Thursday, 8 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

After a little while longer he asked about getting a drink and Sara said they would have to go to the kitchen. Mike said he would go with her and Sara had made it as far as putting a t-shirt on when she realised this was likely to be a trap. She asked him if he was going to do anything to her in the kitchen and he said he couldn’t make any promises not to. She did at least get him to promise to be careful not to get caught and he slipped her dressing gown on (it was white and fluffy so he could just about carry it) and they headed out of her room. As soon as they were in the hallway Mike slid a hand under the back of Sara’s t-shirt and fondled her ass – she tried to bat his hand away but he pointed out that there was nobody around and on the way to the kitchen he slipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and sought out her pussy. Her lips were still slick with his cum and he easily got a couple of fingertips inside her but paused as she opened the kitchen door in case there was anyone in there. It was empty so he continued and as Sara reached up to her cupboard to fetch a couple of glasses he repositioned his hand and worked two fingers all the way inside her. Sara was understandably nervous but allowed him to continue so he used his other hand to first play with her clit and then lift up the front of her t-short to fondle her breasts.

Mike moved away and propped the door open, explaining that this meant they would hear someone coming down the corridor instead of just being surprised when they opened the kitchen door – or worse having people look through the glass and just watch them (‘worse’ being a relative term there as it would be ‘worse’ from Sara’s point of view whereas I would relish this). Sara was still a bit nervous but allowed Mike to lift her up on to the counter and spread her legs. He gave her pussy a few licks and got her to lean back a bit so he could flick his tongue over her ass and then stood up to kiss her while he used his fingers. He asked her what she thought her new neighbours would think of her having her ass rimmed in their kitchen and got her to picture some of them playing with her. There was a second year that Sara thought was hot and a first year that she found quite cute, but (as far as she knew) neither of them were gay (or bi). Mike pointed out that their being straight shouldn’t stop her from fantasising about them and he gave her ass and pussy another few licks and then resumed playing with her clit. Sara was coming along quite well when they heard people in the corridor and she quickly jumped down. She moved over to the sink and filled the glasses with water as the people walked past the door but as soon as they had gone through the next fire door, Mike moved up behind her and lifted the back of her shirt. He knelt down and lapped at her ass, knowing full well that this is her weakness (although not really as she knows that she can get Mike to do this to her on demand). She still let out a little whimper and said he wasn’t being fair and when he told her to lean forwards she did, making it easier for him to access both her ass and cunt with his tongue.

Mike stood up, fished his cock out and rubbed it back and forth along Sara’s pussy. He pulled her back against him and stood her upright so she was straddling his cock and reached up to play with her breasts. When Sara complained that they might get caught he said he didn’t care if anyone knew he was fucking the sexiest girl in the Uni and Sara told him that just because he complimented her it wouldn’t mean she would let him do whatever he wanted – but thanked him anyway. He carried on and described how they could see her wonderful breasts with their cute little nipples (and pointed out how hard those nipples were), how her little patch of red hair looked on her mons, how her lips squished against his cock and how her firm ass pressed back against him. He asked her whether she would like her hot second year or cute first year to discover them and beg to eat her pussy and Sara told him she would rather have both of them walk in and decide to ‘experiment’ with her. Mike teased her about being greedy and just wanting two tongues on her holes at once, knowing that neither of them had ever touched another girl beforehand. Sara said that sounded nice and told Mike he could be inside her if he wanted. Mike moved back and forth against her pussy and then reached down to frig her while stroking his cock against her slit. Sara asked him to fuck her and in return he said he thought she was worried about getting caught. She said she was still listening for people coming and Mike told her that if she could concentrate on listening it meant she wasn’t enjoying herself enough. They moved over to a chair and he bent her forwards over it, rubbed his cock against her pussy and then knelt down and ate her. He didn’t try to prolong things (in case they got interrupted again) and shared his attention between her pussy and ass to drive her to a relatively quick orgasm.

They headed back to Sara’s room, with Mike once again fondling her ass, but this time Sara didn’t make any effort to stop him even though he had her shirt lifted up past her waist (although she was also carrying both glasses of water so couldn’t really do much anyway). Back in her room, he lay Sara on the bed and kitty kissed her, this time just paying attention to her pussy (and thighs). As a favour he asked if she had any long socks but she didn’t, or at least not with her (and Mike promised to correct this) so she put her opaque black tights back on and allowed Mike to kitty kiss her through them. Mike now focused more attention on her legs and also promised to correct the fact that she didn’t have any seamless opaque tights. He returned to her pussy a number of times and licked her more firmly and longer each time until she was whimpering again. Mike kissed his way up Sara’s body and asked if he was still allowed to fuck her – she paused and said that it might be better if he didn’t, so she really knew she could trust him so Mike moved back down between her legs and told her that he was going to gently kiss her until she came. Sara pulled her legs up and apart and told him to get to work but after a minute she swatted him on the head and told her that of course he could fuck her.

Mike was incredibly relieved – as much as he would have enjoyed eating Sara to another orgasm and then cumming over her tights (I sometimes have him do this to me in the mornings before I go out), he really wanted to feel her pussy around his cock. He pulled at the crotch of her tights and Sara lifted her ass to let him take them off but he said he wanted her to keep them on and bit at the tights until he made a little hole he could tear at. He tore a hole just big enough to expose Sara’s pussy, got her to pull the tights up snugly again and buried his mouth in her cunt. Between licks he told her she tasted delicious (even though he could still taste some of his cum) and this time when he crawled up her body he slid his cock in to her, kissed her and told her that she felt wonderful. Sara said he felt quite good too and they fucked for a while with Mike caressing her legs (he can’t resist opaque tights any more than he can long socks). Sara asked him to spoon her so he climbed off and moved around behind her, slid back inside her and they fucked while he frigged her. Sara told him he could cum inside her properly this time and Mike told her he wished he could produce as much cum again to fill her. He fed Sara some of her juices from his fingers and rubbed some over her nipples (which were still nice and pointy) and he once again got her to fantasise about her crushes joining them. After a bit of deliberation Sara decided she wanted the hot second year to be licking her clit while she (Sara) lapped at the cute first year’s pussy and taught her just how good it could feel to have a girl eat you. Mike got Sara to describe the first year’s pussy to him, what it looked like, how it tasted and then to rate how the second year was doing at licking her (Sara’s) clit. Sara told him she was getting close and Mike assured her he was holding back and could cum quickly and between his cock inside her, his fingers on her clit and Sara’s imagination she came. Mike wasn’t too far behind her and she pushed back against him telling him she wanted him deep inside her. Mike gave her a few squirts of cum and remained buried in her as they kissed and then caressed her breasts and legs.

Once they had calmed down (with Mike still inside her) he asked Sara how she had imagined the first year had tasted. As expected, Sara said ‘like Emily’ and Mike asked if she wanted Emily back. Fortunately Sara said that she would happily fuck Emily for the taste of her pussy, but wouldn’t date her again. We already knew that Sara had hooked up with Emily over the summer and had been worried that she might fall in love with her again (Emily cheated on Sara twice) and Mike said he was glad that Sara was being sensible as he didn’t want her to get hurt – although he agreed that any chance to taste Emily’s nectar should really be taken and it was a shame she wasn’t going to be at the party. They made a bit of small talk and Mike asked if he could try to fall asleep inside Sara (which she agreed to) and she then went quiet and asked Mike if she could trust him to keep a secret. He assured her he could and if she asked he wouldn’t even tell Jen or me. She said that we could know (as long as we didn’t tell anyone) and after another pause she said that she really liked Clare. Mike wasn’t really surprised by this as Clare is a nice girl (and quite attractive in a tomboyish way) but even though she now does things with girls (sometimes fairly enthusiastically) she is still mostly straight – and already dating Giles.

Sara said she knew it was silly and unlikely to lead to anything but she hooked up with Clare and Giles relatively frequently (which we also already knew) and she knew Giles loved watching Clare and Sara together and Sara didn’t mind Giles fucking her if she also got to be with Clare. They discussed the situation for a while but in brief it boiled down to Mike telling Sara to be careful as he didn’t know if Clare would really fall for her. Sara told him how she and Clare had done things together a few times when Giles wasn’t around (some of which we knew about – and one of which I was involved in) and how her plan was to keep showing Clare how good they could make each other feel. Sara explained that she actually liked Giles as well – and that he was also getting better at pleasuring her but that she didn’t think she would fall in love with him. Mike wished her luck and pointed out that long-term threesomes can work out (Mike, Jen and myself and Richard, Janes and Abrahii) and to lighten the mood he asked if they should try and bring Clare back after the party (somehow palming Giles off with someone else – if I’d been there I would have happily taken him home and fucked him until he forgot Clare wasn’t there). Mike even volunteered to stay elsewhere (or in Sara’s room by himself) if she got the chance to go home with them after the party but Sara said that wouldn’t be fair on him and it wasn’t really that difficult to arrange a threesome with them.

The next morning Mike ate Sara awake and caressed her legs (she still had the tights on) and as he spooned with her he dared her to wear just her t-shirt to the kitchen again. Sara said he just wanted to show her off, which he agreed with but she went along with it anyway. There was another girl there when they arrived (not one of the ones Sara fancied) and Mike stole a few caresses from Sara whenever the other girl wasn’t looking (they think she might have noticed one of them). As soon as they were alone Mike played with Sara openly and asked if she would fuck some of her crushes’ food so they had to eat her juices. As much as Sara liked this idea she wasn’t prepared to actually do it (she knows we’ve done it numerous times and how hot I’ve found it to watch as an unsuspecting person eats my juices). She did let Mike briefly lick her and even semi-fuck her, but her orgasm had to wait until they were in the shower. A guy spotted them going in to a cubicle together (but it wasn’t that unusual for people to shower with their partners). It probably isn’t that unusual for people to fuck in the showers either and Sara didn’t seem to bothered when Mike went down on her after shaving her (in preparation for the party, even though she was already quite smooth) and then allowed him to fuck her up against the wall. The guy had gone by the time they left the shower but a girl was there and witnessed them coming out of the cubicle (Mike hid the bulge of his cock with a towel). As they got dressed Mike got Sara to fantasise about the girl having told them she knew what they’d been up to and that she was going to tell on them unless they let her watch. Naturally the ‘watching’ moved on to ‘participating’ and getting Sara to eat her.

Mike wanted Sara to wear her torn tights under her skirt and Sara decided to play along but first she put the cute underwear on from the previous night and asked Mike what he really thought of it. He told her (honestly) that she looked incredible in it and it was the perfect blend of cute and sexy for his taste. Sara pranced around in it for a while and Mike repeatedly threatened to make her cum again and when she posed in one of his favourite anime poses (sitting with her knees pulled up and the crotch of her panties showing with the added bonus that she had pulled on some little white socks) he said he’d had enough, wrestled her on to the bed, buried his face in her crotch and ate her until she was moaning and pushing back against his face. It wasn’t going to be that easy for her though as he pulled away before she could cum, slid his cock in to her and gently fucked her while holding her hands so she couldn’t masturbate herself. Mike said it was only fair that if she could tease him them he could tease her and Sara pouted and promised to be good. She was so obviously playing up to his cute fetish that he let her off and told her she could either play with herself or he would make her cum but Sara had calmed down enough that she said she would wait until the party.

Mike told her that this was a mistake as he would now make it his goal to tease her so much she had to cum before the party and Sara told him to go ahead. She put a mid-thigh length skirt on with the torn tights underneath (without panties) and once she had finished getting ready they headed out for a wander around York. The weather wasn’t brilliant but they stopped on a couple of bridges and elsewhere by the river so Sara could stand with a foot up on railings and semi-expose her bare pussy to the wind. Each time Mike teased her, either physically (when they were sufficiently secluded or nobody was around) or verbally by getting her to imagine Clare or one of her crushes was kneeling in front of her and admiring her pussy. They also did a bit of shopping as Mike had to make good on his promises and dragged her to buy her some long socks. She told him that he didn’t have to buy them for her but also  knew how much he liked them (and how Giles would like them, therefore how she would get to fuck Clare more). They then moved on to finding suitable seamless opaque black tights and Mike got her a couple of sets (‘just in case’ they got ruined). He then asked if she had any denim shorts and when Sara said no he insisted on buying a pair for her. The pair he bought had about an inch of leg on them and Sara agreed to change in to them in the bathroom of the café they went to, although not until they had sat there for a while with Mike caressing her thighs under her skirt. He wasn’t able to make contact with her pussy as the place was too busy but Mike appreciated the way she looked but told her he wanted to trim the amount of material on the shorts – basically by removing the legs and only leaving a small strip of material over the crotch. Sara pointed out that her tights already had a hole in them (which Mike was fully aware of) and while she thought it was a pity to ruin the shorts, as Mike had just bought them for her she said he could trim them if he wanted.

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