Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 4

When he pulled out I took hold of his cock and sucked my juices from the condom while using my tongue to squish his cum around inside it. I pulled the condom off and stroked his cock and balls, smearing his cum all around and telling him how hot and slick it felt. As he pulled up his trousers I washed my hands thoroughly (as I knew I still had more to do) and I wandered back out to the main part of the shop with him behind me. Jen was already finished and as the guy left I got Jen to give me a brief description of her session and I admired the additional coating of juices she had left on the sybian pad. Her session had been pretty similar to mine, but she had kept her clothes on and just lifted her skirt to let Lis, Lucy and Alistair watch as she leaked juices over the device. Jen had apparently mewed quite a bit as she came and had to sit on the device for a couple of minutes afterwards (with it turned off) before she could stand properly.

We texted Mike to say it was time to switch and I tried to talk Lis and Lucy in to haing a try on the toy. They both said they were curious and were convinced it would be amazing but weren’t brave enough to give it a try when they might get caught (even though Lis has been pretty much naked in the shop before). When Mike arrived (and Jen left) I told Alistair that he could have me if he wanted and I was ready to cum for him. He locked the door and I gave him his choice of position – he wanted me on all fours (so many guys seem to love that position) so I knelt and told Lis that this was her chance to ride the sybian. She hesitated a bit but straddled it and made herself comfortable before turning it on. As soon as I heard the buzz she announced that it was fucking powerful (Lis doesn’t actually swear that much so this meant something) and Mike knelt beside her and lifted her skirt to watch as the pad vibrated against her pussy. Lis let out a long hum (or a cross between a hum and a whine) but I paid less attention as Alistair started fucking me properly and toyed with my breasts, clit and ass. While Alistair is fairly good (at least with me as we’ve now fucked enough times to know what each other like), he couldn’t match the sybian and Lis came well before I did. Mike helped her off the device and encouraged Lucy to have a go and when Lis told her that she really had to try it, Lucy allowed them to slide her panties off and guide her in to position.

Lucy agreed that it felt amazing but initially wasn’t going to remain on the device – Lis convinced her to stay put though (pointing out that it really wouldn’t take long). Lucy relented and Mike and Lis knelt either side of Lucy and Lis kissed her while Mike caressed Lucy’s thighs (once again holding her skirt up out of the way so he could watch). I really enjoyed watching Lis and Lucy experience the same pleasure I’d just had and got Alistair to concentrate on my clit. Lucy managed to cum quite quickly and lifted herself up from the sybian to stop the stimulation, allowing Mike to reach between her legs and stroke her pussy and then lick his fingers clean. After a little while Alistair said he was getting close and I told him to use a bit more pressure and he frigged me harder as requested – I kept telling him to hold back just a little longer until I could feel my orgasm about to burst and then told him to go for it. I came a bit before he did but let him carry on fucking (and frigging) me until he pushed hard in to me one last time and remained still. When he pulled out I crawled round and sucked his condom clean (seeing as I’d done it for a stranger earlier on, it only seemed fair to do it for him) and he thanked me for my visit, saying that it always made his day much more pleasant.

I felt quite satisfied but wasn’t quite ready to get dressed yet so I wandered over to the counter and pulled myself up onto it, sitting with my feet up either side of my ass so my pussy was spread and exposed. I asked Mike if he would mind kitty kissing me and he went straight to work but after a minute or so I asked Lis if she would take over. Lis barely hesitated and dived in as soon as Mike moved out of the way. Mike made best use of the position Lis was in and flipped u the back of her skirt to fondle her. Lis didn’t seem to mind him doing this but when he asked Alistair if he minded if he (Mike) fucked Lis, she said she didn’t want to do that in front of anyone else. I pointed out that she had cum in front of many people but Lis later told us that she hadn’t wanted to risk getting pregnant in that location (not that she would have known exactly where it happened…). Mike went back to caressing Lis’ ass and even fingered her a bit but I knew we couldn’t ask Alistair to keep the shop closed for much longer so I told Lis she had done enough and told Alistair to unlock the front door.

Lis and Lucy straightened their clothes (we didn’t give Lucy her panties back) and I slowly dressed Unfortunately I wasn’t interrupted (or discovered) by anyone coming in to the shop (we do sometimes wonder how Alistair makes enough money to stay open) and after assuring him I would give him a few dates for the show that I owed him (or whoever he got to attend) we went off to meet Jen and let her know that Lis and Lucy had now experienced the sybian. We discussed this over coffee and Lis told us the reason I’d mentioned as to why she hadn’t wanted to let Mike fuck her in the shop. Mike said that he would have found it an incredible turn on to take her in a public place even if he hadn’t been allowed to cum (and added that it might well help him to build up a much larger load of cum for her for later on that night). Lis seemed tempted by this so we teased Lucy about her wife wanting to be fucked by another guy in front of an audience but Lucy just said that if it got them a baby, she was happy for Lis to do whatever she wanted (and then added ‘with Mike’).

Back at home Mike got another threesome with Lis and I taking turns sitting over his face and riding him. Lucy joined in for a bit (just riding him – he still wasn’t allowed to eat her) and we took him to the edge of cumming a few times (not too close as we didn’t want any ‘misfires’ – especially not in to anyone other than Lis) and when he’d had enough I was allowed to play with Lis so we could finish each other off and Jen took Lucy to get her off. Mike had intended to look after MJ while the four of us played but as things got more heated he had another request and said he wanted to be inside each of us as we came. As Lis and I were further along we went first with Jen, Lucy and Mike sitting watching us. I licked Lis in an exaggerated way for show but it was still effective enough to get her off and as her orgasm approached she warned Mike who knelt down and slid in to her. He didn’t move and concentrated on what he could feel Lis’ pussy doing as she came (I tried to make minimal contact with his cock so my tongue wasn’t a distraction) and he described how her orgasm felt. He said he mostly felt this on the head (deeper inside her) and when we switched over so he was inside me as Lis made me cum he compared the sensations and said he could feel a bit more on his shaft inside me (but I practice my contractions a lot as it makes orgasms better).

It was Lucy’s turn next so Lis and I took MJ and watched as Jen stroked and fingered Lucy (while also kissing Lucy’s breasts and sucking on her nipples). Jen didn’t want to cum again but allowed Lucy to 69 with her so Mike could easily get in to Lucy and feel her cumming around him. As with Lis, Mike said it felt like he could feel something further inside Lucy and when he pulled out of her Jen took his cock in her mouth to suck it clean of Lucy’s juices. It took a little bit of peer pressure, but we managed to convince Jen to let Lucy make her cum so Mike could complete the comparison. They remained in the 69 position with Lucy on top until Jen got close to cumming at which point they rolled over and Mike entered Jen. Lucy’s tongue brushed against Mike’s cock a bit too much and he had to (reluctantly) get her to concentrate more on Jen’s lips and clit. Jen kitty kissed Lucy but broke contact with her to mew her way through her orgasm and once she was finished Mike reported back that he thought he had felt even more with her than he had with me. Jen was quite surprised about this as she was still convinced that after giving birth her pussy felt different but Mike promised her he wasn’t just trying to reassure her (I think all the exercises she did for giing birth might have something to do with it). Mike asked Lucy if she wanted to suck his cock clean in the way Jen had but she only gave him a quick suck so I cleaned him off a bit more thoroughly and kept going until he said he was getting close to cumming again.

Mike was submitted to low level teasing from Lis for most of the rest of the afternoon and evening. She used her hands, mouth and occasionally pussy (getting him to enter her). I joined in and had him inside me a few times and Lucy brushed against his cock a number of times, sometimes through her skirt and other times lifting it so he rubbed directly against her ass cheeks or pussy. Needless to say, Mike was getting more and more desperate to cum and Lis was equally eager to have him empty another load in to her but we decided that they should have to wait until they went up to bed to fuck (or at least for Mike to cum). Mike was also desperate to fuck Lucy again and she didn’t play any games with him and said he was welcome to do so (providing he came in Lis before he came in her). This left him with the option of going to bed (relatively) early to have his session with Lis and then moving on to Lucy or fucking Lucy without cumming and then trying to impregnate Lis later on. Under normal circumstances (or normal for us anyway) Mike would have happily eaten Lucy to orgasm and then used that arousal to fuck Lis but as he wasn’t allowed his mouth near her pussy (or at least wasn’t allowed to make contact) he had to content himself with fucking her and holding back.

Mike took Lucy on the rug while the rest of us watched (MJ was in bed by this point) and they tried out a number of different positions (as Lucy was still very inexperienced at doing things with a guy). Lucy found out that she quite liked Sue’s favourite position (her lying face down with Mike on top ) – especially with the feeling of the sheepskin rug on her breasts and as they fucked Mike whispered to her that they could always use that position to let him take her ass. Lucy said he would get his chance soon enough and Mike was rather surprised at this but she backed it up by telling him that when she was ready she wanted to feel his cock fucking her ass and filling it with his cum. Mike asked her where the new dirty talking and slutty Lucy had come from and she asked if she was spoiling his ideal image of her but as his fantasy was based on his favourite porn star he told her that she still had a long way to go to catch up with Pavlina (although he was willing to help with anything she needed to help get her to that level). They used a few more positions and to finish Lucy said she wanted him to pound into her (Lis has told Lucy how especially likes this). Mike said this wasn’t fair as he was meant to be trying to hold back so Lucy teased him about his alleged ability to refrain from cumming (leading to the obvious response that it was her he was fucking and desperately wanted to cum in). He rolled over on to his back, pulled her to him and gave her the pounding she had requested though, firmly gripping her ass and kissing her throughout. Lucy enjoyed it but it took her a little while to cum. Mike concentrated on random things to keep himself from cumming so even though he also enjoyed it, he never got too close to cumming (which Lucy was quite impressed with given the force he fucked her with).

Due to a combination of exertion and the heat from the fire, they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat by the time Lucy came and she apologised to Mike for sweating on him but he just nuzzled and kissed all around her body (she let him do this right up to her pussy but he was well behaved and didn’t try to steal any licks). As a reward (both for the orgasm and not going further than he was allowed) she spread her pussy to let him admire her and then fingered herself, feeding him her juices from her fingers. She wasn’t trying to tease him and this was really meant (and taken) as a reward.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 3

Lucy came before Jen did and Mike chided her for not giving him a warning so he could have been inside her as she came (he didn’t really care). Jen switched to kitty kissing Lucy and concentrated on her own orgasm that was rapidly building. Mike helped this along by getting Jen to imagine he was peeing inside her and it was spilling out over Lucy’s face along with Jen’s pee while Jen was slurping away at Lucy’s puss and drinking everything she could produce. Mike promised Jen that Lucy would give her a golden shower in the shower the next morning (he knew Lucy would most likely play along with this) and Jen pictured her body being soaked with multiple streams of pee while she sprayed everyone present as she came. She mewed in to Lucy’s pussy as she came (so as to not wake MJ). Mike pulled out and knelt to help Lucy lap at Jen’s pussy but it wasn’t that good a position so he just watched the two of them kitty kiss each other. When they separated he asked if he could spoon Lucy to sleep and she agreed as long as he was gentle as she felt a little tender. Mike slid in to her and remained mostly still while the three of them kissed again but he then lay down behind Lucy and let her and Jen kiss some more while he enjoyed the feeling of her hot cunt around him.

Lis and I had a more energetic session as we didn’t have to worry about how much noise we made (within limits). We used a number of different toys on each other but ended up using Valerie’s vibe (it’s not actually hers, she just had one of this type that we ‘discovered’ in her room on a group holiday years ago). Lis is now sufficiently well trained that she loves the fantasy of it actually being Valerie’s vibe and how after we used it she would push it in to herself and mix our juices up inside her. We played with the fantasy more and included a number of our other Uni friends, describing how things could have gone if we had managed to convince them to try doing things with girls or getting them to join in a group session. Lis was a little disappointed she hadn’t been present at the meet up earlier that year (she was in the middle of wedding planning) where I stripped off and sunbathed naked. I pointed out that Lucy probably wouldn’t have been too pleased with Lis being around a naked Vicky but Lis said for the sake of the fantasy Lucy would be fine with it. We described how Lis and I could have showed everyone the things we got up to, how Vicky would have joined in and how the other girls would have let us demonstrate on them one by one before the guys finally piled in and used Vicky and me to satisfy themselves. I described to Lis how each of our (male) friends would fuck me and cum in or over me and Lis admitted that it sounded like fun so we decided to offer her up to our fantasy friends and I fucked her with our strap on dildo that ejaculates. I was going to cum inside her but she didn’t want to risk diluting Mike’s cum so I ‘came’
over her back, chest, face and breasts for a second time (I had to refill the cum reservoir mid-way through the session).

Lis offered to use the strap-on to fuck me in return and once she had put it on, I lay back with my legs spread and told her to fuck me however she wanted. Lis knelt between my legs and pumped the strap-on in and out while frigging my clit and I repeatedly told her how I wanted her to fill me with her cum and she said that she would love to really be able to do that. Lis really got in to it and as I came she pressed the button on the dildo to pump it’s cum in to me and then did it again so my pussy was filled with the sticky mixture. As soon as I recovered, I helped Lis to remove the strap-on and the two of us kissed and rolled around on the bed, grinding and humping against each other and smearing the cum over any part of each other that wasn’t already coated. I suggested we go to sleep while still covered in the fake cum and Lis asked if Mike would mind us making a mess of his bed but I pointed out that if a bed wasn’t covered in cum-stains by the end of the weekend then it hadn’t been a good weekend (and we do the laundry on Sunday afternoon anyway). It felt very dirty curling up against each other’s cum soaked bodied (but we liked it) and I got Lis to concentrate on how Mike’s cum was working its way towards her eggs as I massaged the fake cum into her breasts and mons. Lis told me to stop teasing her but I just whispered ‘never’ and warned her that I would eat her awake no matter how much of Mike’s cum was inside her.

As promised, I woke Lis up in our traditional way (and couldn’t really taste Mike – which made Lis happy as she assumed she had absorbed most of his cum) and we then fucked with a double ended dildo before lying in bed and chatting. Mike, Jen and Lucy woke up a bit after us and we listened in on them playing, although we couldn’t hear too much as they were being quiet. MJ woke up anyway so Lis and I went to fetch her and take her downstairs for a bottle (we had moved on to combination feeding) to let them continue playing.

Mike had woken up first with his cock pressed up against Lucy’s ass. He slowly rubbed against her and reached around to caress her breasts until Lucy started to stir. In turn, Lucy reached over and caressed Jen’s breasts and as Jen woke up she edged closer so Lucy could slide a hand between Jen’s legs and get her ready to play properly. Mike suggested that the three of them daisy chain and obviously wanted to be the one eating Lucy – she went along with the initial idea, but would only let Jen eat her so said Mike was ‘stuck’ with Jen. He really didn’t mind too much as he now absolutely worships the pussy that gave us little MJ (and he was fairly obsessed with Jen’s pussy beforehand) so he happily ate Jen while she ate Lucy and Lucy sucked on Mike’s cock. Jen and Lucy were allowed to cum but Mike had to hold back for later on with Lis so even when he had made Jen cum and looked down at Lucy’s lips wrapped around his cock he had to hold back. Lucy was quite willing to help him build up more cum and let him spoon with her again and even rode him for a bit while Jen sat over his face. (It was around this time that MJ woke up and Lis and I came to fetch her). Over breakfast Lucy told us that she was hoping for a girl while Lis said she didn’t care and would be happy with either. Later on Mike sat with Lis on his cock and I knelt to lick them both but Mike reminded Jen he had promised her a session with Lucy in the shower so they didn’t stay like that for too long and we headed upstairs to watch Jen get to really enjoy herself.

It was basically the same as usual – Jen knelt and lapped at Lucy’s pussy until Lucy came and peed over Jen’s face (and in to her mouth) and Lucy then reciprocated, kneeling in front of Jen and eating her. Lucy doesn’t always want (or like) to be peed over, but she seemed happy to let Jen enjoy herself and told Jen to do whatever she wanted. Lucy knew full well what this would entail so she didn’t flinch when she got to the point that Jen started peeing and she kept her mouth firmly glued to Jen’s crotch. Jen was quite pleasantly surprised by this and pushed as hard as she could to completely empty her bladder over Lucy. Jen also imagined that Lucy was drinking down her pee but later confirmed that while she had been peeing directly into Lucy’s mouth, Lucy had just let it spill out and run down her body.

Mike spent a little while inside Lis as they showered and then a bit more time as she got dressed (having him inside her made this significantly more difficult). It was easy to convince Lis to go without panties as Mike just had to point out it would keep him aroused and that he would therefore produce more cum (she  knows it doesn’t work like that but went without panties anyway). Once dressed, we headed out into town and wandered for a while. Lis and Lucy knew that I was desperate to show them the sybian at our favourite sex shop as I had told them (many times) how wonderful it was. They also knew that in addition to the time we’d tried it with Sue and Josie that I had dropped by the shop a couple of times on the way home from work (and once on the way to work). Alistair had been more than happy to let me play with the device each time but to ensure we were keeping things even (and I didn’t end up owing him too many favours) I offered myself to him each time in return for use of the deice. He had taken me up on my offer during the pre-work session and one of the evening sessions (he already had plans the other time but let me ride the sybian while he closed up). The two occasions he fucked me, I had stripped off completely and sat in the middle of the shop riding the sybian to orgasm before lying on the counter and letting him fuck me (he locked the door for this part).

Lis and Lucy know me well enough that they fully expected me to want to play with my new toy when we got to the shop and I was more than happy to consolidate my reputation. Mike took the first duty with MJ and remained outside the shop with her while Lis, Jen, Lucy and I went in. There was already a guy present who looked a bit sheepish when we entered (I don’t know why as I obviously don’t think anyone should be ashamed of going to sex shops). Alistair remembered Lis and Lucy and I told him how I had been raving to them about the sybian and wondered if I would be able to demonstrate it to them. Alistair indicated the other customer and I told him I didn’t care (and he knows me well enough to know that an audience would just add to my excitement). He fetched the set of attachments I had used before (a couple of pads, one with a ridged surface and one with two small mounds, one just large enough to penetrate my pussy, but not reach too deep inside. I opted for the one with the mounds, set it on the sybian, turned the system on and sat straight down on to it. I started describing how it felt and lifted my skirt to allow Lis to watch as the machine vibrated against my pussy and very quickly started to affect me.

Just as the times before when I’d ridden the sybian it felt amazing but I wanted more (I know, I’m greedy when it comes to pleasure) so I stood up, unzipped my skirt and quickly removed it before planting myself back on the sybian. The random customer seemed to have noticed the sounds of pleasure I was making and I told him he was welcome to come and watch – he was a bit hesitant at first he but gradually edged closer and I reached down to spread my lips, partially to get even better contact with the pad but also to let him have a better view. Jen decided to help out and knelt down beside me to unzip my coat. Once she had pulled it off she lifted my top and I raised my hands to let her pull it off and then allowed her to unfasten my bra and reach around me to fondle my breasts. I had to turn the sybian down as I was going to cum far too quickly to put on a good show. I told Lis that she really needed to give the machine a try but Jen told me she was going next and I didn’t want to discourage her so told Lis she might have to wait a bit but that it would still be worth it.

I could easily see a bulge in the trousers of the customer who was avidly watching me and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me once I’d finished. He asked if I was a hooker and I told him I wasn’t and that I just enjoyed sex and Alistair told the guy he could buy some condoms if he wanted to use me.  This was going to be a bonus fuck that I hadn’t planned for but was more than happy to get so I slowly edged the power of the sybian back up and called out for everyone to watch me cum. It took hardly any time for my orgasm to burst forth and Jen rubbed and squeezed my breasts as I came. I saw Lis chatting to Lucy, but she didn’t take her eyes off me and I gave her a smile and told her if she was up for it that she would really enjoy herself. I turned the power down to minimum and tried to ride out a few more waves of pleasure before it got too much and I had to lift myself up. Jen pushed me forwards and said it was her turn so I fell forwards on to all fours and once Jen had taken my place, she reached forwards and stroked my still tingling pussy.

As I was already naked and the guy had just watched me cum I felt I may as well go for broke and lifted my ass in the air so I was standing but bent forwards with my hands on the floor. I back up towards Jen until I was close enough for her to lick and felt her tongue push between my lips. I humped against her face briefly but knew I wasn’t likely to cum again so soon after such a strong orgasm so I stood up, gave Jen a quick kiss and took the guy by the hand to lead him to the back office. I helped him undo his trousers, rolled on a condom, gave his cock a quick (but enthusiastic) suck and bent over the desk to let him slide in to me. He slipped straight in and I thought he was just going to hammer away until he came but after less than a minute he asked me to lean up a bit so he could reach around to fondle my breasts. He didn’t content himself with just touching my breasts and his hands roamed all over my body, stroking my shoulders, back, ass, around to my clit (really my pussy, but there was some clitoral contact), over my stomach and back up to my breasts. I egged him on and repeatedly told him to fuck me, to fill me with his cock and to let me feel him cumming inside me. He spent a while squeezing my breasts quite firmly and then asked me to turn around and lie on the desk so he could see me. I really liked this (although the desk wasn’t that comfortable) and in our new position I could watch as his cock pumped in and out of me. He held my legs up and apart to help me keep my balance. The guy toyed with my clit a little but I told him I didn’t need to cum (and still wasn’t sure I could) and I  wanted him to just use me and enjoy himself. I encouraged him to go nuts and fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted – which he did – and I loved watching, hearing and feeling him hammering in to my still sensitive cunt. He told me he was getting close and I told him how I wanted to feel him cum in me but he didn’t last much longer and came fairly quickly.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 2

Before Mike pulled out, Lis got us to throw another couple of cushions over to her and then asked for help arranging them under her ass. Mike carefully withdrew and he kitty kissed her (after promising not to try and lick any of his cum out of her – once again, this wasn’t likely to be an issue). Lis looked so happy it was like she was actually glowing – the heat from the fire might have played a small part in that, but it was obvious how much she wanted this and we all crowded around and gently caressed her. Lucy kissed Lis very gently and then thanked Mike – he was going to point out that it was unlikely Lis would get pregnant the first time they seriously tried but decided it would spoil the mood so just told Lucy she could thank him properly later on. Lucy said he had just cum inside her wife and that should be enough but that she might consider thinking about the possibility of showing her gratitude.

None of Lucy, Jen or I had cum yet (although we had played a lot while watching the show) and I certainly didn’t want to wait any longer so said it was our turn. We each gave Lis’ pussy a good luck kiss and she used a hand to keep the cum in her while she moved to the side but once again lay down with the cushions under her ass to stop the cum leaking out. Mike chatted to Lis while they watched the three of us playing and told her of the time when lots the gang from Lucy and Jen’s Uni came in me while I lay in a similar position so my pussy filled up with a large volume of cum. Lis wasn’t too keen on the idea of having multiple guys’ cum in her but told Mike if he could find a way to produce that much cum she would happily let him fill her cunt (she used the word) and would hold it all in her until her body absorbed it (and got her pregnant). I’ve said it many times before, but I would love it if Mike could cum this much and I would happily go to work each day with his cum pouring out of my cunt and my clothes sticking to my body after being filled and soaked with cum.

At this point I was getting sticky with Lucy and Jen’s juices as the three of us writhed around on the rug. We daisy chained in both directions (eating each other in a loop) and took turns with one of us lying on their back while being eaten and eating the third person. Jen really got in to it and buried her face in Lucy’s pussy, eating her so hard she was making slurping sounds. As much as I wanted to cum I also wanted to encourage Jen’s sex drive (which was improving following the post-birth lull, but wasn’t back where it used to be) so I let her 69 with Lucy and eat behind Jen to finger her as Lucy lapped at her clit. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm but didn’t pull away from Lucy at all and I told Lucy to keep going and try to make Jen cum again. I helped out further by reaching between them and fondling Jen’s breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples a bit more than we had agreed to while she was breast feeding. Jen loved this and ate Lucy even harder (to the point where Lucy had to tell Jen to ease off a bit). Even when Jen backed off, Lucy couldn’t hold out for long enough and came at which point Jen said she still wanted to eat Lucy but switched to just using her tongue inside Lucy’s pussy (avoiding her clit). Lucy quickly got back in to the stride of lapping away at Jen and I carried on fingering her and toying with her nipples. As Jen was enjoying herself so much I told Lucy to move round between Jen’s legs properly to eat her, briefly crouched over Jen’s face to enjoy her tongue and then asked Lis for some help.

Lis didn’t want to move yet but Mike volunteered his services and at my suggestion he knelt on one side of Jen while I moved off of her face and crouched at the other side. At the same time, Mike and I started to feed from Jen’s breasts (we’ve tasted her milk often enough now to know how to suckle properly) and got to work. Jen moaned (loudly) as the pain of the let-down reflex throbbed through her body and breasts and she held our heads in place. She shakily told us all that she was getting close and mewed her way through her second orgasm while thrusting her pussy against Lucy’s face. Watching (or mostly hearing) her enjoy herself so much turned me on even more and as soon as Jen finished cumming I asked for someone to help finish me off (if needed I would have taken care of things myself but it’s almost always nicer having someone else make you cum – especially when it is someone who knows how to please you, which was true of everyone there). Lis called me over and I quickly scrambled over on all fours, planted my cunt on her mouth and humped back and forth as she sucked on my clit while reaching up to fondle my breasts. Lis’ tongue fluttered against my clit, her nose pushed between my lips and I rocked back and forth so it fucked me as I came. I bent forwards and gently kissed Lis’ pussy as thanks before climbing off of her face and sitting cross legged beside her and we chatted about the potential (but unlikely) odds of Lis having conceived.

Mike asked if he was meant to give Lisa a dose of his cum each day (he was) and I pointed out how generous I was being as I had let Lisa have so much of it during her time with us over the summer holidays. Lis reached over to my pussy and said she was sure she could make it up to me but I said she didn’t have anything to worry about as I doubted anything could stop Mike from cumming in her. We chatted about random things and after while Lis slowly lowered her pussy to see if anything would leak out but very little did (Mike knows he puta good few squirts of cum in to her as per usual he hadn’t cum since the morning before to save up for our guests (he had originally been hoping to fill Lucy with his cum, but this took precedence).

When it was time for bed Mike, Lis and I went to Mike’s room, leaving Lucy with Jen. After saying our goodnights at the bathroom we climbed in to bed but Lucy appeared at door and asked Mike if he wanted to join her and Jen. This left Mike in a bit of a conflict but having already given Lis his cum he decided to go and enjoy Lucy (as much as she would let him anyway). I was actually quite pleased with this as it meant I could snuggle properly with Lis without her being distracted by Mike’s cock (or what it produced) and with a promise that they would try to make babies again on the Saturday he disappeared in to Jen’s room. Once they were all in bed Mike curled up against Lucy with his cock pressing against her hip and asked what he was allowed to do with her. He was already stroking her body and breasts but hadn’t touched her pussy yet and Lucy told him that she was considering letting him go down on her, but after a pause she said that it still wasn’t the right time for that. Mike told her if he couldn’t eat her then he’d just have to fuck her and Lucy said he was welcome to try but if she didn’t say he could then he’d never get to do anything more with her. Mike settled down and followed Lucy’s instructions which involved him kissing her and playing with her breasts, in conjunction with Jen. Lucy got Jen to move down between her legs and use a vibe on her but as Lucy got more aroused she reached down and gripped Mike’s cock then started stroking it.

As Lucy has very little experience of handling cocks she wasn’t actually that good but Mike went along with it (it wasn’t so bad that he was ‘enduring’ or ‘putting up with’ the handjob but he doubts he could have cum from it. Fortunately he didn’t have to as Lucy asked Jen to move back and she rolled on to her side, told Mike he could help out and pulled his cock towards her pussy. He asked if she wanted him inside of her and when Lucy whispered yes, he asked Jen to guide him in. He felt Jen rub the head against Lucy’s pussy and then push it between her lips and Mike pressed forwards while telling Lucy he had been dreaming of being inside her again since her last visit. Lucy asked Jen to play with her clit and Mike felt Jen’s fingers and then her tongue brush against his cock as he stroked in and out of his dream pussy. They established a rhythm and Lucy pushed back against him in time with his thrusts and as Mike kissed and nibbled on her neck and shoulder while caressing one of her breasts, Lucy moaned and said it felt really good. Mike kept thrusting in to her and asked if he was allowed to cum in her and when Lucy said he could he told her that if she took whatever cum he had left that she had better be prepared to help him work up another load of cum for Lis. Lucy panted back that she would do what she could and Mike suggested that Jen move round to 69 with Lucy so she could be stimulated at the same time but Jen said she was happy to wait and just wanted to help Lucy cum.

Mike asked Jen to make sure Lucy didn’t cum too quickly but Lucy said she didn’t mind if Mike stayed inside her once she had cum. He pointed out that he found it much sexier if he was actually contributing to her orgasm (in that he didn’t want to just use her pussy to masturbate) and Lucy said (in a sarcastic way) that this was sweet and told him to hurry up as she wanted to cum. Jen went to fetch some toys and Mike pumped away in Lucy faster to help him catch up and Lucy teased him by getting him to decide whether he preferred fucking her or trying to get Lis pregnant. Mike (wisely) declined to choose, although he did say that it would be even better if he could have them both at the same time. Lucy told him to stop being greedy but as she had started it he carried on and told her how he wanted to have Lis riding his cock while Lucy sat over his face and he savoured her sweet little cunt, eating her to orgasm after orgasm while pumping pints of cum in to Lis. Lucy dashed his hopes and said he wasn’t going to get his dream fuck but that he could always try and pump pints of cum in to her if he could manage it (Lucy knows that Jen quite likes the taste of Mike’s cum). Mike told her he would give as much as he could and then told them both that he was getting close so Jen could make Lucy cum whenever she wanted. Jen said she might want to tease Lucy some more but Mike just replied saying he was more than happy with that as it meant he got to remain inside her longer – Lucy wasn’t up for this though as she still wanted to cum. Jen pouted that Lucy was no fun but did as Lucy wanted and stroked the vibe back and forth across Lucy’s pussy and clit. Mike told Lucy that he thought he could feel her pussy twitching around his cock but she didn’t respond and just kept pushing back against him while holding his hand against her breast. Both Mike and Jen told Lucy over and over to cum for them and she let out a number of moans and then whines as her orgasm built and happened. Mike wasn’t quite there so he kept moving inside her and telling her that he was going to cum soon. Lucy’s orgasm began to fade and Mike considered stopping to save his cum for Lis, but he guessed he wouldn’t produce too much anyway (plus he really wanted to cum in Lucy) so he kept going and pushed as far in to her as he could when he started to cum. His orgasm was quite sharp so he almost stopped moving and just used tiny strokes in time with the waves of pleasure and he told Lucy she felt amazing and thanked her a number of times.

Mike remained in Lucy and Jen kitty kissed them both for a while. Lucy twisted her head round to let Mike kiss her and he told her she was a little vixen for the way she was teasing him, but then thanked her again for letting him use her wonderful pussy. Lucy reminded him to keep some cum for Lis’ next dose and he told her he could just eat her awake in the morning so he wouldn’t use any. Lucy said she had a better idea and that he could just spoon with her but not cum so Mike called her a tease again but agreed anyway (she knows he would do pretty much anything to get in to her cunt). Jen lapped at them both for few minutes until Mike said that it was only fair they make her cum again. Jen acted coy and said she wasn’t sure if she could cum again but it was clear she was up for more action and she immediately crawled up the bed and joined in the kiss with Mike and Lucy.

Mike (grudgingly) pulled out of Lucy and they turned on Jen (in a good way). They each had a turn at eating Jen and then both fondled her while sucking on her nipples. Unfortunately MJ woke up at this point but Mike took her out of the room to let Lucy and Jen continue (after telling Lucy to take things slowly) and he went downstairs to try and settle MJ. Lucy and Jen played for quite a while – not just because Mike had asked them to go slow but because they hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months. They humped, fingered and kissed each other to the point that it was clear that Lucy would quite happily cum again and they were well on the way to cumming by the time Mike returned with MJ (who was now asleep). He knew he wasn’t likely to cum again (the plight of being a man with their limited sexual capacity) but the sight of Lucy’s ass and pussy bobbing around over Jen’s face, combined with the scent of sex pervading the room, was more than enough to get him hard enough to slide into her again. Lucy didn’t complain and let him move in her for a while but then told him that Jen needed some attention too. Mike withdrew and let the girls roll over, at which point he moved to the other end of the bed and crouched behind Jen’s ass. Lucy spread Jen’s lips and Mike slid in to her easily and almost immediately felt Lucy’s tongue brush against his cock as she licked Jen. Mike imagined what would happen if he could produce anime (sorry, hentai) levels of cum and how it would pour out of Jen’s pussy around his cock to soak Lucy’s face.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 1

Lis and Lucy had been due to visit the previous week but as Mike had been away in York they had decided to postpone until the start of October. He was incredibly happy about this as he desperately wanted to get back inside his dream porn star lookalike Lucy, although she had been noncommittal about whether she was going to allow him to do anything with her.

They actually arrived a little earlier than usual just due to being able to get a cheaper flight and after meeting up with Jen and MJ at the airport and stopping off for a coffee on the way home (Jen was desperate for caffeine by this point but was still breast feeding so abstaining) they went back to the house and were shown round. We had all of the pussy pictures up in Jen’s room (with Mike’s cock near the middle) and Lucy acted embarrassed that such a large image of her cunt was on open display (for people who made it to our bedroom) but we know she was secretly pleased to be included. They doted on MJ until Mike and I arrived (and then still doted on her until she had her feed and went to bed) and we settled down to catch up on the honeymoon (which we’d heard about but not in person) and how married life had changed them (other than the obvious jokes about not having sex any more nothing had really changed).

Mike caressed Lis’ legs while we chatted and slowly worked her skirt up to reveal her panties. Lis happily spread her legs and slid down on the sofa to make it easier for him and I told her off for wearing panties, but as Lucy actually had a pair of jeans on Lis’ transgression was minor in comparison. We decided that Lucy had been clothed for long enough so while Mike nuzzled against Lis’ panties, Jen and I pulled Lucy’s jeans off and quickly followed this with the removal of her top. bra and panties. Lucy didn’t put up any resistance either (but this was partially as she wanted to lie naked on the sheepskin rug by the fire. Jen and I kissed, licked and stroked Lucy’s body (but purposefully avoided too much direct contact with Lucy’s pussy and clit). Lucy lavished in the heat of the fire on her skin as Jen and I sucked on both her nipples. Jen moved down between Lucy’s legs and concentrated on kissing around her thighs, still mostly avoiding her pussy, but occasionally giving it a little lick.

By this point Mike had removed Lis’ panties and had eaten her properly for a while (just not to orgasm). He asked me if I wanted to switch with him and I took over playing with Lis while Mike moved over to kiss Lucy. He stripped off before lying down beside her, gave her a kiss and asked if he was likely to get a chance to be inside her. Lucy told him she hadn’t decided yet, but that it was a safe weekend and if he behaved himself that she might enjoy experimenting with him again. He asked if he could switch places with Jen and Lucy told him he still wasn’t allowed to eat her (she still wanted to keep one thing) but that he could kiss around her thighs and tease her. Mike moved down beside Jen and watched as she licked up and down the length of Lucy’s pussy and as his request Jen pulled away and kissed him so he could taste Lucy. He then asked Jen to continue while he unbuttoned her dress and helped her slide out of it and then removed her bra to leave her naked. Mike pushed his cock against Jen’s pussy and she eagerly pushed back against him but he didn’t enter her and pointed out that Lucy’s mouth was ready and waiting to eat her. Jen clambered up over Lucy’s body and Lucy pulled Jen’s crotch to her mouth – Mike watched momentarily before taking Jen’s place between Lucy’s legs, having a good look at the pussy he desperately wanted to eat and then got to work kissing and nibbling on the skin around it.

With Jen now naked, I was the only one clothed (although not completely as Lis had pulled my top up to play with my breasts and her hands had ventured under my skirt a number of times to finger me. Lis happily corrected my lack of nudity and the two of us started to grind against each other, first with her on top and then switched to a scissor position. Mike wanted to fuck Lucy while she ate Jen but the most Lucy would allow him to do was to rub against her. He took what he could get and rubbed his cock back and forth along the length of Lucy’s pussy but after a couple of minutes Jen said she wanted to play with Lucy properly and 69 with her. Mike debated whether he should try and fuck Jen while Lucy ate her (so he could be licked by Lucy) or join me with Lis. The decision was made for him as Lis apologised to me and said that she had business with Mike. It wasn’t difficult to guess what this was, but she put it in to words anyway and said that while this was a safe week for Lucy, this wasn’t the case for her. While it wasn’t her most fertile days of the month (Lis likes logging and charting things so), it certainly wasn’t in the ‘safe’ period and she wanted Mike to make love to her as their first (proper) attempt at getting pregnant. As much as Mike wanted to fuck Lucy, the thought of impregnating his other little lesbian (and this one at least only slept with girls – and him of course) was even more appealing and he asked how she wanted to do it.

Jen and Lucy broke their 69 to join in the conversation and Lis explained that (after much discussion with Lucy), they had decided that they wanted Lucy to be present to witness it and that it was only fair that Jen and I should also be there (seeing as it was the father of Jen’s child’s and my husband’s sperm she would be using). Originally Lis had intended to get our first session out of the way, playing with either Jen or me, before getting Mike to cum inside her, but she had decided she couldn’t wait (which Lucy said didn’t surprise her). It became clear that Lis and Lucy had discussed this quite a bit as Lis had decided on a few things she wanted to do (although she wasn’t entirely rigid on these as she had planned on doing it in a bed but changed her mind and decided she would prefer the sheepskin rug in front of the fire).

There were still some things Lis wanted though and she pulled some candles out of her bag (just in case we hadn’t unpacked our ones yet). She also produced a pair of thigh-high white socks ‘to ensure that Mike would cum as much as possible in to her’ – he pointed out that under the circumstances, there was no way he wouldn’t be cumming, although did then realise his opportunity and say if they wanted him to really cum hard that Lucy could always sit over his face while he fucked Lis. Lis and Lucy had actually discussed this (maybe not that exact position, but having Lucy involved in the session), although they had decided against it as Lis wanted Mike to be making love to her and her alone when she conceived. Mike was as eager to get started as Lis was but equally wanted to ensure that Lis would enjoy the session so he lay her down on the rug, placed a cushion under her ass and went back to licking her (and as she now had the long socks on he also spent some time on her legs and thighs). Mike got Lis reasonably close to cumming and then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes to let her calm down a little as he wanted to be able to enjoy being inside her so didn’t want her to cum too quickly.

When he kissed his way up her body and told her it was time, Lis told him there was one more thing she wanted to do and called Lucy, Jen and myself over. We had been sitting on the sofa watching (and playing with each other) and Lucy had already told us what Lis wanted so we all knelt on the floor in a line, presenting ourselves to Mike. Lis said she wanted all of our juices on his cock so they would all mix up in her pussy as he fucked her and Mike was told to slide in to each of us (including Lucy) and get his cock well coated with our juices. He took me first, then Lucy and finally Jen, but Lis wanted to really make sure so he was told to have a second round in us (the hardship) which he dutifully did. He asked Lucy if this meant he was allowed to do things properly with her but she said this was an exception and that he would still have to wait and see. By the time Mike pulled out of Jen (for the second time) his cock was shining with our juices and Lis called him over (she was still lying on her back) and told him it was time to impregnate her. Mike moved over between her legs, lifted them so her calves were against his chest and told her he couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather cum at that point (and even though Lucy was in the room with him I believed him). Mike asked Lis to spread her lips and we watched (from back on the sofa to give them some space) as Lis reached around and pulled her pussy open. Mike positioned his cock at the opening and rubbed up and down, telling Lis how wet she felt. She told him to stop teasing her, but as he slid in she added that she hoped she was about to get a lot wetter and Mike told her that she could count on it.

Mike slid into Lis fairly easily and she pushed back against him in time with his strokes. He spent a while caressing her legs with one hand and reaching up her body to her breasts with the other hand until Lis said she wanted to kiss him. Mike lay down on Lis and she wrapped her legs around him. They kissed deeply and Lucy and I took the opportunity to play with Jen’s breasts and stroke her until Mike and Lis rolled over and Lis sat up so she could ride him. Mike played with Lis’ clit for a while as she did this and then moved on to fondling her breasts as she ground against his body. He pulled her down on top of him to kiss her again and kneaded her ass as he pumped away inside her. He gave Lis the choice of how she wanted him to cum in her and she said she already knew this as she wanted to keep as much cum in her as possible (I’m not sure that this really makes that much difference but I remember Jen and I doing the same thing when we were trying to conceive as well). Mike asked to take Lis doggy-style for a bit but promised he wouldn’t cum like that so they switched positions and Mike frigged Lis’ clit as he fucked her and swirled the tip of his thumb back and forth across her ass. Mike fed Lis some of her own juices and told her to let him know when she was getting close. It wasn’t long before she said she was almost there and they changed position again back to the way they started out with Lis under Mike and holding him against her with her arms and legs. They had used talk of him getting her pregnant while fucking many times before but this time it was much more tender and between kissed we heard Lis quietly telling him to cum deep inside her and give her a baby. Mike told Lis how cute and hot he thought she would look with a baby bump and how he would help out with keeping her satisfied if her sex drive went crazy the way that Jen’s did. Lis told him he could fuck her as often as he wanted however he wanted if he got her pregnant and they then kissed for quite a while as they humped against each other.

We couldn’t hear this bit as they were whispering to each other, but Mike got Lis to tell him as she got closer to cumming and he paced his thrusts in time with her breathing. He told her he was on the verge of cumming and she told him to go ahead but (unsurprisingly for Mike) he insisted that they cum together – or at the very least that Lis came first. Lis said she couldn’t wait but Mike just told her to cum and that as soon as she did he would pump as much of his cum into her little pussy as he could and she just had to have an egg ready to catch it. (This may not sound that sexy, but Lis loves sex-talk like that.) She asked for him to push in to her a bit harder, which he did, and she panted at him to let him know how close she was with each stroke. Mike told her he was ready any time she was and we could see Lis tightening her grip on Mike (not that there was any likelihood of him trying to escape). As Lis’ orgasm built Mike whispered to her how she was so incredibly sexy, how he loved her little breasts. He traced his hand over the little scar on her leg (where she cut herself shaving years ago) and told her how he loved her legs. Lis panted that she was just about to cum so Mike kissed her again and Lis held his head against hers and moaned into his mouth as he came. Mike thrust in to her and briefly broke the kiss to tell her he was cumming but Lis pulled his lips to hers again and they kissed until both of their movements slowed and Mike moved his head so he could whisper in her ear that he’d given her everything he could.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 5

Mike asked Sara if she wanted to give Kiyomi the full service and then mouthed what he wanted to do to her. Sara eagerly agreed and climbed off Kiyomi’s face so Mike could lie on top of her and tell her he wanted to fuck her. Kiyomi nodded and Mike slipped in to her pussy (he maintains that her pussy feels very tight but I think this is just part of his Japanese fetish). As they fucked he told Kiyomi to trust them and they would make her feel good and he asked her to roll over and be on top. She did as he asked and they repositioned themselves in the middle of the bed with Kiyomi drawing her knees up so she could ride him (despite her and Miyako’s pretence of being innocent, they seem to know how to fuck quite well). Mike pulled her down against him so they could kiss and Sara knelt behind Kiyomi. Mike watched over Kiyomi’s shoulder and felt her jump when Sara spread her ass cheeks and pushed her face between them. She said that Sara shouldn’t do that but Mike told her he could feel her pussy contracting around his cock and if it felt good that she should just enjoy it. Sara kept lapping at and rimming Kiyomi’s ass and Kiyomi kept saying no (in Japanese) but when Mike told her that Sara would stop if Kiyomi really wanted her to she said it was okay, just embarrassing. Mike promised Kiyomi that she didn’t have to be embarrassed and that they just wanted her to feel good and enjoy herself, as well as telling her that Sara loved doing that and would be getting just as horny doing it as Kiyomi was having it done.

Mike moved in Kiyomi at a steady pace but not as much as he would have liked as Sara was holding Kiyomi relatively still in order to lick her. Kiyomi kissed him deeply and let out lots of little moaning sounds which Mike loved and he told her that they would pleasure her for as long as she wanted (working off the assumption that she would tire before he had to leave for home). Mike felt Sara reach a hand under Kiyomi’s ass to play with her clit and this made it even harder for him to move in her but Kiyomi seemed to enjoy the added stimulation so he just kept kissing her as her moans became higher pitched and she said she was cumming (again, in Japanese – iku). Sara removed her hand but kept lapping at Kiyomi’s ass and Mike could move in her a bit more again but wanted to make the most of her juicy pussy and asked if he could kitty kiss her. She’s had this done before but hadn’t remembered the term so Mike pulled out, crawled between her legs and demonstrated. She enjoyed this but once again Sara was left out so Mike suggested they rearrange themselves so Kiyomi could lick and finger Sara while he kitty kissed Kiyomi. This was quite successful and after a while Mike took up position behind Kiyomi and started fucking her. He could have easily cum in her like this but wanted to see how far Kiyomi would go and suggested they try another position.

Mike lay on his back again and got Kiyomi to mount him. He guided Sara to sit over his face and told Kiyomi he wanted to eat Sara while they fucked and if she wanted, she could do what Sara had done to her or she could just ride him and after a while Sara would turn round to help out. Mike pulled Sara down to his mouth and buried his tongue in her pussy and was surprised at how soon he felt Kiyomi lie down and her face press against Sara’s ass. At first he only had the noises that Sara was making to go on as to whether Kiyomi was actually licking Sara but he then felt Kiyomi’s tongue brush against his a few times and knew that Sara was getting the treatment she deserved (and enjoyed). Sara was more vocal as the dual oral assault continued and Mike moved freely in Kiyomi, pumping in and out. He knows Sara well enough to read when she is getting close to cumming and he eased off with clitoral contact but carried on lapping at her pussy and sucking on her lips. This drove Sara wild and she begged over and over for them to make her cum. Initially, this didn’t have any effect on Mike and he just kept teasing her but not for too long before he gave in and went back to eating her properly and making her cum. Sara was louder than Mike had expected her to be (given they were in student halls) but he loved hearing how much she was enjoying herself. Instead of switching to kitty kissing Sara, Mike kept eating her until she pulled away, at which point he pulled Kiyomi to him, rolled them both over and kissed her (assuming that she obviously didn’t mind Sara’s juices as she had already eaten Sara). Mike teased Kiyomi for having been such a dirty girl but then assured her that they liked her that way and asked her if she wanted to cum again. She gave him a little ‘hai’ (yes) and he told her he was going to empty his cum in to her. Kiyomi told Mike she wanted him to feel good and as they fucked, Sara crawled around beside them and reached between their bodies to fondle one of Kiyomi’s breasts and her clit. Mike got Kiyomi to wrap her legs around him so Sara could fondle her clit from between Kiyomi’s legs (so her hand didn’t get in the way as much) and he fucked her harder until he was on the verge of cumming and then switched to a steadier pace until Kiyomi caught up. He kept up with the dirty talk which Kiyomi continued to (pretend to) be embarrassed about but she fucked back against him just as enthusiastically as he was doing to her. When Kiyomi started to let out a series of ‘iku’s (I’m cumming) Mike encouraged her to cum as hard as she could and he stopped holding back and emptied himself in to her. He told her he was filling her cute cunt with his cum and asked if she wanted more – which she replied ‘hai’ (yes) to so he kept going even when it felt a bit too intense.

Once they finished, he lay on top of her with his cock buried in her and Kiyomi switched back to embarrassed mode, but both Mike and Sara told her she had been amazing. The three of them kissed for a while and as Mike’s cum oozed out of Kiyomi’s pussy he smeared it around the area and then rubbed some over her breasts. Mike and Sara asked Kiyomi to go to brunch with them and when she said she didn’t have anything to wear (her party outfit wasn’t really suitable) Sara said she could borrow some of her clothes (they are both on the small side). Kiyomi thought this was too much of an imposition but they convinced her and she didn’t even put up much resistance when Mike suggested she keep his cum on her body and not wash it off. Sara selected a suitable dress for Kiyomi and Mike helped her put it on. He tried to get her to go without a bra but she insisted on wearing one – she did acquiesce on the panties thought (when Sara said she wasn’t going to wear any). Mike then pulled out a pair of the long white socks he had bought for Sara the day before and go Kiyomi to sit on the bed while he slid them on to her legs and smoothed them into place. This led to him kissing and caressing her thighs but he mostly avoided her pussy. To ensure Sara didn’t feel left out, he gave her the same treatment and she (entirely of her own volition, according to Mike) offered to wear a pair of the long blue socks. Naturally Mike loved this idea and as Sara bent over to fetch them from her drawer he lifted her skirt and caressed her ass. She gently pushed him away but Mike knelt behind her, grabbed her waist and buried his tongue in her pussy. Sara held on to the drawers to keep herself upright and told him he was insatiable but he pulled away before she came and pointed out that he wasn’t the one being stimulated. Mike put Sara’s socks on for her and the three of them headed out.

The discreetly discussed the party and the morning’s antics over brunch and got Kiyomi to tell them what she had got up to at the party. It turned out that three guys had fucked her and she had sucked one off). Sara had played with her, Giles had got Clare to have a few licks (not to orgasm, but she had spent a while between Kiyomi’s legs), they already knew about Kiyomi sitting over Melissa’s face in the group session but Hannah had also had a turn 69ing with her with both of them cumming. Kiyomi readily (if quietly) admitted that she enjoyed doing things with girls and (even more quietly) that she loved it when she was encouraged to do things with her friend Miyako, either by Corey or people at the party. Mike is just as keen as Jen for all girls to want to play with each other (although in his case he wants them to be bi so he could at least have a chance of joining in while Jen wants them to be ‘properly’ gay).

Kiyomi headed back to Sara’s room to fetch her things and unsurprisingly, once they were inside Mike suggested they give her a goodbye session. Sara was equally up for this and they quickly helped Kiyomi out of Sara’s dress (but left the socks on) and she was soon on the bed underneath Sara in a 69. Sara wasn’t too greedy and let Mike have a turn with Kiyomi’s pussy, both to eat and fuck but he also wanted to be inside Sara and took her while Kiyomi was still eating her. As much as Mike loved kiyomi in white socks, he wanted to try her in opaque tights and she agreed to try them on. He dug out the torn tights that Sara had worn the previous day and quickly slipped them on to Kiyomi before returning her to her position on the bed underneath Sara. Mike and Sara fingered and licked Kiyomi through the hole in the tights, but this ended up being further torn to give easier access and they switched round so Kiyomi was on top so Mike could fuck her properly while she 69ed with Sara. They had no trouble making Kiyomi cum and Mike kept fucking her as Sara kitty kissed her. He held out until Sara also came and a couple of minutes later he pushed deep into Kiyomi, told her he was about to give her more of his cum and came.

Mike pulled out and admired the sticky mess that was Kiyomi’s pussy. He kissed both Sara and Kiyomi to taste the other girl’s juices and then asked if he could kitty kiss them for a couple of minutes. The girls agreed and lay beside each other chatting while Mike worked between their legs and their conversation was punctuated with little moans and gasps of approval for what he was doing. Before she got dressed to head home Mike asked Kiyomi if he would try on Sara’s new shorts. She was a little confused by this but it became apparent once she put them on as the crotch of the shorts couldn’t cover the hole that had been torn in the tights and it was quite east to pull the material to one side or the other and expose Kiyomi’s pussy.

For the walk home, Sara let Kiyomi borrow the outfit she had worn earlier in the day and she was even given the option of tights instead of the long white socks, but Kiyomi stuck with the socks. Mike left Sara to do some work while he walked Kiyomi back to her place and once in her room he told her that if she wanted, he could take Sara’s outfit back to her. Kiyomi knew full well that Mike just wanted to see her naked again and she let him peel the clothes off of her (leaing the socks on of course). Mike asked Kiyomi if she had the stamina for one last play and she stood against the wall and let him crouch in front of her to eat her while she fondled her breasts. He got her close to cumming and then asked her to turn around and lean forwards against the wall so he could fuck her while frigging her clit. He said that Kiyomi made delightful sounds as he fucked her and he really wanted to cum in her again but he also wanted to have a final session with his little redheaded lesbian host. This didn’t make any difference to what he did to her though and he kept moving in her until she came and then knelt down once more to kitty kiss her (this time from behind). Kiyomi whimpered as he did this but happily kissed him when he stood up. She thanked him for making her feel good again and Mike thanked her for letting him (and Sara) play with her beautiful body. He caressed her quite a bit and asked if she would be willing to do the Japanese schoolgirl thing for him sometime (we’ve seen her in her uniform already) and she agreed. Mike warned her that he would stay with her for as long as possible if she was dressed like that and suggested that they could always try to get Miyako to join them (similarly dressed of course). The two girls have dressed like this for Corey in the past so are well aware of the effect it has on guys (or guys who like that sort of thing anyway). Kiyomi helped to gather up Sara’s clothes but when she handed them to Mike he suggested that she could take them back to Sara at some point and maybe find some way to thank her for the loan (he stroked Kiyomi’s pussy as he said this to make sure it was obvious what he was suggesting). Kiyomi said she wasn’t sure about doing things with Sara outside of the parties so Mike told her she could always just take her for a coffee, but whispered to her that he was sure little Sara would be more than pleased to make Kiyomi feel good whenever she wanted.

After a final fondle of Kiyomi (and a brief kitty kissing) Mike headed back to Sara’s room and she immediately asked him if he had done things with Kiyomi again. Mike answered honestly and asked if she was surprised and Sara said she had expected it. She was however a little surprised to find out he hadn’t at least tried to cum again and had saved it for her. Mike had gently been stroking Sara’s body through her clothes while they had been chatting and he asked if she would model her new underwear for him again. Sara jumped at the chance to do this (she really seemed to love it for some reason) and was even happy to slip on long white socks to go with them (we always buy them in packs of three). Mike loved this look just as much as he had loved seeing Kiyomi naked and Sara posed for a few more pictures (aware that Jen, Sue, Josie and myself would be masturbating to them). Sara took Mike’s cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Kiyomi’s juices. Mike took hold of Sara’a hair and wrapped it around his hand (not pulling on it) and guided her head back and forth. Sara sucked him for a couple of minutes until he lifted her up, threw her on the bed and dived back between her legs. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and licked both her pussy and ass thoroughly before climbing up on to her, worked his cock in to her pussy (she had to hold her panties to the side for him to do this) and started to fuck her. As they fucked Mike told Sara how he had arranged for Kiyomi to drop the clothes off. Sara slapped him again for trying to set up her up with other girls, but admitted that should Kiyomi offer herself to her that she would take advantage of the situation.

Mike and Sara rolled around on the bed, each taking turns on top and each teasing the other about doing things with various people from the parties. Sara promised to come up and visit – partially to see little MJ but also as Jen was quite keen to re-familiarise herself with Sara’s pussy. Sara teased Mike about him just needing her help to keep Jen and me satisfied and he told her that he was more than happy for as many people as possible to help satisfy me, just as long as he got a turn occasionally. Sara said she would do what she could to keep me happy and Mike told her that we would do our best to keep her in a state of constant orgasm for the duration of her visit (I wish that were possible – although it would make work somewhat difficult!). Mike fucked Sara from behind with her kneeling up and lying on the bed and described to her the things that Sue and I had done with each other in great detail. Sara wanted to witness this for herself and Mike told her he would see what he could arrange (mostly as he wanted to watch us again). As their passion grew, the teasing lessened and they focussed more on each other with their dirty talk. At Sara’s request, Mike fucked her harder and she told him she wished that Giles could last for as long as he could. Mike asked to kitty kiss Sara once they had finished fucking and she happily agreed but said she wanted them to cum together first. Mike was more than up for this and they kept moving against each other in various positions with Mike caressing Sara’s legs, breasts, back, ass and clit (depending on what was to hand) until she said she was getting close. He sped up his own movements and got her to describe how her pussy felt to speed him along and then went back to the rhythm that Sara liked until she was close again. Mike cupped Sara’s face and they stared into each other’s eyes for the finishing part – I was a actually little jealous when he told me this as I find this to be an incredibly intimate thing and while we all love Sara deeply, she isn’t quite in our ‘inner circle’ (although she would be incredibly close to it. They both came at pretty much the same time (Sara started a little before Mike) and maintained eye contact throughout. They whispered various things to each other between small kisses and then kissed more passionately once their orgasms had both finished. Mike told her that he had missed his little lesbian – even if she did fuck other guys now – and asked (again) for a final play with her pussy. They disengaged and Sara slid her panties off before lying on the bed with her ass at the edge so Mike could kneel on the floor (on a pillow) and get stuck in. He flicked over her ass a couple of times throughout the session but spent the vast majority of the time just kitty kissing her. Sara said she loved the way this felt but he didn’t try to get her aroused again and just licked and sucked on her lips (outer and inner). He then kissed up her body, sucked on each nipple and kissed her deeply on the lips before helping her up and thanking her (again) for her hospitality.

Mike told Sara he could make his own way to the station so she could stay and work and she pouted and asked if he wanted to get away from her. In revenge for this he didn’t allow her to wear anything under her dress as she accompanied him and also made sure she had a long enough coat on that he would be able to fondle her at the station (and made sure she knew this was the reason for the coat). At the station, Mike gave Sara’s ass and pussy a good fondling and got her to promise to think of him while masturbating that night. He regretted not having ‘borrowed’ a pair of Sara’s panties for Jen and I to get Sara’s scent from but Sara produced a handkerchief from her pocket and Mike used this to wipe her pussy with multiple times and then push up inside her until it was coated with her juices. He carefully folded this and wrapped it in a t-shirt in his bag for our use. Mike knew (barring illness on my part) that he wouldn’t get to come to the next sex party so reminded Sara of her promise to visit and he boarded the train for the journey home.

Jen and I (with MJ) went to meet him at the station and we each got a hello fondle from him and once back at the house we were given the task of licking Sara’s juices from his cock. He wasn’t sure he would be able to give us a proper session that night, but once MJ was in bed we tested this theory and took turns with Jen and I riding him while the other one sat over his face. Despite his reservations he managed to perform and came in me (he doubts he actually ejaculated anything worthwhile, but he enjoyed it so that’s what counts) and fucked and ate Jen and I both to orgasm. We then started planning how to give Sara a weekend of continual orgasms (the thought of the possibility of this was enough to get me sufficiently aroused to want to cum again and as Jen was feeling tired Mike was given a final chance that night to put his cunnilingus skills to good use). In line with his weekend with Sara he used more anal play to make me cum and after eating me close to cumming he just teased my ass and slowly built up my orgasm. I’m more patient than Sara (and more used to being teased) so I just enjoyed the gradually intensifying pleasure until I came. Mike had spread my pussy lips slightly to watch up inside me and later said he could see my cunt pulsing – this was too much for him to resist and I was treated to further kitty kissing when my orgasm ended and a nice session of being spooned to sleep.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 4

When Mike pulled out a few people asked to see Simone’s pussy – she covered her face but let them hold her legs apart and watch as Mike’s cum dribbled out of her. When she stood up some more cum dripped down her legs and she looked around for her panties to wipe her thighs dry but they had mysteriously disappeared (Mike had tossed them downstairs after removing them on the stairs). Simone ended up just putting her skirt on to hide the mess and then slipped her bra and top on as well. She and Mike thanked each other for the fuck (the parties are often quite polite places –possibly as everyone is happy and satisfied) and they headed down for a drink. Mike managed to find out that while he’d been busy with Simone, Miyako had already been fucked. He desperately wanted to have a play with her pussy and was prepared to deal with another man’s cum if necessary, but he then came up with a plan. He went and greeted Miyako (in Japanese) and they had the standard pleasantries (he only knows a little, but both Miyako and Kiyomi are impressed that he can speak any Japanese) and then asked if she wanted to play. She told him she was so Mike led her by the hand in search of Clare and told Clare that he needed a favour and wanted her to lick Miyako clean of cum so he could go down on her. Clare barely hesitated before saying okay and they all headed over to the sofa so Miyako could sit down and Clare could kneel between her legs (on a cushion). Miyako was still mostly dressed (in one of her usual overly-cutesy dresses – with cat ears) but she didn’t have any panties on and acted shy when Mike helped Clare pull Miyako’s legs apart. As Mike isn’t the only one with a Japanese fetish, people soon gathered around to watch Clare clean Miyako’s pussy and as there were more guys at the party than girls, a few people asked if they could use the spare pussy that was bobbing around (Clare’s). Giles told them to go ahead but they did ask Clare first who adjusted her position so she was kneeling up properly with her ass stuck out. Craig and Gareth were both particularly keen to fuck Clare and Giles told them that they could both do her if they wanted so they played rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first (Craig won, scissors to paper).

Miyako was definitely enjoying what Clare was doing to her and allowed Mike to open her top and slide her bra up to expose her breasts. Mike reminded Clare that he wanted to play with Miyako but at the same time his plan was working well (to further encourage Clare to do things with girls). Mike decided to take the chance and let Clare carry on licking Miyako with the hope that he would get to kitty kiss Miyako afterwards. This had the added advantage (depending on your point of view I guess) that Craig got to finish fucking Clare and as soon as he pulled out of her Gareth took position behind Clare and pushed straight in to her (she was quite well lubricated with Craig’s cum). Miyako was clearly getting close to orgasm and the crowd were chanting for her to cum. Clare kept lapping away at Miyako’s pussy and Miyako gripped Mike’s hand hard and put her head back as she came. Clare briefly kitty kissed Miyako but Mike said he wanted a turn and that Clare shouldn’t be greedy. Clare tried to protest that she had just done what people had asked but Giles was so turned on by watching her being fucked by two guys in row that he sat down on the sofa and got Clare to crawl over to him and suck on his cock. Mike meanwhile led Miyako upstairs and asked Kiyomi if she wanted to join them – she didn’t, but said she would let Mike play with her later if he still had the energy.

Miyako lay down on one of the beds (trying to avoid the wet patches) and Mike buried his face between her legs and kitty kissed her. Every time he brushed his tongue over her ass she flinched but he knows that she enjoys this (not in the way Sara does, and only if he is gentle) and was just being timid. Mike spent quite a while (he thinks about 30 minutes) gently playing with Miyako’s pussy until she was letting out little moans and saying it felt good (both in English and Japanese). He asked her if she would play with herself for him and she said it was embarrassing but dropped a hand to her pussy and slid her fingers up and down her lips. Mike kissed his way up her body, spent a little time on her breasts and then kissed up to her mouth. Miyako didn’t seem to care that his face was covered with her juices and kissed him back. He told her she had a gorgeous body as he ran his hand over it and as he slipped his hand back between her legs (where her fingers were still stroking her pussy) he added that she also had a cute little pussy. He asked her to stroke him and she moved her hand over to his cock so to keep things fair he took over stroking her clit. They kissed for a while and Mike told her he could either go back to licking her or they could fuck. Miyako wanted him to decide and even though he had originally intended to just eat her he’d spent long enough teasing her that he was ready to cum again so he briefly went down on her (just a couple of minutes) and got her much closer to cumming before sliding in to her and enjoying her pussy. As they fucked he teased her about how hot and sexy she was and she kept saying yamete (stop) but continued to push back against his thrusts. Mike noticed that a couple of people were watching them and rolled over so Miyako was on top (to make it easier for people to see his cock sliding in to her). They fucked like this for a while and Mike played with her clit until she told him she was going to cum and he asked what her favourite position was. Miyako said she liked being on the bottom so they rolled back over and Mike thrust in to her with long strokes while they kissed and she reached down to play with her clit. As she came, she pulled Mike to her and he kissed the side of her neck, sped up his movements and pumped away until he unloaded his cum in to her. He produced much less than he had for Simone but it felt just as good and he moved for a while longer before pushing in as far as he could and telling Miyako she was incredible.

He helped gather up her clothes (most of which had been discarded during the session and gently caressed her while she got dressed. This led to him tickling her and pulling her back on to the bed where he threatened to eat her again but he actually needed a drink so released her and once she was dressed he led her downstairs. On the way past the other bedroom he saw Sara being fucked by Brett and later found out that she had also done Michael (not quite back to back in the way Clare had done her two guys, but she had fucked them both in the time Mike had been with Miyako). Mike wanted to make the most of the girls on offer and while he wasn’t ready to fuck again he didn’t have too hard a time convincing Caroline and Hannah to let him go down on them. Caroline ended up sucking Paul as Mike ate her but Mike managed to convince Paul not to cum in her mouth as they still had the ‘final fuck’ to go (I had made sure that Mike would ensure that someone was ‘targeted’ and given a proper group fuck as we had forgotten to do this at the party before the summer holidays). He took a break from eating Caroline (but promised her he would finish things off) and reminded everyone of the tradition.

A number of the girls present had already been the recipients of these group fucks and Mike said that it might not be fair to make Sara the target as she didn’t always want to do things with guys (but he did ask if she was up for it). This left Simone, Melissa, Kiyomi and Miyako (although the Japanese girls had sort of been involved in a group session already). Simone wasn’t at all sure about the idea so it naturally fell to Melissa who really didn’t think she could take it but either gave in really easily to peer pressure or just allowed herself to be talked in to it (possibly so she could experience it without having to admit she wanted to try it – I know that’s how I got to try a lot of things when I was being pressed to perform for Mike and Jen). Melissa was congratulated for being a good sport and then surrounded. Mike said she looked a little frightened as people reached in and pulled her clothes from her body, carried her upstairs (possibly not that safe given everyone had been drinking) and placed on the bed with her legs held apart.

Sara was given the first go at Melissa’s pussy and as she got stuck in Brett pushed his cock in to Melissa’s mouth and got her to suck him. Clare was next to eat Melissa and managed to get an orgasm out of her but once again people were unable to resist Clare’s ass bobbing around in the air and a number of people fondled and fingered her as she worked on Melissa. This meant that as Giles took a turn between Melissa’s legs (he fucked her instead of eating her) Clare moved up over Melissa’s face to be licked (Mike pointed out to Sara that nobody had to encourage Clare to do this). Giles didn’t cum so once he pulled out Mike took the opportunity to go down on Melissa before anyone actually did cum in her (not that anyone would be likely to produce much cum by that point in the evening) and after him Paul had a go fucking Melissa (and he did cum in her).

Melissa was licked, fingered and fucked by everyone in the group. All of the girls took a turn sitting over her face to be eaten and all but Simone (who just fingered her) had a turn licking Melissa. She was fucked by every cock but Gareth was the only other guy to actually cum inside her. Melissa was made to cum twice throughout this part of the session and was left panting and saying she was exhausted by the end of it (I don’t see how she could be exhausted by two orgasms). After Kiyomi had taken a turn on Melissa’s face Mike had chatted with her (Kiyomi) and asked if he was still allowed to have a play with her. She was quite willing to let him toy with her and as they watched Melissa receive her group fuck Mike fondled Kiyomi under her skirt and caressed her breasts (which were mostly exposed). Kiyomi’s outfit wasn’t as outrageously cute as Miyako’s, but was still very frilly and lacy and in addition to cat ears Kiyomi also had a tail (but this was just a part of her skirt). They progressed to Mike leaning against the wall with Kiyomi pushing back against his cock and as Mike toyed with her clit he asked if she would come and spend the night with him and Sara. She wasn’t sure at first as she doesn’t often do things with people outside of the party (although has occasionally done so) but Mike convinced her that she would be well taken care of and wouldn’t regret it. Once she agreed, Mike slowed his movements and fondling so she wouldn’t cum but he verbally teased her and told her how she would be pleasured by both his cock and Sara’s tongue. Kiyomi did a bit of the ‘stop, it’s embarrassing’ thing as well but kept pushing back against his cock and Mike cherished the feeling of his second Japanese pussy of the night.

In a move I would have been proud of, Craig suggested that they finish off Melissa’s session with a bottle fuck (I’ve demonstrated this enough times at the parties and it’s been used on others). Melissa was a bit nervous about this but agreed to go along providing they stopped if she said so (which is one of the general rules anyway). She wasn’t brave enough to try a wine bottle but allowed them to work the neck of a beer bottle in to her pussy and once it warmed up she was fucked with it in earnest. She was sure she couldn’t cum again but Sara, Mike, Caroline, Hannah and Michael all had a turn of licking Melissa’s clit while pumping the bottle in to her and they ‘convinced’ her that she could manage it. It would probably have been easy to make her cum if they had continued licking her but it was decided to try to finish her off with just the bottle – this wasn’t actually that difficult as each time the bottle was thrust in to her the body slapped against her pussy and Melissa said she could feel it in her clit. People took turns fucking her but it was Hannah who won by getting the third orgasm of Melissa’s fuck session out of her and Mike was allowed to kitty kiss her afterwards.

A few people drifted away after this but when Mike went downstairs he found Sara sucking Giles and even though he didn’t want to cum he spooned with her on the sofa. Caroline was letting Sara play with her (only gently) and Mike slid in to Sara as this went on and told her that Kiyomi had agreed to come home with them. People chatted (with random fondling but no serious action) for another half hour or so before most of the rest of the group left (including Mike, Sara and Kiyomi). Sara’s tights weren’t quite as intact as they had been at the start of the night and her pussy was exposed but the tear was mostly hidden under her dress (so she ended the day the way she started it). Kiyomi didn’t seem to mind walking through campus in her strange outfit but once they got to Sara’s room and they started stripping off she seemed to go all shy. Mike suggested that they don’t do anything more that night as they had all probably cum enough at the party and this seemed to confuse Kiyomi but she went along with them and curled up in bed. Now Sara’s bed wasn’t really big enough for three people so Mike had to spoon with whoever he was facing and even after cumming a couple of times, having a cute Japanese girl pressed up against him was enough to get him hard. Kiyomi let him spoon with her and he would have fucked her if Sara had wanted to join in but she was tired so Mike just enjoyed (again) Kiyomi’s pussy around his cock.

In the morning Mike work Kiyomi up by going down on her but he wasn’t allowed to finish as she said she felt dirty from the night before and wanted to get clean before doing anything. As much as Mike wanted to eat her, he didn’t have a problem with washing the cum off (and out of) both Kiyomi and Sara before he got stuck in properly so the three of them headed off to the showers. It was still relatively early so there was nobody else around in the corridor and the three of them piled in to one shower cubicle to wash. Mike participated in washing the girls down but also stood back and enjoyed the sight of them soaping each other up and then of Sara fondling Kiyomi. He wasn’t ignored and the girls made sure his cock was nice and clean (and then properly rinsed) for use in them and once they had dried each other off they headed back to Sara’s room. Before they left the bathroom Mike dared Sara to walk back to her room naked – she was rather hesitant about this as she didn’t want to be caught by one of her neighbours but agreed to leave her robe unfastened (so she could quickly close the front if she thought someone was coming). Kiyomi was equally reticent but she agreed to just drape the towel over her shoulders instead of wrapping it around herself. To make things more equal, Sara took hold of Mike’s cock and led him to her room, as Sara entered, Mike dropped to his knees and pushed his face between Kiyomi’s legs to eat her. He kept this up for a minute or so before standing and pulling her in to Sara’s room so they could play properly and once the door was closed the three of them quickly shed their robes and towels.

Mike reminded Kiyomi that he had promised they would take good care of her and that if she really didn’t want to do something that she just had to say (the same rules as at the parties), but if she let them play with her that he was sure she would enjoy herself. Kiyomi said she trusted them (both Mike and Sara have done things wither multiple times before anyway). They started with Kiyomi lying on the bed with Sara between her legs, fingering and eating her. Mike lay under Sara to eat her for a while and then knelt behind her to fuck her. He asked to have a turn between Kiyomi’s legs and took Sara’s place – Sara didn’t try to get Kiyomi to do anything to her (as she knows Kiyomi is ‘technically’ straight, even though she will play with girls at the parties and very occasionally outside the parties) but Mike didn’t want to see her go without and asked Kiyomi if she minded Sara sitting over her face to be eaten. Kiyomi acted shy but said Sara could go ahead and Mike enjoyed the view of Kiyomi’s tongue snaking between Sara’s lips and Kiyomi’s chest rising and falling as she got more aroused due to his licking.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

They returned to her room and Josie slipped the shorts off. Before he did anything to them, Mike set about Sara’s pussy and reminded her he had promised (or threatened) to tease her and he got her fairly close to cumming before backing off. Sara took this quite well and threatened to tease him so he told her to go ahead, at which point she pushed him on to the bed, pulled his trousers down, straddled him and lowered herself on to his cock. Mike told Sara that she was every bit as bad as he was and as Sara slid up and down on his cock she asked if he was complaining. He told her he wouldn’t want it any other way as they kissed and enjoyed the feeling of her wet pussy wrapped around his cock. Mike challenged Sara to make him cum but warned her she wouldn’t win. He let her hump him vigorously for a while and told her she felt amazing, but it was time to work on her shorts. Sara said she wasn’t going to release him until he came or surrendered (ignoring the fact he could have easily picked her up and pulled her completely off of his cock) and Mike told her that she would be the one surrendering and started concentrating on really dull things. Sara could tell fairly quickly that she was losing him but she was very impressed (and a little offended) that he not only managed to keep from getting aroused, but that he went partially soft (enough so that she couldn’t ride him any more). Mike assured her it wasn’t personal and was the result of practice at getting soft so he could pee on Jen while watching her do things with other people so Sara forgave him – and he spent another couple of minutes kitty kissing her to really make up for it.

Mike made the desired adjustment to the shorts, and got Sara to slip them back on. He only left a relatively thin strip of material at the crotch (around an inch or so wide) and even though it covered the hole in the tights Sara was a little wary of something slipping or the tights tearing. She happily changed the torn tights for a pair of her new (intact) seamless ones and Mike still loved the look so everyone was happy and they headed out to have another wander round. Mike managed to tease Sara a few more times, rubbing her through the shorts a couple of times and at one point unbuttoning them and getting his hand inside her tights so he could frig her directly. Sara said it wasn’t fair as she couldn’t do much to tease him and he pointed out that if she had kept the torn tights on they could have tried to pull the crotch of her shorts to the side and for him to slide in to her.

After a light dinner, they returned to her room and rested for a while (which included a bit more teasing and an extended spooning session) and Mike then helped Sara select her outfit for the party and at his request she tried on a few things (including her new long socks). In the end she settled on a simple short dress with a pair of her new opaque tights and was going to wear her new cute bra under it but Mike pointed out that it might get ‘damaged’. She asked him if he would be the one who could potentially damage it and he said it was possible so she went with a plain white bra, working off the assumption that most of the guys would be more interested in what was under it and that it might not remain on her for too long. On the way to the party they discussed whether Sara wanted to concentrate on girls or was going to let all of the guys fuck her as well and she said she would probably just go with whatever happened. Mike told her he would be more than happy to DP her with another guy if she wanted and she challenged him to have someone suck him off at the same time as another guy and he told her if she wanted two cocks in her mouth at once he would participate (as little as doing things with other guys turns Mike on, he is willing to experiment and has had this done to him before, both by me and others, so it wouldn’t have been anything new).

They stopped off for our customary drink on the way to the party and talked more about the plan to snag one of the Japanese girls and take her home afterwards. Sara wasn’t sure either of them would be up for that but was willing to give it a try. They headed off to the party and entered to the sight of Hannah being fucked by Giles (while Clare watched) and Paul fondling Melissa’s breasts while chatting with her and her boyfriend (Neil). They all said their hellos and Mike asked Clare why she wasn’t joining in with Hannah and Giles and Clare said she needed a bit more time to get going before she started doing things with girls. Mike asked if that meant she would be willing to do things with guys and told her he’d had his cock buried in Sara a number of times that day but hadn’t cum yet and was quite eager to fuck. Clare asked if he would want to go down on her first (knowing he would) so Mike told her he would eat and fuck her if she would help out getting Sara’s evening underway. Despite her previous comment about doing things with girls, Clare agreed to this and Mike called Sara over and told her to follow him and Clare upstairs. Clare went first and Sara swatted at Mike telling him he didn’t have to help her get Clare but he told her he just found the idea of the two of them together really hot but that she could pass if she wanted. Sara followed him upstairs and Mike caught Clare at the top of the stairs, buried his head under her skirt and kissed around her ass (through her panties) and thighs.

Neither of the bedrooms were occupied so they took the first one and as Mike made out with Clare, Sara started to peel off Clare’s clothes. Once Clare was mostly naked Mike slipped his fingers between Clare’s legs and found Sara’s fingers already there. Clare’s hands fumbled with his belt and zipper and fished out his cock and then she started to jerk him off. Mike got Sara to help out with Clare’s breasts and they pushed Clare down on to the bed, pulled her panties completely off and Mike pushed his tongue in to her cunt. He swirled it around between her lips for a few minutes before surfacing to compliment Clare on how well shaved she was and she told him she had been waxed. Mike invited Sara down to have a look and let her have a turn licking Clare while he played with Clare’s breasts. He pointed out that Sara was the only one fully clothed and moved down behind Sara to unzip her dress, slip it off her body and remind her that her bra might not make it in one piece. As soon as he said this he tugged on it, snapping the clasp and pushed it up and out of the way. He whispered to her that he would buy her another one as he pulled her tights off and rolled her over and then asked Clare to help play with Sara’s breasts while he first licked and then fucked both Sara and Clare. He hadn’t forgotten Clare wanted him to eat her and they repositioned themselves so Mike could eat Clare while Sara sat over Clare’s face and was eaten in turn. Mike didn’t tease Clare this time and used steady licks all over her pussy and clit to drive her towards her orgasm. Clare came before Sara did but pretty much as soon as Clare came Mike moved out of the way and let Sara take care of kitty kissing Clare. He moved around behind Sara and slid in to her, slowly sliding in and out of Sara’s pussy while Clare licked her (and him). Mike told Sara a number of times to lick Clare’s pussy and get her aroused again so she would fuck him. He also encouraged Clare to be thorough with Sara but from what he could feel, her tongue was eagerly lapping back and forth across Sara’s clit and his shaft.

Sara broke contact a few times to comment on how good Clare’s tongue felt (Mike wasn’t offended by not being a part of the compliment) and as time went on he could see that Sara was now doing more than just kitty kissing Clare. Clare’s hands were gripping Sara’s ass tightly and she rapidly licked Sara until Sara let out a few muffled moans and then lifted her head from Clare’s pussy to user a series of ‘I’m cumming’ and ‘oh fuck, yeah’s. Mike pulled out of Sara but Clare didn’t remove her mouth from Sara’s pussy as he lay down beside Clare and indicated to Sara that he wanted in to Clare’s pussy. Mike helped them roll on to their sides (without breaking the 69) and he positioned his cock between Clare’s legs and easily slipped in to her. He commented on how easily he entered her and how Sara must have got her feeling really horny but Clare just answered with a ‘ummm-hmmm’. He pumped in and out of Clare as her orgasm built (which was also being helped along by Sara’s tongue on Clare’s clit). Mike watched over Clare’s shoulder as she lapped at Sara and he whispered to Clare how hot it was watching her eat their fiery little redhead friend as well as asking her if Sara was making her feel good. He told Clare how much he wanted to feel her cum around his cock but by this point she didn’t need any encouragement and told him to just keep fucking her. Mike was more than happy to oblige and used long steady strokes (although couldn’t push all the way in as Sara’s head was in the way) and between them they brought Clare to orgasm and fucked her the whole way through it.

Clare pulled away from Sara and said that it had been a good start to the party, then asked Mike if he had cum. He told her how he and Sara had been teasing each other and he thought his first cum might be reasonably large so he was being considerate and not polluting her pussy with it. Clare stroked Mike’s cock for a bit and he said he could fairly easily cum over her and Clare told him he could cum over or in her if he wanted but that she didn’t want to get too messy straight away. Mike told her he could happily wait and cum later and she apologised and said she didn’t mean he shouldn’t cum but he assured her it was fine and that he enjoyed helping make her cum. As a ‘penalty’ he did get Clare to agree to spend the next half hour or so just in her underwear and as Sara’s bra had been destroyed she just put her tights back on and folded up her dress so it wouldn’t get damaged.

As expected, Clare was approached as soon as they went downstairs and Brett wanted to play with her but she said she needed time to recover. Someone else suggested that she could just suck him and she told him she was fine with this is he was, but he’d have to wait if he wanted anything more.  Brett opted for the blow job and Mike wandered off as Clare knelt in front of him and started sucking him so he doesn’t know exactly what happened, but the next time he saw her she didn’t have her bra on as Brett had cum over her breasts and covered it with cum. Once Mike and Sara had wandered away from Clare, Sara admonished Mike and told him he was being too obvious in getting Clare to do things with her but Mike assured Sara that any guy (or at least any guy at the party) would take the chance to have two girls to play with him and that Sara would be an obvious choice (especially as Laura wasn’t present). Sara accepted this and Mike told her he needed to go and relieve himself of his cum (but was sensible enough to tell Sara that he would more than happily cum in her, he just thought that would be greedy as he got to sleep with her the previous night).

Mike found a willing partner in Simone (who had already let Paul play with her breasts so was topless). Mike warned her that he had already been inside two girls but hadn’t cum yet and she asked if he thought she could make him cum. She took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him and Mike said this wasn’t fair as he couldn’t do anything to her in this position. Simone agreed to head upstairs with him and Mike was a little disappointed to see Miyako walk in the door as he would have quite liked to give her his first load of the day. He wasn’t that disappointed though as he had an enthusiastic Simone who was in the process of asking him if he was going to go down on her. They didn’t even make it up the stairs before he pulled her panties down and asked her to turn around. Simone said she thought he had wanted to go somewhere more comfortable but he reminded her he has just said he wanted to be able to do things to her. She gripped the handrail as he pushed his face between her legs and started to lap at her pussy. Mike helped her to sit down on the stairs and spread her legs so he could kneel and eat her properly. He had intended to make her cum right there, but others wanted past so they had to stop playing and just took the opportunity to head up to the bedroom. The beds in both rooms were already in use but Mike lay down at the end of one of the beds and got Simone to climb over him (Giles was fooling around with Melissa at the top of the bed). Simone eagerly took Mike back in to her mouth and pushed her crotch down against his face – not that Mike needed any encouragement as he just as went back to eating her just as eagerly. He easily won and got Simone to cum – she stopped sucking him as she came but used a hand to jerk him off and once her orgasm passed she took him back in her mouth while he kitty kissed her.

This time Mike explored her pussy more (Simone only started coming to the parties the year before and while Mike had played with her before he still wasn’t that familiar with her). It was easier to determine what she liked when he wasn’t trying to make her cum and while he was enjoying her mouth on his cock he really wanted to fuck her so after a little while he broke contact with her pussy and told her he wanted to be inside her. Once Simone climbed off of him, Mike quickly pulled his trousers off and helped her slip out of her skirt and top. They started kissing and humping against each other before she removed her bra but this too fell to the floor midway through the session and Mike lapped at her nipples while grinding his thigh against her wet pussy. When he slid in to her he made it most of the way in on the first stroke and was buried the whole way inside her by the third of fourth stroke. As they fucked Mike told her he wanted to feel her cum around his cock and Simone said it might take a while as she’d just cum but Mike was more than prepared for that. They fucked with him on top, spooning with her, taking her from behind (on all fours and with her lying flat on the bed) and with her riding him. Mike fucked her hard and fast for a minute or so while she was on top but then got her to sit up so he could play with her clit and breasts as she ground herself against him. A few people were watching them by this point (Melissa and Giles had finished) and Simone was a bit self-conscious but when Mike asked if she thought she could cum she said yes. He kept toying with her clit as she rode him and watched as her face took on the ecstatic orgasmic expression. He thrust in to her as best he could and as soon as her orgasm ended he pulled her down to him so they could kiss, rolled her over and asked if she wanted him to cum in or over her. Simone said she didn’t care and he could choose so he whispered to her that he wanted to fill her tight little cunt with his cum and asked her to wrap her legs around him. Simone said he could cum inside her and Mike thrust away as Simone’s tongue pressed against his. He felt the cum squirt through his cock and told Simone he was cumming. He didn’t feel as many squirts as he had hoped (given the day’s teasing) but he could feel the difference in how much wetter she felt and as he pulled out he whispered an apology for having made a mess of such a cute pussy.