Saturday, 28 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 8

Lisa and Susan were given their dresses and coats back and everyone stopped off at a café for a hot drink (allowing the girls to warm up) and to give the others a description of what had happened to the guys. They were quite explicit and openly described how the girls had been fucked, eaten each other and how Lisa had pissed herself as she came, allowing other customers in the café to hear them. Mike was becoming increasingly impressed with Lisa’s endurance and between them the group counted that she had cum 18 times so far that day. Mike assured them that he fully intended to make her cum again once they got home and Amber said she was willing to give it a try as well to take the total to an even 20. Even Lisa couldn’t believe she’d done so much and Susan told her that they would have to do much more together in future as she liked the idea of having an ultra-horny fuck buddy (and Julia or I only came to visit occasionally). Mike noticed Amber’s response to this – she didn’t say anything but the look on her face was enough that it was clear she didn’t like this idea. On the walk home Mike told Amber that he was quite sure that even if she did things with other people, that she would still want Amber above any other girl. Amber just said that ‘she’d better’ and Mike pointed out that one advantage of staying with Lisa was that Amber got both Lisa and him to pleasure her whenever he visited (or whenever Amber wanted to visit him with Lisa).

Mike noticed that Lisa had been pushed in to an alleyway and he and Amber caught up with the others to find out what the others wanted to do to Lisa. They moved a little way down the alley (out of easy sight from the footpath) and Mel said it was time for other people to pee. She told Lisa to remove her coat and squat down so they could all easily piss over her and Mike told Lisa she didn’t have to do that and that 18 (to be 20) orgasms in a day was pretty good going (he didn’t say this bit, but even by my, Susan’s or Julia’s standards). Lisa just said she wasn’t going to give up, handed her coat over and knelt. She was told to spread her legs and hike the nightdress up so she could stroke herself at the same time and as soon as she did this Mel lifted her own skirt, stood over Lisa and peed. It mostly landed on Lisa’s head but Mel stepped back and aimed the stream up and down Lisa’s front before stepping aside and letting Julia take over. Julia was followed by Susan and at this point Lisa was told to remove her nightdress (it was completely soaked anyway. Susan added her own pee to Lisa’s body and as soon as she was finished Abrahii stepped up and told Lisa to lick her while she peed. Lisa did as she was told and everyone watched as Abrahii’s piss spilled from Lisa’s mouth and ran down the front of her body. Abrahii also took the nightdress and wrung it out over Lisa’s head, adding to the amount of liquid. Seeing as Lisa was going along with this, Mike told Amber that she should finish things off and she was hesitant at first but Mike told her that Lisa would probably prefer it as well. Amber didn’t seem entirely convinced but as all the other girls had done it she went along with the flow, lifted the front of her skirt, pushed her cunt to Lisa’s mouth and emptied her bladder. By the time Amber finished, Lisa was absolutely drenched, her whole body (including her hair) was dripping wet and Lisa said she felt a bit cold. She was handed the nightdress back to wipe herself down with but it wasn’t that effective so Mel (in a rare sign of compassion) got Julia to remove her skirt and then her top. Lisa went to put the dry clothing on but was told they were for wiping herself down with, which she did and once she was dry, the items were given back to Julia to wear.

Lisa was told to just wear her coat and as she’d had the dress on underneath it, she hadn’t selected a coat with sufficient coverage. She still didn’t say anything though and slipped her coat on, not even bothering to do it up. They walked the rest of the way back to Lisa’s halls with her in this state, her ass half-visible and the front of her coat flapping open (she held it shut when she saw people coming). It was only when they actually reached her building that she got worried about someone seeing her so they hurried to the back stairs and went up that way. Mike grabbed her a few times and lapped at her pussy from behind – he tried to get Amber to do the same but she wanted Lisa to shower before she would play with her and as soon as they got to Lisa’s room, the three of them stripped off, grabbed some towels and headed over to the bathroom.

Mike and Amber soaped up Lisa’s body and hair and gave her a thorough washing. As they did this Mike congratulated her and said she had done (and managed) more than he ever thought she would have been able to. Lisa told him that she wanted to make sure that she could match me and it turned out that this had been her aim all along, to do as many of the things that she knows I (and Jen) have done so that Mike would like her as much as he does us. Mike told her that if that was the only reason she’d done so much that she was incredibly stupid and that he (and Amber) loved her dearly for who she was. He explained that he had wanted her to explore her limits so she would enjoy herself and that he wanted her to be able to feel as much pleasure as possible, but this didn’t mean she had to do things with anyone else (even Jen and me) if she didn’t want to. He shared a wet kiss with Lisa and Amber and then moved around behind Lisa to slide his cock in to her and caress her breasts as she and Amber kissed. Lisa said she wasn’t sure she could cum again but Mike told her she had three more orgasms to go before she could sleep as he wanted to eat her, Amber had to make her cum and he wanted to fuck her. Before they left the shower, Mike told her he would show her that he was hers every bit as much as she was his so he knelt in front of her to eat her and told her to give him whatever pee she had left. Lisa told him he didn’t have to do that but he said that as he does it for Jen (occasionally as a special treat) he wanted to do it for her and that this would count as him eating her.

Lisa leaned back against the wall and Mike worked on her pussy. As she got closer to cumming he started tasting her juices again (they had cleaned her quite well to remove the multiple loads of cum that had been pumped in to her) and Mike used a finger to toy with her ass while Amber kissed Lisa and teased her nipples. Mike slid a hand up Amber’s leg and teased her pussy with his fingers, but only half-heartedly as he was really concentrating on Lisa. Lisa warned him she was getting close and asked if he really wanted her to pee and Mike just nodded and murmured an ‘uh-huh’ into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa let out an ‘oh fuck’ as she came and Mike felt her pee flood into his mouth. Both he and I are now well practiced at this and he kept licking her, letting most of the pee flow from his mouth and down his body as he did so. Mike wiggled his finger in Lisa’s ass throughout her orgasm and he could feel her sliding down the wall, but between Amber and him they managed to hold her up until her orgasm ended. Mike stood up and kissed Lisa, letting some of her pee run from his mouth to hers (another thing we’ve learned from Jen) and he then turned to Amber and  used his hands to ask if she wanted him to kiss her. She just shrugged and bent forwards towards him. As they kissed, Mike pushed his tongue into her mouth and they shared the remainder of the pee. Mike made a show of swallowing what was left in his mouth and moved his mouth to beside Amber’s ear and whispered to her that this was his way of showing Lisa that he would do anything for her. Amber kissed him again and swallowed and they both turned to Lisa to display their empty mouths and then kissed around her body.

After a final quick shower they dried off and returned to Lisa’s room. Mike dared Lisa to carry her towel so she was naked and she said she would do it if he and Amber would. Mike said he was up for it and Lisa actually helped him to convince Amber to play along. Lisa left the shower cubicle naked and opened the bathroom door to check that the corridor was empty and the three of them walked along to Lisa’s room with their towels over their arms. As Lisa unlocked her door, Mike knelt and played with Amber’s pussy and even when Lisa went in to her room he carried on fingering and licking Amber for a minute. She told him she wanted to cum but to do it on the bed so he let her go and the three of them fell on to the bed. Mike told Lisa that he had promised he would fuck Amber but that he still had to cum in her so he suggested that he fuck Lisa first while she and he ate Amber, then Amber could go down on Lisa for her final orgasm of the day and Mike could fuck Amber while Lisa slipped off into oblivion. Lisa didn’t care by this point so went along with whatever the other two were happy with. Amber climbed up over Lisa’s face to be licked and Mike slid in to Lisa’s pussy and fucked her with long strokes. He got Amber to face away from him and lean forwards so he could lick at her ass and she loved this but Mike wanted to make sure Lisa came so they changed position again with Amber on her back, Lisa between her legs eating her and Mike on top of Lisa so he could fuck her and reach around to play with her clit.

Mike moved inside Lisa for a while then reached over to try and retrieve a vibe from her bedside drawer. He could have easily pulled out and fetched it, but wanted to remain inside Lisa throughout and as it always the case, the vibe was just out of reach. He eventually managed to get it (with a lot of stretching) and after turning it on he pushed it under Lisa’s stomach and down to her pussy where he positioned it near her clit. As he fucked Lisa he got her to move her head to the side a few times so he could have a turn licking Amber. When Lisa was working on Amber’s pussy Mike watched closely – not for the girl on girl action (he gets to see that frequently enough that it isn’t anything special to him anymore – although he still really likes it) – but to learn how Amber enjoys being played with. He whispered to Lisa that it was obvious that she had something special with Amber too and he told her he was happy for her (Lisa) to be sandwiched between two people she cared about. Lisa told him he wasn’t being fair but he dared her to say she didn’t love having her tongue buried in Amber’s sweet little pussy. Whether on purpose or by accident, Lisa distracted Mike by saying she was getting close to cumming again. Mike asked her if she wanted him to cum in her or if he should save his cum for her girlfriend. Lisa told him that after everything she’d done that day that he’d better cum in her so Mike told her he was just teasing and that he wanted nothing more than to empty as much of his cum as deep into her beautiful cunt as he could. Mike thrust into Lisa faster so he wasn’t too far behind her with his orgasm.

As Lisa came he told her to moan into Amber’s pussy and he fucked her harder, saying he was going to fill her entire cunt with his cum. Between moans, Lisa told him to give her as much as she could and she ate Amber harder, making the occasional slurping sound as she did so. Amber gently caressed her breasts and Mike watched her body as his own orgasm started. Unfortunately Lisa’s had ended by this point but she let him continue to thrust into her until he came at which point he pushed as far as he could into her and told her to push back. She did this and he whispered to her that it felt like he was pumping his cum straight into her womb. As Amber started to cum Mike took a chance and whispered to Lisa that he hoped he would get a chance to pump his cum into her womb to get her pregnant someday. Lisa knew that he was trying to help Lis get pregnant and that I would want a baby someday, but she took it the way he meant it (that he wanted her to stay with him and settle down with us). She finished eating Amber until her orgasm ended and then turned to kiss Mike, telling him that he could make babies with her anytime (although they agreed that she should probably graduate first).

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 7

When everyone was finally ready, they headed out and stopped off at a couple of bars first, specifically as the lighting was much better than it would be in a club. Lisa certainly caught the attention of a number of the guys and a few of them offered her drinks. Susan, Julia and Abrahii ‘helped’ out by draping themselves over Lisa and openly caressing her (nothing to explicit, just running their hands over Lisa’s body (especially her ass and breasts). Julia made out with Lisa in front of a guy and told him he could have them both if he was willing to do it around the back of the bar (but he wasn’t). On the way to the second bar it was decided that while the black underwear was quite effective at drawing attention, they should see how well the nightdress could do the same by itself. They stopped by an alleyway and most of the group stood chatting to keep watch while Lisa went to remove the underwear. Now technically (and practically) she could have done this while keeping the nightdress on, but seeing as she had to remove her jacket anyway people felt that she may as well do it properly so Amber was left holding Lisa’s jacket and nightdress while she removed the bra and panties and Mel stashed them in her bag (so Lisa couldn’t put them back on – not that she would have been likely to get the chance). Mel being Mel, wanted to push things a bit further and despite the cold, produced a brush from her bag and suggested that Lisa could fuck herself. Mike made sure she was at least given her jacket back (just to put around her shoulders) so she didn’t get too cold but liked the idea and Lisa agreed and proceeded to work the handle up in to her pussy. Mel tweaked Lisa’s nipples and Mike ended up kneeling and licking at Lisa’s clit to help her along the way. The aim wasn’t to make her cum, just get her horny again and once this was achieved, she was handed the nightdress back and they hurried to the next bar to warm up.

The teasing had the desired effect and Lisa’s nipples were very prominently visible through the nightdress (both due to the sheer material and the firmness of her nips). Lisa had to stand at the bar to order some drinks and was blatantly ogled by a number of guys as well as propositioned by a few of them. Someone pushed up against her ass and she assumed it was one of the gang so didn’t react and he caressed her through her nightdress quite firmly even as she was ordering the drinks. She only realised it was a stranger when she turned around and saw him – at first she was shocked, but then seemed to just accept it as a part of the day. I was quite impressed at this behaviour but the others (specifically Mel and Jules) told her off, saying that she should have propositioned the guy and let him fuck her (and Julia said she would have happily helped out with this).

As punishment for not propositioning the guy Lisa was pushed in to a corner and Abrahii asked Mike if he wanted to do the honours. Mike stood beside Lisa and slid his hand down her back, up under her nightdress and started to play with her pussy. He gently fondled her for a while, managing to work his fingers in to her pussy from behind and teasing her about making her cum in the middle of the pub. Lisa said it was too risky and he wouldn’t do it (despite being a bright girl this was an incredibly stupid thing to say). Mike fully intended to get her off, but after Lisa’s comment he didn’t get the choice as Mel stepped forward and embraced Lisa, kissed her deeply and pushed her hand under the front of Lisa’s nightdress. Lisa was facing out to the room but between Mel’s body and the others closing ranks around them she was probably sufficiently shielded (at least to the point that nobody said anything even if they noticed). With Mike’s fingers in her cunt and Mel’s on her clit Lisa was pushed towards her orgasm as Mel kissed her. Between kisses Mel told Lisa she wanted to hear her cum and Lisa objected to this as someone (else) would hear, but was told to just moan in to Mel’s mouth. The carried on caressing her and Mike rubbed his thumb up against Lisa’s ass as well for an extra bit of stimulation. Just before she came Abrahii lent in and told Lisa that she thought a group of guys near them knew what was going on. Lisa tried to say something but was too close to cumming (and didn’t have any control over what was being done to her) so just kissed Mel deeply and moaned into her mouth as instructed. Mike thought that Lisa was going to fall over but Mel kept a hold of her and Mike concentrated on fingering Lisa’s pussy while feeling Mel’s fingers strumming back and forth across Lisa’s clit. Mel was as cruel as ever and near the end of Lisa’s orgasm she pulled her mouth away from Lisa just as Lisa moaned. Lisa stifled the moan fairly quickly but enough escaped to be clearly audible

Mel continued to be herself and stepped aside fairly soon after Lisa came. Lisa was still flushed and (to the gang at least) it was quite obvious she had just cum. Mel went a step further and pointed Lisa out to the group of guys who were closest to them and told them how she had just fingered Lisa’s little pussy. Lisa just sat down and didn’t deny this and Mel described to the guys how Lisa was completely naked under her dress and had a completely shaved pussy (although this latter point was also true for Susan, Abrahii, Julia and Amber – Mel had a little patch of hair on her mons). Abrahii played along with Mel, sat beside Lisa and slid her hand up Lisa’s thighs. Lisa said it was too soon to do anything more but Abrahii whispered that she just wanted to show the guys and Lisa let Abrahii pull her legs apart and slide the hem of her dress up. Given the way the weekend had gone, I expected Mike to tell me that Lisa was handed around the group of guys to be fucked and fondled but Abrahii kept to her word and just displayed Lisa to the guys (she did stroke Lisa a little, but this was mostly to spread her lips and let the guys see her properly). Lisa didn’t resist and let the guys ogle her, but Mike says she was mostly waiting to be handed to them and was as surprised as he was when Mel said it was time to get to the club.

Lisa was fondled and groped some more while they queued to get in and as she danced with various people from the group they caressed her under her nightdress and took advantage of the dim lighting on the dancefloor to openly play with her. At one point she was dancing with Asfraf, facing away from him and he slid his hands up under the front of her dress to fondle her breasts. This lifted it enough to completely expose her pussy (and ass, but that was pressed up against him) and he toyed with her nipples for long enough that a number of people noticed and watched. Mike was more subtle and when he danced with her he stroked her pussy mostly under her dress. She kissed him as he stroked her clit and he rubbed her just the way she liked. Lisa warned him she wouldn’t be able to hold back if he continued so he told her he didn’t want her to hold back and that he wanted to feel her cum in his arms while surrounded by hundreds of strangers (and of course a few people she knew). Lisa rubbed Mike’s crotch saying it was only fair he should cum as well and he promised her that he would, just later on when he gave her her final fuck of the night. He dipped his fingers between her lips to gather more lube and sped up his stroking slightly. Lisa moaned into his mouth and he told her to be as loud as she wanted as the music would drown out any noise she made. Lisa told him she was cumming and Mike told her how he loved knowing she was letting herself feel so much pleasure. She wrapped her arms around him and used him to keep her balance and Mike frigged her until her orgasm ended, then got her to suck his fingers clean before helping her back over to where most of the others were.

They were impressed that she had cum in such a public way (although from experience we know it’s likely that nobody noticed anything, or if they did, that they guessed she actually came). Mel tried to forcefully fondle Abrahii in a similar way while dancing but Abrahii is one of the few people who can get Mel to stop being a bitch. She did allow Mel to fondle her, just gently and discreetly (and not to orgasm). Mike thought it was a pity that there hadn’t been one of the ‘events’ on at the harcore club as the thought of stripping Lisa off completely and having us all dance with her and then making her cum repeatedly with an audience of strangers would have been a good end to the day. Not that there was a shortage of guys who were interested and the fact that Susan, Julia and (to a lesser extent) Abrahii were all up for playing, meant that they soon had four guys with hands roaming over their bodies. None of the girls offered much resistance and in Susan’s and Julia’s cases, they actively pushed the guy’s hands down between their legs. The guys quickly realised that none of the four girls had panties on but their night was about to get even better when Julia moved over towards Lisa and started making out with her. Susan did the same with Abrahii and after moving to a suitably secluded part of the club, they were much more hands-on with each other. Lisa and Julia openly played with each other and Susan knelt and briefly licked at Abrahii’s pussy. The four girls told the guys they could each fuck all of them if they had the stamina and the guys couldn’t believe their luck to find a group of such horny girls (I’m not sure if Julia counts as a ‘girl’ anymore and Abrahii is also a little old for that title, but they are both eminently fuckable so the guys didn’t complain).

The girls considered taking the guys back to the house but decided to stick with tradition and asked the guys if they were up for fucking them around the back of the club. Three of the guys went for this immediately and the fourth agreed soon after. They all left together and Mel and Amber went with them to hold the girls’ coats with the guys from our gang waiting around the corner so as not to put the random guys off (so a lot of this is third hand again, based on things Mike heard from Lisa and the others). At first the guys stuck to one girl each, kissing, fondling and fingering them. Tops were soon lifted and breasts exposed and in the case of Lisa and Susan their dresses were pulled right up and then off to leave them naked. Julia was being fucked up against the wall and told Susan to eat Lisa, which she dutifully knelt and did and then swapped guys with Lisa. After a couple more minutes, Lisa had to eat Abrahii and swapped guys again and then eat Julia and swap so she’d had each of the guys playing with her. Two of the guys were already at the stage of serious fucking (Julia and Abrahii) so the girls all stood leaning against the wall to let the guys take them properly but insisted that they rotate along the line every minute. Julia then switched things up more by specifying that the girls had to lick the previous girl’s juices from the guys cock before they fucked and they did this. She then wanted to try two of the girls being DPed but some of the guys were getting impatient and just wanted to fuck. Jules shamed them in to making sure that the girls all got to cum and they each told the guy inside them how they wanted to be touched, caressed and teased.

Lisa played her part quite well and told the guy to fuck her cunt and make her cum (Julia and Susan said similar things, it’s just not that unusual for them to do this). Julia promised the guys that if all the girls got to cum that they would get to watch something else. Lisa said she didn’t think at the time what this would be as she was too close to cumming, but unsurprisingly it was related to her. Given this additional incentive, the guys all played along and stroked the girls as instructed. Abrahii came first (but she’d cum far less than the others), Susan next, then Lisa and finally Julia. Lisa and Susan were given their coats back (but not their dresses) so they could warm up a little and Julia demonstrated kitty kissing (using Lisa as a model of course). She let the guys watch closely as she played with Lisa, kneeling and eating her from the front, eating her from behind and then moving on to fingering her. Lisa lost her coat again and as Julia and Susan played with Lisa’s pussy, the guys were allowed to all fondle her. As expected they spent more time on her breasts and ass than anywhere else and despite feeling cold, Lisa responded to Julia’s questioning and said that she was sure she would cum again if they kept going. So they kept going. Abrahii told Susan something and Susan agreed, shed her coat and dived in to Lisa’s pussy with her mouth. Abrahii pushed in to stand beside Lisa and told her that she had to tell them when she was going to cum and then pee herself. Lisa’s initial response was ‘What?’ and Abrahii repeated the instructions and asked if she would do what she was told. Lisa hesitated a bit but then said yes. Abrahii slid a hand down Lisa’s side, cupped her ass and pushed a finger a little way in. Lisa soon said she couldn’t hold back any more, Susan pulled back a bit and started to finger Lisa, pumping two fingers in and out of her and Abrahii reached down with her other hand to play with Lisa’s clit. Abrahii warned the guys to stand back and they asked why but it quickly became apparent when Lisa called out that she was cumming and released a jet of piss.

As Susan was pumping her fingers in and out of Lisa’s pussy, the pee splashed everywhere, but mostly over Susan and with some over Abrahii’s legs. Lisa’s legs were soaked and the guys quickly stepped back (they had been warned). Susan kept fingering Lisa until she stopped and then lifted her fingers to Lisa’s mouth, telling her to suck them clean. Lisa did this and the guys made various comments about her being a complete slut but Julia came to Lisa’s defence and knelt to lick at Lisa’s pussy, saying she tasted wonderful. Lisa was offered to the guys again, saying any or all of them could fuck her as much as they wanted but they weren’t adventurous enough to fuck a pee-soaked girl (to be fair, I wouldn’t have been either without the training Jen has given me). The guys did at least watch as Lisa was made to lean forwards against the wall and slowly fucked with a dildo but as the girls weren’t trying to make Lisa cum again the guys soon lost interest.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 6

Lisa was allowed a rest when they got back to the house and both Mike and Amber curled up with her. Lisa fell asleep but Mike carried on his flirting with Amber (he had already asked her to join Lisa and him that night and he had been telling her how he was going to make her cum lots for a significant part of the time they had been in town). He spooned up behind Amber and rubbed his cock against her ass, then pushed his hand down into her skirt and stroked her through her panties. Amber didn’t stop him but said she thought he had said he was going to make her cum later on that night. Mike worked his fingers in to her panties and nibbled on her earlobe as he told her he fully intended to do that, but it didn’t preclude him making her cum now as well. Amber craned her neck round so they could kiss and she asked him to eat her. He whispered that he would do that later and that they should be quiet and let Lisa rest. He tugged on her panties and she helped to slide them down a little. Mike stopped her from pushing them down past her mid-thighs and said it was far enough. He unzipped his trousers, pulled up the back of her skirt and pushed in to her. As his cock sank into her cunt he told her how hot she felt and she blamed him for teasing her so much. He didn’t move too quickly inside her, just gently slid in and out as he frigged her and whispered in her ear how he would eat her as many times as she wanted later on. Amber’s orgasm slowly built and she pushed back harder against Mike’s cock, telling him she was getting close and that she wanted to feel him cum. He reminded her that his cum was for Lisa and Amber whined a bit but Mike told her it meant he could keep moving in her as she came around him and that he wanted to see how hard she could cum (while still being quiet of course). Amber told him he was really bad but just squeezed her thighs around his hand as he frigged her. She panted that she was about to cum and let out a little moan as she came. Mike rapidly flicked a finger back and forth across her clit and carried on sliding in and out of her cunt, telling her how wonderfully tight she felt in that position. He eased off on the frigging as her orgasm ended but kept gently fucking her for a while and then just spooned inside her.

Mike and Amber also dozed off, but not for long as they were all summoned to head downstairs for the next part of Lisa’s orgasmic day. Mike and Amber didn’t try to hide the fact that they had been fucking but Mike assured Lisa that he had kept his cum for her (and seeing as Lisa regularly fucks Amber she couldn’t really complain). She was given some food to keep energy levels up and joined in the others who had been drinking while she had dozed. Part of the reason for the drinking was to loosen people up in preparation for the next phase, which involved Lisa’s ‘proper’ group session for the day. Abrahii had convinced people that not only should they all fuck Lisa (that didn’t take much convincing) but that it should be a live event as well. They had set up a webcam pointing at the mattress and everyone had been warned to bring masks if they wanted. Lisa obviously didn’t know about this, but a mask had been provided for her as well and to ensure that there was an audience from the beginning, Susan had been lying naked on the mattress playing with herself for about 10 minutes (during this time Abrahii had sat over Susan’s face and she had sucked a couple of cocks, but nobody had cum). Jen and I were sitting at home watching this, waiting for the main event to begin and I had a selection of toys out in front of me for us to use. (MJ was asleep and we had hoped that she would remain that way but unfortunately she didn’t and we ended up having to take turns looking after her while the other one played with themselves – but we still both got to cum.)

With her mask on, Lisa was led towards the mattress and Mike quietly reminded her of the safe word, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t want to let them broadcast it (but that he hoped she would still let them all play with her). Lisa told him she wanted to try, he told her he thought she was amazing and that he knew why he’d fallen in love with her. He tugged at her top and she said she would remove it but he told her to stand still and tore it down the front, revealing her breasts. A couple of the others gave her skirt the same treatment so she was standing naked and she was then pushed down on to the mattress with Susan who pulled Lisa over her in a 69. From experience I know that this doesn’t work too well as the masks get in the way and Susan quickly shed hers so she could eat Susan properly. Richard moved the webcam around to show them eating each other and then Lisa was pulled off of Susan so some of the guys could rub their cocks over her breasts and in to her mouth and cunt. Ashraf was the first to fuck her and Richard got a good close up his cock pounding in to Lisa’s cunt (her legs were held wide apart and near the end they spread her pussy lips as well to give an even better view). Susan tried to lap at Lisa’s clit but this blocked the view too much so they just used a vibe on Lisa’s clit.

Ashraf came in Lisa and when he pulled out everyone (Internet included) watched as his cum oozed out of Lisa’s pussy. Amber and Abrahii smeared this around Lisa’s crotch and over her breasts but they were just getting started. Mike said he really wanted to cum and decided to help to put on a good show. He knelt beside Lisa’s head and offered her his cock. She was already sucking Richard who was kneeling on the other side of her head. At first she moved back and forth between the cocks, stroking one while sucking the other but Mike told Lisa to take them both at once and he and Richard moved closer to allow Lisa to do this. Mike asked if she could taste Amber’s juices and she murmured a ‘mm-mmm’ (which he took as a yes) and told Richard he had been spooning with Amber just a little while ago. Richard said he loved the feel of Mike’s cock against his in Lisa’s mouth and Mike gave a noncommittal sound (he wasn’t too keen on this but was more than willing to put up with it to provide the intended outcome).

Amber went down on Lisa and then shared a double ended dildo with her while other people played with Lisa’s breasts. Mike and Richard stroked themselves whenever Lisa was sucking them and they tried to time their orgasms to be fairly close. Richard said he was about to cum and they both pulled back a little, Richard came over Lisa’s face and a minute or so later (while she was gently sucking the last of the cum from Richard’s cock) Mike added his cum to Lisa’s face (and some on to Richard’s cock, but Lisa took care of that). She was then told to rub their combined cum over her body and did so, massaging it in to her breasts and then down over her pussy. At the group’s instruction Lisa masturbated for the Internet (there were about 30-40 people in the chatroom watching her and I was very tempted to open up a room of my own when she finished – although I guessed that most of the people watching would ‘finish’ before the gang finished with Lisa). Nicholas was allowed to fuck her again and Abrahii sat over Lisa’s face to be eaten, humping back and forth and getting Lisa to finger Mike and Richard’s cum in to her pussy. Lisa was told to finish masturbating while Nicholas fucked her and he had to hold back until she came. I thought it would have been better if Nicholas had cum over her (but at that point I didn’t know he’d fucked her earlier).

Lisa was given a little time to recover but people caressed and probed her throughout, taking instructions from the chat as what to show close-ups of (her face being the most popular but she still had her mask on). A few people wanted her pussy spread so this was done and Susan then humped her cunt against Lisa’s (again with a close up for the people watching online). James hadn’t cum yet and it was time for the grand finale. James lay on the mattress and Lisa climbed on top of him, mounting his cock. Ashraf took up position in front of Lisa so she could suck him and Mike knelt behind her, applied a decent amount of lube to his cock and then pressed it against Lisa’s ass. He asked if she was ready and she nodded while breathing heavily around Ashraf’s cock. Mike eased his cock in to Lisa’s ass, getting a little further with each stroke (he’d fucked her ass before but not too many times) and as she relaxed, he started moving a bit more. There was a lot of moaning and I made sure to get my bid in to take Lisa’s place when Jen and I came up to visit. Susan knelt and reached between Lisa and James so she could play with Lisa’s clit.

Abrahii decided Lisa needed to be marked more and crouched over her then rubbed her pussy back and forth along Lisa’s spine. Abrahii moved towards Mike so he could kiss her and then turned around and humped her way up Lisa’s back so she could kiss Ashraf. Mike got Amber to join in and he reached around her to spread her pussy so she could get better contact with Lisa and as Mike and Amber kissed, he told her how he was going to eat her so many times that night and then fuck her. Amber said she thought his cum was meant to be for his girlfriend and he told her that it was only a matter of minutes before he filled Lisa’s ass with his cum, that James would do the same to her cunt and Ashraf would fill her mouth (although not really as he’d cum not too long before). It was the same rule as before, Lisa had to cum before any of the guys did but that just gave them longer to use her various holes to enjoy themselves. Lisa was told to moan around Ashraf’s cock when she got close to cumming and to somehow let them know when she actually came (while still keeping the cock in her mouth). When she started moaning, Mike, James and Ashraf sped up their movements and as Lisa bounced back and forth against the cocks in her ass and cunt James said he was getting quite close. Susan frigged Lisa faster and they heard Lisa’s moans get louder and then she let out a series of muffled ‘aahhhh’s as she came. James emptied his cum in to Lisa’s cunt almost straight away (he’s better than he used to be, but still cums fairly quickly so I thought he’d done well to last that long), Mike came in Lisa’s ass and shortly after (with a bit of help from his hand) Ashraf came in Lisa’s mouth. They all remained buried in Lisa for a short while before pulling out and helping Lisa shakily to her feet where she let the cum dribble out of her mouth and run down over her breasts while James’ cum leaked out of her pussy and down her thighs.

As a final show of Lisa’s willingness to please, Amber, Abrahii, Susan sat beside each other on the sofa and Lisa had to enthusiastically eat each of them in rotation. To finish off, they spread their lips and rubbed themselves against Lisa’s face and the guys then helped spread their juices over all of Lisa’s body. She lay back on the mattress and said she was done so was left alone for a while (and the live-stream ended so Jen and I didn’t get to witness any more).

Lisa dozed off again and the group ordered some food. She was still asleep when the delivery guy turned up and they led him in to the living room where he was somewhat surprised to find a naked girl covered in what was fairly obviously the products of sex (the scent was quite strong). He was told he could fuck her if he wanted (with a condom of course) but it was a bit too much for him (although he did let Susan spread Lisa’s legs and pussy to give him a good view). He was interested enough to have a play with Lisa’s breasts and they managed to ‘talk him  in to’ fondling Lisa’s pussy and then fingering her properly (not to orgasm). Susan sat over Lisa’s face again and let him watch as Lisa fingered and licked her and with a bit more cajoling they convinced him to play with Lisa properly, although he wasn’t up for doing this in front of everyone so he was taken upstairs to have some private time with her. Well, when I say ‘private’ I mean semi-private as Susan went with them (both to ensure Lisa would be fine and to enjoy herself). I only have a brief description of what happened but they both sucked the guy, played with each other (in turn) as he fucked them. Got him to fuck Susan while Lisa frigged her and then got him to fuck Lisa while Susan licked her clit. The guy came in Lisa (in a condom) and as per our custom, the girls both escorted him to the front door in the nude (them, not him) and waved him goodbye.

Lisa was given another respite as they ate dinner, chatted and drank some more. She slowly recovered her energy enough to agree to go out but when it came time for her to get ready she wasn’t allowed to do this in the same way the other girls did. Mike presented her with a light, lacy nightdress that could just about pass for a dress (although quite a revealing one) and Lisa was only allowed to give her face a wipe in order to put on some make-up (she doesn’t wear much as we have convinced her she looks much more beautiful with a natural look). The cum and juices had mostly dried in to her body so the nightdress didn’t stick to her and as usual (for us anyway), she wasn’t allowed any underwear (not even a bra). She had to pose with long socks on (both blue and white), some black opaque tights (which showed through the nightdress a lot) and finally some black opaque hold-ups (which they settled on). Abrahii fetched some of her revealing black lingerie and got Lisa to try it on (and put the nightdress back on over it). Just as with the tights, the bra and panties were very visible and they debated whether Lisa should wear them (at least for a while) as it drew attention and would make the flimsiness of the nightdress even more apparent. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 5

Mike walked hand in hand with Lisa around town and told her that while she was doing quite well, he thought they needed to kick things up a notch. Fortunately we know some ‘helpful’ sex shops in the area and a few of the gang took Lisa in to one. Susan explained to the guy that they were trying to give Lisa a day of orgasms and to indicate how serious she was, she lifted Lisa’s skirt and slid her fingers between Lisa’s lips. The guy’s response to this was a simple ‘fuck me’, to which Susan responded ‘Gladly – as long as you’ll do her too’ (while pushing her fingers in to Lisa’s pussy. He didn’t seem to realise that Susan was being completely serious despite her dropping a few more hints (she doesn’t like to beg for sex) so went back to the original plan of showing Lisa off and looking for ways to make her cum

Susan selected a number of items from the shop and suggested to Lisa how she could use them all throughout the day. A couple of times she asked the guy for his advice and showed off Lisa's pussy again. Susan ended up just getting a tube of tingle gel (saying that it would help make Lisa's pussy taste better) and once she had paid for it she got Lisa to pull her skirt right up and rubbed the gel over Lisa's pussy before getting her to pull her top down so she could smear some of the gel over Lisa's nipples. The guy seemed a bit more believing of Susan's earlier comments now and when she asked if he'd like to see more he said yes immediately. Lisa was told to suit up on the counter and when she asked what would happen if someone came in (in the hope the guy would lock the door) she was told they wrote just get to watch too. Despite this Lisa still climbed up on the counter, let Abrahii push her skirt up and spread her legs on command. Susan spread Lisa's lips and stroked her pussy, then used a bit more of the gel and fingered Lisa. Abrahii said that just fingering was tame and pushed her face between Lisa's legs to eat her. Lisa was pushed back so she was mostly lying down (the counter wasn't big enough for her to lie down properly) and the girls took turns fingering, frigging asks eating her.

They asked Lisa if what they were doing was working (even though it clearly was) and when she said it felt amazing Abrahii told Lisa to play with herself for a bit. Lisa said that it was embarrassing but when they pushed her hand down to her pussy she started to rub herself. Abrahii told her she was doing well and got Lisa to finger herself properly and as she did this, Susan lifted Lisa’s top to expose her breasts fully. They told the guy that Lisa would cum for him if he wanted (he did) and after getting him to wipe his hands clean, Susan (who now always carried alcohol wipes – a useful thing to have if you want strangers to randomly play with you) let him fondle her and then feed her juices to Lisa. Naturally the guy was allowed to do things the other way around and he fingered both girls (although could see a lot more of Lisa). He was given the choice of being the one to make Lisa cum or to watch Susan or Amber eat Lisa to her orgasm. Despite working in a sex shop (and having access to a huge stash of lesbian porn) he wanted to see the real thing but he helped out by fondling Lisa’s breasts as Abrahii slid her tongue up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy and flicked it back and forth over Lisa’s clit until she came.

Lisa was left trembling and panting on the counter and told to gently stroke herself to bring herself back down. Despite it being Lisa’s weekend Susan wanted to cum and told the guy he could fuck her. He let Susan rub his crotch and was clearly interested but was worried someone would come in (and was afraid to lock up in case the owner found out and sacked him). Susan pushed his hand back between her legs and told him that he could at least finger her and he seemed happier about doing this. Abrahii kitty kissed Lisa while this was happening and Susan directed the guy, telling when to finger her, when to play with her clit, how hard and how fast… until she came. She thanked him and got him to wipe his hands over Lisa’s thighs, then took pity on him and ask if he would let one of them give him a blowjob behind the counter. Probably at least partially due to the fact that Susan had been rubbing his cock through his trousers as he had been fingering her, he jumped at the chance and while Susan would have been happy to satisfy him, the job was given to Lisa.

Lisa climbed down from the counter and before she could object Abrahii pulled her skirt down. At this point she *did* object but Susan told Lisa to get her top off as well as she would be hidden behind the counter so she could be naked. Lisa was apparently quite nervous about stripping off completely but did as she was told and quickly dived behind the counter. Susan handed the guy a condom (one of the shop’s own) and then decided to help him put it on. He was already rock hard and Susan rolled the condom on easily, then knelt and gave him a quick suck. Never being content to do just a little, she turned around and bent forwards with her hands on the ground and told the guy to quickly slide in to her to Lisa could suck her juices from his cock. He grabbed her by the ass and pushed straight in, pumped in her a few times and would have probably kept going (according to Susan) if she hadn’t reminded him that the door was still unlocked. He pulled out and moved back behind the counter where Lisa was kneeling. She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him while stroking the shaft. The guy obviously loved what Lisa was doing to him but Abrahii wanted more and got Lisa to stand behind the counter the same way Susan had. Despite his earlier reservations, when presented with Lisa’s cunt he no longer seemed that worried about being caught and slid straight in to her. He didn’t waste any time and rapidly pumped in and out of Lisa, holding her firmly by the hips and occasionally caressing her ass. Susan egged him on and told him to fuck her as hard as he wanted and it was over in a matter of minutes. The guy pushed hard in to her, made a few more small thrusts and then pulled out.

Lisa crawled forwards out from behind the counter and Susan knelt to admire the cum in the condom saying she wished she could coat her body with it (like me, Susan wishes she could have every guy she met cum in or over her – and probably would if there was no risk from disease). She gave the head of his cock a quick suck, using her tongue to squish the cum around inside the condom and then pulled away, telling the guy he should probably thank Lisa for the fuck. He did so and Lisa said it was fine, then asked for her clothes. She pulled her top on first, then her skirt and asked if they were done. Susan said that Lisa was done, but that she could really do with an orgasm and considered getting Lisa to eat her there and then (probably up on the counter) but Abrahii said they could find a better place and that they should  go and meet up with the others. Susan promised the guy that they would be back another time.

Mike was surprised that they had spent so long in the shop (he had been expecting Lisa to just be shown off and fondled a bit) and was really surprised that she had let herself be eaten fingered and fucked. They all headed off for a drink (of the alcoholic variety) and both Susan and Lisa sat with their pussies on display. A few people from the gang fondled them both but Susan went a step further and displayed herself to a couple of guys a few tables over. She then went and sat with them, chatted for a couple of minutes and the three of them moved in to a booth. Susan made out with them both until she was interrupted by Lisa coming over. At first the guys seemed a bit pissed with Lisa but when Susan said Lisa would let them do anything to her they moved over and let her in so she was sitting beside Susan (with both of them between the guys). Susan had preferred having the two guys to herself (once again like me, she is quite selfish when it comes to sex) but let one of them slide his hand up under Lisa’s skirt to finger her. They guys weren’t too bad at what they were doing and both Susan and Lisa got quite aroused (although a lot of Lisa’s wetness was still due to the previous fuckings). Susan really wanted to cum and asked Lisa if she was up for a session in the toilets. Lisa said she was a bit tired but Susan pushed a hand up under her skirt and fondled her (with the guy’s hand still there), told her not to be boring and said that she (Susan) needed a big cock inside her. The guys couldn’t believe their luck but were a bit reticent when Susan said they would use the ladies toilets. The allure of two young girls was enough to overcome this reticence though and they were told to give the girls one minute and then follow them.

Susan and Lisa chose the two cubicles furthest from the door and Susan quickly pulled her clothes off, stuffed them on top of the cistern and told Lisa to do the same. Lisa hesitated so Susan pulled at her top and unzipped her skirt, just managing to get them off when the guys pushed the door open. Susan pushed Lisa to the ground and told her to eat her and called the guys in, telling them they were at the end. When they saw Lisa kneeling and eating Susan they eagerly crowded in to the cubicle and started to fondle Susan’s breasts. Susan told them if they were up for it, they could either all fuck together or that two of them could use the cubicle next door. She had hoped for the former, but like many guys these ones only seemed to be interested in the ‘good’ sort of threesome (one of them and two girls) so opted to pair off. Susan did swap places with Lisa for a bit and let the guys watch as she ate Lisa’s pussy (and let them both fondle and kiss Lisa’s breasts). Susan then left Lisa with one of the guys (after providing a condom from her skirt pocket) and dragged the other one (quite willingly) to the next cubicle. Both pairs were soon happily fucking away but after a couple of minutes Susan said they should switch. She quickly dashed back to the end cubicle and pushed Lisa out the door before bending over and telling the guy that had been fucking Lisa to finish her off.

Susan had been vocal enough about telling her first guy to play with her clit that both of them had been doing this so the second guy just carried on from where he’d left off with Lisa. Likewise, Susan’s first guy started frigging Lisa as soon as he was inside her and as he pulled Lisa back against him in time with his thrusts he reached around with his other hand to fondle her swinging breasts. He asked what they would do if someone else came in to the toilets and was told they would just have to keep quiet and try not to be caught. This turned out not to be a problem though and both pairs managed to finish up without being disturbed. Again, Susan was sufficiently vocal at telling her guy that he’d better not cum until she did that both of them toyed with the girls’ clits and got them off before they unloaded in them. The girls switched back again to suck each other’s juices from the guys’ cocks and after getting dressed put on one more display for the guys where they took turns sitting up on a washbasin, spreading their legs and pussies and having the other one kitty kiss them.

They let the guys leave first and then went back to the gang to tell them what they’d done. Abrahii told Susan off saying that she had planned on letting her and Lisa make each other cum in a changing room. Mike pointed out that the two things didn’t have to be exclusive and when Lisa said she wasn’t sure she could cum much more he told her she just had to use the safe word (or phrase) and it would stop. Lisa backtracked and said she could probably manage a little more, which led to them finding a suitable shop where Susan, Abrahii and Lisa took turns playing with each other. Mike tried to convince Amber to join them and while she wasn’t a complete stranger to dressing-room fun, it wasn’t really her thing (plus getting four people in at once might have been pushing their luck). Both Susan and Abrahii manage to cum but Lisa was given a double treat – with the only downside being she had to stand for her orgasm. Susan knelt in front of her and used a vibe in her pussy while licking her clit and Abrahii knelt behind and lapped at Lisa’s ass. Lisa had trouble keeping quiet as she came and had to hold on to the coat hooks to keep herself upright and even then she sat down hard on the bench as soon as her orgasm passed. As a reward, they bought Lisa some nice new panties, but it quickly turned out that this was just so they could make her wear the vibe (turned off) for the journey home.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 4

It was determined that she was now ready for the surprise and it was revealed that Susan had lined up a few of her regular fuck buddies to help break Lisa in. The plan was that Susan and Lisa would visit each of the guys in turn, fuck them and then move on to the next one. Mike had confirmed that they were clean (in that they had up to date health checks, but while Susan is horny, she isn’t stupid) and he checked with Lisa that she was still up for more. Lisa tried to act tough and said she thought she could take as many guys as Susan (which she clearly couldn’t – even Julia and I have trouble keeping up with Susan) and Mike assured her that they would all be watching. Working off the assumption that most guys would be somewhat distracted by having two naked female students throwing themselves at them, Susan would position her phone to stream the sessions over Skype and the rest of the gang would sit and watch.

Lisa already reeked of sex and the guys agreed that she would easily be able to get any guy aroused. As it was reasonably cold out, they thought it would be unfair to just send her out with a coat on (naked underneath) so as a compromise she was given a light dress to wear with a coat over it (but still no underwear). She was waved off and people sat around chatting with people generally behaving themselves but a little light petting going on as the events so far had got people quite worked up. All the guys promised to save their cum for Lisa though and they relished the idea of giving her a cum-bath when she returned (by which point she would already have another three loads of cum in or on her if everything went to plan).

On their way to Susan’s first fuck-buddy, Susan describe to Lisa how he liked having his cock sucked and that she had promised him they would both suck him together. In return, he was willing to cum in her pussy (instead of in her mouth or over her face where he often came when playing with Susan).  Lisa wasn’t quite sure whether this was better or not and Susan said that she could choose where the guy came, as long as he made sure that Lisa came (although Susan would help out with this). They made their way to the guy’s place and when he opened the door he eyed Lisa up and down and clearly approved of what Susan had brought him. Once inside, Susan told Lisa to lose her coat and shoes and she peeled Lisa’s dress off to reveal Lisa’s naked body (she literally had to peel the dress off as it was stuck to Lisa’s skin in a few places, although the juices had dried in by this point). Apparently Lisa blushed quite a bit and tried to cover herself but Susan stood behind her, pulled her hands away from her body and caressed Lisa in full view of the guy. Susan dipped her fingers down between Lisa’s legs, rubbed them between her lips and fed Lisa her own juices (probably along with some of Nicholas’ cum).

Susan quickly removed her own clothes and knelt to lick Lisa (she knew the guy had wanted to see the two of them play with each other) and told the guy he could fondle Lisa’s breasts while she ate her. He eagerly did this and they moved over to the bed. Susan remembered that she hadn’t set Skype running and pretended to hear her phone ring so she could ‘answer’ it, leaving Lisa to distract the guy. She didn’t have to do much for this as he quickly started fingering her and sucking on her breasts so Susan could place the phone on some drawers, aim it at the bed and quickly return to the fray, clambering over Lisa’s face to let him watch as Lisa ate her. The aim was for Lisa to cum though so Susan soon told the guy to get naked and join them properly. As soon as his cock was free Susan took him in her mouth, sucked him briefly and passed his cock over to Lisa. Susan whispered to Lisa that Mike was now watching her and Lisa glanced over towards the phone, licked the head of the guy’s cock and took him in her mouth. She sucked at it for a minute and then shared it with Susan with them kissing around it and then one sucking while the other licked the shaft (we have taught her well).

Susan and Lisa then lay beside each other on the bed and let the guy fuck them both, switching back and forth between them. They played with each other’s clits as he fucked them and Susan ended up licking Lisa’s clit while the guy fucked her until she came. They switched position to let him watch Lisa finger and eat Susan (and give him a chance to calm down). He watched intently and Susan told him to give Lisa instructions, which he did and Lisa followed them, letting him guide her fingers and tongue in and over Susan’s cunt. The guy then fucked Susan as Lisa lapped at her clit but he was reminded not to cum as Lisa was to receive this. Susan came quite quickly and the guy was allowed back inside Lisa. This time he was told to enjoy himself properly and Susan asked him if he could try to cum a little bit in Lisa, then pull out and cum over her. He liked this idea and held Lisa’s legs apart as he fucked her, gave her warning that he was about to cum, unloaded inside of her and then pulled out ejaculate a few (fairly weak) squirts over Lisa’s stomach and lower chest. It wasn’t quite what Susan had hoped for, but she rubbed his cum over Lisa’s body and as more started to leak from Lisa’s pussy, Susan smeared this over Lisa’s thighs and breasts (and some over her own breasts). Susan whispered to Lisa to thank her cum donor and Lisa did so, then took his cock in her hand and gently licked it clean.

The guy repeatedly asked if Susan could bring Lisa along another time and was told not to be greedy, but that he would have to wait and see. Susan and Lisa quickly dressed as they had to get to their next target and within about 5 minutes they were knocking on the door and Susan was once again sliding Lisa’s dress off and introducing her to a guy who was clearly looking forward to fucking her. This guy had done things with Susan and Abrahii together a couple of times so the whole threesome thing wasn’t new to him, but he still enjoyed watching Susan and Lisa play with each other. He not only wanted to fuck Lisa but to finger her and go down on her too. Naturally Susan didn’t let Lisa have all the fun and made sure the guy fucked and ate her as well. For a while Susan sat over the guy’s face and got him to eat her as Lisa rode his cock but when the guy said he was getting close to cumming they stopped and both he and Susan played with Lisa to make sure that she would cum. The guy wanted to finish off fucking Lisa while she ate Susan (he did this when he got to play with both Susan and Abrahii as well). The girls didn’t mind this and Susan eagerly lay back on the bed and told Lisa to eat her as hard as she could. Lisa did as instructed, licking around Susan’s cunt and ass and Susan made sure the guy knew exactly what was happening by describing in explicit detail 1everything Lisa did. He asked if he could fuck Lisa’s ass and she said she didn’t want him to but Susan promised him he could take her ass during their next session. The guy frigged Lisa and fondled her ass as he fucked her and Susan told him to cum in Lisa as hard as he could and pump as much of his cum into her as he could manage. He didn’t really need to be encouraged and pushed as deep as he could into her as he came, telling her that she felt amazing and how hard he was cumming. Lisa hadn’t quite cum yet but the guy remained inside her (not really moving) and frigged her until she came and then pulled out to watch Lisa finish getting Susan off. This time Susan sucked the guy’s cock clean (while Lisa was still eating her) and his cum dribbled out of Lisa and ran down her thighs.

They didn’t hang around as they still needed to get to the third guy but Susan made sure that Lisa wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum from her legs. For guy number three, she managed to set her phone up to give the gang an even better view as she explained that it was going dead and needed to be charged so plugged it in and set it on the table right beside the bed. Susan stripped Lisa naked more forcefully this time but despite her tiredness, Lisa fought back and pulled Susan’s clothes off and the two of them almost attacked the guy, freed his cock, pushed him on to the bed and mounted him (Susan on his cock and Lisa on his face – she seemed to be getting the idea of being naughty and liked the thought of him unknowingly eating the last guy’s cum out of her). Lisa said she wasn’t sure if she could cum again and Susan had to shush her in case the guy asked what she meant by ‘again’ as while he knew that he was only one of Susan’s sex friends, he didn’t know that they had been to see some of the others before him. They swapped over so Lisa could fuck him and as expected, he really wanted to see the two girls do things together so they played with each other using fingers, tongues and a hairbrush (the guy seemed to like seeing them use the brush on each other even more than eating each other).

Susan got the guy to fuck Lisa as she stood against the window, facing out with her breasts pressed up against the glass and Susan stood beside her to reach down and play with Lisa’s clit. The guy lived on the second floor (which is the 3rd floor to American’s I think) so while they weren’t at ground level, they weren’t so high up that Lisa couldn’t be seen. Susan teased her about how everyone down below was watching her. To ensure she came, they moved back to the bed (by which point Lisa’s nipples were freezing from being pressed up against the glass) and Susan and Lisa 69ed while the guy briefly fucked Susan and then finished off in Lisa. He wanted to help make Susan cum and she told him he was welcome to fuck her as Susan ate her but he couldn’t manage that so soon after cumming (although he wanted to) and had to satisfy himself with fingering her and then using the brush on her. With Susan being Susan, she decided this wasn’t quite enough for her and told him he may as well do things properly and finger her ass as well. The guy didn’t need to be told this twice, lubed up his fingers in Lisa’s pussy (at Susan’s suggestion) and user two fingers in Susan’s ass. She didn’t take long to cum and did so incredibly loudly, pretty much shouting about how good her cunt felt and telling the guy to pump the brush in to it and finger her ass as well as telling Lisa to lick her clit harder. Susan massaged the guy’s cum over Lisa’s cunt and ass as it leaked out of her and then let the guy examine Lisa’s pussy up close. He told her it was beautiful and fingered her a bit more until Susan said they really needed to get going as they were meeting people. The girls allowed the guy to dress them (and have a final fondle) and then set off to where they had arranged to meet.

The rest of the gang set off when Susan had said it was time to go so they missed watching the dressing (and fondling) and when they arrived, Mike embraced Lisa, told her she was coping admirably and asked if she was still enjoying herself. She told him it was fun and that she certainly liked getting to cum so much, but that she wasn’t sure she could last much longer as she felt rather tired. This was addressed through copious amount of coffee and cake and as they chatted Lisa was encouraged to sit cross legged with her pussy on display under the table. Both Mike and Abrahii (who were sitting either side of Lisa) slid hands up her thighs and fondled her – not enough to even get her close to cumming but they each managed to get fingers between her lips (and both commented on how wet and slick her pussy felt). Not wanting to be outdone, Susan sat with her feet up on the seat hugging her knees and occasionally spread her legs slightly to give a clear view to her crotch. Susan ‘allowed’ a guy to see her doing this and Mike set Lisa the challenge of showing herself off even more – fortunately Lisa has witnessed us doing thing like this enough that she didn’t have to be too inventive and when it was time to leave, she shifted her bag towards a table with a couple of guys sitting at it and then bent forwards to rummage around. Mike tried to nonchalantly watch and even though he hadn’t tested the skirt she was wearing to see how much it rode up, he guessed from the length (and experience of me doing this) that a fair amount of her ass should be exposed. The guys at the table behind her had definitely noticed and were indicating to each other. Lisa looked up a little at Mike and he tried to indicate to her bag with his eyes, meaning that she should keep rummaging a little longer. Lisa took the look to mean that she should bend over more though and did so, pretending to look right in the bottom of her bag. By this point the guys had both pulled out their phones and were taking photos of Lisa’s ass (and pussy) but she didn’t know this until they left the café and the others told her.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 3

They made their way over to ‘the house’ – a place that Richard, James, Abrahii and Susan were sharing and that was much nicer than the student digs they had all been in before as Richard was now working so could afford to contribute more. Mike said his hellos to people and he was especially glad to see that Mel and Julia had made it (they had promised to turn up but apparently had kept saying this and bailing). Lisa seemed quite nervous and was very quiet but this didn’t stop things from getting started and she was led to a mattress (from what was technically Susan’s room, although she always spent the night in someone else’s bed) that had been brought down and put in the middle of the living room. As the star of the show she was told that she should get things started off herself and that everyone would watch her masturbate and learn what she liked. If it had been me in her position I would have been halfway to cumming before they’d even finished the sentence, but Lisa isn’t an exhibitionist (yet) and while everyone present had seen her cum many times (and had often helped her out), this was usually when other people were doing things as well and she wasn’t the centre of attention.

A few people helped to sit her down on the mattress and Mike spread her legs to display her pussy, which was still covered by her tights but not completely hidden (hence why he didn’t want her to wear opaque ones). Mike started to caress Lisa’s pussy through her tights and whispered to her that today was all about her and everyone was going to see her cum so many times that she may as well just relax (or surrender to her fate, depending on how you look at it) and enjoy herself. Once again (as she often does) Lisa told Mike he was terrible, but she slid a hand between her legs and placed it on top of his hand. They intertwined their fingers so both of them were rubbing her and Mile slid his hand out and placed it on top of Lisa’s so he was helping her rub herself. Finally, Mike pulled his hand away and moved back to let everyone watch as Lisa stroked herself through her tights. She asked what she should do and was told to do whatever felt best but that she didn’t have to hurry.

Lisa rubbed herself through her tights for a couple of minutes and asked if she should play with her breasts but was told the same thing again – to just do what felt best. Everyone watched as she slid a hand up under her top and Mike asked if she would feel more comfortable if other people were doing things as well. She said she would so Susan was given the job of making Julia cum (as they both have sex drives similar to mine, them cumming wouldn’t make any difference to how much they would be able to play with Lisa later on). Mel pulled Julia’s clothes off and pushed Susan’s face into Julia’s crotch and to add another person to the mix, Mike leant over and started to fondle Abrahii. She had panties on, but they weren’t substantial enough to restrict his movements and she spread her legs to give Lisa a view of what he was doing to her. Lisa lay back on the mattress and applied a bit more pressure with her fingers, then pushed her hand down inside her tights to finger herself properly. Amber crawled over to Lisa and pulled her tights off, at which point Lisa spread her legs and really started masturbating. This was the point that Mike had been waiting for and he asked Susan to help Lisa out. Susan immediately crawled over between Lisa’s legs and started to eat her, at which point Lisa said she thought she was meant to have been playing with herself but Mike just said that there didn’t seem much point in waiting and she should start enjoying having other people making her cum.

While most of the group weren’t quite ready to join in (most of their group fucking happens under the influence of alcohol – discounting Susan, Julia and to some extent Abrahii) one of the new guys (first years), an American named Nicholas, was quite keen to join in and asked if he could fuck Susan. Now normally Susan would be all for this but Mike had made her promise that Lisa would be the one who would receive all of the guys cum that weekend (Mike had to promise her a session with him, Jen and me over the Christmas break) and she reluctantly had to decline him. Mike told Nicholas to wait just a couple of minutes and he could fuck Lisa and he thinks this is the point that it became real for Lisa. Apart from sleeping with Amber, Lisa occasionally plays with Abrahii and had let Julia get her off a couple of times, but she very rarely did things with other guys. Susan was eagerly lapping at Lisa’s pussy and Julia said it seemed a shame (and pointless) for her to be naked and not to cum so she joined them on the mattress and planted herself over Lisa’s face. As Susan pushed Lisa towards her first group orgasm of the day Mike told everyone that this would be her fourth actual orgasm that day and Abrahii seemed quite impressed.

As they watched, Abrahii asked Mike if he had cum yet and he told her he hadn’t and would be more than happy to plant his cock in her, but that he wouldn’t cum. Abrahii was fine with this and moved closer to Mike and then straddled him. He said he would rather eat her first but she wanted him inside her and quickly undid his jeans, pulled his cock free and rubbed herself back and forth against it. She told him to help get inside him so Mike reached around and pulled on Abrahii’s panties as she pushed his cock in to her. It took a few attempts and Mike offered to tear the panties off (or at least try to – they are quite often stronger than you’d think) but Abrahii said that they were one of her favourite pairs. Mike chastised her and asked what had happened to the adventurous horny girl he used to know who would leave her pussy exposed and she pointed out that she was about to fuck him in front of her friends and afterwards that she was going to make his girlfriend cum multiple times. Mike said he guessed that would have to do and they finally got him inside her. They kissed and fucked for a couple of minutes until Mike said that he loved being back inside her, but he needed to watch Lisa. Abrahii put on a mock pout but said she didn’t mind, climbed off of Mike’s cock, turned around and asked if he minded if she used him while they watched. Mike had no problem with that and reached out to pull Abrahii’s panties aside but she slid them down her legs, spread her lips and backed on to Mike’s cock.

Susan was really stuck in to Lisa by this point, licking up in to Lisa’s cunt and sucking on her clit. Lisa was passing this on to Julia who was obviously enjoying herself as she humped back and forth across Lisa’s face. Mike told Julia to try and hold back but she told him she wanted to cum and she proceeded to do so. Mike watched the expression on Julia’s face as she came and wanted to find a way to explain to Lisa that he really wanted her to be able to enjoy herself as openly (and wantonly) as Julia was. Not that Lisa seemed to be holding back as she had a hand on the back of Susan’s head, holding her against her pussy and it looked like she wasn’t too far from cumming herself.

Abrahii was still riding Mike’s cock and Mike was helping out by fondling her breasts and playing with her clit. Abrahii called Richard over and asked if he would lick her and Mike felt Richard’s tongue slide up the length of his shaft and then flit around Abrahii’s clit (Mike obviously didn’t feel Richard licking her clit, but his tongue kept brushing against Mike’s cock as he did this). Mike wasn’t really in to being licked by a guy, but he had experimented with Richard before so it wasn’t anything new, and he had the perfect excuse not to cum as he was also saving all his cum for Lisa. Abrahii certainly enjoyed what was being done to her though and Mike used both hands to tease her nipples (she likes having them very gently pinched and rolled – not in a painful way like Jen, just enough to cause them to ‘tingle’ – as she describes it). Lisa came while Mike and Richard were assaulting Abrahii’s body and as soon as Susan moved out of the way Nicholas asked if he was allowed to fuck her. Mike asked Julia to move off of Lisa’s face (which was now shiny with Julia’s juices) and he asked Lisa if she was ready for her first cock of the day. Lisa was still flushed from having just cum but she said she would try and Mike suggested that Lisa reward Susan for helping her cum.

Susan didn’t wait for the invitation and climbed up over Lisa’s body, at first she lay on top of her and kissed her, licking Julia’s juices from Lisa’s face as she humped against Lisa’s cunt, but she quickly moved up and sat where Julia had been just moments before. Nicholas pulled his trousers down and crawled between Lisa’s legs and Mike was impressed that he was so willing to fuck with all of his new friends watching (but Mike admits that at 18 he would have probably done the same if it meant he got to cum in a girl). Abrahii said she was getting close and Mike pumped away inside her, still feeling Richard’s tongue brushing against his cock. He watched as Nicholas pulled Lisa’s legs apart, thrust his cock in to her cunt and started pumping in and out (fortunately Lisa was quite wet from Susan’s licking). Abrahii reminded people to get the sheet and James produced a sheet of blue plastic to put under Lisa’s ass. The aim of this was to stop the cum soaking in to the mattress and not wasted so it could be rubbed over Lisa’s body. Nicholas had to pull out to let Lisa lift her ass for the plastic to be slid into place. James stole a quick lick of Nicholas’ cock and Mike chided James, saying that it was up to Lisa to milk the cum from the cock. Nicholas pushed back in to Lisa and eagerly fucked her while reaching up to play with her breasts. Abrahii came around Mike’s cock and Nicholas came in Lisa a little while after (Mike was impressed that Nicholas had lasted so long given his age). When Nicholas pulled out Susan bent forwards and kept Lisa’s legs spread so everyone could watch as the cum leaked out of her. Susan reached down and smeared this over Lisa’s pussy, thighs and then her breasts.

When Abrahii lifted herself off of Mike’s cock, it fell forwards and Richard asked if he could suck it clean. Mike said yes, as long as he was quick (again using the excuse that he wanted to save his cum for Lisa) so Richard teased him about Mike cumming in his mouth so easily. As Abrahii had just cum, she got up and moved over to where Lisa was eating Susan (Richard stopped sucking Mike at this point). Abrahii mounted one of Lisa’s legs and slid up and down it, rubbing her pussy against Lisa and smearing her juices over her. Lisa pushed Susan up to see what was happening and Mike told her she was just being marked – as bazar as this may seem, we’ve done this enough times that Lisa understood and went back to Susan’s pussy. It didn’t take long for Susan to cum and she gave Lisa another coating of juices by humping against Lisa’s breasts before dismounting her.

Mike congratulated Lisa on having started off so well and she went to retrieve her clothes but was told that she could only wear then when they went out. It’s not unusual for people in the gang to be semi-naked (or completely naked if it is Susan, Julia or myself) but Lisa wasn’t used to this and was quite embarrassed. Mike had foreseen this and as a compromise she was given the option of wearing a pair of panties. Lisa knows Mike well enough to ask what the catch was and she was told that only other people could put them on her or take them off. She decided to take the chance so Mike handed the panties to Amber and as soon as Lisa saw them she recognised them as the panties with a vibrating egg in the crotch. Amber slid them up Lisa’s legs and made sure the egg was nestled firmly between Lisa’s lips and Amber was then given the honour of turning the vibe on. Fortunately for Lisa, they are only low power (as they are designed to wear for a longer time) but this just means that she was teased for ages. They kept the vibe on until Lisa was clearly ready to cum again and told her that it was now time for her to be fucked once more. Abrahii said that it might be a good idea not to get more cumin her pussy just yet and quietly told Mike about a bonus surprise they had lined up for Lisa.

Mike liked the sound of this but wanted Lisa to cum again so asked if anyone wanted to eat her (he would have done it if nobody else had). Abrahii volunteered but Mel said she wanted to fuck Lisa and pulled out a strap-on. Mel slipped her jeans off and asked Julia to help her get the strap-on fastened. Similar to ours, it had an internal component but this was just a dildo that penetrated and rubbed against the clit. Mel worked this in to her and decided she wasn’t wet enough so got Lisa to lick her. It was clear from the expression on Lisa’s face that she enjoyed the taste of Mel’s pussy as much as I generally do (which is not at all, actually only Mike, Jen and Julia seem to like the way Mel tastes and even then it’s only at certain times of the month). Mel is aware that not everyone enjoys her pussy but doesn’t care. She only had Lisa lick her for long enough that she could slide the dildo into her though and Lisa was told to kneel on all fours on the mattress in preparation. Lisa was still well enough lubricated from her earlier fucking and the teasing with the egg that Mel had no trouble getting in to her and she fucked Lisa with hard thrusts. A number of other people helped out, fondling Lisa’s breasts, ass and clit and she sucked Mike, Richard, Nicholas and Ashraf (who had turned up while Lisa had been wearing the panties). None of the guys came (saving their cum for after the surprise) but Mel said that Julia could probably cum again so Jules lay down on the mattress and ‘allowed’ Lisa to eat her.

Mel pounded in to Lisa relentlessly but it was probably the people fondling Lisa who actually got her off. Lisa moaned in to Julia’s pussy that she was cumming and Mel said she wasn’t going to stop until Julia also came but Mike managed to at least get Mel to ease off a bit and use gentler strokes (if it had been me in Lisa’s place I doubt he would have done this, but we were still at the relatively early stages of training her so I guess it wouldn’t have been fair to let Mel continue…). Lisa’s frequent practice at eating Jen and I over the summer paid off and she got Julia to cum quite quickly. Lisa was then instructed to lie on her back while Julia knelt over her and Lisa had to repeatedly wipe Julia’s pussy and smear her juices over her (Lisa’s) body. To save Lisa having to eat Mel, Mike did this in her place (as it’s quite common for him to want to eat pussy Mel probably didn’t realise his reasons) and once he got the strap-on removed, he buried his face in Mel’s cunt and lapped at her until she came. Mike later confirmed that Mel certainly wasn’t tasting her best (although he still probably liked it more than Lisa had) and a few people helped to rub Mel’s juices from her pussy over various parts of Lisa’s body.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 2

In the middle of October Mike headed down to Jen’s old Uni to visit Lisa as it had been about a
Lisa said she didn’t feel cold so Mike pulled on the front of her belt until she sighed and undid it. Mike pulled it loose and dropped it to the ground then lifted her t-shirt so he could grind against her pussy. They kissed and he lifted the shirt higher so he could play with her breasts and then told her he wanted her. He asked her to hold her shirt up and play with her breasts while he knelt and lapped at her cunt but after a minute of this he said ‘fuck it’, unzipped his trousers to free his cock and stood up. They kissed as he rubbed his cock against her cunt and he told her how hot and wet she felt. Lisa lifted one leg up and Mike held it as he slid in to her and they started to fuck He told Lisa he wanted to make her cum outside and she told him to go ahead but warned that she didn’t think she’d be able to cum again afterwards if it was anything like the earlier orgasm. He fucked her against the wall (being careful to not scratch her back too much) and Lisa gently moaned in to his mouth. He pulled out and turned her around so he could play with her clit, gently pressing her up against the wall so it rubbed on her nipples. As they fucked he told her how much Jen loved this position (she likes the low level stimulation/pain on her nips) and Lisa said she could see why as it felt nice. He got Lisa very close to cumming and said he really wanted her to cum and then finish things off upstairs (with her cumming again of course) and Lisa said she would try, but that she was getting tired. She added that she was happy for him to spoon with her and cum in her even if she couldn’t cum but that wasn’t enough for Mike so he pulled out, knelt and gave her a few licks from behind and told her he wanted to cum with her in his arms.

They grabbed the belt and as they walked the short distance to Lisa’s halls he told her how it would have been fun if he had cum in her and she had walked back with his cum leaking from her pussy and dripping down her legs. Lisa said that it wasn’t funny and if they’d seen anyone that they might have seen the cum but Mike just reached under her shirt and slipped a couple of fingers in to her from behind. He twisted his wrist round and pushed the fingers deeper in to her, then reached around with his other hand to play with her clit. Lisa let out a little moan but didn’t try to stop him and as they climbed the stairs with Mike fingering and frigging her, he continued the description of how if he had cum in her and they had met someone Lisa knew that he would have lifted her t-shirt to show off her beautiful cum-soaked cunt and let them all admire and fondle her. Lisa told Mike he was awful to her, but she was so close to cumming that she still didn’t try to stop him fondling her. When they heard someone lower down on the stairs Lisa quickly looked round but kept walking up to her room with Mike’s fingers inside her.

As they wanted to have a proper session together, Mike stopped playing with Lisa once they reached her room and they washed, brushed teeth and did the general bedtime preparations as Lisa slowly calmed down. Once they returned to her room from the bathroom Mike had a final lick of Lisa’s pussy before sliding in to her and gently fucking her. They rolled around on the bed for a while with each of them taking turns on top and carried on like this until Lisa was close to cumming again. She told Mike not to tease her any more as she was getting tired so he pulled her down on top of him and guided her up and down on his cock as they kissed. Mike reached around her ass and placed a finger on Lisa’s clit – to which she murmured that it felt good – and he rubbed her in time with their movements. Lisa started moaning that she was about to cum and he told her to go ahead as he was close as well. At first Lisa didn’t seem to believe him (probably as they were only moving relatively slowly against each other) but Mike promised he would be able to cum in her very quickly. Almost immediately Lisa let out another little moan and whispered in his ear that she was cumming. Mike kept up the same steady pace of fucking and frigging her and told her he was about to cum. Lisa’s orgasm finished before Mike came but she kept kissing him and gently riding him until he moaned and told her he was about to cum. Lisa quietly told him to fill her and make her his again and Mike felt jet after jet of cum squirt from his cock. Lisa slowed her movements but Mike asked her to keep going and said it felt wonderful and Lisa said that with each stroke she could feel his cum running down, coating his cock and soaking her pussy.

They rolled over again so Mike was on top and when he pulled out a fair amount of cum leaked out of Lisa. Mike moved off of Lisa and lay behind her to try and get his cock back inside her but he was already too soft so just spooned up against her ass. Lisa told him it felt nice to have his cum dripping out of her pussy again and he told her if she liked that then she was going to love the way she would feel the next day when she’d been fucked by multiple guys. Lisa whined that it was *his* cum that she liked having in her, but that she was actually a little excited about what he had planned for her. Mike managed to get sufficiently hard to slip back in to Lisa and spoon her as they went to sleep and they both slept soundly (which can be a challenge in student halls).

Mike had actually wanted to wake up in the middle of the night and drag Lisa down to the kitchen to fuck her so he was a little disappointed when he realised he had missed his opportunity. He went down on her and said she still tasted quite salty (from his cum) but got her off anyway and they then went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Lisa was well aware that he would try and play with her there and said as long as he was careful and made sure nobody caught them, he could go ahead. Lisa just had the long t-shirt on from the night before so Mike had ready access to her crotch and semi-fucked her a few times as she made breakfast. She sat up on the counter and let him eat her and even more impressively, she let play with her with some things he found in the fridge. Someone had one of my favourite food items (for playing with), a courgette. Mike pulled Lisa’s shirt up and rubbed the courgette over her nipples, then down between her legs and back and forth across her pussy. Lisa flinched at the cold a few times but on request she spread her lips and leant back against the wall to allow him to slide the vegetable up inside her. Mike lapped at her clit as he fucked her but he wanted to play more before she came so he got her to hold the courgette in place while he fetched some yoghurt. Lisa actually carried on fucking herself and Mike told her he loved that she was so willing to enjoy herself. He dabbed some of the yoghurt on to her nipples and sucked it off and then rubbed some over her pussy before once again licking it off. Lisa then scooched forwards to allow Mike to spoon the yoghurt out onto her pussy and she used the courgette to pump some of it in to herself. A couple of times she spread her lips apart and let Mike pour the yoghurt over her pussy and then catch it in the pot (mixed with her juices) and after a few more licks of her clit then concentrated on getting Lisa off with the courgette. As Mike fucked her with it he poured more yoghurt over her pussy and told her how she would have to try and find out who it (and the courgette) belonged to so she would know who had eaten her juices. As Lisa got close to cumming she said she couldn’t believe she was letting him do this to her where they could so easily be caught (they’ve done similar stuff before, but not that many times). As Lisa came Mike told her to imagine that everyone in her hall suddenly came in to the kitchen and witnessed her cumming as she fucked their food. Lisa went bright red at the thought of this (unlike Sue, she doesn’t usually get that flushed when she cums).

Lisa rode out her orgasm but then quickly wanted to get covered up. Before she was allowed to do this though, they wiped as much of the yoghurt back in to the pot and they could and wiped the yoghurt off of the courgette. Mike licked Lisa’s pussy clean(ish) and the courgette was pushed up inside her one last time and then smeared with her juices. Lisa hesitated before putting it back in the fridge with the yoghurt, but Mike told her to just imagine two random people she was living with eating her and she made up her mind and placed them back where Mike had retrieved them from. She wasn’t quite free yet as Mike suggested they add her juices for a third person and he picked up a block of butter, pushed it up under her top to rub across her breasts and then down between her legs (which he got her to spread) where he rubbed it back and forth across her pussy.

With the butter back in the fridge, they walked back to Lisa’s room and she complained that her whole body was either sticky or greasy. They showered together and Mike washed her down thoroughly, in preparation for her to get far dirtier throughout the day. They spent a while in the shower (another advantage of living in halls is virtually unlimited hot water) and a few other people came and went from the bathroom while they were in the shower. Some just seemed to brush their teeth and two people showered. Unfortunately the water pressure wasn’t enough to be useful in getting Lisa off but Mike played with Lisa quite a bit as he was cleaning her and when the second person was in the shower (when they think someone else was also using one of the sinks) Mike told Lisa it was time for her to cum again. He frigged her clit and fingered her ass while lamenting the fact they hadn’t brought any lube in to the shower as he could have got her off while fucking her ass while in earshot of her neighbours. Lisa stroked his cock as he toyed with her and said she wanted him to cum on her but Mike reminded her he couldn’t cum as many times as she could (or was going to, whether she could or not!) and he didn’t want to waste his cum by having it washed away in the shower. Mike whispered to Lisa to try to keep quiet – unless of course she wanted people to hear her cum again – and he sped up the frigging of her clit. As he felt her body begin to tremble and she reached out to use the wall to keep herself steady he told her to pee as hard as she could when she came. Lisa quietly gasped to Mike that he was terrible and he pushed a second finger into her ass and told her he was looking forward to fucking her there later on. Lisa made little mmm, mmm sounds as she started to cum and as requested, she pushed and peed as hard as she could, spraying the liquid over their legs and the shower.

They rinsed and then towelled each other off, returned to Lisa’s room and dressed for the day. Lisa was advised to take a few changes of clothes with her and she allowed Mike to pack what he thought would be suitable. Just before they set off he asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with what he had planned (she didn’t know exactly what the plan was, but was aware it would involve multiple people making her cum) and she said that she had enjoyed her time with Richard and James and as long as Mike was going to be a part of whatever happened, she was willing to give it a try. Mike kissed her and as she locked her door he slipped a hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her tights (she had black but not-opaque tights on and her skirt was fairly short so most of her thighs were exposed). They walked most of the way downstairs with Mike fondling her like this and he only withdrew his hand from her skirt when they encountered someone coming upstairs (although he kept it under her skirt long enough that he thinks the other person probably realised he had been fondling her). As soon as the guy was out of sight, he pushed his hand back under her skirt, pushed hard enough on her tights to work the material a little way in to her pussy and told her that her safe-word for the day would be ‘perpetual motion’ (Mike thinks up some very random safe-words, but they aren’t things that you would accidentally say in the heat of the moment so they work quite well). He promised Lisa that if she said this that he would ensure people stopped whatever they were doing to her and ask if she wanted to back things off or stop completely.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 1

In the middle of October Mike headed down to Jen’s old Uni to visit Lisa as it had been about a month since she had seen him (originally Jen and I were going to go down that weekend but we decided to be nice to Lisa and let Mike go in our place with us going the following weekend). He left work a little early so he arrived not too late and met up with Lisa at the airport. She told him that everyone was out at the pub and they could go meet up with them if he wanted but Mike knew better that to fall for this and didn’t even bother teasing Lisa by saying he wanted to see the others. They headed back to her place – once again in student halls – and before Lisa even had her door unlocked, Mike had her dress lifted up around her breasts and was fondling her. He had already discovered that she didn’t have panties on and took a chance (given it was only late evening) by pulling his cock out and pressing it between Lisa’s legs. Lisa pushed back against him and asked what they would do if someone caught them but Mike just hissed in her ear that he didn’t care and had missed being inside her. Lisa told him that she wanted him as well but thought it would be safer to do things in her room. Mike told her to get the door unlocked then but as he said this he pulled her bra up to free her breasts and reached down to guide his cock into her pussy. He pulled back on her hips and Lisa pushed her ass out, allowing him to move in her more readily and they started to fuck. After a minute or so (once Mike had played with Lisa’s clit and she was really getting in to it) he asked if she still wanted to move into her room and she seemed to remember where they were, quickly looked around and fumbled with her keys again to unlock the door. Mike didn’t stop fucking her as she did this but he was ready to grab her when she unlocked the door so she (or they) didn’t fall through it).

Before they went in, Mike asked Lisa to lean forwards (with her hands on the ground), he pulled out of her, knelt and lapped at her pussy and ass. Lisa said this felt really nice so he kept doing it until they heard people coming, at which point Lisa scrambled into her room and told Mike to hurry up and follow her. They think the people kept going up the stairs (they certainly didn’t enter Lisa’s hallway) but she repeatedly said how close it had been and Mike told her he wanted everyone to know how hot his girlfriend was so he didn’t mind if someone caught them. They then quickly stripped and Mike carried Lisa over to the bed and crawled between her legs to eat her again. Lisa said she wanted his cock so Mike lay on his back and let Lisa climb over him so they could 69. After a couple of minutes he asked Lisa if she had been practising as she was eagerly sucking him, using a good amount of saliva and suction as well as stroking the shaft of his cock. Between licks, Lisa asked if he would be jealous if she had been sucking other guys so Mike pushed her off of him and turned round so he could slide in to her. As he buried his cock in her pussy he told her that as long as she wasn’t hiding anything from him, she was having fun and she was being safe that he couldn’t complain about her doing things with anyone else as he had encouraged her to enjoy herself. Lisa told him that there hadn’t been any other guys (stressing the word ‘guys’) so he got her to tell him about the girls. It was only Amber, Abrahii and Susan (which he knew about anyway) and as the two of them fucked, Mike asked Lisa if she was still prepared for a weekend of other people making her cum. She told him she was and he promised her that she would be completely spent by the time he left. They kissed and humped against each other and Lisa told him she was getting close to cumming. Mike told her over and over to cum as hard as she could and to make as much noise as she wanted. Lisa said she didn’t want her neighbours to hear but was still louder than she usually is as Mike fucked her right through her orgasm.

Once she recovered, Lisa asked Mike if he had cum and he told her not to be silly and that he wanted to take care of her a bit more before he came. He asked if she was really up for having the group fuck her and said that she obviously didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to but that he thought she would enjoy it (and added that he knew he would enjoy seeing her enjoy it). Lisa said that it wasn’t as if it would be anything new, she had done things with most of the gang before (although had mostly stopped doing things with other guys when she started to date Mike). Mike promised her that she would be made to cum by everyone and Lisa teased him by saying he just wanted an excuse to play with the other girls. Mike told her he was certainly keen on seeing (and playing with) them, especially Abrahii, Susan and Amber and Lisa said that she could call Amber up to join them if he wanted (Lisa and Amber are effectively girlfriends, Lisa just doesn’t admit that as she says she is dating Mike). Mike said it was tempting (why have just one 19 year old when you can have two) but that he had missed her (Lisa) and wanted her to himself for that night – although if Lisa really wanted Amber to join them, he would ‘put up with it’.

Mike had been gently stroking and fingering Lisa as they chatted and Lisa had been rubbing her fingers against the head of Mike’s cock, occasionally rubbing her pussy to gather more of her juices to smear over him. Mike told her it was time for him to go down on her as his previous session of eating her had been side-tracked. He pushed the pillows under Lisa’s ass to give him a better angle to eat her then changed his mind and turned her around so she was lying across the bed with her ass at the side. He put one pillow under her ass and threw the other on the floor for him to kneel on. Mike spent a couple of minutes admiring Lisa’s pussy and she told him that Amber had shaved her that morning (in preparation for Mike’s visit – although Lisa and Amber now generally shaved each other most of the time for their own benefit). Mike said he would have to congratulate Amber on having done such a good job and as his tongue made contact with Lisa’s pussy, she asked how he would congratulate her. For the next 15 minutes, Mike demonstrated how he could reward Amber as he swirled his tongue around Lisa’s lips, dipping between them to sample her pussy, flicking over her clit and brushing across and spearing her ass. Each time he tried something new (for that session – they’d done all of this many times before) he asked Lisa if Amber would like it. Lisa’s answers flitted between telling him how Amber actually liked to be licked and describing how what he was doing felt to her and Mike got her to the point of panting at him to make her cum.

He backed off a bit but continued playing with her ass, telling her how inviting it looked and asking if he should slide his cock into it and fuck her there. Lisa said she didn’t mind and trusted him so he could do it if he wanted. Mike concentrated on her ass for a while longer and told her how they could get little Sara to join them and that she would do a much better job at this than he could. Lisa said it felt nice enough but that she was curious about Sara (Jen, Sue and I have told Lisa about Sara a number of times) and that she was even considering coming along to one of the sex parties. Mike loved hearing this and got quite excited but Lisa said she might only watch (or let him fuck her) at first but relented and said that she might at least do things with other girls.

Mike had paid more attention to Lisa’s pussy during this part of the discussion and soon had her back on the verge of cumming. He stood up and slid his cock into her then bent forwards and kissed her. Lisa ignored her juices covering his face and told him to fuck her but Mike reminded her that he was going to eat her to orgasm and wanted to hear her ask to cum. She slapped his back but told him if he wasn’t going to fuck her, to get back between her legs and finish her off. Mike quickly pulled out and went back to eating her, but held her close to cumming and kept asking her to tell him to make her cum. Lisa knew what he wanted but held out for a little while before finally asking in a loud voice for him to eat her cunt and make her cum. He asked her to repeat herself and she did then said that she really needed to cum and wanted to feel his tongue inside her and his lips sucking on her clit. Mike did as she asked and spread her lips wide to allow his tongue access to her whole pussy. He lapped, sucked and nibbled on her (with a couple of flicks across her ass thrown in) and Lisa came. She was louder this time and massaged her breasts and nipples, repeatedly telling him she was cumming (as if he couldn’t tell). She let out a little shriek at the end and said it felt too intense so Mike quickly backed off and just kitty kissed her, leaving Lisa panting and quietly moaning. He kitty kissed her for quite a while, exploring her lips and inside her pussy again (but avoiding her clit) and eventually Lisa told him to join her on the bed.

When Mike reminded Lisa that he still had to fuck her she said she wasn’t sure she could cum again but when he said that was fine and they could just spoon if she wanted she quickly changed her mind and said she wanted him to cum in her and that she was sure they could get her to cum again if they tried. Mike kissed and caressed her body for a while, sometimes grinding his cock against her and other times letting her stroke him. They heard people out in the corridor a number of times and Mike teased her about her neighbours having heard her cum – Lisa said she didn’t care and that it had felt wonderful so Mike teased her about how wonderful it was going to feel with everyone making her cum. Lisa asked why he liked that idea so much and Mike said that he just loved seeing the people he cared about cumming, whether that was due to things being done by him or other people.

Before they could go for Lisa’s third orgasm, she needed some time to recover from her orgasm so they got dressed and wandered out to get a drink. Regular readers won’t be surprised to know that ‘getting dressed’ didn’t really describe what Lisa did and Mike convinced her to just wear a long t-shirt with a belt around it. Lisa didn’t like going out without a bra on so put a black one on which showed through the t-shirt quite clearly. They debated whether she should wear the matching panties and decided to go with them but they weren’t quite as visible through the t-shirt due to the way the material fell so on the way downstairs Mike insisted on removing them from her. Lisa was quite nervous about this – not about going without panties (as she was now well trained in this area) but in someone discovering them as Mike slid them down her legs. Nobody interrupted them but while he was kneeling in front of her Mike kissed and caressed Lisa’s legs all the way up to her pussy. Lisa kept a lookout and when they heard a door to the stairwell open down below them she pushed Mike away and lef him downstairs by the hand.

The bar they went to was just around the corner and quite busy. Lisa didn’t see anyone she knew so when they finally got a seat she sat on Mike’s lap and let him slide his hand up her leg while they kissed. He didn’t make it as far as her pussy, but he stroked around her inner thigh just a little way below it and he thinks that to other people it may have looked like he was stroking her crotch. Lisa wriggled around on his lap, feeling his erection pressing against her ass and she teased him saying that she might not be up for sex that night. Mike said he could always just call Amber and fuck her but when Lisa said he was welcome to do that he said he would rather wait and save his cum to fuck her in the morning. She told him he wouldn’t have to wait and that she was ready and wanted him to use her. Mike slid his fingers up a little further so his fingertips brushed against her lips and Lisa gasped and said they should get back to her room. They kissed a little more and Mike pointed out he didn’t want to just use her and that she had to cum as well and he worked his hand up slightly further so he could rub his fingers up and down between her lips and over her clit until Lisa assured him that she could cum again. On the walk back to her room Mike slid a hand under the back of her t-shirt and caressed her ass, squeezing one of her ass cheeks and slipping his fingers far enough forwards to feel her cunt. Lisa didn’t push his hand away and when they stopped in an alleyway just around the corner from her halls they kissed up against the wall and Mike kneaded her ass with both hands. It was fairly chilly and he didn’t want her to get too cold but before they returned to the warmth (and safety) of her room he wanted to have a little more fun.