Monday, 14 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 5

I scrambled down and let Alistair lead me to the sybian. We quickly unboxed it and I told him I wanted to ride it in the middle of the shop. Mike told Sue that she should also have a go and she quickly agreed and he reached around to hug and fondle Lisa while daring her to also have a turn. Lisa said if Sue and I were doing it then she would as well and this just left Josie. At first she said we were all insane to be willing to do such a thing in the middle of a shop but Sue teased her for a bit and said that given what she and I were going to do that night in front of everyone (which I had sort of forgotten about) that the least she could do was sample something that we expected to be incredibly enjoyable. Sue pulled up the front of Josie’s skirt to let Alistair see her panties (and let him know that Josie wasn’t completely boring) but Josie quickly grabbed at this and pulled the material down again.

While this had been happening, Mike and I had concentrated on getting the machine together and Alistair had been considering whether he wanted us to use some protection or if he would just clean the attachments off when we were done. He decided to go with the latter so we could fully enjoy it without having to worry about bits of plastic getting in the way and as we plugged it in and turned it on (with just my hand on top of it) I wondered whether I should let Sue or Lisa have the first ride so give me a bit more time to recover. I knew that this would probably be sensible, but I have a reputation (of insatiability) to uphold – and I had been wanting to try this for so long that I decided I wasn’t going to wait or let anyone else go before me. If I’d had one of my shorter skirts on I may well have left it on, but I thought that the longer one I’d been wearing to disguise the dildo in me would just get in the way so I undid the clasp and zip and let it slide down my legs. I saw Josie look round at the door but Sue reminded her I had cum in the shop many times before – with and without other customers being present. I straddled the machine and started to lower myself on to it but Alistair stopped me, grabbed some lube and squirted it over the attachment on the sybian and then squirted some directly onto my pussy and massaged it in to me. He reached up under my top and wiped his hand clean on my breasts (they were still free of my bra but my top had slipped down over them) and I positioned myself on the machine with so my clit was pressed against the pad and the little attachment was inside my pussy.

I asked them to turn the machine on and immediately felt a strong vibration. It certainly felt nice (and I knew I’d be able to cum quite easily) but wasn’t as overwhelming as I had expected. It wasn’t that I believed that all the online videos had been real (my apologies if I’ve shattered anyone’s illusions about porn) but the descriptions I’ve read seemed to agree that it was unbelievably powerful. It turned out that it was almost on the lowest setting it had and once people started playing with the controls I found out just how powerful it could actually be. Everyone took turns changing the power and vibration patterns and it went from feeling good, to amazing, to way to powerful to cope with and back again. Just because it was too powerful to cope with, didn’t mean that I was allowed to pull away and when I actually tried to lift myself free, I was pushed back down on to the machine and held in place. Needless to say, throughout my ride I swore quite a bit (both in good and bad ways – or pleasure and discomfort) but they eased off on the power a bit and allowed me to really enjoy it. Even on a medium setting it was incredibly intense and didn’t take long at all to get me close to cumming. I doubt there was much they could have done (short of turning it off) to delay my orgasm but they didn’t try. I did at least get the choice of setting to have it on when I came (I opted for a 0.5Hz pulse on medium power) and got Josie and Sue to kneel either side of me and hold my legs down so I would stay in place and get the full benefit of the ride. They each fondled one of my breasts – although I hardly felt this as the sybian was so much more powerful in comparison. They kept pressure on my legs until I told them I’s really had enough and as soon as I was released I quickly lifted myself clear  and knelt over the machine, using Sue and Josie to balance while I caught my breath.

Once I could stand I gave my initial review of the machine (basically a combination of ‘wow’ and ‘good’) and said that everyone needed to try it. I had expected Sue to go next but Mike had been fondling Lisa while I had been busy and telling her how much he wanted to see her use it and cumming just as hard. Lisa still isn’t as used to playing in the shop as Sue, Jen and I are so he had started off by standing behind her and caressing her crotch through her skirt and breasts through her top while pressing the bulge in his trousers against her ass. When Lisa started to press back against him he slowly worked the front of her skirt up until his fingers were directly on her pussy and he gently but steadily frigged her. By the time I came He had her sufficiently turned on that she had been replying with ‘yessss’ whenever he had asked her if she wanted to go next. She still wasn’t quite brave enough to remove her skirt but took my place on the sybian and endured a similar treatment to mine (we didn’t push the power up as far for Lisa as she is still a relative beginner, but it was still more than enough to get her to say some very unladylike things). Lisa even got an added bonus (although she didn’t see it quite that way) when someone came in to the shop. Up until that point, she had been enjoying the sybian and even holding her skirt up so that we could see as the machine vibrated against her pussy. When the door opened she froze with the look of a deer in headlights but then pushed her skirt back down over her crotch. She then seemed to remember that she was on the machine (not that you could actually forget this as it feels so good) and made a move to stand up.

She was too slow however and by this point Mike had moved closer to her and was already kneeling down beside her with a hand on her shoulder. He told her that it would be incredibly arousing to watch her cum in the middle of the shop with a random stranger watching and pointed out that I was standing there pretty much naked so I was technically showing off more than she was. Lisa was still rather unsure, but as the machine was still throbbing away underneath her, she didn’t have much time to pause and think about things. Mike slid a hand down her back and under her skirt to caress her ass and asked her if she would cum for him. She let out a little moan and Mike slid a hand up her leg and caressed her inner thigh, then lifted the front of her skirt again as he told her that it wasn’t fair to hide such a beautiful pussy away and that she should show it off and enjoy herself. Lisa leant her head against Mike and told him it was embarrassing  but he pointed out that the guy watching had no idea who she was and that she would probably never see him again. Lisa was already getting quite close to cumming and he looked over at me and indicated with his head for me to sit on the other side of Lisa. I would have usually been more than happy to participate, but as I was naked, I preferred to remain standing and whispered to Sue to kneel beside Lisa and help Mike fondle her. Sue didn’t hesitate and knelt on the other side of Lisa while quickly sliding a hand up Lisa’s other thigh. Mike mouthed ‘breasts’ to Sue who then slid her hand up under Lisa’s top and started fondling her through her bra. She then used both hands to push Lisa’s bra up over her breasts and then pull Lisa’s top up to caress her breasts properly and even leant forwards and sucked on the nearest nipple. Lisa had reached her limit and started to cum. She said ‘oh fuck’ many times and then switched to ‘enough’ over and over. We dialled the machine back but I recalled how strong it was even on its lowest setting and made sure they shut it off. Lisa was still leaning against Mike, panting away with Sue fondling her breasts and Mike keeping her pussy exposed. Only after a minute or so did she seem to remember how exposed she was and pulled her top down and asked Mike to help her up. She looked like her legs were as wobbly as mine had felt but Mike held on to her while Sue sorted her bra out.

I had briefly chatted to the new customer and told him how I had just tried out the machine and thought it was wonderful. He seemed rather torn between looking at me (naked) and Lisa (clothed, but obviously about to cum). I made sure he was watching Lisa as she came and once she was upright I wandered over to her and slipped a hand between her legs, gently stroked her pussy and then withdrew my fingers to suck them clean. Mike wanted Lisa to ask the guy if he had enjoyed watching her cum but she was too embarrassed to even look him in the eye. Mike suggested that they head out and take MJ so that Jen could come and enjoy the fun and suggested that if Sue was going to try the sybian out that she wait until Jen arrived. Sue agreed to this (although reluctantly as she wanted to see if it was as good as Lisa and I had made out). Mike texted Jen as he left with Lisa (once she had finished straightening herself up) and a couple of minutes later Jen hurried in the door and asked if she had missed Sue’s performance.

To her delight, Sue had waited (as requested) and I had made sure that we kept our random customer’s interest by once again sitting up on the counter and spreading myself – but this time to let people see how pink my pussy was after the intense vibrations from the machine. Naturally Sue, Josie and Alistair all had a feel of me and it didn’t take much to convince the other customer to stroke me and feel how warm (and wet) the whole area felt. I was nowhere near ready to do anything else or I would have encouraged him to feel inside me as well but I was happy to enjoy the fairly gentle touches and just expose myself like that. When Jen appeared, I got her to give my pussy a few licks but we didn’t delay things for long as Sue was still desperate to get on to the sybian.

I climbed down from the counter and followed the rest of them over to the machine. Sue was already standing over it and was about to kneel down when I pointed out it was much easier without a skirt to get in the way. Sue looked at Josie (as if for permission) and Josie just told her to go ahead if she wanted, but Jen – who sees Sue more as ‘hers’ as she was the one who converted her to lesbianism (I know Sue is bi and not gay, but Jen’s aim is to pull her all the way over to her side) – was already working on the zip on Sue’s skirt and soon had it undone. Sue leant on Jen to step out of her skirt and then sat on the sybian, which was already a sticky mess from the lube and two coatings of juices. We gave Jen the honour of turning the system on and Sue physically jumped when it started vibrating under her. She told Josie it felt amazing and that they needed to buy one. Jen played around with the various pulse and power settings (Sue liked the same pulse pattern that I did, but at a higher frequency). Sue called Josie over to her and got Josie to pull Sue’s top off. Sue herself then pulled her breasts free of her bra and started fondling them, lifting each nipple to her mouth in turn and swirled her tongue around them.

I had stood beside the random customer while we watched Sue and had brushed up against him a number of times. He had taken then hint and I felt his hand slide over my ass and squeeze one of my cheeks. I hadn’t left him to do all the work and had slid a hand up his leg and caressed his crotch. I was clearly able to feel the bulge of his cock and helped ease it into an upright position. The guys fingers made their way between my ass cheeks and toyed with my pussy and I told him that we could probably use the store room once Sue had finished. When Sue started playing with her breasts I told him that she was my little sister and I don’t know if he believed me or not but he seemed to like the idea as he moved around behind me and pressed his cock (through his trousers) against my ass while reaching around to fondle my breasts. I loved that he was being so brazen (says the naked girl) and pushed one of his hands down to my pussy. By this point Sue was getting close to cumming and was still fondling and licking one of her own breasts but had got Josie to help out and play with the other one. I told the guy humping my ass that Sue was about to cum as her whole upper body was flushed and he gripped my breasts more firmly (not quite squeezing them but applying more pressure). He pressed harder against my ass and I wriggled back against him saying I would take care of him in just a moment but that I wanted to see Sue cum first.

Sue really enjoyed her orgasm and I can’t think of a better way of describing how I felt than ‘proud’. She came as openly and unabashedly as I think I did with a look of absolute pleasure on her face. Admittedly she hadn’t been tortured with the high power setting as much as I had, but I was still impressed that she asked them to leave the sybian turned on for a little while after she’d cum and she slowly humped back and forth. The next thing I did was partially to ensure the guy was as aroused as possible, but mostly for Jen – I walked over to Sue, stood with a foot either side of the sybian and pulled her face to my pussy. Sue pushed her tongue between my lips and lapped at my pussy, not caring in the slightest that everyone was watching us. I soon began to feel really good and I was tempted to allow her to continue and eat me until I came (which she later said she would have done) but I knew that Mike would kill us if he didn’t get to see the first time we did that (plus I wanted the guy’s cock inside me). I reluctantly pulled away and asked Alistair if we could use the store room. We were told we could, but the guy would have to buy some condoms first (as much as Alistair enjoys our little displays, he does have a business to run).

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