Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 7

I’m quite used to Jen doing this when she cums so the event itself wasn’t that unusual but for Sue to want to pee over was a bit odd so I assumed Jen had instructed her to do it. Most of the liquid splashed over my hand and arm but I felt more than the occasional splash over my chest, stomach and legs and was pretty much covered by the time Sue’s orgasm finished, she stopped peeing and released me. I went to wipe my hand over her face but she grabbed it and sucked on the fingers that had been inside her. She did a thorough job of this and told me to lick her once more – if it had been Jen in my place she would have licked Sue until she was clean, I just lapped at her pussy a handful of times before pulling away and turning to the guy to ask if he had enjoyed what he’d seen. He was standing there with his cock still mostly erect and said it had been incredible. I looked down at my body which was covered with Sue’s rapidly cooling pee and wiped a little of it around. Sue used the dry part of my skirt to dry herself and then handed it to me – a lot of it was completely soaked but there was a large enough dry bit to mostly dry my body and as I did so I asked what I was going to wear. Sue said she didn’t know (and that it wasn’t her problem) but that there were plenty of skirts in the shop so it wasn’t as if I was going to be stuck there. I once again debated pouring the guy’s cum over my breasts but decided against it and we just used my skirt to wipe him clean.

We headed back in and on arriving in the main part of the shop Jen said we’d put on a wonderful show. I asked if they had been watching and Alistair showed us the security monitor – he had a camera up in the back yard and had seen us do everything. The guy was a little put out that people had been watching but seemed to get over it given he’d got to fuck me and watch Sue and I play with each other. Before the guy left, Alistair told him that I would be putting on a show and that Sue might be joining me. The guy was interested in this and was amazed that we would actually do things in front of a while group of people and then let them all fuck us. Josie went to say that she didn’t want Sue to take part but we silenced her and assured Alistair that we would find someone suitable to join in (hoping it would be Lisa). The guy left Alistair his number and left the shop and I said I was a bit cold and needed to get dressed. Jen said she had a better way to warm me up and that she had already promised Alistair he could fuck me. I told her I *really* couldn’t cum again and was once again told I was talking nonsense and to just think back to how I used to be teased by her gang and made to cum dozens of times a day. Jen showed me an attachment for the sybian that could be used to fasten the rider’s legs to so they couldn’t get up. I was told to either fuck Alistair or that I would be tied to the sybian while everyone else went for coffee and I would have to just endure the machine for however long they were gone for. Now I know if I had really refused that I wouldn’t have been made to do this, but I’ve never backed down before (at least not as for having to use our safe word) and knew that Jen would most likely go through with her threat. I’ve been tied to a chair before and had a body wand used on my pussy for far longer than was comfortable (cumming a number of times in the process) but the sybian was way more powerful and I knew it was more than I could take on a good day (let alone after having cum so many times already).

I submitted and told Alistair that it was only fair I let him fuck me as he had let me sample the sybian and let me show myself off to and then play with the other customers but as I’d just cum three times relatively quickly I was given a little respite and told I could recover for a while providing I remained naked. Alistair told Jen that he would gie us a copy of the security footage but we couldn’t get it straight away as he would have to burn it off to a DVD at some point. Jen knelt in front of Sue and had a proper lick of her pussy, saying she tasted delicious. She then moved over to me and licked around my thighs and pussy but said I didn’t taste of pee in the way Sue did. I told her I could quite readily pee over her face (and in terms of ‘revenge’ this seemed like a good ides) but Alistair wasn’t keen on people peeing in his shop for some reason. I didn’t entirely stick with the naked rule, but as I was trying on the various outfits I was never properly covered up so it was allowed. Jen decided it was only fair to let Mike watch my final fuck (in the shop anyway) and called him back. Before Mike arrived, another customer came in and Sue and I decided to play the part of shop assistants. We both went over to him in a state of semi-undress and offered him our help and advice. At first he was quite withdrawn but as Sue and I fooled around with each other and pointed out that we could probably help him no matter what he was looking for. After suggesting a few things we narrowed it down to him wanting a vibrator for his girlfriend. That was an easy thing to help with and I suggested one of the silicone coated ones but then had an idea and asked if he would let us show him how to best use it. He didn’t get what we meant at first but I explained that as an after-sales-service we could demonstrate a few methods of using it to him.

The guy didn’t seem to believe us but I slid a hand down between my legs and caressed myself and then pushed it between Sue’s legs and asked him if he would like to watch us use it on each other. He eagerly paid and I got Sue to climb up on the counter, spread her legs and slowly rub the vibe around her pussy. I helped out with my fingers and then took over using the vibe, first massaging Sue’s lips with it, then running it back and forth over her thighs, gently tracing it over her clit and then working it into her pussy. I teased her like this for a while and then allowed the guy to use it on her. When Mike arrived he appreciated the view of Sue and I playing together but said I was meant to be the one being played with  (Jen had briefly told him what had happened, but not all the details). I switched places with Sue and she and then the guy used the vibe on me for a while. I semi-expected to be offered to him but as he had told us he had a girlfriend this didn’t happen (although to be fair I’m not sure how much his girlfriend would have appreciated him using her new vibe to fuck two girls with). We let him carry on until it started to feel good and I told Alistair that I was ready if he was. Sue and I licked the vibe clean (it would have been nice to think of our juices being pushed in to his girlfriend but I assume he would have washed it before using it on her anyway).

The guy left and Alistair locked the door to the shop. I assumed he would fuck me over the counter but Mike suggested the floor and they threw a few coats down to at least make it a little softer. Once Alistair was inside me I found out why I was on my back as Sue was told to sit over me so I could finish cleaning her pussy. She started facing Alistair and I felt her reach down to play with my clit but after a couple of minutes she was told to turn around and bend forwards so they could all watch my tongue moving between her lips. I reached up to spread her ass cheeks and give them a better view and heard Mike tell Alistair to use something on me. I heard plastic cracking and then felt a familiar buzzing on my clit. Alistair moved the vibe around my pussy and occasionally pulled his cock out of me and used the vibe in its place. After a little while Mike pulled Sue off of my face and got Lisa to take her place and I noticed that Josie was sitting on the sybian (still wearing her skirt, but clearly enjoying herself). Even though I could still faintly taste the lube in Lisa I gave her a really good licking to ensure she came in front of Alistair. Mike helped out a bit by getting her to suck him and as she got more aroused he got Sue to pull Lisa’s top up, expose her breasts and play with them. After a while, Mike left Lisa to me and he and Sue went over to Josie who no longer cared when they started fondling her as she was so close to cumming. Josie had a few sucks of Mike’s cock but Sue said she wanted Josie to cum in to her pussy and straddled the sybian then pulled Josie’s mouth to her pussy in the way I had done with Sue earlier on.

Josie came but was relatively quiet (or restrained) as she did so. She certainly enjoyed it and was more than happy to admit this, just didn’t show it quite as vocally as the rest of us had. After helping her up, Mike got her to lie up on the counter so he and Sue could kitty kiss her – she was initially a bit nervous about exposing herself like this but they pointed out that Alistair was somewhat preoccupied with fucking me and the door was locked so she was safe. Mike loved the image of her lying there with her torn panties revealing everything and as he kitty kissed her, Sue kissed Josie properly and fondled her breasts. Josie once again told us that we were all crazy (but allowed Mike and Sue to keep tending to her) and by the time Sue had her turn kitty kissing Josie, Josie’s breasts were fully exposed and Mike suckled on her nips as well as kissing her on the lips.

I was enjoying Alistair’s cock moving inside me and even though I felt tired I wanted to cum again. I was doing my best to transfer my pleasure to Lisa and as she is quite a bit younger than me – and hadn’t cum anywhere near as many times that day – this was working fairly well and I could taste her juices much more (which I took as a sign of arousal). My licking became more frenzied as I got closer to cumming and I eagerly rimmed her a number of times. Alistair said he was getting close and I told him he could either hold back until I came or just enjoy himself and let Lisa finish me off. He apologised and said he wanted to cum and I felt him thrust in to me faster as I buried my tongue between Lisa’s lips once more. I held back a bit as I didn’t want both Alistair and Lisa to cum before me but he really hadn’t been joking when he had said he was close as it felt like a matter of seconds later that he pushed hard in to me and slowed down. I quickly told Lisa to frig my clit and felt her fingers strum back and forth across it but Alistair pulled out before she could get me off. I didn’t need to tell her what I wanted next though and I felt her bend forwards, spread my lips and take my clit between her lips. As her tongue flicked back and forth I pulled her pussy to my face once more and dove in. Given we were lying on the floor in the middle of a shop Lisa ate me quite enthusiastically and as an additional sign of appreciation to Alistair I made sure I moaned quite a bit into Lisa’s cunt as I came. Mike called over to Lisa to keep eating me until she came herself and surprisingly, this didn’t feel as intense as I had expected – it was still a fairly strong sensation but wasn’t more than I could take. Lisa wasn’t too far behind me and even when she had cum I continued to lick around her pussy and suck on her lips, coating my face with her juices.

When we got up I found that my skirt had also been used to clean off Alistair’s cock (so there were now patches soaked with Sue’s pee and two areas damp with cum). Jen said I couldn’t go out with my face covered in Lisa’s juices and used the part soaked in pee to wipe me clean (mostly as she was jealous that Sue had peed on me and not her). Mike threatened to fuck me and at that point I felt that I could actually have taken it but he didn’t go through with it and just went to look at the skirts to see if there was anything suitable for me. The first few choices were clearly unsuitable as they either barely covered me or left me semi-exposed (with my pussy and ass actually visible while I was standing). In the end he chose a short, tight latex skirt that hugged my ass firmly and rode up as I walked in it. I would have happily worn this if I’d had a longer coat with me as I could have let the skirt ride up under the coat as I walked and then pulled it down before removing the coat. I wasn’t given the choice though and was told that this is what I would be given to wear so as we walked around for the rest of the afternoon I had to pull the skirt down every time it rode up too high. On a few occasions (when we were in suitable sheltered places), it was given a helping hand by Mike or Jen who caressed my ass and slid a hand up under it.

The skirt didn’t allow me to sit with my legs spread over coffee (I usually rest one ankle up on the other legs knee), but they still wanted me to cum more before we headed home. It was later on in the afternoon as we stood by the river that Mike stood behind me and reached around to play with my pussy, pulling up the front of my skirt to do so. Now with my usual flippy skirts this is quite easy, but in the tight one the only way he could get access was to work the whole skirt up and he had to use Sue, Lisa, Josie Jen and the buggy to provide shielding so that people walking past couldn’t see. With the skirt pulled up I could spread my legs and Mike toyed with my clit while telling me that everyone on the river could see what he was doing (there wasn’t anyone on the river, but it still felt nice to be exposed like that). I had pretty much recovered from the multiple sessions in the shop and told Mike to go ahead and make me cum (as if I had a choice) but I ended up being passed between everyone for them all to have a go at fondling me. This led to me getting very aroused and being told to play with myself (which I did) but in line with the theme of the weekend, it was Sue who was put in charge of finishing things off and actually making me cum. I came with the feeling of her breasts pressing firmly against my back and her fingers on my clit and stroking my pussy (not really inside me, just mostly on my lips).

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