Monday, 5 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

At the end of September Mike headed down to York for the start of year sex party (I’d gone the last time and Jen didn’t want to go). He had invited Lisa along but her term was just starting and had also invited Sue (and of course Josie) but Josie wasn’t quite ready to attend such an event (although seemed to be wavering). He headed to York straight from work and arrived around 8. Hannah had offered him a bed for the weekend but had already arranged to stay with Sara (seeing as he was the one who took her hetero virginity he feels connected to her – plus he loves the way her pussy looks). Sara met him at the station and when they hugged, Mike lifted her up and kissed her deeply. Her jacket wasn’t long enough for him to reach under her skirt but as he was holding her up by her ass he got a good enough feel to know that she had panties on and told her off for not being naked –Sara pointed out that she had opaque tights on, which Mike appreciated, but he told her that they would still have to correct the panties issue as soon as possible.

Sara insisted on stopping off for a drink on the way home and Mike tried to get her to go to the bathroom and remove her panties but she said she wanted him to see them on her. She didn’t object to Mike sliding his hand up her leg and caressing her thighs, even when it was clear that other people noticed what he was doing. He managed to get his fingers up to her crotch a couple of times and gently stroked up and down the length of her pussy. Sara told him he wasn’t being fair but didn’t try to stop him and once they had finished their drinks she said she was ready to go home. Sara was living back in Uni halls for her final year (to be closer to Campus and make it easier to concentrate on studying) and she was well aware of the things we’d got up to in Uni halls in the past so was understandably nervous of what Mike might want to ‘encourage’ her to do. Of course, Sara had the advantage of not ‘having’ to agree to do things the way that Jen and I do and she is also reasonably adventurous of her own right. She led Mike to her room (which wasn’t too far from where Rachel used to live in her second year) and as she fished out her keys he reached around her from behind, slid a hand in to her jacked to caress her chest and pushed the other hand to her crotch to rub her through her skirt while grinding his crotch against her ass. Sara told him to behave, but as there wasn’t anyone else in the corridor she pushed back against him and told him he only had to wait a few more seconds. By the time she unlocked the door, he had pulled up the front of her skirt and was trying to work a hand in to her tights but she pulled his hand out and told him to be patient.

They entered her room and removed their coats and Sara got Mike to sit on the bed. She sat beside him and told him she was more than willing to play but that she didn’t want to fuck. Mike asked what he was allowed to do and she said that he could eat her (whatever hole he wanted to), use his hands and rub against her and that she would give him a blow job, but that she just didn’t want to fuck. Mike was understandably disappointed but as Sara was still willing to let him eat her little pussy he wasn’t too bothered and told her that as long as she was willing to let him make her cum he would be happy. Sara stood up, moved around in front of him and asked if he wanted to see her strip – Mike admitted that the idea appealed, but that he wanted to slowly uncover her body as they made out so Sara sat on his lap and scooched forwards so her crotch pressed against the bulge in his trousers and they started to kiss. Mike’s hands slid up her back under her top and he slowly worked it up her body until her bra was exposed. Sara asked him if he liked it and she leant back to let him have a better look. It was a lacy white bra with little pink bows on it and Mike told her he thought it was very cute and incredibly sexy. He caressed her breasts through the bra and went to unfasten it to reveal her nipples but she said she wanted him to see the bra with the panties. He pulled her top completely off and they kissed some more.

Sara wriggled away from him and stood up with her legs either side of his. She asked him to undress her and Mike ran his hands up her legs under her skirt first but then unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her thighs. Sara had to move back a bit and put her legs together to let the skirt slide to the floor, but once she stepped out of it she straddled Mike’s legs again and started to pull her tights down. Mike stopped her and said he would admire her panties in due course but asked if he could play with her while she still had tights on for a while. Sara thought this was a fair exchange and allowed him to nuzzle against her crotch – at first while she was still standing but she then lay on the bed and let Mike kiss and stroke around her thighs and crotch. At her request he didn’t lick her as she wanted her panties to be dry when he revealed them but Mike told her from the wonderful scent her pussy was emitting that they she may well be responsible for making them damp. As a final request he got her to kneel on all fours and pulled both her tights and panties down just enough to reveal her pussy. Sara let him take a picture of her like this and as a reward Mike gave her ass a couple of licks before she pulled her tights and panties back up and stood up.

It was clear that she really wanted Mike to admire her underwear so he knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her tights down to reveal her panties. Once they were midway down her thighs he stopped and kissed her mons through her panties and then worked the tights the rest of the way down so she could step out of them. Sara parted her legs slightly to allow Mike to caress and kiss her legs and he nuzzled against her panties for a minute before she stepped back and asked him what he thought of the look. This time he didn’t go with the ‘cute’ compliment and went straight for sexy and irresistible (although did add ‘adorable’). Sara lay on the bed in various poses and then called Mike over. She got him to stand beside the bed and caressed his cock through his trousers while she asked him what he wanted to do to her. He told her he wanted to fuck her but that he would go down on her, finger her, rim her ass and eat her until she came. As he talked, Sara undid the zip on his trousers, fished his cock out and started to lick and kiss it. Mike told her that now she wasn’t being fair as she wasn’t naked but Sara just helped him out of his trousers and got him to remove his top so he was naked in front of her. She sucked him a bit more and then got him to lie on the bed beside her so they could carry on playing and they kissed and rubbed against each other. Sara got Mike to hump against her panties and then let him go down on her again (but still just kissing through her panties and not licking). Sara asked him to take a few more photos and he happily obliged and she got to do her striptease for him, slowly peeling her panties down and revealing her ass (and pussy from behind) and then the patch of red hair on her mons as well as pulling at her bra to reveal one and then the other breast.

Once naked, she knelt in front of him and sucked on his cock again and asked him to beg her to let him eat her (which Mike did). Sara wanted to 69 but Mike convinced her to let him have a minute between her legs ‘properly’ so he could savour her taste and examine her crinkle-cut lips. Once his minute was up she got him to lie on the bed so she could climb over him and they lapped and sucked each other relatively quietly, with just the occasional moan of pleasure. After a while Sara reversed her position and ground her wet cunt against Mike’s cock, telling him he was allowed to cum over her if he wanted to. Mike asked where she wanted him to cum and as they kissed she said she didn’t care, he could cum over her body, over her face, in her mouth or over her pussy and ass. As she said this Mike’s hands roamed over her ass and his fingertips brushed over her little rosebud. He teased her about how she liked having things touch her ass and asked if she wanted him to lick her there again. Sara acted coy and said that he didn’t have to do that if he didn’t want to and Mike told her (as he does every time he sees her) that he’s happy to do it as he knows she enjoys it. Sara said he could do it if he wanted but he told her he wanted her to ask so she put her mouth right beside his ear and whispered ’will you lick my ass?’. Mike humped against her pussy a few more times, kissed her and told her he would be glad to.

Sara piled up a few pillows and lay over them with her ass in the air. Mike spread her cheeks and took a few laps at her pussy then told her how the whole area looked so beautiful. Sara knows how much he likes her but acted coy again and said he was embarrassing her which gave Mike and idea and he suggested that if either Miyako or Kiyomi was at the party that they try to capture her and have a threesome with her. Sara liked the idea of this and as Mike worked on her ass she described how she wanted to make Miyako cum and hear her little whimpers. We’re pretty sure that Sara described this knowing full well how much Mike would enjoy hearing it and therefore that it would encourage him to keep going on her ass – for his part Mike played along and licked, rimmed and speared Sara’s ass until she was breathing heavily and squirming around against his tongue. He asked her if she wanted to cum and she let out a plaintive ‘yes please’ (as I’ve said before, manners are important even if someone has a tongue in your ass). Mike spread Lisa’s cheeks and flicked his tongue back and forth across her ass, enjoying each moan that she uttered. He kept going until she came and  felt her body tense up at which point he tried to spear her a few more times, flicked over her ass for another minute and then eased off. Sara lay breathing heavily and Mike kissed up her back and pressed his cock against her pussy but positioning it between her lips with the head near her clit. Sara craned her head round to kiss him and thanked him, then got him to lift his body up so she could turn round and kiss him properly.

She wanted to rub against him but Mike told her that he expected her pussy to be nice and wet after her orgasm as his reward for making her cum asked to kitty kiss her. Sara allowed this but said she wanted to rub against him later and she moved up the bed a bit so her ass was fully on the pillows to make it easier for Mike. When he parted her lips he described the view to her and she could feel herself just how wet she was (she had cum without anything touching her pussy to remove any juices). Mike spent about 10 minutes kitty kissing her, enjoying the taste of her pussy, the texture of her lips and the sensation of the little patch of hair on her mons. Near the end of the session Sara spread her legs wide and pulled his head against her pussy and Mike offered to make her cum but she said he wanted him to rub against her. He told her that he wanted her to cum again and she said she would but she wasn’t sure she could cum three times. Mike reminded her that she had cum many more times than that before but did as she wanted and kissed his way up her body, pressed his cock against her pussy and humped against her as they kissed. Sara said it felt wonderful and after a couple of minutes they rolled over so she could direct the humping better and she leant forwards to get good contact between his cock and her clit. Sara confirmed that she could cum again and asked Mike if he could cum while grinding against her pussy as she wanted his cum over her. He told her that this wouldn’t be a problem and with someone as hot as her he could easily cum – especially over her beautiful little cunt (even though it would spoil it a bit for further kitty kissing). She asked if he wanted to fuck her and he told her that she knew he did but that he wouldn’t unless she let him and if she just wanted him to cum over her little cunt then he would.

Lisa lifted herself up a bit, took hold of Mike’s cock and rubbed the head back and forth between her lips. She put the head just inside her and wiggled it back and forth more and then told him she wanted to finish off another way. She quickly dismounted and lay beside Mike, told him to get on top of her and got him to grind against her once more. She thrust herself against Mike as he slid back and forth but let him do the work to actually make her cum by positioning herself so his cock was rubbing back and forth against her clit. She told Mike he could cum whenever he wanted (she knows he would almost certainly get her to cum before he did) but if he waited he’d get a treat. Mike slid his cock back and forth against her and told her how much he wanted to see her cum – and she did. Sara reached down and pressed his cock harder against her pussy just before she came and got him to keep moving like that. Mike could feel how much more pressure his cock was putting on Sara’s clit, although it didn’t do much for him as she wasn’t touching the head. He kept sliding back and forth against her anyway as she came and told her how sexy she looked. Sara eased off the pressure on his cock but asked him to keep moving for a little bit and to get himself close to cumming. He didn’t have a problem with that and as soon as he repositioned himself so the head of his cock rubbed against her pussy he told her it wouldn’t be long. Sara asked him to hold back for just a minute and Mike edged until she said she was ready. She reached down and spread her pussy, at which point Mike thought she was going to ask him to fuck her after all but she told him to put the head of his cock at the opening and to cum into her. Mike would have preferred to keep humping against her pussy instead of using his hand, but the idea of cumming in to her was also appealing and he was too close to really care so he did as instructed and within a couple of strokes he felt the pressure building and aimed directly in to her spread pussy. Sara pulled her lips a little further apart as Mike came and some of his cum splattered over her fingers but most of it shot between her lips with some sliding in to her and some staying on the inner lips. Mike wiped his cock over her pussy and positioned it against her before leaning forwards to lie on top of her and kiss her. Sara said that she felt quite wet (as his cum was only a little way inside her) and Mike told her he would have happily cum deeper in her if she had let him.

They kissed for a while longer and Mike asked Sara if she was planning on having a ‘girls only’ sex party (not letting any guys fuck her). She said that she was considering it so Mike pretended to be offended and asked why he wasn’t allowed to fuck her if other guys were going to. Sara apologised (which wasn’t quite what he had expected) and said she had wanted to know if she could really trust him and told him how she had been verbally abused by some school ‘friends’ over the summer in relation to her being gay (technically bi, but her ‘friends’ didn’t know that). Mike assured her that she could always trust him (along with Jen, Sue, myself, Clare, Giles and probably the rest of the people from the parties) and then pointed out the potential risks in getting a guy really horny and then telling him he couldn’t fuck her in order to see if he could be trusted. Sara said that she knew she could actually trust him and just wanted to see how far she could push him and when he asked if he had passed she said yes. Mike asked if that meant he was allowed inside her and she said she would consider it but for now she just wanted to enjoy the squelchy feeling in her pussy. Mike moved down between her legs and gently played with her lips and the hair on her mons. He told Sara that he couldn’t believe she used to be self-conscious about the way her pussy looked as it was just unbelievably cute.

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