Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 6

Sue really enjoyed her orgasm and I can’t think of a better way of describing how I felt than ‘proud’. She came as openly and unabashedly as I think I did with a look of absolute pleasure on her face. Admittedly she hadn’t been tortured with the high power setting as much as I had, but I was still impressed that she asked them to leave the sybian turned on for a little while after she’d cum and she slowly humped back and forth. The next thing I did was partially to ensure the guy was as aroused as possible, but mostly for Jen – I walked over to Sue, stood with a foot either side of the sybian and pulled her face to my pussy. Sue pushed her tongue between my lips and lapped at my pussy, not caring in the slightest that everyone was watching us. I soon began to feel really good and I was tempted to allow her to continue and eat me until I came (which she later said she would have done) but I knew that Mike would kill us if he didn’t get to see the first time we did that (plus I wanted the guy’s cock inside me). I reluctantly pulled away and asked Alistair if we could use the store room. We were told we could, but the guy would have to buy some condoms first (as much as Alistair enjoys our little displays, he does have a business to run).

The guy quickly paid for some condoms (some nice ultra-thin non latex ones) and I dragged him towards the back of the shop. It was only at this point he asked me if he would have to pay and I told him I wasn’t a prostitute, so he apologised. I told him it was fine and I just loved sex and as soon as we were in the room I pulled at his belt and quickly freed his cock. As I applied the condom I told him that my cunt was still tender from riding the sybian so he would have to be gentle but that I still wanted to cum. I knelt and sucked him for a minute or so and then rubbed his cock between my breasts. I was aware I’d cum quite a lot that day (but unfortunately hadn’t been getting multiple loads of cum injected) so I reached down between my legs to see if I needed to go fetch more lube. I decided I was still wet enough and asked the guy how he wanted to take me. Unsurprisingly it was from behind so I leant against a desk and stuck my ass out. He rubbed the head of his cock around my pussy and easily slid in to me and on the third stroke I pushed back so he slid all the way in. He didn’t try to just pound away and reached around to fondle my breasts and stroke my clit as well. He asked if he could spank me and I told him he could do it a little, but not too hard and received a number of slaps on my ass until it felt warm. I played the naughty little schoolgirl part for him and told him how I needed his big hard cock inside me to teach me a lesson. I got him to play with my clit a bit more and as we fucked I described to him the various things I’d been up to that day and how Sue and I had eaten each other (in my description I pretended we’d made each other cum). He soon told me he was getting close but I warned him not to cum until I did. He told me to hurry and frigged me much faster – he used a bit more pressure than I would have liked but it felt good enough that I didn’t interrupt him and just pictured his cock sliding in to me. As I started to cum I thrust back against him in time with his movements and told him to cum in me. He came quite quickly after this and after moving a few more times pushed deep in to me and told me it had felt amazing.

When he pulled out I quickly turned round and took hold of his cock, held the condom in place and gently took the head in my mouth. He had produced quite a bit of cum and I could feel it squishing around in the condom as my tongue moved and I told him I would have loved to feel him empty his load in to my cunt and have it drip out of me for the rest of the afternoon. The guy told me I really was a little nympho so I looked up at him and tried to give him my cute look while asking if he was complaining. He apparently had no complaints and said he would give me a five star review and I debated pulling his condom off and letting his cum leak over my breasts but didn’t know what out plans were and having a stranger’s cum on my body might limit what we could do.

While we had been gone Sue had tried to convince Josie to try the machine out. She was apparently wavering and Sue is sure she could have at least got Josie to briefly sit on it and feel the vibrations but another customer came in while they were discussing this and Josie was adamant that she wouldn’t do it with someone else there. Fortunately Jen was sufficiently curious that she wasn’t put off by the new person being present and told Alistair she wanted to give it a try. Sue rubbed some of the lube onto Jen’s pussy and asked Jen if she was going to remove her skirt. Jen was still a little uneasy with her body following the pregnancy and despite having let numerous people see her naked, she wasn’t willing to do so that particular time and just held her skirt up so it didn’t get stained with the mess of juices on the sybian. We’ve trained Sue quite well though so even though neither Mike nor I were present she made sure that Jen didn’t just use the sybian but was exposed more. Sue waited until Jen had enjoyed the device for a couple of minutes and then told Josie to kneel on the other side of Jen from her and copy what she did. Sue and Josie caressed Jen’s breasts through her top and Sue then whispered in Jen’s ear how she could feel Jen’s hard nips even through her clothes. She told Jen she wanted to suck on her nips and worked her hand into Jen’s top to give them a squeeze, undid the buttons and (with Josie’s help) pulled the top down far enough to expose Jen’s bra (which she now has to wear to help catch any leaks after feeding). Sue quickly undid this, pulled it up to expose Jen’s breasts and on the count of three, Sue and Josie each took one of Jen’s nipples in their mouths and sucked on them.

Jen was already coming along nicely but the double sucking caused a quite intense let-down reflex and she felt a strong wave of pain. I’ve heard from many women that this can be incredibly unpleasant but others have said it can almost feel nice. In Jen’s case it was the fact that it hurt that felt nice (she is a bit of a masochist) and while she usually tries to not enjoy the sensation she gets from breast feeding (at least not when MJ is the one sucking on her breasts), this time she wasn’t able to resist though and she openly moaned and said it felt amazing. Jen let out a squirt of juices (she doesn’t think she peed) and both Josie and Sue got to taste Jen’s milk but not for long as the added sensation on her breasts (which are apparently quite a bit more sensitive when breast feeding) was enough to push her to cum. Jen didn’t ‘mew’ her way through her orgasm as she usually would but let out much more guttural grunts. Jen lifted herself a little way off the machine as soon as she’d cum as it felt too intense and when Sue pushed her hand between Jen’s legs she discovered just how wet Jen was.

Having just cum in front of the new customer (and Alistair), Jen wasn’t as bothered about being exposed (although her top still covered her stomach and as soon as she stood up and let her skirt fall back down her pussy was also covered. Josie and Sue helped Jen to her feet and handed her my skirt to dry her pussy and thighs off with, after which Sue used it for the same purpose. They tried once again to get Josie to try the machine out and even wiped it clean (with my skirt) so she would get messy. Josie still refused and pointed out to Sue that she was still mostly naked (as if Sue hadn’t realised) with the guy eyeing her up. In a move that I was once again very proud of, Sue decided that she should try on some of the outfits before getting dressed properly and was in the middle of putting on a corset when I reappeared with the first customer (our fuck hadn’t taken too long, but the sybian had been even quicker on Jen).

The guy I had fucked left the shop quickly but the new customer was still there and once Jen was dressed, she suggested that I should offer myself to him. I told her I couldn’t cum again for a while and instantly regretted saying it as I knew she would try to prove me wrong. I was ordered over to the counter and told to sit up on it and have Jen proceed to ask the guy if he had enjoyed watching her cum as she spread my lips and fondled my breasts. Jen asked the guy if he liked lesbians and he said yes (as the majority of guys seem to – even though they almost certainly mean they like the idea of bi girls so they could join in). Jen got Josie and Sue (who was still mostly naked) to hold my legs apart (even though I wasn’t resisting) and pushed her face in to my pussy. I still felt tender but Jen is very good at eating me gently so it was quite pleasant. Sue went next and as her tongue pushed between my lips Jen told the guy that she was my little sister (Jen also caressed Sue’s ass and gently fingered her, just to add to the situation). Lastly even Josie joined in and ate me for a bit, but Jen hadn’t finished yet…

I had been instructed to fondle my breasts while being eaten (and quietly told to moan and say how good it felt) but once Josie pulled away I was told to masturbate. As nice as the cunnilingus had felt, I still wasn’t ready to cum again but Jen got me to stroke my clit with one hand and reach around under my leg with the other to finger myself. My legs were pulled apart once more and the guy was led round to stand directly in front of me. I know just how exposed I am in this position (from using mirrors and having numerous pictures taken) so did everything I could to show myself off – spreading my lips, pushing my fingers as deep in to my pussy as I could (in that position) and then stroking a third finger over my ass. I don’t often get to display myself this openly so despite my tenderness I wanted to enjoy it fully and pushed the tip of a finger in to my ass and fucked both holes while frigging myself. Jen gave the guy permission to play with my breasts and I was all up for finishing myself off when she told me to stop and let him have a play with my cunt. I reluctantly pulled my fingers away but the guy quickly pushed two of his in to me and steadily pumped them in and out. I asked him to play with my clit, which he did a little bit, but he seemed to be more interested in fingering me. Jen whispered another set of instructions in my ear and I started to tell the guy that I wanted him to fuck me. I saw Jen mouth the word ‘beg’ so I pleaded with him (pathetically) and told him I needed to have his hard cock inside me, how I wanted him to make me cum and how I wanted to make him cum.

Alistair interrupted and said that the guy would have to buy condoms if we wanted to use the store room again and I gave him a pleading look and told him I needed to cum. By this point I really did want to cum so fortunately he agreed. I saw Jen talking to Josie who nodded about something and I was told that Sue would join us, but that the guy couldn’t fuck her. We quickly led him away to the store room and started off by both licking him together. I told him I needed to cum and wanted him inside me but he said he wanted to see Sue lick me again. I said I didn’t care if she didn’t and lay up on the desk (which wasn’t very comfortable), spread my legs and let Sue at my cunt. It began to feel really good so before Sue made me cum I told him I needed him inside me. He eagerly obliged and started fucking me but then suggested that Sue climb up over me so I could eat her. I could feel that the desk wouldn’t be strong enough to safely hold us both and considered letting Sue lie on the desk but then had a better idea. I told him to help me up and led him (and Sue) back out of the store room to the back door. Out in the yard I knew there was a fire escape from the upstairs flat (I’ve fucked out there before) and suggested that Sue could sit up on the steps. She disappeared back indoors and reappeared with my skirt, folded this up and sat on a step at about the right height for me to lean forwards and lick her. The steps were a bit too steep to make this work well but I could make good enough contact with her (we tried with her standing and leaning forwards so I could eat her from behind but that was even more awkward).

As we fucked, the guy asked Sue if we were really sisters and she told him we were, how she had joined me and Mike in bed, how Jen had ‘turned’ her and how she and I now did things together (which was obvious to him as my tongue was buried in her cunt). As Sue gave him the brief description of how we’d gotten to this point I replayed the events in my mind and could feel another orgasm building. I thrust back against the guy harder and he responded – I nearly spoiled things by thinking that I wasn’t having my clit played with but put the thought out of my mind and just went back to enjoying the moment. I was counting on Sue being far enough behind me that I could eat her properly until I came without her cumming and this turned out to be the case. I told the guy I was cumming and went back to eating Sue but he wasn’t far behind me. Sue was getting quite close as well and it only seemed fair to make her cum (now I knew I was being pushed I wanted to fight back at least a little bit). I knew I shouldn’t eat her to orgasm so switched to frigging her while using a couple of fingers to fuck her with long strokes. Sue moved down a step to make it easier for me to play with her and as she got closer to cumming she told me to kiss her. I could hear the guy behind us saying how hot we looked as Sue took hold of my head and held me in place as our tongues duelled in each other’s mouths. I briefly broke the kiss to give Sue a smile and asked if she was ready to cum for our audience and she told me ‘of course’ but then pulled me back to her mouth. I knew Sue had her legs spread wide and I wanted to look down at my fingers on and in her pussy but she held me firmly in place. I could feel her panting into my mouth and knew she was close but when she moaned and started to cum I also felt a warm stream of liquid splash out over my hand.

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