Friday, 2 October 2015

A Rare Push – Part 11

A longer entry for the weekend to finish this series off...

Mike wanted to make the most of the cum and saliva in Sue’s pussy and they considered heading upstairs to his room, letting Sue straddle my face and then get me to either eat the cum out of her or just let it drip over me. They decided I’d done enough for one day though so I was spared this and instead Mike dared Sue to go out front and stand in the garden to let the cum drip out down her legs. There are bits of our new front garden that are relatively sheltered (and this is where Sue headed for) but Mike pulled her in to the middle, which is still shaded from the streetlight so it was dark, but is visible from a number of houses. He worked off the assumption that it was quite late so nobody would see them and as Sue stood with her legs slightly parted, Mike stood behind her and reached around to spread her lips and smear his cum over her thighs, pussy and breasts as it dribbled out of her.

This was going well and Sue was getting a decent amount of cum smeared over her body but a car came down the road and they had to dive behind the hedge to hide from it. It pulled in to a driveway on the other side of the road and a couple of houses down and Mike and Sue both found the situation quite amusing as they hid and listened to the people get out of the car. Mike told Sue that he would fuck her if he hadn’t just cum twice and Sue said if it wasn’t so cold she would be happy to kneel there and offer herself to him and then leave the grass stains on her knees so the rest of us would know what they had been up to. As soon as our neighbours had gone inside Mike and Sue made their way back in to our house. Most of the cum had dried in to Sue’s skin by this point (although her pussy still felt quite damp as not everything had leaked out) and she was a bit cold so the two of them crept up to Jen’s room and slid in to bed beside Lisa. She woke up when Mike spooned up behind her (his skin was quite cold) and she asked if they’d had fun. Mike asked if she would take care of licking Sue’s pussy clean of his cum in the morning and Lisa said she’d only do it if she got something in return. Mike rubbed his cock against her ass but too spent to get hard enough to slide in to her so in place of this he promised her that she would be eaten awake and that he would give her a good fucking. Lisa was happy enough with this and allowed Mike to switch positions with her so both he and Sue could use Lisa’s body heat to warm up. Lisa reached an arm around Sue and caressed her breasts as they dozed off and Mike’s cock came back to life enough that he could get inside Lisa. Neither of them wanted (or had the energy) to fuck but Lisa pushed back against him and Mike gently moved inside her as they dozed off.

On the Sunday morning I was woken by Jen pulling my legs apart and saying it was time to see what state my cunt was in after the punishment of the previous day. Both Jen and Josie examined me and said that I looked perfectly fine (although I did feel a little tender) and Jen told me it was time for me to give Josie our usual morning greeting. Usually this would involve the person I was eating remaining on his or her back but as Jen wanted to kitty kiss me at the same time, Josie crawled up over my face and lowered herself on to my mouth. Jen started kissing around my pussy but then stopped and I heard her tell Josie that she should get to watch herself. Jen pulled our mirror to the foot of the bed and then crawled back up between my legs so Josie could now see her own reflection (as well as getting a good view of Jen’s ass and pussy as they bobbed around in the air). Jen slowly lapped at my pussy while I ate Josie a bit more forcefully. Jen commented on the way Josie looked a number of times and encouraged her to closely watch herself as she became increasingly aroused. Josie said it was embarrassing but did as Jen suggested and ended up asking Jen to lie flat on the bed as she ate me so Josie could see more of herself. We love it when we can get people to be more honest about enjoying themselves so I pulled Josie’s lips apart and swirled my tongue around inside her as well as sucking on her clit. Josie caressed her own breasts (which Jen enjoyed watching) and Jen encouraged her to hump against my face. She leant forwards a bit as she did this to make it easier for me to lick her clit and warned me she was about to cum. She let out a few quiet ‘yess’ and ‘mmmm’s as she came and I switched to kitty kissing her, trying to copy what Jen was doing to me. We continued like this for a couple of  minutes before she climbed down and lay beside me. She pointed out that my face was a mess but kissed me anyway. I suggested that we gang up on Jen and Josie agreed – Jen said that she wasn’t really in the mood to cum, but that we could try and convince her so we got her to lie between us and started on her breasts. We had progressed to fondling her pussy and Josie had just moved down between Jen’s legs when we heard MJ cry and Jen said that while what we were doing felt nice, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy herself until she’d had her morning cuddle so left us and told Josie to make sure I enjoyed myself. I told Josie if I was going to cum that I wanted her to cum again – she wasn’t too sure about this but agreed to let me kitty kiss her so we 69ed and despite her reservations I managed to pull a second orgasm out of her (and she gave me one as well).

Mike, Sue and Lisa had actually woken up a bit before us and as promised Mike went down on Lisa to wake her. She was then given the job of eating Sue (who had woken up but had patiently waited to be serviced). Mike slid in to Lisa from behind and gently fucked her for a while, occasionally pulling out and offering his cock to Sue to suck clean. Sue then suggested he fuck her through Lisa (not in the anime way where he slides his cock right through Lisa’s body so it emerges from her mouth – she just wanted him to pound Lisa so her mouth was pushed up against Sue’s cunt in time with his thrusts). Mike did as requested, but only briefly as MJ started to stir and he really wanted to finish the session without waking her. Instead, he got Lisa to move around into a 69 position on top of Sue and he used long steady strokes to fuck her while Sue lapped at her clit. He pulled out completely a couple of times to let Sue eat Lisa properly but the aim was to get Lisa off while he was buried inside her. Lisa was really close by the time MJ actually woke up and Mike told Sue to quickly lick her clit – this was enough to push Lisa over the edge and Mike pushed deep in to her and held himself inside for a few seconds before pulling out and fetching MJ from her cot (leaving Sue to finish tending to Lisa’s orgasm).

Jen appeared a minute or so later and took MJ but stayed to watch Lisa lapping at Sue (and Sue kitty kissing Lisa). Sue must have been licking a bit harder than usual as Lisa said she couldn’t take it and rolled off of Sue. When she saw Jen with MJ she offered to go down and help get breakfast ready but Mike said he would prefer it if she stayed and played with him and Sue. It didn’t take much to convince Lisa and as Jen headed downstairs, Mike and Lisa teamed up on Sue. This turned in to Lisa and Sue teaming up on Mike with him lying on the bed and them taking turns riding him while he ate the other one. Lisa volunteered to repay Sue for the previous night so they spent a little while with Sue leaning forwards and Lisa rimming her while Mike ate her pussy. Both Mike and Sue were getting close to cumming by this point so Sue moved back to Mike’s cock and Mike ate Lisa a bit more seriously than he had been. He swirled his tongue repeatedly around her clit and Sue reached forwards to fondle Lisa’s nips. Lisa reached down to play with Sue’s clit and while Sue would have preferred for it to be just Mike who made her cum, she accepted Lisa’s ministrations. Sue started to cum and Mike sped up his movements but held back from actually cumming until Lisa panted that she was getting close. Sue’s orgasm had completely finished by this point but she continued to ride him and when Lisa announced she was cumming he thrust in to Sue repeatedly until he came (not quite in time with Lisa but close enough that she got the idea that he was using her orgasm to help stimulate him). Mike held Sue in place on his cock until Lisa had climbed off of his face and he then asked Sue if she would share his cum with Lisa. Sue didn’t mind doing this so she covered her pussy as she lifted herself off of Mike and then climbed over Lisa and let his cum drip into Lisa’s pussy (which Mike was spreading). Sue rubbed against Lisa for a minute or so to smear his cum over both their cunts and Mike told them he could happily watch them do that all day, but needed some food or he wouldn’t have energy to do anything more.

Over breakfast I was given the grand total of cums for the previous day which was a fairly impressive 29 (nowhere near my record but far more than even over a whole standard weekend). The more impressive fact was that 10 different people had made me cum (Jen, Mike, Sue, Josie, Lisa, Alistair, the two customers and the two delivery guys). I really liked the fact that I’d done my part for equal opportunities by letting 5 guys and 5 girls make me cum and Mike suggested that they could always continue the game and see if I could break 30 orgasms that day. I knew that I needed some time to recover and fortunately they all realised this – the only thing they really pushed for was for Sue and I to fuck again but we both said that we thought they had seen us do more than enough for one weekend and actually stood firm on this. We diverted the conversation to the fact that Jen hadn’t cum yet and while she still protested that she wasn’t really in the mood I reminded her that she had given us (or at least Josie and me) permission to ‘convince her’.

In deference to my submission the previous day, Jen allowed us to try to get her in the mood to cum and we headed back up to her room. Mike, Sue, Lisa and I took turns looking after MJ while the others (and Josie) all joined in with stimulating Jen. Just as we’d done earlier, we spent a while concentrating on Jen’s breasts, but as there were now more of us we could also fondle her legs and play with her pussy at the same time. Jen quickly admitted that she could happily cum and we told her that she would have to wait a little longer before we allowed this, but promised that we wouldn’t tease her too much. Mike spooned with her for a while and the rest of us each had a turn lapping at her clit but Mike selflessly let Jen have an all-female orgasm with Sue between her legs, Josie over her face and Lisa and me playing with her breasts. Mike took MJ out of the room to let Jen mew her way through her orgasm and I had a turn kitty kissing Jen after Sue. Josie had enjoyed Jen’s licking but hadn’t cum yet – this was on purpose though as Jen had remembered the promise she had made to Josie the previous day and when I released Jen, she told Josie she wanted to shower with her. It wasn’t until they had washed each other down that Jen reminded Josie of the promise and knelt between her legs. Josie asked Jen if she was sure and Jen pointed out that it was her who had introduced Sue (and the rest of us) to watersports. Josie leant back against the wall as Jen lapped at her and asked Jen how she wanted to finish things off, to be told by Jen that she expected no less than for Josie to pee as hard as she could and just enjoy herself while letting Jen take care of everything. Jen took Josie close to cumming a couple of times and both times she reminded Josie that she expected her to really let go. As Josie was in the third approach to her orgasm, Jen got Josie to lift one leg over her (Jen’s) shoulder to give her better access to Josie’s pussy and Josie promised Jen that she wouldn’t hold back at all. Jen buried her face in Josie’s pussy, licking up inside her, around the lips and across her clit. Josie warned Jen she was about to cum and Jen just hummed an ‘uh-huh’ into Josie’s pussy. Fortunately (for Jen) Josie kept her promise and as she came she let go and Jen felt Josie’s pee spray over her face, run into her mouth and cascade down across her body. She didn’t break contact with Josie throughout this and ravaged Josie’s pussy with her tongue. Josie seemed to forget to be embarrassed by what was happening and pushed back against Jen’s mouth and face and reached down to pull Jen’s face harder against her.

As Josie relaxed back against the wall she tried to pull away but Jen held her place between Josie’s legs and kitty kissed her. Once Josie had recovered a bit (so wasn’t quite as sensitive) Jen gave her pussy a much more thorough licking, finishing off with a single kiss. Jen then climbed out from between Josie’s legs, stood up and kissed her squarely on the lips, pressing her pee soaked body up against Josie’s. Josie apologised to Jen for getting carried away but Jen told her she was glad she enjoyed herself and that she would happily do it again anytime Josie wanted. They quickly showered off again and as they dressed Jen got Josie to describe in detail how Sue would eat Josie as she peed on her and whether Josie enjoyed it as a ‘power’ thing or if she just enjoyed the sensation of peeing as she came (the way Jen does).

Once the rest of us had showered (I did so with Lisa and Mike showered with Sue) we went out for a walk and a coffee. Jen challenged Sue to cum in the café and handed her a vibrating egg. Josie thought it was too risky, but Sue was game and using her jacket to provide cover, she manage to slip the egg under her skirt, position it against her clit and press her thighs together to hold it in place. Josie was allowed to control the vibe and put the power up and down at Sue’s request. Once it started to take effect, Sue leant forwards with her elbows on the table and her chin resting on her hands and enjoyed the feeling. It was quite obvious to those of us who knew that her increasingly flushed look was due to her impending orgasm, but we assumed that nobody else could guess what was going on. Sue concentrated on keeping a straight face as she came, but did emit a little squeak and asked Josie to turn the vibe down to low power. She let it remain between her legs for another minute or so and then nearly dropped it when she removed it. She cradled it in her hand until an opportune moment and then leant towards me, slid her hand between my legs (I was sitting with one leg folded up under the other to partially expose myself as usual) and quickly pushed the egg in to my pussy. I could have probably stopped her but it didn’t seem worth the effort and it felt quite nice having it buzz away on low power inside me (everyone knew it wasn’t going to make me cum like that).

Before we left the café we bullied Josie in to taking the egg and wearing it in her panties. As she walked it moved around and didn’t stay pressed up against her clit so wasn’t likely to make her cum either, but we still enjoyed changing the vibration pattern and power to keep her from getting too used to it. Everyone apart from me (my turn to stay with MJ) then popped down an alleyway that we are intimately familiar with (or at least the alleyway is familiar with us being intimate in it) and we took turns holding the egg against Josie’s crotch. Mike got impatient and pulled her panties down (but not off) and Josie said she felt very vulnerable in that position but allowed us to bend her forwards so Mike could have a lick of her pussy and then stand in front of her to get her to suck him while the rest of them toyed with Josie. Mike briefly fucked her while Jen stood against the wall and let Josie play with her but to finish Josie off, they put her up against the wall and all four of them fingered her while using the egg on her clit. By this point Josie’s skirt was hiked up over her hips and she offered no resistance when Jen pulled her top up to fondle her breasts. All she managed was to tell them that they were all insane, but she didn’t try to struggle and allowed them to make her cum. Mike and Sue then each had a turn kitty kissing her and Mike slid back inside her briefly before they took her panties and told her she had done a good job.

On returning home Mike asked Sue if she would help him make Lisa cum again and they tossed a few pillows on to the floor in the living room. Sue lay on her back and Lisa crouched over her in a 69, but was told to face the other way so Mike could more easily slide in to her. He fucked Lisa while Sue lapped at her clit and (with a bit of effort) Jen pulled Lisa’s top off and removed her bra so she just had her skirt on. They tried to get me to take advantage of Sue’s positioning and play with her – I was tempted to do so but other than lifting her skirt and giving her pussy a gentle stroke I behaved myself. Jen played with Lisa’s breasts a little and with Sue’s a bit more and as Lisa had nothing better to do with her mouth, I threw a cushion down in front of her, sat on it and demanded she make me cum. Having spent most of the summer with us, she is quite used to this sort of behaviour and got straight to work. She wasn’t too far from cumming so was quite enthusiastic with her tongue and it felt good (making up for me not having cum while out on our walk). Lisa came before I did but Sue kept kitty kissing her after Mike had pulled out and Mike alternated between fucking and eating Sue while Lisa keep working on me. I tried to get Josie or Jen to join in so we could extend the chain another link or two more but neither of them wanted to cum and were happy to just watch the four of us play together. Mike fucked Sue to orgasm (with a bit of frigging going on as well) and once I’d cum, Sue and I finally gave in to the peer pressure and 69ed for a couple of minutes to kitty kiss each other.

We ate lunch and helped Josie and Sue gather their things up to head home. Mike told Josie he wanted a final lick of her and got her to bend over the bed so he could flip up her skirt and eat her from behind. This progressed to him fucking her and Jen helped out by sitting beside Josie and gently frigging her. Josie came with her face buried in the duvet and I took care of kitty kissing her afterwards while Mike moved on to Sue. He wasn’t the only one who wanted a final play with Sue and Jen ended up getting to have the first few licks but she allowed Mike to take over after a short while. Just as with Josie, the licking progressed to fucking and this time Lisa helped out by frigging Sue. Sue wasn’t as passive as Josie had been and pushed a hand up between Lisa’s legs and started playing with her pussy. Mike asked me to help out so I left Josie, sat on the other side of Lisa and started kissing her. My fingers joined Sue’s between Lisa’s legs and I pulled her legs apart to give us better access. I then removed her top and bra so I could suck on her nipples and as Mike relentlessly slid in and out of Sue’s wet pussy he watched as she and I fingered his girlfriend. Sue told us she was getting close and Mike pushed in to her a little harder but kept up his steady pace and this, coupled with Lisa’s frigging got Sue off. Lisa eased off but Mike kept fucking Sue and asked if she could cum again – she said she wasn’t sure but she knew that Mike wouldn’t cum in her unless she came so said she was willing to try.

I asked Josie if she would help me out with Lisa and we rearranged ourselves on the bed so I was sitting over Lisa’s face (I wanted to enjoy myself too) and Josie toyed with Lisa’s pussy (using some toys that Jen handed to her). This left Mike to take care of Sue and he dived in to her pussy and ate her properly for a while before he climbed on top of her and they started to fuck. Sue offered to put on long socks for him to help him along but he assured her that cumming wasn’t going to be a problem for him and she was the one they needed to concentrate on getting an orgasm out of. Sue whispered to him that with her Oniichan’s cock inside her she didn’t think she would have any trouble cumming either. As Lisa ate and toyed with my pussy I watched the two of them fuck and occasionally glanced down to see Josie frigging fucking and licking Lisa. I complimented Josie on her technique and told her that it looked like Sue would be well taken care of and Josie said she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep up the pace if Sue wanted to cum as many times as she (or I) had that weekend. I assured Josie that even for me 29 orgasms in a day was extreme and that as Sue seemed to like her that she would probably be happy with just one or two. Josie thought even that was a lot to do every day but she had been coping quite well with Sue’s libido up until that point so I told her I thought she would do fine.

Mike and Sue had been whispering dirty things to each other while fucking and I could see Sue’s upper body begin to get flushed as she got more aroused. She had repeatedly told him how good it felt having him inside her and he told her how much he wanted to feel her little cunt cumming around his cock before he pumped his cum in to her. Mike offered Sue the chance to turn over so she could cum in her favourite position (on her stomach with him on top and rubbing her clit) but she said she wanted to face him as she came and that she thought she could cum without her clit being touched. He quietly teased her about being such a horny little girl that she could cum so easily and Sue claimed that it was only because it was his cock inside her. They whispered more to each other and Mike promised Sue that he would cum in her once she came. Sue wrapped her legs around Mike and he wished he had taken up her offer of putting the long socks back on but they were both too close to interrupt things. He kept using long strokes to push in to her and told her he was close. I watched as Sue mouthed that she was almost there, then about to cum and then (with a wonderfully arousing look on her face) that she was cumming. She and Mike kissed deeply and he moved in her steadily as he came and then carried on moving until Sue stopped cumming, even though it felt incredibly intense for him. As they panted in to each other’s mouths Mike slowed and pushed as far in to her as he could, then whispered that she now had all of his cum. She promised him she would take care of it and Mike told her that she didn’t have to keep it and that he wanted to watch me eat it out of her. Sue told him that she wanted this lot for herself but if was good he might get his wish next time they visited.

I came not too long after Mike did and happily rubbed myself against Lisa’s face. From the way she was licking me I could tell she probably wasn’t too far from cumming herself (I had actually expected her to cum first) and announced to her that I would remain where I was so she could kitty kiss me until she came. As Mike’s cock became less sensitive he started to move slowly inside Sue and they kissed and moved against each other while whispering about how Sue used to masturbate outside my door and watching Mike and me fuck. I asked Lisa to concentrate on my clit a bit more as I came and after climbing off her face I humped against one of her breasts, got Josie to do the same to her other breast, let Sue hump against one of Lisa’s thighs (leaving a good coating of her juices and Mike’s cum) and then let Jen hump Lisa’s other thigh. Lisa was handed a light dress to wear (with nothing under it) and wasn’t allowed to clean herself off. Jen had a little lick of Sue’s pussy to taste the mixture of Sue and Mike’s cum but Sue still wanted to keep the rest of his cum and kept her legs together as she finished packing so anything else that dripped out ran down her thighs (which she occasionally rubbed to smear the cum around).

We got to the train station with plenty of time to say our goodbyes and all of the girls (me included) were fondled under our coats by everyone else. Sue still felt quite wet and I told Josie if she could manage to tease Sue on the journey home that she would probably get a good fuck out of it later that night. As for us, Mike had to keep his promise to Lisa to cum in her every day over the holiday (having missed it the previous day – although she hadn’t minded as she had cum more than enough anyway). Before I allowed him to fuck her (I *am*his wife after all), I got him to do me and he took me from behind, then in the missionary position and then with me on top (lying down) with him hammering into me. I told him I had missed having him to myself (I know I always share him with Jen but…) and he fucked me hard and fast through the final build up until I came. He promised me that once Lisa went back to Uni I would get a daily dose of cum and could take it wherever I wanted. I liked the idea of this and told him if he could cum enough (sadly he can’t) then I wanted him to completely coat my body in cum each morning and I would go out wearing his cum on my skin everyday. It was Lisa who received his cum that night though and did so for the next couple of nights before she headed home on Wednesday to briefly see her parents before she had to head off to Uni. He gave her a final goodbye fuck that morning so I didn’t get much cum out of him that night, but on the Thursday morning he did cum over me before I left (and as planned I rubbed this over my chest, stomach, pussy and thighs) and enjoyed the feeling throughout the day.

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