Monday, 26 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 3

Lucy came before Jen did and Mike chided her for not giving him a warning so he could have been inside her as she came (he didn’t really care). Jen switched to kitty kissing Lucy and concentrated on her own orgasm that was rapidly building. Mike helped this along by getting Jen to imagine he was peeing inside her and it was spilling out over Lucy’s face along with Jen’s pee while Jen was slurping away at Lucy’s puss and drinking everything she could produce. Mike promised Jen that Lucy would give her a golden shower in the shower the next morning (he knew Lucy would most likely play along with this) and Jen pictured her body being soaked with multiple streams of pee while she sprayed everyone present as she came. She mewed in to Lucy’s pussy as she came (so as to not wake MJ). Mike pulled out and knelt to help Lucy lap at Jen’s pussy but it wasn’t that good a position so he just watched the two of them kitty kiss each other. When they separated he asked if he could spoon Lucy to sleep and she agreed as long as he was gentle as she felt a little tender. Mike slid in to her and remained mostly still while the three of them kissed again but he then lay down behind Lucy and let her and Jen kiss some more while he enjoyed the feeling of her hot cunt around him.

Lis and I had a more energetic session as we didn’t have to worry about how much noise we made (within limits). We used a number of different toys on each other but ended up using Valerie’s vibe (it’s not actually hers, she just had one of this type that we ‘discovered’ in her room on a group holiday years ago). Lis is now sufficiently well trained that she loves the fantasy of it actually being Valerie’s vibe and how after we used it she would push it in to herself and mix our juices up inside her. We played with the fantasy more and included a number of our other Uni friends, describing how things could have gone if we had managed to convince them to try doing things with girls or getting them to join in a group session. Lis was a little disappointed she hadn’t been present at the meet up earlier that year (she was in the middle of wedding planning) where I stripped off and sunbathed naked. I pointed out that Lucy probably wouldn’t have been too pleased with Lis being around a naked Vicky but Lis said for the sake of the fantasy Lucy would be fine with it. We described how Lis and I could have showed everyone the things we got up to, how Vicky would have joined in and how the other girls would have let us demonstrate on them one by one before the guys finally piled in and used Vicky and me to satisfy themselves. I described to Lis how each of our (male) friends would fuck me and cum in or over me and Lis admitted that it sounded like fun so we decided to offer her up to our fantasy friends and I fucked her with our strap on dildo that ejaculates. I was going to cum inside her but she didn’t want to risk diluting Mike’s cum so I ‘came’
over her back, chest, face and breasts for a second time (I had to refill the cum reservoir mid-way through the session).

Lis offered to use the strap-on to fuck me in return and once she had put it on, I lay back with my legs spread and told her to fuck me however she wanted. Lis knelt between my legs and pumped the strap-on in and out while frigging my clit and I repeatedly told her how I wanted her to fill me with her cum and she said that she would love to really be able to do that. Lis really got in to it and as I came she pressed the button on the dildo to pump it’s cum in to me and then did it again so my pussy was filled with the sticky mixture. As soon as I recovered, I helped Lis to remove the strap-on and the two of us kissed and rolled around on the bed, grinding and humping against each other and smearing the cum over any part of each other that wasn’t already coated. I suggested we go to sleep while still covered in the fake cum and Lis asked if Mike would mind us making a mess of his bed but I pointed out that if a bed wasn’t covered in cum-stains by the end of the weekend then it hadn’t been a good weekend (and we do the laundry on Sunday afternoon anyway). It felt very dirty curling up against each other’s cum soaked bodied (but we liked it) and I got Lis to concentrate on how Mike’s cum was working its way towards her eggs as I massaged the fake cum into her breasts and mons. Lis told me to stop teasing her but I just whispered ‘never’ and warned her that I would eat her awake no matter how much of Mike’s cum was inside her.

As promised, I woke Lis up in our traditional way (and couldn’t really taste Mike – which made Lis happy as she assumed she had absorbed most of his cum) and we then fucked with a double ended dildo before lying in bed and chatting. Mike, Jen and Lucy woke up a bit after us and we listened in on them playing, although we couldn’t hear too much as they were being quiet. MJ woke up anyway so Lis and I went to fetch her and take her downstairs for a bottle (we had moved on to combination feeding) to let them continue playing.

Mike had woken up first with his cock pressed up against Lucy’s ass. He slowly rubbed against her and reached around to caress her breasts until Lucy started to stir. In turn, Lucy reached over and caressed Jen’s breasts and as Jen woke up she edged closer so Lucy could slide a hand between Jen’s legs and get her ready to play properly. Mike suggested that the three of them daisy chain and obviously wanted to be the one eating Lucy – she went along with the initial idea, but would only let Jen eat her so said Mike was ‘stuck’ with Jen. He really didn’t mind too much as he now absolutely worships the pussy that gave us little MJ (and he was fairly obsessed with Jen’s pussy beforehand) so he happily ate Jen while she ate Lucy and Lucy sucked on Mike’s cock. Jen and Lucy were allowed to cum but Mike had to hold back for later on with Lis so even when he had made Jen cum and looked down at Lucy’s lips wrapped around his cock he had to hold back. Lucy was quite willing to help him build up more cum and let him spoon with her again and even rode him for a bit while Jen sat over his face. (It was around this time that MJ woke up and Lis and I came to fetch her). Over breakfast Lucy told us that she was hoping for a girl while Lis said she didn’t care and would be happy with either. Later on Mike sat with Lis on his cock and I knelt to lick them both but Mike reminded Jen he had promised her a session with Lucy in the shower so they didn’t stay like that for too long and we headed upstairs to watch Jen get to really enjoy herself.

It was basically the same as usual – Jen knelt and lapped at Lucy’s pussy until Lucy came and peed over Jen’s face (and in to her mouth) and Lucy then reciprocated, kneeling in front of Jen and eating her. Lucy doesn’t always want (or like) to be peed over, but she seemed happy to let Jen enjoy herself and told Jen to do whatever she wanted. Lucy knew full well what this would entail so she didn’t flinch when she got to the point that Jen started peeing and she kept her mouth firmly glued to Jen’s crotch. Jen was quite pleasantly surprised by this and pushed as hard as she could to completely empty her bladder over Lucy. Jen also imagined that Lucy was drinking down her pee but later confirmed that while she had been peeing directly into Lucy’s mouth, Lucy had just let it spill out and run down her body.

Mike spent a little while inside Lis as they showered and then a bit more time as she got dressed (having him inside her made this significantly more difficult). It was easy to convince Lis to go without panties as Mike just had to point out it would keep him aroused and that he would therefore produce more cum (she  knows it doesn’t work like that but went without panties anyway). Once dressed, we headed out into town and wandered for a while. Lis and Lucy knew that I was desperate to show them the sybian at our favourite sex shop as I had told them (many times) how wonderful it was. They also knew that in addition to the time we’d tried it with Sue and Josie that I had dropped by the shop a couple of times on the way home from work (and once on the way to work). Alistair had been more than happy to let me play with the device each time but to ensure we were keeping things even (and I didn’t end up owing him too many favours) I offered myself to him each time in return for use of the deice. He had taken me up on my offer during the pre-work session and one of the evening sessions (he already had plans the other time but let me ride the sybian while he closed up). The two occasions he fucked me, I had stripped off completely and sat in the middle of the shop riding the sybian to orgasm before lying on the counter and letting him fuck me (he locked the door for this part).

Lis and Lucy know me well enough that they fully expected me to want to play with my new toy when we got to the shop and I was more than happy to consolidate my reputation. Mike took the first duty with MJ and remained outside the shop with her while Lis, Jen, Lucy and I went in. There was already a guy present who looked a bit sheepish when we entered (I don’t know why as I obviously don’t think anyone should be ashamed of going to sex shops). Alistair remembered Lis and Lucy and I told him how I had been raving to them about the sybian and wondered if I would be able to demonstrate it to them. Alistair indicated the other customer and I told him I didn’t care (and he knows me well enough to know that an audience would just add to my excitement). He fetched the set of attachments I had used before (a couple of pads, one with a ridged surface and one with two small mounds, one just large enough to penetrate my pussy, but not reach too deep inside. I opted for the one with the mounds, set it on the sybian, turned the system on and sat straight down on to it. I started describing how it felt and lifted my skirt to allow Lis to watch as the machine vibrated against my pussy and very quickly started to affect me.

Just as the times before when I’d ridden the sybian it felt amazing but I wanted more (I know, I’m greedy when it comes to pleasure) so I stood up, unzipped my skirt and quickly removed it before planting myself back on the sybian. The random customer seemed to have noticed the sounds of pleasure I was making and I told him he was welcome to come and watch – he was a bit hesitant at first he but gradually edged closer and I reached down to spread my lips, partially to get even better contact with the pad but also to let him have a better view. Jen decided to help out and knelt down beside me to unzip my coat. Once she had pulled it off she lifted my top and I raised my hands to let her pull it off and then allowed her to unfasten my bra and reach around me to fondle my breasts. I had to turn the sybian down as I was going to cum far too quickly to put on a good show. I told Lis that she really needed to give the machine a try but Jen told me she was going next and I didn’t want to discourage her so told Lis she might have to wait a bit but that it would still be worth it.

I could easily see a bulge in the trousers of the customer who was avidly watching me and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me once I’d finished. He asked if I was a hooker and I told him I wasn’t and that I just enjoyed sex and Alistair told the guy he could buy some condoms if he wanted to use me.  This was going to be a bonus fuck that I hadn’t planned for but was more than happy to get so I slowly edged the power of the sybian back up and called out for everyone to watch me cum. It took hardly any time for my orgasm to burst forth and Jen rubbed and squeezed my breasts as I came. I saw Lis chatting to Lucy, but she didn’t take her eyes off me and I gave her a smile and told her if she was up for it that she would really enjoy herself. I turned the power down to minimum and tried to ride out a few more waves of pleasure before it got too much and I had to lift myself up. Jen pushed me forwards and said it was her turn so I fell forwards on to all fours and once Jen had taken my place, she reached forwards and stroked my still tingling pussy.

As I was already naked and the guy had just watched me cum I felt I may as well go for broke and lifted my ass in the air so I was standing but bent forwards with my hands on the floor. I back up towards Jen until I was close enough for her to lick and felt her tongue push between my lips. I humped against her face briefly but knew I wasn’t likely to cum again so soon after such a strong orgasm so I stood up, gave Jen a quick kiss and took the guy by the hand to lead him to the back office. I helped him undo his trousers, rolled on a condom, gave his cock a quick (but enthusiastic) suck and bent over the desk to let him slide in to me. He slipped straight in and I thought he was just going to hammer away until he came but after less than a minute he asked me to lean up a bit so he could reach around to fondle my breasts. He didn’t content himself with just touching my breasts and his hands roamed all over my body, stroking my shoulders, back, ass, around to my clit (really my pussy, but there was some clitoral contact), over my stomach and back up to my breasts. I egged him on and repeatedly told him to fuck me, to fill me with his cock and to let me feel him cumming inside me. He spent a while squeezing my breasts quite firmly and then asked me to turn around and lie on the desk so he could see me. I really liked this (although the desk wasn’t that comfortable) and in our new position I could watch as his cock pumped in and out of me. He held my legs up and apart to help me keep my balance. The guy toyed with my clit a little but I told him I didn’t need to cum (and still wasn’t sure I could) and I  wanted him to just use me and enjoy himself. I encouraged him to go nuts and fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted – which he did – and I loved watching, hearing and feeling him hammering in to my still sensitive cunt. He told me he was getting close and I told him how I wanted to feel him cum in me but he didn’t last much longer and came fairly quickly.

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