Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 8

I wasn’t the only target and once we had moved a little way along the riverbank Mike told Sue he wanted to see her cum. For her he wanted to not just fondle her but to actually get inside her and while we weren’t in a secluded enough space for him to actually fuck her, he did manage to get his cock out, slip it under her skirt and have her guide it in to her pussy. They didn’t move much against each other (so it wouldn’t be obvious what they were doing) but Mike stroked Sue’s clit until she was close to cumming and then pulled out (quickly stuffing his cock back in to his trousers while the rest of us shielded him from view) and handed Sue over to Jen who carried on from where Mike had left off. She gave Lisa and Josie a turn with Sue but (unsurprisingly) it was left up to me to give her an orgasm. As I frigged her we had a whispered conversation (that we knew at least some of the others could hear)and discussed how they were just trying to desensitise us to doing things with each other so we would ‘perform’ better later on. Sue said she didn’t care as it felt good and I told her if she felt that way then I had no choice but to make her cum. I could feel the warmth from her body as her skin got more flushed and Jen told Sue she wanted to see her pee as she came. Sue wasn’t willing to do this in such a public place and Jen told her she would have to pay for that later but didn’t push it any further. Sue leant forwards against the railings as she came and I felt her body shudder a bit and she told me to ease off (so I did). I was told to suck my fingers clean of her juices and did so (as if I would waste precious pussy juice) and was then told that I’d done a good job and we could head home to relax.

Naturally ‘relaxing’ didn’t mean that they intended to stop teasing me but I wasn’t the only one as Mike wanted to spend a while playing with Josie. She played along with his wishes and put on a pleated skirt and long blue socks so he could spend a while kissing up and down her legs, nibbling on her thighs and kitty kissing her little pussy. He kept this up for the best part of an hour and by the time he was ready to move in for the kill she was begging him (or anyone) to make her cum. He spent a while fucking her on the sheepskin rug (which she loved the feel of – both the fucking and the rug) and told her that he would love to cum in her but he wanted to save his cum for his night with Sue. Josie said she didn’t care if he came in her or not and she just wanted him to let her cum and she tried to play with herself a few times but we stopped her. Mike relented in the end and gave her the choice of him eating or fucking her to orgasm – once again she said that she didn’t care so he fucked her until she was really close to cumming (again), paused, and then went down on her. This time he ate her to orgasm, lapped at her through her orgasm, kitty kissed her afterwards and tried to push her to cum again. Josie told him she couldn’t cum again but ended caving and up adding a ‘yet’ when we told her she was definitely going to cum at least twice more that night.

Jen had spent a while playing with Sue’s breasts while Mike had been busy with Josie and Jen and Lisa had separately teased me (but not to orgasm). Once Josie had finally been allowed to cum we decided it was time for dinner and as I now knew the communal aim for the day was to make me cum I wasn’t surprised at the decision to get take-away. We opted for pizza and placed the order (which had a surprisingly short delivery estimate for a Saturday night). I didn’t wait to be told and just asked what state they wanted me to be in when the person arrived. We decided to play it straight (so to speak) and instead of acting coy and doing the ‘pizza dare’ to just let whoever delivered the food know that he (or she) could join us for some fun if they wanted. Mike told Lisa that he would really like to see her get involved and Sue told Josie that she should have some fun as well. Josie said that Sue was just saying that so that she could get involved herself so Sue promised that she wouldn’t let the guy do anything to her if Josie played along and let him do things with her. Initially Josie didn’t seem to have any intention of participating (beyond possibly playing with me and helping to present me to the guy) but Sue repeatedly teased her about how nice it could feel to have a stranger’s cock buried in you. Josie called Sue a slut (playfully) a number of times, but Sue seems as happy to wear that badge as I am (she knows that she enjoys sex) and just took it. Josie ended up agreeing to let the guy fondle her a bit if he wanted to (she still wasn’t sure that he would want to participate but from experience there have been very few guys who haven’t been willing to take whatever we offer).

Josie still had the pleated skirt and long socks on so Sue, Lisa and I dressed in a similar way. Josie, Lisa and Sue wore normal (if lacy) bras while I was given one that left my nipples exposed (although I didn’t see this as being that important a distinction if the aim was to get the guy to fuck us anyway). When the doorbell went, Sue and Lisa were sent to answer it and got the guy to follow them to the kitchen to get the money. Meanwhile, I say on the sofa and Josie knelt between my legs to eat me. I moaned in an exaggerated manner so that Lisa and Sue could tell the guy that I was being eaten and ask him if he wanted to see (which he did). When they led him in to the living room (Mike and Jen were hiding upstairs watching via a laptop webcam) I spread my legs further and pulled my knees up to reveal myself more fully. Sue led things along and started fondling Lisa but then knelt behind Josie, flipped her skirt up and caressed Josie’s ass and pussy through her panties. Lisa let the guy fondle her and as soon as he had his fingers inside her I told Sue it was only fair that we should get to see his cock. She and Lisa fished it out and told the guy that they wanted him to fuck me. He was up for this but I suggested that he should at least get to experience each of their cunts as well and as Josie was in a suitable position already (she was still kneeling and eating me), Sue led him over to her, got him to kneel down and guided his cock towards Josie’s pussy.

The guy pushed in to Josie and as he moved back and forth Sue played with Josie’s clit and caressed her breasts through her bra then whispered in Josie’s ear how hot she looked while being fucked. Sue told Josie she wanted to such her juices from the guy’s cock (but added that she wouldn’t do anything more) and while the guy was reluctant at first to pull out, he was happier once Sue took him in her mouth and gave him a good suck. It was now time for him to be inside Lisa and she started off lying on the sofa beside me so the two of us could kiss as the guy fucked her. Sue got Lisa to change position so she was straddling me and the guy could take her from behind then get Lisa to move up a bit so he could slide in to me for a while and switch back and forth between us. Josie and Sue helped out and fondled my breasts, my clit and the guy’s balls but warned him that I needed to cum with his cock inside me (making up an excuse about me getting bored of being fucked by girls). Lisa was told to crawl up and crouch over my face so the guy could watch me eating her. Lisa produced a vibrating egg (she now knows where we stash our supplies) and held this against my
clit while Sue sucked on one of my nips while fondling the other one. I felt someone caress my ass and then a finger rubbing back and forth over my asshole, not penetrating but just pressing a tiny amount in to me and I made more moaning sounds in to Lisa’s pussy to show my appreciation. All the stimulation combined nicely and could feel my crotch tingling as my orgasm built but apparently I’d been even more effective on Lisa as she started rocking back and forth against my face. I hadn’t really expected her to cum as she had already done more than usual (for her) that day but looking back at it, I had really been eating her quite energetically as I was trying to ensure I enjoyed the whole situation as much as possible.

I slowed my licking but Sue noticed Lisa’s pleasure and asked the guy if he thought he could fuck both of us to orgasm. He was quite eager to try and Lisa had to move back down and lie on top of me again, presenting her ass and cunt to the guy while also being able to kiss me. The guy thrust in to her and fucked her and Sue tried to get Lisa to press her clit against the egg (while keeping it against mine). I told Sue to concentrate on helping Lisa cum and the egg was pushed firmly against Lisa’s clit. The guy was told not to cum yet and I felt a couple of Sue’s fingers enter my pussy and Josie was told to frig my clit. As Lisa kissed her own juices from my face, I teased her about how she was letting another guy fuck her (but added that Mike would find it really hot). She came and as soon as her orgasm finished she was told to kneel up over my face again so I could kitty kiss her (I doubt the guy knew what we meant but Lisa did) and he was told to finish me off. Josie had Sue had kept me fairly close so it didn’t take long before my orgasm started and Sue told the guy that he could now cum and to use me as hard and fast as he wanted. He gripped my legs and thrust into me a lot faster than before. I kitty kissed Lisa a bit too hard and she pulled away but I pulled her back  and eased off a bit until the guy said he was about to cum. I pushed Lisa up a little and told the guy to empty his cum in to me and then watched his face as he came. When he pulled out I could see the mess of cum in the condom and was going to offer to gently suck his cock but Sue got there first and had a few sucks before getting Josie to fetch some kitchen towel so the guy could remove the condom and clean himself off. He was then given his money and I was given the task of showing him out but Lisa (at Sue’s instruction) joined me and stood caressing my breasts and fondling my pussy as I waved goodbye.

I was feeling quite hungry by this point and started munching on the pizza but when Mike and Jen joined us they said that the rest of dinner was on the way. Fortunately there was about a twenty minute gap so I (and others) had time to eat, but the doorbell went again and it was a younger guy carrying Chinese food. Mike disappeared again but Jen remained around this time and we were even more direct with this delivery guy than we had been with the first. Jen told the guy that they had been making me cum all day and (using the same lie as before) that I was tired of being fucked by girls and wanted a cock inside me. Despite the rather revealing way we were dressed (apart from Jen who still had her day clothes on) he didn’t seem to think we were being serious but was quickly disabused of this when Jen lifted my skirt and started to fondle me and then got Sue to kneel and lick me. I was told to lie up on the kitchen counter and Jen, Lisa and Josie took turns playing with me while Sue encouraged the guy to join in. She ended up fishing his cock out of his trousers and getting him to slide in to Josie and as he fucked her Sue undid Josie’s bra and removed it. Josie stopped playing with me and tried to fight back, pulling at Sue’s bra but being somewhat constrained in her movements as the guy was still inside her.

Sue told the guy to pull out and they took Josie to the living room (during which time she managed to pull Sue’s bra off, but to be fair Sue wasn’t really resisting). The guy was told to sit on the sofa and Sue pushed Josie down on to his cock (this was obviously a somewhat controlled ‘push’ as she didn’t want to hurt Josie or the guy – especially as we needed his cock in working order). Sue promised the guy that he could fuck both Lisa and me if he just let her do something first and she crouched on the floor between his legs and attacked Josie’s clit with her tongue. It was obvious that Sue wanted Josie to cum (I guess she might have been intending to get Josie close and then stop, but…) so I moved forward to help out and started fondling her breasts but the guy reached around and took over from me so I just kissed Josie. The guy tried to move inside her a few times but was told to remain still so he didn’t cum too soon (Sue was working off the assumption that he wouldn’t last as long due to his age, which bears out pretty well from our experience). He didn’t have to wait too long though as Sue is quite experienced in making Josie cum and after sucking on her clit for a few minutes Sue got the guy to move gently inside Josie as she came.

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