Sunday, 11 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

They returned to her room and Josie slipped the shorts off. Before he did anything to them, Mike set about Sara’s pussy and reminded her he had promised (or threatened) to tease her and he got her fairly close to cumming before backing off. Sara took this quite well and threatened to tease him so he told her to go ahead, at which point she pushed him on to the bed, pulled his trousers down, straddled him and lowered herself on to his cock. Mike told Sara that she was every bit as bad as he was and as Sara slid up and down on his cock she asked if he was complaining. He told her he wouldn’t want it any other way as they kissed and enjoyed the feeling of her wet pussy wrapped around his cock. Mike challenged Sara to make him cum but warned her she wouldn’t win. He let her hump him vigorously for a while and told her she felt amazing, but it was time to work on her shorts. Sara said she wasn’t going to release him until he came or surrendered (ignoring the fact he could have easily picked her up and pulled her completely off of his cock) and Mike told her that she would be the one surrendering and started concentrating on really dull things. Sara could tell fairly quickly that she was losing him but she was very impressed (and a little offended) that he not only managed to keep from getting aroused, but that he went partially soft (enough so that she couldn’t ride him any more). Mike assured her it wasn’t personal and was the result of practice at getting soft so he could pee on Jen while watching her do things with other people so Sara forgave him – and he spent another couple of minutes kitty kissing her to really make up for it.

Mike made the desired adjustment to the shorts, and got Sara to slip them back on. He only left a relatively thin strip of material at the crotch (around an inch or so wide) and even though it covered the hole in the tights Sara was a little wary of something slipping or the tights tearing. She happily changed the torn tights for a pair of her new (intact) seamless ones and Mike still loved the look so everyone was happy and they headed out to have another wander round. Mike managed to tease Sara a few more times, rubbing her through the shorts a couple of times and at one point unbuttoning them and getting his hand inside her tights so he could frig her directly. Sara said it wasn’t fair as she couldn’t do much to tease him and he pointed out that if she had kept the torn tights on they could have tried to pull the crotch of her shorts to the side and for him to slide in to her.

After a light dinner, they returned to her room and rested for a while (which included a bit more teasing and an extended spooning session) and Mike then helped Sara select her outfit for the party and at his request she tried on a few things (including her new long socks). In the end she settled on a simple short dress with a pair of her new opaque tights and was going to wear her new cute bra under it but Mike pointed out that it might get ‘damaged’. She asked him if he would be the one who could potentially damage it and he said it was possible so she went with a plain white bra, working off the assumption that most of the guys would be more interested in what was under it and that it might not remain on her for too long. On the way to the party they discussed whether Sara wanted to concentrate on girls or was going to let all of the guys fuck her as well and she said she would probably just go with whatever happened. Mike told her he would be more than happy to DP her with another guy if she wanted and she challenged him to have someone suck him off at the same time as another guy and he told her if she wanted two cocks in her mouth at once he would participate (as little as doing things with other guys turns Mike on, he is willing to experiment and has had this done to him before, both by me and others, so it wouldn’t have been anything new).

They stopped off for our customary drink on the way to the party and talked more about the plan to snag one of the Japanese girls and take her home afterwards. Sara wasn’t sure either of them would be up for that but was willing to give it a try. They headed off to the party and entered to the sight of Hannah being fucked by Giles (while Clare watched) and Paul fondling Melissa’s breasts while chatting with her and her boyfriend (Neil). They all said their hellos and Mike asked Clare why she wasn’t joining in with Hannah and Giles and Clare said she needed a bit more time to get going before she started doing things with girls. Mike asked if that meant she would be willing to do things with guys and told her he’d had his cock buried in Sara a number of times that day but hadn’t cum yet and was quite eager to fuck. Clare asked if he would want to go down on her first (knowing he would) so Mike told her he would eat and fuck her if she would help out getting Sara’s evening underway. Despite her previous comment about doing things with girls, Clare agreed to this and Mike called Sara over and told her to follow him and Clare upstairs. Clare went first and Sara swatted at Mike telling him he didn’t have to help her get Clare but he told her he just found the idea of the two of them together really hot but that she could pass if she wanted. Sara followed him upstairs and Mike caught Clare at the top of the stairs, buried his head under her skirt and kissed around her ass (through her panties) and thighs.

Neither of the bedrooms were occupied so they took the first one and as Mike made out with Clare, Sara started to peel off Clare’s clothes. Once Clare was mostly naked Mike slipped his fingers between Clare’s legs and found Sara’s fingers already there. Clare’s hands fumbled with his belt and zipper and fished out his cock and then she started to jerk him off. Mike got Sara to help out with Clare’s breasts and they pushed Clare down on to the bed, pulled her panties completely off and Mike pushed his tongue in to her cunt. He swirled it around between her lips for a few minutes before surfacing to compliment Clare on how well shaved she was and she told him she had been waxed. Mike invited Sara down to have a look and let her have a turn licking Clare while he played with Clare’s breasts. He pointed out that Sara was the only one fully clothed and moved down behind Sara to unzip her dress, slip it off her body and remind her that her bra might not make it in one piece. As soon as he said this he tugged on it, snapping the clasp and pushed it up and out of the way. He whispered to her that he would buy her another one as he pulled her tights off and rolled her over and then asked Clare to help play with Sara’s breasts while he first licked and then fucked both Sara and Clare. He hadn’t forgotten Clare wanted him to eat her and they repositioned themselves so Mike could eat Clare while Sara sat over Clare’s face and was eaten in turn. Mike didn’t tease Clare this time and used steady licks all over her pussy and clit to drive her towards her orgasm. Clare came before Sara did but pretty much as soon as Clare came Mike moved out of the way and let Sara take care of kitty kissing Clare. He moved around behind Sara and slid in to her, slowly sliding in and out of Sara’s pussy while Clare licked her (and him). Mike told Sara a number of times to lick Clare’s pussy and get her aroused again so she would fuck him. He also encouraged Clare to be thorough with Sara but from what he could feel, her tongue was eagerly lapping back and forth across Sara’s clit and his shaft.

Sara broke contact a few times to comment on how good Clare’s tongue felt (Mike wasn’t offended by not being a part of the compliment) and as time went on he could see that Sara was now doing more than just kitty kissing Clare. Clare’s hands were gripping Sara’s ass tightly and she rapidly licked Sara until Sara let out a few muffled moans and then lifted her head from Clare’s pussy to user a series of ‘I’m cumming’ and ‘oh fuck, yeah’s. Mike pulled out of Sara but Clare didn’t remove her mouth from Sara’s pussy as he lay down beside Clare and indicated to Sara that he wanted in to Clare’s pussy. Mike helped them roll on to their sides (without breaking the 69) and he positioned his cock between Clare’s legs and easily slipped in to her. He commented on how easily he entered her and how Sara must have got her feeling really horny but Clare just answered with a ‘ummm-hmmm’. He pumped in and out of Clare as her orgasm built (which was also being helped along by Sara’s tongue on Clare’s clit). Mike watched over Clare’s shoulder as she lapped at Sara and he whispered to Clare how hot it was watching her eat their fiery little redhead friend as well as asking her if Sara was making her feel good. He told Clare how much he wanted to feel her cum around his cock but by this point she didn’t need any encouragement and told him to just keep fucking her. Mike was more than happy to oblige and used long steady strokes (although couldn’t push all the way in as Sara’s head was in the way) and between them they brought Clare to orgasm and fucked her the whole way through it.

Clare pulled away from Sara and said that it had been a good start to the party, then asked Mike if he had cum. He told her how he and Sara had been teasing each other and he thought his first cum might be reasonably large so he was being considerate and not polluting her pussy with it. Clare stroked Mike’s cock for a bit and he said he could fairly easily cum over her and Clare told him he could cum over or in her if he wanted but that she didn’t want to get too messy straight away. Mike told her he could happily wait and cum later and she apologised and said she didn’t mean he shouldn’t cum but he assured her it was fine and that he enjoyed helping make her cum. As a ‘penalty’ he did get Clare to agree to spend the next half hour or so just in her underwear and as Sara’s bra had been destroyed she just put her tights back on and folded up her dress so it wouldn’t get damaged.

As expected, Clare was approached as soon as they went downstairs and Brett wanted to play with her but she said she needed time to recover. Someone else suggested that she could just suck him and she told him she was fine with this is he was, but he’d have to wait if he wanted anything more.  Brett opted for the blow job and Mike wandered off as Clare knelt in front of him and started sucking him so he doesn’t know exactly what happened, but the next time he saw her she didn’t have her bra on as Brett had cum over her breasts and covered it with cum. Once Mike and Sara had wandered away from Clare, Sara admonished Mike and told him he was being too obvious in getting Clare to do things with her but Mike assured Sara that any guy (or at least any guy at the party) would take the chance to have two girls to play with him and that Sara would be an obvious choice (especially as Laura wasn’t present). Sara accepted this and Mike told her he needed to go and relieve himself of his cum (but was sensible enough to tell Sara that he would more than happily cum in her, he just thought that would be greedy as he got to sleep with her the previous night).

Mike found a willing partner in Simone (who had already let Paul play with her breasts so was topless). Mike warned her that he had already been inside two girls but hadn’t cum yet and she asked if he thought she could make him cum. She took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him and Mike said this wasn’t fair as he couldn’t do anything to her in this position. Simone agreed to head upstairs with him and Mike was a little disappointed to see Miyako walk in the door as he would have quite liked to give her his first load of the day. He wasn’t that disappointed though as he had an enthusiastic Simone who was in the process of asking him if he was going to go down on her. They didn’t even make it up the stairs before he pulled her panties down and asked her to turn around. Simone said she thought he had wanted to go somewhere more comfortable but he reminded her he has just said he wanted to be able to do things to her. She gripped the handrail as he pushed his face between her legs and started to lap at her pussy. Mike helped her to sit down on the stairs and spread her legs so he could kneel and eat her properly. He had intended to make her cum right there, but others wanted past so they had to stop playing and just took the opportunity to head up to the bedroom. The beds in both rooms were already in use but Mike lay down at the end of one of the beds and got Simone to climb over him (Giles was fooling around with Melissa at the top of the bed). Simone eagerly took Mike back in to her mouth and pushed her crotch down against his face – not that Mike needed any encouragement as he just as went back to eating her just as eagerly. He easily won and got Simone to cum – she stopped sucking him as she came but used a hand to jerk him off and once her orgasm passed she took him back in her mouth while he kitty kissed her.

This time Mike explored her pussy more (Simone only started coming to the parties the year before and while Mike had played with her before he still wasn’t that familiar with her). It was easier to determine what she liked when he wasn’t trying to make her cum and while he was enjoying her mouth on his cock he really wanted to fuck her so after a little while he broke contact with her pussy and told her he wanted to be inside her. Once Simone climbed off of him, Mike quickly pulled his trousers off and helped her slip out of her skirt and top. They started kissing and humping against each other before she removed her bra but this too fell to the floor midway through the session and Mike lapped at her nipples while grinding his thigh against her wet pussy. When he slid in to her he made it most of the way in on the first stroke and was buried the whole way inside her by the third of fourth stroke. As they fucked Mike told her he wanted to feel her cum around his cock and Simone said it might take a while as she’d just cum but Mike was more than prepared for that. They fucked with him on top, spooning with her, taking her from behind (on all fours and with her lying flat on the bed) and with her riding him. Mike fucked her hard and fast for a minute or so while she was on top but then got her to sit up so he could play with her clit and breasts as she ground herself against him. A few people were watching them by this point (Melissa and Giles had finished) and Simone was a bit self-conscious but when Mike asked if she thought she could cum she said yes. He kept toying with her clit as she rode him and watched as her face took on the ecstatic orgasmic expression. He thrust in to her as best he could and as soon as her orgasm ended he pulled her down to him so they could kiss, rolled her over and asked if she wanted him to cum in or over her. Simone said she didn’t care and he could choose so he whispered to her that he wanted to fill her tight little cunt with his cum and asked her to wrap her legs around him. Simone said he could cum inside her and Mike thrust away as Simone’s tongue pressed against his. He felt the cum squirt through his cock and told Simone he was cumming. He didn’t feel as many squirts as he had hoped (given the day’s teasing) but he could feel the difference in how much wetter she felt and as he pulled out he whispered an apology for having made a mess of such a cute pussy.

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