Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 9

As before with Lisa, Josie was quickly removed from the cock and to keep her promise, Sue let the guy fuck Lisa for a little while as Jen played with me to ensure I was ready for him. Jen ended up with a bit more time than they had intended as Josie told the guy he needed to fuck Sue as well. Sue didn’t object to this in the least and bent over the arm of the sofa to present herself to him, at which point I was told to lie on the sofa so she could lick me. They were still aware that the guy might not last too long so we had to switch positions after only a short while. The guy eagerly fucked me and reached around to fondle my breasts and Lisa was given the job of kneeling beside me and rubbing the vibe around my clit. Given how carried away I’d gotten with Lisa I made sure to hold back a bit with Sue and while I gave her a good licking, I was careful to pay attention to how aroused (and flushed) she was getting. I let the guy watch me finger and frig her as well and would have happily made her cum like this but the guy told us he couldn’t hold back much longer and I was told to concentrate on enjoying myself. I didn’t entirely do as I was told as I buried my tongue between Sue’s legs again, but this time I just ran it up and down between her ass and clit, enjoying feeling her squirm under my touch and trying to focus on the vibe and cock that were stimulating me.

The guy said a few more times that he was getting close (and then *really* close) and I pictured his cock emptying his cum in to me to help speed my own orgasm along. I told him when I was on the verge of cumming and he came only just before my orgasm started (effectively at the same time unless you want porn level fully simultaneous orgasms). He told me a few times that he was cumming but kept thrusting in to me and I tried to push back against him to help him get as deep as possible inside me. He kept pumping away inside me the whole way through my orgasm and gradually slowed down but still continued to move in and out. I complimented him on having kept moving in me and told him that it had felt amazing. Jen said I would give his cock a final suck and once he pulled out of me I turned around, knelt in front of him and sucked on the head, of his cock. Just as before, I could feel his cum squishing around in the condom but I realised that as we were at home and I could easily clean off I could enjoy it properly this time so I knelt up a bit, edged a little closer so his cock was over my breasts and peeled the condom off. I squeezed the cum out of the condom on to his cock and then tossed it aside, wrapped my breasts around him and gently stroked him. I used a hand to rub his cum over my neck but mostly concentrated on giving him a boob job – it would have been wonderful if I could have actually made him cum again but I had to be content with the sensation of his cum being smeared over my body. I was certainly effective enough to keep him from going soft and Jen told him he could fuck me again if he was up for it but he said he really had to go as he was going to get in to enough trouble already for having taken so long.

Just as with the pizza guy, I had to show the guy out in my semi-naked (and now cum-smeared) state. Jen was responsible for holding my skirt up and fondling me as I stood waving goodbye and thanking him for the fuck (she used one hand on my pussy and one on my breasts so as not to transfer his cum to my cunt). Once we closed the door I went up to clean off and was told that this should be done properly – I didn’t realise exactly what they meant but guessed it would involve more stimulation and after I had sponged the cum off of my breasts I was told to strip and stand in the shower with one leg up on the side and then hold my lips apart. Sue was given the task of using the pulse spray on my clit to get me off and I warned them that this would probably take a while as I’d only just cum but we proceeded with the plan anyway. The gentle throbbing of the spray on my clit felt nice but as I’d expected, it wasn’t sufficient to make me cum given everything else my pussy had been subjected to that day. To make up for this, Jen said that I should use our location to get revenge on Sue for earlier and Sue put up a feeble protest to this suggestion, but did nothing to move out of the way. To be fair, I didn’t give her much of a chance and just pushed as hard as I could to empty my bladder. I had to get Sue to direct the shower spray away from my pussy as it was interfering with my stream of piss, but Sue did as asked and I directed my pee up and down her body from her face to her stomach as best I could (we can’t aim as well as guys).

I could see Jen quickly undressing as I did this and warned her that I wouldn’t be able to keep peeing for long, but that wasn’t her aim and once I had emptied my bladder I was told to get out of the way and let Jen take my place. As she hadn’t cum (anywhere near) as many times as I had that day, she was more than ready to indulge her fetish and got Sue to lick and finger her. Usually Jen waits until she is cumming until she pees, but she let out a few small squirts over Sue’s face and in to her mouth. Josie made a comment about it being gross but Sue told her that she didn’t react like that when she (Sue) was doing it to her (Josie) and Josie told Sue to shut up and went bright red. This obviously led to the rest of us teasing Josie and I rubbed up against her while asking if she liked having Sue eat her as she peed and if she did the same back to Sue. Jen (who was beginning to mew by this point) told Josie that she would happily shower with her in the morning and that Josie didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. A short while later, Jen warned Sue that she was about to cum and Sue just nodded as her mouth was glued to Jen’s pussy. Jen let out a combination of mew’s and an ‘aahhhh’ and she peed as hard as she could into Sue’s mouth. We watched as Jen enjoyed her orgasm and her pee poured out over Sue’s face and ran down her body. Jen humped back and forth against Sue’s face until her orgasm ended and then asked Sue to lick her clean. The rest of us didn’t see this, but Sue opened her mouth and looked up at Jen, letting her see that it was full of pee, then swallowed and showed Jen her mouth again before returning to licking Jen.

Jen said she felt a shudder of pleasure at Sue’s display and enjoyed being kitty kissed for a few moments more before pulling Sue up and kissing her deeply. Jen’s fingers went to Sue’s pussy and toyed with her but she told Sue she couldn’t make her cum as she (Sue) still had more work to do that nigh and she didn’t want to tire her out. Jen did ‘let’ (by which I mean ‘ask’) Sue press up against Jen’s thigh and pee down her leg as they kissed and Jen then knelt to give Sue’s pussy a quick lick (which ended up being a bit more thorough than Jen had initially intended) before showering them both off and finally joining the rest of us again.

As I hadn’t cum in the shower it was deemed that it was time for me to be the target once more and by unanimous agreement (with two obvious abstentions) it was decided that it was time for Sue and I do to things with each other ‘properly’. Everyone wanted to see us fuck and we were told in no uncertain terms that they really wanted to watch us break our rule and eat each other to orgasm (or at the very least for one of us to do that to the other). I looked over at Sue and decided to fight back against them in the only (reasonable) way I had available. I took Sue aside and we pretended to chat for a while about what we were prepared to do, indicating at each other’s pussies, gently stroking each other and making faces to try and indicate we were talking about eating each other. We then walked back over to the group holding hands and I announced that given everything they had seen us do that day already (dramatic pause), that we would fuck each other to orgasm for them (another dramatic pause) but that we wouldn’t eat each other (to orgasm). This had the desired effect and they all moaned and complained but we stood our ground and said it was a choice of fucking or nothing. They realised that this was the best offer they were going to get (although they still tried to convince us otherwise) and we headed upstairs to Mike’s room (so we could be louder without waking up MJ).

Sue and I started off kissing and caressing each other while everyone else sat around us watching and toying with each other. We occasionally felt someone else’s hand slide over our bodies but we were mostly left alone and just made out. As much as I enjoy being watched, it was a little odd having my audience so close to me but it didn’t put me off (or Sue from the way she was acting) and we kissed deeply and progressed to grinding against each other. Mike and Jen in particular wanted to see us 69 and we told them once more that we weren’t going to eat each other to orgasm but that we would get to some oral play in good time. First, we indulged in a little breast play and moved on to include fingering at the same time before I asked Sue if she wanted me to eat her and she nodded an eager yes. I got her to spread her legs and I climbed over her body, lowered my pussy to her mouth and felt her pull me to her. I told her to be patient as we were meant to be putting on a show and to just spread my lips and get ready. I felt her do this and I did the same in return and then said that we should get started. I kissed around Sue’s pussy and started to gently lick her, answering the various questions about how she tasted and felt as I did so. They asked Sue to lick right up inside me (which she did) and then got me to do the same to her and after a bit more general pussy play we got a bit more serious and concentrated more on each other’s clits. There was no doubt it felt good and once again I was tempted to just carry on until we came as I knew for certain that there was no danger I was ‘forcing’ Sue in to doing things she might regret. It was difficult to pull away, but we stuck to our original agreement – whenever one of us thought they were getting too close to cumming they would say – and I told Sue I couldn’t take any more without cumming.

Before we could reposition ourselves we had to hold each other’s pussies open for our audience to see how wet we had got each other and then have a final lick up inside to swallow as much of each other’s juices as we could. I really wanted to cum by this point and told Sue I needed to fuck her. We moved in to a scissor position, held on to each other’s thighs and humped back and forth, switching between grinding our cunts together and thrusting against each other. We took turns frigging each other and backed off whenever anyone got too close to cumming until we were both on the verge of orgasm. Sue said she couldn’t hold back any more so I told her to fuck me hard and we humped against each other’s cunts for all we were worth. Mike, Jen, Lisa and Josie fondled our breasts and thighs but avoided touching our pussies so we would be solely responsible for each other’s orgasms and we were subjected to a barrage of instructions, telling us to make each other cum, for me to fuck Sue, for Sue to grind against my cunt… Sue came first and threw her head back as her orgasm took her – I was determined not to be left behind and humped against her as fast as I could. It took a bit longer than I had expected for me to actually cum but I got there in the end and was rewarded with a fairly strong orgasm. I slapped my cunt against Sue’s in time with the waves of pleasure and then just pressed against her and gently rubbed back and forth. Both she and I were panting and grinned at each other but when we went to kiss we were told we had to clean each other off first.

We hadn’t intended to kitty kiss but neither of us made any objections and moved back round to a 69 position and lapped at each other’s pussies until we had cleaned them of our combined juices. I rolled off of Sue and we asked our audience if they were happy with the show. Jen had one hand between Josie’s legs with the other between her own and Mike had his cock inside Lisa so we assumed they had been sufficiently aroused by our display but it was nice to hear them describe how hot it had been. Mike pulled out of Lisa and offered me his cock to suck, saying that it should be clean before it was used on me. I told him that I would need some time to recover and he just replied saying that I kept claiming that but still managed to cum whenever they played with me. I was actually given a little while to get a drink and prepare but it was only when Mike and Jen tied my hands to the bed that they told me it was time for my final wave of orgasms for the night and that each one of them was going to make me cum again, just like they used to at Jen’s Uni.

I really wasn’t sure if I had the energy or stamina to cope with a sustained attack, but no longer had much choice in the matter. I don’t actually remember the details well enough to document everything that happened here but Mike and Jen made enough mental notes to guide me and over the next two hours I was made to cum multiple times more. Mike got things started by fucking me while Lisa and Jen played with my breasts and clit. Jen then went down on me (with a little finger play), Josie mostly fingered and frigged me but then used a vibe to help finish me off, Lisa 69ed with me, Josie fucked me with one of our strap-ons and Mike tit-fucked me for a while (without cumming) followed by Sue taking his place with our ejaculating strap on, which she came over my breasts and face with.

Sue then threatened to fuck my ass but Mike wanted to eat me next and once I’d cum I was then turned around and made to kneel up so Sue could fuck my pussy. The others reached under me and played with my breasts and clit as Sue pumped the strap-on in and out of me. Sue really enjoyed fucking me and I’m told that I warned her I would get my revenge next time – this time however I was helpless and just had to submit to the incessant pounding and frigging as I felt myself being pushed towards yet another orgasm. Mike crawled under me (sideways) and got me to suck his cock and Jen reached around to my ass and used a couple of fingers to fuck it. I remember that orgasm in particular out of the session as it seemed to last much longer than the others and really throb through my pussy – not in a really strong or deep way, just that the individual waves built more slowly as I came.

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