Wednesday, 14 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 4

When Mike pulled out a few people asked to see Simone’s pussy – she covered her face but let them hold her legs apart and watch as Mike’s cum dribbled out of her. When she stood up some more cum dripped down her legs and she looked around for her panties to wipe her thighs dry but they had mysteriously disappeared (Mike had tossed them downstairs after removing them on the stairs). Simone ended up just putting her skirt on to hide the mess and then slipped her bra and top on as well. She and Mike thanked each other for the fuck (the parties are often quite polite places –possibly as everyone is happy and satisfied) and they headed down for a drink. Mike managed to find out that while he’d been busy with Simone, Miyako had already been fucked. He desperately wanted to have a play with her pussy and was prepared to deal with another man’s cum if necessary, but he then came up with a plan. He went and greeted Miyako (in Japanese) and they had the standard pleasantries (he only knows a little, but both Miyako and Kiyomi are impressed that he can speak any Japanese) and then asked if she wanted to play. She told him she was so Mike led her by the hand in search of Clare and told Clare that he needed a favour and wanted her to lick Miyako clean of cum so he could go down on her. Clare barely hesitated before saying okay and they all headed over to the sofa so Miyako could sit down and Clare could kneel between her legs (on a cushion). Miyako was still mostly dressed (in one of her usual overly-cutesy dresses – with cat ears) but she didn’t have any panties on and acted shy when Mike helped Clare pull Miyako’s legs apart. As Mike isn’t the only one with a Japanese fetish, people soon gathered around to watch Clare clean Miyako’s pussy and as there were more guys at the party than girls, a few people asked if they could use the spare pussy that was bobbing around (Clare’s). Giles told them to go ahead but they did ask Clare first who adjusted her position so she was kneeling up properly with her ass stuck out. Craig and Gareth were both particularly keen to fuck Clare and Giles told them that they could both do her if they wanted so they played rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first (Craig won, scissors to paper).

Miyako was definitely enjoying what Clare was doing to her and allowed Mike to open her top and slide her bra up to expose her breasts. Mike reminded Clare that he wanted to play with Miyako but at the same time his plan was working well (to further encourage Clare to do things with girls). Mike decided to take the chance and let Clare carry on licking Miyako with the hope that he would get to kitty kiss Miyako afterwards. This had the added advantage (depending on your point of view I guess) that Craig got to finish fucking Clare and as soon as he pulled out of her Gareth took position behind Clare and pushed straight in to her (she was quite well lubricated with Craig’s cum). Miyako was clearly getting close to orgasm and the crowd were chanting for her to cum. Clare kept lapping away at Miyako’s pussy and Miyako gripped Mike’s hand hard and put her head back as she came. Clare briefly kitty kissed Miyako but Mike said he wanted a turn and that Clare shouldn’t be greedy. Clare tried to protest that she had just done what people had asked but Giles was so turned on by watching her being fucked by two guys in row that he sat down on the sofa and got Clare to crawl over to him and suck on his cock. Mike meanwhile led Miyako upstairs and asked Kiyomi if she wanted to join them – she didn’t, but said she would let Mike play with her later if he still had the energy.

Miyako lay down on one of the beds (trying to avoid the wet patches) and Mike buried his face between her legs and kitty kissed her. Every time he brushed his tongue over her ass she flinched but he knows that she enjoys this (not in the way Sara does, and only if he is gentle) and was just being timid. Mike spent quite a while (he thinks about 30 minutes) gently playing with Miyako’s pussy until she was letting out little moans and saying it felt good (both in English and Japanese). He asked her if she would play with herself for him and she said it was embarrassing but dropped a hand to her pussy and slid her fingers up and down her lips. Mike kissed his way up her body, spent a little time on her breasts and then kissed up to her mouth. Miyako didn’t seem to care that his face was covered with her juices and kissed him back. He told her she had a gorgeous body as he ran his hand over it and as he slipped his hand back between her legs (where her fingers were still stroking her pussy) he added that she also had a cute little pussy. He asked her to stroke him and she moved her hand over to his cock so to keep things fair he took over stroking her clit. They kissed for a while and Mike told her he could either go back to licking her or they could fuck. Miyako wanted him to decide and even though he had originally intended to just eat her he’d spent long enough teasing her that he was ready to cum again so he briefly went down on her (just a couple of minutes) and got her much closer to cumming before sliding in to her and enjoying her pussy. As they fucked he teased her about how hot and sexy she was and she kept saying yamete (stop) but continued to push back against his thrusts. Mike noticed that a couple of people were watching them and rolled over so Miyako was on top (to make it easier for people to see his cock sliding in to her). They fucked like this for a while and Mike played with her clit until she told him she was going to cum and he asked what her favourite position was. Miyako said she liked being on the bottom so they rolled back over and Mike thrust in to her with long strokes while they kissed and she reached down to play with her clit. As she came, she pulled Mike to her and he kissed the side of her neck, sped up his movements and pumped away until he unloaded his cum in to her. He produced much less than he had for Simone but it felt just as good and he moved for a while longer before pushing in as far as he could and telling Miyako she was incredible.

He helped gather up her clothes (most of which had been discarded during the session and gently caressed her while she got dressed. This led to him tickling her and pulling her back on to the bed where he threatened to eat her again but he actually needed a drink so released her and once she was dressed he led her downstairs. On the way past the other bedroom he saw Sara being fucked by Brett and later found out that she had also done Michael (not quite back to back in the way Clare had done her two guys, but she had fucked them both in the time Mike had been with Miyako). Mike wanted to make the most of the girls on offer and while he wasn’t ready to fuck again he didn’t have too hard a time convincing Caroline and Hannah to let him go down on them. Caroline ended up sucking Paul as Mike ate her but Mike managed to convince Paul not to cum in her mouth as they still had the ‘final fuck’ to go (I had made sure that Mike would ensure that someone was ‘targeted’ and given a proper group fuck as we had forgotten to do this at the party before the summer holidays). He took a break from eating Caroline (but promised her he would finish things off) and reminded everyone of the tradition.

A number of the girls present had already been the recipients of these group fucks and Mike said that it might not be fair to make Sara the target as she didn’t always want to do things with guys (but he did ask if she was up for it). This left Simone, Melissa, Kiyomi and Miyako (although the Japanese girls had sort of been involved in a group session already). Simone wasn’t at all sure about the idea so it naturally fell to Melissa who really didn’t think she could take it but either gave in really easily to peer pressure or just allowed herself to be talked in to it (possibly so she could experience it without having to admit she wanted to try it – I know that’s how I got to try a lot of things when I was being pressed to perform for Mike and Jen). Melissa was congratulated for being a good sport and then surrounded. Mike said she looked a little frightened as people reached in and pulled her clothes from her body, carried her upstairs (possibly not that safe given everyone had been drinking) and placed on the bed with her legs held apart.

Sara was given the first go at Melissa’s pussy and as she got stuck in Brett pushed his cock in to Melissa’s mouth and got her to suck him. Clare was next to eat Melissa and managed to get an orgasm out of her but once again people were unable to resist Clare’s ass bobbing around in the air and a number of people fondled and fingered her as she worked on Melissa. This meant that as Giles took a turn between Melissa’s legs (he fucked her instead of eating her) Clare moved up over Melissa’s face to be licked (Mike pointed out to Sara that nobody had to encourage Clare to do this). Giles didn’t cum so once he pulled out Mike took the opportunity to go down on Melissa before anyone actually did cum in her (not that anyone would be likely to produce much cum by that point in the evening) and after him Paul had a go fucking Melissa (and he did cum in her).

Melissa was licked, fingered and fucked by everyone in the group. All of the girls took a turn sitting over her face to be eaten and all but Simone (who just fingered her) had a turn licking Melissa. She was fucked by every cock but Gareth was the only other guy to actually cum inside her. Melissa was made to cum twice throughout this part of the session and was left panting and saying she was exhausted by the end of it (I don’t see how she could be exhausted by two orgasms). After Kiyomi had taken a turn on Melissa’s face Mike had chatted with her (Kiyomi) and asked if he was still allowed to have a play with her. She was quite willing to let him toy with her and as they watched Melissa receive her group fuck Mike fondled Kiyomi under her skirt and caressed her breasts (which were mostly exposed). Kiyomi’s outfit wasn’t as outrageously cute as Miyako’s, but was still very frilly and lacy and in addition to cat ears Kiyomi also had a tail (but this was just a part of her skirt). They progressed to Mike leaning against the wall with Kiyomi pushing back against his cock and as Mike toyed with her clit he asked if she would come and spend the night with him and Sara. She wasn’t sure at first as she doesn’t often do things with people outside of the party (although has occasionally done so) but Mike convinced her that she would be well taken care of and wouldn’t regret it. Once she agreed, Mike slowed his movements and fondling so she wouldn’t cum but he verbally teased her and told her how she would be pleasured by both his cock and Sara’s tongue. Kiyomi did a bit of the ‘stop, it’s embarrassing’ thing as well but kept pushing back against his cock and Mike cherished the feeling of his second Japanese pussy of the night.

In a move I would have been proud of, Craig suggested that they finish off Melissa’s session with a bottle fuck (I’ve demonstrated this enough times at the parties and it’s been used on others). Melissa was a bit nervous about this but agreed to go along providing they stopped if she said so (which is one of the general rules anyway). She wasn’t brave enough to try a wine bottle but allowed them to work the neck of a beer bottle in to her pussy and once it warmed up she was fucked with it in earnest. She was sure she couldn’t cum again but Sara, Mike, Caroline, Hannah and Michael all had a turn of licking Melissa’s clit while pumping the bottle in to her and they ‘convinced’ her that she could manage it. It would probably have been easy to make her cum if they had continued licking her but it was decided to try to finish her off with just the bottle – this wasn’t actually that difficult as each time the bottle was thrust in to her the body slapped against her pussy and Melissa said she could feel it in her clit. People took turns fucking her but it was Hannah who won by getting the third orgasm of Melissa’s fuck session out of her and Mike was allowed to kitty kiss her afterwards.

A few people drifted away after this but when Mike went downstairs he found Sara sucking Giles and even though he didn’t want to cum he spooned with her on the sofa. Caroline was letting Sara play with her (only gently) and Mike slid in to Sara as this went on and told her that Kiyomi had agreed to come home with them. People chatted (with random fondling but no serious action) for another half hour or so before most of the rest of the group left (including Mike, Sara and Kiyomi). Sara’s tights weren’t quite as intact as they had been at the start of the night and her pussy was exposed but the tear was mostly hidden under her dress (so she ended the day the way she started it). Kiyomi didn’t seem to mind walking through campus in her strange outfit but once they got to Sara’s room and they started stripping off she seemed to go all shy. Mike suggested that they don’t do anything more that night as they had all probably cum enough at the party and this seemed to confuse Kiyomi but she went along with them and curled up in bed. Now Sara’s bed wasn’t really big enough for three people so Mike had to spoon with whoever he was facing and even after cumming a couple of times, having a cute Japanese girl pressed up against him was enough to get him hard. Kiyomi let him spoon with her and he would have fucked her if Sara had wanted to join in but she was tired so Mike just enjoyed (again) Kiyomi’s pussy around his cock.

In the morning Mike work Kiyomi up by going down on her but he wasn’t allowed to finish as she said she felt dirty from the night before and wanted to get clean before doing anything. As much as Mike wanted to eat her, he didn’t have a problem with washing the cum off (and out of) both Kiyomi and Sara before he got stuck in properly so the three of them headed off to the showers. It was still relatively early so there was nobody else around in the corridor and the three of them piled in to one shower cubicle to wash. Mike participated in washing the girls down but also stood back and enjoyed the sight of them soaping each other up and then of Sara fondling Kiyomi. He wasn’t ignored and the girls made sure his cock was nice and clean (and then properly rinsed) for use in them and once they had dried each other off they headed back to Sara’s room. Before they left the bathroom Mike dared Sara to walk back to her room naked – she was rather hesitant about this as she didn’t want to be caught by one of her neighbours but agreed to leave her robe unfastened (so she could quickly close the front if she thought someone was coming). Kiyomi was equally reticent but she agreed to just drape the towel over her shoulders instead of wrapping it around herself. To make things more equal, Sara took hold of Mike’s cock and led him to her room, as Sara entered, Mike dropped to his knees and pushed his face between Kiyomi’s legs to eat her. He kept this up for a minute or so before standing and pulling her in to Sara’s room so they could play properly and once the door was closed the three of them quickly shed their robes and towels.

Mike reminded Kiyomi that he had promised they would take good care of her and that if she really didn’t want to do something that she just had to say (the same rules as at the parties), but if she let them play with her that he was sure she would enjoy herself. Kiyomi said she trusted them (both Mike and Sara have done things wither multiple times before anyway). They started with Kiyomi lying on the bed with Sara between her legs, fingering and eating her. Mike lay under Sara to eat her for a while and then knelt behind her to fuck her. He asked to have a turn between Kiyomi’s legs and took Sara’s place – Sara didn’t try to get Kiyomi to do anything to her (as she knows Kiyomi is ‘technically’ straight, even though she will play with girls at the parties and very occasionally outside the parties) but Mike didn’t want to see her go without and asked Kiyomi if she minded Sara sitting over her face to be eaten. Kiyomi acted shy but said Sara could go ahead and Mike enjoyed the view of Kiyomi’s tongue snaking between Sara’s lips and Kiyomi’s chest rising and falling as she got more aroused due to his licking.

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