Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 1

Lis and Lucy had been due to visit the previous week but as Mike had been away in York they had decided to postpone until the start of October. He was incredibly happy about this as he desperately wanted to get back inside his dream porn star lookalike Lucy, although she had been noncommittal about whether she was going to allow him to do anything with her.

They actually arrived a little earlier than usual just due to being able to get a cheaper flight and after meeting up with Jen and MJ at the airport and stopping off for a coffee on the way home (Jen was desperate for caffeine by this point but was still breast feeding so abstaining) they went back to the house and were shown round. We had all of the pussy pictures up in Jen’s room (with Mike’s cock near the middle) and Lucy acted embarrassed that such a large image of her cunt was on open display (for people who made it to our bedroom) but we know she was secretly pleased to be included. They doted on MJ until Mike and I arrived (and then still doted on her until she had her feed and went to bed) and we settled down to catch up on the honeymoon (which we’d heard about but not in person) and how married life had changed them (other than the obvious jokes about not having sex any more nothing had really changed).

Mike caressed Lis’ legs while we chatted and slowly worked her skirt up to reveal her panties. Lis happily spread her legs and slid down on the sofa to make it easier for him and I told her off for wearing panties, but as Lucy actually had a pair of jeans on Lis’ transgression was minor in comparison. We decided that Lucy had been clothed for long enough so while Mike nuzzled against Lis’ panties, Jen and I pulled Lucy’s jeans off and quickly followed this with the removal of her top. bra and panties. Lucy didn’t put up any resistance either (but this was partially as she wanted to lie naked on the sheepskin rug by the fire. Jen and I kissed, licked and stroked Lucy’s body (but purposefully avoided too much direct contact with Lucy’s pussy and clit). Lucy lavished in the heat of the fire on her skin as Jen and I sucked on both her nipples. Jen moved down between Lucy’s legs and concentrated on kissing around her thighs, still mostly avoiding her pussy, but occasionally giving it a little lick.

By this point Mike had removed Lis’ panties and had eaten her properly for a while (just not to orgasm). He asked me if I wanted to switch with him and I took over playing with Lis while Mike moved over to kiss Lucy. He stripped off before lying down beside her, gave her a kiss and asked if he was likely to get a chance to be inside her. Lucy told him she hadn’t decided yet, but that it was a safe weekend and if he behaved himself that she might enjoy experimenting with him again. He asked if he could switch places with Jen and Lucy told him he still wasn’t allowed to eat her (she still wanted to keep one thing) but that he could kiss around her thighs and tease her. Mike moved down beside Jen and watched as she licked up and down the length of Lucy’s pussy and as his request Jen pulled away and kissed him so he could taste Lucy. He then asked Jen to continue while he unbuttoned her dress and helped her slide out of it and then removed her bra to leave her naked. Mike pushed his cock against Jen’s pussy and she eagerly pushed back against him but he didn’t enter her and pointed out that Lucy’s mouth was ready and waiting to eat her. Jen clambered up over Lucy’s body and Lucy pulled Jen’s crotch to her mouth – Mike watched momentarily before taking Jen’s place between Lucy’s legs, having a good look at the pussy he desperately wanted to eat and then got to work kissing and nibbling on the skin around it.

With Jen now naked, I was the only one clothed (although not completely as Lis had pulled my top up to play with my breasts and her hands had ventured under my skirt a number of times to finger me. Lis happily corrected my lack of nudity and the two of us started to grind against each other, first with her on top and then switched to a scissor position. Mike wanted to fuck Lucy while she ate Jen but the most Lucy would allow him to do was to rub against her. He took what he could get and rubbed his cock back and forth along the length of Lucy’s pussy but after a couple of minutes Jen said she wanted to play with Lucy properly and 69 with her. Mike debated whether he should try and fuck Jen while Lucy ate her (so he could be licked by Lucy) or join me with Lis. The decision was made for him as Lis apologised to me and said that she had business with Mike. It wasn’t difficult to guess what this was, but she put it in to words anyway and said that while this was a safe week for Lucy, this wasn’t the case for her. While it wasn’t her most fertile days of the month (Lis likes logging and charting things so), it certainly wasn’t in the ‘safe’ period and she wanted Mike to make love to her as their first (proper) attempt at getting pregnant. As much as Mike wanted to fuck Lucy, the thought of impregnating his other little lesbian (and this one at least only slept with girls – and him of course) was even more appealing and he asked how she wanted to do it.

Jen and Lucy broke their 69 to join in the conversation and Lis explained that (after much discussion with Lucy), they had decided that they wanted Lucy to be present to witness it and that it was only fair that Jen and I should also be there (seeing as it was the father of Jen’s child’s and my husband’s sperm she would be using). Originally Lis had intended to get our first session out of the way, playing with either Jen or me, before getting Mike to cum inside her, but she had decided she couldn’t wait (which Lucy said didn’t surprise her). It became clear that Lis and Lucy had discussed this quite a bit as Lis had decided on a few things she wanted to do (although she wasn’t entirely rigid on these as she had planned on doing it in a bed but changed her mind and decided she would prefer the sheepskin rug in front of the fire).

There were still some things Lis wanted though and she pulled some candles out of her bag (just in case we hadn’t unpacked our ones yet). She also produced a pair of thigh-high white socks ‘to ensure that Mike would cum as much as possible in to her’ – he pointed out that under the circumstances, there was no way he wouldn’t be cumming, although did then realise his opportunity and say if they wanted him to really cum hard that Lucy could always sit over his face while he fucked Lis. Lis and Lucy had actually discussed this (maybe not that exact position, but having Lucy involved in the session), although they had decided against it as Lis wanted Mike to be making love to her and her alone when she conceived. Mike was as eager to get started as Lis was but equally wanted to ensure that Lis would enjoy the session so he lay her down on the rug, placed a cushion under her ass and went back to licking her (and as she now had the long socks on he also spent some time on her legs and thighs). Mike got Lis reasonably close to cumming and then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes to let her calm down a little as he wanted to be able to enjoy being inside her so didn’t want her to cum too quickly.

When he kissed his way up her body and told her it was time, Lis told him there was one more thing she wanted to do and called Lucy, Jen and myself over. We had been sitting on the sofa watching (and playing with each other) and Lucy had already told us what Lis wanted so we all knelt on the floor in a line, presenting ourselves to Mike. Lis said she wanted all of our juices on his cock so they would all mix up in her pussy as he fucked her and Mike was told to slide in to each of us (including Lucy) and get his cock well coated with our juices. He took me first, then Lucy and finally Jen, but Lis wanted to really make sure so he was told to have a second round in us (the hardship) which he dutifully did. He asked Lucy if this meant he was allowed to do things properly with her but she said this was an exception and that he would still have to wait and see. By the time Mike pulled out of Jen (for the second time) his cock was shining with our juices and Lis called him over (she was still lying on her back) and told him it was time to impregnate her. Mike moved over between her legs, lifted them so her calves were against his chest and told her he couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather cum at that point (and even though Lucy was in the room with him I believed him). Mike asked Lis to spread her lips and we watched (from back on the sofa to give them some space) as Lis reached around and pulled her pussy open. Mike positioned his cock at the opening and rubbed up and down, telling Lis how wet she felt. She told him to stop teasing her, but as he slid in she added that she hoped she was about to get a lot wetter and Mike told her that she could count on it.

Mike slid into Lis fairly easily and she pushed back against him in time with his strokes. He spent a while caressing her legs with one hand and reaching up her body to her breasts with the other hand until Lis said she wanted to kiss him. Mike lay down on Lis and she wrapped her legs around him. They kissed deeply and Lucy and I took the opportunity to play with Jen’s breasts and stroke her until Mike and Lis rolled over and Lis sat up so she could ride him. Mike played with Lis’ clit for a while as she did this and then moved on to fondling her breasts as she ground against his body. He pulled her down on top of him to kiss her again and kneaded her ass as he pumped away inside her. He gave Lis the choice of how she wanted him to cum in her and she said she already knew this as she wanted to keep as much cum in her as possible (I’m not sure that this really makes that much difference but I remember Jen and I doing the same thing when we were trying to conceive as well). Mike asked to take Lis doggy-style for a bit but promised he wouldn’t cum like that so they switched positions and Mike frigged Lis’ clit as he fucked her and swirled the tip of his thumb back and forth across her ass. Mike fed Lis some of her own juices and told her to let him know when she was getting close. It wasn’t long before she said she was almost there and they changed position again back to the way they started out with Lis under Mike and holding him against her with her arms and legs. They had used talk of him getting her pregnant while fucking many times before but this time it was much more tender and between kissed we heard Lis quietly telling him to cum deep inside her and give her a baby. Mike told Lis how cute and hot he thought she would look with a baby bump and how he would help out with keeping her satisfied if her sex drive went crazy the way that Jen’s did. Lis told him he could fuck her as often as he wanted however he wanted if he got her pregnant and they then kissed for quite a while as they humped against each other.

We couldn’t hear this bit as they were whispering to each other, but Mike got Lis to tell him as she got closer to cumming and he paced his thrusts in time with her breathing. He told her he was on the verge of cumming and she told him to go ahead but (unsurprisingly for Mike) he insisted that they cum together – or at the very least that Lis came first. Lis said she couldn’t wait but Mike just told her to cum and that as soon as she did he would pump as much of his cum into her little pussy as he could and she just had to have an egg ready to catch it. (This may not sound that sexy, but Lis loves sex-talk like that.) She asked for him to push in to her a bit harder, which he did, and she panted at him to let him know how close she was with each stroke. Mike told her he was ready any time she was and we could see Lis tightening her grip on Mike (not that there was any likelihood of him trying to escape). As Lis’ orgasm built Mike whispered to her how she was so incredibly sexy, how he loved her little breasts. He traced his hand over the little scar on her leg (where she cut herself shaving years ago) and told her how he loved her legs. Lis panted that she was just about to cum so Mike kissed her again and Lis held his head against hers and moaned into his mouth as he came. Mike thrust in to her and briefly broke the kiss to tell her he was cumming but Lis pulled his lips to hers again and they kissed until both of their movements slowed and Mike moved his head so he could whisper in her ear that he’d given her everything he could.


  1. Would love to see photos of porn stars who resemble the various people in your wild life.

    1. I used to have some posted but as they were copyright some got blocked and then the whole 'no nudity' thing happened on blogger. I'd already gone and removed the remaining images before they reversed their decision. I will try and find some links to pages with the lookalikes on them but the easy one is Lucy who is remarkably similar to Pavlina (when she was younger and sweeter looking as in the gallery below).


      Sadly (from Mike's point of view) Lucy's pussy isn't quite the same as Pavlina's, but facially she is very similar (and of a similar build).

  2. Wow, Lucy is hot then. Would love even PG phots of the rest of the gang's lookalikes: Jen, Sue, Lisa, etc

    1. Now you understand why Mike was so desperate to sleep with (and eat) her!

      I've got a few pics with similarities of some of my friends - Jen (pretty close), Lis (sort of similar), Rachel (old roommate - reasonably similar), Clare (similar to some of her expressions)... I don't think I have any similar to Sue or Lisa though (and I'm not posting any pics of the actual people - even PG ones). I'll find links to the pics and put them in a future entry

  3. of course not real ones. But would also love to see the japanesse girls and abrahii.

    Totally understand mikes obsession now. so hot.