Saturday, 17 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 5

Mike asked Sara if she wanted to give Kiyomi the full service and then mouthed what he wanted to do to her. Sara eagerly agreed and climbed off Kiyomi’s face so Mike could lie on top of her and tell her he wanted to fuck her. Kiyomi nodded and Mike slipped in to her pussy (he maintains that her pussy feels very tight but I think this is just part of his Japanese fetish). As they fucked he told Kiyomi to trust them and they would make her feel good and he asked her to roll over and be on top. She did as he asked and they repositioned themselves in the middle of the bed with Kiyomi drawing her knees up so she could ride him (despite her and Miyako’s pretence of being innocent, they seem to know how to fuck quite well). Mike pulled her down against him so they could kiss and Sara knelt behind Kiyomi. Mike watched over Kiyomi’s shoulder and felt her jump when Sara spread her ass cheeks and pushed her face between them. She said that Sara shouldn’t do that but Mike told her he could feel her pussy contracting around his cock and if it felt good that she should just enjoy it. Sara kept lapping at and rimming Kiyomi’s ass and Kiyomi kept saying no (in Japanese) but when Mike told her that Sara would stop if Kiyomi really wanted her to she said it was okay, just embarrassing. Mike promised Kiyomi that she didn’t have to be embarrassed and that they just wanted her to feel good and enjoy herself, as well as telling her that Sara loved doing that and would be getting just as horny doing it as Kiyomi was having it done.

Mike moved in Kiyomi at a steady pace but not as much as he would have liked as Sara was holding Kiyomi relatively still in order to lick her. Kiyomi kissed him deeply and let out lots of little moaning sounds which Mike loved and he told her that they would pleasure her for as long as she wanted (working off the assumption that she would tire before he had to leave for home). Mike felt Sara reach a hand under Kiyomi’s ass to play with her clit and this made it even harder for him to move in her but Kiyomi seemed to enjoy the added stimulation so he just kept kissing her as her moans became higher pitched and she said she was cumming (again, in Japanese – iku). Sara removed her hand but kept lapping at Kiyomi’s ass and Mike could move in her a bit more again but wanted to make the most of her juicy pussy and asked if he could kitty kiss her. She’s had this done before but hadn’t remembered the term so Mike pulled out, crawled between her legs and demonstrated. She enjoyed this but once again Sara was left out so Mike suggested they rearrange themselves so Kiyomi could lick and finger Sara while he kitty kissed Kiyomi. This was quite successful and after a while Mike took up position behind Kiyomi and started fucking her. He could have easily cum in her like this but wanted to see how far Kiyomi would go and suggested they try another position.

Mike lay on his back again and got Kiyomi to mount him. He guided Sara to sit over his face and told Kiyomi he wanted to eat Sara while they fucked and if she wanted, she could do what Sara had done to her or she could just ride him and after a while Sara would turn round to help out. Mike pulled Sara down to his mouth and buried his tongue in her pussy and was surprised at how soon he felt Kiyomi lie down and her face press against Sara’s ass. At first he only had the noises that Sara was making to go on as to whether Kiyomi was actually licking Sara but he then felt Kiyomi’s tongue brush against his a few times and knew that Sara was getting the treatment she deserved (and enjoyed). Sara was more vocal as the dual oral assault continued and Mike moved freely in Kiyomi, pumping in and out. He knows Sara well enough to read when she is getting close to cumming and he eased off with clitoral contact but carried on lapping at her pussy and sucking on her lips. This drove Sara wild and she begged over and over for them to make her cum. Initially, this didn’t have any effect on Mike and he just kept teasing her but not for too long before he gave in and went back to eating her properly and making her cum. Sara was louder than Mike had expected her to be (given they were in student halls) but he loved hearing how much she was enjoying herself. Instead of switching to kitty kissing Sara, Mike kept eating her until she pulled away, at which point he pulled Kiyomi to him, rolled them both over and kissed her (assuming that she obviously didn’t mind Sara’s juices as she had already eaten Sara). Mike teased Kiyomi for having been such a dirty girl but then assured her that they liked her that way and asked her if she wanted to cum again. She gave him a little ‘hai’ (yes) and he told her he was going to empty his cum in to her. Kiyomi told Mike she wanted him to feel good and as they fucked, Sara crawled around beside them and reached between their bodies to fondle one of Kiyomi’s breasts and her clit. Mike got Kiyomi to wrap her legs around him so Sara could fondle her clit from between Kiyomi’s legs (so her hand didn’t get in the way as much) and he fucked her harder until he was on the verge of cumming and then switched to a steadier pace until Kiyomi caught up. He kept up with the dirty talk which Kiyomi continued to (pretend to) be embarrassed about but she fucked back against him just as enthusiastically as he was doing to her. When Kiyomi started to let out a series of ‘iku’s (I’m cumming) Mike encouraged her to cum as hard as she could and he stopped holding back and emptied himself in to her. He told her he was filling her cute cunt with his cum and asked if she wanted more – which she replied ‘hai’ (yes) to so he kept going even when it felt a bit too intense.

Once they finished, he lay on top of her with his cock buried in her and Kiyomi switched back to embarrassed mode, but both Mike and Sara told her she had been amazing. The three of them kissed for a while and as Mike’s cum oozed out of Kiyomi’s pussy he smeared it around the area and then rubbed some over her breasts. Mike and Sara asked Kiyomi to go to brunch with them and when she said she didn’t have anything to wear (her party outfit wasn’t really suitable) Sara said she could borrow some of her clothes (they are both on the small side). Kiyomi thought this was too much of an imposition but they convinced her and she didn’t even put up much resistance when Mike suggested she keep his cum on her body and not wash it off. Sara selected a suitable dress for Kiyomi and Mike helped her put it on. He tried to get her to go without a bra but she insisted on wearing one – she did acquiesce on the panties thought (when Sara said she wasn’t going to wear any). Mike then pulled out a pair of the long white socks he had bought for Sara the day before and go Kiyomi to sit on the bed while he slid them on to her legs and smoothed them into place. This led to him kissing and caressing her thighs but he mostly avoided her pussy. To ensure Sara didn’t feel left out, he gave her the same treatment and she (entirely of her own volition, according to Mike) offered to wear a pair of the long blue socks. Naturally Mike loved this idea and as Sara bent over to fetch them from her drawer he lifted her skirt and caressed her ass. She gently pushed him away but Mike knelt behind her, grabbed her waist and buried his tongue in her pussy. Sara held on to the drawers to keep herself upright and told him he was insatiable but he pulled away before she came and pointed out that he wasn’t the one being stimulated. Mike put Sara’s socks on for her and the three of them headed out.

The discreetly discussed the party and the morning’s antics over brunch and got Kiyomi to tell them what she had got up to at the party. It turned out that three guys had fucked her and she had sucked one off). Sara had played with her, Giles had got Clare to have a few licks (not to orgasm, but she had spent a while between Kiyomi’s legs), they already knew about Kiyomi sitting over Melissa’s face in the group session but Hannah had also had a turn 69ing with her with both of them cumming. Kiyomi readily (if quietly) admitted that she enjoyed doing things with girls and (even more quietly) that she loved it when she was encouraged to do things with her friend Miyako, either by Corey or people at the party. Mike is just as keen as Jen for all girls to want to play with each other (although in his case he wants them to be bi so he could at least have a chance of joining in while Jen wants them to be ‘properly’ gay).

Kiyomi headed back to Sara’s room to fetch her things and unsurprisingly, once they were inside Mike suggested they give her a goodbye session. Sara was equally up for this and they quickly helped Kiyomi out of Sara’s dress (but left the socks on) and she was soon on the bed underneath Sara in a 69. Sara wasn’t too greedy and let Mike have a turn with Kiyomi’s pussy, both to eat and fuck but he also wanted to be inside Sara and took her while Kiyomi was still eating her. As much as Mike loved kiyomi in white socks, he wanted to try her in opaque tights and she agreed to try them on. He dug out the torn tights that Sara had worn the previous day and quickly slipped them on to Kiyomi before returning her to her position on the bed underneath Sara. Mike and Sara fingered and licked Kiyomi through the hole in the tights, but this ended up being further torn to give easier access and they switched round so Kiyomi was on top so Mike could fuck her properly while she 69ed with Sara. They had no trouble making Kiyomi cum and Mike kept fucking her as Sara kitty kissed her. He held out until Sara also came and a couple of minutes later he pushed deep into Kiyomi, told her he was about to give her more of his cum and came.

Mike pulled out and admired the sticky mess that was Kiyomi’s pussy. He kissed both Sara and Kiyomi to taste the other girl’s juices and then asked if he could kitty kiss them for a couple of minutes. The girls agreed and lay beside each other chatting while Mike worked between their legs and their conversation was punctuated with little moans and gasps of approval for what he was doing. Before she got dressed to head home Mike asked Kiyomi if he would try on Sara’s new shorts. She was a little confused by this but it became apparent once she put them on as the crotch of the shorts couldn’t cover the hole that had been torn in the tights and it was quite east to pull the material to one side or the other and expose Kiyomi’s pussy.

For the walk home, Sara let Kiyomi borrow the outfit she had worn earlier in the day and she was even given the option of tights instead of the long white socks, but Kiyomi stuck with the socks. Mike left Sara to do some work while he walked Kiyomi back to her place and once in her room he told her that if she wanted, he could take Sara’s outfit back to her. Kiyomi knew full well that Mike just wanted to see her naked again and she let him peel the clothes off of her (leaing the socks on of course). Mike asked Kiyomi if she had the stamina for one last play and she stood against the wall and let him crouch in front of her to eat her while she fondled her breasts. He got her close to cumming and then asked her to turn around and lean forwards against the wall so he could fuck her while frigging her clit. He said that Kiyomi made delightful sounds as he fucked her and he really wanted to cum in her again but he also wanted to have a final session with his little redheaded lesbian host. This didn’t make any difference to what he did to her though and he kept moving in her until she came and then knelt down once more to kitty kiss her (this time from behind). Kiyomi whimpered as he did this but happily kissed him when he stood up. She thanked him for making her feel good again and Mike thanked her for letting him (and Sara) play with her beautiful body. He caressed her quite a bit and asked if she would be willing to do the Japanese schoolgirl thing for him sometime (we’ve seen her in her uniform already) and she agreed. Mike warned her that he would stay with her for as long as possible if she was dressed like that and suggested that they could always try to get Miyako to join them (similarly dressed of course). The two girls have dressed like this for Corey in the past so are well aware of the effect it has on guys (or guys who like that sort of thing anyway). Kiyomi helped to gather up Sara’s clothes but when she handed them to Mike he suggested that she could take them back to Sara at some point and maybe find some way to thank her for the loan (he stroked Kiyomi’s pussy as he said this to make sure it was obvious what he was suggesting). Kiyomi said she wasn’t sure about doing things with Sara outside of the parties so Mike told her she could always just take her for a coffee, but whispered to her that he was sure little Sara would be more than pleased to make Kiyomi feel good whenever she wanted.

After a final fondle of Kiyomi (and a brief kitty kissing) Mike headed back to Sara’s room and she immediately asked him if he had done things with Kiyomi again. Mike answered honestly and asked if she was surprised and Sara said she had expected it. She was however a little surprised to find out he hadn’t at least tried to cum again and had saved it for her. Mike had gently been stroking Sara’s body through her clothes while they had been chatting and he asked if she would model her new underwear for him again. Sara jumped at the chance to do this (she really seemed to love it for some reason) and was even happy to slip on long white socks to go with them (we always buy them in packs of three). Mike loved this look just as much as he had loved seeing Kiyomi naked and Sara posed for a few more pictures (aware that Jen, Sue, Josie and myself would be masturbating to them). Sara took Mike’s cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Kiyomi’s juices. Mike took hold of Sara’a hair and wrapped it around his hand (not pulling on it) and guided her head back and forth. Sara sucked him for a couple of minutes until he lifted her up, threw her on the bed and dived back between her legs. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and licked both her pussy and ass thoroughly before climbing up on to her, worked his cock in to her pussy (she had to hold her panties to the side for him to do this) and started to fuck her. As they fucked Mike told Sara how he had arranged for Kiyomi to drop the clothes off. Sara slapped him again for trying to set up her up with other girls, but admitted that should Kiyomi offer herself to her that she would take advantage of the situation.

Mike and Sara rolled around on the bed, each taking turns on top and each teasing the other about doing things with various people from the parties. Sara promised to come up and visit – partially to see little MJ but also as Jen was quite keen to re-familiarise herself with Sara’s pussy. Sara teased Mike about him just needing her help to keep Jen and me satisfied and he told her that he was more than happy for as many people as possible to help satisfy me, just as long as he got a turn occasionally. Sara said she would do what she could to keep me happy and Mike told her that we would do our best to keep her in a state of constant orgasm for the duration of her visit (I wish that were possible – although it would make work somewhat difficult!). Mike fucked Sara from behind with her kneeling up and lying on the bed and described to her the things that Sue and I had done with each other in great detail. Sara wanted to witness this for herself and Mike told her he would see what he could arrange (mostly as he wanted to watch us again). As their passion grew, the teasing lessened and they focussed more on each other with their dirty talk. At Sara’s request, Mike fucked her harder and she told him she wished that Giles could last for as long as he could. Mike asked to kitty kiss Sara once they had finished fucking and she happily agreed but said she wanted them to cum together first. Mike was more than up for this and they kept moving against each other in various positions with Mike caressing Sara’s legs, breasts, back, ass and clit (depending on what was to hand) until she said she was getting close. He sped up his own movements and got her to describe how her pussy felt to speed him along and then went back to the rhythm that Sara liked until she was close again. Mike cupped Sara’s face and they stared into each other’s eyes for the finishing part – I was a actually little jealous when he told me this as I find this to be an incredibly intimate thing and while we all love Sara deeply, she isn’t quite in our ‘inner circle’ (although she would be incredibly close to it. They both came at pretty much the same time (Sara started a little before Mike) and maintained eye contact throughout. They whispered various things to each other between small kisses and then kissed more passionately once their orgasms had both finished. Mike told her that he had missed his little lesbian – even if she did fuck other guys now – and asked (again) for a final play with her pussy. They disengaged and Sara slid her panties off before lying on the bed with her ass at the edge so Mike could kneel on the floor (on a pillow) and get stuck in. He flicked over her ass a couple of times throughout the session but spent the vast majority of the time just kitty kissing her. Sara said she loved the way this felt but he didn’t try to get her aroused again and just licked and sucked on her lips (outer and inner). He then kissed up her body, sucked on each nipple and kissed her deeply on the lips before helping her up and thanking her (again) for her hospitality.

Mike told Sara he could make his own way to the station so she could stay and work and she pouted and asked if he wanted to get away from her. In revenge for this he didn’t allow her to wear anything under her dress as she accompanied him and also made sure she had a long enough coat on that he would be able to fondle her at the station (and made sure she knew this was the reason for the coat). At the station, Mike gave Sara’s ass and pussy a good fondling and got her to promise to think of him while masturbating that night. He regretted not having ‘borrowed’ a pair of Sara’s panties for Jen and I to get Sara’s scent from but Sara produced a handkerchief from her pocket and Mike used this to wipe her pussy with multiple times and then push up inside her until it was coated with her juices. He carefully folded this and wrapped it in a t-shirt in his bag for our use. Mike knew (barring illness on my part) that he wouldn’t get to come to the next sex party so reminded Sara of her promise to visit and he boarded the train for the journey home.

Jen and I (with MJ) went to meet him at the station and we each got a hello fondle from him and once back at the house we were given the task of licking Sara’s juices from his cock. He wasn’t sure he would be able to give us a proper session that night, but once MJ was in bed we tested this theory and took turns with Jen and I riding him while the other one sat over his face. Despite his reservations he managed to perform and came in me (he doubts he actually ejaculated anything worthwhile, but he enjoyed it so that’s what counts) and fucked and ate Jen and I both to orgasm. We then started planning how to give Sara a weekend of continual orgasms (the thought of the possibility of this was enough to get me sufficiently aroused to want to cum again and as Jen was feeling tired Mike was given a final chance that night to put his cunnilingus skills to good use). In line with his weekend with Sara he used more anal play to make me cum and after eating me close to cumming he just teased my ass and slowly built up my orgasm. I’m more patient than Sara (and more used to being teased) so I just enjoyed the gradually intensifying pleasure until I came. Mike had spread my pussy lips slightly to watch up inside me and later said he could see my cunt pulsing – this was too much for him to resist and I was treated to further kitty kissing when my orgasm ended and a nice session of being spooned to sleep.

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