then had my skirt pulled down and the dildo pulled out of my pussy so I could use it to fuck Josie from behind (it was still buried in my ass and taped to my leg). When it was re-inserted in to my cunt, Jen pumped it in and out for a minute or so while Lisa played with my clit and I was expecting them to finish me off but they just got me aroused and left me hanging. The aim of this (which they achieved) was to get me to beg them to make me cum and after listening to me (quietly and discreetly) ask as we wandered around another shop they took pity on me  and said they would add to my orgasm count. This was on the provision that I would fuck Sue in the same way I’d just done with Josie and I immediately said yes and pulled her towards the changing rooms (almost forgetting to grab some clothes to pretend to try on). Jen joined us a minute or so later and by this point my skirt was already on the floor and I had the dildo out of my pussy ready to plunge in to Sue. Jen teased me a little, but didn’t waste much time and said she would start as soon as I was inside Sue. Sue bent forwards, Jen pulled her skirt up and I rubbed the end of the dildo against Sue’s pussy and slid in to her. Jen’s fingers found my pussy and she told me if I wanted her to play with me properly then I needed to be serious about pleasuring Sue. I reached around Sue’s body and started to rub her clit while moving back and forth. Jen told me to fondle Sue’s breasts as well but I pointed out that I needed to hold the dildo if I was going to keep fucking Sue (it wasn’t like using one of our strap-ons). Jen reminded me that I didn’t have to actually make Sue cum and then proceeded to tease me about how much I enjoyed fucking her – in my defence, we try to be quiet generous in the pleasure we give other people but I’ll admit that I had fully intended to make Sue enjoy herself as much as possible. I kept a hand on the dildo and switched between Sue’s clit and breasts with the other hand, at first pushing her top up and then getting Jen to undo Sue’s bra so I could fondle her nipples properly. In return, Jen fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit while occasionally pushing on the end of the dildo that was still buried in my ass. I told her I was going to cum and carried on playing with Sue while Jen’s fingers got me off.

Sue was fairly turned on by this point but I felt I shoulmdn’t be the only one to suffer so as soon as my orgasm faded I pulled the dildo from her pussy and bent it round to pushback in to my own. Sue whimpered a bit when I stopped (although not in as sexy a way as she had when Jen pulled her fist out earlier) and I wiped my hand on her back and helped to fasten her bra. Jen also wiped my juices on Sue’s back before leaving the changing room (opening the curtain while I was still standing there naked from the waist down with the dildo clearly visible). Nobody saw us though and I slipped my skirt back on before Sue and I headed out to join the others. We had to recount our exploits to Mike, Lisa and Josie over coffee and even though Sue had calmed down, it was decided that she should also get to cum as payment for having helped out with my orgasm. We convinced Josie to let us play with Sue at our regular sex shop and set off towards it – I knew that Mike and Jen were looking forward to teasing Sue in public (or semi-public) but as we had MJ with us, someone had to remain outside (we don’t take her in to places like that). I guess we could have asked Lisa to take MJ for a while, but we still wanted to involve her in things as much as possible as part of her indoctrination to our little family so Jen opted to take MJ for a walk first (but made Mike promise to come fetch her after a while). I did actually volunteer to stay outside and let both Mike and Jen go in at the same time but was told I should go in as well. I figured that I would also be made to perform so didn’t bother arguing and just told Jen I would see her in a little while.

Alistair was happy to see us (as he usually is given the way our visits generally go). Mike lifted the front of my skirt to show Alistair the dildo and he came out from behind the counter to have a closer look (front and back). He asked if he could touch and when he was told ‘of course’ he caressed my ass, rubbed around my pussy and moved the dildo in me a little. He said hi to Sue while fondling me and Mike suggested that I could sit up on the counter to allow Alistair easier access to play with me. It proved to be somewhat difficult to mount the counter while wearing my dildo but Mike decided that I’d had it in for long enough (and I was about to be stimulated another way) so he got Sue to remove it from me. She pulled the end from my pussy first, then pulled it from my ass and tried to unwrap the tape. Alistair handed her a pair of scissors and I felt the cold metal on my skin as Sue slid then under the tape and used them to cut me free.

Having my pussy empty actually felt quite nice, but it didn’t last for long as almost as soon as I climbed up on the counter Alistair got me to spread my legs and his fingers pushed between my lips. Mike told Alistair about the target of making me cum as many times as possible (this was also the point that I found out) and Alistair said that he had something that might help out with that. It turned out that Alistair had a sybian machine and I gave him a slap as he knew that I had always wanted to try one of them. Alistair told me I was more than welcome to give it a try but then quickly added that I could try it if I was prepared to take part in another show. I told Alistair that any time he could gather a group of guys (or girls) that I was always happy to display myself to them. I desperately wanted to try the sybian out but Mike insisted that I should be made to cum first. Alistair pointed out that it was quite powerful and it might not be a good idea to use it after just having cum but Mike told him I’d already cum seven times that day (in hindsight we think it was actually eight) and how Jen had fisted me (and Sue) earlier, so one more wasn’t likely to make much difference.

I spread my legs further and told Alistair to hurry up and make me cum so I could try out my new toy. He told me he would take care of me and started to finger and frig me properly while examining my pussy and saying that he would have liked to see Jen fisting me. Mike promised him a repeat viewing at some point (I assumed this would happen during the next show) and Sue gave Lisa a nudge and got her to move over beside me and pull my top up to expose my bra. I had been lying down and had to prop myself up to allow Lisa to reach behind me and unsnap it but as soon as my breasts were free I lay down again and allowed Alistair to fondle one of my breasts while Lisa sucked on the other one. Mike stood behind Lisa and reached under her skirt to fondle her making Lisa pause as she was a bit nervous that someone might walk in to the shop. He convinced her to let Alistair watch her licking me and got Josie to take her place at my side and play with one of my breasts. Josie was even less willing to let Mike fondle her but Sue joined in and they ended up with fingers on and in Josie’s pussy. Josie still wasn’t willing to let them make her cum, but when they switched round and Sue took over sucking on my nipple she didn’t try to stop either of them from playing with her (to the extent that Sue’s breasts were quickly freed as well).

I was getting fairly close to cumming by this point but Mike wanted us to show off just a little more and got Sue to take Lisa’s place between my legs and give me a few licks. He hadn’t got Sue aroused enough that she was likely to make me cum but she gave me a good few licks before telling Alistair to finish me off. I asked Josie if she would let Alistair play with Sue as well and even though Josie knows that she has sucked and fucked him in the past, as well as the fact the he has obviously seen Sue cum multiple times, she wasn’t too keen on the idea. Mike said that it was a pity as Sue is such a good little cocksucker (and she enjoys it), but we didn’t push it any further. I came with Alistair’s fingers working my pussy and Lisa’s tongue on my nipples. I was actually a little disappointed that nobody had walked in on us as a few additional random observers would have added to my pleasure – although cumming on the counter was still sufficiently public that it felt really nice.


  1. I'm sure you may have tried it by now but the Sybian machine is nothing to take too lightly. It has so much power in it that using it on maximum rotation and vibration can actually cause physical damage. With all the attachments it has it's definitely the best on the market...and the price tag shows. Just try not to injure yourself!

    1. As you'll see in the next post, I did indeed get to use it (and have done so a few times since then, although we can't afford to buy one). I generally use it with the textured pads with just a small phallus, although have also used a full dildo on it (on lower power - Alistair is well aware of how strong it can be) but you'll be able to read about that another time.