Friday, 23 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 2

Before Mike pulled out, Lis got us to throw another couple of cushions over to her and then asked for help arranging them under her ass. Mike carefully withdrew and he kitty kissed her (after promising not to try and lick any of his cum out of her – once again, this wasn’t likely to be an issue). Lis looked so happy it was like she was actually glowing – the heat from the fire might have played a small part in that, but it was obvious how much she wanted this and we all crowded around and gently caressed her. Lucy kissed Lis very gently and then thanked Mike – he was going to point out that it was unlikely Lis would get pregnant the first time they seriously tried but decided it would spoil the mood so just told Lucy she could thank him properly later on. Lucy said he had just cum inside her wife and that should be enough but that she might consider thinking about the possibility of showing her gratitude.

None of Lucy, Jen or I had cum yet (although we had played a lot while watching the show) and I certainly didn’t want to wait any longer so said it was our turn. We each gave Lis’ pussy a good luck kiss and she used a hand to keep the cum in her while she moved to the side but once again lay down with the cushions under her ass to stop the cum leaking out. Mike chatted to Lis while they watched the three of us playing and told her of the time when lots the gang from Lucy and Jen’s Uni came in me while I lay in a similar position so my pussy filled up with a large volume of cum. Lis wasn’t too keen on the idea of having multiple guys’ cum in her but told Mike if he could find a way to produce that much cum she would happily let him fill her cunt (she used the word) and would hold it all in her until her body absorbed it (and got her pregnant). I’ve said it many times before, but I would love it if Mike could cum this much and I would happily go to work each day with his cum pouring out of my cunt and my clothes sticking to my body after being filled and soaked with cum.

At this point I was getting sticky with Lucy and Jen’s juices as the three of us writhed around on the rug. We daisy chained in both directions (eating each other in a loop) and took turns with one of us lying on their back while being eaten and eating the third person. Jen really got in to it and buried her face in Lucy’s pussy, eating her so hard she was making slurping sounds. As much as I wanted to cum I also wanted to encourage Jen’s sex drive (which was improving following the post-birth lull, but wasn’t back where it used to be) so I let her 69 with Lucy and eat behind Jen to finger her as Lucy lapped at her clit. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm but didn’t pull away from Lucy at all and I told Lucy to keep going and try to make Jen cum again. I helped out further by reaching between them and fondling Jen’s breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples a bit more than we had agreed to while she was breast feeding. Jen loved this and ate Lucy even harder (to the point where Lucy had to tell Jen to ease off a bit). Even when Jen backed off, Lucy couldn’t hold out for long enough and came at which point Jen said she still wanted to eat Lucy but switched to just using her tongue inside Lucy’s pussy (avoiding her clit). Lucy quickly got back in to the stride of lapping away at Jen and I carried on fingering her and toying with her nipples. As Jen was enjoying herself so much I told Lucy to move round between Jen’s legs properly to eat her, briefly crouched over Jen’s face to enjoy her tongue and then asked Lis for some help.

Lis didn’t want to move yet but Mike volunteered his services and at my suggestion he knelt on one side of Jen while I moved off of her face and crouched at the other side. At the same time, Mike and I started to feed from Jen’s breasts (we’ve tasted her milk often enough now to know how to suckle properly) and got to work. Jen moaned (loudly) as the pain of the let-down reflex throbbed through her body and breasts and she held our heads in place. She shakily told us all that she was getting close and mewed her way through her second orgasm while thrusting her pussy against Lucy’s face. Watching (or mostly hearing) her enjoy herself so much turned me on even more and as soon as Jen finished cumming I asked for someone to help finish me off (if needed I would have taken care of things myself but it’s almost always nicer having someone else make you cum – especially when it is someone who knows how to please you, which was true of everyone there). Lis called me over and I quickly scrambled over on all fours, planted my cunt on her mouth and humped back and forth as she sucked on my clit while reaching up to fondle my breasts. Lis’ tongue fluttered against my clit, her nose pushed between my lips and I rocked back and forth so it fucked me as I came. I bent forwards and gently kissed Lis’ pussy as thanks before climbing off of her face and sitting cross legged beside her and we chatted about the potential (but unlikely) odds of Lis having conceived.

Mike asked if he was meant to give Lisa a dose of his cum each day (he was) and I pointed out how generous I was being as I had let Lisa have so much of it during her time with us over the summer holidays. Lis reached over to my pussy and said she was sure she could make it up to me but I said she didn’t have anything to worry about as I doubted anything could stop Mike from cumming in her. We chatted about random things and after while Lis slowly lowered her pussy to see if anything would leak out but very little did (Mike knows he puta good few squirts of cum in to her as per usual he hadn’t cum since the morning before to save up for our guests (he had originally been hoping to fill Lucy with his cum, but this took precedence).

When it was time for bed Mike, Lis and I went to Mike’s room, leaving Lucy with Jen. After saying our goodnights at the bathroom we climbed in to bed but Lucy appeared at door and asked Mike if he wanted to join her and Jen. This left Mike in a bit of a conflict but having already given Lis his cum he decided to go and enjoy Lucy (as much as she would let him anyway). I was actually quite pleased with this as it meant I could snuggle properly with Lis without her being distracted by Mike’s cock (or what it produced) and with a promise that they would try to make babies again on the Saturday he disappeared in to Jen’s room. Once they were all in bed Mike curled up against Lucy with his cock pressing against her hip and asked what he was allowed to do with her. He was already stroking her body and breasts but hadn’t touched her pussy yet and Lucy told him that she was considering letting him go down on her, but after a pause she said that it still wasn’t the right time for that. Mike told her if he couldn’t eat her then he’d just have to fuck her and Lucy said he was welcome to try but if she didn’t say he could then he’d never get to do anything more with her. Mike settled down and followed Lucy’s instructions which involved him kissing her and playing with her breasts, in conjunction with Jen. Lucy got Jen to move down between her legs and use a vibe on her but as Lucy got more aroused she reached down and gripped Mike’s cock then started stroking it.

As Lucy has very little experience of handling cocks she wasn’t actually that good but Mike went along with it (it wasn’t so bad that he was ‘enduring’ or ‘putting up with’ the handjob but he doubts he could have cum from it. Fortunately he didn’t have to as Lucy asked Jen to move back and she rolled on to her side, told Mike he could help out and pulled his cock towards her pussy. He asked if she wanted him inside of her and when Lucy whispered yes, he asked Jen to guide him in. He felt Jen rub the head against Lucy’s pussy and then push it between her lips and Mike pressed forwards while telling Lucy he had been dreaming of being inside her again since her last visit. Lucy asked Jen to play with her clit and Mike felt Jen’s fingers and then her tongue brush against his cock as he stroked in and out of his dream pussy. They established a rhythm and Lucy pushed back against him in time with his thrusts and as Mike kissed and nibbled on her neck and shoulder while caressing one of her breasts, Lucy moaned and said it felt really good. Mike kept thrusting in to her and asked if he was allowed to cum in her and when Lucy said he could he told her that if she took whatever cum he had left that she had better be prepared to help him work up another load of cum for Lis. Lucy panted back that she would do what she could and Mike suggested that Jen move round to 69 with Lucy so she could be stimulated at the same time but Jen said she was happy to wait and just wanted to help Lucy cum.

Mike asked Jen to make sure Lucy didn’t cum too quickly but Lucy said she didn’t mind if Mike stayed inside her once she had cum. He pointed out that he found it much sexier if he was actually contributing to her orgasm (in that he didn’t want to just use her pussy to masturbate) and Lucy said (in a sarcastic way) that this was sweet and told him to hurry up as she wanted to cum. Jen went to fetch some toys and Mike pumped away in Lucy faster to help him catch up and Lucy teased him by getting him to decide whether he preferred fucking her or trying to get Lis pregnant. Mike (wisely) declined to choose, although he did say that it would be even better if he could have them both at the same time. Lucy told him to stop being greedy but as she had started it he carried on and told her how he wanted to have Lis riding his cock while Lucy sat over his face and he savoured her sweet little cunt, eating her to orgasm after orgasm while pumping pints of cum in to Lis. Lucy dashed his hopes and said he wasn’t going to get his dream fuck but that he could always try and pump pints of cum in to her if he could manage it (Lucy knows that Jen quite likes the taste of Mike’s cum). Mike told her he would give as much as he could and then told them both that he was getting close so Jen could make Lucy cum whenever she wanted. Jen said she might want to tease Lucy some more but Mike just replied saying he was more than happy with that as it meant he got to remain inside her longer – Lucy wasn’t up for this though as she still wanted to cum. Jen pouted that Lucy was no fun but did as Lucy wanted and stroked the vibe back and forth across Lucy’s pussy and clit. Mike told Lucy that he thought he could feel her pussy twitching around his cock but she didn’t respond and just kept pushing back against him while holding his hand against her breast. Both Mike and Jen told Lucy over and over to cum for them and she let out a number of moans and then whines as her orgasm built and happened. Mike wasn’t quite there so he kept moving inside her and telling her that he was going to cum soon. Lucy’s orgasm began to fade and Mike considered stopping to save his cum for Lis, but he guessed he wouldn’t produce too much anyway (plus he really wanted to cum in Lucy) so he kept going and pushed as far in to her as he could when he started to cum. His orgasm was quite sharp so he almost stopped moving and just used tiny strokes in time with the waves of pleasure and he told Lucy she felt amazing and thanked her a number of times.

Mike remained in Lucy and Jen kitty kissed them both for a while. Lucy twisted her head round to let Mike kiss her and he told her she was a little vixen for the way she was teasing him, but then thanked her again for letting him use her wonderful pussy. Lucy reminded him to keep some cum for Lis’ next dose and he told her he could just eat her awake in the morning so he wouldn’t use any. Lucy said she had a better idea and that he could just spoon with her but not cum so Mike called her a tease again but agreed anyway (she knows he would do pretty much anything to get in to her cunt). Jen lapped at them both for few minutes until Mike said that it was only fair they make her cum again. Jen acted coy and said she wasn’t sure if she could cum again but it was clear she was up for more action and she immediately crawled up the bed and joined in the kiss with Mike and Lucy.

Mike (grudgingly) pulled out of Lucy and they turned on Jen (in a good way). They each had a turn at eating Jen and then both fondled her while sucking on her nipples. Unfortunately MJ woke up at this point but Mike took her out of the room to let Lucy and Jen continue (after telling Lucy to take things slowly) and he went downstairs to try and settle MJ. Lucy and Jen played for quite a while – not just because Mike had asked them to go slow but because they hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months. They humped, fingered and kissed each other to the point that it was clear that Lucy would quite happily cum again and they were well on the way to cumming by the time Mike returned with MJ (who was now asleep). He knew he wasn’t likely to cum again (the plight of being a man with their limited sexual capacity) but the sight of Lucy’s ass and pussy bobbing around over Jen’s face, combined with the scent of sex pervading the room, was more than enough to get him hard enough to slide into her again. Lucy didn’t complain and let him move in her for a while but then told him that Jen needed some attention too. Mike withdrew and let the girls roll over, at which point he moved to the other end of the bed and crouched behind Jen’s ass. Lucy spread Jen’s lips and Mike slid in to her easily and almost immediately felt Lucy’s tongue brush against his cock as she licked Jen. Mike imagined what would happen if he could produce anime (sorry, hentai) levels of cum and how it would pour out of Jen’s pussy around his cock to soak Lucy’s face.

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