Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 4

When he pulled out I took hold of his cock and sucked my juices from the condom while using my tongue to squish his cum around inside it. I pulled the condom off and stroked his cock and balls, smearing his cum all around and telling him how hot and slick it felt. As he pulled up his trousers I washed my hands thoroughly (as I knew I still had more to do) and I wandered back out to the main part of the shop with him behind me. Jen was already finished and as the guy left I got Jen to give me a brief description of her session and I admired the additional coating of juices she had left on the sybian pad. Her session had been pretty similar to mine, but she had kept her clothes on and just lifted her skirt to let Lis, Lucy and Alistair watch as she leaked juices over the device. Jen had apparently mewed quite a bit as she came and had to sit on the device for a couple of minutes afterwards (with it turned off) before she could stand properly.

We texted Mike to say it was time to switch and I tried to talk Lis and Lucy in to haing a try on the toy. They both said they were curious and were convinced it would be amazing but weren’t brave enough to give it a try when they might get caught (even though Lis has been pretty much naked in the shop before). When Mike arrived (and Jen left) I told Alistair that he could have me if he wanted and I was ready to cum for him. He locked the door and I gave him his choice of position – he wanted me on all fours (so many guys seem to love that position) so I knelt and told Lis that this was her chance to ride the sybian. She hesitated a bit but straddled it and made herself comfortable before turning it on. As soon as I heard the buzz she announced that it was fucking powerful (Lis doesn’t actually swear that much so this meant something) and Mike knelt beside her and lifted her skirt to watch as the pad vibrated against her pussy. Lis let out a long hum (or a cross between a hum and a whine) but I paid less attention as Alistair started fucking me properly and toyed with my breasts, clit and ass. While Alistair is fairly good (at least with me as we’ve now fucked enough times to know what each other like), he couldn’t match the sybian and Lis came well before I did. Mike helped her off the device and encouraged Lucy to have a go and when Lis told her that she really had to try it, Lucy allowed them to slide her panties off and guide her in to position.

Lucy agreed that it felt amazing but initially wasn’t going to remain on the device – Lis convinced her to stay put though (pointing out that it really wouldn’t take long). Lucy relented and Mike and Lis knelt either side of Lucy and Lis kissed her while Mike caressed Lucy’s thighs (once again holding her skirt up out of the way so he could watch). I really enjoyed watching Lis and Lucy experience the same pleasure I’d just had and got Alistair to concentrate on my clit. Lucy managed to cum quite quickly and lifted herself up from the sybian to stop the stimulation, allowing Mike to reach between her legs and stroke her pussy and then lick his fingers clean. After a little while Alistair said he was getting close and I told him to use a bit more pressure and he frigged me harder as requested – I kept telling him to hold back just a little longer until I could feel my orgasm about to burst and then told him to go for it. I came a bit before he did but let him carry on fucking (and frigging) me until he pushed hard in to me one last time and remained still. When he pulled out I crawled round and sucked his condom clean (seeing as I’d done it for a stranger earlier on, it only seemed fair to do it for him) and he thanked me for my visit, saying that it always made his day much more pleasant.

I felt quite satisfied but wasn’t quite ready to get dressed yet so I wandered over to the counter and pulled myself up onto it, sitting with my feet up either side of my ass so my pussy was spread and exposed. I asked Mike if he would mind kitty kissing me and he went straight to work but after a minute or so I asked Lis if she would take over. Lis barely hesitated and dived in as soon as Mike moved out of the way. Mike made best use of the position Lis was in and flipped u the back of her skirt to fondle her. Lis didn’t seem to mind him doing this but when he asked Alistair if he minded if he (Mike) fucked Lis, she said she didn’t want to do that in front of anyone else. I pointed out that she had cum in front of many people but Lis later told us that she hadn’t wanted to risk getting pregnant in that location (not that she would have known exactly where it happened…). Mike went back to caressing Lis’ ass and even fingered her a bit but I knew we couldn’t ask Alistair to keep the shop closed for much longer so I told Lis she had done enough and told Alistair to unlock the front door.

Lis and Lucy straightened their clothes (we didn’t give Lucy her panties back) and I slowly dressed Unfortunately I wasn’t interrupted (or discovered) by anyone coming in to the shop (we do sometimes wonder how Alistair makes enough money to stay open) and after assuring him I would give him a few dates for the show that I owed him (or whoever he got to attend) we went off to meet Jen and let her know that Lis and Lucy had now experienced the sybian. We discussed this over coffee and Lis told us the reason I’d mentioned as to why she hadn’t wanted to let Mike fuck her in the shop. Mike said that he would have found it an incredible turn on to take her in a public place even if he hadn’t been allowed to cum (and added that it might well help him to build up a much larger load of cum for her for later on that night). Lis seemed tempted by this so we teased Lucy about her wife wanting to be fucked by another guy in front of an audience but Lucy just said that if it got them a baby, she was happy for Lis to do whatever she wanted (and then added ‘with Mike’).

Back at home Mike got another threesome with Lis and I taking turns sitting over his face and riding him. Lucy joined in for a bit (just riding him – he still wasn’t allowed to eat her) and we took him to the edge of cumming a few times (not too close as we didn’t want any ‘misfires’ – especially not in to anyone other than Lis) and when he’d had enough I was allowed to play with Lis so we could finish each other off and Jen took Lucy to get her off. Mike had intended to look after MJ while the four of us played but as things got more heated he had another request and said he wanted to be inside each of us as we came. As Lis and I were further along we went first with Jen, Lucy and Mike sitting watching us. I licked Lis in an exaggerated way for show but it was still effective enough to get her off and as her orgasm approached she warned Mike who knelt down and slid in to her. He didn’t move and concentrated on what he could feel Lis’ pussy doing as she came (I tried to make minimal contact with his cock so my tongue wasn’t a distraction) and he described how her orgasm felt. He said he mostly felt this on the head (deeper inside her) and when we switched over so he was inside me as Lis made me cum he compared the sensations and said he could feel a bit more on his shaft inside me (but I practice my contractions a lot as it makes orgasms better).

It was Lucy’s turn next so Lis and I took MJ and watched as Jen stroked and fingered Lucy (while also kissing Lucy’s breasts and sucking on her nipples). Jen didn’t want to cum again but allowed Lucy to 69 with her so Mike could easily get in to Lucy and feel her cumming around him. As with Lis, Mike said it felt like he could feel something further inside Lucy and when he pulled out of her Jen took his cock in her mouth to suck it clean of Lucy’s juices. It took a little bit of peer pressure, but we managed to convince Jen to let Lucy make her cum so Mike could complete the comparison. They remained in the 69 position with Lucy on top until Jen got close to cumming at which point they rolled over and Mike entered Jen. Lucy’s tongue brushed against Mike’s cock a bit too much and he had to (reluctantly) get her to concentrate more on Jen’s lips and clit. Jen kitty kissed Lucy but broke contact with her to mew her way through her orgasm and once she was finished Mike reported back that he thought he had felt even more with her than he had with me. Jen was quite surprised about this as she was still convinced that after giving birth her pussy felt different but Mike promised her he wasn’t just trying to reassure her (I think all the exercises she did for giing birth might have something to do with it). Mike asked Lucy if she wanted to suck his cock clean in the way Jen had but she only gave him a quick suck so I cleaned him off a bit more thoroughly and kept going until he said he was getting close to cumming again.

Mike was submitted to low level teasing from Lis for most of the rest of the afternoon and evening. She used her hands, mouth and occasionally pussy (getting him to enter her). I joined in and had him inside me a few times and Lucy brushed against his cock a number of times, sometimes through her skirt and other times lifting it so he rubbed directly against her ass cheeks or pussy. Needless to say, Mike was getting more and more desperate to cum and Lis was equally eager to have him empty another load in to her but we decided that they should have to wait until they went up to bed to fuck (or at least for Mike to cum). Mike was also desperate to fuck Lucy again and she didn’t play any games with him and said he was welcome to do so (providing he came in Lis before he came in her). This left him with the option of going to bed (relatively) early to have his session with Lis and then moving on to Lucy or fucking Lucy without cumming and then trying to impregnate Lis later on. Under normal circumstances (or normal for us anyway) Mike would have happily eaten Lucy to orgasm and then used that arousal to fuck Lis but as he wasn’t allowed his mouth near her pussy (or at least wasn’t allowed to make contact) he had to content himself with fucking her and holding back.

Mike took Lucy on the rug while the rest of us watched (MJ was in bed by this point) and they tried out a number of different positions (as Lucy was still very inexperienced at doing things with a guy). Lucy found out that she quite liked Sue’s favourite position (her lying face down with Mike on top ) – especially with the feeling of the sheepskin rug on her breasts and as they fucked Mike whispered to her that they could always use that position to let him take her ass. Lucy said he would get his chance soon enough and Mike was rather surprised at this but she backed it up by telling him that when she was ready she wanted to feel his cock fucking her ass and filling it with his cum. Mike asked her where the new dirty talking and slutty Lucy had come from and she asked if she was spoiling his ideal image of her but as his fantasy was based on his favourite porn star he told her that she still had a long way to go to catch up with Pavlina (although he was willing to help with anything she needed to help get her to that level). They used a few more positions and to finish Lucy said she wanted him to pound into her (Lis has told Lucy how especially likes this). Mike said this wasn’t fair as he was meant to be trying to hold back so Lucy teased him about his alleged ability to refrain from cumming (leading to the obvious response that it was her he was fucking and desperately wanted to cum in). He rolled over on to his back, pulled her to him and gave her the pounding she had requested though, firmly gripping her ass and kissing her throughout. Lucy enjoyed it but it took her a little while to cum. Mike concentrated on random things to keep himself from cumming so even though he also enjoyed it, he never got too close to cumming (which Lucy was quite impressed with given the force he fucked her with).

Due to a combination of exertion and the heat from the fire, they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat by the time Lucy came and she apologised to Mike for sweating on him but he just nuzzled and kissed all around her body (she let him do this right up to her pussy but he was well behaved and didn’t try to steal any licks). As a reward (both for the orgasm and not going further than he was allowed) she spread her pussy to let him admire her and then fingered herself, feeding him her juices from her fingers. She wasn’t trying to tease him and this was really meant (and taken) as a reward.

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